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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,0689 Feb 0828 Oct 09No


Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver


The Land of Rivers

Naruto watches as Itachi's genjutsu fails and finds Sakura and Chiyo at his side with there hands on his shoulders. Team Tamer stands next to them with there partners in the guard position and Team Light look ready to join Kakashi with his fight with Itachi. Team Scourge standing closer to the battle notice Naruto is waking up.

"You with us again, Naruto?." asks Spike

"It was Genjutsu... You're okay now." says Sakura

"It seems ocular jutsu isn't all he has..." says Chiyo

"It's time." says Kakashi, "Get ready, Naruto."

Naruto shakes his head, throwing off the last of the mental trauma caused by the Genjutsu.

"It's time to kick ass." say Spike as Blaze cracks his fingers.

"Naruto, I'll show you how to handle him." says Kakashi

Naruto doesn't say a word, he just gets into position

"Katon: Endan!" (Fire Release: Fireball)

Most experienced ninja don't actually scream out there attacks, they call out the attacks in there mind as a form of focusing technique. In Itachi's case, he must keep the shout in his head because for the Endan, he needs to inhale then release a monstrous fireball from his mouth.

The ninjas scatter and jump clear of the fireball as it rumbles pass and destroys part of the forest. As Naruto lands he can see where Kakashi was there is a smoking trench in the ground with a hole in the ground. Naruto, Angel, Gabriel, Spike, Blaze, Drusilla, and Lilitha all smirk at the sight. The common thought is Kakashi is Excellent.

Kakashi shoots from the ground in front of Itachi delivering a brutal uppercut to the Nukenin's jaw.. Itachi grabs Kakashi's sleeve and force the raised arm down in midair and throws a strong punch, which Kakashi ducks. On the ground, Itachi and Kakashi are locked together

"No wonder my genjutsu doesn't affect you." says Itachi, looking behind the faux Kakashi, "this is a Kage Bushin (shadow clone)..."

"Naruto! Attack him and my shadow clone!" orders Kakashi

"I'm on it!"

Itachi turns to see him death coming at him in the form of Naruto and a shadow clone holding a swirling ball of destruction

"ODAMA RASENGAN!" (Giant Spiral Sphere!!)

"W...Wow." says Sakura wide eye.

Chiyo is speechless.

Kakashi and Naruto are still focused on the battle. There is a loud explosion as the energy is released into the dying Itachi, but when the smoke clears the group gathers around a strange site.

"Ugh..." says Naruto looking at the remains.

"Th.. this..." says Chiyo

"What was that?" asks Spike

"Probably, it's their... Jutsu or something." says Sakura

"I felt something weird in the middle of the fight..."

"What's going on...?!" says Naruto still staring at the corpse.

"Your Kage Bushin no jutsu creates solid clones of yourself. That Edo Tensai (Resurrection to the Impure World) of Orochimaru raised the dead with human sacrifices." says Takeru, "I'm guessing these guys were sacrificed to create perfect clones, either independent or controlled by remote."

"You know him?" asks Kakashi to Chiyo

"Yes" says the elderly Suna Kunoichi looking down at the deed man with goatee that has replaced Itachi, "Yura. He's a Jounin from our village."

"Hidden sand...? How can that be?"

"I don't know either."

"Maybe he was an Akatsuki spy..." says Sakura

"Can't be... He served four years at the highest levels."

"Who knows what those Akatsuki developed" says Spike, "and who cares!? We still have a mission and I'm not getting enough action!"


The real Itachi and Kisame sit on a mountain top in the same position they have been threw the two battles. They finally awaken from there trance-like states.

"You're done too, huh?" says Kisame

"Yeah.. I'm out of Chakra." says Itachi, "but it was enough to delay them."

"Well... We did give the "Sacrifices" thirty percent of our chakra. It's a useful jutsu but the substitutes because we don't allot them much chakra are limited in strength and in the jutsu they use."

Akatsuki Base

More and more of Gaara's chakra is absorbed by King of Hell Statue as the other members of the Akatsuki stand in position.

"The jutsu was broken..?" says the Leader, "but... we gained valuable time. That's plenty. Well done, Itachi and Kisame."

"That's easy for you to say." says Akasuna no Sasori, "but the two who offered their bodies for your sacrifices were my men."

"Hmph..." says Pain, "They were Akatsuki Members for short time because of my Shouten no Jutsu - Shape Changing Technique. I would expect their thanks for the privilege... Heh Heh.. It's nearly time.".

Nami no Kuni (Land of Waves)

Kazemaru Sansai, also known as Makaze no Kenshi (Sword Saint of the Evil Wind) is Kumo's wind affinity master, a warrior know for his skill with a pair of ultra sharp swords.

Izzy, Tentomon, and Sai face Kazemaru and so far the battle doesn't look good.

Kazemaru slashes with his right sword which is glowing misty blue and yells "Futon: Zantetsuken!" (Wind Release: Iron-Cutting Sword). The glowing blade releases a dark gray almost shadow-like blade of air. Izzy, Tentomon, and Sai jump clear, but several trees are sliced apart by the blade before it vanishes with a thunderous crack.

While Sai is in the air, Kazemaru appears next to him and decapitates him. Sai's headless corpse wavers then collapses into black ink revealing it to be a Sumi Bunshin (Ink Clone). Izumi and Tentomon appear high above him with Izzy's hands in a seal.

"Raiton: Rakurai!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt!)

"Petite Thunder!"

The blasts of electrical force shoot towards the Kumo ninja, only for the man to spin his two blades form a spherical purple barrier. As Kazemaru lands and the lightning stops, he does a double slash that sends all the lightning back to Izzy and Tentomon. The blast causes a huge explosion in the air.

"Shiden to Tate (Shield of Purple Lightning) and Zantenchiken (Heaven and Earth-Slicing Sword)

Tentomon escaped the attack by flying higher and Izzy used Kawarimi (Replacement), which is evident by the fragments of ash and charred wood falling from A murder of crows flies towards Kazemaru, but Kenshi slices each bird clean in half causing them to revert to ink, but creating a smoke screen. He also slides away avoiding the poisoned kunai that were aimed for his spine and vitals threw his back..

He finds a length of wire wrapped around his ankle and as he turns finds his sword arms caught by more wires. Izzy uses Hijutsu: Zubatto Denki Harigan (Secret Technique: Piercing Electricity Wire) sending a dozen wires threw Kazemaru's body to his partner hidden in the ink smoke screen. Izzy and Izumi then send a current of chakra-powered electricity

"Makaze Hijutsu: Kyousankiri" (Evil Wind Secret Technique: Strong acid mist)

Kazemaru inhales despite the electric shock and exhales a white mist from his mouth. The mist causes the ground to hiss and causes the wires to snap and dissolve. The acid also burns the skin of the Jounin where the wires pierced and damages the uniform.

Kazemaru notices the shocked look on Izzy's face.

"We are not weak ninja who fall victim to our own village's techniques. We are Sansai!"

Suddenly, the Tsuchi Bushin (Mud Clone) in front of him collapses into dissolving pieces as a full wind begins to blow.

Oomizumaru Sansai, also known as Mizu no Tatsujin (Master of the Water) is Kumo's water affinity master, a warrior know for his skill with Suiton techniques as famous as Nidaime Hokage and the Mizukages.

"Suiton: Bakusui!" (Water Release: Exploding water shock wave!)

Oomizumaru inhales, then opens his mouth releasing an explosion of water. The water quickly floods the battle field

Mimi's response is a series of hand seals.

"Doton: Doryuu Jouheki " (Earth Release: Earth Style Rampart).

A large earthen wall will erupt from the ground. The piece of earth is so large it resembles a smaller version of Ayer's Rock from Australia. Oomizumaru isn't slowed down by the pink-haired kunoichi's skins and simply runs across the water's surface and up the side of the mini mountain.

Mimi has already done more hand seals and places her hand to the ground. The side of earth wall rise out and split apart, knocking the Kumo Jounin off the rampart. He tries to find his grip only for Mimi to perform Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu (Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique). After doing the necessary hand seals, the technique creates a large volume of water. This combined with the rampart creates a waterfall that smashes Oomizumaru into the flood basin.

Mimi looks down as the waters below swirl and begin to glow. The Mizu no Tatsujin rises from the maelstrom until he's standing on the water, while forming hand seals. He then locks his hands in the final hand seal and yells

"SASAI HIJUTSU: SUITON: TATSU-OU" (Sasai Secret Art: Water Release: Water Dragon King)

The waters surrounding Oomizumaru rises into the air forming a massive serpentine dragon with the Jounin riding it's head. The three hundred meter long dragon enables the Jounin to bypass Mimi's rampart defense. The massive dragon then releases a shower of glowing water from it's mouth, which are actually hundreds of smaller water blasts, each powerful enough to cut threw several meters of solid rock.

Mimi's only defense is Dochuu Eigyo (Underground Fish Projection), a earth technique that allows a ninja to swim and dive deep into the earth as the surface is shredded by the volley gun attack of water attacks. The water dragon then collides with the top of the rampart creating a huge crater.

When the shower of rock, mud, and water end, Oomizumaru stands in the center of the crater looking only slightly tired. He hates using that technique because of the chakra consumption, but the Kunoichi was proving to be difficult. She reminds him of a Konoha ANBU who could manipulate wood.

"I thought Yamato was too young to have a daughter that old."

Deep within the earth, Mimi has used "Mokuton: Watanomi" (Wood Release: Cotton Seed) to protect herself and Palmon. Deep within the earth, Mimi and Palmon are inside a mass of white plant fibers shaped like a giant seed. Mimi channels her massive chakra reserves and forms another set of hand seals in the shadows of the Earth.

"Doton: Doryuu Bakusaiga!!" (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Blast Fang!!)

Oomizumaru watches as fang-shaped spikes of earth and stone shoot from the ground around him covering the surface of massive crater. Each fang is over a meter long and sharper than the fangs of a wolf or tiger, but that isn't the main threat to the Kumo Jounin. Instead the fang formations explode into a fiery blast of high velocity stone shrapnel. The curve of the crater creates a shape charge focusing the immense destructive force towards the cloud ninja.

When the smoke and cloud of dust clears, Oomizumaru stands in the larger crater. He's covered in cuts and lacerations and coated in a layer of fine mud. A split second before the blast hit him, he used Suiton: Chou Suijinheki (Water Release: Super Water Encampment Wall) which generates a stream of water like the normal Suijinheki, but instead of creating a simple water wall it creates a fast moving barrier around the subject powerful enough to grind rock to dust. Oomizumaru's technique was not completely effective since Mimi, like the Scourge and Digidestined, possess massive chakra reserves and stamina. Not only does he have bruises and cuts from the destroyed rocks, but the shock wave has caused minor internal injuries (especially around the lungs) and bruised ribs.

"We will not fail! We are SANSAI!"

Oomizumaru rams his glowing blue fist into the ground, like a karateka breaking bricks, and the entire mountain of the earth splits in half!

Karyuumaru Sansai, also known as Hounoo no Ryujin (Dragon King of Blaze), is Kumo's master of fire and explosions. Kumo may not be known for Fire Techniques, but he's easily a match for Konoha's flame masters.

His opponent is Yamato, Konoha's master of ice.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan!" (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Projectile!)

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" (Water Dragon Projectile Technique!)

A massive jet of flame collides with a dragon of water creating a massive steam cloud.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique!)

"Suiton: Suigadan!" (Water Release: Water Fang Projectile)

Balls of flame are wiped out the air by drills of water, that also knock the shuriken inside them to the ground

"Katon: Masshiro Gouka!" (Fire Release: Pure White Hellfire)

Karyuumaru releases a jet of blinding white flames from his mouth. The blast is hot enough to vaporize steel and instantly destroy a normal ninja, but Yamato is

"Hyoton: Ekishou Ryuudan!" (Ice Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Projectile )

Yamato inhales then releases a high velocity spray of iridescent translucent liquid. The liquid takes a form resembling a dragon and is surrounded by streams of mist and ice crystals. The frozen crystal dragon collides with the white flame to create a blinding explosion of color and light. It forms a massive storm cloud and howling winds.

"I'm impressed." says Karyuumaru Sansai driving his kunai threw Yamato's throat who is revealed as a Mizu Bushin (Water Clone), "I never met a Ice user outside this mission."

"I've never meet a flame user like you." says Yamato sending a pair of chakra charged kunai into Karyuumaru's eyes, which freeze and shatter the head of Tsuchi Bushin (Mud clone).

"We are Sansai. Long ago before the Shinobi Villages, when we were small clans warring amongst our selves, the clan leader fought a trio of mysterious warriors."

Karyuumaru tears off his left sleeve to reveal a complex seal like tribal tattoos spiraling across his entire arm. He then runs his fingers across the blade causing them to bleed.

"The warriors had killed hundreds and were known as the three calamities, but our ancestor fought them for three days and night."

Karyuumaru smears the blood across the seal from under elbow to wrist

"When he lay dying, he told the three warriors, he wished his clan possessed there strength. The three calamities found his clan and the man's three sisters and raped them. The children born from them became powerful shinobi and became known as Sansai!"

As he rams his bloody left arm into the ground, he forms a seal with his right hand and yells out

"Kin Kuchiyose no Jutsu: SANSAI!" (Forbidden Summoning Technique: Three Calamities!)

There is an explosion of wind, smoke, and fire and when it clears, it reveals three huge figures. Each of creatures is humanoid standing over two meters tall (six foot seven) with muscular bodies, black pants, and black bandages covered in kanji covering the wrists, waists, ankles, and face. They are clearly not human since they have scaly skin, one has dark blue scales with smooth gray markings, one has thick deep red scales with gold markings, and one has smooth blue-tinted white scales with green markings. On each of there chest is a different kanji, the first meaning "Flood", the second meaning "Fire", and the last meaning "Storm".They also have identical markings on there left arms that match the markings on Karyuumaru.

"Hyoton: Ekishou Ryuudan!" (Ice Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Projectile )

Yamato tries to take advantage of the flame master's position firing another freezing liquid air dragon, but the dragon dissolves a few meters from the target. It breaks apart into streams of water and air that are absorbed by "Flood" and "Storm" causing the kanji on there chest to glow.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan!" (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Projectile!)

Yamato watches in shock as Karyuumaru fires a blast of flame at his own Fire Demon. The fire is absorbed into the "Fire" demon causing it's own kanji to glow.

"The Three Calamities were demons in human form and became true demons in hell." says Karyuumaru placing his finger on his arm tattoo, "They can be summoned to absorb there elements, rending all water, wind, lightning, and fire techniques useless against me. They also have another ability."

Karyuumaru rubs blood over the kanji above the symbol for "Fire." The Fire Demon inhales and opens his fang-filled mouth, tearing the bandages. The Fire Dragon Flame Projectile that shoots from the demon is ten times the size and power of Karyuumaru's own impressive technique. Yamato barely avoids the monstrous flames.

The fourth member is a woman with black hair and eyes standing in an impressive Jounin. She is Karai, the daughter of Raikage and one of the greatest lightning affinity prodigies, a genius of Raiton jutsu and potentially her father's successor.

Ryou and Cyberdramon are fighting hard against the prodigy kunoichi.


"Raiton: Rasenkyuden" (Lightning Release: Spiral ball lightning!)

The ultra thin beams of negative charged anti-protons collides with the sphere of chakra manipulated electrons and ionized plasma. The two forces repel each other, causing both powerful attacks to miss there targets. The streams of heat and gamma energy collide with a distant point in the water, creating a tower of team and annihilating a couple tons of fish. The plasma ball hits the town, destroying several vacant building and igniting ten others

Karai leaps into the sky and uses a length of wire to catch Cyberdramon. She gets close to the dragon Digimon and delivers several kicks powerful enough to shatter concrete. She then pulls back her fist covered in lightning and smashes it into Cyberdramon's metal plated face. As Cyberdramon crashes, Karai lands nearby ready to finish the dragon with a lightning blast.

"Seiryuu!" (Azure Dragon!)

Ryou appears behind Karai and begins a combination attack


Two punches to the upper torso, both blocked by Karai.


Four blows to the shoulders, two blocked and two countered.


Four blows to the lower torso. Four blows to the face from Karai.


Four blows to the sides. Four blows to the sides from Karai.


Triple hit to the heart. Blocked by Karai, but manages to crack her hand bones.


Nine vicious kicks, four that send Karai into the air.

"Winnowing Basket!!"

Four aerial blows that are all blocked.

Karai and Ryou land covered in bruises and bleed from several cuts.

"Raiton: Hotaru no Mai" (Lightning Release: Dance of Firefly)

Karai form blurs and she delivers lightning quick punches and kicks to Ryou, while creating trails of sparks and lights. Each blow sends an electrical charge into Ryou's body, preventing him from fighting at his best. If it wasn't for his own secondary lightning affinity, his heart would have stopped from the first 6 amp (one thousand time lethal) blow to heart

Hotaru no Mai is another attempt by Kumogakure no Sato to copy the Juken of Konoha Hyuuga by replacing chakra pulse attacks to the chakra network with electrical shocks to the nervous system.

The pain it causes nearly renders Ryou unconscious and makes it near impossible to move. He looks up to see Karai holding a sword, whose blade is glowing red hot and crackling with blue lightning.

"The sword's name is Gekitsuuga."

The fifth member is Fubuki, a child of Water Country that was rescued from bloodline hunts and adopted as Karai's sister. She possesses an ability that was scene in Wave Country years ago, Hyouton (Ice Release), not simulated combination techniques or faux armor technique of the Land of Snow, but the dual elemental chakra affinity bloodline once used by Nukenin Haku

Masaru and Agumon fight the true Hyouton user with difficulty.

"Hyouton: Makyou Hyoushou" (Ice Release: Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors)

Masaru and Agumon are surrounded by mirrors of dark ice, including ones that float in the air above. They are then filled with images of Fubuki, as she enters one of them.

"Hyouton: Sensatsu Suishou!" (Death by a Thousand Flying Water Needles)

Masaru and Agumon are then nearly turned into pin cushions as the mirrors release a storm of chakra hardened ice needles, each one as hard as an acupuncture needle.

"Taiyoukaken!" (Sun Flame Fist!)

As Masaru's flame-covered fist finishes it's punch there's an explosion of flames in the direction of the punch. The expanding shock-wave collides with the needles and a couple of mirrors annihilating them. Masaru and Agumon jump out threw the steam, only for Fabuki to drive a needle threw Masaru's neck. Masaru bursts revealing him to be a Kage Bushin (Shadow Clone) and the real Masaru appears to deliver a chakra punch to Fubuki's face. The Mizu Bushin (water clone) shatters, but the force of the water is enough to crack a mirror it hit.

The real Fubuki appears with a chakra-hardened sword of ice and tries to pierce Masaru's chest. The sword shatters and the genjutsu is dispelled to reveal that Masaru is really Agumon, whose chakra hardened hide is stronger than iron. Agumon's grabs her arm and swings her around into the path of the real Masaru whose fist is covered in flames.

"Taiyoukaken!" (Sun Flame Fist!)

The flame-covered Kumo Jounin goes flying threw one of her ice mirrors, shattering it with such force, the shock wave is enough to wipe out the other mirrors. Masaru and Agumon rush forward to finish her off, when the fragments of ice fly around them. The sharp shards cut them in various places, then stick to them. The mass of fragments then fuse into a solid mass that holds Masaru and Agumon.

"Hyouton: Hakuisshoku Hanagoori" (ice release: bright white flowers surrounded by ice)

Fubuki walks out of the mist with only a few minor burns and holding a much stronger looking ice sword. She holds up the sword for her victims to see.

"and this is Hyoukaiken - Hyakuwari (frozen sea sword - one hundred percent )"

The sixth and final member may be the most dangerous, most hated and most feared in Kumogakure no Sato. A person born to be a weapon of her village with the power of a greater demon. Nii Yugito, Jounin Kunoichi and Jinchuriki no Nibi no Nekomata (Host of Two Tailed Demon Cat)

Anko and Shizune were doing fine against the female Cloud ninja, until Yugito Nii transformed into her Jinchuriki form. A giant fiery cat with the ability to fire spectral balls of flame. Shizune Ijutsu (medical techniques) are having little effect, esp since most of them require the user get within close range. Anko's kunai are easily blocked and she's not sure her snake summons would be effective.

Konoha Teams in River Country

"The Real Itachi is at the Akatsuki Lair..." says Chiyo, "This replica was to slow us down and gather intelligence on us. They're good."

Sakura looks at Naruto and wonders about him taking on guys like the Akatsuki since he left for his training trip with Jiraiya.

"Yes.. It's clear they were trying to buy time. There's no doubt... they've already started extracting the Bijuu! Presumably, they're trying to create a new jinchuriki with the one tailed Shukaku"

"There's no time to lose, we have to hurry." says Kakashi.

The Scourge Team leaps forward, followed by Light and Tamer, and finally Team Kakashi and Chiyo. They continue to talk as they move threw the trees.


"As I explained... Biju have superhuman powers and each country tried to use them for military purposes. If you can control the Jinchuriki you can control the Biju he is hosting.

"But you said no one could control such power."

"No one could... in the end... but at one time people did try to control them by sealing Biju in humans. In that way, people tried to suppress the bijuu's extreme powers and control them and people whom Biju were sealed like Gaara are called Jinchuriki - Power of human sacrifice.

' A Jinchuriki is capable of incredible power by resonating with their Biju. Including Gaara, there have been three Jinchuriki in the sand's history."

"Using those Jinchuriki" says Sakura, "People have waged war over and over again, right?"

"Yes." says Chiyo

"But then...! What about the people that were made into Jinchuriki...?"

Sakura sees the look in Naruto's eyes.

"What can be done to pull the Biju out...?"

"Removing a Biju requires a sealing jutsu with the power that is momentarily equal to that of the Biju and quite a bit of time, but once th bijuu is removed the Jinchuriki..."

There is a pause.

"Oh no."

"When the Biju is removed, the Jinchuriki dies." says Chiyo, "Both of the sand's other Jinchuriki I just mentioned, died because Shukaku was removed...

Sakura nearly cries

"Always quick to cry, Sakura." says Naruto with a grin, "Don't worry, I'm going to save Gaara."

"I! Naruto... It's you I'm---!"

"We'd better hurry." interrupts Naruto, "Scourge, Tamer, and Light are stamina freaks like me."

Akatsuki Base

"Zetsu." says Pain, "Take care of the two used for Shouten no Jutsu."

"Of course" says Zetsu as he goes off to Eat the corpses.

"Itachi..." says Pain, "How many enemies and who are they?"

"Konoha's Hatake Kakashi, Haruna Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto, the Nine-Tailed Fox's Jinchuriki. Sunagakure Advisor Chiyo finishes out their four-man cell." says Itachi, shocking Sasori with the news, making him mentally cry out Granny Chiyo,"There are also Nine unknown Konoha ninjas arranged in three man teams and all possessing strange partner animals or summons. They range from a small imp-like creature to kitsune-like creature. Twelve Konoha ninja, one suna nin, and nine creatures."

Konoha Teams en route to Akatsuki Base

It's night time and most of the group is resting. The only ones awake are Kakashi, Chiyo, and the Scourge minus there partners. Chiyo watches over the young group and especially Naruto. She's reminded of the past when Sasori was sleeping in his bed next to his parents and a picture of Sasori's parents holding him as an infant with Sunagakure in the background.

"Do you guys ever sleep?" asks Kakashi

"We've always been the nocturnal type." says Angel

"We used to really hate the sun." says Spike, "We got sun burnt Really easy."

"Enough break time we have to get going." says Kakashi

"Yes.." says Chiyo

Chiyo, Team Kakashi, Scourge, Tamer, Light, and Gai all move as fast as they can to rescue the Godaime Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara.

Akatsuki Base

"Complete" says Pain

Outside, Team Gai has arrived at the entrance to the cavern where the extraction has reached it's end

Land of Waves.
A few hours ago

"Futon: Zantetsuken!" (Wind Release: Iron-Cutting Sword)

Izzy is blown back by the wind blade from one of Kazemaru's swords. Tentomon lands between the badly bleeding Izzy and Kazemaru. The Ladybug Digimon is in a fighting stance and the other member of there group, Sai, is already unconscious and is currently lying against a badly shreded tree.

"Do you really think a overgrown bug can stop one of Sansai?" mocks Kazemaru as his blade glows.

Suddenly, there is a burst of light from the insectoid and when it clears, Tentomon is gone and Kabuterimon stands fanged mandibles and claws ready. Kazemaru flips back releases another attack.

"Futon: Zantetsusen!" (Wind Release: Iron-Cutting Flash)

Kazemaru releases two extremely powerful air blades at the giant bug, but Kabuterimon uses is "Megablaster" electrical attack to disrupt the air. Lightning users may be weak against wind users, but electrical energy super-heats the air greater than any fire could when focused.

Suddenly, Kazemaru appears from the flash and delivers extremely fast slashes to Kabuterimon. The insectoid manages to block the lethal hits with it's four arms, but is still badly injured and sent flying back into the injured Izzy. Kazemaru is about to finish them off, when a third member of Konoha appears.

Shino stands in front of the two injured members of Konoha. Kazemaru's form blurs and in flash Shino is cut in half at the waist. The two parts then reveal Shino to be a Mushi Bushin (bug clone). The thousands of kikai bugs scatter into the air and many onto Kazemaru. They crawl into his clothing and begin to drain his chakra at an alarming rate, several of Shino's newer breed also contain powerful poisons.

Kazemaru gathers his chakra for a powerful attack, but the insects on his wrists detonate like little bombs shredding his skin. The damage is so severe, he's forced to drop one of his legendary blades.

"Mushi Bakudan (Insect Bombs) Are you OK, Izzy??"

"I guess Lady Tsunade sent you guys as back-up." says Izzy rising to his feet.

"Glad to help a fellow bug partner." says Shino, looking at the impressive form of Kabuterimon.

"Did you forget something?"

Shino and Izzy turn to see Kazemaru now holding his remaining sword tight. He's surrounded by the same acid mist he used to destroy Izzy's wires. The acid not only burns his skin, but kills the Kikai bugs on his body leaving him with a few nasty wounds. Despite the intense pain, Kazemaru is gathering massive amounts of chakra for a very powerful jutsu. He has also recovered his sword, which was on a acid-proof hidden wire for instant recovery.

"Nope." says Izzy, holding his glowing Digivice

Kabuterimon is surrounded by light, which expands many times over before dissolving. Shino and Kazemaru stare in shock at the giant red insectoid resembling a Atlas Rhinoceros Beetle. It's so big it's easily a match for the greater summoning animals and would have no fear of Gama Bunta, the giant toad boss summoned by Konoha ninja Jiraiya and Naruto

"Hijutsu: Futon: Zantenchisen!" (Secret technique: Wind Release: Heaven-and-Earth-Cutting Flash)

Kazemaru releases two powerful blades from his sword. The two blades come close together and a giant vacuum blade appears between them. The giant blade of wind, energy, and vacuum collides with AtlurKabuterimon and explodes as it hits an invisible field of energy.

"A Barrier?"

"Repulsor Field."

Kazemaru is very worried since his chakra is drained and the pain from the wounds and acid burns is intense and slowing him down.

"Ground Circuit!"

AtlurKabuterimon charges the ground in front of him with his horn. Kazemaru leaps into the air to avoid the electrical discharge, but it also places him eye level with the giant insectoid's twelve claws.

"Wild Scratch!"

AtlurKabuterimon slices Kazemaru with his claws. It's only the chakra-charged armor that prevents Kazemaru's instant death, but the armor doesn't stop the claws form cutting off both arms and legs. As Kazemaru's bloody form falls towards the earth, AtlurKabuterimon goes into a finishing attack.

"Horn Buster!"

AtlurKabuterimon releases a massive blast of lightning from his odd giant horn. The lightning smashes the falling Kazemaru into the ground hard enough to create a giant smoking crater.

Shino looks in the hole and winces behind the glasses. His insects may be carrion eaters, but he doesn't like looking at enemies who have been burnt to a crisp and burnt in half. Shino then turns to giant red beetle and Izzy on it's shoulder.


The massive rampart collapses into rubble after being split in half by Oomizumaru's attack. He scans the earth for the pink-haired female, but can only see Earth, Stone, and Mud.


Oomizumaru jumps clear as a burst of green energy collides where he was and sends flower petals everywhere. He looks up to see a fairy-like creature composed of flowers. She has a thin humanoid form but dress and headdress resembling a pink flower, green vine hair, leafy arm bands and boots, and insect-like wings composed of leaves. On the fairy girl's back is the pink-haired Kunoichi.

"Suiton: Mizurappa" (Water Release: Violent Water Wave)

A jet of water explodes from Oomizumaru's mouth towards Mimi and Lilymon, but when the water collides they explode into shower of flower petals. He sees half a dozen more Lilymon and attacks with Mizurappa, but they are all revealed as Hana Bushin (Flower Clones)

"Fairy Vine!"

Oomizumaru is forced to Suijinheki (Water Encampment Wall) to stop Lilymon's poisonous thorns and Mimi's rain of senbon. He then charges Mimi and Lilymon with a pair of Suiken (water swords).

"Green Trap!"

"Mokuton: Midoriwasa!" (Wood Release: Green Trap)

Both Lilymon and Mimi spin around, creating a vine with flowers and spores. The attack slows down Oomizumaru, until he shatters revealing him to be a Mizu Bushin (Water Clone). Oomizumaru appears behind both girls and his blades punch threw there necks. The two girls explode into a shower of green liquid, splinters, petals, and spores.

Oomizumaru avoids most of damage only getting several small splinters, many scratches, and a body soaked in sticky yellow-green liquid.

From a mound of earth, the Cotton Seed rises and cracks open like a cocoon to reveal the real Lilymon holding a tired Mimi.

"Clever, girl." says Oomizumaru, "An exploding wood clone. What else do you have?"

"Look around you."

Oomizumaru looks around him and doesn't notice anything at first. Then he notices how much green vegetation is growing, which should be gone with the battle. Small green vines rise from the mud and dirty brown water, rocks that were shattered minutes ago are covered in moss, and mounds of earth collapse as masses of new branches burst from them. Even the muddy ground beneath him is covered in rapidly growing vegetation.

"Gardening no jutsu?" he says with a smirk before he collapses in pain, "Wha..."

"My Hana Bushin were composed of more than flowers, then contained a poison mixed with the pollen that numbed your senses and weakened your chakra control, giving me greater control of the water. They also contained spores and seeds that were scattered into the wet earth. My Genseirin no Jutsu (primeval forest technique) is absorbing the Water and Earth rendering Suiton jutsu worthless."

Oomizumaru looks at his arm, which is turning gray with bulging veins and wounds dripping green-yellow fluid like sap. He watches as some parts begin to turn green and deform.

"What's happening to you is the seeds of Jyubokko (Blood Tree) I added to those Hana and Moku Bushin. There an experimental mutant I created using Kusa (Grass) knowledge and a chakra affinity paper tree. There carnivorous feeding on blood and flesh. They also drain chakra to help there growth.They don't live long, decomposing into nutrient rich soil for other plants."

Oomizumaru cries out as vines burst from his body and the air is filled with the sounds of breaking bones. In one final scream, Oomizumaru body is shred and consumed to create a giant vine tree that blossoms into thousands of tiny blood red flowers.

"To think, I used to be a pacifist." says Mimi, a faint pink glow in her eyes.

The battle between Karyuumaru and Yamato was going bad for Yamato thanks to the summoned Sansai demons. Storm and Flood negated his ice techniques, while Fire boosted Karyuumaru's fire attacks.

Then, during the battle. The storm demon began to weaken, losing it's strength and the rate of wind absorption decreased by more than a third.

"Damn it!" says Karyuumaru rubbing blood across the Storm symbol, "Sansai Arashi: Kai!"

The Storm Demon stops moving and sublimates, changing from a solid creature into a mist that disperses and vanishes. With Storm's departure, Fire and Flood gain strength.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)

Karyuumaru releases a massive fireball at Sansai Fire Demon, the demon glows a bright red, then the energy is pulled into the kanji on his chest. The demon then inhales and releases a fireball ten times the size of the original

"Futon: Yuuhi!" (Wind Release: Flying Jump!)

Yamato jumps clear of the fireball souring into the air and watches as the Flood Demon weakens. While still in the air he forms seals, while Karyuumaru is distracted.

"Futon: Ekishou Ryuudan!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Projectile )

Yamato releases his crystal dragon at the Flood Demon before Karyuumaru can react. The liquefied air hits the water-based demon at near the speed of sound. The blast instantly freezes the monster solid and water swirling around him becomes an ice sculpture. There is a pause as the liquid air drips and spreads of frozen demon, then sharp spikes of ice burst from the hard skin, shattering the frozen flesh. Inside, the water contained in the dimensional pocket is forced out as the demon dies, becoming ice as it breaks the surface. The chakra forms heat which builds pressure, so within seconds, the Flood Demon explodes into a billion frozen shards.

Karyuumaru stares at the shard of ice piercing his left shoulder, connected to the control arm. As the blood drips, he begins to laugh.

"There is a reason the Sansai Summoning in an S-Rank Kinjutsu. It consumes massive amounts of chakra and the health of each demon is linked to member of the Sansai three. When one of the trio dies, the chakra drain from there demon becomes too great to sustain. Also, if one of the demons is destroyed before it can be un-summoned, it takes a third of user's chakra with them back to hell."

'Any reason your telling me this?" says Yamato

"Neither one of us will live to tell anyone else." says Karyuumaru, forming an odd set of seals ending on the Tora (Tiger) seal "Katon: Masshiro Goukaryuudan!" (Fire Release: Pure White Hellfire Dragon Projectile)

Karyuumaru inhales, while his skin turns deep red then pitch black. He then releases a massive blast of blinding white flames into the Fire Demon. The Fire Demon roars as it's bandages burn away and it's eyes open to show shining white lights. The veins bulge threw the skin as an aura explodes from the demon's form. Beams of white fire shoot from the demon's body as the kanji on it's chest ignites into ethereal white flames. Finally, it's entire body glows solid white and explodes.

The enormous explosion is so large it's heard in Kirakagure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Mist) in the distant Mizu no Kuni (Land of Water). A spherical blast destroys everything for a ten kilometer radius.

A few minutes ago, Karai was about to torture and kill Ryou. She managed to inflict several extremely painful cuts, then hope arrived.

The hop came in the form of Hinata Hyuuga.

The young Hyuuga heiress distracted Karai with a few kunai thrown at her back and used her speed to appear between Karai and Ryou. She is happy she talked to Gai about improving her speed, with her small size, she can't depend on strength based attacks like cousin Neji.

Karai brings the Gekitsuuga (Pain Fang) down to slice threw both of them, but Hinata performs Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou (Guardian Eight Divination Signs, Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand)

Hinata emits chakra from her palms and move her arms in sweeping pattern movements to provide a full 360 degree range of protection for her body. This chakra can cut through nearly any target which dares penetrate the protective sphere. By expelling a more sharper, stronger and more flexible amount of chakra, she can increase it's effectiveness against more massive incoming objects.

When the Gekitsuuga hits the shield of chakra lasers, the beams cut threw the blades. The blade breaks apart into a hundred pieces, one piece hits Karai's face, making a deep cut.

Karai jumps back and glares at the girl with a look of pure hate.

"Hinata Hyuuga."

"How do you know?"

"My style was based on our village's attempt to copy Hyuuga techniques. Gashir was sent to take your eyes to complete the project, but that fool failed. When we tried to get your father, they sent us your worthless uncle."

"My uncle was not worthless! He willingly gave his life to protect his brother."

"The eyes were worthless and that's all a Hyuuga is!"

Karai forms a set of hand seals ending on an unknown hand seal.

"Hijutsu: Raiton: Raijinhada!" (Secret Technique: Lightning Release: god of lightning skin)

There is a blinding flash like a bolt of natural lighting. When the flash clears, Karai's entire body is covered in lightning changing her skin to blue-grey and her hair and eyes to blue/white fire. Suddenly, she blurs moving faster than Hinata can react and delivers several blows which release lightning discharges. The electrical shocks are powerful enough that her coat bursts into flames.

"Raiton: Hotaru no Mai" (Lightning Release: Dance of Firefly)

"Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou!" (Eight Divination Signs, One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight Palms of the Hand)

As Hinata moves the force and speed is enough to tear away the heavy jacket to show her top and developed curves. The burning pieces of her jacket are blown away with part of her hair.

"2 Strikes!"

Hinata blocks Karai's first two strikes creating electrical flashes

"4 Strikes!"

Hinata blocks the pain as she blocks four more hits.

"16 Strikes!"

Hinata blocks eight strikes and delivers eight of her own.

"32 Strikes!"

Hinata blocks sixteen strikes and delivers sixteen.

"64 strikes!"

Hinata and Karai are blown apart as Hinata blocks thirty two and delivers thirty two to Karai's electrified hide. Hinata's hands are smoking and burnt, and Karai stumbles in pain since the chakra pulses bypassed her lightning charged iron-hard skin.

"The skin of the lightning god was suppose to stop your juken strikes." says Karai coughing up a little blood that burns away on her metallic skin. "How can you stand the pain?"

"I have suffered many forms of pain, but I didn't give up. My... My Naruto suffered even greater pain and he Never gave up!"

"Naruto? Naruto Uzumaki. The boy who fought your prodigy branch cousin Neji during the Chunin Exam three years ago." says Karai as she grins, "The Jinchuriki of Kyubi no Kitsune (Host of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox)"

Hinata's eyes widen.

"You didn't know? Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Leader Fire Shadow) Minato Namikaze gave his life to seal the Kyubi into a newborn baby, Naruto. The fool's dying wish was for the boy to be treated like a hero instead of a monster. The villagers treated him like all demon carriers, not regarded as weapons, as a monster in human flesh. Even now that fool of yours wants the world to see him as the Yondaime wanted. Like a monster will ever be anything else. Heh heh Ha Ha"

"Hakke Tekkou Kuushou!" (Eight Divination Signs Iron and Steel Air Palm)

Extending chakra from her body, Hinata thrusts her palm at the shocked Karai, who expected Hinata to blindly charge or break down. The near-invisible wave of chakra illuminated by her "chakra laser" hits Karai in the chest like a armor-piercing projectile, tear threw her body. The hole is small, but goes completely threw and has pulverized the heart into fine mist behind her.

"Naruto has earned my respect and praise many times over, and being a Jinchuriki means he's just more amazing." says Hinata as Karai collapses, the electrical charge keeping her brain active just long enough to hear Hinata's words before she finally dies.

A sudden explosion of white light and thunder knocks Hinata's injured form to the ground.

Masaru and Agumon held by Hyouton: Hakuisshoku Hanagoori (ice release: bright white flowers surrounded by ice) can only watch as Fubuki approaches with an ultra-sharp ultra-hard ice sword she calls Hyoukaiken - Hyakuwari (frozen sea sword - one hundred percent). Both Agumon and Masaru channel there fire affinity chakra and strain there muscles to break free before Fubuki can slice them to pieces.

"Gatsuuga!" (Dual Piercing Fang!)

A couple of spinning attacks, like giant drills appear behind Fabuki. Fubuki unable to dodge, uses Hyoton: Hyoujinheki (Ice Encampment Wall) to create a thick wall of ice to protect her. The two canine konoha ninjas drill threw and shatter the wall. They also catch Fubuki in there rotations and slices her with there sharp claws. They end with a double blow that sends her into the air.

Kiba and Kiba-shaped Akamaru land next to there fellow Konoha ninja as Agumon and Masaru finally shatter there ice prison. Masaru nods to Agumon and Agumon nods back.

Fabuki opens her eyes as her bloody form falls from the sky. She's in serious pain from Kiba and Akamaru's attack, but she still has her Hyoukaiken. She sees Masaru in front of her and with a master's skill, pierces the man, only form him to burst into smoke. She doesn't even notice the second Kage Bushin behind her until it delivers a kick and explodes. The Bunshin Bakuha (Shadow Clone Explosion) sends Fabuki flies at high speed towards the ground towards Masaru.

Masaru stands next to Agumon, who used a jumping technique to launch the Kage Bushin

Masaru brings back his fist, which is now glowing a bright red-gold.

"KATON: HOUOU TAIYOUKAKEN!!" (Fire Release: Fire bird Sun Fire Fist!!)

Masaru's fist collides with Fabuki's face, both traveling at insane speed. There is a blinding explosion and a bird-shaped blast of red-gold flames sours into the sky carrying the pulverized burning remains ands ash of Fubuki.

"Holy CENSORED!" yells Kiba, while Akamaru still in Kiba's form lets out the dog equivalent.

Masaru then collapses from Chakra exhaustion, followed by Agumon. Before Kiba and Akamaru can help, they are knocked off there feet by a massive explosion.

Yugito has reverted to human form due to low chakra. Anko has managed to summon some of the higher level snakes long enough to block the nekomata's attacks and Shizune's Dokukiri (Poison Mist) has weakened the feline Jounin.

There is a sudden loud explosion that distracts Yugito.

"Senei Jashu!" (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!)

A snake extends from the sleeve of Anko and wraps around Yugito's wrist and sinking her fangs into the Kumo Jounin's arm. Anko then uses her impressive chakra-boosted strength to pull his disoriented Yugito into the air and swings her around. The feline kunoichi is about to cut her self free, when Shizune burst from ground behind the ninja girl and latches on to her back. Shizune drives several drug-tipped senbon into Yugito's back and when she puts her heels to down, Yugito is forced on to those needles, pushing them deep into her body.

"Shouldn't get distracted." says Anko retrieving her snake, "Good night kitten."

Yugito can't do anything as the numbing drugs take effect and render her unconscious.

Outside of Akatsuki Cave

Team Gai stand outside the cave entrance staring at the giant Torri at the entrance covered with odd seal scrolls (ofuda) and the actually mouth of the cave blocking by a giant boulder with a kanji covered scroll on the front near the center.

"Gaara is beyond this rock." says the talking ninja dog Pakkun on Rock Lee's shoulder.

Neji activate the Byakugan

"What's it look like, Neji?" says Tenten

"W.. What is that...?" says Neji

"Neji... What's happening behind that rock?" says Rock

"It's hard to explain."

Gai charges forward and delivers a brutal punch to the rock sending out a rippling shock wave. A normal rock would have been blown to pieces by the fist of a Konoha Taijutsu expert, but Gai's fist is stopped by a barrier.

Inside of Akatsuki Cave

Inside the cave are the Akatsuki and King of Hell Statue.

"It's getting louder outside." says Pain

"There's one more Jinchuriki isn't there? heh heh..." says Sasori, "Don't blame me, Itachi"

En route to the Cave

Chiyo watches as Naruto continues to move with speed and determination

"Th - This kid." says Chiyo

"Naruto! Wait!" yells Kakashi

Takeru of Team Light blurs pass them and Spike actually turns around and faces them as he jumps from tree to tree backwards.

"Getting old Scarecrow." says Spike, then turns back to face forward and zips ahead. Inside he's laughing his ass of since he's far older than Konohagakure no Sato.

One thought goes threw Kakashi's head, not everyone is a stamina freak like Gai, just you ten.

"Why is that kid trying so hard to save Gaara? He's not from the same village." says Chiyo, interrupting Kakashi's line of thought, "and who in the world is he...?

"He's also a jinchuriki the nine tailed fox is sealed him." says Kakashi shocking Chiyo.

"Naruto probably doesn't have any special feelings for Sunagakure, but Gaara is a Jinchuriki too. Naruto understands Gaara better than anyone of Sunagakure ever could. When it comes to how Jinchuriki have been treated all the villages are pretty much the same. That's why Naruto has to save Gaara. Whether it's Konoha or Suna means nothing to him. To Naruto, Gaara is a comrade who shares his pain. Naruto's dream is to become Hokage so when he heard Gaara became Kazekage it frustrated him. But, on the other hand Naruto was sincerely happy for Gaara. Naruto possesses a special power."

At that Chiyo looks up from her growing depression in curiosity.

'Without exchanging many words, he can strike up a friendship with anyone."

"I've lived long. I've seen many things and I've learned the ways of the world accordingly and because I've found that alliances with other countries are mere formalities we needed resources to protect Sunagakure.The jutsu that sealed Shukaku inside Gaara. I did it.'

'I did it to protect the village and the villagers suffered for it and now the village I avoided and didn't make an alliance with is trying to save us. All the things that I have done may have very well been mistakes. Even worse, I've become decrepit and started giving up on things easily."

There is a pause.

"Kakashi. The young have so much potential within. I envy them."

"No, No, your life's only juts begun." says Kakashi, "You're still quite young."

"WAH HA HA HA!" laughs Chiyo making Kakashi smile under his mask, '"That's true. There may still be something I can do."

Outside of Akatsuki Cave

"What are we gonna do?" asks Rock Lee

"First we have to break this barrier." says Gai

"But how?" asks Tenten

"It's a Five Seal Barrier." comes a voice as a large group lands.

"Your late. Kakashi." says Gai

"Well you see. Well, you see. We ran into a little trouble along the way." says Kakashi as he lands on the watery surface.

"NARUTO! SAKURA!" yells Lee

"Hey!!" says Naruto, "You don't mean me, do you Kakashi?"

"Naruto" says Neji with a sweat drop

"Everyone's here. So you arrived ahead of us!" says Sakura

"Who's the old Lady?" says Lee, "Are those guys Scourge, Light, and Tamer?"

"Oh... She's an advisor from the Sand." says Naruto, "and Yeah. That's them."

"Okay! Let's do this Kakashi!" says Gai to which Kakashi replies "Yeah!"

Nami no Kuni (Land of Waves)

The battle with Kumogakure and there forces is finally over and the newest ninja of Konohagakure no Sato. Not all of them have escaped uninjured.

Mimi is in best shape, only tired with a few minor injuries and her partner Lilymon wasn't injured in the slightest. They avoids direct attacks, so only drained there chakra.

Izumi has a few cuts and a minor chest wound thanks to Kazemaru's sharp winds. He would have a potential lethal deep chest wound if he didn't wear chest armor.

Yamato survived Karyuumaru's suicide jutsu due to his partner's efforts. Gabumon, who had been hidden underground during the fight, evolved into the giant right arm of Omegamon. With Omegamon's Garuru Cannon, Yamato uses a jutsu to create a quick barrier around the chrome digizoid metal arm. It was a quick and dirty solution, that allowed them to ride the explosion out Yamato has many burns and injuries from riding the white fire at several times the speed of sound. It also left him with severe chakra exhaustion and his partner devolved into a orange-and-white ball form with a metal horn.

Ryou is still having motor control thanks to Karai's electrical attacks. His body is covered in small star-shaped marking where Karai's lightning charged blow landed. He has burns and now needs time to recover and Cyberdramon has reverted to the child monster Monodramon.

Masaru is unconscious from severe exhaustion since Fubiki's attacks ruined his chakra control and he used a technique he hadn't fully mastered yet. His partner Agumon now watches over his form.

Sai has many cuts from his battle with Kazemaru,. ranging from minor nicks to deep cuts. He also had to pull out splinters from the trees he collided with leaving his torso covered in bandages.

Hinata is the only member of Team Kurenai that was injured, Shino and Kiba only played minor parts for short periods, so where neither drained or injured. Hinata has a few minor burns from her jacket's fiery destruction and shorter hair due to the fire. She also has first and second degree burns on her hands from blocking Karai's Firefly technique and is suffering from electrical shock.

Shizune and Anko only have minor injuries and minor exhaustion from fighting the Jinchuriki. Yugito wasn't killed like the other Kumo ninja for two reasons. One, they needed information on Kumo's activities and Two, they didn't want to risk that her death would release Nibi no Nekomata. With a drained Yugito distracted by Karyuumaru's explosion, they were able to dose her with Witch's Bane.

Witch's Bane is a very powerful sedative from another country that coated the senbon. The story goes that long ago, a witch (a term for a poisoner, not a magic user) developed a habit of marrying rich men, then poisoning them to steal there fortunes. The poisons came from her own private garden that she grew in plain sight. Then one day, she picked the wrong plant from her garden, a plant that had grown from a seed delivered by a bird or animal. The poison of that plant didn't kill her husband, but placed him a death-like sleep. When he awakened a couple days later, he stopped his own cremation and had his evil wife put to death. The amount on the senbon was enough to put a large Fire Country Tiger to sleep for a week and should keep a Jinchuriki asleep for several hours.

Another problem is coming to the land of waves.

One is a thirty two year old man with purple eyes and slick back white hair. He's bare chested and carries an odd necklace, his ninja headband around his neck, and three bladed scythe.

The other is a more serious looking ninja with green eyes and dark brown hair covered by a white hood and mask. He looks younger than he is and his body is covered in many sticked scars

They both wear black cloaks with red clouds and odd gold rings, the symbols of Akatsuki Organization. They are Hidan of the Jashin and Kakuzu, a former ninja of Waterfall, and they have come to capture the Jinchuriki of Nibi no Nekomata.

End of CHAPTER 13: ETM- Part 5

Futon: Zantetsuken! (Wind Release: Iron-Cutting Sword)
A wind based technique that creates a blade of air and vacuum that can slice a target apart. Named because it can slice an iron statue in half.
Futon: Zantetsusen! (Wind Release: Iron-Cutting Flash)
A more powerful double version of Zantetsuken
Hijutsu: Futon: Zantenchisen! (Secret technique: Wind Release: Heaven-and-Earth-Cutting Flash)
The final evolution of Zantetsuken and Zantetsuken, that uses two smaller blades to create one giant.
Futon: Shiden to Tate (Wind Release: Shield of Purple Lightning)
A Kumo technique designed to imitate the Kaiten (Heavenly Spin) of the Hyuuga Clan. Using his swords he creates a barrier that absorbs the electrical energy of an attack.
Hijutsu: Zantenchiken (Secret Technique: Heaven and Earth-Slicing Sword)
A technique which involves cutting threw air containing two or more chakra at the point where they meet and cause friction. This releases a blast of wind and chakra in the direction of the slash.
Raiton: Rakurai! (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt!
A simple Raiton jutsu that releases a bolt of lightning.
Makaze Hijutsu: Kyousankiri (Evil Wind Secret Technique: Strong acid mist)
The Makaze releases a poisonous mist containing strong acids that can destroy skin and weapons.
SASAI HIJUTSU: SUITON: TATSU-OU (Sasai Secret Art: Water Release: Water Dragon King)
The secret water technique of the Sasai clan. It creates a massive serpentine water dragon that fires a shower of multiple rock-cutting water blasts from his mouth.
Mokuton: Watanomi (Wood Release: Cotton Seed)
The ninja manipulates the ambient plant matter to weave a seed-like cocoon. This cocoon protects the user and allows the user to recover the strength.
Suiton: Chou Suijinheki (Water Release: Super Water Encampment Wall)
A super version of the normal Suijinheki - Water Encampment Wall designed to grind Earth (water's elemental weakness) to dust. The effectiveness depends on the chakra of the earth technique compared to the water wall. If the earth technique is more powerful it can send shock waves back to the user.
Katon: Masshiro Gouka! (Fire Release: Pure White Hellfire)
An Sansai Hijutsu that produces of jet of superheated plasma flame that can vaporize all metals not enhanced by chakra. It's instantly lethal to a ninja hit by it.
Hyoton: Ekishou Ryuudan! (Ice Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Projectile )
Yamato inhales a large amount of air and uses his chakra to convert it into subzero liquids, the releases it as a high velocity jet that instantly freezes it's target and shatters it with the pressure of the spray.
Futon: Ekishou Ryuudan! (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Projectile )
The true version of Ekishou Ryuudan lacking ice and composed of pure liquefied air. He takes far more chakra to form and control, but is far colder and destructive.
Raiton: Rasenkyuden (Lightning Release: Spiral ball lightning!)
The Kumo equivalent to Yondaime's feared Rasengan. Throws a spinning sphere of lightning, that is not only destructive, but it's magnetic field can pull metal weapons out of the air.
Raiton: Hotaru no Mai (Lightning Release: Dance of Firefly)
Hotaru no Mai is another attempt by Kumogakure no Sato to copy the Juken of Konoha Hyuuga by replacing chakra pulse attacks to the chakra network with electrical shocks to the nervous system. It involves many rapid strikes, lacking physical force, but each charged with electricity to nerve clusters.
Weapon: Gekitsuuga (Pain Fang)
Gekitsuu (n) pain (intense, sharp, violent)
Karai's chakra sword that can channel chakra into powerful electrical bursts and burning heat. It's not only a lethal weapon, but a torture tool for Karai's sadism.
Hyouton: Hakuisshoku Hanagoori (ice release: bright white flowers surrounded by ice)
Fubuki deliberately shatters her Demonic Ice Mirrors or other planes of ice creating fragments. When the target(s) walks over the fragments, wind causes the fragments to cut the target(s), then fuse together around the target(s) holding them in place.
Kikai: Mushi Bakudan (Destruction Bugs: Insect Bombs)
Specially breed Kikai bugs that if overloaded or commanded for the sake of the colony will explode like mini-bombs. There bodies also contain strong acids and chemicals that damage the flesh further and that is the reason Shino doesn't carry many of them.
Suiken (water swords).
Simple short swords composed of water with the durability of iron and good for piercing attacks.
Mokuton: Midoriwasa! (Wood Release: Green Trap)
Mimi's Mokuton imitation of Lilymon's Green Trap attack.
Moku Bushin Daibakuha! (Wood Clone Big Explosion!)
Wood clones designed to explode, but not like Kage Bushin or logs with explosive notes, but into showers of splinters and toxic plant materials.
Mokuton: Genseirin no Jutsu (Wood Release: Primeval Forest technique)
A powerful wood technique that absorbs all ambient water and earth into trees and vegetation, from the environment rendering all Earth (Doton) and Water (Suiton) users useless
Weapon: Jyubokko (Blood Tree)
A carnivorous mutant plant created from Mimi's experiments with Chakra Paper Tree. It not only uses flesh and blood for food and water, but drains a person's chakra to help it's growth.
Futon: Yuuhi! (Wind Release: Flying Jump!)
Yamato's air jump technique, by manipulating the air around and under him, he can jump high into the air and jump while still in the air.
Katon: Masshiro Goukaryuudan! (Fire Release: Pure White Hellfire Dragon Projectile)
A suicide S-Class Fire attack that channels all of user's remaining chakra into a massive blast of white hellfire. The blast can wipe out every thing for a kilometer in all directions, sterilizing earth, air, and water.
Hijutsu: Raiton: Raijinhada (Secret Technique: Lightning Release: god of lightning skin)
Kumo's A Class defense technique against the Hyuuga Juken. An iron hard skin charged with lightning and shocking those that dare to touch it.
Hakke Tekkou Kuushou (Eight Divination Signs Iron and Steel Air Palm)
A modification of the Hakke Kuushou (Eight Divination Signs Air Palm), instead of creating an invisible wave of chakra that can knock the opponent back, it creates a spiral wave that pierces the target.
Hyoton: Hyoujinheki (Ice Encampment Wall)
An ice version of Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall).
KATON: HOUOU TAIYOUKAKEN (Fire Release: Fire bird Sun Fire Fist!!)
A fire affinity super-version of the normal Taiyoukaken. It produces a bird shaped fire projectile if detonated in the air and creates a massive phoenix-shaped burn on the ground if it hits the ground.

Author Notes:
What's with Mimi's glowing eyes?
Do you really think the Digidestined kids could become cold blooded killers so easily? They are being influenced by there transformations and there leaders, the Scourge.
Why so little action with Itachi?
I'm trying to minimize scenes with Uchihas, since they are getting too much attention in the canon manga. The only part I skipped was Itachi's freaky genjutsu on Naruto.
More action with Suna Teams?
They finally reached the Akatsuki, so there battles will begin soon.
That was Hinata breaking free of her past. Her uncle was killed and Neji hated her because of Cloud attempted kidnapping, so she killed the Cloud Princess. She also proved her love of Naruto, by accepting him after learning of the Kyubi no Kitsune. I also got rid of that jacket to show her curves and cut her hair because I think Pre-Shippuden short hair was cuter.

Next Chapter:
The Scourge Finally get to fight!
Deidara and Sasori vs Kakashi and Scourge.
Hidan and Kakuzu vs Wave Country Teams!

Suna (Sand) Teams
Team Kakashi - Kakashi/Naruto/Sakura
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Team Gai - Maito Gai/Rock Lee/Neji/Tenten
Nami (Wave) Team
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou/Sai
Command - Shizune and Anko Mitarashi
Team Kurenai - Shino/Kiba/Hinata

Keep sending in techniques and Puppet ideas, I will end using them.

Absolute Couples.
Kurenai Yuuhi x Asuma Sarutobi
Naruto x Hinata
Renamon x Kyubi
Hikari x Takeru
Spike x Drusilla

Who should be in Naruto's Harem?
Other Pairings?

Naruto Char? Digimon Char? Both?


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