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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'


Inside the Cave, The Land of Rivers

"Sasori, Deidara... See to our guests. They're yours except for the jinchuriki host. Bring him to me alive. The rest of you are done here."

"Itachi." says Sasori, "about the Jinchuriki. What kind of host is this Naruto?"

"..." Itachi looks a little confused.

"Tell them." says Pain

"He is the one who bursts in and barks first."

"Huh? What do you mean?" says Sasori

"Can't you give us more to work with? Un?"

Itachi's image doesn't say any more, he just disperses.

"I'll be waiting to hear from you." says Pain, as he un summons the King of Hell statue and vanishes.

Outside the Cave

The entire group of Konoha shinobi stand outside the cave looking at the barrier-covered boulder blocking the entrance.

'I guess it's time I go. I'll be no more use here." says Pakkun, "No sense in getting in the way."

"Thanks, Pakkun." says Kakashi as the ninja dog vanishes in a puff of smoke.

"Ah right! Kakashi our first order of business is this barrier." says Gai, "How do we get past it?"

"A five-seal barrier is established by placing five talismans in the nearby area. A single character, Forbidden, is inscribed on each.One of these is right in front of us. There are four others. Until we peel them all off, we can't do a thing about the barrier."

"Well, where are they?" asks Naruto, "I mean, the other four."

"Neji." says Kakashi

"Got it." says Neji as he activates his Byakugan.

"I see them. One's on a rock five hundred meters to the North-East. Another on a tree by a river about five hundred meters South-South East. Then there's a cliff wall about six hundred fifty meters to the North West and the last is in a wood about eight hundred meters Southwest from here."

"All right! They're all within wireless range." says Gai pulling out some radios, "Take these. Neji will guide us straight to the Talismans."

Gai's team puts the radios on

"All set to go." says Tenten

"My team is faster. We'll handle it." says Gai with a thumbs up, "The frequency's at 174. Hang tight until I touch base."

"We're counting on you.." says Kakashi

"Team Gai! Let's go forth with the Power of Youth!" says Gai, "Scatter."

As Team Gai takes off Teams Scourge, Tamer, and Light have sweat drops. They thought Kakashi was exaggerating Maito Gai's Youth obsession

"Lee, head a little more South." says Neji reaching his target.

"Okay, I found it!" says Lee finding the seal on the tree.

"I got one too!" says Tenten at the other tree.

"Good! Now..." says Gai on the cliff face, "Peel away."

The four peel the talismans off at the same time.

"So to break in. I'm thinking we'll need a Switch Hook Entry." says Kakashi peeling away the fifth and final seal from the giant boulder. "Sakura!"

"Here I come!" says Sakura, drawing back her fist then sending it into the boulder, shattering it.

Gai listens to the sound of the boulder's destruction, then notices a piece of earth rising from the ground. As the pillar rises it takes humanoid shape, becoming a clone of Gai.

"Neji..." asks Gai

"Yeah... Same over here." says Neji facing his own copy.

"What is this?' says Tenten looking at Tenten.

"I'm guessing it's a trap." says Rock Lee looking at his own copy.

"I see. So breaking the barrier triggers the trap that guards against hostile entry." says Gai facing his opponent.

"They used the five seal barrier to split us up." says Neji, "They also made sure we'd be detained. Very Smart."

Chiyo, Team Kakashi, Team Scourge, Team Tamer, and Team Light enter the cave now that the boulder is a pile of rubble. Inside they find a shocking, tragic sight.

Sasori and Deidara stand in front of them and behind them is a giant clay bird and the deceased form of Sabaku no Gaara.

"Now, let's see... which one is the Jinchuriki Host? un?"

Naruto looks extremely angry, causing the Kyubi whisker markings to thicken and his eyes to shift from blue to red with split pupils.


"That would be him, then." says Sasori

"Looks like it." says Deidara, a split second before he has to dodge an attack by Team Scourge

Land of Waves

The Teams sent to wave now face a new problem. There first problem had been rescuing hostages and taking out an army of criminals. The second greater problem was taking out a group of Kumogakure Elite Jounin. Now a third problem arrives in the form of two S-Class Missing Ninja.

The black cloaks with red clouds, nailed nails, and unique rings mark them as members of the Akatsuki organization. Now after successfully sealing of the Ichibi, which actually used there projected astral images, they are now hunting Nibi no Nekomata, the second Biju sealed inside the Kumo Jinchuriki.Yugito Ni

The first is a thirty two year old man with purple eyes and slick back white hair. He has an odd sense of fashion for a shinobi and wears an odd necklace over his bare chest, a unknown headband around his neck, and carries a large three bladed scythe with an attached robe.

Hidan is from some unknown village. He practices a very bloody and ritualistic version of Buddhistic principles, known as the Jashin. It requires him to kill his opponents outright and perform twisted and long rituals upon victory.

The second man looks the the same age, but is actually far older. He has green eyes and dark brown hair which is always hidden by the mask he wears. The mask composed of a white hood and black mouth covering also containing the scratched headband of a Hidden Waterfall ninja. His body is covered in stitched scars

Kakuzu is very focused on money, using bounty hunting to help ensure his desires are met. His bounty hunting side-trips always delay he and his partner's missions, much to Hidan's annoyance. Hidan's rituals also have the habit of annoying him.

"So the Jinchuriki is here." says Kakuzu, "She was part of a group of Cloud Ninja operating an illegal group in the Land of Wave. She's also the only survivor of an army of a hundred eight ninja and thugs. The Eleven Konoha ninjas managed to kill thirty six shinobi and seventy two thugs without suffering a single loss of life. Those shinobi included Elite Cloud Ninja Sansai, the Cloud Princess, and her Ice manipulating bodyguard"

"Magnificent slaughter, but they left one alive." says Hidan, "These heathens will make great sacrifices."

"Remember, we need the Jinchuriki alive!" says Kakuzu, "I also want the heads of those kills. Those thirty five are worth a two million ryou."

At the Konoha camp, things are still not looking good.

Shino and Kiba are unharmed and Mimi and Izumi are back at full power. Yamato, Ryou, and Masaru are still drained. Sai and Hinata have minor injuries and Shizune and Anko are back to full power.

There main problem is wondering what to do with Yugito.

"So, she's like Naruto?" asks Hinata, distracted, "She has a bijuu (tailed beast) in her?"

"Yes." says Shizune, "Please, don't spread the truth about Naruto around. It's an S-Class secret by the orders of Sandaime Hokage. He did it so Naruto wouldn't end up like Gaara and the other Jinchuriki."

"What are tailed beasts?" asks Kiba

"There a group of nine demons that terrorized the old world. They have the form of immense animals with the number of tails indicating there strength. They range from the weakest Ichibi no Shukaku to the the most powerful Kyubi no Kitsune. They are near impossible to kill, so the shinobi villages developed methods to seal them into objects in case of the weaker ones and humans in case of the stronger ones. Ninja clans of the past tried to harness there immense power by sealing them in children and raising them as weapons."

"That's horrible." says Hinata.

"Wait! Wait! Naruto is the container of the Nine Tailed Fox!?" says Kiba, "Naruto!?"

"Yes. While most Biju are sealed to create weapons like Yugito there, Yondaime Hokage sacrificed himself to seal Kyubi no Kitsune in Naruto. He hoped that Naruto would be treated as a hero for keeping the village safe from Kyubi. Instead most of village saw him as the Kyubi reborn."

"That sucks." says Shino

"Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara are very similar to each other." says Shizune, "They both lead horrible lonely lives, but things started to change for Naruto. Naruto found Sandaime, Iruka, and the people at the amen stand, then his team mates, Gaara was lost in the sorrow becoming a psychotic creature you saw during the Chunin Selection Exam. It was Naruto that finally reached out and allowed Gaara to see the light."

Hinata is nearly in tears. She knew that the village treated him coldly, but she never knew the full depth. The fact that Naruto survived and was even able to change others, like Gaara and Neji increases her respect for him even further. She even heard Naruto managed to reach the heart of "Demon of the Mist" Zabuza over the death of a young ice wielder named Haku.

"That would explain that weird Chakra he used against Neji when his tenketsu were closed" says Kiba, "and why the dead-last smelled of foxes."

Mimi hits Kiba in the ribs cause him to yelp like a whipped puppy.

Suddenly, Shino gets up.

"My sentry beetle are detecting two massive powers heading out way."

Land of Rivers

Deidara looks at the small smoking hole in the wall caused by Spike's fiery bo shuriken (throwing spikes). If he hadn't dodged at the last second, the piece of iron would have gone threw his head.

Hikari walks with a supernatural silence beyond that of most shinobi and places her hand on Naruto's shoulder. Suddenly, Naruto calms and the facial markings revert.

"Calm down, little maelstrom. Do not travel with anger or you shall fall like your friend." says Hikari, her voice almost hypnotic.

"You know full well." says Kakashi, hiding his shock at the Team Light member's ability to calm the Kyubi's power and Naruto's anger.

"Indeed, I should think you'd know that he's already dead, un?"

"Charge in without thinking and you'll get us all killed." says Kakashi

"I'll hold on to the body.Since it appears the Jinchuriki host is burning for it." says Sasori.

"Sasori." says Deidara, "I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I'll handle the Jinchuriki Host. Un."

"Listen, our Quota is one a piece." says Sasori, "If I were you, Deidara, I wouldn't push my luck."

"An artist must always seek ever-greater stimulation lest his senses turn dull." says Deidara, "This Jinchuriki host of the Nine Tailed Fox from what I he is fairly strong. Un."

"What? Those pyrotechnics of yours... Art?" says Sasori, "Art is a work of beauty captured and left for posterity... It is the beauty of all eternity."

"Quite so Sasori as a fellow artist, I certainly respect your perspective." says Deidara, "But in my opinion, art is transient beauty that fades after juts a moment. Un."

"What's with them?" asks Sakura

"Killing artists. People who turn the deaths of others in an art form. The Scourge was known for the same thing back in our home lands." says Spike, "I earned the name Spike from my way of torturing people with railway spikes, but I DON'T SPEND ALL DAY TALKING ABOUT IT!"

"Enough of this!" says Naruto, summoning a Fuuma Shuriken (Demon Wind Shuriken and throws it at the two members of the Akatsuki. Spike summons his own Fuuma Shuriken and throws his right after Naruto, while Angel performs several hand seals while inhaling.

"Raiton: Kaminari Iki" (Lightning Release: Thunder Breath)

Sasori mechanical tail knocks away Naruto's fuuma shuriken with a single strike. The second Shuriken is hit by the plasma stream, so when it hits the tail it explodes, destroying the tip of Sasori's tail.

"My Tail!"

"Not so eternal now is it."

Sasori looks ready to stab Deidara, but he jumps on the clay bird which now has Gaara in it's mouth. Naruto and Kakashi take after the flying Deidara.

"Naruto and I will handle the Guy outside." says Kakashi, "Sakura and Granny Chiyo, you deal with this creep."

"Don't forger we here." says Spike, "While Team Tamer and Team Light help one eye and whiskers, Scourge will stay here to help the girl and the hag."

Chiyo stays calm on the outside, but is a little angry at the hag comment. She would hit Spike if she wasn't on a mission and facing one of most dangerous opponents.

"Understood!" yells Sakura.

Chiyo, Sakura, and the Scourge face there opponent, whose trying to reconnect the damaged tail.

"Sakura... Be Brave. I'm here with you." says Chiyo, as she pulls strings from under her coat "Stay behind and watch."

Chiyo whips out her hands releasing a shower of kunai daggers, which with movement of Chiyo's hand attack Sasori. They shred the Akatsuki robe and as the black fabric decorated with red clouds is torn away it reveals Sasori's true form.

Sasori stands on the ground like a giant crab with a huge mask-like shell and the tail sticking out of the mouth like a grotesque tongue. He also has a normal looking right arm and a mechanical left arm resembling a cylinder covered in round pegs.

"If you're going to play like that. I suppose you leave me no choice." says Sasori, "So, Granny Chiyo.... You want to join my collection then? Along with the brat behind you and the Scourge? First, I'll pull out the entrails. Then I skin the body clean.... then I draw the blood down to the last drop...."

"Sakura... That's not Sasori's body." says Chiyo, "That's juts a puppet."

"Ass in a few preservatives. Then just string up what's left and we have a brand new marionette." says Sasori, not stopping, "The two of you should bump up my oeuvre to three hundred exactly... That's my art!"

Suddenly, Drusilla form bursts into a cloud of smoke and ribbons to reveal a different humanoid. It's a delicate humanoid puppet with golden eyes, dark brown skin, and long black hair done in micro-braids and tied back in a ponytail. She's dressed in black robes like a dark mirror of Drusilla's own miko clothing.

"That a lot of puppets. I only have a hundred or so." says Drusilla, "This is Number Twenty One. Kuro Miko."

Spike and Angel, whose actions had been hidden by Drusilla's ribbons ram there palms on the ground.

"Katon: Ganshounuma!" (Fire Release: Magma Swamp)

The powerful fire chakra of the two master vampires travels under the ground, turning stone into molten rock. This creates a fiery pool of magma under the ground causing Sasori to sink into the fiery earth. Sasori jumps into the air to avoid the flames, but not before losing his right arm.

Kuro Miko opens her mouth and releases a spray of thick mist that washes over Sasori and ignites when it comes close to the ground. The gas spray then becomes a spray of oil creating a flamethrower that knock the S-Class Nukunin back to earth.

Land of Waves

Shizune, Shino, Mimi, and Palmon watch Hidan's approach there former camp. It was quickly decided by Shizune and Anko would each take two ninja and distract the two S-Class Missing Ninja while Sai and Hinata protected the weakened Yamato, Ryou, and Masaru

"My kikaichu are detecting extreme danger. That man is unnatural."

"I heard Itachi's partner was a fish man named Kisame." says Mimi, "How unnatural?"

"He smells of the death of others, but possesses no scent of his own death." says Shino, "Humans normally have a faint smell of decay. A scent that grows as a person's ages and reaches the end of there life span. The scent a dog tracts is the scent of shedding dead cells. He only smells of the death of others."

"Ok. That's weird. I also wonder about the three-blade scythe."

Hidan is looking for the targets, having separated from his partner. His prey couldn't have gone far and Jashin demands sacrifices, total massacres. He walks down a dirty path in the forest to an area near the limits of Wave village.

"Dokukiri!" (Poison Mist!)

A thick cloud of dark poison gas explodes from trees and covers the priest of the evil heart. A shower of poison senbon hit the Akatsuki member, causing severe pain as they pierce his body. The poison on the needles is a special neurotoxin that effects respiration which forces the target to breathe rapidly. It causes Hidan to inhale large amounts of the poison mist.

Hidan emerges from the cloud, discarding his cloak with one smooth movement. He reaches to his blood stained chest and pulls out each needle. He isn't even careful about the one near his heart and vitals, he just removes them smoothly even with the barbed tips.

He then pulls a dagger and stabs himself over and over again. When he finally stops, there are many dead Kikaichu on the ground.

"You violated the temple of Jashin, now you will pay penance."

Hidan lashes out with his scythe towards the trees and Mimi jumps into the air to avoid the three blades. As she moves threw the air, she calls out "Mokuton: Midoriwasa!" (Wood Release: Green Trap) and Mimi spin around, creating a vine with flowers and spores. Hidan is forced to cover his face to protect his eyes as Mimi lands on the ground.

Suddenly, Hidan moves with supernatural speed and throws his scythe. Mimi avoids the release of the three blade, but is nicked on the recall. Hidan has moved back to his original position, where the Konoha ninjas notice there is symbol is drawn in blood. Hidan brings the scythe to his mouth and licks the blood from the thin blade's tip. His body turned dark and a skeletal outline appeared on his skin making him look like someone from a voodoo movie.

A pair of kunai hits Hidan in the back, but it's Mimi who collapses in pain. Mimi has a shocked realization in her eyes as Hidan brings up his scythe to stab himself threw the chest.

Suddenly, a pair of kunai wrap lines around Hidan's arms and a very strong Aburame pulls him off the symbol and tosses another Kunai into Hidan's stomach. Mimi no longer feeling Hidan's pain summons a plant-theme tsurugi (double edge sword) and attacks Hidan. Hidan is able to defend against most attacks using his scythe, but Shino's lines prevent him from stopping at the strikes. One slash nearly decapitates Hidan, leaving him a human PEZ dispenser.

The group seems to relax, until Hidan rises from the ground his limbs free of Shino's lines. He uses on arm to knock his enemies away with his scythe and robe, while he uses a trick he learned from his partner to reconnect his neck. He moves forward, back on to the symbol, and rams his scythe into his chest.

Mimi coughs up blood and she falls fatally wounded. She collapses completely and dies.

Land of Rivers

The battle between Team Gai and there clones is not going very well. Gai throws a powerful kick and his clone counters with powerful kick. Tenten throws a kunai, only for it to collide with a kunai thrown by her clone. Rock Lee does a combo and the other Rock Lee does another. Same appearance, same power, and even the same jutsu.

"I can kind of tell that's not his body, but then where is he?" asks Sakura, noticing the burnt stump of a right arm, "Puppet masters work from offstage, right. So where are the strings?"

'His body is inside the puppet. Puppet masters aren't so good with close combat, since fussing with there marionettes leaves them wide open to attack. To over come that weakness, he created this puppet. It serves as his armor and as his weapon. It's Sasori's favorite puppet. I'm familiar with it. It's called Hiruko."

"Okay so... How do we fight him?" asks Sakura

"Well... Until we drag Sasori out of Hiruko, there's no point." says Chiyo, "What makes this puppet formidable is it's mechanism, we don't know how or from where it may launch it's attack.

"But Granny, you know how Hiruko functions inside out." says Sakura, "We have the advantage."

"Indeed... That's why at first I thought I could deal with him on my own." says Chiyo, "but... it seems that will not be the case."

"What do you mean?"

"Hiruko has changed some what since I last saw it last. " explains Chiyo, " For one, the shell didn't look like that. He must have heightened it's defenses and the left arm is new to me. So If he's changed that much, there's a chance he also changed it's crucial hidden mechanisms."

"So how do we fight it?"

"Before we tackle Sasori, we must break Hiruko." says Chiyo, "I can't destroy it alone.I'm nowhere near strong enough. However Sakura, you are with your training, you wield the brute force of Lady Tsunade herself. Now listen carefully. The first step is to get close and shatter the puppet. The catch is, you must dodge every attack it puts forth."

"The poison, you mean." says Sakura

"That's right. Even a scratch will prove fatal." says the ancient sand kunoichi, "Spike?"

"Yeah." says the Billy Idol inspiration.

"You and other Scourge help protect Sakura." says Chiyo, then turns back to Sakura, "To evade attack you must understand the puppet master's style. You must anticipate his moves instantly.

"Kakashi of the Sharingan, you wanna come after me? Un" says Deidara on the back of his clay bird, while Naruto and Kakashi stand on top of the torri. "I'm sure I shouldn't say this, but Sasori is stronger than I... Probably... Yeah."

"Sensei, please help Sakura." says Naruto, "I'll rescue Gaara."

Suddenly, Deidara's cheek is cut by an unseen force and he looks up to see Patamon flying above him. Patamon's partner Takeru is on the face of the mountain using his chakra to stick to the rock surface. He slowly draws his sword and has an odd grin.

"Don't worry about Sakura, Naruto. She with the Scourge" says Takeru, "Pretty boy should be more worried about his partner. With all three, there won't be enough of him left to fit in a match box.'

"Got it. I'll give it a shot." says Sakura

"Are you all ready?" asks Sasori, loosening his mask even without a right hand, "I hate waiting. You must know that."

"Don't worry.. We'll waste no time in killing yo" says Chiyo.

Sakura and Chiyo charge at high speed as Hiruko opens it's three part mouth to real a barrel. The barrel fires a shower of poison coated senbon needles, but Chiyo and Sakura expertly avoid each one. Hiruko's left arm shoots off the body and flies between the two. It detonates launching all the pegs at high speed, which split apart to reveal clusters of poison needles. Sakura and Chiyo avoid every one

The Scourge also managed to block the needles that went there way with Drusilla using Kuro Miko as shield and Angel using one of Spike's creations, Katon: Kasai Kekkai (Fire Release: Fire Barrier). The wall of flame is used to stop taijutsu and elemental attacks, but can be used to stop projectile weapons.

Sasori tries to crush Sakura with his damaged tail, only for it to stop, which alerts Sasori to the truth.

"Sakura, Now!" yells Chiyo, "STRIKE IT DOWN!!"


Sakura delivers a powerful strike that has enough energy to crater the hardened stone beneath Hiruko. The puppet itself is shattered into a thousand tiny pieces in a violent explosion.

Land of Waves

Anko, Kiba, and Izumi face Kakuza. Kiba's Akamaru stands next to him, while Izumi's partner is currently in the menacing form of Kabuterimon.

Kakuza walks down the path looking for his targets, when a shower of poisoned kunai shoot towards him. He jumps out the way, only to be hit by Kiba and Akamaru's "Gatsuuga!" (Dual Piercing Fang!). The high speed claws of the Inuzuka and his canine partner, knock the air born missing ninja threw the trees, destroying the Akatsuki cloak. The loss reveals Kakuza is covered in strange stitches holding cuts in the skin together. He also has four ugly looking masks of skin on his back.

As Kakuza pulls himself off the ground, he finds himself surrounded by thin metal wires.

"Hijutsu: Ayatori Amedangeki!" (Secret Art: Cat's Cradle Electric Shock Web)

Izzy releases his lightning chakra into the wires wrapped around a pair of kunai in his hand and Kabuterimon releases a huge blast of lightning. The electricity illuminates the hidden wires around Kakuzu, showing him completely surrounded by a complex 3D geometric pattern. As the web glows blue-white, lightning arcs between wires and threw the Akatsuki member.

Suddenly, one of the four ugly masks on his back moves and a blast of cutting wind shreds the surrounding area, cutting the electrified wires and freeing the missing ninja.

"Nice try, but I once fought the Shodaime Kazekage during his prime." says the Akatsuki member revealing his age, "These masks contain the hearts of other ninja I fought and grant me power."

Kakuzu's skin darkens as he activates the Earth Heart. As Kiba and Akamaru attack with another Gatsuuga, Kakuzu smashes his palm into the ground causing a wall of earth and stone to rise up. The Inuzuka pair begin to drill threw, but it gives the S-Class Nukunin time to move out of the way.

As they fly by, two masses of black tendrils with masks for faces come out the old ninja's body and combine. The Futon (Wind) and Katon (Fire) entities release there attacks. The wind attack and the fire attack combine to create a much larger and more powerful flame blast. A blast that isn't stopped by Anko Suiton jutsu (Water technique) and badly burns the canine duo.

Akamaru reverts to his canine form and Kiba collapses next to him.

Anko steps forward and raises both her arms.

"Senei Ta Jashu!" (Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)

Kakuzu's skin darkens and the fangs of the snake fail to pierce his hardened skin.

"Did you not know that Orochimaru was once a member of the Akatsuki? He left because he was weak and lost an arm to Itachi." says Kakuzu taunting, "You think a snake brat like you can win alone?"

Kakuzu's masks extend into four entities composed tendrils and masks for face.

"Raiton: Zubatto Barsenyari!" (Lightning Release: Piercing Barbed Wire Spear!)

A glowing white spear pierces Kakuzu's Earth hardened body, much to his shock. The surge is so powerful the Earth mask and the heart hidden nearly explodes.

The spear has a handle made of a thick tight coil with cone shaped ends that extend and flatten into thin blades at the tips. The entire weapon is composed of compressed wires and glows with a massive electrical charge. It's also attached to Izzy's wrist by a thin cord of wires.

"She's not alone."

Land of Rivers

As the pieces of the puppets fall, Sasori's real form shoots out wearing a black cloak.

"I should have expected no less from my own granny. No wonder even the kid could dodge my attack. The witch who ca read my moves was steering her with threads of chakra. I noticed only when the tail stalled on m,e. Even the damage from those three would not account for it. You did it when you threw those kunai knives. The thread was tied to the knife that struck the tail"

"Very good. I used the tiniest amount of chakra to keep it invisible, but you figured it out." says Chiyo.

"But of course. Remember who taught me how to play with puppets? Who drilled the talent into me?"

"Indeed.. but anyway... playtime is over."

Land of Rivers

Naruto jumps at Deidara at high speed, but the giant clay bird dodges him causing Naruto to create a crater in the cliff face. Deidara forms a small clay bird and tosses it , but Kakashi hits the bird with a shuriken. With a hand seal, the bird explodes violently and the shuriken shoot backs out at high speed, which Kakashi blocks with his kunai.

On the ground, the other Teams begin to launch there own attacks.

"Ninpou: Kemonoouhi Hitomane!" (Ninja Art: Beast Queen Mimicry)

Juri's body changes, growing into a tall amazon with cat-like eyes and long wild hair line the mane of a male lion. She also gains fangs, claws, feline eyes, and a tail.

"Fist of Beast King!"

"Katon: Kemonoouhiken!" (Beast Queen Fist)

Leomon fires a lion head fire blast and Juri fires a simlar blast, which Deidara is forced to block with another exploding bird. He then has to fly back as Renamon appears from the smoke with Ruki on her back.

"Ninpou: Kitsuneha yajiri!" (Ninja Art: Fox Leaf Arrowhead!)

"Fox Leaf Arrowhead!"

Two showers of razor sharp shards explode from there bodies, cutting and piercing Deidara in several places.

On the ground, Takato and Jenrya fire there own attacks

"Ninpou: Tenchi Ryusei!" (Ninja Art: Heaven and Earth Meteor)

Takato exhales creating a ball of flame, while his arms stretched behind him like a pair of wings. As he brings his arms forward, the ambient rocks and stones are pulled from the ground into the ball of fire as the Hazard symbol glows on Takato's chest. As his hands are drawn together in front of his body, the sphere compresses, crushing the stone and concentrating the fire still being feed by Takato's mouth. He then cut the stream of flame and thrusts his hands, sending the ball of fire and rock towards Deidera.

Jenrya helps Takato's attack by sending spiral blast of air that boosts the attack.

" still think this'll be easy?" says Sasori, whose face is that of a young boy, "Granny Chiyo?"

The young appearance shocks both Sakura and Chiyo.

"Granny Chiyo? This is Sasori?"

What's happening, thinks Chiyo, "All these years... and not a day on him."

Sasori pulls out a scroll and unrolls it in front of them.

"Let me show you my favorite." says Sasori, "You know, this one was hard to finish"

There is a huge explosion of smoke in front of Sasori

"but that's what makes me so fond of him."

What appears from the smoke shocks Chiyo, filling her with a sense of horror.

"No... That's not."

Sasori looks at them from behind the puppets polished eyes and wild black hair.

"What? What is it?!"

"That's...." says Chiyo in shock, "the Third Kazekage..."

"Heh..." says Sasori with his puppet around him, "Shall we begin?"

Land of Waves

Hidan is now facing Shizune and Shino. He moves with his supernatural speed and slashes Shino across the chest, but he notices his three blades are not covered in blood, but dead bugs. Shino collapses to reveal he was a Mushi Bushin (Bug Clone).

Shizune fires a shower of barbed senbon into Hidan's chest. At the end of each needle is a smoking sphere, a shaped explosive note. As the little bombs detonate Hidan is throw back and the needles shoot threw his body tearing holes.

Shizune watches in semi-shock as Hidan rises from the ground, even with a third degree burnt chest and holes going straight threw his torso, including his heart and one lung.

"I am a follower of Jashin. No Infidel can kill me for I am Immortal."says Hidan, his voice slightly distorted by the loss of the lung. "Now die."

Hidan appears in front of Shizune ready to cut Tsunade's first apprentice in half, when he stopped in midair.


Hidan turns to see dark green tendrils around his limbs and waist. Tendrils that come from Mimi's now green-gray skinned corpse behind him.

Suddenly, the real Mimi rises from the ground like an undead in a horror film, which seems appropriate to match Hidan's voodoo style Buddhism.

"How!?" demands Hidan, "How did you escape Jashin-sama!?"

"The blood wasn't mine." says Mimi, as her Moku Bushin collapses into vegetation and growing pool of crimson liquid., "I killed Oomizumaru Sansai with my Jyubokko (Blood Tree). They are called that because not only does the sap smell and taste like blood, it also drains the blood of it's victims."

"So it was the blood of a cloud ninja." says Hidan, "Then why did your clone react? Why did it feel my blades and those of your allies!?"

"I traveled years with Team Scourge. They know a lot about blood and blood rituals. When I saw that seal on the ground, I knew it was a ritual. When you turned into skeleton man, I figured out your voodoo."

Land of Rivers

"The Third Kazekage...?" says Sakura, "You mean..."

"It was more than ten years ago.... The third Kazekage vanished suddenly." says Chiyo, "Sasori.... So it was you!"

"Hmph... A retired witch, already one foot in the grave..." says Sasori, "yet still you trouble yourself"

"Retired, yes. One foot in the grave, maybe. But that doesn't prevent my getting around." says Chiyo, "These are juts too many things left undone."

Sasori is quiet.

"My Grandson degrading himself.... becoming a criminal... that's one thing." says Chiyo, "but betraying the village? Participating in the deaths of three Kazekage?!"

"Three of them?" asks Sakura.

"It was Orochimaru who actually killed Gaara's father, Fourth Kazekage, but Sasori was complicit from the start." says Chiyo, "and now Gaara and the Third Kazekage..."

"I wasn't involved with the Fourth." says Sasori, "That was one of my agents, but yeah, Orochimaru and the Akatsuki go way back... We've done some work together."

"You..." says Sakura, her voice filled with anger, "You worked with... Orochimaru."

"H,... It's time to finish here."

Sandaime Kazekage moves forward at extremely high speed and Sakura pulled by Chiyo is too slow. The Kazekage releases poison-soaked blade from the right arm and tries to cut Sakura in half, on,y for Chiyo to block the attack with Hiruko's tail. The tail doesn't survive the attack and is completely destroyed.

"Pretty good, Granny Chiyo."

Sandaime Kazekage's left arm splits open to reveal thick joints and thin rods with storage seals on the under side of the hatches. "Here Goes!!" yells Sasori making a hand seal triggering the summoning of hundreds of more arms on long segmented cords. The tentacle arms rush as a mass towards Sakura like an undersea monster from the Lovecraft novel.

Spike appears in front of Sakura with his hands in the Tiger Seal.

"Katon: Karuishikumo!" (Fire Release: Pumice Cloud)

Spike exhales releasing a stream of pitch black smoke and bright red flames. The stream forms a fiery black cloud that blocks the mass of poisonous arms. The two forces collide with immense force. Several arms break threw the cloud only to collapse from the heat and pressure. Fire spreads from impact across the tentacles arms.

When the jutsu ends, the remaining arms are embedded in the ground, most of them burning and cracked from the heat. Sakura and Spike are farther away and Sasori is getting angry. His anger only increases when Kuro Miko fires another stream of flammable gas and oil setting fire to the remaining long arms.

One of the arms fires a shower of kunai at the other puppet, but it spins and moves like a Shinto dancer causing the blade to bounce off it's iron hard skin.

Suddenly, one of the arms releases a cloud of poison gas.

"Sakura! Spike! Hold you breathe!"

While in the darkness, several kunais with cords attached wrap around Sakura. Spike, not needing to breathe and possessing heightened vampire senses kicks the kunai out the air and leaps out of the cloud. He's about to jump in again and save Sakura, but Sakura uses an explosive note to dissipate the gas, nearly blowing herself up in that reckless move.

"Oh well." says Sasori, while Sakura's anger reaches new levels.

"I WILL GET YOU!!!" she screams, "YOU CAN BLOW MY LIMBS OFF! YOU CAN POISON ME UNTIL I CAN'T MOVE, AND I'LL STILL GET YOU!! No Matter what you pull! No matter what you've got! I'll drag you to the edge of death ands make you scream all about Orochimaru!"

A split second later, the remains of the tentacle arms release a shower of Kunai before collapsing into ruin.The Kunai are blocked by two new puppets wielded by Chiyo. They are both adult humans with black robes. One is male with short blond hair, while the other is female with long straight black hair and wider eyes.

Sakura turns to Chiyo whose holding two smoking summoning scrolls to Sasori. Sasori only says "oh... those..."

"That's right." says Chiyo, "The very first puppets you created. The Mother and the Father."

Jutsu List
Raiton: Kaminari Iki (Lightning Release: Thunder Breath)
The user inhales and releases a blast of lightning from his mouth or more accurately a stream of highe energy electrical plasma
Katon: Ganshounuma! (Fire Release: Magma Swamp)
A Fire technique that melts the stone and harder materials under the earth of an opponent creating a pool of molten rock (magma). The magma pool causes the ground above to heat up and become soft, causing the person to sink into fiery death.
Number 21: Kuro Miko
A puppet created by Drusilla and resembling Kendra. It's made of a special treated iron wood that not only makes it's as flammable as concrete, but as strong as iron. It's body is loaded with flammable liquids and it's clothing is made of flame-proof treated silk.
Katon: Kasai Kekkai (Fire Release: Fire Barrier)
The ninja creates a barrier of fire to protect from taijutsu and elemental attacks.
Ninpou: Kemonoouhi Hitomane! (Ninja Art: Beast Queen Mimicry)
Imitation of Leomon's abilities similar to the Inuzuka Shikyaku (Four legs style), except feline.
"Katon: Kemonoouhiken!" (Fire Release: Beast Queen Fist)
Ninjutsu Imitation of Digimon Attack
Ninpou: Kitsuneha yajiri! (Ninja Art: Fox Lesf Arrowhead!)
Ninjutsu Imitation of Digimon Attack
Ninpou: Tenchi Ryusei! (Ninja Art: Heaven and Earth Meteor)
The subject gathesr earth and stone into a ball of flame and fires it at high speed.
Katon: Karuishikumo! (Fire Release: Pumice Cloud)
The subject inhales dust, sand, and stone, the releases a stream of fire and ash at high speed. The cloud not only possesses extreme heat, but extreme pressures and is effective against water attacks.
Mokuton: Midoriwasa! (Wood Release: Green Trap)
Mimi's Mokuton imitation of Lilymon's Green Trap attack.
Hijutsu: Ayatori Amedangeki (Secret Art: Cat's Cradle Electric Shock Web)
Izzy and Tentomon form a web of wire around the targets, then they channel chakra/Petit Thunder into the wire to create an electric web that shocks the enemy even if there victims don't touch the wires.
Hijutsu: Raiton: Zubatto Barsenyari! (Lightning Release: Piercing Barbed Wire Spear!)
Izzy manipulates the wires into a spear charged with lightning. The spear is harder than most metals held together by an electromagnetic chakra force and heated to white hot. The spear can be extended at extremely high speed and manipulated using wires, but is it's strongest at close range.

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