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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'


Inside the Cave, The Land of Rivers

"What is it you plan to do with those things?" says Sasori, looking at his puppet parent, "They're puppets I created. I know all there secrets. This is pointless..."

Chiyo defends Sakura and herself with the two puppets, the Parents, while Drusilla defends her Sire and Childe with her own puppet, Kuro Hime.

Chiyo moves her hands and the two puppets clap there hands together, then pull back to reveal wires between them. They blur with speed and the extendable arms are slashed to pieces and the Parents collide with Sandaime Kazekage. The three puppets blur as they fight at high speed, then separate returning to there masters.

"This is awkward." says Sasori, then Sandaime Kazekage opens it's mouth releasing black sand.

"So, that puppet uses Sandaime's jutsu."

"It's been a while, eh?" says Sasori, "Since this jutsu that made people see Sandaime Kazekage as the strongest of them all. So I am really going to kill you now."

"What is it?"

"Satetsu (Iron Sand) is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Sandaime Kazekage. It was this most feared jutsu in Hidden Sand which granted Sandaime the honor of being called the strongest Kazekage yet. This jutsu was developed by Sandaime after seeing a previous Shukaku host do something similar. The sand is emitted from the mouth and Sandaime can form it into any weapon he needs. Sandaime could do this because his body held special traits which allowed him to change his chakra into a magnetic field."

"But that's a puppet?"

"No... It's a hitokugutsu (human puppet) created from a living body. Thus, it's made to contain the chakra from the previous life. No one but Sasori can create a hitokugutsu and it that way He can use jutsu from when it was alive. That is the greatest advantage of a hitokugutsu"

"That's not all." says Sasori

"Sakura, you must run!" says Chiyo, "This is far worse than I predicted."

"We don't run." says Spike

Suddenly, a wave iron sand shoots forth and Chiyo uses the parents to counter. They manages to protect them, but the father puppet falls. The iron sand has gumming up its joints.

Sasori sends a wave of the poison-laced black sand in the form of blades at the Scourge, but Angel jumps forward and takes the lethal hit.

"So one sacrifices himself for the rest. How noble!" taunts Sasori.

Suddenly, the blades shatter into particles and swirl around Angel's form. The black iron sand orbits the former Aurelius vampire as the Scourge and there partners watch. The spinning sand forms a ball around Angel and Chiyo and Sakura feel a slight pull from metal objects on there bodies. The prone form of the Father begins to slowly slide towards Angel and Sasori struggles with Sandaime Kazekage as more and more iron sand is pulled from the human puppet.

"Raiton: Jishaku no Jutsu!" (Lightning Release: Magnet Technique)

"That's impossible!" says Sasori, "Only the Sandaime could manipulate magnetic fields!"

"Nothing is Impossible, especially for my friends." says Spike, lighting up a cigarette, "Hyouton (Ice Release) is suppose to be a rare bloodline ability lost in Water Country, but my friend Yamato nearly dropped a frozen lake on my head."

"You forgave him for that." says Drusilla, as the flow of iron sand dies with Sandaime's reserves exhausted.

"Rule of Cool. It was too cool a technique to insult." says Spike.

If Sasori was more human, he would have an oddly colored face filled with anger.

"Raiton: Rakurai Yari" (Lightning Release: Thunderbolt Spear)

A shaft of white light explodes from the surface of the black sphere and the swirling iron sand flows into the light turning blue-white. Angel stands glowing with visible blue chakra flames and electricity crawling across his form while holding a spear of white fire.

Sasori and his Sandaime puppet back up. The S-Class Missing Ninja has scene many things since he left his village, but he's never scene something like this.

Angel doesn't stop making one handed seals with his left hand, while holding the sphere is his right. Spike notices the combination and turns to Drusilla. Drusilla moves her fingers in a gentle pattern and Kuro Hime's clothing moves extending ribbons.

"Kinjutsu: Raiton: Tenshi no Mai!" (Forbidden technique: Lightning release: Dance of the Angel!)

Angel's aura of lightning chakra grows and the white fire spear grows from two meters in length to over three. Slowly translucent blades of blue-white energy emerge from angel's back. The flow of energy foaming off these blades makes them appear to be feathery angel wings. The blades extends from six of the Hachimon (Eight Celestrial Gates). The blades extending from the head creating a crown and is generated by the Kaimon (Opening Gate) and Kyumon (Rest Gate). The blade continue to the Sixth, to the back opposite the stomach, generated by the Keimon (View Gate). As the wings extend from each gate, Angel's skin changes color to blood red, the to black and his eyes change into glowing gold.

Chiyo and Sakura back up the surge of chakra, then notice ribbons extending from Drusilla's Kuro Hime flowing in front of them as if caught in the wind.

"What is he???" says Chiyo. Words that are mirrored by Sasori, who hasn't scene this kind of power outside the Jinchuriki and Biju.

Sasori's Sandaime Kazekage puppet releases a shower of poison needles and shuriken propelled by it's own magnetic fields at high speed. This is an untested technique, but Sasori is nervous about the swell of energy. Angel has an also demonic smirk and raises his left hand in a complex seal pattern.

"Raiton: Sen Hotaru" (Lightning Release: Thousand Fireflies)

A thousand small balls of light shoot from the wings and blast everyone of Sasori's projectile out of the air, then the remaining balls surround Sasori and shoot at him at all angles. Sasori is forced to use Sandaime Kazekage as a shield to block the plasma missiles.

"Rakurai Yari: KAI!" (Thunderbolt Spear: RELEASE)

"Arch" Angel throws the spear of white fire and it streaks like a bolt of lightning at Sandaime Kazekage and it's master Sasori.

Elemental Iron has a melting point of 1535 °C and a boiling point of 2861°C. Lightning has a temperature of 30000° Celsius, so the only thing holding the iron in the thunderbolt spear together is a chakra field which collapses when it hits the target. The electrical charge is released into the puppet and the superheated vaporized iron explodes igniting the air around it.

The result is a blinding explosion which sends an immense shock wave threw the cave. The heat and over pressure shatters the cave walls and sends the burning Sasori threw one wall. The Sandaime Kazekage human puppet is nearly vaporized by the blast, the tiny fragments send in all directions.

The silk ribbons released from Kuro Hime form a barrier that protects Drusilla, Spike, Kurohime, Sakura, Chiyo, and even the Mother. It doesn't protect the cave itself, which rapidly collapses from the extensive damage


Deidara is not as confident as he was at the beginning of the battle. He thought with his superior skills and art, with the destructive power to kill an army, he could handle two and half teams of Konoha shinobi and there collection of odd partners.

He started to change his mind with the giant fiery meteor one of them shot at him. A very beautiful technique that nearly got him. If he hadn't tosses a couple of birds and used to the explosions to push himself away, he would have been splattered across the field.

Now, a couple of the partners have transformed into more powerful creatures that can fly.

He quickly decides he needs to get more space between him

"Zantenmaken!" (Heaven slicing demon sword!)

An arc of white light nearly goes threw Deidara's head, instead it slashes threw his bang of blond hair of her left eye. There are tiny sparkling fragments shooting from the under the hair.

Land of Waves

The immortal Hidan now faces Shino, Shizune, and the returned Mimi with her Digimon partner. Kakuzu now faces Anko, Kiba, and Izumi with his partner.

Sai and Hinata protected the weakened Yamato, Ryou, and Masaru. Hinata and Sai watch with the three Digimon partners Gabumon, Monodramon, and Agumon.

"Your medicines have healed most of the damage." says Sai, "There massive chakra reserves are going the rest accelerating the healing process. It similar to Naruto's Kyubi-enhanced healing."

"How much do you know about Naruto?"

" I was suppose to be Sasuke's replacement on Team Kakashi.The Root kept an extensive file on him. It was the most entertaining thing I've read." says Sai, with an odd tone, "He has always healed fast from the many open and secret attacks by Konoha civilians and several shinobi throughout his life. You may have noticed while he did skip school to play several pranks, he never had a sick day. '

'The first major time Naruto tapped into the Kyubi's power was at the Great Naruto Bridge, when he believed Sasuke had been killed by Haku, ice manipulating servant of A-Class Zabuza. He was able to calm down after Haku's face was revealed to be that of a lonely friend he made.'

'The second time was minor, when he defended his teammates in the Forest of Death during the Chunin Selection Exam. Naruto defended his teammates from Orochimaru before the Sannin sealed the Kyubi's chakra rendering Naruto unconscious'

'The third time was during the summoning training with Toad Sennin Jiraiya. During a nearly fatal fall, Naruto used the fox's chakra to summon Gamabunta, the Toad Boss.'

'The fourth time was when he used the demon chakra to open his tenketsu during his battle with your cousin Neji during the third part of the Chunin Exam.'

'The fifth time was when he Sabaku no Gaara's full Shukaku form. He used the chakra to summon Gamabunta and defeat Gaara to save his teammates.'

'The sixth time and final recorded time was referred to as the Second Battle at the Valley of End. The Valley of the End is a landscape cut into the ground during a battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju over who should become Hokage. The Second Battle was between Sasuke Uchiha, who was defecting to Hidden Sound, seeking Orochimaru for power, and Naruto, who was the only remaining member of the Sasuke Retrieval Party."

"So, Naruto uses the chakra to help defend others." says Hinata with a smile.

"As stated, Yondaime wanted Naruto to be know as a hero. Despite how he has been treated, he has become a hero many times over." says Sai, "Does this make you want to CENSORED him??"

Hinata blushes scarlet, but refuses to faint. She still has a job to do.


Sai is knocked down by a punch from an awakened Masaru..

"Your such a pain, Sai." says Masaru, slowly rising with Agumon by his side, "I wonder why you gave out so much information. According to Jiraiya, The Root ANBU were always secretive, even with there obvious emotional problems."

"I hit a couple of pressure points." says Hinata, pressing a couple of fingers together in a nervous manner.

"Way to go, Hinata."

Land of Rivers

The ribbons have formed a peaked tent causing the remains of cave slides off the silk to the sides and leaves the Konoha heroes unharmed.

Gabriel walks over to angel, whose on his knees and back to normal.

"Can't move, can you?"


"Three A-Class kinjutsu strung together with a borderline S-Class technique." says Gabriel, "Drusilla, Daddy needs to sleep."

"Hey wait a minute!" says Angel struggling to move as Drusilla goes threw several hand signs.

"Hijutsu: Meido Kyuuketsuki Souseiki!" (Secret Art: Underworld Vampire Genesis!)

A glowing red seal appears under Angel and red ribbons explode from the earth. The ribbons wrap around the ensouled Irish Vampire, first covering him like the linen wrappings of an Egyptian mummy, then binding his body's movement. Finally, the ribbon covered Angel is pulled into the ground without disturbing the dirt and stones. The glowing red seal then fades leaving a black mark.

"What was that!!?" yells Sakura

"A special technique developed to heal members of Scourge by placing them deep underground and absorb energy threw those ribbons." says Gabriel, standing next to Drusilla's Black Tailmon Lilitha and Spike's Impmon Blaze. "There's also an attack version that buries a person alive draining there life."

"What if something happens? What if he can't breathe?"

"Not a problem."

There is an odd clicking sound and Sasori rises from the ground. Without his black cloak, Sasori's true body is revealed. He's a puppet, like his other creations, with poisoned blades extending from the shoulders, a holster on his back containing several scrolls, and a coiled length of metal cabled where his stomach should be. A length of the cable is already extended lifting the puppet man off the ground and Sasori is actually standing on it. On the left side of his chest is casket with an odd symbol and he's dressed in blue pants with white ninja toe-less boots and a white sash around his waist.

"He's a dolly" says Spike

"I am not a dolly! I am a puppet!" says Sasori

"How is this possible??" asks Sakura

"The Puppet Masters of Suna have used puppets as extensions of there bodies, so in time we developed a way to replace lost limbs with artificial parts." says Chiyo, showing her socket where her right arm should be and must have detached in the chaos, "Sasori was always obsessed about his human weakness."

"A weakness I not longer possess. I am my own greatest work of art. An immortal."

"as an overgrown dolly." says Spike

"I am not a dolly!" yells Sasori, shocking Chiyo with the amount of emotion, "I am a Puppet."

Suddenly, both Chiyo and Sakura fall to there knees. That both realize at the same time, Sasori must have mixed poison with his iron sand and the small scratches are enough to disable and can eventually kill.

Sasori leaps into the air and dives towards Chiyo with his shoulder mounted blades extended. The blades at the end of moving arms screech as they move at extremely high rpm. Spike appears in front of Chiyo with his hands in hand seal. He smoothly pulls away his cigarette after inhaling and then blows at the incoming Sasori.

"Katon: Assai Kazanbaikumo!" (Fire Release: Crushing Volcanic Ash Cloud!)

A spray of burning ash shoots from Spike's mouth, creating a burning cloud around Sasori. The cloud compresses, slowing Sasori as his burnt form exits the smoke. He also notices his blades are no longer working because the ash has gummed up the joints.

Suddenly, he notices the coil in his chest is being drawn out. Sakura has grabbed his cable and is pulling on in, reeling it to her He almost has Chiyo with the reach of his blades, when Spike delivers a kick that sends him skyrocketing into the air. His movement is only stopped because reaches the end of his cable line.


Sakura pulls Sasori towards her with one superhuman yank, draws back her hand, and delivers one super powerful punch. Sasori's body shatters into it's component pieces.

Sakura is sweating after that attack as the parts rattle behind her.

"Ha Ha..." laughs Sakura weakly, "I did it... Granny Chiyo. I did it!"

She then hears on odd clicking sound as the pieces of Sasori's body fly around and reassemble. The last part to connect is the head, which twists around like something out of the Exorcist.

Chiyo uses a chakra string to grab her lost arm and reconnects it. She then reaches into her scroll bag and pulls out an old elaborate looking scroll

"I forbade myself use of this jutsu because of you, Sasori..." says Chiyo, "I never thought I would ever use it again. But against you, I must!"

With one smooth, quick movement, the scroll is unraveled.

"Let's end this here and now..."

She makes a hand seal and the symbols extend and form into humanoid shapes. The ten summoned puppets are all dressed in white high collar jackets with each of there unique heads marked by rhombus kanji symbol

"Outstanding, Granny." says Sasori, "A Puppet Master's skill is measured by the number of puppets they can use."

"So... So many.." says a shocked Sakura

"Granny Chiyo's secret yubi no kazu! Multiple digits...!! I've heard of it..." says Sasori, "You once destroyed an entire fortress with it.

"Shirahigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu" (White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu)

"The First puppet master Monzaemon's ten masterpieces." says Sasori drawing a scroll from his back holster and opening it in the air above him, then he opens a compartment on the right side of his chest releasing a shower of chakra strings.

"Your collection is quite, impressive, but..." says Sasori, as a hundred puppets in dark red cloaks appear, "I destroyed an entire country with these."

Sakura and Chiyo are shocked again by Akasuna no Sasori.

"This is disappointing." says Sasori, "I'm wasting my time with this little girl and old hag and having to resort to my best puppets. Akahigi: Hyakki no Souen (Red Secret Technique: Performance of the Hundred Puppets). It's show time."

"Bloody hell." says Spike, "Drusilla love, it's time for you to take the stage."

Drusilla unrolls a pair of scrolls, crimson in color and flow in the air like red ribbons.. If a person could see the chakra, they would see a surge of chakra shoots from the miko clad vampire's body like a cloud of red and blue energy forming a purple light.

"Kinmehiji Kingoten!" (Secret Golden Eye Technique: Golden Court!)

In bursts of dark blue-purple smoke a group of menacing looking puppets appear.

The first is a demonic man with a a deformed stained face and a bald head. The fanged horror is out of a bondage nightmare. It's body is covered in black leather straps that not only cover it, but bind it's movement. It has red eyes, but there is a golden eye pin attached to the shoulder

"The Master"

The second is a blond woman with a deformed face, the ridges give her face a lupine appearance and she also has sharp fangs. She's dressed in a dark purple 18th century dress, which to the native ninja resembles of flowing robes of daimyo and nobles.


The third is a copy of Angel with the same golden eyes, fangs, and deformed facial features. He's dressed in a loose billowing short, tight black pants, boots, and gloves. He also carries a double edged sword in his hand and a whip in the other.


The fourth is a copy of spike with the same golden eyes, fangs, and deformed facial features. He's dressed in black leather with many straps and chains. There are blades hanging from several chains, studs on his armored boots, and spikes extending from the arms and shoulders of the jacket. The puppet is also smoking a cigarette.


The fifth, taking her position, is Kuro Miko.

"Kinmehiji: Hyakkiyakou no Mori!"
(Secret Golden Eye Technique: Forest of many monsters forming a line and walking through the night )

Five more puppets appear in a row.

The first is a small doll with old Victorian clothing and very long black hair. The doll's hair seems to move as if alive, flowing threw a supernatural wind.

"Miss Edith."

The second is a white haired doll in a green and yellow outfit with flowers in her hair, on her waist, and on her wrists. It's a very beautiful doll with an almost supernatural glow coming from it's white skin.


The third is a human-size feline doll with black hair, one hazel eye, a striped pelt and manes lining the top of it's neck. It resembles a fantastic version of a liger (lion/tiger hybrid) out of a dream or nightmare.


The fourth is a white skinned puppet with long black hair and four arms, carrying a small gourd. She's dressed in a black dress that hides the second set of arms and wears a veil like that of bride.

"Miss Ilsa."

The fifth is a huge puppet that looks like a very tall (two and half meters) , very muscular minotaur holding a huge sharp double-bladed battle axe. It looks far stronger than the other puppets as if made from an ancient iron wood tree

"Mr. Minos."

They all take stances.

"The show begins, but the scenes have changed. The victor becomes uncertain." says Drusilla as if speaking poetry, there's a faint music in the air.

"Impressive and so young" says Sasori

"Sakura..." says Chiyo to the konoha Kunoichi in front of her, "Your antidote has worn off... stay back."

Sakura stares at the old woman, then smiles shocking Chiyo.

"You already know, don't you..?" ,says Sakura, "Who I've become!"

Sasori is shocked when Chiyo smiles.

"Oh yes..." says Chiyo, "You've modeled yourself after Tsunade... Now comes the Finale. Ready?"


Land of Waves

Hidan stares at the dark green tendrils around his limbs and waist, that hold him in place. He lets his three-bladed Scythe fall from his hand, bu catches the rope before it can hit the ground, he swings the Scythe before the others can react and slashes the vines. He rolls out the way and comes up with another toss of his weapon. Shizune and Shino leap clear, but Shino's leg is cut.

Hidan stands on the Jashin ceremonial symbol and licks off the tiny amount of blood on it's tip. He then spits the blood out and watches as Shino collapses into Mushi Bushin.

"Jashin-sama, I pray to you. I Promise you that you will have the blood of these heathens. I will not falter. I will not fail."

Hidan's form blurs and Shizune is suddenly knocked threw the air. As she lands, she notices Hidan is standing with her blood on the Scythe. Hidan tastes the blood and smiles, knowing it is the blood of the heathen as the bones-on-black pattern returns. He leaps and lands on the symbol. He then sends the sharp end of scythe towards his chest.

Suddenly, Mimi's thorny vine whip wraps around the scythe and pulls it away from the mortal wound. Instead the spear-like tip pierces the stomach. Shizune collapses to the ground in pain and can feel the blood just above her waist.

Hidan yanks the vine and pulls Mimi off her feet. As she flies by Hidan tries to cut her half with his scythe, but the agile digidestined kunoichi uses a second vine to avoid the lethal blades. Hidan doesn't care because he managed to cut her with one of sharp thorns on her own whip. He licks the blood off and once more steps on to the Jashin seal.

Mimi falls to her knees in pain and sees Hidan slowly pulling his blades through his own body.

Hidan's movements slows as Mimi concentrates.

"What have you done, Infidel?"

"The blood tree still contains my spores and chakra." says Mimi, using her chakra to slow her death.

"Infidel! Your death shall be slow and painful to appease Jashin-sama!!"

Mimi coughs up blood as Hidan approaches vitals.

Shizune fires a couple of Kunai with attached lines and tries to pull Hidan from the symbol, but the fanatical follower of the Evil Heart religion is too strong and refuses to move. Mimi feels the pain reaching her chest and is about to die.

"Hakke Kuushou!" (Eight Divination Signs Air Palm!)

Hidan is blown off the symbol by chakra shock wave generated by Hinata Hyuuga.

Shizune rushes over to Mimi and begins to heal, while Shino covers Hidan in his Kikaichu. Hidan quickly begins to remove the bugs by using bottles of toxins. He normally doesn't use the poisons, since he believes Jashin-Sama prefers bloody massacres.

"Hinata! How are the boys!?" yells Shizune as Hidan rises from the retreating mass of insects.

"We are feeling much better." comes a voice from behind Hidan. The Jashin follower turns intending to cleave the person in half, only for a hand to catch his scythe handle.

Masaru grins and so does the giant adult form of Agumon behind him.

The adult form is an immense orange dinosaur-like creature with odd blue markings, a dark helmet with three spikes, a well-defined chest, and muscular arms. What is more important are the three sharp claws on each hand, three sharp claws on each foot, spikes on the shoulders, and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Hidan is immortal, which is the only thing that prevents him from wetting himself.

Attribute Vaccine
Adult Level
Type: Dinosaur Digimon
Mega Flame: A steady stream of flames is spewed forth from GeoGreymon's mouth.
Mega Burst: GeoGreymon forcefully ejects a powerful blast of energy from his mouth.
Horn Impulse: A powerful, high-speed smash with his head.

"Taiyoukaken!" (Sun Flame Fist!)

Masaru's fire coated fist collides with Hidan's stomach and then tears and burns threw. Skin, muscle, organs, and the bones of the spin are pulverized and incinerated, as Hidan is literally torn in half.

"Horn Impulse!"

Hidan can only watch as GeoGreymon's head comes toward him. In Maseru's world, he saw people smash boards with there heads, but never scene a dinosaur head bang an assassin to death.


Masaru looks down at Hidan's mangled remains and sees that the severed head is still alive and talking. He waits for Hidan to recover his senses.

"You will die for Jashin-sama!"

"How are you alive?"

"I am Immortal! Nothing can kill me!!"

"If you can't kill, then you must contain. GeoGreymon! Let's roast this turkey!"


"Katon: Dabi Ryuka no Jutsu!" (Cremation Dragon Flame technique)

GeoGreymon releases a steady stream of flames onto Hidan's body, followed by his partner Masaru's slower speed stream of white flame. Hidan screams out in rage as his hair, skin,a nd clothing is burnt away, a scream which ends when the muscle tissue and organs burn away. It takes several minutes, but soon the bones are reduced to ash

"You think that will be enough." says Shizune with a little sarcasm.

"Nope." says Mimi, "We once thought we destroyed a guy called Vamdemon, he came back stronger."

GeoGreymon scatters the ashes across the ground with his tail, as Masaru goes threw a string of hand signs. He places his hands on the ground and there is a pulse of energy.

"Katon: Ganshounuma!" (Fire Release: Magma Swamp)

The earth shakes and ruptures as the rocks underground become molten.


A powerful blast of energy from his mouth tears into the ground, mixing the ashes with the molten rock. Mimi places her hand on the ground and fissure opens up, draining the magma into the waters surrounding the Land of Wave. The chakra-heated lava hits the salt water creating huge clouds of steam and jets of hot water. The volcanic mix could become a coral reef attracting fish and tourists.

"Immortal he may be, but let's see if he can reassemble after having every speck of ash entombed in rock."

Land of Rivers

In the Scourge's home dimension, puppet shows are shows for children used mostly to educate. In some cultures, they were used to entertain all ages. This is not one of those puppet shows/

"Here they come!"

Sasori's one hundred red clad puppets charge, while Chiyo's white clad puppets defend. One of Sasori's puppets attacks with an odd serrated sword, only for the spinning blades of Chiyo's white haired puppet to cut straight them. One of Chiyo's bald puppets delivers a punch then extends cables from it's head piercing the puppets. Another puppet with a Chinese hair style wields large head-cleaving swords, which it uses to split enemies in twain.

Tailmon Lilitha jumps from puppet to puppet, tearing off heads and limbs with punches and kicks. Lucemon Gabriel flies into the air with his multiple wings and fires white lances that incinerate several puppets an cause several others to explode. Impmon Blaze sets fire to many of the puppets and even jumps on one and generates a fiery aura, creating a blast field that shatters the puppet to tiny fragments.

Several of the Master's straps unbuckle and whip out revealing seal written on the undersides. These seals releases shows of kunai and senbons at the attacking puppets. As the projectile hit, the attached explosive tags detonate. The summoning straps act as flak guns loaded with explosive ammunition and rapidly tear it's attackers to pieces.

Darla's billowing dress falls away to reveal a doll dressed like a modern shinobi. The inside of the dress is covered in blades and throwing weapons. Weapons that she uses to pierce and disable many of the puppets. The one's disabled are easy pray for Angelus's swordsmanship.

One of Sasori's puppets tries to attack Drusilla from behind, but Angelus grabs it with wires shot from it's free hand, the with a brutal twist he shatters the inner mechanism.

William shoots spikes from his shoulders that impale several puppets. Each of these spikes is attached to William by a line, which he uses to send blasts of fires into the puppets like a simultaneous multiple shot version of the Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique).

Three of Chiyo's legendary puppets take a stance with Buddha standing on the shoulders of Dharma and Monk. There names indicated by the cylinders in there mouths.

"SANPO KYUKAI!" (Three Treasures Vacuum!!)

A vortex is created between the three puppets like a tornado and the red-clad enemy puppets are pulled into there doom.

More puppets attack from above, but Spike joins in the battle with Katon: Funsha (Fire Release: Jet Propulsion), a technique that blasts flames out of his feet and propels him into the air. He can only use the technique for very short periods of time, but it's enough to get close and use another technique.

"Katon: Houou no Mai!" (Fire Release: Dance of the Phoenix)

Spike's chakra surge forth in the form of red flames in the form of an immense bird. The puppets that were about to collide with him are sent flying back in burning pieces from the blast wave.

As Spike's flame aura vanishes, he pulls his sword and cause it to ignite in blue-white flames by running a bloody finger across the blade.

"Katon: Hi no Hebi no Tsurugi" (Fire Release: Fiery Serpent Sword)

The British vampire swings his sword and a blast of fire shoots from the blade in the form of an immense snake. The snake whips threw the high flying puppets tearing them to pieces and setting them on fire.

As Spike lands, one puppet with a poison-soaked spear tries to impale him, but the vampire hadn't spend years training in taijutsu for nothing. He kicks the ground, cause an explosion of rock that stops the charge. A backhand with the flat of the sword shatters the head and a kick sends it flying into another puppet.

"Sakura, aim for Sasori..." says Chiyo, "I'll take care of the other puppets with those two."


"Use this!" yells Chiyo tossing an object to her.

Sakura avoids the spears and blades of the red clad puppets with help from the white robed ones. As she gets close, she throws the ball like object, which quickly expands into a giant demon puppet with a mouth of long fangs. Sasori is too shocked and too close to get out of the way.

The battle ends as Sasori's entire body is pinned to the wall by the demon head. The puppet has a large seal on the back and forms a diamond shaped pattern of markings around Sasori and the odd device.

"I did it." says Sakura, out of breathe.

"He can't move... It's over Sakura." says Chiyo, "That sealing completely traps chakra. You can't use your chakra string anymore."

"Granny Chiyo!!"

Chiyo falls over and Sakura runs over.

"Take the antidote now!" says Sakura

"Look out!" yells Spike from across the field.

Sasori in a different red-clad puppet body stands holding a poisoned sword. The body is impaled by several blades and is missing an arm, but it's still mobile enough to be lethal. The puppet sealed to the wall is missing it's eyes and the casket on it's chest. Sasori rushes to deliver a killing blow to his grandmother Chiyo's head.

Instead, Sakura dives in the way and is impaled threw the stomach instead.

Land of Waves

Kakuzu was fairing well against Anko, Kiba, and Izumi, until Izumi's partner grew from Adult Kabuterimon to AtlurKabuterimon. It's far easier to fight a bear size insect, than a house size insect. He finally runs up the size of the creature to attack Izzy with a Wind attack.

"Katon: Bakuretsu Hiya!" (Fire Release: Exploding Fire Arrow )

Ryou on the back of Cyberdramon releases a blast of flame from his mouth. The arrow shaped blat moves at extremely high speed and hits one of the masks on Kakuzu's back. The arrow pierces his entire body and explodes off AtlurKabuterimon's exoskeleton, blowing Kakuzu clean off. An entity of tendrils with the broken mask for a face emerges from the falling ninja, then collapses as the mask falls apart.

Kakuzu tries a water attack on the flier, but the water is deflected by Yamato who appears on AtlurKabuterimon's shoulder. The giant bug tosses a mass of earth into the air and Izumi goes threw a string of hand seals.

"Doton: Tekkou Hougan" (Earth Release: Iron Ore Cannon Ball!)

The mass of Earth spins in front of Izumi forming a spherical form, then collapses into a more perfect smaller sphere of hardened material. The sphere then shoots at almost supersonic speed into Kakuzu sending him flying threw the air.

Kakuzu survives by using his tendrils to increase his bodies elasticity, but one part of him doesn't survive. The water heart inside his own chest is destroyed, his own fractured ribs puncturing it.

The Missing Ninja of Hidden Waterfall releases a massive lightning attack, but Izumi forms the hand seals for "Raiton: Jishaku no Jutsu!" (Lightning Release: Magnet Technique). The magnetic field absorbs the lightning boosting it's own strength, as Izumi's wires unravel and flow in the air.

"Futon: Ekishou hyouketsuya!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Freeze Arrow! )

Kakuzu crys out as an burst of liquid like a crystal arrow, pierces his lighting heart. Inside the mask, the heart freezes and shatters completely. The cold spreads threw the tendrils making them brittle and the tension causing the entire elemental entity to tear itself apart.

Kakuzu only has the Fire and Earth hearts remaining, he hardens his body with the earth heart and prepares to use his strongest fire technique to escape.

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Water Release: Violent Water Wave!)

Kakuzu is sent flying by the strong water jet from Yamato's mouth. He finally stops, smashing into a cliff face hard enough to crater it.

"Futon: Ekishou Hyouketsuya!"

The second Liquid Crystal Freeze Arrow hits the soaked Kakuzu, turning the water into a laser hard crystal ice that holds him against the cliff.

"Ninpou: Zeus Hagane Raikurai!" (Ninja Art: Zeus Steel Thunderbolt!!)

Izumi has gathered his wires into spiral spear that glows with his lightning chakra and his perfect-level partner Arturkabuterimon's own lightning attack. The spear extends, spinning like a drill and hits Kakuzu in the chest. The force is so powerful, the Akatsuki member is blown threw the hill. He ends up several meters behind the hill, his burning body impaled on the thick spike.

"I... was a bunch.. of kids." says Kakuzu his fifth and final heart punctured, "Damn it."

Kakuzu's burning form finally slumps over dead.

Land of Rivers


Sakura still stands even with the blade threw her body and she holds the blade in place, preventing Sasori from attacking.

"Take the antidote... now.." says Sakura, "Granny Chiyo."

"A wound like this and you still care about others?" says Sasori, "You're pretty tough."

Sasori drives the blade deeper. There is burst of green healing chakra from Sakura and the wound severity decreases. Sasori is shocked to realize the girl is stopping the bleeding and healing the wound with the sword still inside her.

"It seems the poison is working. Needless to say, this sword is also poisoned."

Sakura looks down to see Chiyo offering the vile of antidote to her. A vile Chiyo injects into Sakura to save her life.

"What...?" says the shocked Sasori

"Wh..Why!?" says Sakura as Chiyo slumps. Sasori trays to use his sword, but Sakura refuses to let go.

"I won't let go."

"Katon: Ennetsu Jigoku!" (Fire Release: Flames of Hell)

An arc shaped slash of white flames hits Sasori's arm vaporizing it. The flames spread across the puppet, burning away the robe and setting the puppet ablaze. He's so shocked, he doesn't see the end coming,. His Mother and Father embrace him with there swords threw the casket in the center of Sasori's chest. The kanji-marked casket sprays blood and with a shock Sasori realizes this is the end.

"You lowered your guard at the last moment Sasori or maybe it was Spike's Katon Jutsu. You can't move anymore can you. Even through your body is now that of a puppet you still need a human part to control chakra. That's your weakness and now that part in the left side of that puppet's chest is gone. That puppet body is in fact, just a doll. Your true nature is the chakra-producing part in your chest."

Sakura collapses, but Chiyo crawls over to help. Drusilla and Spike also appear to help. Chiyo removes the blade, while pulling the broken sword blade out.

"Stay with me... Almost got it.." says Sakura

The broken blade is taken out as Drusilla's puppets return to there scrolls. Spike pulls out a metal spike and holds it between his fingers, while looking at Sasori. Gabriel, Lilitha, and Blaze also get close to protect the the kunoichi from Sasori in case he pulls another trick.

"Impossible.... I hit a vital point. Even without the poison, she's going to die. She's losing too much blood. You're also a medic ninja. So I aimed for a spot you can't heal easily."

"Hmph... I've already done first aid with medical ninjutsu (Ijutsu), this is not medical ninjutsu.This imparts raw life energy. This is a transference technique. This jutsu I spent years creating it for you and only I can use it. With this jutsu, the user can breathe life into even a puppet in exchange for the life of the user."

Sasori turned the bodies of his parents in puppets to give him comfort and Chiyo wanted Sasori to have his parents back. A dream that is now impossible.

Unseen by the others, Gabriel's eyes glow slightly and so does the blood falling from the casket.

Land of Waves

Cyberdramon tears the body of Kakuzu to pieces. When the others arrive and learn about Hidan's immortality, they decide not to take any chances and burn the body, scattering the ashes. The only thing they pick up are the rings, Hidan's scythe, and what remains of Kakuzu's head

"This mission is completed." says Anko, "I don't care what people said. This mission was S-Class, maybe a double S. Tsunade-sama better have good pay checks."

"I'll talk with her." says Shizune.

"What do we don with Yugito?" asks Mimi, pointing to the bound unconscious kumo kunoichi on Cyberdramon's back.

"The only thing we can do is bring her with us." says Anko

"The council will not be happy with another Jinchuriki." comments Shizune

"CENSORED them." says Hinata.

That causes the entire group to pause with shock, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shizune all have dropped jaws. Shino may have one too, but it's hard to tell in that "drug dealers" outfit.

"Well said." says Anko, "Danzo, Homura, and the lot are going to be upset we killed there nukenin kids!".

Land of Rivers

Spike drives his spike into one of Sasori's eye to shut the puppet up, as Sasori is about to insult Chiyo.

Slowly, Sakura begins to regain color and begins to move.

"Sakura... Are you all right?" asks Chiyo, while Drusilla watches carefully.

"Yes." says Sakura, "What about you, Granny Chiyo..?"

"Strange" says a confused Akasuna no Sasori., "With a transference technique or whatever it's called doesn't the wielder die in exchange for bringing the recipient back to life?"

"Sakura was mortally wounded but had not yet died." says Chiyo, "That's why. I survived."

"Oh.. What a shame."

In rage, Spike grabs the casket and is about to tear it from Sasori's chest, but Sasori and Sakura stop him. They don't notice the faint green flash that occured for a tenth of a second.

"That's enough, Sakura.." says Chiyo, "What made him like this was our Sunagakure customs and teachings.."

"Do you want to try this body. If you do, you'll understand a little of what it's like. This body never decays. Puppets can be produced and reproduced and they're free from a mortal lifespan. Countless people can be created with puppets, but only if you want to... but it's not about quantity. A collection is all about quality."

"What on Earth.. Are you..?!" says Sakura

"Suffice it to say, I'm a human being who couldn't become a complete puppet. I'm a puppet, but with a human heart. I'm neither human.... not puppet. The end is near. But first, I'll do something pointless too. A reward for defeating me."

The last few drops of blood begin to fall from the cask onto the ground, soaking into the earth.

"You wanted to know about Orochimaru, didn't you?" says Sasori, "Go to the Tenchi Bridge in Hidden Grass Village ten days from now at Noon."

"What do you mean?!" asks Sakura

"One of Orochimaru's Henchmen is a spy of mine. I'm supposed to meet him there...."

The Mother and the Father collapse to the ground, and does Sasori, the son.

"You did it... Granny Chiyo." says Sakura, "I knew you could..."

"No... By rights it was I that should have died. Sasori anticipated my final attack, but for some reason he couldn't dodge it."

"Let's get back to the village." says Sakura, "I'll prepare an antidote."

"No." says Chiyo.

"Why not!" yells Sakura, Spike, and Drusilla, then Sakura continues, "Why not?! We've done what we had to do! We have to return to the village and counteract the poison or..."

"Instead of that there's still something I must do" says Chiyo.

Far from the Cave rubble

Deidara is continuing to fly away on his giant bird, but he's now holding the left side of his face. The range finder piece has been shattered and there's a deep cut going all the way into the bone behind the hair.

"They've gone quiet??" says Deidara sounding tired.

"Kakashi-sensei.... No Yet?!"

"Be patient. I don't have as much chakra as you or Light or Tamer. It takes me a little longer, but I'm just about ready" says Kakashi opening his Mangekyou Sharingan, "Let's go, Naruto!"

End of Chapter 15 - ETM Part 7


Chibi-Zetsu arrives in the Land of Wave. He's looking for his former comrades to eat them.

He finds out Kakuza is a pile of ash. The white side of face is sad and the black side is angry.

He finds out Hidan is a pile of rocks. Both sides burst into tears.

Chibi-Zetsu goes home hungry.

Jutsu List
Raiton: Jishaku no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Magnet Technique)
The ninja uses electricity to create a magnetic field around that allows him to attract, repel, or redirect metal objects.
Raiton: Rakurai Yari (Lightning Release: Thunderbolt Spear)
Angel forms a spear made of lightning around his hand and thrusts it at his opponent.
Kinjutsu: Raiton: Tenshi no Mai! (Forbidden technique: Lightning release: Dance of the Angel!)
Based on "Ration: Tenshi"
The user is surrounded by an aura of electricity that forms twelve angelic wings on the user’s back. This renders taijutsu and weapons useless against the user as both are repelled by the electricity. The user can also fire bolts of lightning from his hands and feet and release small balls of lightning from his wings
Raiton: Sen Hotaru (Lightning Release: Thousand Fireflies)
Angel creates a thousand small balls of lightning that resemble fireflies that fly around himself and his opponent. He can control each one individually or send them all in at once for a devastating attack.
Hijutsu: Meido Kyuuketsuki Souseiki! (Secret Art: Underworld Vampire Genesis)
Also known as Underworld Bloodsucker Time of Creation! This secret technique wraps a weakened and/or injured vampire with blood ribbons and drags them underground. The ribbons draw energy from ther earth and push it into the vampire's body similar to one of Orochimaru's techniques.
Hijutsu: Meido Kyuuketsuki Mokushiroku! (Secret Art: Underworld Vampire Revelation)
Also known as Underworld Bloodsucker Apocalypse. The offensive version of Souseiki burying the target alive, while draining there blood and energy undeground and transmitting it to the user. Unlike Genesis, this technique can be used on multiple targets.
Katon: Funsha (Fire Release: Jet Propulsion)
Spike blasts flames out of his feet that can propel him forward at high speeds or allows him to fly for short periods of time.
Origin: Azula from Avatar used her blue flames to do this in The Boiling Rock
Katon: Houou (Fire Release: Phoenix)
The ninja is surrounded by fire in the shape of an immense bird.
Katon: Ennetsu Jigoku (Fire Release: Flames of Hell)
With each swing of his sword, Spike releases blasts of white flame that are second only to Amaterasu in terms of heat. These flames can only be extinguished by very high level Suiton jutsu and will reduce any flammable materials into ashes in seconds.
Katon: Hi no Hebi no Tsurugi (Fire Release: Fiery Serpent Sword)
A huge fiery snake erupts from Spike’s sword and he controls its movement by swinging his sword.
Alternate Name: Katon: Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (Fire Release: Sword of the Snake)
Katon: Dabi Ryuka no Jutsu! (Cremation Dragon Flame technique)
A steady slow stream of narrow white flame from the mouth. Not fast, but can reduce flesh and bones to ash. Used mostly to dispose of ninja bodies like Hunter Nin techniques.
Katon: Bakuretsu Hiya! (Fire Release: Exploding Fire Arrow )
An extremely fast and narrow burst of flame from the mouth in the form of an arrow. Explodes on impact at long range and pierces at close range, detonating behind the target.
Doton: Tekkou Hougan (Earth Release: Iron Ore Cannon Ball!)
An Earth technique that gathers and hardens the earth into a stone sphere before launching it at high speed at the target. The material used ranges from polished stone to dirt to sand in the wind, but materials containing metal are the strongest and most effective.
Futon: Ekishou hyouketsuya! (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Freeze Arrow! )
An extremely fast and narrow burst of liquified air from the mouth in the form of an arrow. Explodes on impact at long range and pierces at close range, detonating behind the target. A freezing cold version of Katon: Bakuretsu Hiya!
Ninpou: Zeus Hagane Raikurai! (Ninja Art: Zeus Steel Thunderbolt!!)
Izzy gathers his wires into an immense spiral lance and extends it charged with his lightning chakra and his partner's lightning. It can be used by ArturKabuterimon, but it works best with HeraclesKabuterimon. Zeus was the father of Hercules, hence the name.

Drusilla's Dollhouse
Number 1: Miss Edith
A small doll with old Victorian clothing and very long black hair. The little doll has fangs and sharp nails loaded with hallucinogenic poison and is able to produce sound-based genjutsu, which is made more severe by auditory hallucinogen released like a perfume.The doll can also manipulate it's hair like tentacles.
Origin: "Everything in my head is singing." "I think sometimes that all my hair will fall out and I'll be bald."

Number 2: Daisy
A white haired doll in a green and yellow outfit with flowers in her hair, on her waist, and on her wrists. She release flower scented mist loaded with hallucinogenic poison which doesn't effect Drusilla. The doll can extend barbed vine-like whips from her arms which can used as garrotes and used to pull the victim underground for burial. The little doll can also throw poison coated petal-like shuriken from the shadows and surrounding foliage.
Origin: She once said “Do you like daisies? I plant them but they always die. Everything I put in the ground withers and dies.”

Number 3: Kitten
A human-size feline doll with black hair, one hazel eye, a striped pelt and manes lining the top of it's neck The feline's long fangs, claws, and quills hidden in it's back fur contain Hemotoxins that destroy red blood cells, disrupt blood clotting, and cause organ degeneration and generalized tissue damage. It can also spray poison in form a smoke screen or a concentrated corrosive liquid.
Origin: Kitten nickname for Xander. Hyena coloring and missing eye represents precog.

Number 4: Miss Ilsa
A white skinned puppet with long black hair carrying a small gourd. Her body is extremely flexible and loose jointed go it can extend it's limbs and wrap around it's opponent Her hands and mouths are filled with blades for draining blood. She can also summon and spray giant leeches from her mouth and hands. The gourd contains beer which she sprays on opponents to allow the leeches to track them.
Origin: Leech Woman from Puppet Master.
BTVS Halloween "Do you know what I miss? Leeches."
They also showed giant leeches in the Forest of Death.

Number 5: Minos
A huge puppet that looks like a minotaur. The body is very sturdy and primarily uses brute strength against opponents or attacks them with its poisoned horns.
Origin: “He's got cow eyes, - big and black. Moo…”

Number 6: Cups
A male puppet wearing a crown and royal European robes. It has two sets of arms, the first are regular arms, while the second set have cups for hands that are filled with a poison from a reservoir inside the body. The poison burns the skin and causes blindness if it comes in contact with the eyes.
Origin: “The King of Cups expects a picnic. But this is not his birthday.”

Number 7: Star
A puppet with a flowing white dress, long white hair, and pentacles on its hands and feet. It emits a beautiful humming noise genjutsu that causes people to see it as the person they care most about begging for help. When a person gets close enough to it, it stabs them with hidden blades poisoned with a potent neurotoxin that stops its victims breathing.
Origin-“I'm naming all the stars. I can see them. But I've named them all the same name, and there's terrible confusion.”

Number 8: Songbird
A large, black canary-like bird with a red beak. It can fly overhead and release a variety of poisons on unsuspecting victims or simply drop heavy and/or sharp objects. It emits noises that can be used for a variety of purposes from a loud screeching that ruptures ear drums to a lower sound used to disorient people (think Dosu’s arm device). If all else fails it can swoop out of nowhere and attack with its beak and talons poisoned with a toxin that can literally melt limbs by causing the lysosomes in cells to release their acids and hydrolytic enzymes to break down the cells (I don’t know if that’s actually possible but it sounds cool).
Origin-The dead bird Drusilla was trying to get to sing to her in “Lie to Me”

Number 9: Fujin
A dark demon-like puppet wearing a leopard skin. He has several bags on his body that contain poisonous gases. He can blow the gases out of his mouth. Inspired by the Shinto god of the wind since Drusilla’s primary elemental affinity is wind.

Number 10: Chaos
A large humanoid puppet with large antlers. It wears leather armor. The antlers secrete a slimy poison that causes paralysis on contact with skin. The poison is fatal if it enters the body as it causes respiratory failure. It has hidden blades in its hands that it can use to kill its paralyzed victim. It also has a mechanism in its mouth that allows it to fire darts that the user can apply poison to.
Origin: The Chaos demon Drusilla left Spike for.

Number 11: Lamb
A puppet resembling a black sheep. It can make a baaing sound that actually works as genjutsu that lulls an enemy into a false sense of security. It runs and tackles an opponent and then wrap them in spiny vines that can crush the victim or fill them with a variety of poisons.
Inspired by Drusilla’s song “Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch”

12-16 N/A

Number 17: The Master/Nest
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
A puppet resembling the Master of Aurelius bond in black leather straps like a straight jacket. Each strap contains a set of seal that releases a lethal trap. The arms are also loaded with long needles.

Number 18: Darla
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The mother puppet resembling Darla in full game face dressed in old fashion billowing dress. Underneath is the clothing a modern woman and the dress is filled with needles and throwing weapons. This puppet possess immense speed and agility.

Number 19: Angelus
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The father puppet resembling Angelus in full game face dressed in old fashion clothing of an Aristocrat. He weilds a sword and sharp claws, and possesses immense strength and durability

Number 20: William
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The full game face version of Spike dressed in biker leathers with chains and spikes. It can extend it's arms, fire spike projectiles, and produce jets of flame.

Number 21: Kuro Miko
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
A puppet created by Drusilla and resembling Kendra. It's made of a special treated iron wood that not only makes it's as flammable as concrete, but as strong as iron. It's body is loaded with flammable liquids and it's clothing is made of flame-proof treated silk.

22-108 N/A

Author's Notes
Shared and Similar Techniques?
They spent years learning ninjutsu together, so they developed similar styles.
Why didn't Scourge annihilate Sasori?
I needed Sasori to tell Sakura about Orochimaru.
Hidan's "death"?
A good reason for Canned Evil is the winners don't have the ability to kill the evil. Hidan may still be alive, but he's trapped as ash mixed with rock in the waters of the Wave Country.
Hinata's foul mouth?
She tired, tender, and breaking threw a lot of emotional barriers.
Drusilla's hitokugutsu (human puppets)?
How can Drusilla have hitokugutsu (human puppets), when Sasori invented the technique? Vampires have a instinctive knowledge of blood, so Jiraiya's fuinjutsu (sealing teckniques) combined with knowledge of Suna Nukenin Drusilla found (a former agent of Sasori) created proto-hitokugutsu. Now with several of Sasori's puppets, she can complete the development of her human puppets.

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Suna (Sand) Teams
Team Kakashi - Kakashi/Naruto/Sakura
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Team Gai - Maito Gai/Rock Lee/Neji/Tenten
Nami (Wave) Team
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou/Sai
Command - Shizune and Anko Mitarashi
Team Kurenai - Shino/Kiba/Hinata

Keep sending in techniques and Puppet ideas, I will end using them.

Absolute Couples.
Kurenai Yuuhi x Asuma Sarutobi
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