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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'


The Land of Rivers

Kakashi opens his sharingan eye to reveal three sickles instead of three tomoes around a missing pupil. A Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Is that..." says Naruto, "what you were talking about...?

"Yup." says Kakashi,as they move threw the air "A New Sharingan."

Naruto stares.

"What?" says Kakashi noticing the stare.

"Kakashi-sensei. It's okay if you can't..." says Naruto, "I'll finish this off!!"

"Sure. If you get the chance."


A few meters above them, Teams Tamer and Light are also following them. Takato and Guilmon are jumping from rock to rock. Jenrya is leaping from boulder to boulder with Terriermon on his head. Ruki and Renamon are moving so fast there leaving afterimages. Hikari and Takeru are running on the cliff face, while Tailmon uses Patamon as a hand glider. Beast Queen Juri and Leomon are moving like a pair of jungle cats.

Takeru draw his sword as her moves and accelerates.

They watch as Kakashi focuses on Deidara with his Mangekyo Sharingan. The space begins to warp. He focuses on the area around Deidara's heart and the reality there begins to warp and sway. Deidara is surprised at a Doujutsu attack, but the focus moves from the chest to his right arm.

Kakashi curses himself and Deidara's right arm gets sucked into nothingness. He was hoping to take Deidara's entire body.

He tries for the rest of Deidara, but the S-Class Iwa Missing Nin causes his bird to dive and avoid the attack. It brings him right in the path of Naruto and his Shadow Clone who are holding a blue ball of swirling chakra.

"Rasengan!" (Spiral Sphere!!)

Deidara jumps clears off the clay bird to avoid the attack, but Naruto's Rasengan tears the head off the bird. As the bird falls, Naruto creates more shadow clones and grabs the falling head containing the body of Godaime Kazekage Gaara. As they land, Naruto tears open the clay with a cry of "Gaara!!".

"Kakashi-sensei! Are you all right?!" says another Naruto, the original, landing next to his teacher.

"Yeah... I think so..."

The Naruto clones look shocked at Gaara's dead body, as the original lands on the branch.

Deidara knows that without his arm he can't use jutsu (techniques), but he still thinks he can defeat Naruto. The only problem he's focusing on is Kakashi.

This proves to be a mistake as Takato and Guilmon open fire with a couple of huge fireballs.

"Katon: Hinotama!" (Fire Release: Fireball!)


Deidara is forced to jump away as the rocks he was sitting on become fiery red hot.

"Saiganki!" (Rock Crusher!)

"Rock Breaker!"

Takato and Guilmon rams there hands (claws) into the superheated earth causing it to explode into tiny fragment. The red hot stone shrapnel flies towards Deidara like a shower of fire, causing the Missing Ninja to use his maximum speed. Even moving at those speeds, he's burnt and bruised badly in several places.

"It's time for you to get hit!" says Naruto, his whiskers thickening and his eyes now red with slit pupils.

"Yeah, Yeah." says Deidara, suppressing the pain from the burns like the arm, "I'll have it out another time..."

"You're too careless..."

Suddenly, Naruto appears next to Deidara and delivers an extremely powerful punch that sends Deidara flying. On Naruto's waist a strange metal object is producing a angry red light.

Leaving Wave Country

Shizune and Anko are in the lead. They followed by Team Adventure - Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi with there partners Gabumon, Palmon, and Tentomon, respectively and Team Kurenai - Hinata, Shino, and Kiba with his canine partner Akamaru. In the back are Team Reptile - Masaru, Ryou, and Sai with Digimon Agumon and Cyberdramon.

They are all en route home to Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves) with surviving heads of the Nukunins and criminals in sealing scrolls. They even have the money they found on Kakuzu's corpse after using the man's blood to open the scrolls and then transferring the money to there own scrolls.

Suddenly, the Digivices begin to vibrate and the screens light up.

"What's happening?" asks Anko

Yamato pulls out his Digivice and activates the holographic screen. The image is the picture of Naruto Uzumaki on the left and a menacing demonic fox with red fur, opposable thumbs, sharp fangs and claws, long ears, and nine long tails. The words that also appear are in Japanese, English, and Binary.


"What's happening? What are those things?" asks Anko, ordering an answer.

"These are Digivices. They help connect us to out Digimon." explains Yamato, "They are similar to the contracts between humans and there summons in that they can call the Digimon and open portals between the real world and digital world."

"We also use them to track other Digimon and transfer energy to our Digimon." says Mimi, "In a battle, we transfer energy to evolve to higher levels. Palmon is her child form, but she can become adult level Togemon, perfect level Lilymon, and ultimate level Rosemon."

"Why don't you go Ultimate more often?" asks Kiba

"Other than taking far more amounts of energy, there is actually a danger in evolving too many to ultimate." says Izumi, "It's a danger that was revealed during the training trip with Jiraiya."


The Digidestined and Scourge stand in a dry lake surrounded by both living and dead trees.

"So, you want to see our limits?" asks Spike

"Correct." says Jiraiya, "I want to see your strongest forms."

"OK. You and Naruto better back up."

As Jiraiya and Naruto clear out, the Digimon glow brightly

Drusilla's BlackTailmon Lilitha becomes the regal Lilithmon and Spike's Impmon Blaze becomes the badass biker Beelzubumon, which then grows of black wings of burst mode. Angel's partner Gabriel doesn't evolve beyond child level, instead the Lucemon spreads his wings and releases an aura of power.

Takato merges with Guilmon and becomes the gallant knight Dukemon, Ruki merges with Renamon and becomes the sacred warrior Sakuyamon, and Jenrya merges with Terriermon to become the canine faced mecha MegaGargomon. Dukemon then becomes more powerful with glowing white wings, a form known as Dukemon Crimson Mode.

Juri's partner Regulumon shines brightly as he becomes the giant lion warrior Regulumon.

Hikari's Tailmon shines brightly as she first becomes female angel Angewomon, then the celestial angel Ophanimon and Takeru's Patamon becomes Angemon, then armored Holy Angemon, then the fully armored Celestial giant Seraphimon.

Yamato's Gabumon flashes threw it's evolutions of Garrurumon and WereGarurumon until he becomes the metal wolf MetalGarurumon. Mimi's Palmon flashes threw Togemon and Lilymon, until she becomes the regal queen of flowers Rosemon. Izumi's partner Tentomon flashes threw Kabuterimon and ArturKabuterimon to the golden insect king HeraclesKabuterimon.

Masaru's Agumon flashes threw GeoGreymon and RiseGreymon and becomes the dragon of light ShineGreymon. The massive dragon's wings then ignite into solar fire and he gains a sword of flames in his most powerful form, ShineGreymon Burst Mode.

Ryou merges with Cyberdramon to form the last of the ultimates, the heroic Digimon Justimon.

"Holy Crap!" yells Naruto, looking at HeraclesKabuterimon's massive form, "I never saw a bug that can step on you!"

"This is very impressive." says Jiraiya, "and these transformations are connected to your own energies threw those Digivices."

Suddenly, there is a cry of pain and the group turns to see Naruto on the ground in pain. Thin arcs of blue electricity crawl across his body and slowly his body begins to emit a red chakra. Naruto's eyes shift from blue to red with slit pupils and the whisker-like markings on his face thicken.

Jiraiya tries to get close to Naruto but he's thrown back a massive electrical surge. The shock prevents the Toad Sennin from stopping the transformation that occurs.

The red chakra surrounding Naruto begins to boil and bubble and take on the shape of a fox with long ears and a tail. The lightning continues to arc and increase in intensity.

Naruto becomes more bestial with larger eyes and fangs, as the red chakra forms a second tail. The red chakra grows denser and more menacing with the second tail and the blood lust in the air increases.

Naruto's chakra darkens to red-black as a third tail begins to grow creating a third tail. Then Jinchuuriki-Bijuu Form Three-Tail Naruto releases his chakra in all directions creating a destructive sphere of chakra. With a roar, the ultimate level Digimon are thrown back and the humans are barely shielded from the wave of energy that destroys all surrounding matter.

Naruto's next transformation is horrific, changing him from bestial monster to a demon of hell. Naruto loses all sense of himself, becoming a pure destructive beast with no regard for even his closest friends.The Kyuubi chakra begins to melt off Naruto's very skin. His body changes to resemble the bushy whiskers on his face when enraged, and his hands form sharp claws. Ears and four tails extend from his body and he roars with a sharp maw of teeth.

Hikari collapse holding her head and an image of Naruto forms in her mind. Naruto crossing a barrier of red bars and into the grasp of the Kyubi no Kitsune.

Blaze and Lilitha try to get to Naruto, but a swipe of the red chakra claws sends both ultimate threw the air and several trees. MetalGarurumon tries to grab Naruto, but he catches the metal wolf holding him in midair. Justimon tries to attack, while Naruto is distracted but a claw made of energy appears from Naruto's body and grabs him around the face. In an instant, MetalGarurumon and Justimon are embedded into the edge of the lake bed in two giant craters.

Rosemon and ShineGreymon Burst Mode releases there attacks, hoping to weaken Naruto, but he merely roars creating a barrier that blows the attacks away.

Suddenly, Naruto shakes like dog shedding water from his coat. Instead of water, bubbles of red and blue chakra are released, which float in the air around Naruto. As Naruto's tails arc forward, the chakra spheres gather into one dark spherical mass, which shrinks into an incredibly dense point. Naruto's demonic maw opens up wide and swallows the dense sphere. There is a pause, the Naruto's body seems to swell up from the pressure and misty white energy is emitted from the corners of the mouth and between the fangs.

MegaGargomon and HeraclesKabuterimon jump forward to protect the others and Naruto tilts back as if about to shoot a giant spit wad. As Naruto's mouth opens, a thunderous destructive blast is released. The blast is so powerful, MegaGargomon and HeraclesKabuterimon explode into countless fragments and the others are sent flying by the almost nuclear shock wave.

Naruto then focuses on Hikari's still unconscious form, sensing the girl's mind within his own and making her a threat. He leaps to pounce on the girl, his chakra-enhanced mass more than enough to crush every bone to powder and rupture her organs, if the heat of her chakra didn't incinerate her.

Sakuyamon appears in front of Kyubi-Naruto and grabs him. At the same time Seraphimon and Ophanimon releases beams of white light into Naruto's back.

Deep within the mind of Naruto, Ruki surrounded by a Sakuyamon-shaped aura helps Hikari pull Naruto from the grasp of Kyubi. Kyubi seems to a retreat from Renamon, whose also surrounded by the Sakuyamon aura. There is also a recognition in it's dark hate filled eyes. As light descends from the ceiling, the red bars of the Kyubi's prison glow golden. The golden energies flow into the seal on the cage and an object seems to meld out of it. The object surrounded by a sphere of white light emits a flash that fills the mental chamber.

In the real world, the Kyubi's chakra fades and is finally blown away by the white light. When the flash clears, Sakuyamon has reverted to Ruki and Renamon who are holding an unconscious Naruto. On Naruto's waist is a Digivice in Red and Black.

~Flashback End~

"Jiraiya and Izzy later determined that Naruto Digivice is a regulator between Naruto and the Kyubi no Kitsune. It's opposite to our Digivices in that instead of absorbing our energy and channeling it into our Digimon, Naruto's Fox Drive controls the amount of Kyubi's chakra that Naruto absorbs."

"Something is wrong with Naruto??" asks Hinata, remembering the warning on the holographic screen.

"The Fox Drive is imperfect. It's badly corrupted by Kyubi's influence over the years and there's a risk of it breaking down if Naruto's anger forces too much chakra out of the seal." says Izumi, "My guess is Naruto is very angry and the Fox Drive can not longer handle the strain."

River Country

As Deidara's body flies threw the air, Naruto creates four more Shadow Clones. They each grab one of Deidara's limbs and a shoulder, since Deidara is the missing one arm. They drag the Missing Ninja into the ground hard enough to create a crater.

Naruto then rams both feet into Deidara smashing him deeper into the ground. The next attacks are brutal punches on the face and body that leave trails of blood and then a red-tainted Rasengan to the stomach. At the Rasengan's hit, the body collapses to reveal itself to be a clay clone.

On Naruto's waist, the Digivice begins to screech and glows brighter. A burst of red chakra flows from Naruto's spine and forms a construct resembling a tail behind him.

Kakashi sees what' Jiraiya warned him about.

Deidara wonders if the light is the power of human sacrifice. He then moves too late to stop Takeru's glowing blade from piercing his back and out the side of his chest. He was able to move fast enough to avoid an instant kill, but the injury is potentially lethal.

"How?" says Deidara, blood falling from the corners of his mouth

"The second you were distracted by Naruto's power surge. I was able to replace myself with a Kage Bushin and get behind you disguising myself as a senbon needle"

Naruto is looking more and more feral by the second and an aura in the form of a fox appears around the Konoha Ninja. A second tail made of liquid energy begins to form. Naruto's clone next to Kakashi collapses as the chakra seems to burn him.


Jiraiya is talking to Kakashi.

"Be careful if chakra emanating from Naruto's body begins to form the nine tailed fox demon. His friends have helped him control the fox's energy using there own techniques, but raw is too dangerous Listen, stop it while it still has one tail." he says handing Jiraiya a piece of paper with a seal on it, "Use this. This will seal the chakra immediately..."

~Flashback End~

Kakashi runs over to the original Naruto and leaps at the boy. As Naruto turns in shock, Kakashi slams the seal on Naruto's head band. In an instant the blood lust filled red chakra dies away and Naruto reverts to his original form looking very tired.

Team Gai's fights have finished. Gai's clone is dead, face first, on the ground. It slowly reverts to it's true form of a pile of clay and dirt in a vague human shape.

"He was strong." says Gai, "Almost a worthy fake me."

Tenten has turned her clone into a pin cushion. Rock Lee has smashed his into a tree and Neji's clone is on the ground.

Deidara leaps clear of Takeru, tearing the glowing blade from his body in the process, then uses another trick to vanish and hide before Ruki or Jenrya can attack. Juri, Leomon, Terriermon, and Guilmon push energy into there sense of smell, but it's hard to track Deidara with his spice-laced clay all over the place from his bird and his explosions.

Suddenly, Sakura and Chiyo arrive at the battlefield.

"Finally caught up with you..." says Chiyo, not looking good.

"How did you know we were here?" asks Kakashi

"We saw the enemy fly over." replies Sakura

"It seems as though you're having some trouble over here."

"Sakura." says Naruto, "You guys did it."

"Yes... But..." says Chiyo, "Where's Gaara?"

Naruto turns a glance and Chiyo sees a couple of clones holding Gaara's corpse.


In the tall grass, Deidara is shocked that Sasori got taken out by that brat girl and the old bat. He would laugh about Sasori's so called eternal beauty if he wasn't forming a pool of blood underneath him. He grabs a tiny piece of clay and forces it into the wound to stop the bleeding as he leaves the grass.

Deidara's problem is as he leaves, he finds himself facing Team Gai!

"Nice job, Neji."

"Hey Naruto!" says Takeru.


"How's the Fox Engine?"

Naruto pulls the Fox Engine Digivice from his waist. The red and black unit is now a mottled gray and covered in cracks. Arcs of electricity crawl across it's surface and mist-like chakra flows from the cracks. Little pieces of it begin to fall off as the machine decays.

"It's trashed. I really blew it."

"We'll create a new one once we're back in Konoha."

There is a loud noise and Kakashi sees Gai's team chasing Deidara, whose unable to outrun them.

"Gatling Arm!"

"Onibi Dama!"

"Exhaust Flame!"

Deidara running towards his decapitated bird is hit by a multiple attacks.

Team Gai is shocked at a bipedal rabbit/dog wearing a green mask, blue pants, and a bandoleer. It also has two machines for lowers arms that fire pieces of metal at high speed threw Deidara's body. It's very strange for Shinobi because there world doesn't possess firearms as ninjutsu replaced the need for gun powder.

Kakashi nearly freaks at Renamon's adult form of the Kyubimon. A nine-tailed fox demon, even far smaller and yellow with normal size ears, is still very disturbing for a member of Konoha. He also notes the red-and-white sacred rice robe tied around the head like a bow with bells on the ends. Her Onibi Dama attack involves the blue flames on Kyuubimon's tails become brighter, and ghostly faces appear on them. The faces then become small fireballs which Kyuubimon launches at Deidara, causing an explosion of energy as well as traps him in a cage of blue flames which singes him.

Guilmon's adult form of Growlmon is far larger and menacing with a more muscular body, two pointed horns on it's head, and a mane of spiky white hair. Growlmon's Exhaust Flame is stream of fire and energy not aimed at Deidara, but the decapitated clay bird he was running towards.

There is a massive explosion, but Team Gai and Team Kakashi are protected by Growlmon's immense size and durability.

Deidara lies on the ground, his sword wound reopened and now covered in thin cuts and burns. His legs have been destroyed and his remaining arm is badly injured. As he lies in the burnt dirt and growing blood pool, he notices a piece of clay not destroyed by the flames. His clay is special in that it doesn't detonate with flames, but with a chakra pulse, which the Digidestined would later compare with C4 plastic explosives.

"Everyone be careful!" says Kakashi getting out of his shock, "He uses bombs to attack from a distance."

He lets the kunai he had in his mouth fall and pulls open his tattered shirt to reveal a sticked mouth on his chest, a giant version of the mouths on his hands used for molding his clay. He rips off the bindings sealing the mouth on his chest, then grabs the surviving lump of clay and rams it into the open maw.

"Kibaku Nendo: Kyuukyoyu Geijutsu" (Exploding Clay: Ultimate Art)

After being ingested, dark veins begin to emerge on his body as he infuses the clay with his explosive chakra.

"This will be my ultimate art!" says Deidera in serious pain, "It's a blast!"

Neji see all the remaining energy in Deidara's body going to the spherical mass of clay in the mad bomber's chest.

"Everyone, get out of here!!"

The veins nearly cover his whole body, then they begin to retreat back into a sphere located near the chest mouth. The last vein finally reaches the sphere

Land of Fire En Route to Konoha

"So, the Digivices can become corrupted by outside forces." says Sai

"The Digivices are connected to human emotions. They resonate with a personality trait such as courage or friendship, we call these the crests. When we let darker emotions control us, the evolution process becomes corrupted and the Digimon become unstable, darker versions.

Yamato's Digivice displays pictures of a young boy with goggles, a giant orange dinosaur, and a skeletal monster with a rocket on it's back. The captions read Tai, Greymon, and SkullGreymon.

"When my friend Tai tried to force the evolution of adult Greymon to his perfect form, he caused him to become the insane monster SkullGreymon. It was a destructive monster until it devolved to baby Koromon."

Yamato's Digivice shifts to a picture of Takato, Guilmon, and a red serpentine dragon with long clawed arms and tattered leathery wings. The captions read Takato, Guilmon, and Megidramon.

"Takato went even further. When Leomon was murdered by Beelzubumon..."

"Wait! Murdered?!? How can he be dead, when there both alive??"

"Blaze is a different Beelzubumon that the one that killed Leomon. Leomon was resurrected, which is possible with Digimon." says Yamato, "As I said, When Leomon was murdered by Beelzubumon, Takato was filled with a thirst for revenge and caused Guilmon's perfect form of WarGrowlmon to dark digivolve to ultra destructive Megidramon. A creature that almost destroyed the entire Digital World by existing."

"It even happened with me." says Masaru, "During one of my battles, my dark emotions caused ShineGreymon to go threw a corrupted version of Burst Mode known as Ruin Mode."

Land of Rivers

Deidara detonates and the chances for survival decrease to near absolute zero.

"We're not going to make it!" yells Neji as the Naruto clones struggle to carry Gaara.

Angemon, the adult form of Patamon and Angewomon, the perfect form of Tailmon, spread there feathery wings and make hand seals.

"Ninpou: Kekkai no Shugotenshi" (Ninja Art: Guardian Angel Barrier!)

A beam of white light goes from Angewomon's right palm top Angemon's left palm, then a circular barrier of translucent blue energy forms between them. The circle barrier's diameter goes from one inch beyond the wing tip of Angewomon's left wing to one inch beyond Angemon's right wing tip.

The two angel Digimon strain to hold back the flames that flow around the barrier. A strain also taken by Hikari and Takeru as they appear to reinforce the energy shield.

Suddenly, the blast, a blast powerful enough to cover a ten kilometer area, stops and vanishes causing everyone to turn in shock

"What's going on?" asks Gai as everyone stares, even the angels still holding the barrier. Most thought they were history and mistook the angels as the heavenly gates.

The explosion swirls into a single point and vanishes.

Kakashi nearly passes out from the strain and everyone realizes Kakashi did something. Kakashi final collapses and Naruto an Sakura rush over.


"What one Earth..." Says Sakura, "did you do?"

"I teleported him and the explosion to another space." says Kakashi, "Never mind that... is everyone okay?"

As he speaks, Naruto's clones land with Gaara's body.

"Sakura.." Naruto seems to ask.

Sakura tries to heal Gaara, but it's too late. Gaara is dead and has been dead since Shukaku was removed. Naruto stands with tears beginning to fall from his eyes.

"Why Gaara.." asks Naruto, "Why always Gaara...? Id he dies like this....! He's Kazekage.. He's juts become Kazekage..."

"Calm down... Uzumaki Naruto..."

"SHUT UP!!!"

As Naruto yells, the Fox Drive cracks in half. The two pieces fall to the ground with Naruto's tears.

"If you sand ninja hadn't put that monster in Gaara none of this would have happened!!! Did you ever consider what Gaara thought?! Did you ever even ask?!! You can him a Jinchuriki (Power of Human Sacrifice) Host?!! Who are you to decide that fate for someone else?!!"

Naruto continues to sob and Sakura looks at him calls his name.

"...I couldn't save Sasuke...I can't save Gaara. For three years.... I trained like crazy.... but nothing has changed.."

Suddenly, Chiyo steps forward and places her hands on Gaara's stomach, her hands glowing bright. Sakura is shocked seeing Chiyo uses that technique.

"Granny Chiyo... that jutsu...!!" yells Sakura worried.

"What's she doing?" asks Naruto

Neji at first things it's Ijutsu (medical techniques(, but realizes it's something more.

Sakura realizes this was what Chiyo meant when she said she had something she must do, in exchange for her life.

"What're you doing?!" yells Naruto

"She's going to..." says Sakura, "Bring Gaara Back!!"

The younger konoha ninja, except for Sakura, look stunned. The older ninja, Gai and Kakashi look solemn.

"Bring back... to life." says Naruto staring at Gaara, "can she... really do that...?"

"Only Granny Chiyo can perform this jutsu." states Sakura

Negi sees the flow of energy and can tell what it requires. The glow around the hands begins to fade.

"No." says Chiyo struggling, "Not enough Chakra."

"Please... Use my Chakra...!"

Chiyo turns to Naruto kneeling next to her.

"Is that possible, Granny?"

Chiyo's remembers what Kakashi told her, "Gaara is a Jinchuriki too. Naruto understands Gaara more than anyone of Sunagakure ever could. When it comes to how Jinchuriki have been treated. All villages are pretty much the same. That's why Naruto has to save Gaara. Whether it's Konoha or Suna means nothing to him."

"Places your hands on mine." says Chiyo

Naruto does as she asks and the technique activates again stronger than before.

Hikari watches then looks at the Digivice on his wrist. The screen is releasing a soft glow. She looks around and notices the other Digivices are also glowing as if to also lend Chiyo and Naruto power. She closes her eyes, a sees an image of Gaara standing in a white void.

"In this Shinobi world created by frivolous old people. I'm glad new souls like you have come along. Up till now... everything I've done has been wrong..." says Chiyo, " but.... at the very end.... I think I might finally be able to do something right. Suna and Konoha. May their future be something different from our time. This special power of yours... Kakashi spoke of it.... That power will change the future dramatically.... become a Hokage the like of which has never been seen! and Sakura... in the future don't save a dying Granny like me.... help those you truly care about... You're a lot like few women possess such a strong spirit... You'll likely surpass you teacher. Naruto... I have a favor to ask... You're the only person who knows Gaara's pain. Gaara also knows your pain...Please look after Gaara"

Naruto close his eyes and Hikari sees an image of Naruto standing with his friends and fellow konoha ninjas from the past, the original Genin Teams, there instructors, Iruka-senei, Jiraiya, and the Konohamaru corps.

Suddenly, the young pre-Genin Naruto jumps from his friends and runs across the grass.

Gaara watches as his hand reappears, then notices someone approaching him, running across the dry cracked desert soil. The young child Gaara stand in the desert, curled in the fetal position and crying. Then turns when he feels a hand on his shoulder.

Young Gaara turns to see the smiling face of the young Naruto.

Which then becomes, the modern Naruto smiling at the Kazekage Gaara.



Gaara turns to see himself surrounded by not only the Konoha ninja, but a large number of Suna Ninja all looking happy to see him.

"What's this...?" asks the shocked sand man

"We all came running... to your rescue" says Gaara

On Naruto's side, a new Fox Drive has appeared. This one is not red and black like the first, but a red and gold with a trace of orange. On the screen, the symbol from Friendship flashes, the fades.

Land of Fire

"The best method for avoiding corruption is to remember the positive personality traits each Destined possesses and the positive emotions that causes the evolution."

"Think happy thoughts?" says Anko with a grin.

"Be yourself." says Yamato with a grin.

The Digivices beep again and Mimi is one that answers it's call. On the screen is good news.

FOX DRIVE 2.0 ONLINE. Corruption at 00%.

"Looks like Naruto reformed his Fox Drive."

"They can be repaired after being corrupted?" asks Shizune

"No. They can be recreated." says Juri, "When Takato caused the birth of Megidramon, his red Digivice shattered, but when he reformed the link to become Dukemon it create a new gold Digivice."

There is a second beep and the group look at the screen. What's on the screen is surprising.

Land of Rivers

Gaara is still shocked to see the number of people that came to save him.

"You had us worried...!" says a grinning Naruto.

"Hmph..." says Kankuro without his hood, "You sure did. You caused us a ton of grief, little brother."

"Don't act so superior!" says Temari, "Gaara is the Kazekage. Shut all your mouths! You brats"

Temari kneels down.

"Gaara.... How are you feeling?"

"Ugh.." says Gaara as he tries to get up.

"You shouldn't move too suddenly." says Temari, "Your body hadn't completely recovered from rigor mortis yet."

"What a relief." says a sobbing suna ninja,."I thought Lord Kazekage was really gone."

"Lord Gaara wouldn't die so easily!!" says a Kunoichi whacking the ninja, "Lord Gaara is a silent, cool, strong and handsome elite warrior.

"Yes, Yes. and he's cute too, but he's the Kazekage.." says another fan girl

"I'll protect you from your enemies, next time!"

"No, I will!"

Naruto looks a tiny be depressed about still being a Genin. Hey, cheer up Girls re always attracted to the cool, elite types." says Kankuro

"I think... Shikamaru said something like that too.." says Naruto. Deep inside he begins to laugh, Gaara has Fangirls! He went from being a town pariah like himself to town obsession like Sasuke was.

Experienced Pain as I have, thinks Naruto, His example has shown me... I can change my life.

"Thanks... Naruto" says Kankuro.

"You should thank Granny, not me." says Naruto, "She saved him with an awesome medical ninjutsu."

"She was tired and fell asleep? but she'll be fine when she gets home..."


"What do mean No?"

"It's wasn't a medical ninjutsu. It was a transference technique. Granny Chiyo is dead."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's a jutsu to resurrect someone in exchange for your own life. At one time, the Sand's puppet master corps was involved in the secret development of a technique that could breathe life into puppets. Granny Chiyo led that project. They managed to devise a theory for the technique but midway through because the risk was so high, before human experiment was ever conducted, the technique was banned and sealed."

Chiyo's words flash threw Naruto's mind as Sakura holds Chiyo's lifeless form as Chiyo's brother arrives.

"She looks like she'll just laugh and say. I was juts pretending. hmm." says her brother, "She looks so peaceful..."

He then turns as Gaara rises from the ground.

"Naruto... Like I thought, you're definitely different." says Temari, "You have the power to change people. Granny Chiyo used to say that she didn't care at all about the village's future... She wasn't the kind of person who would do something like this for Gaara. Granny Chiyo entrusted the future to you and Gaara. It was a death befitting a shinobi."

"Yeah. Same as the old man, Sandaime Kazekage..."

"That's true." agrees Kakashi

"Yeah.. Now I get what Granny wished for!"

Gaara nearly falls, but rises to his feet scaring on of his own ninja.

Gaara and Naruto stand side by side.

"Everyone.." says Gaara, "Pray for Granny Chiyo."

As the group closes there eyes and prays. They don't notice something glowing on Gaara's waist, under the Gourd. It resembles Naruto's new Fox Drive, but it's color are white, brown, and gold, the colors of the sand. On the screen, there is a picture on an egg, then the glows fades and screen turns dark.

Hours later

Tobi, a new member of the Akatsuki, dressed in studded leather and a swirling mask with a single eye hole walks with Zetsu to the second battlefield looking for Deidara's ring. He already found Sasori Akatsuki ring amongst the rubble of the cave.

Zetsu appears holding Deidara's severed arm still wearing his own ring.

"I found the second ring. There both gone." says Zetsu.

"Tobi found something else."

In his leather clad palm are the two halves of Naruto's original Fox Drive.

Underneath the mask, Madara Uchiha smiles.

Jutsu List
Katon: Hinotama!
(Fire Release: Fireball!)
Digimon imitation technique. Takato mimics Guilmon's Fireball attack.
Doton: Saiganki! (Earth Release: Rock Crusher!)
Digimon imitation technique. Takato mimics Guilmon's Rock Breaker attack.
Ninpou: Kekkai no Shugotenshi (Ninja Art: Guardian Angel Barrier!)
Angemon/Holy Angemon/Seraphimon and Angewomon/Ophanimon form the hand seals and link there energies and create a circular barrier big enough to protect there farthest wings tips. The barrier is like shield stopping attacks from one direction like the Rashomon Gates and can be reinforced by Takeru and Hikari.

Author's Notes
Short Chapter?

This is more of an Epilogue to my first Naruto Arc.
Second Naruto Arc?
The second Arc with be the battle with Orochimaru and Sasuke in Grass Country and the events leading to an Earth-Shattering Kaboom. It will also have Hinata and Naruto finally clicking together.
Why does Tobi/Madara have the Fox Drive Digivice?
Think of the King of Hell Statue as a bomb and Digivice to be the arming key and igniter
Canon, Fanon, or Original?
More and more original as the chapters pass. Sasuke-teme won't be an unbeatable god. Let the Uchiha torture begin!


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Return to Konoha - Naruhina
Mission to Grass
The New Kyubi!

Suna (Sand) Teams
Team Kakashi - Kakashi/Naruto/Sakura
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Team Gai - Maito Gai/Rock Lee/Neji/Tenten
Nami (Wave) Team
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou/Sai
Command - Shizune and Anko Mitarashi
Team Kurenai - Shino/Kiba/Hinata

Keep sending in techniques and Puppet ideas, I will end using them.

Absolute Couples.
Kurenai Yuuhi x Asuma Sarutobi
Naruto x Hinata
Renamon x Kyubi
Hikari x Takeru
Spike x Drusilla

Who should be in Naruto's Harem?
Other Pairing?

Naruto Char? Digimon Char? Both?


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