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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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ETM ARC EXTRA - Drusilla's Dollhouse.

End of Naruto Arc 1 Extra.
This is a list of Drusilla's puppets created by me and the fans.
These are 83 out of Drusilla's collection of 108. I need 25 more!

Drusilla's Doll-house

Number 1: Miss Edith
A small doll with old Victorian clothing and very long black hair. The little doll has fangs and sharp nails loaded with hallucinogenic poison and is able to produce sound-based genjutsu, which is made more severe by auditory hallucinogen released like a perfume.The doll can also manipulate it's hair like tentacles.
Origin: "Everything in my head is singing." "I think sometimes that all my hair will fall out and I'll be bald."

Number 2: Daisy
A white haired doll in a green and yellow outfit with flowers in her hair, on her waist, and on her wrists. She release flower scented mist loaded with hallucinogenic poison which doesn't effect Drusilla. The doll can extend barbed vine-like whips from her arms which can used as garrotes and used to pull the victim underground for burial. The little doll can also throw poison coated petal-like shuriken from the shadows and surrounding foliage.
Origin: She once said “Do you like daisies? I plant them but they always die. Everything I put in the ground withers and dies.”

Number 3: Kitten
A human-size feline doll with black hair, one hazel eye, a striped pelt and manes lining the top of it's neck The feline's long fangs, claws, and quills hidden in it's back fur contain Hemotoxins that destroy red blood cells, disrupt blood clotting, and cause organ degeneration and generalized tissue damage. It can also spray poison in form a smoke screen or a concentrated corrosive liquid.
Origin: Kitten nickname for Xander. Hyena coloring and missing eye represents precog.

Number 4: Miss Ilsa
A white skinned puppet with long black hair carrying a small gourd. Her body is extremely flexible and loose jointed go it can extend it's limbs and wrap around it's opponent Her hands and mouths are filled with blades for draining blood. She can also summon and spray giant leeches from her mouth and hands. The gourd contains beer which she sprays on opponents to allow the leeches to track them.
Origin: Leech Woman from Puppet Master.
BTVS Halloween "Do you know what I miss? Leeches."
They also showed giant leeches in the Forest of Death.

Number 5: Minos
A huge puppet that looks like a minotaur. The body is very sturdy and primarily uses brute strength against opponents or attacks them with its poisoned horns.
Origin: “He's got cow eyes, - big and black. Moo…”

Number 6: Cups
A male puppet wearing a crown and royal European robes. It has two sets of arms, the first are regular arms, while the second set have cups for hands that are filled with a poison from a reservoir inside the body. The poison burns the skin and causes blindness if it comes in contact with the eyes.
Origin: “The King of Cups expects a picnic. But this is not his birthday.”

Number 7: Star
A puppet with a flowing white dress, long white hair, and pentacles on its hands and feet. It emits a beautiful humming noise genjutsu that causes people to see it as the person they care most about begging for help. When a person gets close enough to it, it stabs them with hidden blades poisoned with a potent neurotoxin that stops its victims breathing.
Origin-“I'm naming all the stars. I can see them. But I've named them all the same name, and there's terrible confusion.”

Number 8: Songbird
A large, black canary-like bird with a red beak. It can fly overhead and release a variety of poisons on unsuspecting victims or simply drop heavy and/or sharp objects. It emits noises that can be used for a variety of purposes from a loud screeching that ruptures ear drums to a lower sound used to disorient people (think Dosu’s arm device). If all else fails it can swoop out of nowhere and attack with its beak and talons poisoned with a toxin that can literally melt limbs by causing the lysosomes in cells to release their acids and hydrolytic enzymes to break down the cells (I don’t know if that’s actually possible but it sounds cool).
Origin-The dead bird Drusilla was trying to get to sing to her in “Lie to Me”

Number 9: Fujin
A dark demon-like puppet wearing a leopard skin. He has several bags on his body that contain poisonous gases. He can blow the gases out of his mouth. Inspired by the Shinto god of the wind since Drusilla’s primary elemental affinity is wind.

Number 10: Chaos
A large humanoid puppet with large antlers. It wears leather armor. The antlers secrete a slimy poison that causes paralysis on contact with skin. The poison is fatal if it enters the body as it causes respiratory failure. It has hidden blades in its hands that it can use to kill its paralyzed victim. It also has a mechanism in its mouth that allows it to fire darts that the user can apply poison to.
Origin: The Chaos demon Drusilla left Spike for.

Number 11: Lamb
A puppet resembling a black sheep. It can make a baaing sound that actually works as genjutsu that lulls an enemy into a false sense of security. It runs and tackles an opponent and then wrap them in spiny vines that can crush the victim or fill them with a variety of poisons.
Inspired by Drusilla’s song “Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch”

Goaku - 5 Sins of Buddism

Number 12: Goaku - Murder
A black clothed puppet that can hide in the shadows and attack the enemy when they're not suspecting it, going for a fatal blow with its knives.

Number 13: Goaku - Theft
A thin black cloaked puppet that can draw seals, like Chiyo's puppets did to stop Sasori, and drain chakra threw it's hands and black ribbons. It could also steal objects silently and leave behind poison and bombs resembling bells. Like that bell test in the second Ninja Turtle movie.

Number 14: Goaku - Adultery
A secret pair. The first puppet distracts the target, trying to get close. Then a second smaller puppet hidden inside jumps out and uses a set of poison blades and needles.

Number 15: Goaku - Falsehood
The Falsehood Puppet could be a multi armed with fake parts, that fall away and release traps allowing the puppet to attack with it's "real" limbs. Example The enemy grabs the attacks the arms of the puppet. They break off and release poison spines injuring the enemy's arms, while the puppet release it's real arms for an attack.

Number 16: Goaku - Drink
A stereotypical drunk with a very disheveled appearance that uses fumes to intoxicate the enemy. It fights using an odd Drunk Kung-Fu and Monkey Kung-Fu and when the person is weakened, alcohol flame blast. It's alcohol stained clothing doesn't burn, but is mixed with a contact poison so anyone who grabs him will die a slow death resembling alcohol poisoning.

Number 17: The Master/Nest
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
A puppet resembling the Master of Aurelius bond in black leather straps like a straight jacket. Each strap contains a set of seal that releases a lethal trap. The arms are also loaded with long needles.

Number 18: Darla
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The mother puppet resembling Darla in full game face dressed in old fashion billowing dress. Underneath is the clothing a modern woman and the dress is filled with needles and throwing weapons. This puppet possess immense speed and agility.

Number 19: Angelus
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The father puppet resembling Angelus in full game face dressed in old fashion clothing of an Aristocrat. He wields a sword and sharp claws, and possesses immense strength and durability

Number 20: William
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The full game face version of Spike dressed in biker leathers with chains and spikes. It can extend it's arms, fire spike projectiles, and produce jets of flame.

Number 21: Kuro Miko
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
A puppet created by Drusilla and resembling Kendra. It's made of a special treated iron wood that not only makes it's as flammable as concrete, but as strong as iron. It's body is loaded with flammable liquids and it's clothing is made of flame-proof treated silk.

Number 22: Elisabeth
Elisabeth resembles Buffy Anne Summers and carries a pair of Claymore swords which look bizarre on her small frame and carries an odd scythe on her back. .She's also armed with stakes and senbon needles soaked in poison. The poison stakes are loaded with explosive notes so they can send iron-hard splinters threw there targets.All the blades are coated in poison and oil. The special oil is flammable allowing her to ignite her targets and detonate the stake bombs

Number 23: Little Tree
A puppet resembling Willow Rosenburg with seals covering her skin and body that with her to use her five hearts allow her to perform various elemental attacks. She also possesses the ability to extend and manipulate her limbs and hair like a mobile living tree and can release a poisonous black ink mixed with blood that she can spray from her dress as a smoke screen, from her mouth as a projectile, or secrete from her fingers to draw seals.

Number 24: Alexander
A puppet based on Alexander Lavelle Harris, known as Xander. A strong, extremely durable puppet possessing very strong jaws, crushing hands with claws, and the ability to fire small iron balls from cannons hidden in his body at high speed. It has a special eye hidden under an eye-patch that sends enhanced images to Drusilla and it's body is loaded with two special liquids. One liquid is a viscous white liquid that foams around the target for non-lethal attacks and the second is a corrosive liquid that wipes out organic material like an industrial antiseptic.

Number 25: The Bookman
Giles is a puppet based on Rupert Giles and is loaded with recon cameras and summoning scrolls loaded with weapons. It's armed with explosive paper that it can craft into various forms (airplanes, shuriken, boats, etc...). It's also armed with a small poisonous dagger and a long fencing sword that he uses for Eskrima and especially Espada ya Daga

Gekidoku Nani (Deadly poison Seven)

Number 26 : Gekidoku Nani : Luxuria (lust)
Luxuria is a female puppet in a blue dress (blue is a symbol for lust) that can release powerful pheromones and use genjutsu to appear as a beautiful woman, get close to an male opponent, then attack with small hidden weapons. She can also extend her nails into thinner than hair poison blade that can pierce most armor and barriers and a poisonous mist breathe that coats her lips.

Number 27 : Gekidoku Nani : Gula (gluttony)
Gula is a fat puppet in leather armor with a huge mouth full of poisoned blades for teeth. The blades can also secrete corrosive acid and acid can be sprayed from the mouth. It's most devastating ability is it can open like a spine-filled flower and capture an enemy or enemies. It kills them by closing around them like an Iron Maiden and secretes acids powerful enough to dissolve metal and bone.

Number 28 : Gekidoku Nani : Avaratia (greed)
Avaratia is a puppet with a layer of gold paint on it wearing the finery of the Victorian Era, it uses weapons painted to look golden. It's also loaded with flash-bang grenade-like bombs that are enhanced by the reflective surfaces of golden metal coating. The coating also makes the puppet immune to fire and lightning attacks. The puppet can also fire a spray of silvery liquid from it's mouth which hardens when exposed to air, allowing Avaratia to capture opponents in living statues.

Number 29 : Gekidoku Nani : Acedia (sloth)
Acedia is a fairly nondescript puppet that releases gaseous drugs that make an enemy tired and sluggish, they also dull the senses and disrupt the sense of balance causing vertigo. It also releases a multitude of poison-soaked wires that trigger traps loaded with poison needles.

Number 30 : Gekidoku Nani : Ira (wrath)
Ira is a very large male puppet in armor that uses large swords and its brute strength. It's body is constructed of steel-hardened ironwood that's coated with several layers of special lacquer that strengthens the wood on many levels. The puppet is also armed with a special chakra barrier that adds kinetic energy to it's physical attacks and weakens attacks on it. The windy barrier also blocks wind, fire, and lightning attacks making the puppet a Juggernaut.

Number 31 : Gekidoku Nani : Invidia (envy)
Invidia is a female puppet in a green blouse and skirt that approaches enemies stealthily and steals weapons and any other supplies from enemies. The puppet's body also has special channels that allow it to absorb various chakra-based attacks (ninjutsu) and fire it back at it's enemy.

Number 32 : Gekidoku Nani : Superbia (pride).
Superbia is a puppet decorated with trophies from fallen enemies that uses specialized weapons taken from enemies. He's a Warrior King that taunts others to take his prizes not knowing they are coated in contact poison and contain seals that release poisonous traps.

Sanshimai (Three Sisters)

Number 33: Sanshimai: Paupertatis (Latin for poverty)
Paupertatis primarily uses poisoned blades that are also laced with disease causing microorganisms, so if an enemy survives the initial poisoning, they will likely die later of infection. It's similar to the bite of Komodo Dragon, the animal dies not from the attack but from the flesh rotting bacteria. The Nuns clothing is designed to attack like armor covered in cloth, so if surrounded special seals will release poison blades in all directions.

Number 34: Sanshimai: Castitatis (chastity)
Castitatis uses chains to bind and crush enemies. The chains extend from her habits and end in weighs like Manriki-kusari and cross shaped blades. The weighs contain seals that allow them to be heated to red hot temperature so any flesh it hits is branded. The puppet can also extend her arms and deliver a spine-snapping slap to her enemies.

Number 35: Sanshimai: Oboedientionis (obedience)
Oboedientionis uses genjutsu and special drugs to manipulate and confuse opponents. She also traps others in illusion using music, like bells and organ-like music, before destroying them with sonic sounds. Her most powerful attacks are superior to those of Otokagure creating a "Fire of Sound."

Juunishi (the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac)

Number 36: Juunishi : Nezumi (Rat)
Nezumi (Rat) - Animate - A small rat puppet that burrows into a corpse and animates it. The Rat has the ability to tunnel threw most materials with it's special teeth and leaves a thin trail of liquid, that if exposed to another liquid causes an exothermic reaction, turning the Rat into a bomb.

Number 37: Juunishi : O-ushi (Ox)
O-ushi (Ox) - Stabilize - Another Minotaur that can tether itself to the Earth making it unmovable, like the X-Men villain Blob. It's massive extendable and movable horns that can grabs targets to throw them and can be charged with lightning like the two electrodes of a giant stun gun

Number 38: Juunishi : Tora (Tiger)
Tora (Tiger) - Enhance power - A very powerful tiger man puppet with sharp claws and fangs. It's jaws and hands are stronger enough to crush bones and poison mixed with the fur and secrete by the fangs and claws, even a scratch can be lethal.

Number 39: Juunishi : Usagi (Hare)
Usagi (Hare) - Enhance speed - As very fast Bunny Girl with incredible jumping and throwing ability. The Usagi is an extremely fast puppet and wields blades and shuriken. A wind affinity allows the poison coated blades to cut threw most materials and Drusilla can hear for long distances using Usagi's long ears.

Number 40: Juunishi : Ryu (Dragon)
Ryu (Dragon) - Change Form - A oriental dragon that can produce all five forms of chakra like Kakuzu. The massive dragon can fly in the air and in the water. It can also release toxic flames, poison ice shards, toxin-laced slicing winds, balls of lighting loaded with magnetized poisoned iron shards, and can lift pieces of rock and earth into the air using different formations.

Number 41: Juunishi : Hebi (Serpent)
Hebi (Serpent) - Control or Guide - An Orochimaru-like snake man with extend-able limbs and poison blades. It can blend into the background to become invisible and negate all sound to be silent. The puppet can also use Suiton Jutsu (Water Techniques) using poisoned water released from reserves inside the puppet.

Number 42: Juunishi : Uma (Horse)
Uma (Horse) - Infuse - A centaur master of Kyudo - Japanese archery. It's a samurai-armored centaur with seals on the plates that can release flame blasts and arrows. The puppet is loaded with barbed poison arrows, armor-penetrating alloy-tipped arrows, and explosive tipped arrows. It can also open the horse half into a platform release Uma's human legs and an array of extra arrows if the horse half is badly damaged.

Number 43: Juunishi : O-hitsuji (Ram)
O-hitsuji (Ram) - Focus - A hard fisted harm headed ram puppet like Moloch the Corrupter and expert timing. It releases a gaseous poison that disrupts coordination, concentration, and energy focus. It's head is like a battering ram able to break threw a meter of stone with ease.

Number 44: Juunishi : Saru (Monkey)
Saru (Monkey) - Conjure - A monkey puppet that can create visual/audio genjutsu (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). It can also do a preprogrammed selection of jutsu independent of the user (monkey see, monkey do). This robotic Saru can act on it's own to a limited extend and other "programs" can be triggered by a visual seal, a sound, or even a verbal command. It's also armed with an extendable three section staff.

Number 45: Juunishi : Tori (Bird)
Tori (Bird) - Release - A tiny young girl dressed like a bird with a feathery cape. Each feather has a summon seal that can release poison bombs, explosives, and thawing weapons and each feather is a poisonous blade. She may be the size of child's doll, but she can move faster than sound if needed.

Number 46: Juunishi : Inu (Dog)
Inu (Dog) - Range effected - A Inuyasha-like dog boy puppet that can release sonic attacks like sound ninja and poison mist propelled by it's own generated winds. It's clothing is fire-proof to provide protection from Katon jutsu, since it possesses a wind affinity.

Number 47: Juunishi : Ousu-buta (Boar)
Ousu-buta (Boar) - Continuously feed. A tank-like pig demon puppet loaded with poison and flame tanks and heavy armor. It can feed poison and fuel to the other puppets. It's offensive weapon is a very powerful double cannon located in the snout loaded with poison and fire shells.

Zodiac (12 signs of the Greek Zodiac)

Number 48: Zodiac: Ares Bloodstone
Aries is a strong red-colored ram that uses blunt force as its primary attack and its horns are made of flint, so it can rub them together to create a spark and then release flammable gases to attack the opponent. It can also concentrate the gases to create a fiery explosion.

Number 49: Zodiac: Taurus Sapphire
Taurus is a large sapphire bull with small ears that stabs enemies with its horns, which it can also shoot at enemies, and can stomp the ground to create mini-tremors to knock enemies off balance. It's skin has armor-like qualities that allow it to send earth-shattering shock waves into the Earth focused threw the hooves.

Number 50: Zodiac: Gemini Agate
Gemini is a set of average human height twin puppets in identical yellow Agate-pattern dresses that use standard weaponry and also take advantage of Drusilla's wind affinity to create whirlwinds between the two of them that cut enemies to ribbons. They have long fingers which allows them to manipulate wind streams and wires with extreme skill.

Number 51: Zodiac: Cancer Emerald
Cancer is a huge green crab above average height, having an athletic body and long legs. It crushes enemies in its huge claws and is able to fire cutting jets of poison-laced water from it's armor-like shell. One of it's claws is larger than the other, enabling it to be used as shield, while the other manipulates seals.

Number 52: Zodiac: Leo Peridot
Leo is a tall orange lion with Peridot yellow-green eyes, a thick mane, powerful legs and strong features, that attacks with its teeth and claws. It can release oil into it's fur setting it ablaze, but not damaging the fur. The poison oil can also be secreted by the claws and fangs, and Leo can release a burst of flame from hit's mouth hot enough to melt metal

Number 53: Zodiac: Virgo Carnelian
Virgo is a tall, graceful female puppet with reddish-brown eyes. She is in a blue dress with a whip shaped like a sheaf of wheat. She possesses an earth affinity and attack with spikes, crushing stone wave, and showers of sand that can sand blast flesh from bone. The whip and sand are mixed with plant based poison and toxic spores.

Number 54: Zodiac: Libra Opal
A puppet in pink opal pattern clothing that uses a set of golden scales. She possesses a strong air affinity that allows Libra to rapidly increase and decrease air pressure on any thing within her field of "Judgment." The wind blast can compress, explode, or suffocate a human, it can also launch a target into the air or crush it into the earth like a drill. Combined with the cutting nature of wind, the targets might as well be in a blender.

Number 55: Zodiac: Scorpio Chrysoberyl
Scorpio is a black scorpion with green-yellow eyes, sharp claws loaded with traps, legs ended in sharp poison-coated claws, and a poisonous stinger, similar to Hiruko. The water-affinity puppet can tunnel threw stone and earth at high speed and release showers of poison needles and kunai from it's claws or a burst of acid from it's mouth parts. It's tail possesses incredible strength and can fire high pressure jets of lethal poison mixed with water, and strong acids.

Number 56: Zodiac: Sagittarius Topaz
Sagittarius is a centaur with blue topaz eyes, yellow brown skin, and gold hair with a brown horse half. It;s an archer that shoots arrows with poisoned tips. Some of the arrows loaded on the back are loaded with fire oil and magnesium which ignites when exposed to the water in the blood. There's also a hidden launcher that fires balls of oil that can be ignited before launch or by arrow.

Number 57: Zodiac: Capricorn Ruby
Capricorn is a dark gray goat with ruby eyes. It's earth affinity allows it to strike targets with incredible force and Capricorn secretes poison into it's fur and can release a large amount of milky poison from it's mouth. It can also chew rocks and release torrents of mud that forms walls, entomb targets, and form hard boulders it can launch with a head butt.

Number 58: Zodiac: Aquarius Amethyst
Aquarius is a male puppet in turquoise robes that wields an Amethyst urn that takes advantage of Drusilla's water affinity to fire high pressure blasts of clean or poisoned water. The puppet itself has a wind affinity allowing it to create ice and mix the gaseous poisons with the air As the liquid poison evaporates it creates a mist around the puppet.

Number 59: Zodiac: Pisces Garnet
Pisces is a set of two fish with a chain or wire in their mouths connecting them that they use to ensnare and strangle enemies. They also possess a water affinity that allows them to move rapidly in water and have piranha-like jaws that can strip flesh from bone. The Pisces also have poisonous spines that can be shot like darts and there tooth-like scales can absorb chakra like the Samehada.

Note: The Juunishi and Zodiac puppets are quick draw. Drusilla doesn't need to open a scroll to summon them. All she has to do is a spread her blood on a seal and make the correct hand seal. i.e. Usagi to summon Rabbit or Tora to summon Tiger. Zodiac have numbers slightly different from hand signs.

Juumaou (Ten Demon Kings)

Number 60: Juumaou: Daemon
A bestial puppet with a wide mouth full of fangs, horns, purple fur, and long limbs ending with long claws. It also has large bat-like wings. The dark orange fur is soaked in necrotoxin that cause flesh to die and rot and it can fire stream of napalm-like flame from it's mouth, hands, and feet. It can also launch spike-covered balls from it's mouth that explode like bombs and an extendable chain-mail tongue that binds the enemy as they burn.

Number 61: Juumaou: Leviathan
A giant sea serpent-like puppet that has high pressure water cannons in its body. It's so massive others can ride it and it's also loaded with harpoon guns hidden in seals along it's back. It's body generates poisons that mix with it's water attacks, coat it's skin from injury, and lethally contaminates lakes in seconds.

Number 62: Juumaou: Beelzebub
A huge bee-like puppet that has a poisonous stinger. It has an extra pair of red human-like eyes, six long multi-jointed limbs armed with neuro toxin coated halberds that also double as long needle launchers. It's body is actually a hive for a breed of extremely toxic bees. It can also fire a viscous form of honey loaded with paralytic toxins.

Number 63: Juumaou: Amon
A giant puppet mixing human and canine traits with a serpent's tail and sharp claws. It inhales large amounts of water and converts it into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen which it uses to produce a high heat flame. It ignites the gases by clicking it's fangs or arcing electricity between them. It can also extra the salt from sea water and fire balls of 1465 °C (1738 K) boiling salt. It's head as a wide fang-filled mouth to release the flame and salt attacks, axe-shaped sides to stop attacks, and a pair of antenna that can release powerful electrical attacks. It also has a pair of giant raven wings that enable flight and can release clouds of explosive powders like gun powder. It's tail can be used to strangle people that attack from behind and can inject molten salt with it's fangs. If it fails to bite it releases a burst of flame.

Number 64: Juumaou: Mammon
A troll-like puppet that carries bags of coins and has shackles on his limbs. The coins have sharpened edges so that they can be used like shuriken. Mammon is also loaded with weighted, barbed again that bind opponents and limit there movement so there easier for Mammon to target. The poison on the chains and coins mean a single cut can cause the target to bleed out.

Number 65: Juumaou: Barbatos
A puppet that looks like an old wizard with a long beard and a sneering face carrying a long rod. The rod releases magic (ninjutsu) in the form of stream of flame, jets of cutting wind, sonic waves that cause earth to shake, rock-cutting sprats of water, and blasts of lightning The attacks are made even more lethal by the fact the fire and wind are mixed with poison gas and the water is also mixed with poison. It can fire clouds of metal particles which cover the ground like Makibishi (small, spiked caltrops used by ninja) and spark when hit by electrical charge. It's dark wizard robes are filled with wires, both strong lines and razor wire, coated with strong poison and also contain needle launchers, so Barbatos is filled with tricks.

Number 66: Juumaou: Samael - Satan's Angelic Form, Lucifer
A blond human puppet with four black angelic wings wearing gold armor and wielding a sword. The puppet is a very special hitokugutsu (human puppet) possessing six hearts. This allows him to use all five elements and combine them. The sixth heart, a second wind heart, allows it to move and fly at high speed. It's most devastating attack is a poisonous lightning storm releases from his six wings. It's chakra sword is unique in that it can use all five elements becoming a sword of flame, a stone shatterer, a slicing wind blade, a freezing water blade, or a sword of lightning like the legendary Raijin

Number 67: Juumaou: Lilith, Goddess of the Night
A puppet resembling Lilthmon possessing extremely sharp poisonous spikes, cables that can bind, lift, and crush targets, and an armored arm that fires poison gases and liquid corrosives. It can also fire poisonous storms clouds charged with electricity. These cloud shock the target forcing them to breathe in the poison if not killed by the shocks. What's unique is Lilith is not controlled by Drusilla, but by Lilitha and can act as armor for the black cat Digimon during a battle in which she can't Digivolve.

Number 68: Juumaou: Rakshasa
A ghoulish bestial puppet with long multi-jointed limbs ending ins scalpel-like claws and agile digits. The puppet appears skinless resembling red-color muscle tissue over gray bones. It's feline skull has multiple eye sockets and has a black sack on it's back like a hump. The hump can fire sprays of poison gas, toxic corrosive liquids, or solid poison that ignites in contact with body water or explodes in contact with lightning. It's main purpose is a harvester, injecting a poisonous liquid that prevents the tissue from de-oxygenating and slows metabolism, then uses his claws to cut out the body parts. Example: The extra eye sockets are to contain doujutsu eyes. The parts not used, like a person's guts, are devoured by the puppet to create the poisons it uses.

Number 69: Juumaou: Iron Maiden Jean
A very disturbing puppet consisting of two puppets.

The first puppet resembles a small innocent-looking child with blue eyes, pale skin, and long curly blond hair. She's dressed in old fashion white pants with waist and ankle ties. She's designed to bleed from cuts inflicted to her skin, which can be healed on command. She can also cry, appearing to be a very human girl. The blood, sweat, and tears contain the deadliest of poisons, she can release an invisible poison mist from her mouth and clean poisons from her nails.

The second part of the puppet looks like the historical torture device, Iron Maiden. A human shaped iron cabinet filled with spikes on the interior. The Iron Maiden opens up into thick bands of metal that shoot the spikes out like bullets. The spikes can also trails wires that can bind and cut flesh. As with most puppets, the Iron Maiden is coated with crimson poison and poisoned oils.

Inspiration: Iron Maiden Jeanne from Shaman King manga.

Shichifukujin (Seven Lucky Gods)

Number 70: Shichifukujin: Ebisu
Ebisu: A fat puppet in fisherman’s clothes. It uses a net to ensnare enemies and has large fishhooks that are coated in a neurotoxin that works like fugu poison. It also has jellyfish-like tentacles with poisoned barbs. Ebisu can also manipulate the Earth Element to grant greater strength and durability.

Number 71: Shichifukujin: Daikokuten
Daikokuten: A puppet with a wide smile and a flat black hat. It wields a golden mallet that releases electrical charges on impact (piezo electric) and releases scents and sounds that attract and control mice. It's element is wood, which allows it to extend and manipulate it's limbs which can increase the power of his mallet and snare targets.

Number 72: Shichifukujin: Bishamonten
Bishamonten: A puppet wearing samurai armor and wielding a spear.The spear can extend to great lengths and generates ghosts (entities of spiritual energy), which drains away an opponent's physical energy. The armor is extremely durable so he always has dignity and authority.

Number 73: Shichifukujin: Benzaiten
Benzaiten: A female puppet that uses sound based genjutsu and fire attacks. She can also generate musical attacks similar to Hidden Sound ninja. She can release a hallucinogenic mist from her mouth which boosts visual and audio genjutsu and can be ignited by a spark.

Number 74: Shichifukujin: Fukurokuju
Fukurokuju: A bald puppet with a beard and a high forehead. It has a staff with scroll attached to it. The book has various weapons sealed in it. The scroll also has seals to summon a metal turtle which can be used as shield and a metal crane whose feathers and beak are poison-soaked blades.

Number 75: Shichifukujin: Hotei
Hotei: A fat smiling puppet wearing Buddhist robes. It carries a large sack filled with whatever Drusilla feels like stuffing into it. It's element is Wind allowing it to turn anything in the sack into a lethal blade. The sack can also be filled with poison gases and all the items can be coated with poison.

Number 76: Shichifukujin: Jurojin
Jurojin: A puppet wielding a fan that can create strong gusts of cutting wind like Temari’s fan and a staff that has a scroll attached to it that can be used to summon a deer. It can produce watery jets of poison that combine with winds to create a poison showers. The staff can be broken into a three-section staff for fighting and the deer is special.

(n) collection of stories (esp. myths, legends, etc.)

Number 77: Albion Setsuwashuu: Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon. A noble looking man with a brown hair and beard dressed in clothing and armor of a fantasy medieval knight. He carries a sword that resonates (sings) to a high frequency allowing it to cut most metals. The sheath is made of an extremely durable material with numerous seals that allow it to deflect attacks. The sheath contains the poison that coats the blade and can be used to create a lethal smoke screen. The sheath also contains an extra blade and special wires, which makes it's worth tens times more than the sword.

Number 78: Albion Setsuwashuu: Gog and Magog
Gog and Magog: Twin giant puppets wearing furs and wielding wooden clubs. Based on two giants said to be the guardians of London. They possess immense strength and durability, but lack speed and agility. They lack most hidden puppet weapons, but the puppets have poison for blood meaning any attack powerful enough to damage them will create a corrosive poison cloud. The furs are also treated with poison and contain sharp metal flakes. The clubs can napalm-like liquid which can be ignited with a spark creating giant fiery torches.

Number 79: Albion Setsuwashuu: Brutus
Brutus of Troy: A puppet wearing Roman armor and wielding a sword. Based on the legendary founder of London. Brutus has a lightning elemental affinity allowing him to use his sword for devastating piercing attacks and can shock opponents with the side of the blade. It also has seals that can summon a shield or spears. As with nearly all of Drusilla's lethal puppets, the blades are coated with poison, even the sharpened edge of the shield.

Number 80: Albion Setsuwashuu: Herne the Hunter
Herne the Hunter: A puppet with deer antlers that wields a hunting knife and a crossbow and poisoned arrows. Based on a legendary hunter who was injured while hunting a white deer and healed by a wizard using the deer’s antlers; he was hanged after being falsely accused of theft.
Special Summoning: Gouka Kariinu (Hellfire Hound)
A collection of vicious dog puppets animated by the hearts of Herne's human kills
Note: In the anime Gilgamesh, there are four legged dolls animated by baby brains!

Number 81: Albion Setsuwashuu: Spring Heeled Jack
Spring Heeled Jack: A tall, thin puppet with large, pointed ears and nose, eyes that glow like fire, and sharp metal claws. It has the ability to go high in the air and can breath fire thanks to flammable gases stored in its body. It wears a helmet, a black cloak, and a tight fitting white suit. Based on Spring Heel Jack, a monster that was seen in London and in other places in England during the 1800s. It's also armed with wires which wrap around a target as he's jumping. The wires carry the fire to there target.

Number 82: Albion Setsuwashuu: Lob
Lob: A large male puppet with a tail. It uses weapons shaped like households cleaning implements such as fireplace pokers, carpet beaters, or brooms. It can fire a milky poison from its mouth that sticks to an enemy and burns their skin. Based on Lob (also called the lubber fiend), a creature that would perform housework in exchange for a saucer of milk and a place by the fire. It can also generate an ash smoke screen from fireplace ash and dirt.

Number 83: Albion Setsuwashuu: Saint Swithun
Saint Swithun: A puppet wearing robes and carrying a staff. It releases a mist of poison into the air that falls like rain on the enemy. Based on a saint associated with the weather in England. It can releases mist into air that causes flammable liquid to rain down and it can also send up fire balls that heat the atmosphere and cause lightning storms. The puppet also possess three elemental affinities - Water, Wind, and Lightning.

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People may wonder why Drusilla showed these skills before.There are several reasons.
(1) Insanity. Drusilla's insanity prevented her from focusing her intellect
(2) Environment: Women of her time were little more than slaves and she treated like an abused child since Angelus destroyed her. Also, there may be a musical savant greater than Mozart in a third word country, but people would never know because music isn't taught.
(3) Connection. Drusilla's connection with Lilitha grants her clarity, focus, and boost to her speed.
(4) There is a line between creativity and insanity,. between inventive and absurd. Drusilla can now cross that line turning what madness remains to artistic genius.

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