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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'


Hokage Tower, Konohagakure no Sato, The Land of Fire

Lady Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato sits behind her desk looking at the returned teams.

Team Kakashi consists of Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura were the ones sent to Suna. Kakashi is in the hospital since the over use of Mangekyo Sharingan left him with severe chakra exhaustion. The mission to rescue Gaara was very important to him and was worried how Naruto would react if it failed. It would have failed if Chiyo hadn't sacrificed herself to bring Gaara back to life after they retrieved the body.

Team Scourge - Angel, Spike, and Drusilla - has proven to be powerful fighters. They helped Sakura and Chiyo defeat S-Class Missing Ninja Akasuna no Sasori. What's shocking is Sasori was revealed as the person who killed Sandaime Kazekage and actually converted his body into a living puppet that possessed his infamous Santetsu ability. What's even more shocking is Angel was able to destroy Sandaime Kazekage with a string of high level ninjutsu and not be harmed even once. There is also Drusilla's puppetry. She was only able to learn the art from the ruins of a Nukenin's lab, but she with Chiyo's help were able to match Sasori's talents.

While Scourge, Chiyo, and Scourge were fighting Sasori, Naruto and Kakashi with help from Team Tamer - Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki - and Team Light - Hikari, Takeru, and Juri- chased Deidara of Iwa to retrieve Gaara's body. In that battle, Kakashi severely drained himself, but they succeeded with help from Team Gai - Maito Gai, Rock Lee, Neji, and Tenten.

"Akasuna no Sasori. S-Class Suna Nukunin. Deceased. Deidara, the Mad Bomber. S-Class Iwa Nukunin. Deceased."

The other mission to Nami no Kuni would be a nightmare S-Class mission to the ANBU forces, but Shizune and Anko lead Team Adventure - Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi and Team Reptile - Masaru, Ryou, and Sai. With backup from Team Kurenai - Shino, Kiba, and Hinata- they killed an army of one hundred eight. Most of them were mercenaries and thugs, but the leaders of the army was a group of Kumo ninja. The fact they sent the Lightning Princess, her ice manipulating body guard, and the Sansai brothers indicates a major military movement in that region and close to there borders.

They were more injured amongst there numbers, but they succeeded and managed to capture Yugito Nii, the Kumo Jinchuriki of Nibi no Nekomata.

Then two more members of Akatsuki appeared hunted Yugito and were also defeated.

"The Sansai Brothers - Kazemaru, Oomizumaru, and Karyuumaru. A-Class Kumo Jounins. Deceased. Karai, the Lightning Princess, daughter of the current Raikage. S-Class Kumo Elite Jounin. Deceased. Fabuki, Hyouton user and Karai's sister/bodyguard. A-Class Kumo Elite Jounin. Deceased. Kakuzu of Waterfall. S-Class Nukenin. Deceased. Hidan of the Jashin. S-Class Nukenin. Neutralized. Yugito Ni, Jinchuriki of Nibi no Nekomata. S-Class Jounin. Captured."

A ninja walks in holding a case. He opens it on the Hokage's desk to reveal several million in Ryou, the currency used in the continent including the land of fire.

"That's what I love about this place." says Spike, holding up stack of bills, "Not only do you get good fights, but you get paid for it. "I need to have my share converted to gold and/or silver."

"Why??" asks Tsunade

"Do you remember what we talked about, when we became shinobi of this village?" asks Spike

"I understand." says Tsunade, "Congratulations. You managed the high S-class missions without a loss of life."

"but not without injury." says Naruto.

Hinata's fingers were badly burnt defeating the lightning princess which has earned her respect from the Hyuuga clan. The members of Team Reptile were badly injured, not only by enemy attacks but from the effects of there own kinjutsu. It's to be expected since while the group sent to Wave was smaller they fought four times the number of high level Jounin. Actually, it's a miracle none of them were killed because the Sansai have been known to wipe out entire Konoha ANBU squads for the fun of it!

"You are all dismissed."

"Lady Tsunade..?"

"I will consider the information Sasori provided." says Tsunade, referring to that one of Sasori's spies amongst Orochimaru's ranks would be at a meeting place in the Kusa nio Kuni (Land of Grass).

As the group leaves, most likely to see the others in the hospital, Shizune turns to Tsunade with a worried look on her face.

"Lady Tsunade, I think we may have major problems."

"I know, Shizune. If Hidden Cloud was operating in the Land of Waves, it means they were planning to create a secret base. That kind of aggression could start another War and now with there Elite killed, including the Raikage's daughter, and the fact we possess one of there two Jinchurikis, the push for war will only increase."

"That's not what I meant."

"The fact that the Akatsuki lost four of it's members means they could become more aggressive or do something unpredictable. It's made worse in that they are all S-Class Missing Nins that can individually destroy a country. Konoha also now possesses two of it's targets."

"That's not what I meant, either."

"Then what!?"

"The Wave Teams killed the Brats!"

The Brats is the name given to the Nukenin members of Council's families. The four were barely chunin level ninja who ran away from Konoha before the death of Sandaime Hokage. There clan heads were members of Konoha's council (Danzo, Homura, Koharu, and a member of the civilian council) who thought there parents made them above the law. There parents arranged for there escape from custody, when they couldn't get the charges dropped and escaped into the East. Even years later, there parents hide them by arranging for there names to disappear from Bingo Books and creating false leads in Rain and Wind Country.

Even if the Brats were traitors and worked under Cloud ninja, there clans would still try to avenge them. They already have enough problems without those old fossils become revenge obsessed.


The Hospital

Mimi carries flowers from Yamanaka Flower Shop to her friends in the hospital. In the battles with Kumo ninja , she was most uninjured due to her and Palmon's use of long distance plant-based attacks.

Izumi only received a few minor injuries and was healed within an hour.

Yamato and Masaru's injuries are mostly healed, but they are still suffering from severe chakra exhaustion. They have been complaining about the hospital food for the past few days after waking up from a healing state.

It took several intensive hours in surgery to repair the nerve damage done to Ryou's nervous system by the lightning princess Karai. He's very happy that Hinata managed to kill Kurai as he would never want to fight that sadist again.

Hinata needed treatment for her burnt fingers and for her exhaustion. She may be the mot injured of her team, but she also accomplished the most in the Kumo.

Mimi looks up to see Angel, Drusilla, and Spike in front of Hinata's Room. Blaze, Lilitha, and Gabriel are standing next to them, there heads tilted towards the door. Neji is on the floor, everything below the nose covered in tight red ribbons. There is a slight panic in his wide Byakugan eyes.

Mimi is about to ask what they are doing, when one of Drusilla's red ribbons manipulated by chakra strings wraps around her mouth and Palmon's. Lilitha pulls a notepad from a nearby desk and writes something quickly, very impressive for something with feline paws and long claws. He tosses it to Mimi and a red ribbons grabs it in the air and holds it in front of Mimi's face so she can read it.

Naruto is visiting Hinata
This is our chance to win the bet.

The Bet was made a few years ago, when Naruto told the Scourge and Digidestined about his life and his friends. When Naruto told the about the strange, but brave girl Hinata turning red and occasional fainting around him, they nearly burst out laughing. When he also mentioned the couple of times he saw her following him, several of the group did burst out laughing. They didn't tell Naruto about Hinata's feelings, but did make bets on when Naruto would find out.

"You are amazing, Hinata-chan!" says Naruto, sounding like a sugar-high ten year old, "You managed to defeat the feared lightning princess! That's so cool."

"Thanks, Naruto." says a blushing Hinata

"You've gotten really strong, Hinata. I found out how great you were during the Chunin Exam, but your kick-ass now."

"I... I wouldn't be this good without you."

"Without me..?"

"You've always been so confident. You never let a failure stop you and you never give up on your dream. You kept on fighting for your dreams and I find inspiration in you."

"Hinata." says Naruto touched, "I fought so hard because no one with acknowledge my existence. I wanted to be noticed and prove I had a reason to exist. It wasn't until the Genin Exams that I learned why I am treated the way I am, but that makes me want to fight harder to prove who I am as I did for Iruka-sensei, Hokage-jisan, and Tsunade-obassan."

"Naruto." says Hinata, a little bit of fear at rejection, "Karai told me about the Kyubi no Kitsune."

Naruto stiffens.

"I know your not the Kyubi, you've got too much heart and spirit." says Hinata holding onto Naruto, "You didn't let the darkness consume you. It only increases my respect for you."

"Precious people."


"It's what a friend of mine told me something important during my first C Mission. Haku said that when a person has someone precious they can truly become strong. I saved Iruka-sensei when Mizuki turned traitor. I fought Zabuza to save Kakashi-sensei. I fought Haku to avenge Sasuke when I thought he was dead. I fought Neji... to avenge you. I fought Gaara to save Sakura. I fought Orochimaru's henchman Kabuto to protect Tsunade." says Naruto, "My Precious people acknowledge me and they saved me from the darkness."

Hinata listens to the passionate speech and then slowly asks a question.

"I'm one... of your... precious people?"

"I first thought you were a weird little girl in my class. Then, I learned that I like weird people. Yes, you are one of my Precious people." says Naruto suddenly noticing how close Hinata is and how much the girl hide under that thick jacket, now barely hidden by the hospital gown.

The faces of Naruto and Hinata slowly get closer.

Outside the room, Spike pumps his fist as lips connect, and pulls out a notebook marked "The Book" The number at the bottom is 156,750 Ryou ( ¥ 1,567,500 / 14,687.99 USD on 22-Jul-08 XEDOTCom)

In another building in Konoha

Part of the council is having a secret meeting. This group has been trying to take power from the Hokages for many years and mostly traditionalists and expansionists. They have opposed many of Sandaime's policies such as allowing Naruto Uzumaki to live after the Kyubi no Kitsune was sealed into him. They are also the ones who were most obsessed with the Uchiha development,despite that three of them ordered the Uchiha Massacre when the threat of Madara became evident.

An elder ninja of Konoha, Danzou was a war hawk who operated in opposition to Sandaime Hokage. Within the ANBU corps, he created and led the training division known as "Ne" or root, which was detached from the main ANBU. The Root group was disbanded and he lost his position. He still is a power player though, with his own influence within the village.

Homura Mitokado serves on the village council, along with Koharu Utatane and the village Kage. This council helps administer the village. Homura was a Genin teammate of Sarutobi (the Third Hokage) and Koharu under their Jounin master the Second Hokage. Later when the Fifth Hokage is to be chosen, he and Koharu convene a council of Fire country feudal lords to pick the new Kage.

The civilian council are mostly greedy fools. They are good merchants, but they don't understand the strength and sacrifice of the ninja. They care more about how they look in front of other villages, than the ninja died to secure the village. They were and still are obsessed with the Uchiha, since the Uchiha and Hyuga clans have always been symbols of power.

"I'm sorry for your loss." says one civilian.

"I'm not." says Danzou, "The Brats were fools! It was only my promise to my late wife that I helped them, instead of having the Ne using them for target practice. They were also working under a group of Kumo ninja."

"The Cloud will be very upset with the death of the Lightning Princess and the Sansai." says one man.

"It changes nothing. They started trouble when they created that base in the Land of Wave and Wave fully supports the Land of Fire."

"Yes." says Homura, "Konoha has saved them twice. The first time resulted in there bridge being named the Great Naruto Bridge."

"How dare they name it after that demon.."

There is a loud crack and the merchant falls over with a black eye.

"The Kyubi Jinchuriki is more of an asset then a threat." says Koharu, "If he didn't defeat Ichibi Jinchuriki Gaara during the Oto-Suna Invasion, the losses to our side would have been far greater."

"These demons are too.."

Another civilian falls to the ground with heavy bruising.

"I would rather being using a weapon, then having it used against us." says Danzou, "Sarutobi was a fool for letting Uzumaki grow up in the village instead of being training as Konoha's weapon. It's not only Suna that possesses or did possess a Jinchuriki, Kumo had the two tail and still possesses the eight!"

"There is also the Akatsuki Organization. A group of S-Class criminals that once included Orochimaru and still include Itachi Uchiha." says Homura, "They are also after the Bijuu and there Jinchuriki to increase there power."

"but..but four of them are dead!' says a third civilian softly, not wanting a black eye.

"Akasuna no Sasori. The man who killed Sandaime Kazekage. Deidara of Iwa. The Mad Bomber and Explosive Artist. Kakuzu of Waterfall, a man who once fought the Shodai Hokage. Hidan of the Jashin. An immortal who has caused massacre after massacre. Each of those four could destroy a country and the only reason they loss is because they underestimated there opponents." says Danzou, "The Monster of the Mist Kisame Hoshigaki, the prodigy Itachi Uchiha, and there is a rumor about Zetsu, the Cannibal of Grass. That's not even the full strength since the leader hasn't been shown. Who ever it is, he must be stronger than the others to maintain absolute control over extremely violent S-Class Criminals."

"How??" asks the civilian merchant, "How did the teams defeat four of them?"

"The new ninjas that followed Uzumaki and Jiraiya into the village. They and there partners possess immense chakra and potential, and where able to surprise there opponents." says Kokaru, "They also possess odd partners they call Digimon that can transform into larger and more powerful forms."

"Is there a way to acquire these Digimon?"

"and What about the rumor about the Mokuton kunoichi. If Yamato was bred..."

The meeting soon devolves into a power-obsessed mess.

Holding Cell, Pre-Konoha Military Prison

Jiraiya, the Toad Sennin, and self-proclaimed Super-Pervert, was about to leave to investigate a lead on the Akatsuki on Amegakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Rain). The reason he has not left is locked in a special holding cell in the Konoha Military Prison.

This special holding cell is separate from the other steel and concrete cells and is surrounded by a wooden cage, as if a tree had grown over the rectangular cell. The wood was created by Mokoton, the legendary wood manipulating bloodline limit of the Senju. The cell was constructed by Yamato, the lone survivor of Orochimaru's experiments conducted on babies to recreate the bloodline.

The reason is the Mokoton has the the addition ability of suppressing the chakra of bijuu. It was this ability that allowed Hashirama Senju to defeat the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan of Madara Uchiha, which granted the warrior the ability to control the Bijuu.

The holding cell also has many seals edged into the bars and stone walls, preventing it's prisoner from escaping or using her demon chakra.

Jiraiya and the Scourge have come to the Prison to Yugito Nii, the recently captured Kumo Ninja and Jinchuriki of Nibi no Nekomata.

"Greeting, Yugito. My name is..."

"Jiraiya, the Toad Sennin. I know." says Yugito with a smug feline look, "Kumo trains it's weapons. It doesn't let them become a weakling like Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Naruto is not a weakling."

"He's not a strong as he could have been." says Yugito glaring at Jiraiya, "He could have become powerful, very powerful if the rumors are true."

"What rumors?"

"The only Uzumaki on record is a survivor from the destroyed Uzu no Kuni, Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto is without a doubt her son, but his resemblance and association leads to the rumor that Naruto's father is Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage."


"Why are you here? Scarhead Ibiki Morino has already extracted all the knowledge I possessed with the help of Orochimaru's Mokuton experiment."

"How do you know...?"

"The last member of the Senju is Tsunade and she has no children, other than her ward/assistant Shizune. He investigated and learned of Orochimaru's experiments. Kumo has always been obsessed with power, which is why we have more than one Jinchuriki and bloodline limits rescued from the Bloodline Purge in the Mizu no Kuni." says Yugito, not caring about the information she gives out, "You still haven't explained why you are here?"

Spike walks forward with his Impmon Blaze and smirks at Yugito.

"A little kitten that thinks she tough." says Spike, enjoying a cigarette, "What do you think, Dru?"

"Cat within a Kitten. Many only see the Cat, don't see the Kitten. Kitten is so sad and lonely." says Drusilla beginning her tale, "Boy with Beast in Sand lost in despair, kills to prove his existence. Little Fox rises from the darkness to protect his precious people who keep him in the light. Kitten became pet and worked to become a defending cat, but it's all gone now. Now Kitten is trapped and losing herself in the darkness."

"What are.."

"Don't try to hide it, Kitten. I can smell the fear and you don't become an expert torturer without knowing your victim's fear. " says Spike, looking directly into Yugito's eyes causing her to step back, "Your Claustrophobic."

Yugito pales at the revealing of her secret. It was the one fear she hide from everyone including her fellow Kumo Ninjas. It stems from her younger years, when she was locked up in a little metal cell when her teacher wanted to punish her

"What do you want!?" says Yugito trying to keep the panic and fear out of her voice.

"I imagine the Senju Jinchuriki-suppression cell is very uncomfortable. You can't even talk with Nibi in that cell, leaving you completely alone." says Angel, "We are willing to release you from the cell if your willing to help us with our research."

"What type of research?"

"Let me explain. There is an organization known as the Akatsuki. They are a group of S-Class nukenin recognized by there black cloaks with red clouds, individual rings, and... manicures." says Jiraiya, "They have begun a hunt for Jinchuriki. They succeeded in extracted Ichibi no Shukaku from Godaime Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara."

"He's Dead!?"

"No. He was dead, but was restored to life by the famous old woman Chiyo at the cost of her own life" says Angel, "Why are you so concerned?"

"Gaara.... Gaara is an inspiration to me. He's younger and only possessed the one tail, but he became Kazekage. He was once a blood thirsty monster, but he's earning the respect of his people."

"The Akatsuki sent Deidara, Explosive Artist of Iwa and Akasuna no Sasori to extract the Bijuu and they succeeded. Deidara and Sasori were killed by a large number of Konoha's new forces, but the Bijuu wasn't recovered." says Jiraiya, "Two more members of Akatsuki appeared in the Land of Wave."

"Looking for me?"

"Yes. Hidan of Jashin. Kakuzu of Waterfall. Two near immortal S-Class criminals"

"I assume you either escaped or defeated them, since I'm here instead of dead and drained."

"The same groups that killed Karai, Fubuki, and the Sansai Brothers were able to destroy them with difficulty. If they had sent another team like Monster of the Mist Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha, thinks could have turned out really bad for everyone."

"Itachi?? The Uchiha that massacred his clan and possesses the Mangekyo Sharingan?"

"Yes. Itachi and Orochimaru have history with the Akatsuki." says Jiraiya, "What do you know about the Mangekyo Sharingan?"

"The primary way to activate it is to kill your best friend. To reach the final form, Eternal, that doesn't decay is to kill and take the Mangekyo eyes of your brother." says Yugito shocking Jiraiya, "The three main techniques are Tsukiyomi, Amateratsu, and Susanno. Tsukiyomi is a genjutsu that traps the victim in a world the user can control allowing the user to torture his victims for days in the real time of seconds. Amateratsu is a ninjutsu that produces all consuming black flames from the eyes that burns for seven days and nights. Susanno is a sealing technique that creates a phantom warrior around the user that protects him using a mirror shield and a strike from legendary sword can seal it's target in eternal dreamless sleep. Madara used the Eternal to control of Bijuu, which is why the pre-Konoha flag had a picture of a nine-tailed fox. It's suspected that Madara summoned the Kyubi to destroy Konoha like he did when fighting Hashirama Senju at the Valley of the End."

"How do you know so much about the Sharingan."

"Kumo did extensive research on both the Sharingan and the Byakugan. It was determined that Hyuuga doujutsu would be easier to acquire, but all the knowledge was distributed to the higher forces in case our ninja encountered either clan." says Yugito, "Why am I being so informative and calm about this? I'm usually far more stubborn like a feline."

"The Bijuu suppression makes you more docile and Spike's cigarette contains a powerful incense that causes people to be very honest and open." says Jiraiya from the second hand smoke, "You can guess it's not his normal brand."

"Oh." says Yugito with a weak glare, "So back to the experiments?"

"Konoha's latest additions like the Scourge here and those you fought in Wave all possess partners called Digimon and are connected by an object called call Digivice. Naruto later acquired something similar that regulates the chakra flow between him and the Kyubi no Kitsune. He calls it a Fox Drive. We want to see if we can create a similar Cat Drive for you. It is our hope that they could be used to suppress Bijuu and Jinchuriki, since Yamato can't always be with us for every mission against the Akatsuki and we no longer possess Sharingan users."

"If it gets me out of here, I don't care. It can't be worse then those Kumo Doctors and there bloodline research projects." says Yugito, shuddering at the doctors who wanted to learn if demon sealing could cause the creation of a Kekkai Genkai (Advanced Bloodline Limit). Thank god for her low fertility or they could have gone into the breeding portion of project.

Hokage Tower

Naruto and Sakura walk into the Hokage's office. Already standing next to Tsunade and Shizune are Anko, Sai, Team Scourge, Team Adventure, and Team Tamet. There is also a new face.

He's a tall Jounin with dark eyes and short messy dark brown hair. The most notable feature is he wears Nidaime Hokage-esque forehead protector.

Yamato, whose real name is Tenzou, is an elite ANBU recommended by Kakashi himself for the mission. Yamato wears a forehead protector similar in style to Nidaime Hokage and a further connection to the brothers Shodai and Nidaime Hokage is his ability to use Mokuton (Tree Release) techniques.

Yamato is connected to the legacy of Shodai because he carries his genes within him. When Orochimaru was still a respected ninja within Konoha, he carried out experimental gene therapy on 60 village children. Orochimaru sought to gain Shodai's Mokuton and Bijuu controlling powers for his own. To that end he obtained genetic material and spliced it into 60 children. Orochimaru soon left and never saw the fruit of his labors. All but one of the children died. Yamato managed to survive and grow into a powerful ninja.

"Naruto. Sakura. I'm authorizing the mission to Grass Country. You are to go there and retrieve information on Orochimaru from Akasuna no Sasori's spy in the Oto ranks." says Tsunade, "As Kakashi is unable to fight due to the severe chakra exhaustion caused by his new Sharingan jutsu, Yamato will take command. I'm also transferring Sai from Team Reptile to your team."


"No arguments. You need a complete team and until Sasuke a missing nin his position is open." says Tsunade, "I'm also sending Scourge, Adventure, and Tamer with Anko as a second Leader."

"That's fourteen." says Yamato, "Don't you think that's too many for an uncover mission? There's also the problem with there partners, which increases the number to twenty three."

"I know the numbers are large." says Tsunade, "but there have been reports of Orochimaru himself in the area. If you encounter him, the larger force might enable you to defeat or destroy him."

Naruto is thinking with Orochimaru dead, Sasuke might return to Konoha. If Konoha could produce enough power to destroy the Snake Sennin, Sasuke could be attracted to the Greater Power. It's not a comforting thought.

"As for Stealth, Teams Adventure helped wiped out the majority of an army in the Land of Waves without raising an alarm and rescued the hostages, silently. Team Tamer is extremely stealthy, even Guilmon with Renamon's help. As for Team Scourge.."

"You don't live as long as we do without being very stealthy." interrupts Spike.

"How old are you three!?" says Naruto

Spike pauses for a second, then turns a smirk at Naruto

"Over a hundred forty."

"WHAT!?" yells Naruto, jaw dropped and most of the non-Digidestined.

"I haven't aged for over a century." says Spike, "Dru is older than me. Peaches over there (points at Angel) is even older at over two hundred seventy, but he hasn't aged since he was twenty six."

"They why aren't you famous and in the history books!?" says Sakura

"We are not from around here, we are not even from this continent."

"Now, I'm worried." says Tsunade, "If Orochimaru got his hands on one of you three, he would have a true immortal body."

"No worries about that." says Spike, "There are no vacancies for hebi-teme."

"An entity once tried to possess me" says Angel, remembering the spirit that tried to take over Angelus, only for the demon to shred it. "It failed completely."

"What about the other teams?" asks Sakura

"Masaru, Ryou, Hikari, Takeru, and Juri will be helping me and Jiraiya with a research project." says Tsunade, "It's a possible weapon to use against the Akatsuki."

Somewhere Else

The leather clad form of Tobi stands on the shore of the ocean wearing Sasori's Akatsuki ring and holding a repaired Digivice. The Fox Drive was repaired using chakra and alchemy, but it turned pitch black with a blood red screen when the process was complete. The screen of the new Dark Drive grows brightly, casting a red light across the dark lake.

A giant green with red underside creature rises from the ocean resembling a giant turtle with three long ribbon-shaped tails. It's a hideous creature covered in spiked scales and dark eyes. It's Sanbi, the Three-Tailed Demon Turtle. It's been called by the dark energies of Madara and the Dark Drive.

Madara raises the Dark Drive high into the air and it begins to shriek and glow like a crimson star. Sanbi begins to panic, but it's too late as a black beam lances out from the Dark Drive and hits Sanbi.

A cloud of misty blue chakra rises from Sanbi, which grows thicker and changes to a dark tainted purple. The purple chakra then streams into the Dark Drive, where it's absorbed by the tiny machine. Sanbi begins to roar and scream in pain as it's body is torn apart into dark chakra and absorbed. As the last of the dark chakra is pulled into the Dark Drive, where Sanbi was is an ethereal purple-white flame floating on the ocean's surface. A flame that contracts and vanishes.

Madara looks at the Dark Drive and sees the symbol of Sanbi appear on the screen for second, then fades away.


Author Notes

It's basically a Prologue for the second Naruto arc.
The Fights
The Teams will face Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke in Grass Country. With over a dozen fighters, they will be lucky if the country survives. I'm thinking of adding a few Oto and Kusa Ninjas working for Orochimaru to even things up..
The Dark Drive
When Pein and Madara repaired Naruto's old Fox Drive, there dark chakra caused it to transform into the Dark Drive. It's similar how Ken Ichijouji's Digivice upgraded in the Dark Ocean to become the Dark D-3. The Dark Drive can break down a Bijuu's chakra-based body, like an Erase command, then absorb the dark negative aspect of the Chakra leaving what little positive energy exists. The Dark Drive can then download the Bijuu into the King of Hell Statue.
Bijuu Experiments
I have plans for Yugito and Nibi.

Mission to Grass Country
The second Retreval

Kusa (Grass) Teams
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Leaders - Yamato and Anko
Konoha Research Team
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri

Who should be in Naruto's Harem?
Other Pairing?

Naruto Char? Digimon Char? Both?



Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'
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