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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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The Trip Begins

CHAPTER 02: The Trip Begins

Streets of Sunnydale October 31, 1997

A dark figure moves threw the night streets of Sunnydale. This not what's unique, as Sunnydale has always had an active night life. What is unique is the person himself.

In 1727, a child name Liam was born to a middle-class linen merchant in Galway, Ireland. By 1753, at the age of 26, he develops a taste for alcohol, women and sloth. Liam is a hedonist whose only real ambition lies in seeing the world. He was found by the vampiress Drusilla and turned. When he returned the first thing he did was slaughtered his family, his sister let him in thinking he was an angel. So gave birth of the legendary nightmare, Angelus, the demon with the angelic face. Darla later left her master to be with 1760.

He became known as the most blood thirsty vampire in recent history and took torture to an art form. In 1890, Angelus spotted Drusilla from London, England, a young woman "cursed" with the "sight", something her mother saw as "an affront to the Lord." Angelus killed her family, which caused her to flee to a convent. On the day she was take her holy orders, Angelus killed the entire convent, then proceeded to rape her and drive her insane, before finally turning her. So began the story of Drusilla the Mad.

Drusilla, in turn, sired William the Bloody, for whom Angelus largely served as a mentor and "role model." William, who was a blood awful poet in life, reveled as a vampire causing massacre after massacre as the final member of the vampire quartet known, The Scourge of Europe. William would later gain the name Spike, for his method of torturing victims with Railway Spikes

In 1898, while in Bor┼ča, Romania, Angelus tortured and killed the favorite daughter of a tribe of Kalderash gypsies. To avenge her death, the Kalderash gypsies curse him by restoring his human soul, thus afflicting him with a conscience and condemning him to an eternity of remorse for the crimes he has committed. He spent years in depression, trying and failing to be evil, and living like a sewer rat, until a demon named Whistler working for the PTB (Powers That Be) in 1996 had him become the hidden protector of the Slayer Buffy Summers.

This history is important because Spike lead by a very active Drusilla has found Angel in the middle of the street. Spike and Drusilla are followed by a small group of vampires, most of them were created by Spike, but two were servants of The Master of Aurelius, also known as Heinrich Joseph Nest.

"It's a small world." says Spike with a smirk.

"Still a Bad Poet, William."

Suddenly, the Event occurs. A massive wave of chaos magic explodes across Sunnydale and collides with the pack of vampires like a tsunami. Drusilla screams in pain as the stars scream, the chains of destiny shatter and the future is clouded for the first time in centuries. The wave of magic is powerful enough to knock the vampires down, but the remaining members of the Scourge of Europe are the most effected.

Angelus was created different than most vampires. The hedonist accepting becoming a vampire and lost most of his humanity in process to further sate his desires. When he was cursed, the soul Angel channeled his animal impulses, his Id, into the demon Angelus and became a brooder. This created a far more savage and darker demon. The chaos magic is attracted to the positive and negative spiritual energies caused by the Soul/Demon conflict.

Drusilla was turned after her mind and spirit had been shattered. The broken soul was lost inside Drusilla unable to escape when she was turned. The demon entered a body with a damaged psychic mind and was also shattered. The frail condition caused by a mob in Prague left Drusilla's mind dispersed and also makes her an antenna for the energy swirling around her.

Spike was sired by Drusilla and made different than most. She left a great deal of psychic power in Spike, which resulted in the demon that inhabited the corpse to absorb the totality. In other future time lines, Spike would have been ensouled, but the amount of change would be almost nothing because the actual difference between the demon and soul is almost nothing. The oddly human demon and connection on Angel and Drusilla causes him to absorb larger amounts of energy.

The vampires around them can only watch as the traitor and there masters glow with a misty dark blue-purple energies. They are too scared to move from the arcs of energy that crawl across there forms.


The vampires turn to see a man dressed in the browns and greens of Fantasy Druid holding a long wooden staff with a glowing spherical gem at the end. The man's eyes are filled with madness and pain, and the vampires step back as the Druid points his staff at them.

The vampires are suddenly surrounded by a translucent energy bubble and float in the air. Then the bubble is filed with an explosion of sun light, that instantly incinerates them. The bubble pops like a soap bubble and a cloud of ash falls to the ground, where Angel, Spike, and Drusilla are slowly getting up.


The Aurelius Vampires have no time to reacts as they are caught in a another bubble and begin to float, but before the Druid can create the sun flash, the sky turns red and arcs of red and green energy descend from the dark heavens. The helix of red and purple energy hits the druid and is channeled into a purple blast that shoots from the staff into the spherical bubble containing the three vampires.

The bubbles glows purple, then bright purplish white, then shrinks to tiny glowing point and vanishes with a loud energy shock-wave. There are no witnesses left as the Druid falls to the ground dead from channeling the vast amount of energy, his organs and nerves burnt, his blood near boiling.

In the now chaotic realm of the Powers that Be, several members scream out as there plans dissolve. In another plan of existence, the fallen Power that would have taken the name Jasmine screams as the chaos wipes away her plans.

In LA, as the Wolfram & Hart building collapses and it's members die, a scroll referred to as Shanshu Prophecy ignites. The Circle of the Black Thorn is burned away by the chaos and by those born of the chaos and violence.

Sahjhan and his fellow Granok who thrive on chaos and violence, and were made immaterial by Wolfram and Hart, don't have time to celebrate as the chaos warps time and dimensions, and tears them to pieces. Caught in space and time, 18th century English vampire hunter Daniel Holtz dies and rejoins his wife, son, and daughter, the hunt for Angelus forgotten.

Between time and dimensions, a bubble of chaos continues to fall.

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Note: The Scourge will be bouncing from world to world for the next few chapters ala Silders. Where depends on the votes for each one. IE Most votes is first stop, second most votes is second, etc...
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