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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
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Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
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There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'


The Land of Fire


Sai falls out of an indentation in the bark of a tree. Sakura, Ruki, and Mimi look ready to beat him further. The males and Anko don't seem all that worried since Sai kept on making perverted remarks.

"He's one of Danzo's ROOT ninja, isn't he?"says Spike

"How did you guess?" says Yamato with a fair amount of sarcasm.

"What is the Root?" asks Guilmon, next to Takato, "Root of what?"?"

"The Root of Konoha is what Danzo called it. Danzo is an old war-hawk." says Anko, "He and Sandaime were always against each other on how Konoha should be run. The ROOT ANBU were his creation. Emotionless soldiers that lack the Will of Fire Sarutobi cherished. If Danzo had his way, Naruto would have become a weapon like Gaara and Yugito were."

"In a land called Japan, Samurai were taught ti be warriors from birth, but they also learned the arts for times of peace. A person without emotions is only good as a tool for war and is useless outside the battlefield." says Angel, "It's the reason your having so much trouble, Sai."

"I do not understand what you are talking about." says Sai

"You also suck at lying." adds Spike

"It must also suck to have no penis."


"This is going to be a long trip." says Anko, as Spike smashes Sai into a tree a couple of times before the boy replaces himself with an Ink Clone.


"Yes, Guilmon?"

"What's a war hawk? Is he a birdy?"

"No. He's a mean old man who likes War." says Takato with a sweat drop, "He wants to conquer and increase Konoha's military might."

Suddenly, Drusilla turns to the ANBU Yamato, whose real name is Tenzou.

"The old men are making plans. They want to revive the Legacy of the First."

Tenzou looks at her for a minute, then pales. That's very impressive with his pale skin tone.

"What?" asks twelve people and nine Digimon.

"Shodaime Hokage Hashirama Senju possesses a Kekkei Genkai (Blood Inheritance Limit) known as Mokuton. It enabled him to combine Earth and Water affinity chakra to grow and manipulate plant life. He even used it in the founded of Konoha with his brother Nidaime and his rival Madara Uchiha. The problem is the bloodline wasn't passed on to his descendant, Godaime Hokage Tsunade Senju.'

'Long ago, Orochimaru conducted genetic experiments trying to replicate the Mokuton in a group of babies. He forced to leave before he could see the final results, but I'm the only survivor of the project."

"So you can manipulate plants like I can?" asks Mimi

"Crap!" says Spike, "The council is probable going to try to force Yamato and Mimi together to breed a Mokuton clan."

"But...But... My powers are the result of my bond with Palmon." says the pale Mimi looking at the ghoulish Tenzou. "Yamato's Hyouton powers come from his bond with Gabumon, too."

"Actually, that not completely true anymore." says Angel, "I talked with Jiraiya and there's a theory about Kekkei Genkai and Jinchuriki?"

"What do you mean??" asks Naruto

"Chakra is a combination of physical and spiritual energy, and spirits like Bijuu are pure energy. The theory is the only thing that separates Mortals and Youkai is Mortal spirits are limited by bodies and Youkai bodies are limited by there spirits. When a youkai is implanted into a human, the amount of youki released determines how much modification it can make. The modification become potential bloodlines.'

'All hosts of Ichibi no Shukaku possesses high earth and wind affinity, and if Gaara has children there is a change for them being born with a bloodline. If you have children Naruto, they could possess your ability to heal and your massive chakra capacity.'

'There's also a theory that the Rokudou Sennin (Six Realms Sage) gained the Rinnegan (Transmigration Eye) by traveling threw the realms of youkai and used the knowledge of how they use there power, which later became the basis for modern ninjutsu."

"So, what does that have to do with me??" says Mimi

"Your connection with your Digimon is similar to an external Jinchuriki bond. That combined with the massive chakra reserves the Digimon and Partner possess could result in a potential bloodline."

"Crap." says Mimi, "I hope Tsunade-sama can pound some sense into there heads."

"Mokuton: Moku Bunshin no Jutsu" (Wood Release: Wood Clone Technique)

Yamato makes a few hand seals and suddenly beams of wood extend from his body. It forms a dark brown mass next to him, that morphs into a clone of Yamato in the same position. The clone runs into the woods and seconds later the body of bandit falls in front of the ground, clearly dead.

The corpse reminds the group of a rat with his balding head, narrow face, whiskers, and buck teeth.

"Who's that, Yamato?"

"Hachiro Saki . Low C-Class Nukenin. He's a spy and bandit from Rice Country. He was part of one of there ninja clans before Orochimaru's Otokagure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Sound) became the official ninja village and was thrown out because he was caught stealing when still a little kid. He's so weak, he only possesses talent in stealth and could only make money selling information to more powerful ninjas."

"What's this?" says Spike pulling out a scroll after taking most of the valuables, "What? I like to pillage the enemy. He could have something useful."

Tenzou takes the grey scroll and opens it.

"It's a Summoning Contract for Nezumi (Rats)? I doubt he ever used it. Any body want it?"

Spike pushes Angel forward.

"You take it, Rat Boy." says Spike with a sneer.

"Rat Boy??" asks the group.

"Didn't peaches tell you what...?"

"Shut up Spike or I use you for targeting practice." says Angel with golden eyes.


Jiraiya drips his brush into the special ink for the one hundred eighth time.

A known fact is a tree feed on chakra can be used to create a paper to test chakra affinity. By channeling chakra into a sheet, the user can determine his element by the reaction. If the nature is Fire, the paper quickly burns. If nature is Water, it becomes soaking wet. If the Nature is Lightning, it crumples up like static cling. If the Nature is Earth, it crumbles to dust as if it was a thousand year old parchment. If the Nature is Wind, the paper is torn in half, cut to pieces.

A lesser known fact is a certain plant feed on chakra produces an ink that can contain massive amounts of chakra including the chakra of Bijuu. Jiraiya has created three elaborate seals, each with a maximum radius of eighteen meters and arranged in a triangle. The seals on either side resembles Sharingan tomoes from above with the center a perfect circle. A oval loop of kanji connects the three tomoe

"This looks very complicated." says Masaru

"I wouldn't even be attempting this kind of research if I hadn't met you and your friends." says Jiraiya finishing the last kanji, "I wouldn't have found the Rokudou Sennin Scroll, if I hadn't been traveling with such a large group. That combined with what we were able to take from the old Uchiha compound gave me enough knowledge about the tailed beast to attempt this."

"What do we need to do?" says Ryou standing next to Team Light.

"I need you to stand around the first circle with there partners around the middle one and Yugito in the third. When I give the signal, you use the seals to channel the energy into your circles. When the circles are charged, I'll give a second signal and you cause your partners to evolve, while I complete the Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Technique). "

"Your trying to use the excess material from the digital fields to create a Digivice." says Ryou with a smirk, "How do you plan to contain the particle accumulation?"

"I placed a reflect seal directly above it on the ceiling and connected it to the main seal below using channeling seals on the walls. While the seals are activate, the field should be contained with a barrier."

"How much..."

Agumon, Masaru, Monodramon, and Team Light sweat drop as Jiraiya and Ryou get into a long discussion. Ryou may have the most unique experience of all Digidestined due to his battles with the wicked god Millenniummon, but some times he can be an insufferable know-it-all.

Six members of Danzo's Ne "ROOT" Anbu hide in the shadows of the huge building using every bit of skill and gear to hide there chakra and scent from the Legendary Sennin. They all wear special scentless oils and bandages block all scent and wear special padding with Fuuton seals prevents a single sound from movement or breathing. Special clothing combined with a near undetectable notice-me-not genjutsu hides them from sight and a few seals absorbing excess heat and wasted chakra making there chakra and heat signatures blend into the back ground.

They were ordered to watch Jiraya's experiments by Danzo and the Council. There mission is two part. The first part is finding out information about the Scourge and Digidestined, as they have proven to be extremely powerful in the Suna and Nami Missions. The second part, is finding information on combating Jinchuriki, such as Kumo remaining Jinchuriki and there own Kyubi container should he become a threat to there plans.

Kusagakure no Sato, The Land of Grass

Over a week later, Yamato (Tenzou) in Tenchi Bridge in Hidden Grass Village . He's in the disguise of Akasuna no Sasori waiting for Sasori's spy to appear. Teams Scourge, Adventure, and Tamer are waiting as back up. Anko, Naruto, Sakura, and Sai are waiting nearby bushes for the spy's arrival. It's not been easy trip mostly do to Sai's big mouth and the occasional argument between Angel and Spike. Mimi has also become determined to learn Tenzou's Shichuuka no Jutsu (Four Pillar Home Technique).

Using his ability to utilize Mokuton (wood release) techniques, Yamato will form hand seals and cause beams of wood to emerge from the ground. These beams will converge and combine to form a dwelling of his choosing. This dwelling will resemble a normal home, with rooms and doors on the inside. In essence the technique allows Yamato to conjure a home from nothing, and not even have to summon it. Mimi remembers having to deal with the rough conditions of the Digital World in her early years and would have have given nearly anything to create a home from nothing.

There is a faint noise and the spy arrives revealing itself to be Kabuto Yakushi!

"It's been five years, Sasori." says Kabuto, " I have been feeling weird recently. The memory block has been finally being removed and I'm returning to who I was."

In the bushes, Naruto, Sakura, and Sai are having problems hearing the conversation. Anko is having an easier time due to a hebi-hijutsu (snake-based secret technique). It enables the user to feel and hear vibrations in the ground, and boosts the surrounding sounds. She suddenly looks up as she senses something familiar.

"Where are Orochimaru and Sasuke now?" asks Tenzou as Sasori.

"They change lairs every week and will do so again in three days. They are currently at the north lake hideout." says Kabuto, then turns startled and looks at the bushes. A rabbit appears and hops away to Kabuto's relief.

Anko recognizes what she is sensing. Orochimaru is here!

Team Scourge, Adventure, and Tamer and there partners leap clear of there hiding place as it explodes into a million burning pieces.

Angel, Spike, and Drusilla with there Rookie partners Lucemon, Blaze, and Lilitha land on another bridge. Angel takes a stance, Spike pulls out his sword and ignite it, and Drusilla pulls a scroll with a casual ease that would scare small forest animals.

Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki land in the trees with there partners Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. It's very strange to see a red dinosaur on the branch of a giant tree, but the kitsune Renamon looks so at home you would think she was born there.

Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi land near the river or to be more accurate, Yamato and Mimi lands ON the surface of the river, and Izumi stands on a wire between two branches of a tree extending over the river's edge. Gabumon stands on the sandy shore, Palmon is hidden in the foliage, and Tentomon

There opponents reveal themselves clad in camouflage clothing and ninja headbands. The headbands identify which village they are from. Four Ame Nukenin (Rain Missing Ninja), Nine Kusa (Grass)Ninjas, and sixteen Oto (Sound) Ninja. The enemy ninja all attack at the same time and the teams separate into individuals and Digimon partners.

Three Ame Ninjas toss there umbrellas high into the air as they charge Izumi. They use there secondary umbrellas to knock Izumi back and off balance, before releasing there technique.

"Jouro Senbon!" (Sprinkling Needles!)

Each umbrella releases a torrent of needles. Using their chakra the former Rain ninja guide the needles towards their opponent. The mass of needles attacks Izumi from all sides creating a cloud of wet sand and a thunderous sound.

The Rain ninja think they have won, when the cloud clears to reveal a ball. It's a large sphere composed of woven wire with the long needles stuck in it's surface.

"Ninpou: Rasen Harisashi no Jutsu!" (Ninja Art: Spiral Pincushion Technique!)

Suddenly, the wire sphere begins to spin at high speed, first on one axis, then multiple axis. The needles then shoot out in all directions. Two of the Rain ninja are able to avoid there own needles, but the third is impaled threw the neck and chest. He collapses into the river and his bleeding corpse is washed down stream. The wire sphere breaks apart and falls away to reveal Izumi in the center holding his hands in two half seals.

"Suiton: Mizu no Muchi!" (Water Release: Whip of Water)

One of the Ame ninja forms a long whip made of water from the river and whips it at Izumi. Izumi avoids the first couple of strikes, then allows it to wrap around his wrist. The Rain ninja releases an powerful electrical discharge into Izumi's body, but Izumi doesn't even cry out or twitch from the shock.

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Water Release: Violent Water Wave)

After forming the needed hand seals, the second Rain ninja expels a strong jet of water at his opponent. The blast is powerful enough to cut threw rock, but is stopped by Tentomon, who during the explosion digivolved to Kabuterimon. The new Rain ninja are freaked out by the giant insect, esp since there clans have had problems with the bug users of Konoha, the Aburame, in the past.

"Ninpo: Suichuu Muchi no jutsu!" (Ninja Art: Underwater Whip technique)

The needles from the Jouro Senbon technique connect to Izumi by thin wires are pulled from the bottom of river, cutting threw the water, and wrap around the two rain ninja like whips. Izumi then forms a set of hand seals with the wires in his mouth.

"Raiton: Happa Uotsuri!" (Lightning Release: Explosive Blast Fishing)

A blast of electrical power goes from Izumi, traveling down the thin wires, and hits the captured Rain ninja with enough force to explode. This cause a two pillar of water, which fall to reveal to steaming bodies that with the wire burnt away, drift down the river.

Mimi avoids the poison-coated sword of the last Rain ninja, a Kunoichi with dull green hair and a scar over her left eye. Mimi leaps back with Palmon, as her Digimon uses her vine whips to knock away the shuriken thrown by the three Grass ninja. The hissing sound they make as they impact the bark of the trees is an indication they are also poisoned with a powerful corrosive.

"Come back here, you fairy!" yells the scarred kunoichi

"You don't like Fairies??"

"CENSORED like you don't deserve to call yourself Kunoichi! What kind of ninja has pink hair!?"

Mimi lets Palmon jump from her arms, then forms several hand seals as she bounces off a tree and moves towards the female Rain ninja.

"Zankotsu Ira!" (Bone-cleaving Thorn!)

Long thorns extend from Mimi as she spins and passes the Rain kunoichi. They retract as Mimi lands on a branch behind the grass ninja. The Rain kunoichi watches as crimson drips pass her eyes and falls from her body to the forest floor. She then falls to the ground in bloody pieces.

The Kusa Ninja land in front of her with there sickle-shaped swords drawn.

"Do you really think you can fight a Grass ninja in our own Country?" says the leader of the three, trying to break her confidence and hide his own fear of the pink-haired devil.

"This may be your land, but as of now this is my Forest." says Mimi going threw hand seals and forming a massive aura of chakra, which then shoots into the surrounding trees.

"Mokuton: Obakejurin Kugutsu!" (Wood Release: Haunted Forest Puppet)

The branches of the tree Mimi is stand on suddenly begin to move like tentacles and form multi-clawed hands on long limbs. The three Grass ninja jump clear of there tree as it's shattered to bits. As one ninja lands on the branch of another tree, the branch comes to life and smashes him into the bark. In a second, he's crushed to death like a bug being smashed by a hand.

"Jiro!" yells one of his teammates, but he's distracted and the clawed finger of one of the branch arms impales him threw the stomach. His body slides down the wood, before being completely torn in half.

A branch whips out to kill the the third, but the Grass ninja is replaced by a Kawarimi (Replacement/Substitution) log that shatters into a million splinters. The Grass ninja appears behind Mimi after disguising himself as a falling piece of bark using Henge (Transformation). In a perfect Kenjutsu attack, the Grass ninja drives his sword threw Mimi's back and out her chest, impaling the heart. Then rising up, he uses his other sword to cut off Mimi's head, only for Mimi to turn into wood!

Mimi appears in front of her decapitated moku bushin and makes a thrusting movement with one of her hands. The wood clone rams the Grass ninja towards the tree trunk.

"Mokuton: Hitokui Hayashi!" (Wood Release: Cannibal Woods )

The trunk of the tree opens up to reveal a human size with spike covered walls like that of an Iron Maiden. As the grass ninja is pushes in, the trunk closes and seals him inside. The screams only last an instant, but the tree oozes crimson like sap.

High in the trees, Palmon looks worried at her smiling partner. Every since they came to the world of ninja, her friends have become ruthless and blood thirsty. Sometimes, she doesn't even recognize herself or her partner.

The Grass ninjas made a mistake attacking Gabumon. According to what the second spy of Orochimaru overheard, it was the bond between Digimon and Partner that gave them such great strength. They didn't expect the horned lizard in the blue fur coat to transform into a kick ass blue werewolf.

Weregurumon proved his Taijutsu skills by send the three flying across the river into the path of Yamato's jutsu.

"Hyouton: Hyoukai no Mori!" (Ice Release: Forest of the Frozen Sea)

A dozen pillars of ice slowly rise from the water, absorbing more and more water as they grow. The pillars releases more and more spike-like branches. In seconds, the forest now has a dozen immense leaf-less trees composed of ice filled with water. The forest floats on the river in some places and is connected to the river bed in others. The cold of the ice forest fills the the river area with a icy mist that give the Grass ninja flashback to there battle with a missing ninja from Hidden Mist.

Weregarurumon has trained with Yamato in the ice forest, so he easily out maneuvers the three Grass ninja. They are not use to fighting on ice and having trouble finding traction as Weregarurmon delivers blows that could shatter horse-size boulders!

"Hyouton: Uhyou Senbon!" (Ice Release: Freezing Rain Needles!)

The fog in the air condenses into a shower of ice needles that pierce each of the Grass ninja nearly a hundred times before they can find cover under the ice branches. They are now finding it hard to move with there arms and backs covered in bits of ice and bleeding badly.

"Hyouton: Garou Takashio!" (Ice Release: Hungry Wolf Surge)

A giant glowing blue wolf-shaped surge of water explodes from the surface at the Grass Ninja. Only one is able to jump clear, as the wolf smashes the other two into the tree ice they were hiding underneath. They are crushed to death by the ice and fall to the bottom of the river to be swept away.

The last Grass ninja turns in midair to see Yamato next to him and doesn't haver time to avoid Yamato grabbing his face. A ripple of blue light pass threw Grass ninja and his skin and clothing is covered in clear ice. Even the Grass ninja's eyes are frozen with a look of fear between Yamato's fingers.

"Toukanga!" (Frost Fang!)

Yamato tosses the last ninja into one of the ice tree and the ninja shatters on impact. His clothing, his extremities, most of his skin, and his eyes shatter like glass and what remains alive falls into the river to either drown or die of blood loss. Yamato has a grin on his face like that a savage wolf.

In the forest, Ruki and Renamon are fighting the last of the Kusa ninja. More accurately the Digimon Tamer and Partner are slowly killing them.

The first Grass ninja wearing a yellow-green bandanna is bleeding badly after being hit by Renamon's Fox Leaf Arrowhead and Ruki's "Kyosetsu no jutsu!"

The second a Kunoichi with black hair and a pair of Tensai (iron ribbed war fans) is badly burnt with second degree burns on the exposed areas of her body. The result of blue flames from Renamon's Wisteria Punch and Ruki's "Katon: Touhakken!"

The third grass ninja is a muscular bald giant who wielded an iron hammer with rake-like extensions on the head. His weapon is gone now and his arms look broken from the taijutsu attacks of Renamon and Ruki. He barely managed to summon his last defense. The bald giant apparently has a contract with foxes and managed to summon a giant orange three tail to protect him and his teammates.

"I don't know how you got that fox, but I hold the contract!" yells the bald man, sounding confident for man with injured arms

"You have no idea who you are dealing with" says Ruki with an odd look in her eyes, "Let's show them Renamon!"

Renamon glows and soon the yellow humanoid fox is replaced with a yellow nine-tailed fox with a white mane and mystical blue flames flaring around her paws and tail tips.

"It can't be... It can't be.." says the bald man as his own three tail backs up in fear. "The Kitsune contract was stolen from Uchiha before his war with the Senju Clan, before the fonding of Konoha. Only Lord Madara was able to control the Kyubi no Kitsune. It's not possible."

"Renamon is a Kyubi as your about to find out."

"The contract didn't work until the Kyubi no Kitsune was defeated by Yondaime Hokage, fifteen years ago" says the bald man rambling, "My sensei said that the reason was once a spirit has become a tailed beast, it doesn't need the help of summoner to enter this world and as the strongest it's able to order the others of it's kind not to answer the call. That's why no one has a turtle contract because Sanbi is still free."

"What about that Konoha freak Maito Gai?" says the bandanna, his arms twitching most likely from nerve damage and blood loss. "He has a Ninkame (Ninja Turtle)?"

"Those are ninja animals. They are normal-size animals trained by ninjas as partners like the dogs of Inuzuka Clan and Sharingan Kakashi. They can be summoned, but so can the ninjas. Yondaime was famous for it using his Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) technique. True Summon creatures like Toads, Snakes, and Slugs are massive, far larger than there natural forms."

"As interesting and informative this is." says Ruki, "It's time for you three to die!"


"Katon: Onibidama no jutsu!"
(Fire Release: Will-o'-the-wisp Ball/Demon fire ball!)

The blue flames on Kyuubimon's tails become brighter, and ghostly faces appear on them. Nine blue flames appear behind Ruki and ghostly faces appear on them. The faces then become small fireballs which they launches at there opponents. The three grass ninja and three tailed fox are trapped in a cage of blue flames that singes them and threatens to burn them alive.

"Fox Flame Dragon!"

"Katon: Koenryuu!"
(Fire Release: Fox Flame Dragon!)

Kyuubimon starts to spin very fast, which causes the flames on her body to erupt into a fiery inferno. This turns her body into a ball of swirling blue fire. Ruki uses a Digimon Imitation technique and is able to perform an identical attack. While in these states, they both summon mystical dragons that swirl around each other before tearing threw the cage and incinerates the Grass ninjas before vanishing.

The cage vanishes leaving a terrified summon fox.


"Where is the contract?"

The three tail wraps his tail around his body and vanishes in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke clears, there is a different fox in his place. It's the size of a normal fox, but is white and holding a huge scroll and pipes of pan. It resembles a Kudagitsune, a fox spirit from Japanese mythology.

"My name is Misaki" says the white vixen taking the scroll from her back. "You wanted the contract."

"You were originally a Uchiha summon?"

"Yeah. Madara controlled Kyubi-sama, so he controlled us. The contract was stolen from him by a ninja from Rice Country and taken to the temple of Inari, but it was later stolen from the temple by a ninja from the Land of Waterfall. He gave it to a weaker ninja when he learned it wouldn't work. That ninja was killed on the mission to the West and the contract was taken by a missing ninja of Earth Country, a con artist, who later sold the contract to your enemy;' sensei when he was still young. We thought we would never be summoned again, but then the Uchiha-teme got Kyubi-sama sealed.

"How do you know all this if no one was able to summon you?" asks Ruki

Misaki just smiles.

Jenrya is fighting the trio of Oto Chunin that are very similar to the Oto Team that Team Seven - Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke - fought during there first Chunin Selection Exam.

The First (Hyuu) is black armored male with spiky black hair has air holes implanted in his arms. The devices allow the ninja to produce destructive air attacks like the Genin Zaku, but they have been modified with pressure release mechanisms to prevent them from exploding. When Zaku's air holes were blocked by Shino Aburame's insects, it blew his arms off and the new generation were modified to prevent a similar defeat.

The Second (Kera) is a kunoichi with long black hair armed with senbon and kunai that emit sound-based genjutsu (illusions), but unlike the Genin Kin, she doesn't need wires to trigger the genjutsu. She's able to transmit using resonating crystals embedded in each needle. The needles and blades are also coated with a poison that causes auditory hallucinations that makes sound Genjutsu a hundred times more effective and ruins the victim's sense of balance.

The Third (Bari) is a bandage covered man in fur resembling Dosu with two "melody arm" gauntlets on each arm. These arms allow the Bari to manipulate sounds, such as an enemy's fist hitting the arm, into sound based attacks. Unlike Dosu, he's extremely skilled at Taijutsu and has two gauntlets enabling him to amp his attacks further and generate new attacks by bringing them together.

Kera grins at Jenrya's erratic movements and sees her senbon in his legs. She jumps down and throws a set a kunai daggers at Jenrya's vitals. Jenrya suddenly moves and avoids the daggers, and gets into a shaky stance Kera recognizes.

"Hyuu! NO!"

(Extreme Decapitating Air Waves)

Hyuu massive gust of wind capable of totally wiping out his target and the surrounding area.Then to his shock, the tattered remains of his enemy Jenrya becomes the remains of his teammate Kera.

High in the trees, Jenrya holds a hand seal and says in his mind.

"Magen: Suigan Saru Soujikyuu (Demonic Illusion: Drunken Eye Monkey Gemini) complete."

Jenrya's genjutsu cause two targets to see each other as other as the enemy moving in an erratic fashion. It lures them into attacking each other and is dispelled when one of the two targets dies.

"Kera!?" yells Bari as he runs over to Hyuu.

"Genjutsu!" yells Hyuu, "He must be near, Bari!"

Suddenly, thousands of pieces of metal moving at many times the speed of sound wash over Hyuu like a horizontal shower. He's thrown into a tree by the force and pressed into it as the tree becomes splinters. Hyuu may be able to fire attacks at the speed of sound, but the glowing chakra-boosted bullets arrive before they can here the attack name


Bari can only watch as the each shot hit one side of Hyuu and exits with a cloud of crimson. Finally, the attack ends the shredded corpse of Hyuu falls to the blood-soaked ground. Bari watches as a giant bipedal animal with long rabbit-like ears, a bandanna, and blue pants exists the forest. He has machines for lower arms that are releasing trails of smoke

Bari crosses his arms, while gather chakra.

"Die you filthy fat rabbit!! Chou... (Super..)"

Suddenly, Jenrya lands behind him and Bari turns, only for Jenrya to move around him and place his mouth near the back of Bari's neck. The chakra-boosted needle held in his mouth is driven into the back of Bari's neck right threw the armor. Bari suddenly can't move, he completely paralyzed.

"Ryuu no Kisu." (Kiss of the Dragon)

"One, your far filthier than me. Two, I'm not that fat for my kind. And for the record." says Gargomon, "I am not and have never been or will be a Rabbit! I am a terrier dog!"

Jenrya removes the needle and the Hijutsu (secret art) takes effect. The attack which was once a forbidden ijutsu (medical technique) stimulates all the body's blood to travel to the brain to cause a painful death via a brain aneurysm. As Jenrya and Gargomon leave to find the others, Bari falls to the ground dead bleeding from every orifice in his head.

Takato and Guilmon are moving threw the forest avoiding the attacks of the three Oto ninja following him.

"Senei Ta Jashu!" (Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!)

"Katon: Tessou!" (Fire Release: Iron Claws)

Takato's fingers form claws of chakra that ignite into fire that coats them. He moves in a spiral and snakes are sliced to pieces and incinerated

"Zankuuha!" (Decapitating Air Waves)

The Reptile Digimon Guilmon avoids the slicing air pressure moving with insane speed despite his appearance. The Oto ninja curses as Guilmon is once more at his master's side.

"Yomi Numa!" (Swamp of the Underworld!)

The third Sound Ninja uses the Doton (Earth Release) technique to attack both Tamer and Digimon. After forming the needed handseals, a vast swamp appear beneath his targets to sink and kill them. It appears to be working, when a crimson light shoots from the pool.

Takato now stands on the shoulders of a giant red cybernetic dinosaur with blade arms and menacing armor. Guilmon has become his perfect form of WarGrowlmon.

"Double Edge!!"

WarGrowlmon powers up the blades on his arms and fires them at the enemy. The three Oto ninja barely avoid the radioactive blades, but the heat is enough that they ignite. They barely have time to scream as they burn, before Takato sends his own finisher.

"Katon: Dabi Sokushinzai!" (Fire Release: Cremation Accelerant!)

Takato release a spray of dark blue-purple mist from his mouth. As it comes in contact with the burning Sound ninjas, the flames becomes larger and hotter as if some one dumped gasoline on a bonfire. The temperature increase is so severe the air explodes creating a shock wave and every cell in there bodies is superheated. This technique is normally used by the Hunter ninjas to accelerate the burning of corpse, but it also accelerates the death of those that are burning.

As the ashes and charred bones of Oto Ninja fall to the ground, no one notices the Hazard symbol on WarGrowlmon's chest glow a faint red or a similar mark on Takato's chest pulsating like heart beat.

Drusilla's first two opponent were easy victims.

She used her Hijutsu: Meido Kyuuketsuki Mokushiroku! (Secret Art: Underworld Vampire Revelation) to wrap the first Sound ninja in crimson ribbons and bury him deep underground. A slow, painful death as the ribbons drain away his blood and chakra.

Hitokugutsu Hitosashi (human puppet dance) killed the second Sound ninja by taking control of his movements, then moving him in a pattern that broke and dislocated bones until he died.

The Third is far more dangerous. He was a tall, thin man with yellow-tinted skin, white blond hair, and green eyes when the battle started. He's dressed in grey pants with black belt and shoes. He also had the ability to secrete a liquid that hardened into a gold metal and containing a paralyzing poison. The poison which now makes moving her left arm difficult.

Then the Orochimaru's Juin (curse seal) in the form of crystals spread across his body. He then went into the second stage of the seal becoming a reptilian humanoid with thick gold scales covering his body, sharp fangs and claws, and golden eyes with black sclera (whites).

There is one thing that worries the Lizard as he feels the power flow threw him, Drusilla doesn't show a trace of fear. Instead, she has a faint smile that's making him paranoid. So paranoid that he attacks first with one of his strongest Earth techniques.

"Doton: Doryou Dango!" (Earth Release:Mausoleum Earth Dumpling)

After striking the ground with his hands, the Lizard overturn the earth into a large dumpling shape chunk of earth the size of a mausoleum. Using his immense strength, he lifts up the ball and hurls it at his opponent, flattening all in its path.

"Katon: Assai Kazanbaikumo!" (Fire Release: Crushing Volcanic Ash Cloud!)

Spike releases a spray of burning ash from his mouth, creating a burning cloud around the Sound Ninja. Two of the Sound ninja are dead, there brains cooked in there skulls, they skin covered in ash making them look like victims of Pompei.

The sold survivor is a sumo-size ninja standing almost seven foot with dark skin, dark red hair, and small black eyes. He's dressed in dark red pants with black sandals and a string of copper-plated beads for a belt. There's also a ring of huge brass beads around his neck. He looks too big and massive to be a ninja, but he moves with surprising speed and he can also generate strong Katon techniques. He also proves it now by wiping off the superheated ash like ordinary dirt.

Slowly, the curse seal spreads across his body in a flame-like pattern, then he goes into second stage. His skin turns a dark orange-red and his red hair turns black with red tips and his eyes turned bulging and black with gold irises. He also has black webbing between his fingers with black claws and a wide mouth with a long tongue making him look a giant red toad.

Spike doesn't even look surprised. Instead he has a feral grin that makes the cursed seal level two opponent back up even with his immense power. The Toad gathers fire in his mouth, then releases it as a giant breath of fire.

"Katon: Dai Endan!" (Katon: Great Fireball!)

Angel and Gabriel killed the first two sound ninja with relative ease.

He threw a double-bladed kunai at one and when he ducked it, he used a chakra-magnetic field to summon it back with the Sound ninja head in the path. The kunai dagger penetrated the Sound Ninja's spine and killed him in an instant.

Angel's Child Lucemon partner Gabriel stopped the attack by the second Sound Ninja by impaling the kunoichi threw the neck with one of his light swords.

That left an odd pair of Sound Ninjas.

One was a average height, thin man with pale skin, yellow eyes, and a white mohawk dressed in white pants with silver bracers. He possessed the ability to secrete a silvery liquid that hardens into a chakra-resistant metal. A substance he uses to create throwing weapons.

The other was tall, thin man with yellow eyes, pitch black skin, and no hair. He's dressed in black pants holding a huge samjiegun or three-section staff. He's not only skilled at Taijutsu and bojutsu (staff fighting), he's also skilled with water techniques.

The battle was long and brutal with Gabriel learning 10 primary techniques that characterize the "Three-Section Staff" and Angel nearly turned into a pin cushion. Then, when both Sound Ninja were knocked back by a high energy attack, they said the words that started Round Two.

"It's time we stopped fooling around." said the first as the curse seal appear on his skin in spiraling patterns.

"and show you the power of Orochimaru." said the second, his own seal spreading like dripping ink

The first Sound Ninja's skin has turned slate grey with bands of silver and his white hair has become a spiny mane of metallic silver. He also gained long silver claws and a long tail ending in blade-like stinger like a scorpion.

The other Sound Ninja has become an insectoid creature with a black exoskeleton, sharp tusks, and long spines extending from the sides of his arms and legs.

Scorpion Level Two and Centipede Level Two move towards Angel, when they feel immense killing intent. The spiritual pressure is so intense it nearly sends the man made monsters to there knees. Even Orochimaru or Sasuke at there worse never produced the fear that this blood thirsty ki is. They notice for a brief moment that Angel's eyes turn gold for a moment, like those of predator.

As the killing intent dies down, both attack with there chakra affinity techniques.

"Futon: Daitoppa!" (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!)

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Water Release: Violent Water Wave!)


The Bijuu experiment has been going on for several days with few breaks. The reason it's been taken so long is in Naruto's case, they had the massive chakra reserves of Naruto and the Digidestined, his seal was more powerful created by the Shinigami, Kyubi's infinite chakra potential, and the presence of all the Digimon. Now, they only have five Digimon and five Digidestined, and the second weakest Bijuu.

Yugito in the seal three has only gotten a few hours of rest per day, as she constant forces the demonic chakra of Nibi no Nekomata into the seal. The seal itself has absorbed so much chakra that it's now glowing a bloody red, that even a civilian child would be able to see and blind a Hyuuga with it's brilliance.

"Ryu. Tori. Ousu-buta. Ryu. O-hitsuji. Hebi."

Masaru, Ryou, Hikari, Takeru, and Juri around the first seal have been sleeping and eating in cycles with at least four of six always supplying energy to the seal. The seal is now glowing a misty blue light, that appears like a fragment of heaven when compared to the hellish crimson light of Bijuu seal.

"O-hitsuji. Tori. Ousu-buta. Ryu. O-hitsuji. Hebi."

The Digimon Agumon, Monodramon, Tailmon, Patamon, and Leomon stand around the central seal channeling there own energy into the seal. There is always two Digimon channeling energy with the others sleeping, eating, or forcing Monodramon to pay attention. The seal is glowing a strange pale green with sparkles falling towards the sealing like an inverted rain of stars.

"Hebi. Tori. Ousu-buta. Ryu. O-hitsuji. Hebi."

Jiraiya controlling the technique has been in a meditative state, which has negated most of his body's need for sleep and enabled him to slow his metabolism allowing him to go longer without food. If he hadn't summoned Kage Bushin before experiment began, he would have passed out from exhaustion long ago. He keeps the seals and energy flows stables, as the others power the seal.

"Tori. Tori. Ousu-buta. Ryu. O-hitsuji. Hebi."

Jiraiya raises his head and the Digimon Tamers channel energy into there Digimon.

Ryou vanishes as he merges with Monodramon to become Justimon.

Masaru's Agumon becomes ShineGreymon, which quickly goes into Burst Mode

Hikari's Tailmon digivolves to Ophanimon.

Takeru's Patamon digivolves to Seraphimon.

Juri's Leomon becomes Regulumon.

As the five Digivolve, the sparkling green light of central seal becomes a massive pillar of green light filled with shining stars going up and down. A glowing vortex of white mist flows around the pillar like a tornado

Jiraiya calls out as he rams his hands into the central seal.

"AUN FUJIN: SOUSEKI KAI!" (Alpha and Omega Sealing Method: Genesis Release)

There is unnatural silence, then a thunderous roar as the energy from Bijuu and Tamer tomoe seals flows into the central circle seal. The crimson energy crackles with darkness like a amorphic demon seeking to devour the souls of creation, while the blue light washes like a purifying wave seeking to save the souls. The pillar of light in the center becomes a swirling vortex of dark purple mist and light blue-green light like a mystical candy cane

The pillar turns white-purple as the blue and red chakra final merge completely with the pillar. The pillar of blue and purple tinted white flames flows brightly and the eye of the storm, the center of the seal. An object becomes to form out of the specks of light.

Suddenly, the Root Anbu attack. They have been watching the experiment for many days and they are in far worse health for shorter sleep cycles, the repeated use of there cloaking techniques, and the use of illegal medical drugs that the Root use to increase there stamina and alertness.

The sudden transformation of the creatures into far more powerful ones, the fear induced by the Tailed Beast Chakra, and the sudden chakra surge of the technique has pushed them over the edge into near insanity.

The six leap down to attack and five don't even notice the path of the Sixth. The sixth member confused and disoriented collides with the pillar of light and is throw into the sealing. He doesn't have time to react as the mix of otherworld and demonic energy burns away his weapons and gear, then turning his skin a blue-purple. The flesh then dissolves into energy and the glowing bones explode destroying the containment seal Jiraiya had on the roof..

White light explodes from the windows of the building.

The Land of Grass

A few minutes ago, Orochimaru appeared next to Kabuto, who hide behind "Sasori." Kabuto then cut off Sasori's head and Yamato (Tenzou) has forced to give up the disguise. Orochimaru sent a torrent of snakes from his sleeve to capture Yamato. Yamato replaced himself with a wooden doll and manages to retreat backwards. Orochimaru was surprised by the wood technique and shows recognition of Yamato's true identity, one of his last experiments. Hebi-teme then asked the others to reveal themselves, with Kabuto surprised to see Naruto and Orochimaru surprised to see Anko.

Then thunderous sounds filled the air and explosions filled the forest, making it sound like another Great Shinobi War had broken out in the Land of Grass. Orochimaru then wiped the surprise from his face and explained that the Rat wasn't his only spy on the Konoha Teams, just the expendable one.

He then made two mistakes of gloating it will be interesting to see who between Naruto and Sasuke has become stronger, then gloating if they want to know about Sasuke they'll have to beat it out of him.

Less than a second, later the Fox Drive released a red light and Naruto formed a shell of chakra around him resembling a long earred fox with three tails, but unlike the battle with Deidara, his face while possessing the red eyes, thick whisker marks, and fangs doesn't appear to be losing control or sanity. Instead he looks calmer, even as the blood lusting killing intent surges with the chakra.

Kabuto takes a stance with Kunai, only for Naruto to appear in front of him with his clawed hand threw his head or rather where his head was. Above Kabuto's shoulders, there is nothing but red mist. Orochimaru can see the neck is sliced like by a wind technique, while the others are shocked that Naruto killed Kabuto with one move!

Naruto charges and slams Orochimaru back into the forest beyond.

Anko stares and wonders how the same blond brat from the Chunin Selection Exam could get this strong, Kyubi or not. She Never thought she would see Orochimaru sent flying like that!

Sakura is wide eyed at Naruto's strength. She always knew that Naruto was able to do the impossible like when he stopped Orochimaru's summoned snake in the Forest of Death to save Sasuke, but she never understood what kind of power a Bijuu grants.

Sai wonders if he should have brought a second pad for notes, then wonders if Danzo would accept a picture book report on the battle between Naruto and Orochimaru. The rest of his thought are not important to everyone including himself.

Yamato looks at Kabuto's corpse. Kabuto may have possessed regenerative abilities, which allowed him to survive the Rasengan during the Tsunade Retreval Mission, but he had limits. It's take chakra to heal and he was exhausted by Naruto's first time Rasengan. The Kyubi chakra enhanced by Naruto's wind chakra affinity sliced every cell in Kabuto's head, a lethal attack even if Naruto hadn't taken the one body part Kabuto can't regrow.

Orochimaru reappears with half his face torn off He states how Naruto is acting more like a Jinchuriki and then gloats about adding Yamato, his old experiment, to his collection. Naruto yells that Sasuke doesn't belong to Orochimaru and delivers another blow, this one cause blood to spray from the snake sennin's chest as the combination of toxic kyubi chakra and Naruto's wind chakra slices and grins off bits of clothing, skin, and muscle tissue!

Orochimaru sends out a torrent of snakes to grab Naruto, but the second they come in contact with Naruto, they are sliced apart and burnt to ashes. The snake sennin release a clone composed of snakes from his mouth to attack Naruto with the Kusanagi, but Naruto catches the blade between his fingers. Orochimaru looks at the fingers holding the poisonous blade and sees a faint distortion, Naruto actually caught the blade with the wind and chakra between his fingers.

Orochimaru appears behind Naruto to run him threw with the kusanagi sword, but one of the red tail whips at his tearing him in half at the waist, snakes emerge from each torso to connect and reattach his form.

Suddenly, Naruto begins to change. The chakra darkens and he grows long ears, fur, and more feral features made of dark red chakra. The most important detail is he grows a Fourth Tail. The Fox Drive on his waist screeches the fires a red/black beam of energy into the sky. The beam only lasts for a couple of seconds, but the sky darkens and gains a red tint.

Naruto roars releasing a spherical blast wave. The pulse of energy is so powerful it creates a massive crater as if a large meteorite struck Grass Country. The pulse of energy is so powerful, Orochimaru is sent flying back and trees for miles are knocked down.

Small black orbs of blood and chakra begin to coalesce into a ball above Naruto. The dark red ball draws in wind as shrinks and spins on multiple axis. A shell of swirling wind forms around it like a red and blue concentrated Rasengan. Naruto Level Four then opens his mouth wide and swallows the dark ball.

"What is this?" says Orochimaru, a few meters away near the edge of the crater, "He won't be able to move with dense sphere of chakra sphere inside him."

Suddenly, Naruto Fox swell up like balloon and Orochimaru can see white chakra flames around the mouth. Orochimaru bites his thumbs, then rams both hands into the ground. His blood causes two seals to appear and a third between them. There is an explosion and soon there are three different colored Rashoumon between him and Kyubi-Naruto.

The sealed gate Rashoumon can serve as a barrier when needed by Orochimaru. Even one can stop some of the most powerful techniques and three would be an ultimate defense against any normal ninja. Kyubi-Naruto is far from normal as he proves.

Kyubi-Naruto swings forward and release the chakra from mouth as a monstrous blast. The kyubi shot by itself would have enough power to destroy all three gates, but combined with Naruto's wind affinity makes them as weak as rotten reeds before a sharpened steel scythe. The Rashoumon Gates are destroy in a instant and the blast creates a trench for several kilometers before detonating in what the Digidestined and Scourge would call a low level nuclear level explosion.

Orochimaru now missing one of his arms charges at Naruto using his snakes and uses his Kusanagi. The blade fails to pierce Naruto, but sends him back threw the forest. He's then blow into the other side of the forest as Naruto goes threw another transformation.

The Konoha ninja watch as the Kyubi shell begins to dissolve and black chakra streams into sky.

The Fourth tail dissolves and streams into the sky, and Naruto reverts to his more human form surrounded by sphere of light. The sphere continues to draw the red and black chakra from Naruto's body to the surface of the energy sphere, then sends it from the surface into the still dark sky.

The Third tail dissolves and Naruto begins to look more normal as his whiskers thin out. The sphere of light around him glows brighter and the black chakra is drawn out at the far faster rate. There's now a almost straight column of darkness streaming from the sphere into the sky above.

The Second tail dissolves and the light becomes so bright, no one can see Naruto inside the sphere. The black streaming from the sphere is now pulsating as it forceful draws out the Kyubi's tainted power and releases it into the atmosphere.

The sphere's glow increases again to almost blinding intensity which could indicate the final destruction of The First tail. The sphere suddenly collapses into Naruto's body, leaving a completely normal look Naruto in tattered clothing.

Naruto looks at his hands and notices faint sparkles of chakra. For some reason, he finds it funny and begins to laugh. Not an insane blood thirty laugh, not a cruel villain laugh, but a joy filled laugh he hasn't had in years since his late Academy and early Genin days.

Yamato stares at clearing sky. Possessing the Mokuton, he's sensitive to the Kyubi's chakra he could feel Naruto's change.

The black chakra was that of the Kyubi, but it was tainted and corrupted beyond it's limits. If evil was ranked like a ninja of Konoha, the original Kyubi' no Kitsune's chakra from fifteen years ago would rate a Genin and the black kyubi chakra released into the sky would rate a Sannin.

The white chakra that surrounded Naruto was a mix of his and Kyubi, but it was pure. It lacked the hatred and blood lust, it lacked the corruption and destruction. Even now, he can feel it and he's almost tempted to join Naruto in laughing.

Anko stares , then begins to smile, the begins to laugh. For the first time in years, she begins to laugh. Not a sadistic laugh while spilling blood or imagining death or a drunken laugh while trying to forget her past. Instead it's laugh she hasn't had since before Orochimaru betrayed her, one of joy.

Sakura is happy that Naruto is no longer in Kyubi mode and wonders why he's laughing and why she wants to join him. The medic nin half notes that Naruto looks stronger as opposed to the mission to sand, where he looked drained from using Kyubi's chakra.

Sai is confused. As a member of the ROOT, he was trained to have no emotions. The problem is the white chakra is making him want to express a very foreign chakra.

On Naruto's waist, the Fox Drive's screen glows and displays the picture of an egg marked with the kanji "Kyuu" meaning the number nine. Above it is a second symbol, the Crests of Friendship and Reliability surrounded by flames. The screen fade away leaving a small text message

Fox Drive
4/9 Complete

Then the message fade away to leave a blank screen.

Angel vs Scorpion. Several Minutes Ago

The sounds of wind, thunder, and rain fill the forest without a cloud in the sky

Angel leaps clear of the wood and lands near a river. On the other side of the river is an old castle and there's a bridge going across the river. He jumps and lands on the bridge scaring the two Grass ninjas that were using it at the time and before they can react Angel leaps away from the bridge.

"Futon: Gin Kasairyuu!" (Wind Release: Silver Stone Wind)

A burst of chakra-enhanced wind as hard as a wall of stone smashes the bridge into splinters and crushes the two Kusa Chunin into pulp. If Angel had stopped for even a second, he would have been pulverized as well.

"Raiton: Kaminari Iki!" (Lightning Release: Thunder Breath)

A blast of lighting from Angel's mouth strikes the river and shocks Scorpion as he tries to land.

Angel lands next to castle wall, when Scorpion appears in a nearby tree with his clawed hands together in front of him.

"Futon: Ginsasu!" (Wind Release: Silver Sting!)

A spiral burst of wind like a drill made of air shoots from his claws and punches a huge hole in the castle wall. Angel avoid the attack with a few cuts and tears in his clothing.

"Die!" yells Scorpion, "Zansora Ginsasu!!" (Sky-slicing Silver Sting)

The ultimate version of Silver Sting is far larger and more powerful. While the original wind technique had a radius the width of one of Scorpion's fist, the ultimate version has a width almost as great as Scorpion's height. The thunderous wind drill shreds the stone court and destroys the majority of castle. That which isn't pulverized by the wind, collapses into rubble leaving little more than a couple broken walls of the once regal castle.

Scorpion smirks, then that smirk fades. Scorpion falls to his knees with a look of pure shock on his face. His body begins to shake in fear and pain.


Angel stands behind him holding a hand seal "Hijutsu: Datenshi Denkousekka." (Secret Art: Fallen Angel Lightning Speed).

"Like the Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God)?"

"No. That's teleportation, this is pure speed." says Angel, eyes shining, "Raiton: Tenka!" (Lightning Release: Ignition!)

Angel releases a burst of lightning from between his palms. It wraps around Scorpion in a spiral, super heating the air, before setting the Sound Ninja on fire. Wind types may be strong against Lightning and weak against Fire, but Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun and can cause fire.

Spike vs Toad

Cursed Seal Level 2 Toad avoids a shower of spikes by spinning like an Akimichi.

"Gamayudan!" (Toad Oil Projectile)

After gathering oil in his mouth, Toad spits the oil at Spike. Spike manages to avoid the attack using his taijutsu speed, but the spraying oil slows down his movements by coating the ground and surrounding trees in the substance.

"I thought that was Jiraiya's trick?" says Spike, wiping some of the oil from his sword.

"Orochimaru-sama found me in a noble's private freak show in the Land of Rock. He rescued me and trained me, and then he gave me the option of gaining greater power with cell samples taken from Jiraiya and his summoning Toads. I became a member of the new elite Sound Five lead by Sasuke-sama."

"So, you were a freak, saved by a bigger freak, and turned into even bigger freak serving under a freak hidden in gay pretty boy."

"Don't call us FREAKS! " screams Toad, "Gamayu Endan!" (Toad Oil Fireball!)

The Toad ninja releases a spray of burning oil at Spike, knowing that with the Toad Oil coating the surfaces he won't been able to move fast enough to escape and the blast is large enough that the trees on the sides are hit eliminating Kawarimi (replacement).

Toad watches as Spike explodes to reveal it to be a Kage Bushin (Shadow Clone). He turns and blocks the sword of the descending Spike with his rubbery arms. The sword emits heat and flame, but the Toad's arms are extremely resistant to high temperatures

"Katon: Ganshounuma!" (Fire Release: Magma Swamp)

The powerful fire chakra of the master vampire travels under the ground, turning stone into molten rock. This creates a fiery pool of magma under the ground causing Toad to sink into the fiery earth. The Spike he was holding back poofs to reveal it was another Shadow Clone.

With growing horror, he realizes Spike must have hidden the Shadow Clone henged to look like one of his throwing spikes and he must have hidden himself under the earth after replacing himself with a clone. The cleaning the sword was a distraction to prevent him from noticing.

Toad focuses all of his chakra to escape the magma, but Spike makes a sweeping motion.

"Katon: Youganryuu!" (Fire Release: Lava Flow!)

The molten rock in front of Spike rises up, then falls like a wave on Toad, burying him.

A few minutes pass as the chakra dies and the molten rock begins to cool. Spike walks on the hot rock using a modified water walking technique to walk on the thin layer of superheated air above the cooling lava. He stops in front of Toad's charred arm, the only thing remaining of the Sound Jounin. It's sticking out of the cooling rock like a wax sculpture with the finger tips burning like the hand of glory.

Spike reaches down and snaps the arm off. He then uses the flaming fingers to lite one of his cigarettes, before tossing it away like garbage.

"Jiraiya was right. Toad oil does make the best lighters."

Spike looks down at Blaze, whose using the discarded arm to lite his cigarette.

"Hey! What have I told you about stealing my smokes!"

Drusilla vs Lizard

"Ishitokage Hijutsu: Ishi Amesenbon!"
(Stone Lizard Secret Art: Stone Rain Needles!)

The Lizard of Neo Sound Five in his Curse Seal Level 2 form swells up grotesquely, the releases a spray of gold liquid high into the air. The liquid then comes down as heavy shower of hard crystal needles, each sharper than a hypodermic needle.

The Lizard then growls as Drusilla's pin cushioned form dissolves to Sakura (cherry blossom) petals revealing his target to be a genjutsu. He pulses his chakra o dispel any other genjutsus, then spots Drusilla in the trees several meters away with her feline partner Lilitha

He forms a set of hand signs and begins to swell up again.

"Ishitokage Hijutsu: Kouchoku honryuu!" (Stone Lizard Secret Art: Petrification Torrent!)

The Lizard releases a jet of yellow liquid that forms of flowing cloud of yellow mist. Everything the mist comes in contact with hardens, then is covered in a grey stone-like substance. The group of trees now look like a petrified forest with the leaves falling as grey dust. Drusilla in her miko clothing is now a statue, but the feline is missing.

The Lizard's eyes narrow on the statue, not believing for a second it would be that easy. Slowly the statue cracks and pierces fall away releasing wet dirt. The entire statue breaks apart to reveal a mass of mud that falls to the ground.

"A Tsuchi Bushin (Mud Clone)!" says the Lizard

"Kugutsu Senjuu!" (Puppet Thirty!)

The Lizard turns to see Drusilla with a scroll open in front of her and a bloody finger In the center of the scroll is a circle with Seven symbols. Lilitha has a bloody claw and a wicked grin that only a black cat could accomplice.

"Gekidoku Nanatsu : Ira!" (Deadly Poison Seven: Ira!)

There is an explosion of smoke and when it clears, the Lizard is now standing in front of a very large male puppet in armor with two large swords held in it's large arms. It's body is composed of a polished dark wood coated with a dark lacquer.

The Lizard jumps back to avoid a punch that creates a monstrous crater in the ground.

"Ishitokage Hijutsu: Kongorin Kanka!"
(Stone Lizard Secret Technique: Diamond Scale Shield and Halberd)

The Lizard's golden scaled body begins to heat up and emit streams of steam, as veins bulge and muscles swell. The scales on his left arm lengthen and multiple into yellow armored plates that link together to form a large shield held together with a bone-like substance. The scales on his right arm lengthen and multiple forming a cylinder that lengthens into a long rod. As it reaches it's maximum length, a white liquid comes out the tips forming a sharp tip on the bottom and spear and axe on the top. With a flare of chakra, the yellow scale and bone halberd and shield gain a layer of white crystal. Bands of the yellow-white crystals also appear on the Lizard.

"This is the ultimate Stone Lizard technique. My clan possesses the ability to manipulate the earth element to harden living tissue into a stone-like substance. This includes creating stone armor scales, but with Orochimaru's power, I can now use my chakra to take the carbon from my body and create a layer of near-impenetrable diamond on my scales."

"Bored now." says Drusilla, "Gekirindo!" (Way of the Imperial Wrath)

Ira moves with insane speed, far faster than what you think a such large and heavy puppet should move. It's massive arms swing at high speed and look heavy enough to shatter a fifty year old tree trunk into toothpicks. The Puppet of Wrath swings one of his swords down with immense force and is blocked by the Lizard's diamond shield. The Lizard nearly cries out as he feels the hardened bones in his left arm crack. The Wrath Puppet swings his off blade and is blocked by the halberd. This time the Lizard does cry out as the harden bones in his right arm shatter.

The Puppet continues brutal slash after brutal slash, each time with greater and greater force. As four slashes, the Lizard loses mobility of his arms. Two more slashes hitting the shoulders, cut off both arms. The next set of strikes smash the Lizard into the ground. The blades can't cut the diamond scale armor, but they can collapse it like a leather bag, crushing them ribs into powder and pulverizing the organs. The Ira Puppet doesn't stop for several minutes, but the Lizard died in the first half minute.

Drusilla recalls her massive puppet and walks over to the corpse, which has reverted to human form with a crushed dark red-purple torso. She notices that the severed arms are glittering. She bends down and picks up some of tiny diamond that remain.

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend." says Drusilla, "I hope I make many more friends."

Lilitha helps her Mistress gather the gems after pocketing a few for herself. What pockets is up to speculation about pouches and stuff space storage.

Angel vs Centipede

"Suiton: Teppoumizu!"
(Water Release: Flash Flood!)

Curse Seal Level Two Centipede, the water master of New Sound Five, releases a torrent of water from his mouth, which then grows so quickly, it's like it explodes. The river overflows and his area of the forest area is covered in layer of water. Centipede stands on the surface of the water making a series of hand seals, as Angel jumps to the surface of the water.

"Hyaku Reppuudan!!" (One Hundred Gale Shot!)

The spikes on Centipede's sides going down the arms and legs glow. Each of the hundred "legs of the centipede" fires a burst of water with enough force to shatter stone. The hundred water blasts shoot from Centipede at Angel

"Raiton: RaikuraiZan!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt Slash!)

Angel's response is to generate a lightning blast while making a slashing motion. The lightning slashing threw the air, super heats the air creating a wall of hot wind that vaporizes the water shots before they can reach him.

Angel turns as Centipede Ninja attacks him from behind. As Angel slices what he thinks is a water clone in half, it turns into a black liquid that wraps around his arms.

"Gejigeji Kisoku!" (Centipede Manacles!)

It also disrupts his chakra control, causing him to sink into the deep water.

Centipede forms a long set of hand seals, then places his hand on the surface of the water.

"Suiton: Ubatama Umi no Juin" (Water Release: Cursed Seal of the Pitch Black Sea!)

A darkness spreads from his fingers and the surface of the water turns black. The black reaches the river's edges in less than a three seconds.

"Care to explain." says Gabriel standing a few meters away from Centipede.

"I have used my power to seal the water. Nothing can enter the water and nothing can leave it." says Centipede reading another technique to dispose of the brat, "He can't leave the water and no oxygen can enter it. Even if he possesses a rare water breathing technique, the oxygen in the water won't last more than a minute."

"He doesn't need to breathe." says Gabriel with a smile.

"Impossible. All living things need to breathe." says the Centipede Ninja, "What would you know, you filthy little brat?"

"One, he's not like most things." says Gabriel, revealing his feathery wings, " Two, 'There are more things in Heaven and Earth'. "

The Sound Ninja watches as the angel boy glows and is replaced by an adult with long blond hair. He's dressed in a white and black outfit with a gold sun symbol on his chest, gold belt buckles, and gold details on the boots. He also has five feathery angel wings on his back and one on the side of his head and has five black bat-like wings on the other side of his back and one opposite the feathery one on his head.

"Wha...hat..Who.. Who or What are you!?!?"

"I am Gabriel Light Lior, this is Lucemon Falldown Mode." says Gabriel

Centipede Ninja gets into a different fighting stance when Gabriel points at him, then he realizes he's not pointing at him but below him. He looks down and sees a red light that can be scene in the depths of the pitch dark waters.

"That is Angelus and this is Amatsu Mikaboshi! (August Star of Heaven)"

Suddenly, the red light explodes outward and the black river turns a burning blood red. It ripples and distorts like a plastic bubble before bursts revealing the the real water. The darkness vanishes like an illusion and the Centipede Ninja can feel a killing intent so strong his heart nearly stops in his chest.

He turns only to get a punch in the face that sends him flying threw four trees, snapping them like twigs. He comes to stop when he hits a rock and before he can get back to his feet, the rock explodes as Angelus kicks him threw the rock. he goes flying threw the forest, snapping two more trees, skimming across the surface of the river, until he's embedded in a boulder in the wall of the riverbed.

The Sound Centipede Ninja looks up to see Angelus. He looks like Angel, but his face has lupine ridges, fangs, and golden eyes filled with savage cruelty and an dark red aura filled with monstrous blood lust. On his forehead in white is the Kanji "Ten" meaning "Heaven" and on his black are wings of black flame as opposed to white lightning.

In panic, Centipede ninja channels all of his chakra into his most powerful attack

"Issen Reppuudan!!" (One thousand Gale shot!)

The One Thousand Gale Shot is similar to the One Hundred Gale Shot, except each "leg" spikes fire ten shots and each individual shot is larger and more powerful. Angelus doesn't move, but his wing does. It moves faster than the Centipede Ninja can see and stops every shot, even tho they move at the speed of the sound and Angelus is less than five meters away (point blank).

"Tokoyami!" (Everlasting Darkness!)

Centipede suddenly finds himself in pitch black darkness. He can't see anything or hear anything, not even his own heart beat. He can't feel anything beyond a numbing cold, that dulls his nose and mouth. He can't sense even a spark of chakra and doesn't even know if he's floating in space or standing still.

He tries to scream, but no sound is heard.

Then a light shines down on him and he can see himself. He looks up and sees the North Star in a starless black sky. For moment, he has hope, then the star's light turns red and he feels nothing but pain as his frozen body shatters.

Angelus and Gabriel stand on the frozen river, the trees and plants covered in frost and rocks near the shore covered in a thin layer of clear ice. On the surface of the lake in front of them is a human shaped pattern of black ice fragments emitting trails of frigid mist

"Angel is waking up." says Angelus, "What are you going to tell him, Gabriel?"

Gabriel glows white, then reverts to his child form.

"A technique that reacted badly with his vampire nature and turned on the user." says Gabriel, making his clothing reappear and his wings vanish, "A little true mixed with a little lie."

"As always."


Takeru faces the Root Team Leader Ichiro. He has a crazed look in his eye and he's rambling.

"Demon trash must die. Must protect Konoha. Kill Cat. Kill Fox. Kill them all. Kill all the demons."

"I think you need help..." says Takeru, looking at Ichiro under his bucket hat.

"DIE! KATON: GOU..." (Fire Release: Great...)

Suddenly, Takeru is behind Ichiro and his sword clicks back into it's sheath.

"Zansebonesen!" (Spine-Slicing Flash)

Ichiro falls to the ground dead, his only wound a slash to the back of the neck.

"Shikyaku no Jutsu!" (Four-Legged Technique)

"Kemonoouhi Hitomane!" (Beast Queen Mimicry)

Juri is fighting a distant member Inuzuka Clan. She was once a reckless, but talented young kunoichi with a loyal canine companion, until one C-Rank turned B-Rank mission resulted in her rape and her partner's death. She was drafted into the Root, where they stripped away her emotions and she gladly became a weapon to be rid of the pain. In the end, she doesn't remember who she was, only the number "Futa" or "Two"

Root Two almost has her pinned when, she is grabbed by Leomon and thrown.


"Katon: Juuoujoken!"
(Fire Release: Beast Queen Fist)

Root Futa can only watch as the Lion-shaped flame blast approach. A second before her death, she can see her canine companion running up to her. Then she truly sees him again as she dies.

Hikari is facing Ne Mi (Root Three), San's replacement. The kunoichi is normally strong against genjutsu, but after nearly a week with bad medicine, her resistance is down and Hikari's attack is beyond normal Genjutsu.

"Kaimin no Tsubasa!" (Wings of Pleasant Sleep)

Hikari grows a pair of downy white feathery wings, that wrap around her in a loving embrace. Hikari vanishes into the wings, then dissolves into shower of feathers that fly by Mi before she can react. She suddenly finds herself floating with the feather and the world fades around her.

Hikari stands in the same position looking down at the sleeping Kunoichi.

ShineGreymon delivers a strike that sends Number Four flying towards Masaru, whose fist is glowing with a fiery aura.

"Taiyoukaken!" (Sun Flame Fist!)

As Masaru's fist collides with Number Four's face, there is an explosion of flames. The flames are so intense, that when they clear all that remains of Ne Yon (Root Four) is a human-shaped burn mark on the smoldering back wall.

"Seiryuu!" (Azure Dragon!)

Justimon appears behind Root Number Five (Go) and behind a combination of attack


Two punches to the upper torso


Four blows to the shoulders.


Four blows to the lower torso.


Four blows to the sides.


Triple hit to the heart


Nine vicious kicks that send Root Anbu Number Five into the air.

"Winnowing Basket!!"

Four aerial blows that send Number Five into the ground in a box shape. As he lands, he does a classic super sentai pose that makes the others sweat drop.

The purple-white flames die down and a figure can be scene in the center. It's feline with large eyes and two tails. It causes everyone who sees it to back up in fear, then flames die down completely and what is revealed causes the group to stare.

It's looks like a golden lion cub with large amber eyes and white blond hair on it's head. It also has large grey claws, a polished golden collar with a large red gemstone bangle, and two golden tails sharped like flames at the tips.

"What? You were expected, Miss Konoha?"

The comment causes everyone to face fall. The newly created Cat Drive flies to Yugito and attaches itself to her wrist. A Holographic display shows the former Cloud Kunoichi her new partner.

Level Child
Attribute Variable
Type Tailed Beast Hybrid
A Rare Hybrid of Tailed Beast Youkai and Exalted Beast Digimon. A Hybrid born of a Jinchuriki after the Darkness of Tailed Beast has been purified and replaced with Digital Power. She a Top Cat for a New Generation and send most enemies running in Terror.
Leona Claw
Tears up the enemy with her sharp claws.
Critical Bite
She bites at the weak spot of her enemy.
Onibimaru (Demon Flame Circle)
She generates rings of mystical blue fireballs. The rings form a dome shaped barrier that protects her causing anything that hits them to blown back by a directed explosion. She can also shoot the fireballs like missiles that detonate on impact.
Goukaryudan (Hellfire Flame Shot)
A torrent of flames from her roar that can incinerate flesh and bone.

The Land of Grass

Orochimaru enters the headquarters holding his shoulder. His arm is gone, completely destroyed by Kyubi-Naruto attack. What's worse of the Snake Sennin is the Kyubi's tainted chakra has poisoned him. It's spreading like poison threw his body, destroying cell after cell as it comes in conflict with his own chakra. He needs to get to Sasuke before the body finally collapses.

He stops at the entrance and begins to think of his new body. Orochimaru laughs and begins to cough up blood. Suddenly a sword of lightning extends through the door right for his heart. He raises his arms to stop the extending attack and is surprised by the shape.

"Who is it! Who dare!?"

The door is sliced to pieces and in the doorway stands Sasuke, extending the lightning sword from one hand, his real sword in the other. Sasuke's curse seal activates to level one.

"I knew it would come to this." says Orochimaru, "I knew I wouldn't claim my prize with out a fight."

"I have nothing more to learn from you." says Sasuke, "I will not show mercy, even if you beg for it."

The battle is brutal with Orochimaru losing both eyes, then reverting to true form, a large serpent made up of smaller white snake scales, a result of his constant experimentation. Sasuke is forced to go into winged demon level two form and slices Orochimaru's form to pieces. In the end, Sasuke is momentarily paralyzed and Orochimaru consumes him. The end result is a battle on another plane of existence.

When the battle ends, Sasuke stands with the remains of Orochimaru's mind and soul sealed away by his superior will.

"So, you are Sasuke?"

Sasuke turns to see Angel standing near the base.

"Who are you?"

"The name is Angel. I help people and the person I'm helping is Naruto." says Angel, "He and Sakura are here to bring you back to Konoha. Do you give up?" He adds the last with sarcasm.

"I'll give you something. Raiton: Chidori Nagashi (Lightning Release: Thousand Birds Current)"

Chidori Nagashi is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Uchiha Sasuke out of the original Chidori technique invented by his sensei Kakashi. Instead of merely focusing the electrical force to his body, Sasuke is able to extend it outside of his body and through objects which he is holding. This allows him to create a protective zone around his person. This zone of electricity can shock and immobilize his foes, presumably by attacking their nervous system.

Angel's own lightning affinity protects him and he gathers the energy in his own palm.

When Chidori Nagashi is used in conjunction with his Kusanagi sword, the blade becomes almost unstoppable. It takes on Chidori's natural ability to cut through anything which stands in its path, allowing the sword to strike its target with ease.

Angel understands the point when the sword pierce his chest above his heart.

Should the sword strike a human, the charge will cause the target to go numb, lessening their ability to further counter his attacks.

That is another aspect of his ninjutsu, bit Angel proves not to be normal when he does a counter lightning affinity ninjutsu. Angel rams the palm of his right hand, glowing and chirping, into Sasuke's bare shoulder.

"Raiton: Madori Kikan!" (Lightning Release: Ten Thousand Birds Feedback)

Sasuke is sent flying back, screaming in pain. He smashes into the wall of compound and slides to the ground leaving a trail of ash and blood. Sasuke's body twitches from receiving the equivalent electrical force of ten chidori to his body and from the pain of his shoulder. There is now a hole small burn threw his shoulder and a third degree electrical burn in the shape of a hand.

Land of Earth

Madara stands over of corpse of Jinchuriki of Gobi (Five Tail). The body is now a grey and withered husk, looking like it's been mummified for a ten thousand years. Every trace of life energy has been drained away, releasing the body's water into the atmosphere.

Madara holds the glowing Dark Drive and Zetsu looks a little pale. It's hard to tell if the Grass ninja is upset about Gobi's painful death or that he can't eat a corpse that dried up.

Madara looks at the screen and grins under his Tobi mask.

Sanbi 3/3
Yonbi 4/4
Nibi 2/2
Kyubi 4/9

"It appears I don't have to capture the Jinchuruki to capture Kyubi." says Madara, as the words fade and the Dark Drive glows a faint red, "To Cloud, Hachibi is the last!"

The two S-Class Ninja leave the corpse of Gobi, which collapses into dust in the wind.


Author Notes
Why do Ninjas shout out attacks?

Most of time they don't. It's a mental shout they use for concentration. Many Doton, Suiton, and esp Katon can't actually shout the attack because there mouth is filled with Mud, Water, or Fire respectively.
Sasuke kills Orochimaru?
Orochimaru is inside Sasuke, so when someone tortures Sasuke, Hebi-Teme is tortured as well. Two for one deal and there are attacks that don't need body to effect.
New Sound Team Five?
According to the Chinese Elements &Associations.
Element/Color/Symbol/Poisonous animals
Fire/Red/Phoenix /Toad
Earth/Yellow/Human or Yellow Dragon/Lizard
In Naruto, Metal becomes Wind and Wood becomes Lightning. Hence, Sasuke becomes the Blue Dragon, the Lightning Snake. For those Pokemon fans who are upset that lightning beats rock, it's really wood crushing Earth and Wind beating Lightning is Metal chopping Wood.
Amatsu Mikaboshi! (August Star of Heaven)?
Angel's "Superpowered Evil Side" Angelus, born from his connection to the Lucemon Gabriel. Orochimaru's and Sasuke's worse nightmare in the future
Summoning Scrolls?
It's something for future plots. I'm thinking Angel will have Nezumi (Rat) and Ruki will share Kitsune (Fox) with Naruto.
Leora Nibi, Nibi no Leoramon?
A two-tailed female version of Leormon. I didn't want another Tailmon or Leomon, so I decided to start with this hybrid. She's a cross between Exalted Beast Digimon and Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Youkai. She has all of Leormon's powers, but can manipulate spirit flames and can perform some necromancy in the future.
Bijuu Situation?
The King of Hell Statue contains Ichibi, Rokubi, Gobi, and Shichibi. Madara's Dark Drive contains the darker elements of Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, and part - 4/9 - of Kyubi. Hachibi and 5/9 of Kyubi are still free. When the Dark Drive has collected the last, it will be connected to the King of Hell.

Technique List
Ninpou: Rasen Harisashi no Jutsu!
(Ninja Art: Spiral Pincushion Technique!)
Izumi creates a cage of wires that catch needles and projectile weapons and can then fire them back using a rotating movement.
Ninpo: Suichuu Muchi no jutsu! (Ninja Art: Underwater Whip technique)
Izumi hides wires under the water, then whips them around the target disguised as splashes and arcs of water. They are usually weighted down with kunai, weights, or other weapons.
Raiton: Happa Uotsuri! (Lightning Release: Explosive Blast Fishing)
The user release a massive surge of electric chakra into a wire that travels into the water with such force it causes an explosion. The shock wave and shock is used to kill fish, but can kill humans.
Mokuton: Zankotsu Ira! (Wood Release: Bone-cleaving Thorn!)
The users uses the wood element to grow long sword-like thorns on there body, each harder than iron and sharp enough to cut cleanly threw bone. They can't be used for long periods, but are good for lightning quick attacks and assassinations.
Mokuton: Obakejurin Kugutsu! (Wood Release: Haunted Forest Puppet)
The user uses his/her Mokuton ability to manipulate the sorrounding forest trees like giant puppets. It mostly involves turning the limbs into arms and tentacles with considerable strength.
Mokuton: Hitokui Hayashi! (Wood Release: Cannibal Woods)
The Mokuton user causes the tree to open a "mouth" and "devour" the target. Once sealed inside the tree, the target is drained of chakra and blood.
Hyouton: Hyoukai no Mori! (Ice Release: Forest of the Frozen Sea)
Yamato generates a forest of ice trees from the ambient water.
Hyouton: Uhyou Senbon! (Ice Release: Freezing Rain Needles!)
Yamato causes the water to rain down as chakra-enhanced needles of ice. The needles are so cold, that even if the target isn't penetrated by them, they stick to them and weighing them down.
Hyouton: Garou Takashio! (Ice Release: Hungry Wolf Surge)
Yamato creates a hungry wolf made of ice from the water to crush his targets.
Toukanga! (Frost Fang!)
Yamato focuses his ice chakra into his fingers and touches his target, freezing there outer layer, including there eyes, skin, hair, and extremities. One strong blow ios enough to shatter the frozen to pieces.
Kyosetsu no jutsu
Ruki Imitation of Renamon's Fox Leaf Arrowhead
Katon: Touhakken
Ruki's Imitation of Renamon's Wisteria Punch
Katon: Onibidama no jutsu! (Fire Release: Will-o'-the-wisp Ball/Demon fire ball!)
Ruki's Imitation of Kyubimon's Onibidama
Katon: Koenryuu! (Fire Release: Fox Flame Dragon!)
Ruki's Imitation of Kyubimon's Fox Flame Dragon!
Magen: Suigan Saru Soujikyuu (Demonic Illusion: Drunken Eye Monkey Gemini)
Jenrya's personal Illusion technique. It causes two targets to see other as the enemy moving erratically, while distorting there own perceptions. It only ends when one or both of the targets is dead
Ryuu no Kisu. (Kiss of the Dragon)
A former Ijutsu (medical technique). It's a needle attack that stimulates all the body's blood to travel to the brain to cause a painful death via a brain aneurysm.
Inspired by Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon.
Katon: Tessou! (Fire Release: Iron Claws)
The user coats his fingers in chakra, which ignites when exposed to air. The thermal claws can easily slice threw iron and incinerate living targets.
Katon: Dabi Sokushinzai! (Fire Release: Cremation Accelerant!)
A Oinin (Hunter Ninja) Fire technique. The user fires a spray from his mouth that acts like an accellerant, boosti8ng the heat of the fire to the point the body is cremated in seconds.
Hijutsu: Meido Kyuuketsuki Mokushiroku! (Secret Art: Underworld Vampire Revelation)
The target is coccoon in red ribbons that pull the target underground. In the depths of the earh, teh ribbons drain the target's blood and energy transfering it to the user
Hitokugutsu Hitosashi (human puppet dance)
The puppet master grabs the target using special chakra strings and causes the target to move in way that dislocates and breaks bones. It can also animate the corpse to reinact scenes from Evil Dead II.
Katon: Assai Kazanbaikumo! (Fire Release: Crushing Volcanic Ash Cloud!)
Spike's special Fire technique. It fires a spray of smoke and rock ash that collapses around the target, burning and crushing them at the same time.
AUN FUJIN: SOUSEKI KAI! (Alpha and Omega Sealing Method: Genesis Release)
Jiraiya sealing technique for creating a Drive for the Jnchuri8ki of Nibi no Nekomata. It required several days to charge the seals and several Digimon and Partners to make it work. It was also messed us by Danzo's ROOT ANBU. The result was non-lethal Bijuu extraction.
Futon: Gin Kasairyuu! (Wind Release: Silver Stone Wind)
Scorpion's high pressure wind attack. It's like a battering ram and Giant Hammer.
Raiton: Kaminari Iki! (Lightning Release: Thunder Breath)
The user fires a blast of plasma lightnng from his mouth.
Futon: Ginsasu! (Wind Release: Silver Sting!)
Scorpion's wind drill technique fired from the hand claws.
Futon: Zansora Ginsasu!! (Wind Release: Sky-slicing Silver Sting)
A super version of Ginsasu fired from the entire body, but concentrated from the claws.
Hijutsu: Datenshi Denkousekka. (Secret Art: Fallen Angel Lightning Speed).
Angel's limited ability to move at extremely high speed for extremely shorty periods of time making it look like teleportation. Angelus also possesses a superior version.
Raiton: Tenka! (Lightning Release: Ignition!)
A lightning attack that wraps atound the target and superheats the air, until the target ignites.
Katon: Ganshounuma! (Fire Release: Magma Swamp)
A pulse of fire chakra threw the earth, that turns the stone beneath the target into magma.
Katon: Youganryuu! (Fire Release: Lava Flow!)
An attack used with Ganshounuma. It causes the surface flaw to become a wave to bury the target in molten rock. It's used to prevent a target from somehow escaping the magma swamp.
Ishitokage Hijutsu: Ishi Amesenbon (Stone Lizard Secret Art: Stone Rain Needles!)
The Lizard fires a spray of liquid that rains down as hardened crystal needles
Ishitokage Hijutsu: Kouchoku honryuu (Stone Lizard Secret Art: Petrification Torrent!)
The Lizard fires a paralysing spray that forms a mist that coats every living thing in suffocating organic stone. This includes the lung tissue if inhaled.
Ishitokage Hijutsu: Kongorin Kanka (Stone Lizard Secret Technique: Diamond Scale Shield and Halberd)
The Lizard manipulates it's stone scales and flesh to create a shield and halberd. The Lizard then uses it's chakra to extract carbon from it's body and converts it into a layer of carbon cystals (diamonds) on the scales making them inpenetrable.
Note: Inpenetrable armor doesn't make the user invulnerable. GITS: 1st Gig. Motoko is hunted by a tank mech and can't penetrate it's thick armor, so she instead collapses the armor crushing the driver.
Suiton: Teppoumizu! (Water Release: Flash Flood!)
A water technique that causes the sorrounding area to rapidly flood.
Hyaku Reppuudan!! (One Hundred Gale Shot!)
Centipede fires high energy water shots from the one hundred spikes lining his sides. The water shots moving at the speed of sound can cut stone.
Issen Reppuudan!! (One thousand Gale shot!)
The super version of Hyaku Reppuudan. Ten times the number of shots with greater mass meaning greater impact energy and damage done to the target.
Raiton: RaikuraiZan! (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt Slash!)
A slash/arc of lightning from Angel's hand that can slice an armor plate in half and superheats the air enough to create a barrier of rising superheated air.
Gejigeji Kisoku! (Centipede Manacles!)
The Centipede water clones can become a black liquid that binds there target like tar and disrupt there chakra by draining it with every movement to increase it's viscous nature.
Suiton: Ubatama Umi no Juin (Water Release: Cursed Seal of the Pitch Black Sea!)
A sealing technique that seals a body of water from letting anything enter or exit it's territory. Nothing can enter the water and nothing can leave it, making it seem like a black balloon. No oxygen, light, or heat can enter of leave the water, leaving one inside to drown.
Kinjutsu: Amatsu Mikaboshi! (Forbidden Technique: August Star of Heaven)
Angel's "Superpowered Evil Side" Angelus is able to take over for brief periods. Related to the Crest of Pride and Darkness that binds Angel to his Lucemon Gabriel, he's able to awaken in the light of evil. In AM Mode, Angel is stronger, faster, and protected by the black flames of wings. The full extent are unknown.
Note: The Uchiha Sharingan uses the three Gods born of creation god, Tsukiyomi, Sunanno, and Amateratsu. Amatsu Mikaboshi on the other hand is the evil force of creation. A Japanese Satan.
Tokoyami! (Everlasting Darkness!)
A combination Genjutsu/Fuiinjutsu. The eye technique seals the target in a world of darkness deprived of all senses including a sense of time, meaning a minute could become a year. When the Pole Star shines, it grants them hope, but the hope is destroyed when the light of the star turns red and the target's frozen body and soul shatters. The attack does not only attack the body, but the soul; as well.
Kaimin no Tsubasa! (Wings of Pleasant Sleep)
A powerful genjutsu that causes the persoin to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. It can be used to make injured patients sleep or tired enemy pass out on there feet.
Zansebonesen! (Spine-Slicing Flash)
A extremely high speed kenjutsu that can be used by both Takeru and Palmon. It allows him to kill with a single strike to one of the vertabra.
Kemonoouhi Hitomane! (Beast Queen Mimicry)
Digimon Imitation: The feline equivilant of the Inuzuka Shikyaku no Jutsu (Four-Legged Technique) based on her partner Leomon.
Katon: Juuoujoken! (Fire Release: Beast Queen Fist)
Juri's female equivalent of Leomon's Beast-King Fist.
Raiton: Madori Kikan! (Lightning Release: Ten Thousand Birds Feedback)
Angel's lightning defense created to counter Chidori (Thousand Birds). He channels lightning chakra threw his body and when a Chidori technique strikes his body, Angel's body absorbs the charge and amps it ten fold. The charge is then sent back into the attacker using a physical attack. Also because of an inverse frequency, it's able to bypass the protection of original's lightning affinity

Drusilla's Featured Puppet
Number 30
Gekidoku Nanatsu
(Deadly Poison Seven)
Ira (Sin of Wrath)
Ira is a very large male puppet in armor that uses large swords and its brute strength. It's body is constructed of steel-hardened ironwood that's coated with several layers of special lacquer that strengthens the wood on many levels. The puppet is also armed with a special chakra barrier that adds kinetic energy to it's physical attacks and weakens attacks on it. The windy barrier also blocks wind, fire, and lightning attacks making the puppet a Juggernaut.
Special Attack:
Gekirindo (Way of the Imperial Wrath)
A spinning slashing attack with both swords. The strength of blow increases with each strike, breaking threw defenses and crushes opponents if unable to slice them apart.

Naruto vs Sasuke - Final Fight
The New Kyubi
Madara capture Hachibi!

Kusa (Grass) Teams
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Leaders - Yamato and Anko
Konoha Research Team
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri

When should the Scourge Arrive?
(1) The Past. Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Inu no Taishou's time. Chibi-Inuyasha?
(2) Early Days. Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Before Inuyasha was sealed to the tree. Before the Manga.
(3) Starter Group. Post Manga chapter 108.
Inuyasha-tachi assembled. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
(4) Band of Seven. Manga chapter 235.- 276.
Inuyasha-tachi vs Shichinintai, while Naraku is in Hiding.
(5) End Start. Post Manga chapter 340/ Anime episode 167.
Mt.Hakurei. Naraku has his new body and Hakudoshi and Moryomaru are introduced.
(6) One of the Movies
(a) Inuyasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time.
(b) Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
(c) Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords of the Honorable Ruler.
(d) Inuyasha The Movie 4: Fire on Mystic Island.
(7) After The Ending. Post Manga vol 56/chapter 558. Max Power.


Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She marries Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!

The story will not follow canon closely and will play out like the AU of a movie. There will be OC villians with Naraku, even if the Timeline is Number Seven. I'm a Inuyasha x Kagome and Miroku x Sango Fan. I also like Toy Ship Kohaku and Rin. Seshoumaru is open for Canon (i.e. Kagura) and OCs.^_^. If Number One or Two is selected, there will be a Time Skip.

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'
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