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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'


The Land of Grass


Fireballs, burning bright, streak into the atmosphere The fireballs warm the atmosphere and create a powerful rising air current, which in turn generates thunderclouds. Lightning flashes hen shoots down into the forest creating a massive explosion.

Sasuke Uchiha, Konoha Nukenin and apprentice-turned-murdered of Orochimaru, shoots out of flames. His shoulder still has a small hole and burn in the shape of a hand on it, but he managed to escape Angel by using a lightning technique he was saving for his battle with Itachi.

He then sees a problem in front of him in the older form of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. His red Sharingan eyes narrow as he comes to a decision and soon the air is filled with the sound of chirping birds. Sasuke's speed increases to maximum as he prepares to ram his lightning covered hand threw Naruto's chest and finally gain the Mangekyo Sharingan. With that power boost, he can escape the group of Konoha ninja and begin his quest to kill his brother Itachi.

"Raiton: Chidori!" (Lightning Release: Thousand Birds)

"Futon: Rasenbi!" (Spiral Tail)

Naruto emits wind chakra from his arms and catches Sasuke's Chidori, then he twists his body pulling the Uchiha off his feet. While still spinning chakra like a tornado around his body, he whips his body sending the Avenger flying away from him and threw a large tree.

"I don't think so, teme." yells Naruto, "I'm taking you back home."

"Never!" says Sasuke, rising from the ruins, "My ambition will be fulfilled."


" dead!" yells Sasuke, shocking Naruto, "I killed him myself. He no longer had anything to teach me and that fool tried to take over my body. He failed."

"Then, why.."

"I told you, Naruto, during our first meeting. I am an Avenger. My sole purpose is to destroy my brother and thanks to Orochimaru's training I now have the clarity to obtain the last piece of my Revenge."

"Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!" (Great Dragon Fire Technique)

Appearing behind Naruto, Sasuke expels dragon head fireballs at Naruto's back. These fireballs are powerful enough to punch threw concrete, but Naruto doesn't even look worried as the explosion occurs.

Sasuke first smirks, then frown when he sees the fire spinning around where Naruto was. The flames then disperse outwards with immense force and speed. Naruto stands with hands in a seal as wind spins around him like an expanded Rasengan.

"Futon: Shippuu Kekkai!" (Wind Release: Hurricane Barrier)

"Wind is weak against Fire." says Sasuke, shocked that the Dobe managed a counter.

"Wind makes Fire stronger." says Naruto reminding Sasuke of the times he helped the Uchiha, "Wind can also guide a Fire."

"Chidori Senbon!" (Thousand Bird Needles!)

Sasuke raises his lightning covered hand and shapes the Lightning Element to form senbon needles. These needles have the Chidori's characteristics, including it's ability to cut through most anything which stands in its path, including one blond Jinchuriki. Naruto explodes revealing himself to be a Kage Bushin (Shadow Clone).

Naruto stands behind Sasuke, back to back.

"Lightning is weak against Wind, Teme"

The curse seal begins to spread across Sasuke's skin in a flame-like pattern and the sclera - whites of the eyes - darken to a grey color.

The Land of Fire

Leora looks at Yugito, then the others. The Digidestined have gathered around and Jiraiya looks very tired. The Digimon have reverted to the weaker forms, drained from the Leora's creation and the Cat Drive strapped to Yugito's wrist.

The lion-like hybrid of Bijuu and Digimon walks over to Yugito causing the former Cloud ninja to jump slightly.

"No need to freak out, partner."


"Yeah. I'm your partner like the others are with there Digimon." says Leora, "You should feel lucky. Most Bijuu extraction techniques will kill the Jinchuriki, but now I'm out and your better than ever."

"'Better than ever'? What do you mean??"

"My lighter component was fused with Digimon power to create this new body, while the darker elements were cleansed from us. It means you no longer have to worry about going into a bestial two tail form and losing control. You also got to keep the healing and high chakra reserves I granted you without my taint. Your no longer one of the weapons of Hidden Cloud."

"How do I know this is real..?" says Yugito weakly.

"Onibimaru!" (Demon Flame Circle)

The newly created Leoramon emits an aura of chakra and mystical blue fireballs begin to appear, floating near her. Soon there are many fireballs floating around her in ring-shaped orbits forming a semi-dome shape.

A shower of kunai shoot towards Leora, but as each blade hits a fireball it detonates outward and sends the burning shrapnel away from the Digimon. Another shower of Kunai shoots towards Yugito, but Leora fires her blue fireballs and shoots everyone of the blades out the air.

Leora lets out a Lion-size roar and the fireballs all shoot in a single direction like missiles from a launcher. Two seconds later, there is a massive explosion in the trees and the charred forms of a second Root team falls to the ground, still smoking.

There are a few survivors who slowly rise to there feet despite the second and third degree burns.

"Leona Claw!"

Two seconds later, Yugito sees Leona's glowing claws, partially charged with chakra, tear the charred ANBU to pieces. What's left of them you couldn't feed to the snake summon boss Manda.

"What's going on here!?" yells Godaime Hokage Tsunade Senju

"These Root losers attacked me and my partner." says Leona, walking over the Legendary Sucker, "So I showed them who the top cat is?"

Tsunade stares at Leoramon for nearly a minute knowing what she is. She knows Konoha doesn't have a lion or even feline Summoning contract, since they would be in conflict with Inuzuka Clan and it's nearly impossible to train felines. She guesses correctly the female feline is a Digimon, but she doesn't recognize her from the other Digimon profiles.

"Hi, my name Leora Nii, Leoramon of Yugito Nii and Former Bijuu Nibi no Nekomata. Nice to meet you Tsunade-sama"

Tsunade's eyes widen at the introduction. One of the tailed beasts turned into a lion cub is insane. She stares at the cub's two tails, then Yugito who is nodding.

"The demon is free!!"
"Someone get the Anbu to kill it!!"
"Arrest them!"
"They are a threat to Konoha!!"

The group turns at the collection of panicking voices, which all sound old and bitter. They see the owners of the voices are the Konoha council surrounded by several ANBU members.

"ANBU..!" says Danzo

"Do nothing!" says Tsunade, "Danzo, why are there Root Anbu here? Especially when Sarutobi order your forces disbanded."

"These must have been.."

"Don't Bullshit us, Danzo." says Leora, "I can smell when a human lies."

"Shut up, you piece of demon filth!" says Danzo, pulling out a poisoned kunai with his one remaining arm.


Leora avoids the poisoned blade and bites down hard on Danzo's forearm. There is the loud sound of bones being crushing and flesh tear. As pressure suddenly increases, Danzo can only watch in pain and horror as his now severed limb falls to the ground.

"The demon is attacking!" yells one of the civilian council.

"The Digimon/Bijuu Hybrid is defending!" yells Leora at the idiot.

"Stand down!" yells Tsunade, "Danzo pulled a kunai first and Leora had the right to defend herself. Anbu, arrest Danzo under suspicion of treason and until they have cleared, all former members of the Root are off duty."

"My arm..?" says Danzo looking at his stump in pain and shock.

"The loss of your other arm didn't stop you from being a CENSORED." says Tsunade, "I doubt losing the other will be any different."


The group turns at the new voices to see members of the Inuzuka Clan - Tsume, Hana, and there canine partners Kuromaru and the Three Haimaru Siblings- run towards the Godaime.


"The summons and other animals are reacting to a unknown threat. " says Tsume, "It's not juts the dogs, but the Aburame Clan Kikaichu and the summons of the few with summoning contracts."

"It's foul, tainted presence." says Tsume's one-eyed partner Kuromaru, "It's more fool than the chakra of the Kyubi no Kitsune"

"See, it's those demons..." says the civilian council member before Tsunade slaps him knocking the fool into the bushes unconscious.

"Stop yelling. I have a hang over." says Tsunade, looking at Kuromaru, "So, do you sense anything from the feline or the others."

"The dark presence isn't coming from them, in fact it more like the opposite of them." says Kuromaru, unused to talking for long periods, "The boy with the bucket hat and his mate are the purest with the fur ball coming in after them."

Takeru and Hikari blush at the canine's words, while Leora looks ready to neuter the dog.

Suddenly, there is a immense feeling of dread and the air becomes heavy with spiritual pressure. They all look up to see the source of the killing intent, the dark chakra which now saturates the air.

A dark crack is opening in the sky. Everyone, except for the civilians with there dull chakra senses, can see the crack in reality and watch in horror as a white humanoid hand with claws widens the crack.

The Land of Grass

Years ago at the Valley of the End, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha fought. In that fight, Sasuke dominated because of his lethal intent and greater skill. Naruto lost because he refused to deliver a lethal blow and only survived because Sasuke at the time didn't want to be like his brother.

In this battle, Naruto's fighting style has changed. He once fought using direct attacks or maneuvering the opponent into direct attacks with his combos. Sasuke's style was a more effective mix of Uchiha Interceptor Fist and Gouken (Great Fist) used by Rock Lee. Now, Naruto moves in circles and spirals, deflecting attacks, twisting limbs into locks, and delivering blows that the Uchiha can't block.

Neither one is holding back this time, proven by Naruto's rapidly injuries and Sasuke's bleeding face and trouble moving his arms. Naruto avoids another punch by Sasuke and delivers an elbow to the Uchiha's nose sending more blood into the air.

Suddenly, Sasuke surges towards Naruto and they lock hands as if wrestling. As they lock hands, Sasuke's Sharingan eyes lock with Naruto's blue eyes.

Years ago, Sasuke learned about the Uchiha clan's connection to the Kyubi and there ability to control it. He uses one of the techniques he found in the temple's hidden room to effect the Kyubi inside of Naruto, what Sasuke believes is the source of Naruto's power.

Within Naruto, Sasuke stands before the Kyubi's prison and Naruto, but there is something wrong. Instead of a large red cage with a paper seal on the lock, there are streams of blue-green lights covering the walls and bars with some sort of machine attached to the seal like a beetle. Sasuke notes that lights appear in two form bright stars and small sparks creating complete pattern. There are also electricity arcing between the bars and going in and out of the machine.

He steps forward and sees the Kyubi no Kitsune, who has also changed. He expected to see the Kyubi from the history books or a cross between Naruto and Kyubi. The Kyubi is still a massive red fox with long ears, fangs, claws (including prehensile thumbs), and nine tails, but four of the fox's tails have turned pure white. There are also white lines in the fox's fur and part of a mask on the fox's face.

It's like ancient Kyubi no Kitsune is changing into something else. Sasuke reaches out to grab the machine on the seal, thinking it may be a source of power. Naruto appearing behind him is about to yell out a warning, but it's far too late.

A iridescent wave of energy explodes from the cage and fills the sewer-like portion of Naruto's mind with light. Sasuke screams inside the white flames as his pale flesh his burnt from his body. The pain doesn't stop with the destruction of his nerves, but instead the pain continues to grow and grow consuming his world. As the bones shatter into dust, his soul seems to merge with flame into eternal pain.

Sasuke and Naruto are blown away from each other by a shock wave and Sasuke screams out. Naruto stands holding his stomach where the Yondaime's Kyubi seal burns. The heat from the seal is so intense it actually causes a couple of first degree burns in the shape on the seal on his skin.

He looks up to see Sasuke back on his feet. The Uchiha is shaking badly with fear and pain, and nearly foaming from his clenched mouth. Sasuke looks up with teeth still in a sick grin and his eyes wide. He also sweating and breathing hard as if he ran a marathon from the Great Naruto Bridge in Wave Country to Sungakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Sand) in the Wind Country.

"Didn't like what you saw, Teme." taunts Naruto.

Sasuke screams again, but this time in rage. The Curse Seal reacts to it's master's call and Sasuke begins to transform again. Hair becomes long, spiky, and pale blue and the skin heals and darkens. Nails become sharp claws and teeth become fangs, as markings form on the face. The sclera or whites of the eyes turn black and two leathery wings, resembling two hands made of melted fingers, grow from his back

Naruto now stands in front of Sasuke Uchiha in the Curse Seal Level Two form.

The Land of Fire

The crack in the blue sky continues to widen and slowly creatures emerge from the darkness behind the veils of reality. These creatures are clearly not human, resembling monsters of old legends and mythology. Creatures that have not been scene outside tapestries and old dreaming scrolls of the old noble clans. It is a nightmare given life and released upon the waking world.

The first to emerge is an immense flying head. It's the head of an Oni with with red skin, glowing golden eyes with black sclera (whites), and long wild black hair. It also has the tapered ears of a bull, a wide flat nose, two long iron-grey horns, and a head splitting wide mouth filled with sharp fangs. There are blue markings on the chin and cheeks, resembling ceremonial tattoos.

The second creature is a demon snake with a humanoid half above the waist and a long serpent tail below the waist. It has red-gold reptilian eyes, white scale covered skin, and long black hair. It's face also very snake like similar to Orochimaru. It's chest, back, and shoulders are covered by a white bone-like armor with spikes resembling snake fangs.

On the ground, the Council members are panicking not only from sight of the monsters, but the horrible feeling that even the civilians can detect. Some of them begin to attack the Digidestined Heroes thinking there the ones responsible, in there killing intent induced madness.

"Katon: Tenchi Kakanketsusen!" (Fire Release: Heaven Earth Fire Geyser)

Masaru smashes his glowing red hands into the ground. As the palms strike the ground, a pattern of light forms on the ground for a split second. It's hard to tell if it resembles a cracking of ice or an occult seal, but the result is clear. Beneath the feet of the attacking civilian council, a column of fire explodes into the air, which also blasts the attacking monsters.

The monsters manage to avoid the flames due to the distance, but the councilmen are incinerated by fire and molten rock that shoots from the ground in a high velocity jet.

Ryou is the next to attack, after making the hand signs, he channels chakra into his clenched fist. The chakra causes the fist to ignite into mystical blue flames. He brings his fist back causing his fist to glow brightly, then throws a punch, opening his hand at the end of the punch.

"Katon: Chousou Hanabi" (Fire Release: Sky Funeral Fireworks)

Five brightly shining fireball shoot from Ryou's hand into the sky. They don't shoot directly at the monsters, but around them. As Ryou closes his hand back into a fist, the fireballs detonate into bright explosions around there targets, damaging them with heat and shock waves and negating there senses of sight and hearing with the blinding colorful lights and loud booms.

Takeru draws his sword and turns to face the the Flying Head. It's appeared near the ground with a few injuries, but is now devouring Danzo, Homura, and Koharu. His eyes narrow as the three manipulators as metal fangs controlled by powerful iron-hard jaws cut threw bone and demon saliva dissolves flesh like the strongest of acids. As the flesh and blood is devoured by the monster, it's wounds rapidly regenerate before Takeru's eyes. It's more like liquid filing in, then the biological process of a living creature, as if someone pocked a bowl of custard then let the hole close up. Takeru's eyes narrow even further, when he sees misty blue forms being torn apart and devoured inside the Head, the souls of the three.

"Zamaken!" (Evil-Cutting Sword)

The head roars in pain as Takeru's glowing blade slices threw it's eyes. The horizontal charged with spiritual energy burns like white fire to the demon and blinds the creature. In truth such creatures don't need there eyes to see, detecting the living using there spiritual senses, but the loss of there eyes disorients them and causes a moment of panic. Takeru takes advantage of the shock and releases a second sword technique.

"Zantetsusen!" (Iron-Cutting Flash!)

The second vertical slash of sword has enough energy to cleave thick hardened iron like soft butter. The Oni Head is hard as iron, so the attack is appropriate. It makes a deep cut that bisects the front of the face and has enough force to send the monster flying a twenty meters back. It could have gone further if it hadn't smashed into an abandoned building, completely collapsing the building into rubble.

The creatures survives the attack, but roars in pain from the cross-shaped wounds that continue to burn it's very being. Unlike the damage done by the Ryou's fireworks, the sword of hope contains divine light that damages the demon spirit beyond the physical body.

Team Kurenai - Hinata, Kiba, and Shino sense another evil presence and watch as another group of monsters begin to emerge from the crack in the sky. They take stances, knowing the Shinobi Academy is only a short distance from them. If the monsters get pass them, then the children will become meals for the monsters.

The Land of Grass

"Raiton: Habataku Chidori!" (Lightning Release: Flapping Thousand Birds)

The air is filled with the ground of flapping birds as tainted dark lightning covers Sasuke's hand. He runs towards Naruto tearing threw nearby trees causing them to ignite into flames. He tries to thrust his hand into Naruto's chest, only for the blond Jinchuriki to grab his wrist. Sasuke lets out a cry of pain as the bones in wrist crack and the lightning dies. He's then thrown by his arm into a thick fifty-year old tree trunk so hard he snaps it like a twig.

Sasuke looks at Naruto calm face from his kneeling position and has flashbacks. He followed Naruto and Jiraiya when they were looking for Tsunade, because her heard Itachi was after them. He faced his brother for the first time in years in that hotel hallway and tried to end him with a Chidori. Like Naruto, Itachi caught his wrist and broke it. He then remembers the pain of the Tsukiyomi and feels pure anger.

Curse Seal Level Two Sasuke looks into Naruto's eyes and tries to suppress the Kyubi no Kitsune, so he can finally kill Naruto. He doesn't realize or can't accept that Naruto isn't using Kyubi's power, but betting his demonic form with hi own power.

The technique didn't work before, but Kyubi no Kitsune was the servant of Madara Uchiha and according to his warped mind should obey the power of a Uchiha. The taint of the curse seal and pain of other injuries allows him to pierce the barrier in Naruto's mind to reach the Kyubi no Kitsune.

Suddenly, Naruto releases an immense amount of red chakra and within the seal, Sasuke can see Kyubi and Naruto combining power. Sasuke tries to knock them apart, but something is seriously wrong.

In the real world, the Fox Drive screeches as red chakra covers both Naruto and Sasuke. The evil chakra filled with blood lust swirls around like a predator circling to strike.

The watching Konoha ninja watch as Naruto begins to change into his Jinchuriki form. One tail is released, then the second tail emerges at a much slower rate, and the third tail emerges at an even slower rate. The fourth tail is about to emerge, then the orb of light reappears.

The sphere of light explodes from Naruto's body creating a destructive shock wave than sends Sasuke flying and causes the others to brace themselves behind the rock and tree, even if they are nearly fifty meters away from the battle.

The tails begin to dissolve in the order they appeared, this time instead of reverse order. The First Tail dissolves the quickest into a black energy which rapidly streams off the surface of the sphere into the dark sky. The Second tail dissolves quickly, but not as fast as the First. Finally, the third tail slowly breaks apart and joins the others. The only remaining Tail is the half formed Fourth Tail looking more like an amorphous blob then part of an animal.

Within the miasma of tainted Kyubi youki and the sphere's energy, Sasuke moves in pain as the corrosive energy burns him . It also corrodes his mind and stimulates feelings of hatred and fear on a very primal level. He tries to attack the changing Naruto with his Chidori. In his madness, he can't see that Naruto's power is rapidly decreasing and the transformation is to his advantage.

As Sasuke's black Chidori strikes the shell of chakra, it explodes and the red/black chakra is drawn into Sasuke's body. The curse mark reappears in red flame on Sasuke's shoulder then spreads across Sasuke's already demonic Level Two form.Sasuke's entire form turns red and glows with a dark fire.

Far away from the battle, Yamato can only watch in shock as the Uchiha absorbs the malformed Fourth Tail. He never thought it was possible for another person to absorb the youki - demon energy - of a Tailed Beast into there own body because all Jinchuriki are born with the power and there bodies adapted to it. The curse seal, an energy converter by nature, has some how allowed the forbidden fusion.

Sasuke roars as the Kyubi's chakra merges with the tainted power of the curse seal and he begins to change. Within his mind, the fragments of Orochimaru that were suppressed merge with Sasuke's chaotic mind. The dark skin darkens to black and becomes scaly like a snake. As veins bulge, the long mane of pale blue hair turns pure white, finger nails become claws, and the hand-like wings expand into feathery wings composed of claws instead of feathers. He also grows a long thick tail like a large snake and his Sharingan changes. First the tomoes change shape, becoming blades and forming a Mangekyo Sharingan. Then the pupil vanishes and the three tomoe become three circles connected by a ring. He different version of the Mangekyo glows red which is enhanced by the black that surrounds them.

Naruto stands in front of Level Three Sasuke, that's now much larger than him. Naruto is completely calm, free of hatred or fear, while Sasuke's killing intent floods the air and the anger and madness is clear to see on Sasuke's warped face. Naruto looks almost enlightened man of heaven, while Sasuke looks like angry creature of hell.

"Iruka-sensei once told me 'Evil always finds it's true form.' and now I can truly see how far you have fallen."

"Fallen. I've never felt stronger. I was always more special than you, dobe, and now I have what power you possess. SHINE!"

The Land of Fire

More monsters have arrived and began there path of destruction by killing and devouring a group of Chunin. The full power creatures now face now face a unique group, who prevent them from following the roads towards the civilians and Ninja Academy.

They now face Masaru, Ryu, Team Light, and Team Kurenai

Hinata faces a green-skinned humanoid with golden eyes, green leaves instead of hair, and black crescent moon markings on it's face. It's body is covered in dark green thorny vines that move like prehensile tentacles and there's a huge mouth like a Venus fly trap where the stomach should be. Hinata also notes it makes an odd sound, like a person chanting moon.

A dark mist sprays from the Venus fly trap and Hinata suddenly finds herself surrounded by darkness that her Byakugan can't pierce. She moves like a dancer, dodging the piercing vine attacks of the Lord of Vegetation. She's able to avoid the attacks because her Byakugan can see them as they exit the darkness, but that only gives her a fraction of a second to react. She doesn't completely avoid all the attacks and her baggy jacket is torn. She is forced to discard her jacket as the toxic liquid secreted by the thorns on the vines is highly corrosive.

Kiba faces a humanoid composed of blue-grey stone with a long stick in one hand, a lotus flower around the wrist of the other, and prayer beads - total on hundred eight - around it's neck. Kiba is reminded of an Academy teacher that went insane from the stress, so he decides to call the monster "Teacher."

Teacher rams one of feet into the ground and spikes of stone emerge from the ground, nearly impaling Kiba and his partner Akamaru. The monster moves the hand with the Lotus flower and some of the earth spikes become soft and elastic before they attack the duo like tentacles of stone. The monster then making a whipping motion with his stick and the remaining solid pillars explode into razor-sharp shards. Akamaru's small form only receives a few minor cuts, but Kiba gets a couple of deep cuts on his arms.

Shino faces a silent humanoid monster with pupil-less white eyes, white skin, and not a trace of hair. It's face is covered by a white bone-like mask with large fangs, but when it opens it's mouth you can see rows of smaller pointed teeth in the creatures real mouth like those of shark.

The White Monster fires spikes made of hardened bone at extremely high velocity and can produce curved bones blades sharp enough to slice a person clean in half. Shino has to avoid several traps, such as limiting movement with the blades then firing a shower of spikes into that contained area. Shino is then stopped when the White Monster releases sprays of white liquid from it's pores. The white adhesive liquid hits Shino's legs and sticks him to the ground before hardening into a bone-like substance.

Masaru now faces Takeru's former opponent, the Immortal Head who has healed the damage done by the Warrior of Hope's blades except for an ugly cross-shaped scar.

Masaru has quickly learned the Immortal Head not only has an iron hard "body" and corrosive saliva, but it can release torrents of explosive fireballs. Masaru and ShineGreymon have to move at there top speeds to avoid the balls of plasma that punch threw even concrete walls before detonating with enough heat to melt the strongest steel alloys.

Ryou's opponent is pale green with black markings like tattoos covering it's body. It wears leathery armor with dark metal plates and has four muscular arms are armed with a trident, a mace, a spear, and metal glove. It's bald head has pure black eyes lacking pupils, irises or sclera and a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. The Four-armed Fighter moves with surprising speed..

Ryou and Cyberdramon barely avoid the Four-Armed weapon master's high speed attacks. When the mace strikes the ground it creates a huge crater in the ground, which indicates immense strength with the speed. When the spear passes by Ryou's head, he is close enough to see the oily poison covering the blade. This means, even if Four Arm doesn't kill his opponent with strength, speed, or skill, minor injuries will lead to slow painful death!

Juri's opponent is Green. It's looks like a humanoid dressed in a loincloth with green eyes with green-tinted sclera, mottled green skin, and wild dark green almost black hair. It has pale green teeth, dark green nails, and rows of dark green spines going down the sides of the arms and legs, and going down the spine from the base of the skull to the waist. It also has random spikes emerging from it's hair and rows of small spines on the forehead, cheeks, and chin like a beard.

Juri's Beast Queen form is faster and stronger than Green, but the monster has unique abilities. As Juri's chakra-boosted claws make four long cuts in Green's chest, she's forced to jump back. Instead of blood spraying from the deep wound, rows of sharp spines emerge from dark green goo. It's arms then increase there length and the the spikes of the extended limb lengthen to over a foot in length. Juri releases a fireball technique, but Green uses his arms to protect his body. The spines are immune to flames and the skin of the arms darkens and hardens to the same durability as the spikes.

Takeru stands with Hikari against the Demon Snake. The monster is proving to be far more dangerous than at first thought, especially when seven snakes emerge as extra limbs from from it's body. Each snake is larger than an Anaconda, resembling one of the snake summons used by Orochimaru and Anko, except there heads are covered by white snake masks and are attached to Demon Snake's shoulders.

The masked snakes strike at the speed of sound and enough force to puncture the surrounding stone walls and trees. The warriors of hope and light guess the snakes are toxic as the trees quickly withers away in seconds after being struck by the snakes. The snakes then rear back and release jets of black flames. Hikari and Takeru barely escape thanks to there guardian angels.

The Land of Grass

Sakura is horrified by what Sasuke has become. She read the reports on the curse seals, but watching a person's body mutating is worse than the worst trauma surgery. In surgery everything is normal, just badly damaged and maybe contaminated, but this is twisting of everything a person is into something nightmarish. She's also amazed that Naruto isn't showing any form of fear, but a calm she has never scene in him before.

Sai watches the battles making notes. He starts to compare Naruto and Sasuke. One is an outgoing golden-haired beacon of friendship, while the other is a brooding black-haired avenger who cares for nothing but his own desires. Naruto is like the Sun, shining and showing others the light, while Sasuke is the Moon, cold, mysterious and dark. Now, Naruto stands calm fighting for "good", while Sasuke is a raging incarnation of "evil."

Anko and Yamato stare at the amount of chakra being given off by the two "Genin".

Yamato can sense that Naruto isn't using Kyubi's power, but matching Sasuke with his own power. Sasuke on the other hand is twisted mix of Orochimaru's vile chakra, the Uchiha's dark chakra, and darkness of the Kyubi chakra. He's never felt anything so vile and unnatural in his life.

Anko's attention is divided between the battle and the pain in her shoulder. The prototype Ten no Juin (Curse Seal of Heaven) given to her by Orochimaru is reacting to the battle. The mark was once solid, resembling three tomoes, but now the three dots are breaking apart like ink stains. For the first time in years, she doesn't feel the hebi-teme in the back of her mind.

Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi watch the climatic battle. They have been part of these light vs dark battles for many years, so they don't have the shocked awe as the others. They are impressed by the power released by two. The shock waves are so great, that Yamato has created a throne of iron, Mimi has created a large tree, and Izumi has created a web of wire to prevent them from being blown away.

Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki with there partners Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon have also taken cover. Takato and Guilmon are in a earth technique created dug out, while Jenrya and Terriermon have joined the Kunoichi and her Kitsune in the trees.

The strangest reactions are from Team Scourge. Angel stands next to Gabriel on a hill top watching the battle with a faint smile. Spike with his sword in the ground sits next to Blaze, both smoking with smirks on there faces. Drusilla smiles with her eyes close and a smile on her lips, while her BlackTailmon partner Lilitha digs her claws into Earth with excitement.

Level 3 Sasuke roars as a sphere of tainted black lightning forms around him. The dark sphere crackles and makes the sound of a million birds flapping there wings. His mutated body emits a miasma of dark energy into the sky, turning it dark, and the superheated air causes the sky to turn dark with swirling storm clouds. Soon lightning is flashing as if Nature is screaming in pain from Sasuke's evil aura.

Naruto stands firm as he emits his dense blue-white chakra. The chakra's nature affinity causes a vortex of wind to form creating a white tornado to counter the Uchiha's column of darkness. The white spiral it creates in the dark clouds above is like a beacon of hope for those who watch, even the people of Kusagakure no Sato - the Village Hidden in the Grass- can see the raging chakra.

The other ninjas can only watch in shock as the two ninjas attack like forces of nature.

Sasuke extends his wings and raise his arm to the sky. Lightning streaks from darkened sky and hits the arm creating a flash. When the flash clears, Sasuke has formed the lightning into a spear-like pitch black Chidori surrounded by lesser dark blue lightning.

Naruto forms a Rasengan with both hands. It grows rapidly beyond a regular Rasengan, beyond the Oodama Rasengan, and even beyond Jiraiya's Chou Oodama Rasengan (Ultra-Big Ball Spiral Sphere) which he can only generate in his Toad Sennin mode. The winds around the immense sphere, which is more than four times larger than Naruto, slice everything from trees to stones on the ground to pieces.

Sasuke jumps towards his enemy creating a crater from the force of take off and uses his immense demon wings to soar towards Naruto as he did at the Valley of the End.

Naruto's immense sphere suddenly collapses to the size of regular Rasengan, but is the color of mercury and shining with Iridescent light. He leaps to meet Sasuke in the air, creating his own trench in the earth from his take off.

"Raiton: Habataku Okudori!" (Lightning Release: Flapping Hundred Million Birds!)

"Futon: Shippuu Rasengan!!"(Wind Release: Hurricane Spiral Sphere!"

The collision of the sphere and spear creates a force so powerful the thunderous sound is heard as far away as the Great Naruto Bridge in the Land of Wave. It is a force beyond the battle at the Valley of the End, both the original battle between Naruto and Sasuke, and beyond the battle of Hishirama Senju and Madara Uchiha which created the valley.

The winds produced by the blast are enough to send the other Konoha ninjas flying forcing Yamato to create tree pillars to grab on to.

High in the air, Naruto and Sasuke continue to press there attacks together, despite below them an immense kilometer wide crater has formed from the air burst energy. The Rasengan is releasing slicing streams of high velocity air, while the sphere is releasing lightning into the sky and into the ground.

Then it happens. Naruto's sphere shines and begins to break threw the lightning spear. The winds disrupts the flow of energy. The ball of pressurized wind and chakra grinds the spear until it reaches Sasuke's arm. Sasuke cries out in pain, anger, and horror as the winds slice his arm. The winds first strip the skin, then the muscle tissue. When the winds cut the bones, they shatter and the entire arm explodes.

Naruto continues and rams the glowing silvery sphere into Sasuke's stomach. As it strikes, it emits hurricane force winds and grinds skin and muscle to pulp. Then the Insane Uchiha Avenger is blown away, spiraling, into the forest. Sasuke tears a trench in the forest, destroying a hundred trees, before striking a low land mountain, shattering it's face. As he stands embedded in the rock, the second part of the attack strikes Sasuke. A wall of slicing wind that shatters the mountain completely and grinds Sasuke's flesh.

A normal Jounin would have died from the centrifuge-like force of the spiraling, let alone the impact with the mountain and winds slicing up his very cells, but the Level Three form has flesh harder than Iron and manages to survive barely.

Sasuke's blood-soaked form falls to his earth, his winds completely shredded and his limbs rendered useless. He hits the bottom of the destroyed rock and coughs up blood from his cracked and broken ribs. Snow flakes fall on his ruined skin, the result of release of pressurized gas cooling the air.

Naruto lands next to his former friend and instinctively pulls out the Fox Drive. As the drive glows, black mist streams from the curse seal The mist for a second takes the form of a snake and a fox before dissolving and streaming into the Fox Drive, then into the sky.

Sasuke awakens and begins to scream in pain because without the numbing dark chakra he can feel the massive amount of damage done to his body. He can feel the skinned parts of his body and the hundred thousand fine "paper "cuts caused by the wind blades. He can now feel all of his torn and ruined muscles and the broken and shattered bones. He can also see threw his blood-splattered eyes, the stump where his right arm use to be.

As the dark energy continues to stream, Sasuke begins to change. He changes from the massive Level Three form to his normal form as the curse seal recedes.

Sasuke's hate-filled eyes stare at Naruto, wishing he had the chakra to use his Sharingan. He then sees Angel standing next to Naruto as Sakura tries to treat his wounds. Angel's eyes turn golden and Sasuke's world goes black.

Sasuke, still missing an arm finds himself floating in a black void. He can see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. He can't even scream from the loss of senses. He doesn't know how long he floats in void left with nothing but his hatred and depression over losing to Naruto and the fact his quest to kill his brother is in danger. He doesn't know how long, but it feels like centuries.

Then light illuminates his world and he finds his bare form floating in space. He looks down and sees eight white snakes on his body attached like malignant white tumors Slowly, they pulsate, move and flow to one of the horrified Sasuke's shoulders. They take a shape and form a second head on his shoulders. The head of Orochimaru that flows towards the light seeking to escape.

Suddenly, the light of star turns blood red and everything stops.

Then Orochimaru's head and neck shatter into a million frozen fragments. Sasuke screams as the snakes on his body also shatter, breaking pieces of his own body apart. His frozen arms and legs shatter into tiny fragments and his head and torso tumble into the void illuminated by the crimson star.

In the real world, Sasuke slips into a coma as the Curse Seal on his neck cracks like a sheet of ice before fading away. The other Konoha ninja - Teams Kakashi, Scourge, Adventure, Tamer, and there Leaders Yamato and Anko gather around as the snow continues to fall.

"Will he live, Sakura?" asks Naruto.

"He need to get him back to Konoha for medical treatment." says Sakura, "He's alive and stable, but he has many internal injuries. Most of Sasuke's bones and muscles are damaged and with this much skin damage I'm worried about severe infection. The side effects of the curse seal are also causing trouble."

Sakura uses her Ijutsu (medical techniques) to seal the skin and begins to wrap the Uchiha in sterile bandages coated in a foul-spelling green liquid.

"There's also his chakra network. I don't think Tsunade and the entire Hyuuga clan could repair the damage done. The pathways to limbs are cut and collapsing. Worse, the Tomon (Limit Gate), Keimon (View Gate), and Kyoumon (Wonder Gate) have been destroyed and it's taking all my skill to prevent his digestive and Urinary systems from failing."

"Sakura?" says Sai

"Yes, Sai?"

"Isn't Kyoumon connected to the Root?"

Sakura blushes at Sai's question.

"It's too late." says Sakura, trying not to look at Sasuke's waist, "There was naturally low amounts going to that area and without Kyoumon it won't recover."

"So, the Uchiha won't be able to resurrect his clan?" asks Sai, for his report to Danzo.

"We will be lucky not to have it amputated." says Sakura, whose now dark red.

"What do you mean, Sakura?" says Naruto, holding his arm which is badly injured from his and the Uchiha attack, and still a little clueless after the years.

Sakura can't hit an injured Naruto after all he did, but she doesn't want to answer.

Sai decides to reply.

"The Uchiha will soon be without a Root"

The Land of Fire

Hinata is now surrounded by the tentacle vines of the plant demon and the Hyuuga heiress is now running low on chakra. It has been a losing battle, because the creature can regenerate it's entire body from a single fragment, meaning any damage she does is replaced in seconds including what pass for internal organs and it's head.

Hinata suddenly pauses and the vines contract to capture the young Kunoichi.

"Shinku Kaiten!" (Vacuum Heavenly Spin)

In a normal Kaiten, the Hyuuga spins while release chakra from there tenketsu. This creating a spinning sphere of chakra that repels attacks like a force field. Hinata experimented with her family's Juken and created Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho (Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms) "chakra laser" barrier technique, the Hakke Tekkou Kuushou (Eight Divination Signs Iron and Steel Air Palm) she used to kill the Lightning Princess Karai, and Shinku Kaiten.

As Hinata spins, she creates a vacuum that pulls plant creature towards the chakra sphere instead of pushing them away. There sphere then acts like giant version of Naruto's Rasengan grinding the monster to pulp, destroying every cell like a giant blender. As the technique ends, the Shinku Kaiten reverts to a regular Kaiten releasing the plant pulp. Hinata now stands in the center of a clean circle inside a larger circle of green pulp. Hinata watches as black mist slowly rises from parts of the pulp.

Kiba and Akamaru fighting the monster they have named Teacher have decided to put there heads together.

"Inuzuka Ryuu Chinjuu Konbi Henge: Soutou Rou!"
(Inuzuka Style Rare Beast Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf)

Kiba and Akamaru fuse together to form a giant double-headed wolf version of Akamaru. Kiba and Akamaru rarely use this technique in battle, one of last times was years ago, when they used it against Sound Four's freaky conjoined twins Sakon and Ukon. Since Kiba and Akamaru have grown in both size and skill, the resulting fusion is much larger and more powerful then before.

"Garouga!" (Dual Wolf Fang)

The Teacher tries to use his stone spikes to stop the Inuzuka fusion, but the spike shatter like cheap plaster and the fragments are sent flying the super-spinning wolf that drills towards the monster. In one last attempt it creates a huge thick rectangular wall of hardened stone. The stone wall has no where the strength of Sakon and Ukon's Rashomon that Kiba and Akamaru nearly pierced when they were skill Genin. The Garouga drills threw the wall, shattering it completely, the drills threw Teacher.

The Teacher is torn to pieces and unlike Orochimaru's mutant twins it doesn't survive.

The bone-manipulating White demon has had Shino on defense as the layer of bone under the skin protects the creature from Shino's Kikaichu (destruction bugs) and also protects the creature from taijutsu when Shino gets pass the spikes to deliver strikes. He's also barely escaped the liquid bone traps used by the monster.

"Hijutsu: Kikaichu Naiatsu!" (Secret Art: Destruction Bug Internal Pressure)

A black mass of Kikaichu suddenly flows of Shino into the pores the white liquid was released from. The bugs are unable to drain energy, but they are able to warp around the bone structures and fill up all the spaces. The White demon shakes as the insects fill his body and press outward, then the bugs begin to emerge from cracks in the body.

Suddenly, the head bursts off in a fountain of bugs, then the entire creature rips open. The insects return to there living hive Shino as the body dissolves into fine white ash.

The Four-armed Fighter is sent flying into the ground thanks to Ryou's partner Cyberdramon. On the ground Ryou is gathering energy in his fist for a recently developed technique. As the energy increases, his hand is covered by a glowing white mist and a faint wind begins to swirl around him. The Four-Armed Fighter with his spear broken and it's trident badly bent charges at Ryou in a blind rage.

"SHINREI TEKKEN!" (True Spirit Fist!)

Ryou's brightly growing fist slams into the chest of the Four-armed Fighter demon and there is a flash. When the flash clears, there is translucent red image of the demon behind the demon. The demon spirit separated from it's body dissolves and returns to it's dark origin. The body on the other hand collapses without a mark on it and begins to rapidly rot away.

"Power Boost!" x 2

Regulumon and Beast Queen Juri increase there size and physical strength, and then grab the much slower Green Man. Green man throws a punch at Juri, but she grabs his wrist and twists the entire arm so violently it shatters the bones sending fragments threw veins, arteries, and muscle tissue. The problem becomes worse because the skin wasn't pierced, the spikes appear inside the limb destroying what remains of the muscles. Regulumon does the same with the other arm, then both Regulumon and Juri twist and cross the arms so the rows of spikes pierce it's own chest.

They then pull out there swords with perfect sync and slice the demon's throat from both sides. The only thing holding the head on is a paper thin slice of skin, which is destroyed as the spikes emerge. The decapitated body falls to the ground and begins to rapidly dissolve.

The Demon Snake is now surrounded by Hikari, Takeru, Angewomon, and HolyAngemon. The two Digidestined and there partners stand at the cardinal points - North, South, East, and West- and go threw a set of hand signs. They then hold one hand in a sign and point the palm of the other hand at the Demon Snake

"Hijutsu: Shijin Hasai Kekkai!" (Secret Art: Four God Crushing Barrier!)

A cross of blue-white flame explodes from there palms. The vertical cross points bury themselves in the ground and shoot into the sky, but the horizontal points connect creating a square formation. A second wave of blue light shoots from there palms and there are now four rectangular walls of blue energy with blue flame crosses forming a box around

The Demon Snake sends his masked lesser snakes to pierce the walls of energy, but as they come in contact with barrier they ignite into white flames and are incinerated in seconds. The Demon Snake smashes his fist into the wall in rage, then pulls away looking at the charred limb.

"Who are you?" says Takeru

"We have always been here, since the time of the first mortal fear. We will be at the end, as we were at the start. We are the immortal darkness born from the mortal heart."

"What are you?" says Hikari

"loneliness. shame. alienation. fear. lust, hatred, apathy, and envy of those who are near. We are demons born from the mortal feeling, we are born to slay all of the living."

"Why have you shown yourselves?" says HolyAngemon

"The End has come. The last days have begun. Demons of Land, Air, and Sea, with the World's End we are set Free. The Tailed Beasts have become the Portal, the end of days, of all things Mortal."

The four nod, then they point both palms at the barrier and make a pushing motion.

The Four God Crushing Barrier collapses, not losing height, but closing on the monster and crushing the Demon Snake. The monster screams and roars in pain as it's body burns in contact with the shrinking walls, but it soon ends. The body is crushed and reduced to ash and technique ends when the walls have become a rectangular pillar.

The Land of Lightning

The Jinchuriki no Hachibi cries out as he falls from a cliff into a river.

On that cliff, Madara stands holding the glowing red Dark Drive. Seconds ago, a black beam from drive hit the Jinchuriki as he was manifesting his power. It formed a black sphere around Kumo Jounin before letting the man fall out and over the cliff. The black sphere on the other hand broke into eight black streams of dark energy that flowed into the Dark Drive.

"Why did he survive?" asks half of Zetsu and other half says, "Why didn't he become Jerky?"

"Yonbi's container was older and died during the extraction. Without a soul, the remaining life energy was absorbed with the Bijuu's power. Hence, the corpse." says Madara, "Hachibi's container was far more durability and survived the drain."

"No One Could Survive That." says one half, and the other half says, "Too Bad. I'm getting Hungry."

"We have more things to be concerned with."

Madara looks at the screen and grins under his Tobi mask.

Nibi 2/2
Sanbi 3/3
Yonbi 4/4
Hachi 8/8
Kyubi 8/9

"Uzumaki must have been have been in a battle. There is only one tail of Kyubi left" says Madara, as the words fade and the Dark Drive glows a faint red, "Send Itachi and Kisame to Konoha. Tell them to give Naruto a little push. KUKUKUKU!"

Madara and Tobi vanish using a time space manipulation technique to warp themselves to new location, not bothering to check the former Jinchuriki.

Suddenly, a dark hand explodes from the icy waters of the raging river. The elite cloud ninja, former Jinchurki, and member of Yotsuki clan grabs the sides of the river bank. He pulls his black, musclebound form out of the water still wearing his swords, then collapses on the gravel, face up.

"That guy sure knew how to cook, I hope I didn't lose my note book. I'm lucky to be alive that's for sure, I thought Jinchuriki was impossible to cure. Now I lie upon the ground and I'm so tired I can barely make a sound."

With his last rhyme, Kira Hachi, former Jinchurki of Hachi no Tousokurui (Eight Tailed Cephalopod), passes out from exhaustion. He doesn't even notice a new addition to his waist, a dark purple machine with the fading picture of an egg on it's electronic screen.


Author Notes
Youkai vs Mortals

A mortal is a creature whose spirit is controlled by the body. A youkai is a creature whose body is controlled by the spirit. It explains youkai shape shifting and regeneration, if the body is just following the pattern created by the spirit.
Sasuke's Torture
On the Physical side, Angel's counter technique burn a hole threw his shoulder and caused a third degree burn and electrocution caused severe pain. Naruto's Resenbi damages Sasuke's arm and the Hurricane Spiral Sphere broke nearly every bone in Sasuke's body, strained and pulverized muscle, and covered his in fine cuts. The air pressure burst his ear drums and chilled his body enough to cause wide spread frost bite and there are side effects from using the Curse Seal especially one super-charged by a tainted Kyubi tail.
On the Chakra side, the loss of three Hachimon means his chakra network is nearly destroyed. This means if Sasuke is able to manipulate again, he'll never be able to channel chakra beyond Genin level and his control now sucks worse than Naruto's did years ago.
On the Mental side, Orochimaru's mind/spirit have been destroyed completely, while Sasuke's mind is shattered which means if he recovers from the Coma, he could have DID (dissociative identity disorder) also known as MPD (Multiple personality disorder) and/or dementia.
The Root?
Men in Japan call it Kyokon (Giant Root), but Lil' Sasuke is history. He'll never be able to achieve his ambitions, either one.
Kira Hachi, Jinchuriki of Hachi no Tousokurui
It may be a Fanon name, but I like it and will be his name. Nii in Yugito Nii, Jinchuriki of Nibi no Nekomata (Two-Tailed Demon Cat) translates as "Two". Hachi translates as "Eight". Kira Hachi can also translate as Killer Bee. In my version of Naruto, when they became weapons of Cloud they gained the numbers of there Bijuu (Tailed Beasts) as a title. If Naruto grew up in Cloud his title would have been Koko (also meaning individual/sounds like Kokoro meaning Heart), Ku (also meaning Void), or some other form of Nine.
Kira Hachi's partner?
It's going to be a surprise, but think a cross between Octomon and Lovecraft.
Akatsuki Stats
Madara/Tobi and Zetsu have the Dark Drive containing Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, and Hachi, and Kyubi up to the Eighth Tail. Pein and Konan have the King of Hell Statue containing Ichibi, Gobi, Rokubi, and Shichibi. Itachi and Kisame are on there way t Konoha for Kyubi's last tail.

Technique List
Futon: Rasenbi! (Spiral Tail)
Naruto's counter Chidori technique. He wraps his body, esp his arms, in wind and uses that to protect him from lightning, while he grabs Sasuke and throws him away.
Futon: Shippuu Kekkai! (Wind Release: Hurricane Barrier)
A protective barrier of spiraling wind chakra that keeps physical and energy attacks as he stands in the eye. It's even strong against Fire attacks, absorbing the flames before sending them out dispersing them.
Katon: Tenchi Kakanketsusen! (Fire Release: Heaven Earth Fire Geyser)
The user releases a massive surge of chakra into the ground, heating and pressing the rock into pressurized magma. The molten rock is then released under the target create a jet of fire into sky like a volcanic eruption.
Inspired by Earth Heart Fire Geyser from Mike Smith's Urusei Yatsura - The Senior Year
Katon: Chousou Hanabi (Fire Release: Sky Funeral Fireworks)
The user concentrates chakra in there hand, focused in there palm, then throws out a group of small fireballs that explode on command producing destructive force, blinding light, and deafening sound.
Inspired by Kadaj's attack in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Zamaken! (Evil-Cutting Sword) and Zantetsusen! (Iron-Cutting Flash!)
Takeru's two powerful sword attacks were Inspired by Shinmeiryuu. The sword fighting style used by several manga and anime characters created by Akamatsu Ken. Most of the Shinmeiryuu's attacks are sword skills infused with ki. The reason a spirit attack works on the monsters, is there physical forms are ruled by there spirits. See Youkai vs Mortals above.
Raiton: Habataku Okudori! (Lightning Release: Flapping Hundred Million Birds!)
The ultimate Chidori technique created by Curse Seal Level 3 Sasuke. A mixture of the fused dark chakras of Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Kyubi enhanced by natural lightning. The "natural" lightning was generated by the superheated air going into the atmosphere similar to Sasuke's Kirin technique. It creates a spear of black fire that can pierce a mountain.
Futon: Shippuu Rasengan!! (Wind Release: Hurricane Spiral Sphere!"
The ultimate Rasengan technique created by Naruto Uzumaki. With the Kyubi mostly purified, Naruto is able to manipulate larger amounts of energy and has far superior chakra control. The technique involves creating a giant Rasengan infused with Wind Element, then compressing the sphere to the size of a normal Rasengan. This creates a high dense sphere of super-pressurized liquid air and chakra that can grind threw most barriers. When the sphere is released it creates a slicing storm of hurricane force winds and also creates extremely low temperatures from the release of pressurized gas.
Shinku Kaiten! (Vacuum Heavenly Spin)
Hinata's reverse Kaiten designed to pull targets into the sphere so they are sliced apart and ground to bits by the spinning chakra like a giant Rasengan. When the technique is released, the pulverized targets are ejected away from the user preventing contact with the blood or any poisons.
Hijutsu: Kikaichu Naiatsu! (Secret Art: Destruction Bug Internal Pressure)
The Aburame fills the opponent with Kikaichu and causes them to explode. This technique is difficult and becomes more difficult if the target is larger than the user. Shino had the advantage against white because of the amount of bone in the creature's body taking up space.
SHINREI TEKKEN! (True Spirit Fist!)
Ryou's secret technique. He gathers special energy in his fist then releases it on impact, not causing physical damage, but pushing the soul/spirit out of the body. Once separated, the souls of most creatures pass on without a body and bodies die without there souls.
Inspired by Rukia's Glove from the series Bleach.
Hijutsu: Shijin Hasai Kekkai! (Secret Art: Four God Crushing Barrier!)
A technique developed by Hikari and Takeru with the help of there partners. They create a barrier to contain there target similar to Sound Four's Shishi Enjin (Four Violet Flames Battle Formation). The divine energy infused in the barrier makes it impossible for any creature with evil/killing intent in there hearts to escape and all demonic creature and malignant entities burn on contact. The four can then be united as one, crushing the captured.

The Return
Itachi and Kisame
The Final Tail! The New Kyubi!


Kusa (Grass) Teams
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Leaders - Yamato and Anko
Konoha Research Team
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri

When should the Scourge Arrive?
(1) The Past.
Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Inu no Taishou's time. Chibi-Inuyasha?
Votes: 1
(2) Early Days.
Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Before Inuyasha was sealed to the tree. Before the Manga.
Votes: 1
(3) Starter Group.
Post Manga chapter 108.
Inuyasha-tachi assembled. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
Votes: 1
(4) Band of Seven.
Manga chapter 235.- 276.
Inuyasha-tachi vs Shichinintai, while Naraku is in Hiding.
Votes: 1
(5) End Start.
Post Manga chapter 340/ Anime episode 167.
Mt.Hakurei. Naraku has his new body and Hakudoshi and Moryomaru are introduced.
Votes: 0
(6) One of the Movies
(a) Inuyasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time.
Votes: 0
(b) Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Votes: 2
(c) Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords of the Honorable Ruler.
Votes: 0
(d) Inuyasha The Movie 4: Fire on Mystic Island.
Votes: 0
(7)After The Ending. Post Manga vol 56/chapter 558. Max Power.
Votes: 1


Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She marries Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
The story will not follow canon closely and will play out like the AU of a movie. There will be OC villians with Naraku, even if the Timeline is Number Seven. I'm a Inuyasha x Kagome and Miroku x Sango Fan. I also like Toy Ship Kohaku and Rin. Seshoumaru is open for Canon (i.e. Kagura) and OCs.^_^. If Number One or Two is selected, there will be a Time Skip.

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