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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
A challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'

Spaceman's addition to Redwitch's Misfit Universe and it's merger with Halloween World. GI Joe x X-Men Evo Multi-crossover


Konoha - Tsunade's Office

Tsunade is at her desk going over the reports given to her by Shizune, while remembering the time Shizune was gone on the Mist mission. It was a very peaceful time with her enjoying the bath house and her favorite sake, but the second Shizune returned she was forced to return to the monster. A monster that was plagued Hokage and all Kages since the founding of the Ninja Village.


"Your actually doing Paper Work, Tsunade-Obachan?" says a surprised voice.

Tsunade looks up to see the returned Kusa (Grass) Teams. Team Kakashi is in front with Naruto grinning like the greatest trickster, Sakura looking a little embarrassed and angry, and Sai looking as emotional as cardboard. Team Adventure are on the left with Yamato wearing sunglasses, Mimi holding a rare flower from Grass country, and Izumi working on his new laptop. Team Tamer is on the right with Takato eating with Guilmon, Jenrya looking at Terriermon on his head, and Ruki and Renamon in classic cool shinobi pose. Team Scourge - Angel and Gabriel, Spike and Blaze, and Drusilla and Lilitha are next to the door, half hidden in the shoulders. The Team Leaders Yamato and Anko look tired.

Tsunade is shocked by there arrival. How did fourteen ninja and twelve Digimon get into her office without making a sound, when there's only one door?


"Success. Sasuke Retrieval complete."

Yamato steps forward.

"We entered the Land of Grass as planned and meet Sasori's spy Kabuto at the bridge. Outside Team Kakashi, the others encountered shinobi from Grass and Sound, and various Nukenin hired by Orochimaru. They were eliminated. Kabuto and Orochimaru revealed themselves, originally planning to kill Sasori, but an enraged Naruto killed Kabuto and engaged Orochimaru."

Tsunade leans forward to listen closely.

"During the battle, Naruto was enraged enough to summon Four Tails of the Kyubi's power. There was a reaction from the Fox Drive and the tails were cleansed."


"It's hard to explain. Naruto reached his uncontrollable Fourth Tail state, when a sphere of energy formed around him. The sphere pulled the darker elements of Kyubi out of Naruto and dispersed them into the air. The part that was released was the most vile, evil chakra I have ever sensed, but what remained in Naruto is pure. It's almost like the chakra you would find in a Temple."

"What happened after the cleansing?"

"Naruto was weakened and Orochimaru retreated, badly injured from the battle. According to Angel, who was able to track Orochimaru's blood trail back to his temporary base. Sasuke killed the weakened Sennin when Orohimaru tried to claim Sasuke's body."

"Sasuke killed Orochimaru?"

"Orochimaru was weakened, but yes, Sasuke did kill the snake. He then tried to kill Angel, but was injured by Angel's Chidori counter move. Sasuke then attacked Naruto trying to achieve Mangekyo Sharingan."

Tsunade Senju cringes at Mangekyo Sharingan. She read the reports and scrolls taken from the Uchiha compound after Sasuke's defection. An upgrade to the normal Sharingan that can only be achieved by breaking the bonds to humanity, such as killing your best friend.

"Naruto was able to match Sasuke, even with Naruto using only his own power and Sasuke tapping into the power of the Curse Seal. Even at Level Two, Sasuke was unable to defeat Naruto. In his madness believed the only way Naruto could match his power is the Kyubi, and tried to use his Sharingan to effect the Kyubi. The first time only caused Sasuke severe pain, the second forced Naruto to tap into Kyubi's power. He resisted the power and managed to stop the transformation at an incomplete fourth tail. The energy bubble appeared again and drained away the tails, but Sasuke attacked and accidentally absorbed one of the tails."

"That shouldn't be possible. Only those born with the Tailed Beasts inside them can control the energy."

"Under normal circumstances, that would be true. But the Uchiha, mutated by the curse seal, was able to adapt and transform into a demonic Level Three form. Sasuke attacked with the most powerful version of Chidori I have ever scene and Naruto countered with a super version of Rasengan. The two attacks fought each other, but in the end Naruto won and Sasuke was defeated."

"What about the stolen power?"

"Naruto was able to drain the Tail using his fox drive. The Curse Seal broke and without it's power, Sasuke fell to his injuries and is now in a Coma."

Tsunade reads Sakura's medical report.

"The Civilian Council would be upset with there Uchiha unable to fight or produce more Uchiha."


"I said WOULD be upset. They would be upset, if they weren't already dead."

"Dead? What happened??" asks Naruto, he may not like the bigoted Uchiha-worshiping council, but he's still concerned about Konoha citizens dying.

"Your not the only ones to have a bizarre adventure."

En Route to Konoha from Land of Wind

A group of Suna Ninja are moving towards Konohagure no Sato on a very important mission.

The first are the famous Sand Trio - Godaime Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara who has fully recovered from the extraction of the Bijuu Ichibi no Shukaku, his brother the puppet master Kankuro who has recovered from Sasori's poisoning thanks to the efforts of Sakura and Hikari, and the sister Wind Mistress Temari who has been making sure her brothers have been well taken care of during there recovery.

They also travel with a Chunin Team.

Arika is a tall teenage girl with green eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. She's dressed in a mix of fishnet and white wraps, with her Chunin flak vest and her headband around her head. She uses a pair of Tessen- iron ribbed fans- and considers Temari to be her idol. She also has a crush on Gaara, which sometimes annoys her teammates.

Fudou is one of Kankuro's students in Kugutsu (Puppetry). He's a short, lean muscular man with spiky black hair, dark tanned skin, and brown eyes. He's also dressed in a black jumpsuit covered by a long black coat with billowing sleeves. He also wears his Chunin jacket under the coat and his suna headband around his waist. He's a hot tempered loud mouth, when not focused on a mission.

The last is the silent swordsman Kenji. He's a strange teenager, tall and lean muscular with white blond hair, dark skin, and silver gray hair. He's dressed in a sleeveless grey shirt and black pants with ankle wraps and Sarashi - a long, winding strip of cloth, usually thick cotton, wrapped tightly around the midriff up to the chest. His arms are covered in bandages from wrist to elbow, with elbow to shoulder covered by fishnet secured under the bandages. He carries two Kunai holsters instead of one a large sword on his back.

Kenji is the Suna prodigy swordsman, but the other two strive to prevent him from becoming an arrogant jerk. They have been able to prevent him from becoming emotionless, but he still looks at them like there both crazy.

The last member of the group is the reason for the mission. Shortly after his recovery from the Akatsuki, Gaara discovered a strange machine attached to his waist. A couple of days later, the image of a broken egg and the kanji for Fresh, Baby 1, Baby 2, and Bypass appeared. There was a blinding flash and when the light cleared, Gaara's Tanuki problem had returned in a bizarre form.

A anthropomorphic raccoon dog with thick dark brown fur, a lighter stomach, and odd golden eyes with black sclera. He has a large stomach, powerful limbs, and abnormally long tail for a Raccoon Dog. He wears a big cone-shaped hat, a black-and- gold vest, black pants, and sandals. He also carries a tan sack over his shoulder.

The loud, hyperactive, perverted Tanuki who later proved to somewhat gullible and absent-minded. When he was attacked by a paranoid suna ninja, he also proved to be a powerful fighter despite his appearance. When the Tanuki groped Temari, she smashed him with her fan and Gaara crushed the Tanuki with his sand, an ability he didn't lose with Shukaku's loss, but the Tanuki turned into a rubber ball and escaped. Gaara was shocked when the Tanuki introduced him and the machine projected an image showing the creature's stats.

"Shukaku, the Tanukimon"

Level Child
Attribute Variable
Type Tailed Beast Hybrid
A Rare Hybrid of Tailed Beast Youkai and Exalted Beast Digimon. A Hybrid born of a Jinchuriki after the Darkness of Tailed Beast has been purified and replaced with Digital Power. He is the Lord of the Sand and a master of disguise and shape-shifting.
Kishabakudan (Golden Sand Blast Fist)
Tanukimon surrounded his fist with sand to create a giant golden fist. The fist can be used as a crushing battering ram or grind flesh from bone using a slicing motion.
Suna Yari (Sand Spear)
Tanukimon creates a giant halberd made of golden sand. It's designed to pierce the strongest defenses and can be used as an extend able staff.
Reppudan (Gale Shot)
Tanukimon releases a destructive ball of pressurized wind at high speed from it's mouth. He can mix others items, like sake and sand, with air to create a smoke screen, balls of fire, or make surfaces slick..
Gintama (Golden Ball)
Tanukimon rolls into a ball and transforms into a golden metal sphere that can move at extremely high speeds and attack like a cannonball

En Route to Konoha from Land of Lightning

"I don't have all day and I need to be on my way. You think you can rob me with farming tools, are you insane or are you just fools."

The forty bandits that surround the Cloud Jounin are some what desperate.

Twenty of them are mercenaries from Nami no Kuni (The Land of Waves) and used to work for the crime lord Gatou until he was killed by the Kiri Nukenin Zabuza and one Konoha ninja named Naruto Uzumaki inspired the village to fight for there dreams. Every since the creation of the Great Naruto Bridge, the bandits have been forced out of the town and were nearly massacred by the Kiri ninjas looking for sport.

The other twenty were farmers and merchants from what was once a very wealthy farming village in a strategic part of Rai no Kuni (Land of Lightning) . The village got drunk on there power and a daimyo ordered a team of Kumo ninja to wipe out the village council. This caused a riot that decimated the village and forced many of the one wealthy survivors to become bandits to satisfy there vices.

The forty who now call themselves the Dragon Fang Gang (Ryuuga-Gan) have faced ninja before, but in those cases they have used poison to weaken them. They poured the poison on there weapons and in the water supply and when the ninja showed weakness, they would attack first with traps, then as a group. The desperation comes from the recent loss of there leader to an irate Konoha Onnin (Hunter Ninja) and there addictions.

Kira Hachi doesn't even move when the first five attack. Instead he lets there pathetic weapons, that used to be farming tools, break and shatter against his body. Five more attack, but the effect is same as if they were striking an iron statue. Kira Hachi pulls out two swords holding them using his joints.

Two minutes later, the Dragon Fang Gang lie in a hundred pieces on the ground. The former Jinchuriki of Hachibi no Ushioni returns his swords to his sheaths and continues to walk.

"Once more I'm on my way, stand before the storm and your blown away."

Suddenly, the strange machine he found on him after his defeat begins to glow. On the little screen, a white egg cracks and shatters filling the screen with light.

En Route to Konoha from Land of Rain

S-Class Missing Ninja Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki stand in front of Zetsu's astral projection near a large cave. Itachi is famous for being the prodigy genius that wiped out his entire clan, excluding his little brother. Kisame is a famous Swordsman of the Mist known as the Monster and tried to kill the Water Daimyo.

"All of the Bijuu have been captured, excluding Kyubi no Kistune. Our recently acquired technology has allowed us to capture the Bijuu even at a distance. During a conflict in the Land of Grass, Eight of the Kyubi's tails, were captured."

"Conflict?" asks Itachi

"Uzumaki and several teams fought against a collection of ninja lead by Orochimaru. The Konoha teams decimated there enemies. Kabuto was killed by Uzumaki and Orochimaru was severely weakened. He was killed by Sasuke when he tried to take over the Uchiha's body. Sasuke then get in a major battle with Naruto, in which Sasuke was defeated."

"Foolish little brother, huh?" says Kisame, almost mocking Itachi.

"During the conflict with Orochimaru, four tails were released by the Jinchuriki's anger. During the Sasuke battle, he managed to stop at three tails, but the fourth tail was accidentally absorbed by the Uchiha's curse seal. At the end of both conflicts, the tails were automatically captured.'

'Your mission is to go to Konohagakure no Sato and start a conflict with the Kyubi Jinchuriki. You are to get him to release the final tail of Kyubi. After that, you are to eliminate him."

Konoha Hospital, a few days later

Naruto Uzumaki looks at the still form of Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke's entire body is covered in a white cast with seals The seals on the body cast is designed to keep the person inside in status, preventing them from moving or further injuring himself. The seals also store healing chakra from Medic Ninjas and transfers it into the body of patient to further healing and cell regeneration.

According to the charts, Sasuke suffered from severe damage to shoulder damage with nerve damage to the left arm. His right arm was shattered and the muscles badly torn, with minor nerve damage. The abdominal muscles were pulverized and the Medic Ninjas had to remove micro bone fragments from the spine. There was also severe damage to the intestines, spleen, and kidneys, but the Medics were able to save them unlike the reproductive system. The risk of infection from skin damage was so severe, they had to place him in the body cast and sedate him to block the pain.

There are also notes on the damaged Chakra network with the rare Hyuuga medic-nins declaring the loss of the three Hachimon to be permanent and irreversible. Sasuke's career as a ninja is over and so is his ambitions.

Suddenly, a black Hawk with dark red wing and tail tips flies in threw the window dumping grass on the Uchiha. It swoops over to Naruto and lands on a IV stand. The IV stand is loaded with nutrient fluids, blood replenishers, sedatives, and more expensive drugs paid by the few surviving Uchiha fans of the surviving Civilian groups and a couple members of Danzo's disbanded Root ANBU.

Naruto notices a bloodstained note tied to it's right leg. After Naruto makes the message, the hawk takes off accidentally cutting the IV bags.

To Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuriki of Kyubi no Kitsune

We wish to fight you after hearing of your victory over Snake Sennin Orochimaru and Sasuke Uchiha in the Land of Grass. We have captured Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame to make sure you will accept our invitation. Meet us on Namikaze Bridge at Noon and come alone.


Naruto clenches the note tightly, then opens his hand causing it to explode into confetti thanks to the cutting wind chakra. He rushes out of the Hospital unnoticed by the other Shinobi except for Team Scourge which quickly follow Naruto.

Back in the Hospital, the demented mind of Sasuke Uchiha slowly awakens to suffering as the IV bag containing his sedatives and painkillers runs dry.

Hokage's office

Teams Adventure , Tamer, Reptile, and Light have arrived in Tsunade Senju's office to find a group of visitors. They are joined by Toad Sennin Jiraiya, Yugito Ni, former host of Nibi no Nekomata and her partner Leona, the Leonamon. One is the Suna Group composed of the Famous Sand Trio and another three man team. The other is a famous S-Class Cloud Jounin known as Kira Hachi, the Killer Bee of Cloud, and the former Jinchuriki of Hachibi Bijuu (Eight tailed Tailed Beast).

Kira Hachi scared the guards when he appeared in Konohagakure no Sato and then caused mass confusion by asking for Tsunade and the Kyubi Jinchuriki.

What is shocking is the two new Digimon. After a quick, but embarrassing introduction of Shukaku by Gaara, they turn to the second child Digimon. A child in level, but the size of a full grown adult.

He's a tall muscular minotaur with black skin, eyes covered by dark goggles, three silver horns, cloven feet, large humanoid hands with spurred wrists, and membranes like a flying squirrel. He also has six black tentacles ending in barbed suckers coming out of his back and protecting his bladed weapons. He dressed in old fashion armor made of polished black metal and dark blue-green metal details. He has two swords at his side with black hilts and sheaths, and smaller swords hidden on his back.

Level Child
Attribute Variable
Type Tailed Beast Hybrid
A Rare Hybrid of Tailed Beast Youkai, Exalted Beast Digimon, and Aquatic Beast Man Digimon. A Hybrid born of a Jinchuriki after the Darkness of Tailed Beast has been purified and replaced with Digital Power. Ushionimon is the Ultimate Swordsman of the Bijuu able to wield more than Eight swords at the same time with insane speed, extreme force, and lethal accuracy.
Ushioni Ensuidan (Ushioni Salt Water Shot)
A high pressure jets of boiling salt water that can cut threw metal and stone. It can be fired from a finger tip or a tentacle tip and It is also possible for multiple shots.
Kenatsu (Sword Pressure)
Ushionimon can release energy from his swords granting ability to cut and harm enemies without physical contact. This ranges from needles from thrusts, to destructive waves from slashes, and energy blasts when the swords are crossed to form two sword "X" to eight sword "Star".
Chimuchiken (Thousand Whip Sword)
Ushionimon holds his swords with his tentacles and slashes at the opponent. Since the tips of the whip-like tentacles reach supersonic speeds (causing the cracking sound), so do the blades. Each strike is faster than the previous. This creates an illusion of a thousand swords attacking.

"Kira Hachi, how did you Bijuu become separated from you?" asks Tsunade.

"He had like Raccoon Dog, Kitten, and Fox, a flashing machine, an electronic box." says Kira pointing at Naruto's Fox Drive, Gaara's Tanuki Drive, and Yugito's Cat Drive. He then holds up his own black and gold octopus and ox theme Ushioni Drive, "He had what you call a Drive, it nearly ate my soul Alive."

"Who attacked you and what did the drive look like?" asks Jiraiya

"If you saw the leather clad fool, you known the man. Swirling mask that hides a Sharingan. He looked weak and hide his power, hides a strength that makes demons cower. The drive looked like a twisted Mirror, a black fox that makes me shiver. He stole my power and tossed me in the river."

"Sharingan?? If it wasn't Itachi or Sasuke, then..." says Jiraiya.

"Then what?" demands Tsunade.

"According to the oldest records, the reason your Grandfather Hashirama Senju and the Senju Clan developed there Mokuton ability to suppress demon chakra was because there greatest rivals the Uchiha could control the tailed beasts."

"Woah! Wait a minute, if the Uchiha could control them why didn't they take over!?" asks Yugito.

"A regular Sharingan can't control them beyond suppression, the true power can only be used by a Mangekyo Sharingan and the only person with those eyes was Hashirama's rival Madara Uchiha. The leader's control was enough that the original Uchiha banner had a picture of Nine Tailed Fox. According to records we managed to find in the Uchiha archives, the battle at the Valley of the End was no only the place where Shodaime Hokage and Madara Uchiha fought, but the first encounter with the Kyubi."

"Wait a minute!" says Sakura, "Sasuke must have been trying to suppress Kyubi during his battle with Naruto, but since Naruto wasn't using Kyubi's power it failed."

"When Sasuke was pumped up by the curse seal, it must have worked in reverse. Forcing Naruto to use it's power." says Jiraiya, "There were rumors of a Uchiha conspiracy years ago and when the Kyubi no Kitsune attacked, many feared Madara had returned."

"Wait! Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha were roughly the same age." says Takeru, "He would be around a hundred years old now."

Jiraiya looks nervous, then steps forward.

"I recently found records at the old Uchiha compound that indicates Madara doesn't age like a normal person. Apparently, both him and his brother unlocked there Mangekyo years before the founding of Konohagakure no Sato. The problem is Mangekyo puts too much strain on the body, causing eventual blindness and even death. Madara was the first to go blind, but he cured himself by taking his brother's eyes. The resulting Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan granted immense power including longevity."

"Oh my god." says Sakura turning pale, "That's why Itachi left Sasuke alive, why he tortured him. He wanted Sasuke to gain the Mangekyo to replace his own eyes."

"A cruel and twisted man from a cruel and twisted clan." says Kira, "I hear even in the river below, that hatred is what his agents will sow. That seek the container of the fox Naruto Uzumaki, in hope of releasing the wrath and set the last tail free."

"Who are they sending??"

"You already know there name, Itachi and Kisame."

The River

Naruto Uzumaki stands on Namikaze Bridge looking at Itachi Uchiha with eve growing hatred. The bloody, half-naked form of Ayame is tied to a tree on the other side of the bridge and gagged to stop her screaming. Her bruised and bloody father lies at her feet, his arms and legs tied behind his back. He doesn't need to be gagged since he's unconscious

"Let them go!"

"When I win, the old man will die." says Itachi, attacking Naruto's emotions, "The girl, the slave market has been looking up."

Naruto forms three Kage Bushin (Shadow Clones) and attacks Itachi as a team. Itachi's response is to inhale and release a massive fireball. The heat of fire is so intense, the entire bridge ignites and the surrounding water explodes into steam.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)

Naruto appears behind Itachi with a Kunai with a kunai ready, but Itachi forms a seal and explodes like a bomb, destroying the Naruto clone with it.

"Bushin Daibakuha!" (Clone Great Explosion)

Itachi appears in front of Naruto after destroying the two other clones and locks Naruto with his Mangekyo Sharingan.He plans on using Genjutsu, but quickly realizes the fourth Naruto is also a Shadow Clone. He also realizes too late, the clone holds a hand seal behind his back.

"Doumetsusen!" (Eye Destruction Flash!)

Naruto's entire body glows, then explodes into a monstrous flash of white light. Ayame still tied to the tree has to close her eyes tightly from the blinding light that fills the entire area. While she can't see, she can feel the ropes on her fall away.

Itachi with his powerful doujutsu (eye technique) doesn't have the option of blocking the light, due to the sensitivity of bloodline eyes.

"Futon: Shippuu Bakuha!" (Wind Release: Hurricane Blast Wave)

Itachi's eyes open as the light fades, only to see a spinning wall of wind flying towards him. He tries to block, but it has the force of a full size Hurricane compressed into a wall of power. The wall hit him like a battering ram and sends him flying towards the shore of the river. He smashes three thick trees, before become embedded in the thick truck of the fourth one. The winds have also shredded his clothing and his arms are soaked with blood from the wind grinding his skin like a sand blaster.

He looks towards the shredded area of the forest and notices the hostages are both gone.

He then turns to see Naruto standing with a Rasengan in his palm.

"Impressive." says Itachi with a emotionless voice.

The Forest

The Scourge fan to help Naruto, but ended up facing the mutant fish-man missing ninja Kisame with a scale covered Samehada

"Suiton: Baku Suishouha!" (Water Release: Bursting Water Collision Waves)

After forming the needed hand seals, Kisame expels water from his gullet. The water rapidly increases expands into a large volume of water. He then controls the water by riding on top of it like a surfer.

Spike avoids the water by running up a tree and jumping high into the air, raining fireballs down on Kisame using a technique similar to Katon: Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique), except the projectiles have special seals that cause them to explode like incendiary bombs. Kisame blocks the fireballs with his Samehada, but is battered by the explosions.

Angel appears in front of Kisame, only to explode when Kisame's chakra eating sword strikes him. The explosion is weak because Samehada ate the chakra and weakened the Bushin Daibakuha.

"Katon: Hinote no Kaitou!" (Fire Release: Sword of Flames!)

The real Angel is behind Kisame holding a sword of white flame like an Angelic warrior. The blade of flame doesn't last long, but it lasts long enough to slice Kisame in half at the waist. Kisame doesn't die instead he bursts into boiling water, revealing himself to be a Mizu Bushin (Water Clone).

Kisame bursts from the surface of flooded area and has his hands in a hand seal. A column of water circles Kisame and then a large force of water erupts to hit Angel.

"Daibakufu no Jutsu!" (Grand Waterfall Technique)

Due to the force of the water Angel is fully enveloped by the water and at its mercy as is pulls him away. Kisame doesn't have time to laugh, because Spike lands on the surface of the water next to him with his hands also in a seal.

"Katon: Karyuusouha!" (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Blast Wave!)

Spike inhales and then releases a stream of white flame in the form of an dragon. Kisame leaps back, but when the superheated plasma hits the cold water there is massive explosion of steam that sends a massive column into the sky. The explosion is also boosted by the dragon exploding on impact releasing all of it's power

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Violent Water Wave)

Kisame recovers enough to land on the surface of the water and counter attacks with destructive streams of water from his mouth. Spike counters that attack by making a powerful horizontal slash with his flaming sword. The sword pressure creates a superheated current of air that deflects the water attack.

"Raiton: Ryu Kaminari Iki!" (Lightning Release: Dragon Thunder Breath)

Angel inhales and releases a more powerful version of his Thunder Breathe technique. The massive spiraling blast of electrical plasma streams from Angel's mouth and hits Kisame, causing the water clone to explode into superheated steam. Angel is surprised that Kisame had time to counter.

"Suirou no Jutsu!" (Water Prison Technique!)

Angel suddenly finds himself trapped in a sphere of water create by another water clone. The real Kisame then makes a couple of odd hand seals

"Suiton: Sui Ikari!" (Water Release: Water Anchor!)

The technique causes the water in the prison and water clone to become as heavy as iron and the clone and captured Angel fall to the river bed like a ship's iron anchor.

Kisame then cries out in pain and nearly collapses into the water. He looks at his shoulder and sees a bloody arrow protruding from the front . He looks closely at the arrow and notices that under the crystallized blood, the arrow is made of hard ice with a blue chakra core.

He turns despite the pain and sees Drusilla standing in tree holding a glowing blue bow. She places her fingers on the string gently and tiny droplets of water and blue chakra appear. As she draws back the string the droplets come together to form an arrow, that turns into ice when she's finished drawing the string back.

"Hyouton: Fuin no Ya!" (Ice Release: Arrow of Sealing!)

The Road

The chakra released from the battles alerts the other Digimon partnered Teams and the other members of Team Kakashi. They all move towards the Namikaze Bridge, but encounter a few problems.

One is a black leather clad man with a spiraling orange mask showing one sharingan eye. One is a half-white, half-black green haired man with a giant venus fly trap for arms and a black cloak with red clouds. The rest are a two dozen Nukenin.

A series of kunais are thrown by Hikari, but the man with the orange mask avoids all but one of the blades. The final blade hits the man in chest, but passes clean threw without causing any damage.

"The battle between Itachi and Naruto is too interesting to cancel. These recently hired men should keep you busy until the battle ends."

The River

The battle between Naruto and Itachi is rapidly growing out of control. It's one of the reasons Naruto had a couple of Shadow Clones get Ayame and her father far away from battle and inform Godaime Hokage Tsunade about the Akatsuki. Itachi is shocked that Naruto has been able to hold his own against him, but he realizes Naruto has been training for three years to defeat Orochimaru and his brother, so he no longer has the advantage of Sharingan Genjutsu.


Amaterasu, named for the Goddess of the Sun, is a Ninjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to create a powerful black fire. This jutsu is generated by the right Mangekyou eye. It has been said that anything within the Mangekyou's vision will burn to ash if consumed by the fire. The fire itself is said to burn for 7 days and 7 nights.

The black flames of Amaterasu now cover a large portion of the forest. Naruto forced Itachi to use this technique when Naruto released a wind technique that nearly disemboweled him. Itachi now regrets using it because of the chakra drain and damage done to his body. He's literally crying blood and his vision is fading further.

"Futon: Rasengan!"

Itachi uses a couple tricks to escape Naruto's attack. He replaces himself with Tsuchi Bushin (Mud Clone) to absorb the impact, then jumps forward to grab Naruto. He locks his Mangekyo Eyes with Naruto's shocked ones and triggers another technique.


Tsukuyomi, named for the God of the Moon, is a Genjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to generate a powerful illusion. This jutsu is generated by the left Mangekyou eye. Itachi wanted to use this technique from the beginning of the fight, but Naruto had trained himself to avoid doujutsu attacks. Now, he uses the powerful genjutsu to torture Naruto for several days in the space of a real world second. He uses images of his friends being raped and killed by his enemies combined with the villagers beating him calling him Demon Fox and a Monster.

When the technique ends, Itachi cries out in pain as Naruto cries out in rage. Naruto glows like his Eye Destruction Flash, but this time it's not a technique. It's a release of power, a release of an inner darkness and the birth of a new light. Itachi's tainted spirit and corrupted mind are burnt from the feedback of his own genjutsu. He can't escape and can only watch as the transformation occurs.

A sphere of light forms around Naruto and a pitch black darkness emerges from Naruto's body and swirls around the surface of the sphere. Itachi feels true fear for the first time in years. he can sense the horrific evil in the black chakra, more powerful and vile than his master Madara. Then the darkness explodes off the sphere of light into sky. As the darkness streams off, the light grows brighter until it becomes a solid opaque sphere of light

The sphere explodes releasing a massive shock wave of iridescent light and ethereal white flames across the village. The flames don't damage anything, but the strange chakra suddenly makes good people feel a confidence and strength in themselves and each other. It causes the evil people to feel an overwhelming sense of dread, a crushing force. Some would later say they saw the Flames of the Will of Fire

In the center of shock wave. Naruto stands bare chested with torn pants and damaged shoes. The demon seal on his stomach glows white then shatters like glass and streams off his skin like dust.

Standing next to Naruto, is a glowing humanoid figure. Itachi Uchiha, Prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, can only stare into the glowing eyes behind the fox mask.

The Forest

Kisame stands on the water's surface defending himself with the Samehada from the attacks of the Scourge. His shoulder is now covered in ice from the Arrow of Sealing. The arrow continues to drain his chakra and use it to drain heat from the air and Kisame's body creating ice crystals. The more cells are destroyed by the ice crystals, the more chakra is absorbed for the technique. When he tried to use Samehada to cancel the technique, all he managed to do was cause his entire arm to go numb for a couple minutes. Those minutes nearly got him killed.

"You out of luck, Sharky." says Spike, "In a few minutes, you'll be frozen fish sticks."

Kisame growls at the insult, then grins. He places his sword in front of him and lets go. Instead of falling into the water, the sword floats an inch above the water. The bandages explode off the Samehada showing how ugly the sword truly is, a massive blade composed of giant razor-blade sharp shark scales Kisame pulls a vile from under his Akatsuki cloak. The little bottle contains a black liquid, which he quickly swallows. He then places his hands in a seal and begins to chant.

"Ya Gaa Mee Mo Ya Gaa Mee Chi-Wah."

Spike tries to attack before Kisame can complete the technique, but he's thrown back by a surge of chakra. The surge is also powerful enough the Arrow of Sealing in his shoulder shatters and a second arrow fired by Drusilla is vaporized before it can reach Kisame.

Kisame is surrounded by a raging aura of dark blue-purple mist, while his sword glows a fiery blue white. Kisame grins as he begins to transform.

Kisame Hoshigaki's pale skin darkens to almost black and his black hair turns white and becomes wilder. His yellow eyes seem to glow like the full moon in a dark night. His massive six foot five form gains height and muscle mass to over seven feet tall, shredding his Akatsuki cloak and stretching his shinobi clothing. He also develops short claws on fingers, shark scales on his skin, and sharp fins extending from head, back, and forearms like blades.His mouth also widens and his sharp shark teeth

"We kept a careful eye on Orochimaru after he left the organization. We even stole a supply of enzymes taken from Juugo of the Scale's body, the same enzymes used in his Juinjutsu (cursed sealing technique)." says Kisame, his voice sounding demonic, "Leader-sama and Itachi developed a technique that I could use to transfer the chakra consumed by Samehada into me and use the enzyme mix to adapt my body to the energy. I called it Itachizame Henga! (Tiger Shark Transformation)"

"Your not the only person that can transform." says Spike holding his glowing Digivice.

"It's time to play." says Drusilla with a child's voice as her own Digivice ignites into light.

Two columns of light and chakra shoot into the sky, one a beam of gold yellow, the other a burst of green flames. When the lights die down, Blaze and Liltha are no longer a imp and black cat, but the Two Great Demon Lord Digimon known as Beelzemon and Lilithmon

The Road


Madara laughs and holds the Dark Drive, which is pulsating with power. On the screen is simple message that means so much.

Nibi 2/2
Sanbi 3/3
Yonbi 4/4
Hachi 8/8
Kyubi 9/9

As he laughs like a maniac, the ninjas of Konohagakure no Sato fight the two dozen Nukenin (Missing Ninja), Madara hired to distract them.

"Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" (Water Dragon Projectile Technique)

Yamato is fighting three Kiri (Mist) ninja. He avoids the water dragon from the first ninja, jumps over the poisoned sword blade of the second and Garurumon's Fox Fire sends the third screaming into the air before he can use his chain weapon. The first one tries to attack Yamato with kama (sickles), but the Digidestined flips over the Kiri releasing a spray of liquefied air. A spinning back kick shatters the frozen ninja sending one frozen chunk to collide with Kiri number two's head!

Mimi and her partner into Togemon form are fighting three Kusa (Grass) ninja. The first two grass ninjas try to grab Togemon's arms with poisonous spine-covered whips, but Togemon spins and pulls the ninjas in close before releasing a shower of a million cactus spines out of her body. One Grass ninja is badly injured, while the other is killed as the spines pierce his neck and chest. The whips that held her is also destroyed by the phalanx of spines.

"Get over here!" yells Mimi, imitating a certain character from Mortal Kombat. She fires a vine from her palm that pierces threw the third Kusa ninja's body and develops hook-shaped thorns on the other side.She then yanks the vines and pulls the Kusa ninja towards her. Before the ninja can collide with the Kunoichi, she generates a battle axe shaped wooden weapon and uppercuts the Grass ninja. The ninja's corpse flies into the air, tearing the vine out, before crashing in the ground meters away.

Mimi grins, remembering how she wondered how the boys could spend there time playing those games, before she turns to attack the remaining Kusa ninja.

Izumi is fighting a trio of Taki (Waterfall) ninja inside the forest. What's strange about the battle is all four ninja are using wires and traps. Suddenly, one water Waterfall ninja jumps back to avoid the claws of Kabuterimon, but is shocked by one of his own wires charged by Izumi. The ninja is throw into the forest of shining wire and sliced to pieces much to the horror of his comrades.

Takato is fighting three Ame (Rain) ninja, who are armed with Suiton techniques and umbrellas loaded with needles. The needles have little effect against Guilmon's chakra-enhanced scaly hide and Takato's fire attacks are a match for the water techniques. Two of the Ame ninja toss there umbrellas into the air for Jouro Senbon (sprinkling needles) technique, while the third races towards Guilmon. It is the last thing they do, as there target is revealed to be a Shadow Clone and the real Takato appears behind them. A giant fireball a second later and there charred bones fall to the forest floor.

Jenrya is fighting Suna (Sand) Ninja distracting two with his genjutsu, while Gargomon releases a shower of bullets. The Suna ninja is smart enough to use an Earth technique to create a protective wall of stone, but a earlier genjutsu causes him to create the wall in the wrong place. The sand ninja's life ends when the bullets pierce his head and chest.

Ruki and Renamon are running circles around the three Kumo (Cloud) Ninja. The ninja throw shuriken and kunai, but the two agile fighters dance around there attacks and sting them with a few dozen senbon. They attack with there Raiton jutsu (Lightning Release techniques), but not only do the two avoid the attacks, the special seal senbon absorb the chakra and superheat burning them.

"Raiton: Raijin no Senkaku!" (Lightning Release: Triangle of the Lightning God!)

There last technique involves taking positions and creating three barrier triangle. The barrier was suppose to prevent the Konoha ninja from escaping as lightning falls from the super heated sky and incinerates the area. The problem was they only managed to destroy a bunch of shadow clones and while drained from the technique

Two of the three then died at the hands of Renamon and Ruki's Bakuhana (blast flowers). The blast flowers are kunai daggers with paper flower buds. When the kunai strike the flower made of explosive notes opens each with a center composed of metal beads inside a fishnet bag. One of the Kumo ninja escapes the blast by jumping down from the tree, but one gets the shrapnel -filed directed explosion to his face and the second Kumo ninja dies in the fall. He isn't killed by the severe injures, but dies when he impacts a tree and is impaled on a broken branch.

Takeru is fighting a group of Iwa ninja, reliant on Doton jutsu (Earth Release techniques) and there taijutsu. The Iwa ninja would be problem for anyone other than either a strong lightning affinity ninja or a very powerful Jounin. The problem is they are facing a otherworld ninja with superhuman sword kills.

"Doton: Ishihou Kiru!" (Earth Release: Stone Cannon Kick!)

One Iwa ninja stomps on of his feet is half a meter radius spherical mass of earth rises from the ground. He then strikes it with kick sending it flying towards Takeru like a cannon ball. Takeru's sword strike is so fast it's almost undetectable, but the effect is clear. The sphere cut clean in half and the two crumbling halves pass either side of Takeru without making a single half.

"Doton: Deiryuu no jutsu!" (Earth Release: Mud Flow technique!)

The second Iwa inhales then releases a large amount of grey mud from his gullet. The mud rapidly increases in volume and causes the surrounding earth to flow with it. The boiling mud flows towards Takeru, but the young ninja jumps into the air and bounces off Palmon's back to get higher. Palmon then becomes Angemon and soars up after T.K.

(A/N: Think Sing jumping off the back of an Eagle at the end of Kung Fu Hustle)

The third Iwa ninja, the strongest ninja and possessing a bloodline known as Heaven and Earth Builder that give him the ultimate earth affinity, lets lose his most power technique. He rams his hands into the ground and cries out it's name and chakra explodes in all directions.

"Doton: Tenchi Tsukurite no Jutsu: Etemenanki!"
(Earth Release: Heaven and Earth Builder Technique: Etemenanki! (temple of the foundation of heaven and earth))

A massive mound of earth rises from the ground tearing out trees.The mass of earth continues to grow until it takes the form of a ziggurat, a terraced pyramid of successively receding stories or levels. The final resulting structure is seven stories in height. Within this structure the Heaven and Earth Builder is the master, able to manipulate every surface and pierce of earth with his will.

The only reason Kongo Daichino became a Nukenin is after one of Tsuchikage's failed missions resulted in the death of over two thirds his clan, the Tsuchikage decided to eliminated the remaining clan before they could rebel.

"Tenbatsu Zantenchisen!" (God's Wrath, Heaven and Earth Cutting Flash!)

An arc of light explodes from the sky and strikes the top of earth temple and continues down until it hits the ground. The Iwa ninja can only watch in shock as the temple is cut in half and implodes. Two of the Iwa notice there an extremely deep cut in the forest floor going out from the temple and a very bloody Kongo Daichino stands in the path. Kongo falls back split in half from head to crotch.

The last of the ground is Juri fighting Oto (Sound) Ninja. These people abandoned Otogakure no Sato after hearing of Orochimaru's death and Sasuke's defeat in Grass. There are all armed with upgraded versions of air gun implants used by Oto Genin Zaku during the Chunin Exam years ago. The only difference is one is female genjutsu specialist, one is a Taijutsu fighter armed with a second weapon resembling Zaku's Melody Arm, and the third is Ninjutsu fighter with an affinity for Futon jutsu.

"Ninpou: Kemonoouhi Hitomane!" (Ninja Art: Beast Queen Mimicry)

Normally, they make a very solid team. They are not very solid today as Juri in Beast Queen mode delivers a superhuman kick to the Oto Kunoichi's neck, snapping it in an instant. Her partner Leomon with his ears stuffed with clay grabs the taijutsu specialist and uses his Power Boost to rip the man apart.

The River

Itachi Uchiha can only stare at the male humanoid creature before him.

It's an anthropomorphic fox standing nearly six foot with golden fur, red eyes, and humanoid hands ending in sharp claws. It also has long silver hair and a set of long tails wrapped around it's shoulders. The fox is dressed in a white kosode, a black flak jacket, black fox-theme forearm protectors, black hakama, and a white obi sash. He also wears a long black coat made of a leathery material and white fox mask covering the upper-half of his vulpine face. The white mask is curved to fit the Fox's face perfectly, but there is something that makes Itachi want to run away. The fox also carries a Chisakatana - a shortened katana around two feet in length- with a tsuba (hilt) designed to look like nine fox tails weaved together. The tsuka (hilt), fuchi (collar), kashira (pommel), and tsuba (hand guard) are pure black and the black saya (sheath) is decorated with silver thread to create a picture a menacing nine tailed fox with long ears and golden eyes.

Level Child
Attribute Variable
Type Tailed Beast Hybrid
A Rare Hybrid of Tailed Beast Youkai, Exalted Beast Digimon, and Beast Man Digimon. A Hybrid born of a Jinchuriki after the Darkness of Tailed Beast has been purified and replaced with Digital Power. Hulimon is the Strongest of the Bijuu possessing Unlimited Stamina and monstrous strength. He is the King of the Tailed Beasts (Bijuu-ou).
Kitsune Bi (Fox Fire)
Hulimon has the ability to create mystical flames from his body. The illusion flames possess the sensory input of real flames, meaning a target hit by by Kitsune Bi isn't injured, but they will feel the heat and pain of being burnt.
Bakukagidzume (Blast Claws)
Hulimon can emit destructive energy from his fingers that disrupts of the bonds of physical matter. This allows him to cut and pierce physical matter and cause massive damage to a living target.
Kyubi no Muchi (Whip of the Nine Tails)
Hulimon has the ability to attack with up to nine furry white tails like prehensile tentacles. Each tail has enough force to shatter a mountain.
Arashimaru (Tempest)
Hulimon can channel energy threw his sword blade causing it to generate hurricane force winds with each slash. The winds composed of unstoppable slicing wind blades cut targets into pieces.
Bakuha Kekkai (Blast barrier)
Hulimon has the ability to release energy from his body to create a destructive blast field (Sphere of Destruction) , that blocks physical and energy based attacks. It's also a lethal attack at close range.
Hoshitama Kuchidan (Star Ball Mouth Bullet)
Hulimon can release massive amounts of energy that concentrate into a super-dense sphere of energy that Hulimon swallows. He then releases a massive destructive blast from his mouth.
Maryuusouha (Demon Dragon Blast Wave)
Hulimon summons demonic flame dragons that create destructive storms before shooting towards there target, annihilating all in there path.

"Hulimon?" asks Naruto

"Huli is an ancient word of Fox. It's short for Huli Jing, Fox Spirit." says the Hulimon clenching his fists producing a popping sound, "You can call me Gohan."

"Cooked Rice?" says Naruto with an odd grin.

"My mother was a servant of Inari, kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry, and worldly success." says Gohan, "Who are you to talk, Fishcake?"


Itachi after taking the last of his food pills and medicine is now performing his final technique.

Susanoo, named for the God of the Sea and Storms, is a technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to create a sword wielding spectral form which will surround the user. The last the three main techniques, this jutsu is generated by both Mangekyou eyes.

First a skeleton appears around Itachi. Then, muscle and armor appears on the body creating a humanoid specter with a long nose and fangs. On one arm, a round shield appears. The shield protects Susanno as he draws a sword formed out of the sake in the gourd it holds, meaning the sword has no true physical form.

"This legendary weapon, known as Totsuka's Sword and the Sakegari (Sake Cutting) Long Sword, utilizes the main ability of the jutsu. Anyone or anything cut by the blade will be sealed away into a Genjutsu of blissful oblivion until the end of time." says Itachi, crying blood, "The shield is known as Yata's Mirror. It is said this shield can defend against any attack. Together the sword and shield will make the Susanoo user nearly invincible."

"Kukukuku." says Gohan


"I can see the weakness for here."

"What weakness?" says Itachi, as blood continues to run from Itachi's eyes and mouth.

Naruto rushes towards Itachi at high speed and Susanno strikes far faster, slicing Naruto with it's intangible sword. To Itachi's shock, Naruto is replaced with a rabbit. As the rabbit is sealed away, Itachi feels the drain. A nearby rock explodes into smoke to reveal the real Naruto. Itachi has Susanno slice threw that Naruto like a bolt of lightning, but Naruto explodes revealing itself to be a Shadow Clone.

"Kawarimi (Replacement), Henge (Transformation), and Bushin (Clone)"

Itachi scans the field looking for Naruto or Gohan, who has also disappeared.

"Those are three Academy Jutsus, the lowest of all techniques. So low that I was never able to master basic clone and had to learn Shadow Clone."

Itachi coughs and blood hits the ground.

"You, a Clan prodigy, killed your best friend for three super powerful kinjutsu (forbidden techniques)." says Naruto, "Yet, an orphan Dobe (Dead Last) is defeating you with weakest techniques."

"I am.. cough... not defeated." says Itachi, coughing up more blood.

"Whose draining there body with a unsuccessful technique?"

"Maryuusouha!" (Demon Dragon Blast Wave)

Itachi turns to see Gohan surrounding by mystical blue flames with his sword in the ground. Itachi also notices the flames streaming into the ground, a second before the ground beneath him explodes.

Susanno may protect the user from attacks with the Yata Mirror, but there is a blind spot. Itachi is still walking on the ground, so the barrier doesn't extend below ground. Itachi sees this weakness as nine dragons of blue flame explode from the ground and ravage his body. The dragons disperse quickly having lost a lot of power underground, but the objective is complete as Susanno begins to fade away.

"Uzumaki Naruto Rendan!" (Uzumaki Naruto Combo)

As Itachi falls down, he gets a double kick to the face from Naruto sending him back into the air. Naruto then appears above Itachi and delivers a powerful kick that smashes Itachi into the Earth hard enough to create a four meter crater.

"Oodama Rasengan!" (Big Ball Spiral Sphere)

The crater becomes even larger when Naruto and his son ram a giant Rasengan into the dying Itachi, pulverizing the damaged organs and ending the life of Itachi Uchiha.

The Forest

Tiger Shark mode Kisame's head snaps back from Beelzubumon Blaze's switch upper kick. It's so powerful that another set of shark teeth is blown from Kisame's mouth as he's tossed into the air. As he goes up, he encounters Spike on the way down spinning his sword to build up momentum

"Sorakiru Rendan!" (Sky Killer Combo!)

The armor like scales prevent Kisame form being sliced in half, but he still ends up with a deep cut and ruptured cartilage.

"Darkness Claw!"

As Kisame gets off the ground, Blaze rams his claws into the regenerating wound creating a crimson spray, then jumps back before Kisame's samehada can shave his arm off.

"Chakra Double Impact!"

Blaze's chakra-boosted shots from his two Beren Hena shotguns at the wound, but Kisame blocks him Samehada but the impact is so powerful he's sent flying back despite his size. It also rams some of the Samehada's scales into the wound.

Suddenly, Spike appears next to Kisame and delivers a swift upper kick that knocks Samehada out of the Kiri Nukenin's hand. Kisame should recognize the taijutsu technique as Konoha Shoufuu (Leaf Rising Wind), the same attack Rock Lee used against him during the Gaara mission.

"Nazar Nail!"

Kisame rushes to recover his sword, but is stopped when the demonic claws of a decayed right arm penetrates his stomach and releases. Lilitha, in Lilithmon form, stands between Kisame and his sword with her arm impaling him. It is releasing a deadly acidic poison that corrodes everything she touches and prevents the wound from regenerating like from previous attacks.

"Hyouton: Fuin no Ya!" (Ice Release: Arrow of Sealing!)

The living chakra-eating sword Samehada is stopped from returning to it's master when Drusilla's arrow strikes it, trapping it a small iceberg and rendering it unable to devour chakra.

"Phantom Pain!"

Lilitha jumps away from the crazed Kisame releasing a black mist, a bewitching mist of darkness that curses her opponents. Kisame's mind reverts to animal instincts as he bursts from the cloud into the water to recover. Spike and Drusilla also note Kisame is beginning to grow even larger.

Lilitha appear behind Drusilla and draws an ornament from her hair. She uses the golden metal to slice Drusilla's thumbs. Drusilla then rams her palms on to the surface of a rock near the river shore.

"Kuchiyose: Rokujuu Ichi: Juumaou: Leviathan!"
(Summoning: Number 61: Ten Demon Kings: Leviathan!)

The surrounding waters explodes upwards in an explosion of steam and smoke. Kisame emerges from the water with his wound healed, to face a new threat. The threat is a giant puppet, far larger than those created by the artists Deidara or Sasori. A giant sea serpent-like puppet resembling a Plesiosaur, a prehistoric carnivorous aquatic (mostly marine) reptiles. They were fancifully said to have resembled "a snake threaded through the shell of a turtle", although they had no shell. The puppet has dark blue and black hide with a light blue underside, and it does have armored shell. The shell opens up to reveal hidden cannon barrels.

Kisame's body begins to shake as he's ravaged by pain. He looks down at his hands and sees the skin is smoking in the open air and chemical burns are forming. He looks closely and sees dark poisonous chemicals coming from the fins.

The cannons fire and Kisame has to move as fast as possible to avoid serrated barbed harpoons launched faster than the speed of sound. Kisame forms quick hand seals and spews water from his mouth.

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Violent Water Wave)

His target is Drusilla, hoping the massive puppet will shut down with out the puppeteer. Drusilla moves her fingers and one of the flippers comes up like shield and blocks the attack, before sending a monstrous wave of poisonous water back at Kisame. Kisame blocks the wave with another unnamed water technique, but is hit by a shot from one of the cannon.

This cannon was not loaded with a Harpoon, but a mass of heavy chain. The chain shreds Kisame's body tearing one arm off completely and slicing one side down to the ribs. Kisame's mutated body struggles to regenerate the damage and keep Kisame alive, but it's running low on chakra. Kisame is about to retreat, even sacrifice his precious Samehada, but Drusilla has one more technique.

"Hyouton: Hama no Ya!" (Ice Release: Sacred Arrow!)

The technique is similar to Fuin no Ya, except the arrow doesn't consume chakra to create cold, it forces all chakra out of the target and takes the heat with it. As shining blue arrow hits one of Kisame's yellow eyes and Kisame screams as purplish chakra explodes in all directions.

When the light clears, there is a thick fog and snow falling on the frozen waters. In the center is ravaged body of a "normal" Kisame trapped in the ice. He is clearly dead, the ice crystals shredding the cellular walls as the vital energy was torn from the cells. For a moment, He stands like a grotesque statue and study in demihuman anatomy, the the statue breaks apart and the frozen remains of Kisame are washed away.

The Road

Madara watches the battle with interest. He cares nothing for Nukenin he hired, but he is interested in how strong Konoha has become with these new additions

Yamato delivers a double blow to the head of Kiri ninja,. first freezing his enemy's face, then imploding it with a second strike. The Mist ninja falls to the forest floor, stone cold dead.

Mimi kills the last Kusa ninja by ramming the Grass ninja's own vine whip threw his heart.

Izumi and Kabuterimon blast the Taki ninja with there Hijutsu: Zubatto Denki Harigan (Secret Art: Piercing Electricity Wire).

Takato barbecues the last Ame Ninja with a Fireball, after Guilmon distracts him with a claw strike.

Jenrya and Terriermon wince as the blood rains down.

Ruki and Kyubimon kills the last Kumo Ninja by catching him between two Fox Flame Dragons.

Takeru moves faster than a normal human eye or even most ninja can see. He appears behind the last two Iwa ninja. Less than a second later, both terrified Rock ninja collapse into pieces. As they fall, Angemon appears behind Takeru.

"Sabaku Kyuu!" (Desert Coffin)

Jenrya defeats the Suna ninja, but they plus one Ame Ninja and One Mist Ninja meet there ends at the hands of the master of sand, Godaime Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara.

"Sabaku Sousou!" (Desert Funeral)

"Leader-sama, Itachi and Kisame have fallen."


"Naruto and an unknown creature overextended and killed Itachi. The ones known as Team Scourge have killed Kisame, while he was in Tiger Shark Mo....?"

Suddenly, Zetsu can not talk or move. Veins appear on the half-plant cannibal Nukenin of Kusanagure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Grass), a green-tinted liquid begins to flow from Zetsu's his right eye down the black side of his face and blood flows from his left eye down th white side of his face.

Madara's visible Sharingan widens as Zetsu rises into the air and then sees Mimi standing behind Zetsu with her partner in Rosemon form. A blade passes threw Madara's neck, but does no damage. Takeru is shocked that Madara is like a ghost.

Madara notices all the Nukenin have been killed and more Konoha ninja including Tsunade are arriving. The space around him warps and Madara vanishes before the eyes of his enemies.

Mimi looks up at the abandoned Zetsu still held in her technique.

"Where did he go?"

"Do you think I will talk?" says one side of Zetsu, then the other says "I don't think so flower girl."

Mimi clenches her fist and one of Zetsu's legs explodes raining blood and sap.

"That wasn't a request."

Amegakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Rain)

Pain, the faux Leader of the Akatsuki and wielder of the legendary Rinnegan, stands in front of a massive multi-eyed demon statue. It has a scroll in it's mouth and cuffs between the raised hands in front of it. The palms of the hands are pointed upward and entire statue is large enough for a person to stand on one of the fingers.

The doujutsu Rinnegan belong the Six Realm Sage who created modern ninjutsu and gives Pain the ability to exist in multiple bodies at the same time, each with it's own specialization. He the ruler of Amegakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Rain) after killing the legendary Hanzo the Salamander, who was the one to name Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru the Dasetsu no Sennin (Three Legendary Ninja).

His partner is Konan, a friend from when Pain was still a Rain orphan named Nagato. She has the ability to manipulate paper into near countless forms from clones to blades to puppets. She is also very loyal to him acting more like a wife then a mere business partner.

Suddenly, the air seems to ripple and space begins to warp like a black hole. From the darkness emerges the true leader of the Akatsuki, the new Mizukage of the Bloody Mist, Madara Uchiha.

"Where is Zetsu?" asks Konan

"Dead or Captured. It doesn't matter." says Madara holding up his Dark Drive, "Itachi. Sasuke. Danzo. I don't need any of them now."

The Dark Drive begins to screech causing Konan and Pain to hold there ears. All of Pain's body are in pain from the sound and the cave containing the King of Hell Statue is covered in crimson light. A beam of darkness explodes from the Dark Drive and pierces the statue's forehead. The King of Hell Statue explodes into rubble as the dark spectral forms of Ichibi, Gobi, Rokubi, and Shichibi are pulled into the Dark Drive.

"Madara! What is Happening!?"

1/1 2/2 3/3
4/4 5/5 6/6
7/7 8/8 9/9

As the Dark Drive consumes the last of the Bijuu's chakra, it releases a destructive shock wave that not only incinerates Pain and Konan, but burns Amegakure no Sato off the face of the planet!

In the center of the crater, the glowing form of Madara Uchiha continues to laugh as the howling rain storm rages high above.


Author Notes
The Suna Ninjas with the Suna Three?

OCs for future story arcs. They could be plot points or red-shirts depending on how the story goes.
Tanukimon, Leoramon, Ushionimon, and Hulimon?
These are the Digimon forms of Ichibi, Nibi, Hachi, and Kyubi. Ichibi is Shukaku and Nibi is Leora. I haven't picked a name for Ushinomon (Ushioni is that Ox-Cephalopod thing), but I think Gohan is a good name for a fox because good foxes were the servants of the rice kami and one of the meaning for Naruto is Fishcake. According to the Translator, Ushioni is fish, shellfish, etc. boiled in salted water.
Ushionimon is basically Vajramon with six tentacles and more swords. The armor is aquatic theme as opposed to the red/gold of Vajramon. Hulimon is a modern ninja fusion of a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) and Taiyoukai, like Inuyasha's Seshoumaru. Tanukimon is based on the common image of a mythic Tanuki.
Zetsu, Konan, and Pain?
There isn't much knowledge on them, so I decided to eliminate them with superior fire power. Mimi's plant bending allows her to manipulate Zetsu's body and Konan and Pain (all of his bodies) just encountered a chakra equivalent to a thermonuclear weapon.
Madara's Madness?
The Dark Drive has been tainted Madara/Tobi since the beginning and has been enhancing his powers. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Madara has so corrupt at the beginning his chakra scared the Kyubi no Kitsune!

Technique List
(Eye Destruction Flash!)
Naruto emits chakra from his body to create a blinding flash, which is destructive to doujutsu like Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan.
Futon: Shippuu Bakuha! (Wind Release: Hurricane Blast Wave)
Naruto generates a spiral wall of wind that explodes outward blowing enemies away.
Katon: Hinote no Kaitou! (Fire Release: Sword of Flames!)
Angel's sword of flames like the Cherubs in the Christian Bible. Angel can create a sword of flames of an instant, but it's too unstable and chakra-consuming for long battles.
Katon: Karyuusouha! (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Blast Wave!)
A powerful white hot flame blast from the mouth able to penetrate targets.
Suiton: Sui Ikari! (Water Release: Water Anchor!)
A technique that causes a water construct to become as heavy as iron, causing whatever is stuck in the construct to sink into a body of water.
Hyouton: Fuin no Ya! (Ice Release: Arrow of Sealing!)
Drusilla's freeze arrow technique developed while impersonating a Miko. It drains the targets chakra, sealing away there jutsu, while using the energy to generate a freezing cold.
"Ya Gaa Mee Mo Ya Gaa Mee Chi-Wah."
Evil Chanting. Taken from Jackie Chan Adventures.
Doton: Ishihou Kiru! (Earth Release: Stone Cannon Kick!)
A Doton technique that allows the ninja to summon earth from the ground and kick it like a soccer ball. Based on Earth-bending from the series Avatar.
Doton: Deiryuu no jutsu! (Earth Release: Mud Flow technique!)
A simple technique that causes the user to spew mud that turns the ground into a river of boiling mud.
Doton: Tenchi Tsukurite no Jutsu: Etemenanki!
(Earth Release: Heaven and Earth Builder Technique: Etemenanki!
(temple of the foundation of heaven and earth))
A bloodline technique that creates a full size temple from the ground, which is not so strange since Mokuton-user Yamato can create a entire log house in an instant. Etemenanki was the name of a ziggurat dedicated to Marduk in the city of Babylon of the 6th century BC Neo-Babylonian dynasty. Originally seven stories in height, little remains of it now save ruins. According to modern scholars such as Stephen L. Harris, the biblical story of the Tower of Babel was likely influenced by Etemenanki. Within the temple, the bloodline user (Builder) can control everything.
Tenbatsu Zantenchisen! (God's Wrath, Heaven and Earth Cutting Flash!)
After getting a height and power boost from Angemon, Takeru releases a arc of energy capable of slicing a mountain clean in half..
Sorakiru Rendan! (Sky Killer Combo!)
A combo in which Spike jumps high into the air and begins to spin his blade. Blaze kicks the target into the air and Spike's high speed blade hits the target in the air.
Chakra Double Impact!
A chakra-boosted Double Impact attack.
Hyouton: Hama no Ya! (Ice Release: Sacred Arrow!)
A Ice technique that forces all the corrupt chakra out of a target and takes all of the heat energy as well, freezing the target solid. It's lethal to living targets because the ice crystals grind the cells.

Drusilla's Puppet Guide
Number 61: Ten Demon Kings: Leviathan

A giant armored sea serpent resembling a Plesiosaur, a prehistoric carnivorous aquatic (mostly marine) reptile. Gomamon's ultimate form Plesiomon was a Plesiosaur, which is where Drusilla got the idea. It's armed with hidden high pressure water cannons and cannons that fire poisoned harpoons and chains. It's body generates poisons that mix with it's water attacks, coat it's skin from injury, and lethally contaminates lakes in seconds and it's so massive others can ride it

Madara's Madness
Countdown to the Apocalypse


Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii

When should the Scourge Arrive?
(1) The Past. Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Inu no Taishou's time. Chibi-Inuyasha?
Votes: 2
(2) Early Days. Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Before Inuyasha was sealed to the tree. Before the Manga.
Votes: 2
(3) Starter Group. Post Manga chapter 108.
Inuyasha-tachi assembled. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
Votes: 4
(4) Band of Seven. Manga chapter 235.- 276.
Inuyasha-tachi vs Shichinintai, while Naraku is in Hiding.
Votes: 2
(5) End Start. Post Manga chapter 340/ Anime episode 167.
Mt.Hakurei. Naraku has his new body and Hakudoshi and Moryomaru are introduced.
Votes: 0
(6) One of the Movies
(a) Inuyasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time.
Votes: 0
(b) Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Votes: 4
(c) Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords of the Honorable Ruler.
Votes: 0
(d) Inuyasha The Movie 4: Fire on Mystic Island.
Votes: 0
(7)After The Ending. Post Manga vol 56/chapter 558. Max Power.
Votes: 3


Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She marries Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
The story will not follow canon closely and will play out like the AU of a movie. There will be OC villians with Naraku, even if the Timeline is Number Seven. I'm a Inuyasha x Kagome and Miroku x Sango Fan. I also like Toy Ship Kohaku and Rin. Seshoumaru is open for Canon (i.e. Kagura) and OCs.^_^. If Number One or Two is selected, there will be a Time Skip.

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
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Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'
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