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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
A challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'

Spaceman's addition to Redwitch's Misfit Universe and it's merger with Halloween World. GI Joe x X-Men Evo Multi-crossover


Konohagakure no Sato

Mimi looks up at the abandoned Zetsu still held in her technique.

"Where did he go?"

"Do you think I will talk?" says one side of Zetsu, then the other says "I don't think so flower girl."

Mimi clenches her fist and one of Zetsu's legs explodes raining blood and sap.

"That wasn't a request."

Half of Zetsu looks ready to talk, but the other half refuses to let it talk.

Mimi clenches her other fist and the veins bulge across Zetsu's body making him scream.

"Amegakure! Madara-sama is in Amegakure no Sato! (Hidden Rain. The Village Hidden in the Rain!)

"Who else is there? Who are the other members of the Akatsuki?"

"Pain and Konan!"

"Konan?" asks Jiraiya, "Does Pain possess the Rinnegan (Transmigration Eye)?"

Jiraiya's question makes several of older Konoha ninja stare.

Rinnegan is the blood inheritance limit of Rokudou Sennin (Six Realms Sage) and his descendants. Rokudou Sennin was viewed as the original shinobi and his Doujutsu was regarded as the most venerable of the three great Doujutsu. As the original shinobi it was said he created modern Ninjutsu. The Rinnegan was regarded as a god of creation when the world was racked with chaos and as a weapon of destruction which could return everything to nothingness. Usage of the Rinnegan was said to give the user mastery over all six forms of chakra nature manipulation.


"What's this about, Jiraiya?" asks Tsunade

"During the war, I encountered a trio of orphans in Rain - Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan. I took a liking to the children and stayed behind to look after them." says Jiraiya, "I was surprised to learn that the emotional and quiet Nagato was a wielder of the Rinnegan and after an attack by an Iwa ninja, I began to train them. When I forced to leave, the three couple defeat one of Kage Bushin."

"Why didn't you bring them to Konoha?" asks Tsunade

"There was a still a war and Rain has already suffered being caught between the wars of the Greater Countries. Yahiko was the kind of person that wanted to living conditions and bring some justice to the world. They stayed hoping to improve the conditions in Amegakure no Sato."

Mimi notices a faint grin on Zetsu's face and twists on of her arms, ripping off one of the Venus fly trap leaves from the Grass ninja's body.

"Talk or I keep pruning, weed-boy."

"Yahiko is dead." says the Grass ninja, "I overheard Pain mention that when he finally defeated Hanzo the Salamander and became the Leader of Hidden Rain."

Jiraiya and Tsunade look shocked as it was Hanzo that named Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja). Mimi winces and her arms twitch. Tsunade notices Mimi's chakra drain and nods to finish it.

"Anything Else?"

"Madara-sama is the current Mizukage."

Mimi spreads the fingers of both hands, then collapses them into tight fists. The effect is horrifying as Zetsu's body swells and partial inflate, then ruptures like a crushed grape or someone caught in Gaara's Desert Funeral. The blood and tree sap rains down on the ground below.

"With Pain in charge of Konan and Madara controlling two Hidden Villages, we'll need Intel." says Tsunade, "Your all dismissed for now. Naruto wait here with your partner. Jiraiya, I want you to stay as well."

As the rest of the group leaves, she releases a wide three effect genjutsu. The genjutsu blocks people from hearing a conversation, distorts the air to prevent lip reading, and prevents most shinobi from even noticing the genjutsu.

"Jiraiya, I want your spy network to take a closer look at Ame. Find out what Madara and Pain are up too."

She then turns and looks at Naruto Kitsune partner, Gohan

"Your the Kyubi no Kitsune."

"That was my title, but my given name is Ginbi no Gohan (Gohan of the Silver Tail)."

"You don't have the same killing intent saturated aura as you did years ago or when Naruto used your's power."

"I think I have been cleansed by Naruto's new power." says Gohan cleaning his claws, " I haven't felt like this since I was Kit holding onto my mother's tail. Each time the runt drew out a tail, part of me was stripped of my darker nature."

"Who are you calling a Runt??" says Naruto

"You friend Gaara is the son of a weak Kazekage and only had that one tailed wimp of a Tanuki, but he's now a powerful Kazekage. Your the son of Legendary monkey that defeated me and you had access to my near infinite power. You should already be a Kage, but instead your the apprentice of a perverted Toad."

"Heh!" yells both Jiraiya and Naruto.

"What happened to the darker nature?" asks Tsunade.

"I thought it was dispersed, but after the battle with Itachi, I sensed Madara possesses it and several others."

"Are you sure?"

"Madara was my master and he did send me against Shodaime and Konoha." says Gohan, "I will never forget that chakra of his, a twisted evil that made the evil me cringe."

Late Night Dream

Hikari Yagami tired from the long day, now floats in the endless darkness of a dream.

Her bare form floats with a silver light and above her a partial eclipsed full moon appears.

What's revealed by the moon light is horrific. The Kusa no Kuni (Land of Grass) reduced to wasteland and the people of Kusagakure no Sato reduced to bloody corpses and charred skeletons. Hikari doesn't need to look far to know the village is dead.

Suddenly, an eye appears in the sky. The eye is read with three pupil-size circles connected by a larger circle. Between each of the small circles, the ring is connected to the rim of the iris by wide black bands. The eye slowly spins, then releases a blast of black flame that incinerates everything.

As the black flames vanish, Hikari finds herself floating next to Drusilla who is glowing a dark red-purple aura. In the sky above, the moon is now half eclipsed bathing the ground below in a red light.

The village below is different from Grass. Instead, it's a massive village of stone built into a mountain. Hikari and Drusilla recognize it as Iwagakure no Sato (The village hidden in the stones). They also watch as the red eye appears again and the village turns an ash grey before collapsing into red and black flames.

As the cloud of embers and ash wash over them they find themselves floating above a rotting tree and destruction polluted waterfall. In the sky above, the Moon is completely eclipsed. The red eye appears for the third time and the massive wet trees ignite like dry kindling.

Hikari cries out and everything is consumed by white light.

"Where are we?" says Hikari, the image of a angel appearing behind her for a instant.

"Beyond the physical world. The world of dreams and inner truths." says Drusilla. Two image flash behind her, one of a smiling Nun and the other of dark noble with a ridged demon face.

The symbol in gold appears in front of them.

"The Crest of Hope?"

"The symbol of Hope."

A Digivice appears from the symbol and in the reflection of the Hope Symbol is the image of an old bearded man leading animals into a giant wooden boat, two by two. On the screen of the Digivice words appear as the world fades into the light.


Konoha, 1 Week Later

It started small. The sky was darkened by clouds from the West that grew thicker with each day. Then two days ago, they changed from normal shades of grey to shades of crimson. It was if the heavens were slowly bleeding. A couple of hours ago, another strange event occurred. A black fissure, like a crack in reality, opened in the crimson-stained sky.

Konoha's most interesting ninja are the first to awaken this dark day. Team Kakashi, Team Asuma, Team Kurenai, Team Gai, Team Scourge, Team Adventure, Team Light, Team Reptile, Team Suna, and the two foreign former Jinchuriki and there partners.

Tsunade watches from her office. She learned days ago, that the Village hidden in the Rain is gone. It was literally burnt off the face of the planet and a sickness has spread across the Land of Rain. The sickness infects both plants and animals, both land and sea. It is a sickness that prevents the creation of new life, preventing births and sprouting seeds. It is a sickness that drains away the energy causing the plants and animals to wither and die. Even in the distant Konoha, the non-ninjas are suffering fatigue from the poisoning of the world.

A poison named Madara Uchiha.

Suddenly, smokeless white fireballs emerge from the black crack and explode in the surrounding area. They each strike with the power of a small meteorite causing massive explosions and shock waves that shatter windows and collapse weaker buildings. The explosions trigger wide spread forest fires as white flames slowly disappear. Godaime Hokage Tsunade Senju can only see a couple of the craters, but what she does see makes her pale.

The shells of white mystic flame vanish to reveal creatures of myth, giant Youkai the height of the Tailed Beasts. There are Fourteen in total!

Angel and Gabriel vs Oni and Hannya


A massive extremely muscular humanoid towering over the trees with glowing gold eyes, dark red skin, and long wild black hair. It's a hideous creature with tapered ears, wide nose, two long horns, a wide mouth full of long fangs, and sharp claws on it's fingers. It wears the massive tiger-skin loincloth of a demon cat and holds a giant Kanabo - a staff of heavy oak wood, and covered with some form of metal from the end to the middle, with metal studs along the metal-shod end.

The twenty meter tall monster swings it's massive Kanabo destroying several buildings and knocking down a dozen burning trees. It then inhale and releases smokeless green flames from it's mouth that cause the fires to grow larger and more intense.


A tall female humanoid with long snow white hair reaching her ankles. She dressed in a white kimono and wears a red demon mask two sharp bull-like horns, glaring eyes, and a leering mouth split from ear to ear. What makes the person inhuman other than her height are long sharp iron nails on her fingers and eyes are burning gold with black instead of white sclera, like the full moon stained with blood.

The eighteen meter tall demoness swipes her claws at the trees and dozens of ninja are cut to pieces, impaled, or maimed. With a flick of her iron nails, the bodies fall to earth creating a rain of blood.

"Raiton: Kaminari Iki!" (Lightning Release: Thunder Breath)

A massive white blast shoots from the roof of one of the buildings and strikes the Kanabo held by the Oni. The massive amount of chakra-generated electricity arcs between the metal studs forcing the fire-proof Oni to release his weapon.

"Divine Feat! Divine Feat!"

As the Oni turns to the rooftop to see his attacker, Lucemon releases two spears of light. One spear hits an eye, piercing it and super heating the fluid causing it to burst. The Oni moves enough that the second spear only cuts the iron-hard flesh of it's face.

The Hannya releases her own mystic flames from her mouth. The flames incinerate the roof the building before causing the entire structure to collapse.

Gabriel, the Child Lucemon, is already in the air and gives Angel a boost higher into the air. Angel makes several hand signs in the air as he falls towards Hannya. Then he forms a massive spear of white lightning between his hands, as he spins towards his target.

"Raiton: Rakurai Yari!" (Lightning Release: Thunderbolt Spear)

Angel rams his spear into Hannya's face, directly into the left eye, causing a thunderous explosion.

Drusilla and Lilitha vs Tsuchigumo and Mujina


A massive black spider with a demon head and a white mask on the abdomen resembling a skull. The demon head has bulging red eyes, a wide mouth with fangs and tusks, and wild white hair. The creature screeches and moves with hard black legs ending in sharp white bone claws.

The spider had a thirty meter long leg span when fully extended and a set of two and a half meter long fangs and tusks dripping a corrosive venom. It also releases blasts of sticky silk threads and demonic green flames at the Konoha villagers. The threads can be lethal as they contract, suffocating and cutting there targets, and are coated with poison.


A giant badger lacking eyes but has long claws on each limb surrounded by mystical white flames. It moves quickly causing destruction with every movement.

The Mujina attacking Konoha is forty three meters long with a twenty three meters long tail Despite it's massive size, it moves with a frightening speed tearing threw buildings and sending people flying threw the air. It occasional grabs one of the humans and eats it like a worm.

"Kuchiyose: Aurelius!"

Drusilla stands between the two demons and unrolls a long scroll streaked with her blood. There is massive explosion of smoke that causes the two demons to pause. Drusilla calls out each puppet as they appear.

"Juunana: Nest!"

A puppet resembling the Master of Aurelius bond with a bald demonic face with a blood-stained mouth. It's dressed in black leather straps like a straight jacket with the remaining clothing looking like a leather catsuit with thick straps.

"Juuhachi: Darla!"

A puppet resembling Drusilla's Grand Sire Darla with long blond hair and golden eyes. She's dressed in old fashion billowing dark red dress like a woman of high nobility.

"Juukyuu: Angelus!"

A puppet resembling her Sire Angelus in full game face dressed in old fashion clothing of an Aristocrat. He carries also a sword and has sharp claw-like nails.

"Nijuu: William!"

A puppet resembling a full game face version of her Childe Spike dressed in biker leathers with chains and spikes. He also wears a bandanna resembling a Japanese Hachimaki (Traditional headgear worn in Japan, a strip of cloth tied around the head) with an odd seal on the front.

Drusilla is very proud of her four Aurelius puppets. They were some of her first attempts at hitokugutsu (human puppet) using a group of missing ninja that were dumb enough to attack her while she bathing. There faces were destroyed by her ice techniques, so she rebuilt them in her "family" image and added a wide selection of features.

The Mujina badger demon tries to devour the Nest puppet thinking it another weird human. The puppet hops into the air, high above the giant animal and spreads it's arms. The leather straps and bindings extend from the body by a fifty meters, then wrap around the Mujina. The badger screams in pain and tries to break them, but the material is extremely durable and reinforced with chakra. The badger tries to throw off the straps but seals on the underside have released barbed hooks that dig deep into the faux-flesh of the youkai. The seals on the exterior of bindings also suppress the target's chakra and also prove able to seal the demonic powers of dakaiju youkai.

The Tsuchigumo explodes from the earth to capture Drusilla from behind, but Darla floats in front of creature like a fairy princess. A Princess that becomes a demoness when she grows her face and her dress opens like a giant flower releasing a shower of poisonous needles and throwing weapons. The shower of metal fails to pierce of stone-like exoskeleton of the monster, but there are enough projectiles that some hit the eyes and vulnerable joints sending up sprays of glowing green blood.

The giant spider releases a dozen poison-soaked web lines, but Darla moves with immense speed and agility, far beyond what you would expect with a heavy weapon-filled dress or even a human ninja. Failing to hit her, the giant spider whips one of it's giant legs at her.

It then screeches in pain as the limb is severed by a sword slash from the Angelus puppet. A jet of flame from the William puppet seals the stump preventing the spider from regenerating the limb.

Spike and Blaze vs Inugami and Okami

Spike and Blaze are dealing with two immense demonic canines in the deeper forest.


A giant white dog with red eyes, sharp fangs, long ears, and sharp claws on each foot. It also has several long silky white tails and thick fur around each foot and around the neck like mane. The stream of drool from the canine's mouth is extremely corrosive and produces poisonous vapors as it hits the ground.


A massive white wolf with two tails and intense eyes. It's teeth and claws are sharper than the Inugami, but it's glowing green eyes are filled with far more blood lust and animal instinct.

The Inugami is seventy meters at the shoulders and resembles a demonic Japanese Akita Inu, among the most ancient dog breeds. It releases a thunderous roar and the mist from it's breathe poisons the plants and trees, and causes many animals to die and rot before they hit the ground.

The Okami is larger at ninety five meters at the shoulder resembling a Gray wolf with thick fur and two long tails streaming behind it like fur boas.

"Katon: Ganshounuma!" (Fire Release: Magma Swamp)

As one of the massive paws of the Inugami comes down, it sinks into the ground as the rock underneath becomes molten. Fiery sprays of liquefied rock shoot into the air burning the dog. The dog looks up as it pulls it's charred paw from the magma and sees Spike land on it's nose.

"Katon: Ennetsu Jigoku!" (Fire Release: Flames of Hell)

Spike releases a stream of blinding white flames into the eyes of the demon dog.

The wolf tries to attack Spike, but Spike has already gone threw the seals for his third technique.

"Katon: Bakuretsu Hiya!" (Fire Release: Exploding Fire Arrow )

Spike turns and releases a spread of fire arrows into the eyes the wolf blinding the massive creature. The massive wolf collides with the dog, and with the air filled with the smell of fire and ash, they can't use there supernatural sense of smell to detect Spike.

Gaara, Shukaku, Naruto and Gohan
Tanuki, Kitsune, Kappa, and Tengu

In another part of the forest, Gaara and Naruto with there partners have teamed up to defeat four very familiar youkai.


A massive canine animal resembling a Raccoon or Badger with thick dark brown fur, abnormally sharp fangs and claws, and dark eyes glowing with smokeless green flames. The supernatural mammal has a large stomach, thick legs, and and a large tail not normally found on faux-dog. This one is sixty five meters in length making it an match for Shukuku's original form.

"Ryuusa Bakuryuu!" (Quicksand Waterfall Current!)

Gaara focuses his power and large tidal wave size amount sand will rise from the ground to cover his target and the surrounding area. The sixty five meter monster is knocked off balance by the massive amount of sand and it also reduces traction, making it hard to stand.

"GINTAMA!" (Golden Ball!)

Shukaku proves who the top Tanuki is by transforming into a golden metal sphere and shooting like a high speed cannonball towards the enemy Tanuki. Shukaku goes threw his target creating a spray of gold-tinted red blood and causing the monster to fall.


A massive fox with blood red fur, sharp fangs and claws, huge ears, and nine huge tails. It's golden eyes have black instead of white sclera and black markings resembling ink black tears. As the massive tails move the tips of the tails ignite into mystical blue-white flames The large eared demon fox is ninety meters in length with over sixty meter long tails making it Kyubi no Kitsune's rival in size.

"Kyubi no Muchi!" (Whip of the Nine Tails)

The Kitsune is knocked back when Gohan whips his nine tails across the fox's face hard enough to shatter a mountain. The Kitsune roars and releases a blast of black flames from it's mouth.

"Bakuha Kekkai!" (Blast Barrier!)

The Kyubi-no-Kitsune turned-Hulimon releases energy from his body creating a destructive blast field (Sphere of Destruction) that block the demon hellfire.

Naruto then appears behind the Fox and rams a pain of Rasengans together releasing a wave of high pressure air, chakra, and sound towards the creatures immense ears.

"Rasengan Gunko" (Spiral Sphere War Drum!)

The Kitsune is stunned by the sensory overload, as if the entire world imploded.


A monstrous ape-like creature standing over seventy meters in length with a wide frog-like mouth, a thick tortoise-like shell and dark green and blue scaly skin. It has a water-filled depression atop their head surrounded by scraggly hair. Each of it's long webbed fingers ends in a hook-like claw and there are spines lining the side of the shell, which has hundreds of human faces in the shell.

As Kitsune falls the Kappa shoots towards Naruto and Gohan, who are still in the air. Gohan uses a burst of energy to propel himself like rocket and push Naruto and himself out of the way. The Kappa's strike hits a building instead causing it to shatter to rubble. It wasn't the force alone that destroyed the building, but an extreme daikaiju version of Koppo; the bone-breaking technique, which was actually invented by the Kappa. If that blow had touched them, it would have shattered every bone in there bodies.


A monstrous humanoid stands seventy meters tall with a bird's head and long wings and long tail feathers. It has pure black iridescent feathers with brown eyes glowing a supernatural blood red. It also sharp talons on his humanoid hands and thin legs ending in the large feet of a bird of prey. It looks like a cross between a man, a kite, and a common raven with many tails.

Currently, Gaara is using his sand and Shukaku is using his Reppudan (Gale Shot) to protect themselves and each other from the Karasu-Tengu's various wind attacks ranging from piercing bullets to slicing winds.

The problem is the Evil Kitsune and Tanuki are quickly regenerating.

Yugito and Leora
Hebi and Nekomata

Yugito and Leora face a pair of animal youkai that make them feel like insects.


A massive white snake with multiple tails and heads. Each of the lesser heads has yellow eyes and poison-soaked iron fangs. The largest head has multiple eyes and spines forming a crown, long black hair, and the upper half of a human face inside the mouth. The daikaiju snake is one of the longest of opponents at a hundred fifty meters in length, from longest neck head to longest tail tip and weighs at least thirty thousand tons.


A massive liger forty meters in total length with sharp claws and fangs, a fur composed of blue flames, and two long tails composed of black flames. The roaring monster is also surrounded by ghostly white fireballs resembling Hitodama, the souls of the newly dead taking form of mysterious fireballs.

Yugito is currently wondering why she is fighting for Konohagakure no Sato, when she's a ninja of there rival/enemy Kumohagure no Sato.

Suddenly, one of the heads strikes at her sensing her unique chakra.

"Goukaryudan!" (Hellfire Flame Shot)

Leora releases a torrent of flames from her roaring mouth. The torrent is so powerful it stops the massive head's attack, the burns straight threw and out the back of the neck. The head explodes into a shower of bone and gore sending charred fragments into the air.

Yugito's feline eyes narrow as she goes on the attack.

Yugito forms hand seals and releases a massive bolt of lightning that strikes another head, causing it to fall to the ground and causing one of the eyes to explode

Suddenly, a blast of flames tears off another two heads of demon snake and Yugito turns to see her back up in the form of Anko Mitarashi standing on the snake boss Manda. Anko avoids using Manda because he demands human sacrifices and is extremely hard to control, but Anko was able to get him to fight by mentioning some other giant demon snake challenging his status.

Kira Hachi and Taurus
Ushioni and Tatsu

"Looks like sea food is on the diet." says Kira

"This battle is going to be a Riot." says Taurus

Kira and Taurus unsheathe there swords, seven for Kira held by his joints in a unique style and eight in Taurus case, two held in his hands and six by the tentacles on his back.


A massive red-black crab with a thick-jawed ox's head and eight long tentacles ending in sharp blades. The spider crab body is forty meters and legs over four hundred meters in length. The ox's head has horns curved down, black eyes without pupil or iris, and a mouth full of sharp teeth meant for flesh instead of grass and plants.


A immense serpentine demon over three hundred meters in length with three sharp claws on it's four limbs. The massive creature has bone white scaly skin, long blue-white hair and whiskers, and a mouth full of sharp fangs. It has slit-pupil crimson eyes and a white face like a noh mask on it's forehead with blue eyes.

"Let's slice them up and sting like a killer bee."

"After, do you want Sushi?"

Kira gives his partner an odd lock, then spins. As he spins, the blades catch the attacking crab leg of Ushioni and Kira uses the strikes to climb up the leg. As he comes down, he slices threw the joint releasing a spray of blue-green blood.

Taurus leaps onto the leg and both Ninja and Partner race down the remaining three hundred meters of leg towards the Ushioni's main body using chakra to hold onto the surface of the exoskeleton. The tentacles try to attack the humanoids on it's injured limb, but Taurus proves his own sword skills.

"CHIMUCHIKEN!" (Thousand Whip Sword)

The Ushionimon's tentacles whip at supersonic speeds (causing the cracking sound) and the blades they hold move even faster. Each strike faster then the previous cuts into the enemy tentacles, first only causing deep cuts, then slicing clean. As the demon tentacles are cut they release black blood as opposed to the blue-green of the legs. They also regenerate the damage rapidly, almost as fast as they lose it. The result is a black rain that soaks the shell of monster and the two heroes of cloud.

Kira slashes the shell as they land on the back of the sea monster, but only manages to do minor damage to the thick chitinous material. His partner makes a signal and they switch places, with Kira slicing the desperate tentacles, while Taurus forms eight sword "star" formation pointed down. Energy gathers and flows down the blades creating a shining point where the blades meet.

"Kenatsu: Hachisei" (Sword Pressure: Eight Star)

A beam of energy shoots from the glowing point and lances the crab. It bursts threw the weakened shell, incinerates flesh and organ tissue, then shoots out of the monster's stomach into a spray of superheated fluid, ash, and armor fragments.

The sea monster's tentacles pause there attacks on the two Kumo fighters as the pain of the injury weakens it and shocks it's nervous system. They then leap off the sea monster as a ball of blue-white light hits the sea monster

The immense blast of demonic energy from the massive dragon causes the Ushioni monster to explode like a crab packed with firecrackers. All that remains are the remains of the legs and a couple tentacles which collapse into the lake below.

The massive dragon moves it's coils in the lake creating a massive tsunami-like wave, but Kira and Taurus use the water walking technique to surf the wave. They stare out as light gathers in the mouth of the dragon for a second attack.

Angel and Gabriel vs Oni and Hannya

The blinded Oni roars and tries to smash Angel with it's bare hands, but vampire moves with speed far beyond that of a normal ninja. Hannya proves even faster, releasing a blast of fire from only a couple of meters away.

In that brief moment, Angel's eyes shift to gold and the blast of supernatural flame is blocked by an unseen force. The force is unseen, but the effect is an extreme cold beyond the limits of Hyoton (Ice Release). The two attacks fight each other, then the flames are extinguished and the Hannya leaps back screaming and holding it's frozen face.

High above, Gabriel has once more evolved from Child Lucemon to Lucemon Falldown Mode. He forms a sword of smokeless white flames in his hand, then lengthens it into a spear of shining white light. The angelic demon lord then sours down towards Hannya like an attacking falcon. He falls at an extremely high speed, but angles himself so he sours by Hannya and he passes her at supersonic speeds, almost colliding with the head or shoulder. Hannya body falls back with the head separated from the body.

Angel, eyes back to normal, forms a set of hand signs and lands on the head of the blind Oni. He raises his right arm and the Oni tries to grab him off it's head, but a bolt of lightning strikes the arm and thunder causes the monster to hold his ears in pain.

A second bolt of lightning strikes the arm, followed by a third and fourth. As each bolt of lightning strikes the arm, it glows with a dark blue aura and arcs of electrical energy crawl across it. As the clothing burns off the arm, the flesh glows red and the bone white.

"Raiton: Rairyu Hadoken!" (Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Surge Fist!)

Angel rams his fist down into the skull of sound-incapacitated Oni. Angel is surrounded by a massive aura of white lightning and a massive bolt of lightning explodes from the jaw of the Oni as the chakra lightning burns straight threw. The lightning near instantly turns brain and fluids into superheated gas, which is over pressurized in the iron-hard skull and skin. Angel leaps off and is given a hand by Gabriel as Oni's head explodes covering the forested in fragments and red-tinted steam.

The headless demon corpses turn an ash grey, then crumble into ash releasing mysterious green-white fireballs into the sky. The fireballs rise into the red sky and into the black crack the monsters came from. As the two vanish into the void, the crack narrows by a small amount.

Drusilla and Lilitha vs Tsuchigumo and Mujina

The Tsuchigumo screams out as Angelus-puppet runs under it's body, slashing the underside of thorax and abdomen. After Angelus makes the hundred cuts, his clothing is stained with glowing green blood. The Darla Puppet is the next to attack, destroying the eyes with a shower of needles as it turns to attack Angelus.

The blinded puppet doesn't see it's destroyer in the form of Lilitha, the LadyDevimon. The Fallen Angel Digimon descends at high speed, morphing her arm into a long spear, then rams it threw the massive spider's body. She then releases a charge of dark energy that surges threw the entire body of the Youkai causing it to burst into green-white flames.


It screeches as it dies, it's body melting like a sculpture wax and sticks

The Mujina concentrates it's youki (demon energy) deep within it's body and manages to escape from the Nest Puppet's bindings. It runs clear of Nest and the William puppet, which has been firing spikes into it's body and repeatedly burning it's fur off. The badger youkai may be able to regenerate it's damage, but it doesn't mean it hurts any less.

It turns it head away from it's tormentors and looks in front of it, only to see LadyDevimon flying in front of it, arms spread


A wave of energy bats near blinds the badger forcing it to stop moving. When the massive animal opens it's eyes, it's no longer Lilitha in front of it, but Drusilla holding a massive bow longer than she is tall. The glowing bow also holds a brightly glowing spear-size arrow.

"Hyoton: Hama no Ya!" (Ice Release: Arrow of Purification!)

As the arrow pierces the Mujina's head, a wave of blue light spreads across the demon form. As the light spreads the demon's furry flesh is replaced by crystal ice with falling ice crystals for fur.

It's interesting to note what separates a youkai from a mortal is a mortal's soul is limited by the body and a youkai's body is limited by it's spirit. The massive creatures aren't composed of true flesh and bone, but a faux-flesh formed there youki. A demonic aura is excess energy escaping the body of a youkai.

The Arrow of Purification forces the target to release it's energy, but since the Badger demon is most composed of energy, it hollows out the demon. The end result is instead of merely freezing the demon solid, the demon turns into a massive statue of almost pure ice. The only thing the Drusilla and Lilitha notice is a small glow in the center of the chest, that flows up the statue and emerges from the head as a ball of light.

As the last of the Tsuchigumo's corpse dissolves into the burning flames, a green-white fireball emerges from the flames and floats into the sky with the Mujina's fireball.

Spike and Blaze vs Inugami and Okami

The Inugami smashes a dozen trees into the air, to force Spike and Blaze out of hiding. It succeeds in revealing Blaze, but he's not longer a child Impmon, but an ultimate level bad ass Beelzebumon.

"Chakra Double Impact!"

Blaze rapidly fires his two Beren Hena shotguns.releasing chakra-boosted blasts from the barrels. The blasts burn fur and flesh from the massive dog's head and even shatter a couple of fangs. The maddened animal youkai leaps to devour Blaze, only for a set of metal spikes to penetrate it's left eye. The glowing spikes superheat, then explode inside the eye. The white dog falls to the forest, blood streaming from it's destroyed eye.

The wolf youkai leaps to pounce on Spike, but Spike explodes revealing himself to be a Kage Bushin. As the paws strike the ground they sink into fire revealing another magma swamp. The wolf struggles to pull itself free from the flames, but Blaze has other ideas.

"Chakra Double Impact!"

The blasts of the Beren Hena shotguns first penetrate fur and skin, then flesh, and finally crack the the bone just as the Wolf manages to free itself. It's a horrific sight with the front legs reduced to charred near skeletal remains.

The Inugami appears again, but this time Blaze is too close to dodge and Spike is fighting the Wolf. The wolf's massive jaws close around Blaze, but as they do there is a flash of golden light.

The Inugami's massive jaw suddenly open with a crack and standing in the mouth is Blaze as Beelzebumon Blast Mode. His black wings pull his grey-armored form from the mouth, then he points his right arm Positron Cannon down the dog's throat.

"Bad Dog." says Blaze, his voice a whisper, then he yells, "DEATH SLINGER!"

Blaze's voice echoes across the battle field as the cannon releases a powerful energy blast from his cannon. The blast of energy containing anti-electrons burns threw the back of the throat, threw the bone and nerve tissue, and out the back of the neck in an explosion of fire. The energy released is so intense, the surrounding tissue ignites and is torn by the energy waves. When the blast ends, the dog falls to the forest floor for the final time, it's head nearly burnt from it's body.

The wolf charges Spike, only for Spike to deliver an insanely powerful kick that sends the canine demon flying back like a puppy hit by a large newspaper. Spike creates a whip composed of fiery plasma that he wraps around one of the still regenerating legs.

"Katon: Muchi no Ka!" (Fire Release: Flame Whip!)

The demon wolf howls as one of it's legs is torn off. It charges at Spike, whose standing on the limb of a distant tree. Spike forms a hand seal

"Good-bye, Godzilla-Mutt." says Spike, "Bakuha Kubochi Arupha!" (Blast Pit Alpha!)

As massive hundred twenty meter wide, hundred meter deep pit opens in the Earth and the seventy meters tall wolf falls inside. Spike forms another seal

"Bakuha Kubochi Omega!" (Blast Pit Omega!)

There is a massive explosion directed into the air by the pit. The energy is so immense it creates a column of fire a sixty meter radius and reaching the sky. The intense flames don't last very long, only a couple of seconds, but when the fires die the air has been sterilized. The sides of the pit have liquefied into superheated molten glass that flow down into the pit.

Spike then falls from the tree and collapses on the hard ground. There is roar and a skeletal wolf demon with bits of burning flesh falling from it's charred bones rises from the pit for one last attack.


Blaze draws an inverted pentagram with his cannon and fires energy blasts through it. The five shots he fires hit the skull shattering it and causing the rest of the corpse to fall back into the pit. The winged demon lord then lands next to the unmoving Spike.

"You alive, Spike?"

"Do I look like dust?"

"You no longer burn in the sun, what makes you think you can still dust?"

"You have a point. I might leave a beautiful corpse, again." says Spike as he flips over onto his back, "S-Class Kinjutsu version of Magma swamp. Designed to wipe out an attacking army. If I use too many of those, I'll be history."

"Can you move?"


As Blaze picks up his chakra exhausted partner, the dog youkai's body begins to rapidly rot and the wolf youkai's body crumbles into ash. Both release there own tinted mystical fireballs into the sky and the crack continues to narrow.

Yugito, Leora, Anko, and Manda
Hebi and Nekomata

The battle turns as Hebi Demon attacks Manda, but is bound by Manda's fangs and Anko's hundreds of snake. While the movement of the demon is bound, Anko and Yugito race down one of long necks towards the central body where the various demon snakes fuse together into one monstrous hydra. As they run, clinging to the scales using chakra, they release trails of paper like a festival.

One of the snakes heads escapes the mass of smaller snakes and consumes Anko, only for the snake kunoichi to explode into the shower of kunai inside it's mouth. Blood explodes from the snake head as it collapses to the muddy ground below.

As the real Kunoichi reach the central body, they launch a showers of kunai with explosive tags attacked. Both Anko and Yugito jump off after launching a Fire and Lightning jutsu, respectively. Manda also breaks free of Hebi Youkai's hold and dives.

The lightning and fire not only damage the central body, but trigger explosive tags on the kunai. The detonation of the paper bombs, also detonates the trails of papers they released causing more explosions. The burning Hebi falls to the earth and the Kunoichi and Manda quickly remove the remaining heads.

Leora fighting the Nekomata gets help with the arrival of Tsunade Senju and her apprentice Sakura on the Slug Summon Katsuyu.

"Zetsushi Nensan!" (Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid!)

The forty meter liger screams in pain as the yellowish sticky burning acid dissolves fur and skin. While the tiger is screaming in pain, Tsunade and Sakura gather there chakra in there fist and release the charges on impact with the ground. This creates massive craters with there monstrous strength and sends massive rocks into the air. A pair of kicks sends the rocks towards the Dark Nekomata faster than any catapult could accomplice.

The liger is hit several times by the massive rocks like a stones thrown at an alley cat. Finally, the Dark Nekomata uses a torrent of flames from it's mouth to shield itself from the remaining rocks, blasting them into smoldering rubble.

"Onibimaru!" (Demon Flame Circle)

As the smoke and dust clears, the Dark Nekomata finds itself surrounded by mystical blue fireballs on all sides. The fireballs form a shell around the cat demon as they normally form a shield around Leora. The fireballs then shoot towards Nekomata from all angles and detonate in a massive blast.

The Dark Nekomata jumps from the fire, covered in flames and injuries, to pounce on Leora, but Yugito releases a whip of lightning that strikes the evil cat across the eyes.

"Goukaryudan!" (Hellfire Flame Shot)

Leora, the Leoramon, then finishes the battle by releasing a torrent of flames that pierce the Dark Nekomata's neck, including the spine.

Kira Hachi and Taurus

The battle with the dragon is insane due to the immense size of the dragon. The dragon also fires extremely powerful blast of concentrated lighting. The same type of blasts it used to kill the Ushi-Oni, Kira and Taurus fought. There's also the problem of the water beneath them, which is turned into massive waves by the dragon's motions.

Finally, Taurus tells Kira his insane plan which gets the reply.

"You go inside to make the cuts, I hate to say Your Fucking Nuts!"

What is crazier is Kira is forced to go along with the insane plan.

"Ushioni Ensuidan!" (Ushioni Salt Water Shot)

"Raiton: Raidan!" (Lightning Release: Thunder Bullet!)

A high pressure jets of boiling salt water that shot from Taurus' fingers can cut threw metal and stone. They easily cut threw one of the dragon's eyes and the salt adds to the pain. Kira, brother of Raikage of Kumogakure no Sato, can pull off impressive lightning techniques. Including a blast of electrical plasma powerful enough to superheat the fluid of the other eye and overload the nerve with the flash.

The dragon roars in pain and after being blinded doesn't see Taurus leap down it's throat with it's swords extended. As Taurus goes down the throat of the dragon he unleashes his Chimuchiken (Thousand Whip Sword) technique and even combines it with his Kenatsu (Sword Pressure). Taurus shreds the throat, cutting blood vessels, various pharyngeal muscles, the trachea (windpipe) and the esophagus. He also focused his attacks on the spine, cutting the bone and nerves.

The sword pressure energy blasts are reflected by the skin on the outside causing no damage, but they are reflected back on the inside increasing the amount of damage.

Outside the Dragon's body, Kira taps into his chakra then attacks the neck with all seven of his swords. Sasuke Uchiha wasn't the first person to use lightning to increase the cutting power of a sword, but even with this technique the dragon scales prove extremely durable. One of Kira's prized swords breaks from the strain, but that doesn't stop Kira who continues to chip the armor scales away until he final cuts into the flesh.

Deep inside the dragon's chest area, Taurus pierces a large organ releasing an electrical charge. As the organ begins to heat up, Taurus launches himself up and explodes out of the cut Kira has made in the neck. The two warriors of Clouds jump away from the dragon as the lightning-generating organ explodes.

A blue glow shines from the dragon's chest and the glow spreads like wave to the tip of head to the tip of the tail. As the blue glow spreads, it gets brighter, while the flesh of the demon glows red. Then with a thunderous crack, the chest area explodes like bomb destroying the arms and head. The remaining lower legs and long tail are consumed by a series of smaller explosions.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

"Fight against us, we'll set your soul free."

Gaara, Shukaku, Naruto and Gohan
Tanuki, Kitsune, Kappa, and Tengu

"Kishabakuken!" (Golden Sand Blast Fist)

Shukaku, the Tanukimon surrounded his fist with sand to create a giant golden fist. He then rams it into the jaw of the Kappa. The force travels threw the head and causes the water-filled depression atop it's head to release a shower of water into the air.

Gaara makes a hand seal, the does an uppercut. The sand copies his movements forming a spherical mass then arcing into the Kappa's jaw, spilling more water. The sand also blocks an attack by the evil Tanuki.

"Suna Yari!" (Sand Spear)

Shukaku creates a giant halberd made of golden sand then thrusts and extends it into the jaw of weakened Kappa. The sand spear impales the head, releasing most of the water from the creature's head depression with bits of brain matter. The remaining water is absorbed by the sand and drained when the sphere is removed. The creature turns a grey tint and collapses to the ground

The evil Tanuki demon tries to pounce of Gaara, but is hit in the head by a webbed foot. Jiraiya has arrived on the massive Toad summon boss Gamabunta. Gamabunta spews oil blinding the Tanuki and soaking it's fur before Jiraiya ignites the oil.

"Katon: Gamayu Endan!" (Fire Release: Toad Oil Fireball)

The evil Tanuki takes off screaming and covered in flames. It runs around for several minutes, as the flame burn away fur and flesh, before it begins to roll into the dirt to put out the flames. As the flames are finally put out, Jiraiya places his hands on the ground and releases another technique.

"Doton: Yomi Numa" (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld!)

A massive swamp appears under the charred sixty five meter Tanuki causing it to sink. It tries to escape and almost succeeds. Then Gaara and Shukaku launch there own finishing techniques.

"Kishabakuken!" (Golden Sand Blast Fist)

"Sabaku Kubi Shibari!" (Desert Neck Bind!)

A sand technique based on the Nara Family's Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu (Shadow Neck Bind Technique) and developed after learning of Shikamaru from his sister Temari.

The golden sand of the Tanukimon's technique provides material for Gaara's technique which wraps the opponent in sand. While it is possible to escape from dry sand, it's near impossible to escape from wet sand like one made damp by the underworld swamp. The sand contracts around the creature's body then forms a pair of sand hands. The hands grab the evil Tanuki's neck and begins to squeeze and twist. Gaara shakes from the effort, but the rapidly weakening creature's neck final gives. With a loud almost thunder-like crack, the head is twisted a hundred ninety degrees.

The Tanuki's immense body then explodes like someone crushed by Gaara's Sabaku Sousou (Desert Funeral) as it's physical body sublimates into poison gaseous form known Shouki (miasma). Lucky for the heroes, the swamp and sand contain most of the gas and force the remainder high into the air away from the people below.

"Futon: Chou Oodama Rasengan" (Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Spiral Sphere)

Using the jumping power of one of his summon Toads to boost him, Naruto generates a giant version of the Oodama Rasengan infused with his wind affinity. The sphere hits the head of the giant Karasu-Tanuki and grinds it's face off. He then spins around and rams the sphere into the dying creature's chest. The sphere grinds deep, then detonates. The Tengu's corpse going flying towards the forest while spinning like a pinwheel.

"Bakukagidzume!" (Blast Claws!)

Gohan, former Kyubi no Kitsune and now Hulimon, emits destructive energy from his fingers. He drives his claws threw the dark Kyubi's face, cutting threw flesh and bone with ease, and finally ends by tearing out one of the eyes with a large explosion caused by the eye fluid super heating.

"Weak. Do you think a simple animal could defeat me? Do you think at all??"

The Dark Kyubi howls in pain and Hulimon whips the creature with his tails using Kyubi no Muchi (Whip of the Nine Tails)sending the massive fox flying!

"I am the King of Tailed Beasts."

The Dark Kyubi releases a torrent of black flames that destroys trees for a kilometer, but when the flames die down, Gohan isn't even scorched.

"I am the True Lord of Kitsune."

The Dark Kyubi lashes at Gohan with his fiery tails,but Gohan raises his sword and uses Arashimaru (Tempest) to block each strike and knock each tail away.

"It took the Death God Himself to Defeat Me!" yells Gohan as his aura explodes like the sun.

The Dark Kyubi lunges at Gohan, only for Gohan's glowing sword to pierce it's face and send waves of energy threw it's body causing unimaginable pain..

"I am Ginbi no Gohan!" yells the Kitsune Hybrid, "MARYUUSOUHA!!" (Demon Dragon Blast Wave!)

The demonic flame dragons emerge from the sword and create storms inside the Dark Kyubi's body . They tear threw everything and cause the nine tailed fox to expand like a balloon. Streams of blue light emerge from the flesh as it begins to burn, then the nine flame dragons emerge from the evil fox's back consuming the Kitsune's nine tail. The jaws of the dragons close on the tail tips and the tails disintegrate.

There is a massive explosion as the Dark Kyubi's faux flesh body fails to contain the energy. It's body is reduced to raw energy which mixes with the energy dragons to create a monstrous blast. The resulting fireball is over a half a kilometer wide, there is wide spread destruction for an over eight kilometer radius and fires for nearly fourteen kilometer radius!

Gaara and Shukaku protect Naruto and Jiraiya from the blast using massive amounts of sand from the Imperial Desert Funeral, while Gamabunta returns to the Summon realm. As for Gohan, he stands in the crater unharmed by the blast and still holding his flawless sword.


While the Scourge and the former Jinchurukis were fighting the daikaiju youkai, the ninja of Konoha including the other Digidestined were destroying lesser youkai that also appeared.

Now that the battle was been won, all the Digivices are glowing and pulsating like heart beats. As the group gathers together, the pulse synchronize and begin to beat faster.

"What's going on, Izzy?" asks Yamato.

"I don't know, but if I had to guess the Digivices are linking themselves together to increase there power for some purpose."

As the former Jinchuriki and Bijuu arrive, the devices flash, sending pulsing into the sky, cleansing the sky of red. As the Digivices power up, text appears on the screen

Tanuki Drive Upgrade - Kappa Koppo Gloves

Particles of golden light emerge from the drive and concentrate around the hands of Gaara and Tanukimon Shukaku. Soon, there hands are covered in white light and when the light fades both are wearing fingerless black gloves secured top the wrists by thick leather belts.

Neko Drive Upgrade - Hydra Chain

Particles of blue light emerge from the drive and wrap around the neck of Leora and the waist of Yugito. It forms glowing white bands before fading to reveal golden chain weapons resembling Manriki-gusari, chains with weights on the end.

Ushioni Drive Upgrade - Rairyubakuga (Thunder Dragon Blast Fang)

Particles of purple light emerge from Kira's drive and wrap around his broken sword. The broken sword glows white, then the shattered blade suddenly glows to full length. The sword changes, then the light fades to reveal a new sword. This sword has a dark blue blade with a dragon theme guard, hilt and pommel with the blade held in the jaws of the dragon and the dark blue jewel of the pommel held in a dragon claw. It resembles a cross between a European Fantasy Sword and a traditional Japanese sword

Kitsune Drive Upgrade - Armor Upgrade

Particles of white light shoots from the Kitsune Drive. These are different than the previous lights.

They tear threw Naruto's clothing shredding his jacket and shirt to pieces. The torn fabric glows white then reforms as body armor similar to the ANBU armor. The fabric from the jacket grows and becomes a long black waistcoat with orange flames on the bottom. A few peuple are shocked how much Naruto looks like Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze in that form.

The particles also stream and wrap around Gohan and when they fade, the kitsune digimon's flak jacket has changed into a more advance form matching Naruto's armor.

"It appears that when you kill a powerful enough opponent the Drives provide upgrade to your weapons, armor, and/or gear." says Izumi on his computer, something he built from the primitive Konoha computers and help from his own Digivice, "The Scourge also appear to be Upgrading."

The Digivices of the Scourge streams glowing particles into there masters and there Digimon, but there are no apparent changes.

"That's useful, but it doesn't solve our problems." says Tsunade, "Madara has messed up the world and is on a killing spree. We need a solution."

Suddenly, the screens of Hikari and Takeru's drives light up and project a holographic display into the center of the group. A picture of the Drives appears and text appears below it.

D-ARC Program Complete.
Native Digivices are capable of transmitting physical and spiritual data. The Drive can absorb physical and spiritual bodies of humanoids and companions for transport across dimensional barriers.

Actions of Madara Uchiha using Dark Drive has triggered the end of Ninja countries and planet. The destruction is irreversible. All life on this planet will cease with seven days.

Subjects Gaara, Yugito, Kira, and Naruto can use D-ARC Program to seal people, animals, and some gear inside Drives and follow other Digidestined to another habitable world

"What does it mean 'All life on this planet will cease with seven days'?!?" yells Naruto

"Madara's action must have set off the apocalypse." says Gohan, "There's no way we can save this world, so the Drives will absorb people and allow the owners to transport them to another world."

"It means we are finally going home or to another world." says Angel, "The people will follow us in a Digital Noah's Ark."

"Many people will not want to abandon there village." says Tsunade

"There is also a bigger problem." says Spike looking over Takeru's shoulder, "Click that symbol, TK."

D-ARC Program Limitations
Certain factors determine if the Drive can sync and absorb each subject.
(1) Emotional State
Drive efficiency is based on subject's emotions towards owner of the Drive.
*Positive Emotions - Acceptance, Affection, Happiness, etc... increase sync by a large degree.
*Neutral Emotions - Apathy, Confusion, Curiosity, etc.. has no effect on sync.
*Negative Emotions - Hatred, Fear, Hostility, etc... decrease sync by a large degree.
(2) Age
Drives have easier time absorbing younger subjects than older.
(3) Chakra
Drives have easier time absorbing subjects possessing higher chakra potential and/or control.

If absorption is attempted of subject with low sync rate, Drive will abort process or process will be incomplete resulting in termination of subject.

"That means all those civvies who still give Naruto cold looks are as good as dead." says Spike, "There hatred of Naruto is going to destroy them."

Yuna Akuzetsu, is a Genin of Konohagakure no Sato. A Kunoichi possessing the minimal skills and passing the Genin Exam after four failures. Her only real talents are information gathering and stealth. She managed to hide in the trees and listen into the conversation of the Hokage and the newcomers.

She's now paler than unusual knowing that her civilian family carries a deep hatred of Naruto because the Kyubi's Invasion wiped out three quarters of there clan and nearly all of there wealthy. She quickly runs off to warn her clan. The Akuzetsu known for gossiping worse than the Yamanakas will quickly spread the news and trigger the worst riots in Konoha's history.

Hours later

Kira Hachi and Taurus are ready to leave.

"I need to reach my brother in Kumo." says Kira, "He may be a Jerk, but he is family."

"I'm sending Team Light with you." says Godaime Hokage Tsunade Senju, "They will help you with the people of Lightning Country. The old council would object to helping your country, but since they are all dead, I've decided to do the right thing."

She turns to Gaara and the Suna Ninja standing next to Yugito.

"Kazekage, you can handle your own people, but Yugito and Leora will join Adventure and Reptile will go south to Tea, Ocean, and the other smaller countries. Jiraiya and Naruto have made friends in those areas, so mentioning there names should get some trust."

She then turns to Naruto.

"Naruto, your the person that needs to protect Konohagakure no Sato and Fire Country. I also want you to check on Wave Country."

Takigakure no Sato
Village Hidden in the Waterfall

The village is burning. The titanic tree that protects the village and once provided the legendary Hero Water is now ash gray and burning out of control. The various lake waterfront buildings are burning despite the water techniques of it's Shinobi because they burn with the black flames of Amateratsu.

On a branch of the now dead tree, a humanoid covered in swirling darkness stands. The only thing that can be scene in the darkness are a pair of glowing red demon eyes.

Three Jounin empowered by the last of Hero water sour towards the dark figure to stop the massacre, but the demon's black aura extends into a clawed hand that lashes out. The black claws cut one man in half at the waist despite his protective aura and impales the second. The third makes it past the hand and delivers a stone-shattering punch, but the demon doesn't move in the slightest. Instead, the last Hero bursts into black flames and falls. The man is completely consumed by the flame before he can hit the lake below.

The demon roars and demonic energy shock wave travels from the tree across the lake, vaporizing hundreds of gallons of water, until it hits the burning buildings and destroys them. The Village Hidden in the Waterfall is no more.



Author's Notes

The world is history so they need an ark to get them to another world. People are converted into data and stored inside the Digivices of Naruto, Gaara, Yugito, and Kira. The same process that Digidestined enter the Digital World and other Inside A Computer System Tropes. It's also similar to how things can stored inside a scroll or a Kaiju-size Bijuu can be stored inside a human. They can take a lot of people with them and with the Digimon they can travel long distances to reach people.
Karma. Naruto protected them from the Kyubi no Kitsune, now he'll protect those that believed in him. The people who are the safest are his precious people and old bitter civvies that spit at him are dead meat.
"Deus Ex Machina"?
The Drives and Digivices of the Scourge are far more advance than normal and possess semi-sentient AI dedicated to there owner's survival.
Daikaiju Youkai?
Giant Monster Demons are all based on Japanese mythology. There sizes are relative to Toho monsters. I wanted to upgrade my characters and have fight scenes, but it's not time for Madara yet.
Dakaiju (Giant Monster)
Film Height Weight

Mothra (1961) Length: 80 meters Wingspan: 250 meters Mass: 15,000 tons
King Ghidorah
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) Height: 100 m Wingspan: 150 m Mass: 30,000 tons
Hedorah (Final Form)
Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) Height: 60 meters Mass: 48,000 tons
The Return of Godzilla (1984) Height: 80 meters Mass: 50,000 tons
Biollante (Final Form)
Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) Height: 120 meters Mass: 200,000 tons
Godzilla ('91)
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) Height: 100 meters Mass: 60,000 tons
Destoroyah (Final Form)
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995) Height: 120 m Length: 230 m Wingspan: 210 m Mass: 80,000 tons
Source: tohokingdomDOTcom

Jutsu Guide
Rasengan Gunko
(Spiral Sphere War Drum!)
Naruto rams a pair of twin Rasengans together to create a high pressure explosion. This creates a blast of air pressure and sound similar to Zaku's Zankyokukuuha (Extreme Decapitating Air Waves). It's extremely effective against animals and ninja with superhuman hearing.
Raiton: Rairyu Hadoken! (Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Surge Fist!)
Angel gathers electrical energy from the air, forming a massive charge in the arm, then delivers a blow that discharges all the energy into target as one massive blast. The heat is intense enough to vaporize iron.
A combination of Poison and Darkness Spear. LadyDevimon impale the target, then releases a destructive surge that turns the target's power against itself on the inside.
Katon: Muchi no Ka! (Fire Release: Fire Whip!)
A whip made of plasma that can both grab and burn at the same time. Like water whip, but different element.
Bakuha Kubochi Arupha! (Blast Pit Alpha!) and Bakuha Kubochi Omega! (Blast Pit Omega!)
A two part S-Class Kinjutsu. One creates a massive pit large enough to capture an army by compressing the earth and rock using a large amount of chakra. The Second part releases the compressed energy as heat incinerating what's trapped in the pit.
Raiton: Raidan! (Lightning Release: Thunder Bullet!)
A simple B-Class lightning technique.
Sabaku Kubi Shibari! (Desert Neck Bind!)
A sand technique based on the Nara Family's Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu (Shadow Neck Bind Technique) and developed after learning of Shikamaru from his sister Temari. Sand prevents the target from moving and hand(s) made of sand wrap around the neck. The hands then squeeze and twist. Eventually the neck snaps or if Gaara is serious, the body is decapitated.

Drusilla's Dollhouse

Number 17: The Master/Nest
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
A puppet resembling the Master of Aurelius bond in black leather straps like a straight jacket. Each strap contains a set of seal that releases a lethal trap. The arms are also loaded with long needles.

Number 18: Darla
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The mother puppet resembling Darla in full game face dressed in old fashion billowing dress. Underneath is the clothing a modern woman and the dress is filled with needles and throwing weapons. This puppet possess immense speed and agility.

Number 19: Angelus
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The father puppet resembling Angelus in full game face dressed in old fashion clothing of an Aristocrat. He wields a sword and sharp claws, and possesses immense strength and durability

Number 20: William
hitokugutsu (human puppet)
The full game face version of Spike dressed in biker leathers with chains and spikes. It can extend it's arms, fire spike projectiles, and produce jets of flame.




Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko


When should the Scourge Arrive?
(1) The Past.
Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Inu no Taishou's time. Chibi-Inuyasha?
Votes: 4
(2) Early Days.
Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Before Inuyasha was sealed to the tree. Before the Manga.
Votes: 2
(3) Starter Group.
Post Manga chapter 108.
Inuyasha-tachi assembled. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
Votes: 6
(4) Band of Seven.
Manga chapter 235.- 276.
Inuyasha-tachi vs Shichinintai, while Naraku is in Hiding.
Votes: 3
(6) One of the Movies
(b) Inuyasha The Movie 2:
The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Votes: 7
(7)After The Ending.
Post Manga vol 56/chapter 558. Max Power.
Votes: 4


Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She marries Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
The story will not follow canon closely and will play out like the AU of a movie. There will be OC villians with Naraku, even if the Timeline is Number Seven. I'm a Inuyasha x Kagome and Miroku x Sango Fan. I also like Toy Ship Kohaku and Rin. Seshoumaru is open for Canon (i.e. Kagura) and OCs.^_^. If Number One or Two is selected, there will be a Time Skip.

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver
Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop
Halloween World: Snapshots of the Hallow Earth
Halloween World: Records of Chaos by Weaver Plus
Halloween World: Crossroads by AkatsukiDaybreak Plus
There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'
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