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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
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A challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'

Spaceman's addition to Redwitch's Misfit Universe and it's merger with Halloween World. GI Joe x X-Men Evo Multi-crossover
Black Halloween by BluLadyK
Summary: Answering Halloween Challange #1910. Xander and Willow find that their costume choices become a bit more familar to them when Ethan's spell takes effect, a familiarity that runs deeper than possesion and more along the lines of reincarnation.


Konohagakure no Sato

The race has begun to save a world's population from an apocalypse.

Kira Hachi and his new partner Taurus has returned to Kumogakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Clouds) to talk to his brother the Raikage and help save his people. With him is Team Light to protect the vital Drive, the only hope to transport the massive population.

Godaime Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara has returned to Hidden Sand to save his own people from the destruction. The Suna ninjas were weakened by Daimyo of Wind cutting there budget years ago combined with there invasion of Leaf allied with the Sound.

Yugito Ni and her partner Leora working with Adventure and Reptile are saving what lesser countries they can. Thankfully, they learned the Drives are able to create portals enabling them to travel to different areas in hours as opposed to days. This power was unlocked with the absorption of power from the daikaiju youkai.

Naruto stands in Konohagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Leaves) after returning from the Land of Waves. He looks up at the Hokage mountain and the faces of Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hizuren, Namikaze Minato and Senju Tsunade. He looks at the place he hoped his own face would be placed when he became the Hokage.

"Are you OK, Naruto-kun?" says Hinata walking up next to him.

"I was hoping my face would be on that mountain. Now, it'll be destroyed with the rest of the world" says Naruto. There is a sad pause, then a look of determination glows in eyes. "Konoha will survive. The Will of Fire will survive. They can build a new mountain and I will be a Hokage!"

A few meters away, several Konoha ninja smile at Naruto's words. Naruto's spirit has always been able to lift the spirits of others.

Konohamaru Sarutobi and his two friends stand in front of Naruto.

"Boss! Tsunade said it's time for the Academy and Genin to board the Ark."

"Are you three ready? It doesn't hurt, but it looks weird."

"Let's do this, Boss."

Naruto pulls out his Fox Drive and points the screen at the Konohamaru Corps.

"Fox Drive. Program D-Arc. Upload!"

The Fox Drive glows gold-white, then fires a white beam that strikes Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon. As the beams strike, there physical bodies freeze in place like statue, while there translucent blue soul are pushed from there bodies. The souls only float for a moment they flow into the Fox Drive following the white beams. As the souls enter, a ripple of energy like an electrical distortion flows across the physical bodies, clothing, and gear of each ninja. As the wave passes over there corporeal form, they change from solid matter to dense dark blue energy making them look like blue ice sculptures in a laser light show. The statues sublimate and the glowing mist flows down the lines into the Fox Drive.

Program D-Arc.
Konohamaru 91.8 Complete
Moeji 89.4 Complete
Udon 85.8 Complete
Compac Files Stored

"As I said Weird."

Across Konoha, there are two responses to the Drives. One are the people who fear and/or hate Naruto thinking either there inability to be saved or thinking the Kyubi has deceived everyone to steal there souls. Hence the response is blind panic and rioting as they face the end of days. The Second Response is from a smaller portion of the population, who see Naruto as a hero. Many having realized finally how much Naruto resembles his father Minato Namikaze.

Kumogakure no Sato

In Hidden Cloud, one ninja that secretly hated the Raikage and his Jinchuriki brother dies.

Kira's own Drive fires the same beam, locking the body in place, while releasing the soul. The soul streams towards the Drive following the beam, but as the soul enters the Drive it shakes, then releases the soul violently. As the soul disperses, the beam from the Fox Drive fades and the Kumo ninja's physical body turns into a statue of glowing red energy. The statue shakes as beam fades and when the beam dies, the statue of light shatters and violently disperses.

Program D-Arc.
Ieyasu 34.1 Failure
Compac File Erased

Across the Shinobi countries, this event happens over and over again. More and more people are absorbed, but there are also many failures.

Madara Arrives

A few kilometers from Konohagakure no Sato, the end has arrived. A dark humanoid creature surrounded by swirling dark chakra slowly walks towards the village. With every step, a burning foot print is left in the earth and from each step a sickly grey color spread like a plague. As he moves forward, the sky above continues to darken and a howling wind begins to blow as if nature itself was in pain from the evil presence.

All of Fire Country can sense the evil presence as it's grow and they know Madara has come.

A large group of Konoha shinobi rush to attack Madara hoping to slow them down. One group tosses kunai with short fuse explosive tags attached, but Madara lets out an inhuman roar that shakes the earth and releases a pulse of chakra so powerful the kunai are sent flying back in tiny fragments.

Madara vanishes and suddenly appears next to a Jounin. With a simple backhand strike, the ninja's head is torn from his body. Madara vanishes before the head and decapitated body fall to ground.. A hand explodes from the chest of the second Konoha ninja holding his heart. The hand then forms a fist explosively crushing the vital organ, before the arm tosses the corpse into the air. Madara vanishes for a third time and grabs a third ninja and before the ninja can scream tears him in half like a wet rag. Madara doesn't even bother to vanishes for the fourth kill. He just spins around and delivers a punch to number four's face, causing the entire head to explode like a tomato.

Madara raises his arms and the aura of evil chakra around him condenses into black bladed weapons around him arms. He then begins to move with speed and skill beyond human, almost moving like demonic dancer using circles and spirals to form a pattern. He's moves too fast for the ninja to counter and the black chakra blades pierce and slice flesh and bone.

When the dance ends, nine Konoha fall to the ground in bloody pieces. Even if the cut hadn't been fatal, the ninja would have died since the chakra blades are like poison forcing the life energy out as there corruption spreads.

Sixteen Konoha ninja begin to form hand signs, when the world goes black. They find themselves in a void, unable to move as black flames cover there bodies. Even as there skin burns away, they still feel the pain. Even as flesh burns from bones, they can still feel the pain of the skin and muscle. Finally, the bones melt away and are consumed by the horrible black flames.

In the real world, the Konoha ninja watch as sixteen of there number fall to the ground in horrible pain and die of a genjutsu so severe the target dies of shock.

The remaining twenty five shinobi unleash a shower of kunai, shuriken, and needles combined with Doton (Earth), Katon (Fire), and Futon (Wind) ninjutsu. The earth strikes Madara, covering and constricting his body as the wind and fire combine into slicing and exploding wave of destruction. The destructive energy generated by the twenty five sends a pillar of fire into the sky, but fails to illuminate the evil-tainted clouds The shock wave from the blast is so immense almost a hundred trees are destroyed and many more will die if left to burn.

Then the twenty five can only watch in horror as Madara emerges from the flames. Bits of charred earth and droplets of molten rock fall from his body, but there is no damage underneath. He's not even slowed down by the hardening rock, as it shatters as he moves, like a layer of frost. As smoke falls away from Madara's spiky black hair, his dark aura explodes outward again.

Madara begins to laugh. A cruel, demonic laugh that fills the hearts of the battle hardened with suffocating fear. Then Madara raises his right hand, surrounded by his Jyaki (evil aura) and points his index and middle finger straight up

Madara's aura swirls and contracts forming a dense black dome, before it explodes. It is like a nuclear explosion and the remaining twenty five konoha ninja are incinerated. As a black mushroom rises into the corrupted heavens, a shock wave spreads outward from the blast and covers the forest in black flames. Only one thing can be heard over the howling wind and roar of the black flames.


The Arcs

In Konoha, the shock wave reaches the edge of the gates and sets one of the main walls on fire. Two of the young shinobi guards fall to the ground on fire and there comrades are unable to put out the demonic black flames even with A-Class Suiton (water release) techniques. Soon both men are charred bones covered by still burning black flames.

"We are out of time." says Tsunade

Then, hope arrives in the form of a shining white portal, less than two meters in diameter. The Scourge and Konoha Shinobi gather around as Gaara and Shukaku emerge from the light. The portal fades and Gaara holds up his glowing Tanuki Drive

"Mission Success. The people of Sunagakure and Land of Wind are sealed within the Drive."

"Now there's the problem of creating a portal to escape this world." says Shikamaru Nara, "Troublesome."

Gaara smiles, which nearly causes some of ninja to freak out, then presses one of the colorful buttons on the Tanuki Drive. The screen lights up and shows

World Gates
All Digivices can open portal between the Physical World and the Digital World. It only requires one Digivice for transport. To travel to parallel worlds, the Digivices of the Native World must open a portal to the Target World. The number of digivices depends on the number created on that world, with all light-aligned units used at the same time.

List of Light Aligned Drives
Kitsune Drive - Naruto Uzumaki/Gohan - Gate Key 4
Ushioni Drive - Kira Hachi/Taurus - Gate Key 3
Neko Drive - Yugito Nii/Leora - Gate Key 2
Tanuki Drive - Gaara/Shukaku - Gate Key 1

DeusExMachina software.

Many ninja sweat drop at the last line, but Tsunade understands what the little machine says.

"Gaara, I want you to begin opening the Gate near the Hokage Monument. It's one of the most secure areas. The rest of us will have to slow Madara down till the others arrive and the portal can be completed."


Base of the Monument

During the Oto-Suna Invasion years ago, the bunker near the Hokage Monument was used to protect the Academy students. The children of Konoha and the most precious people. Now, it protects the fifth and final leader of the abandoned Sunagakure no Sato, who protects the lives of his people. He once killed to prove his existence, now he protects the souls, the very existence, of his people with his own life.

He pushes that strength he learned from Naruto Uzumaki, the will to protect his precious people, into the Tanuki Drive with his chakra. For the first time in history, the Will of Fire is able to illuminate the dark world like a miniature sun. Gaara's hand is covered in gold and white light. Then a laser-like beam explodes from the screen and strikes the mountain face.

A pattern appears on the rock wall, resembling several rune-edged circles connected by straight and spiral lines. Then a circle of white light expands from the center and covers the entire symbol. The two meter diameter disc of light is surrounded by a golden ring with four symbols, moving slowly clockwise. One symbol, picturing an animal with one tail glows brighter than the others. The others include a two tailed feline, an octopus with two horns, and a nine-tailed fox.

Madara Massacre Part 1

Madara stands surrounded by destroyed forest which still burns with black flames. In front of him are the Digidestined and there partners at the Ultimate level. The dark god made flesh seems amused at the resistance, showing not the faintest bit of fear.

"Giga Cross Freezer!"

"Futon: Ekishou Ryushouha!!"

(Air Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Blast Wave!)

Madara is struck by a hundred chakra-boosted missiles from Metalgarurumon's body and a massive dragon composed of liquefied air and ice from Yamato. In an instant, the shock wave level a several kilometer length of forest covering it in ice. Madara hadn't moved from his spot, even after being hit by the massive weight of the ice and super-fluid. His entire body is covered in ten meter layer of super-cold extremely hard ice that slows releases streams of fog, but less than a minute later Madara flexes inside the ice tomb. The miniature glacier explosively shatters revealing an unharmed Madara.

"Forbidden Temptation!"

"Mokuton: Keikan-ouhi!"

(Wood Release: Queen of the Crown of Thorns!)

Rosemon builds up her energy in the Tifaret Jewel, while Mimi rams her palm into the ground. A spiral ridge appears in the earth with Madara in the center, then thick hard vines explode from the ground and fire a shower of dagger-like thorns at Madara .Madara uses a burst of his dark aura to deflect the foot-long thorns and snap the thick ironwood pillars. As he breaks out, Rosemon releases her super-charged blast of energy and flower petals. The blast strikes Madara's black aura and the area is filled with dark and red-pink light, then the aura disperses the blast leaving Madara unharmed.

"Giga Blaster!"

"Raiton: Haku Raijin Yari!"

(Lightning Release: One Hundred Lightning Spear)

Izumi and HeraclesKabuterimon attack with there strongest attacks. HeraclesKabuterimon throws of massive chakra-boosted sphere of electrical energy at Madara, while Izumi throws a giant metal spear, that shatters into one hundred thin spears before attacking Madara from all angles.

The spears and lightning don't even hit Madara as he uses his space-time technique to make himself intangible by shifting into another dimension. Madara crosses his arms as he becomes solid again and looks unimpressed.

"Blitz Arm!"

Justimon's right arm releases a chakra-boosted blast of energy that roars towards Madara. Madara doesn't even summon his dark aura and lets the blast hit him. The blast only caused minor damage to leather outfit and the skin underneath, but the damage regenerates in less than five seconds.

"Corona Blaze Sword!"

"Katon: Honou Taiyoukaken!"

(Fire Release: Phoenix Sun Flame Fist!)

ShineGreymon in Burst Mode tries to cut Madara in half with his powerful fiery sword. The blade hotter than the surface of the sun strikes Madara at the same time as Masaru's glowing fist strikes causing a massive explosion. A fiery phoenix sours into the air before shattering into embers.

Masaru's eyes widen in shock with his fist still embedded in the side of Madara's face and his partner's plasma sword pressing against Madara's shoulder. Madara smiles as his Eternal Mangekyo glow red which is made more menacing by the sclera (whites) of eyes being pitch black.

"My turn."

Madara suddenly grabs the arms of Masaru and ShineGreymon and violently twists them. The sound of Masaru's arm bones shattering is loud and clear and so is ShineGreymon's arm armor deforming like a soda can. Madara elbows them causing them greater pain, then grabs and tosses them forward at an angle so they collide a few meters in front of him. Madara then releases a dark red fireball from his mouth that explodes when it hits the duo sending them flying.

Madara spins around and grabs Justimon's cybernetic arm before he can use his next attack. With a vicious twist and pull, Madara tears the entire arm off causing the fused Human and Digimon to scream in extreme pain. As Justimon falls to the ground holding his shoulder, Madara casually crushed the chrome digizoid prosthetic, then tosses it away like garbage. He then kick Justimon sending him flying back creating a deep trench in the earth.

Madara appears in front of HeraclesKabuterimon and grabs one of the massive golden pincers. With a cruel laugh, he snaps the body part off and hits Izumi with it. Izumi tumbles away, his ribs cracked and lands in the charred remains of a tree. He then impales the massive insectoid Digimon threw the stomach with his own pincer.

Madara vanishes again and reappears next to Mimi and Rosemon. He grabs both by there necks and lifts them off the ground. He then pushes his dark energy into there bodies, poisoning them. The visual effect is a black mist crawling across there bodies and there colors fading. In Mimi's case, her skin becomes extremely pale and her hair limp. In Rosemon's case, her plant-based armor turns from red and green to shades of brown and grey. Both Digimon and Partner fall to the ground as Madara tosses them away to die a slow, painful death.

Madara then turns and points his right palm at Yamato and MetalGarurumon who are in shock. There is a pulse of crimson light from Madara's palm, then torrent of red fireballs shoots from Madara's hand. The fireballs are all very small, but they are extremely fast and there are thousands of them. The small balls of dark energy both burn and pierce targets.

MetalGarurumon tries to protect Yamato with his body, but the crimson fireballs shred the Chrome Digizoid armor covering his body and pierce deep into his body. As he falls, Yamato is sent flying by the explosions with one fireball going straight threw his shoulder leaving a smoking hole.

The Arcs

At the portal, Gaara senses a presence and Yugito appears next to him with Leora. She raises her Drive which is glowing gold and a golden beam shoots into the portal. The glowing disc doesn't change, only glows brighter. The ring around the portal spins twice as fast as the two-tailed cat symbol glows.

"Good to see you made it." says Gaara, looking less tired.

"Thank you." says Yugito, "It was a surprising trip."


"I didn't think I would get many people, since no body trusts a Jinchuriki. The only reason me and Kira are respected is because the Raikage is Kira's brother. " says Yugito, "Naruto has made many friends in the other countries. A hundred years of hatred, but Naruto is able make people trust be by mentioning his name."

"He has helped heal hearts and inspire others to protect what is precious." says Gaara, "That is Naruto's greatest strength. It's not Kyubi that made him strong, it was his ability to release the strength in others and his ability to continue to fight to protect his precious people."

The portal pulses with energy.

"It's what Konoha calls the Will of Fire."

Madara Massacre Part 2

"Quo Vadis!"


"Giant Bazooka!"

The fusion ultimate forms Dukemon Crimson Mode, MegaGargomon, and Sakuyamon release a powerful combo against Madara and actually manage to cause severe damage to the monster. Dukemon Crimson Mode's Quo Vadis shatters the bonds between this world and next, casting his enemies into oblivion. It allows his attack and the attacks of the others bypass the space-time technique Madara uses as defense and hit there target. Sakuyamon's Izuna summons four mystical fox spirits that are imbued with the powers of fire, water, wind and lightning that obey and fight for her. The four foxes strip away the protective aura of dark energy and drain the monster's other defenses. That leaves Madara vulnerable to the two large missiles fired from the missile launchers on Megagargomon's shoulders.

When the fire and smoke clears, Madara stands with three degree burns covering eighty percent of his body and second degree covering the remainder. Madara is missing his left arm and his left leg is hanging below the knee by cooked sinew. The only part of Madara not burnt are his eyes, which glow brightly. Then before the eyes of his attackers, the burnt flesh ripples and regenerates.

He doesn't get a chance to finish, because of two multi-winged Digimon and two winged humans.

"Hijutsu: Ten no Fuin!" (Secret Art: Seal of Heaven!)

"Seven Heavens!"

"Eden's Javelin!"

Hikari releases her strongest form in the form of a glowing seal that appears beneath Madara. The seal was based on Jiraiya's Fuiinjutsu and what she learned from Orochimaru's Ten no Juin (Cursed Seal of Heaven). The Ten no Fuin drain the tainted energy and converts it into holy energy to combat the dark energy. The effect is explosive, as energy fires into the sky in a pillar of light.

Seraphimon fires seven great orbs of holy energy, while his female counterpart Ophanimon shoots a holy energy from her shining javelin. The effect is like adding gasoline to a bonfire. The pillar increases in diameter, height, and brightness.

As the holy energy clears away, Madara stand with most of his regenerated flesh burnt away and surrounded by a sphere of dark energy.

"Tenbatsu Zantenchisen!" (God's Wrath, Heaven and Earth Cutting Flash!)

Takeru flies lying high into the sky using his own huge feathery white angel wings and releases a massive arc of energy. The arc creates an immense cut in the earth, over ten kilometers in length and over ten kilometers deep at it's deepest. The only flaw in the cut is Madara standing on an inverted cone of earth and stone, with a cut only going from shoulder to stomach. There is no blood or other fluids from the massive organ damage, instead the cut is filled with a crawling darkness.

"You... INSECTS!!!!"

Madara's dark aura returns like a black inferno and releases a thousand crimson fireballs in all directions. The armor of Seraphimon and Ophanimon resists the dark energy because of it's holy nature, so the damage is minor compared to MetalGarurmon. There winged human partners on the other hand are knocked from the sky.

"Ninpou: Kemonoouhi Hitomane: Kinouhi!" (Ninja Art: Beast Queen Mimicry: Golden Queen)

Regulumon and Juri are the ones to rescue Hikari and Takeru, since there partners are still tumbling from Madara's counter attack. Juri is using the more advance form of Beast Queen Mimicry, which is as far beyond her normal Beast Queen abilities as Beast Queen is beyond the normal Juri before she became a Shinobi. It's name comes from the flaming yellow aura that turns her hair/fur gold and has given the technique the nickname "Supersaiyan-J". She can't hold the form for more than six minutes, but that's more than enough time to do a lot of work or do massive damage to an enemy.

As the dark aura retracts, Madara has completely regenerated his body and clothing. He doesn't even look dirty from the battle.


"Katon: Kagu-Tsuchi!"
(Fire Release: Incarnation of Fire)

The massive surge of energy and positrons tears threw spacial warp bubble surrounding Madara and blasts a hole straight threw hit. Following is Spike's ultimate fire technique named after the Shino God of Fire, whose birth incinerated the creation goddess Izanami and brought death to the world. The pillar of fire released from Spike's sword cleanses the air and vaporizes the earth, as it smashes Madara into the ground. It buries Madara more than a hundred meters beneath the surface surrounding him with vaporized and liquefied rock. The feedback creates a massive volcanic eruption that shakes the nearby Konoha.

Madara rises from the ground like ghost, several meters away, his melted skin and leather clothing regenerating rapidly. He finds himself surrounded by one crazy vampire kunoichi dressed as a miko, Lilithmon, the ultimate form of Lilitha , and a hundred and eight heavily armed and poisonous puppets. The puppets range from groups of animals to strange demons to devilish humans to ancient gods dressed in gold and silvers. The only common trait is they are all targeting Madara at the same time.

Madara smirks as the last of his Tobi mask crumbles away. He raises his right hand holding up his index and middle finger straight up. He then turns his arm so the fingers are pointing to his left, then makes a straight horizontal slash.

More than half of Drusilla's puppets explode into spherical fireballs. Madara's spins around and does a second slash and the remaining puppets also detonate. Both Lilitha and Drusilla are shocked by the destruction of her puppets, while not completely destroyed, they are disabled.

"Hyoton: Hama no Ya!" (Ice Release: Arrow of Purification!)

Drusilla holding her massive bow fires a brightly glowing spear-size arrow. The arrow stops in midair, a centimeter before it can pierce Madara. Then Madara smiles and the arrow is consumed by red and black flames . Flames that continue to grow and expand after the arrow's disintegration into a wave of destruction moving like tsunami towards Drusilla

Lilitha pushes Drusilla out of the way, but the wake of the river of fire is enough to send them flying into the burning woods. Madara is about to destroy them with a second blast, when he feels a massive surge of chakra.

"Kinjutsu: Raiton: Tenshi no Mai!" (Forbidden technique: Lightning release: Dance of the Angel!)

Angel slowly forms translucent blades of blue-white energy from his back.The blades extends from six of the Hachimon (Eight Celestial Gates). The blades extending from the head creating a crown and is generated by the Kaimon (Opening Gate) and Kyumon (Rest Gate). The blade continue to the Sixth, to the back opposite the stomach, generated by the Keimon (View Gate). As the wings extend from each gate, Angel's skin changes color to blood red, the to black and his eyes change into glowing gold.

"Raiton: Rakurai Yari: Bankai!" (Lightning Release: Thunderbolt Spear: Full Release)

Angel forms of spear of white fire from the lightning that surrounds him, then the spear increases in size and length as Angel releases the limiters allowing his power to flow. Madara forms the hand seals for Spike's Kagu-Tsuchi but is stopped when there is an explosion of smoke directly behind him.

"Rei : Hitokugutsu: Tenbatsu Miko!"
(Zero: Human puppet: Justice of Heaven Priestess!)

Madara is grabbed by a human puppet from behind. The puppet looks identical to Drusilla except the skin, hair, and clothing is pure white. The only other color are her eyes, which are shining gold. White ribbons covered in hidden symbols wrap around Madara's limbs and torso, binding his movement and sealing his dark aura.

Angel then shoots forward and impales both Madara and the Puppet with his lightning bolt lance.


Angel leans forward and the spear dissolves revealing an unharmed Madara. Madara's right arm is free from the Tenbatsu Miko and has impale Angel completely threw the torso. Puppet Zero's binding never worked because Madara used a replacement technique combined with his space time manipulation technique. Madara slows moves his arm so his hand will slowly pierce the heart, while Angel's face is filled with pain. Madara smiles as he prepares to finish the vampire.

`Suddenly, the white wings vanish and are replaced by larger wings of black flames. Angel vanishes before Madara can react and reappears a couple of meters away. High in the air above the battle, Lucemon evolves into Lucemon Falldown Mode and emits a dark aura. As Angel stands there the hole in his chest closes like a whirlpool. Angel opens his golden eyes and sclera (whites) reappear but they are pitch black. Angel shows his fangs and ridges, showing the true face of Angelus.

Shadowy forms composed of dark energy emerge from Angelus' body and wrap around his arm like serpents. The serpents form a long cylindrical black mass in Angel's hand before dispersing to reveal a sword. The sword is a straight sword resembling a katana with the blade, guard, hilt, and pommel pure black. The only color is a faint blue light like moon light off a river during a dark night.

"Yato-no-kami!" (gods of the night-sword)

Angelus moves faster than Madara can react, even with his demonic Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and slashes Madara across the chest. Madara is shocked when there's a high pressure spray of his demonic blood from the wound, a wound that doesn't instantly heal. Angelus does a second slash creating an "X" on Madara's chest and creating another spray of blood. Angelus' last attack is to impale Madara threw the center of the "X" straight threw the body.

Madara looks down at the wound as the ground becomes soaked in his life fluid. The wounds aren't regenerating, in fast it's taking all of his demonic power to prevent the wounds from rotting. Even phased into another dimension,. the black blade was able to cut him.

"The night sword cuts threw physical and metaphysical, pierces the corporeal and spiritual. It is the sword of cold nothingness, the entropy in creation. All things in the universe end and this is your end."

Madara looks into Angelus' golden eyes and call for all his power so he can destroy Angelus' mind and escape the night sword

Madara and Angelus finds himself in the red world of Tsukiyomi. Angelus is crucified on a black cross, bu something is wrong. The cross crumbles away and black feathered wings emerge from Angelus. A inky darkness spreads from the wings covering the ground, sky, and air. Soon, Madara's Sharingan world is consumed by darkness. He finds himself falling into the cold void, but uses his demonic power to keep himself stable. As he floats in the void, a single star shines above him.

"AMATSU MIKABOSHI!!" (August Star of Heaven!!)

The star light turns red and Madara tries to resist the cold as his body freezes. He fights the attack with all his spiritual strength as cracks form on his body. As his left arm shatters and tumbles into oblivion, the crimson star changes. It glows brighter and takes human form of a crimson Angelus with huge blood-stained feather wings holding the night sword. Angelus dives towards the frozen Madara and slashes with his black blade, shattering both of Madara's crystal eyes.

Madara's scream fills the void as light shines from the empty slashed sockets, before his entire frozen soul shatters into a hundred million crumbling fragments.

In the real world, Madara emits a monstrous evil aura , an aura so dense it physical and harder than steel. Angelus collapses back into the form of Angel, severely drained by his attacks like the other members of the scourge. The Digimon grab Team Scourge and rise into the air , away from Madara.

They all watch as the demonic power no longer controlled by Madara's mind and soul, transforms Madara's body. The black leather and metal is burnt away by the demonic energy and the flesh grows and expands. The mutating flesh covered in pulsating veins and arteries grows faster and faster, as the dark energy continues to surge to greater and greater heights. It forms a dark tornado around Madara's form composed of shouki (demonic miasma).

The Biju (Tailed Beasts) were demonic beasts formed from pure energy given animal-level intelligence and form. When a Bijuu is sealed in a Jinchuriki (Power of Human Sacrifice/Host), the host gains the ability to focus the demon's power and the demon gains human intelligence ranging from psychotic child in Shukaku's multi-host case to above-normal genius in Kyubi's case. When all the Bijuu's darker components are sealed into one human, the human gains god like power but is completely consumed by the darker emotions and instincts to destroy everything in his path. The loss of the human mind causes the dark fusion of tailed beasts and Madara's dark instincts to devolve into an out of control beast.

The massive creature would dwarf the largest Biju. It stands over a hundred twenty meters tall and two hundred thirty meters in length, not counting it's nine massive tails each two hundred fifty meters in length. It also has two hand-like leathery wings with a wingspan of three hundred meters. The creature has red-purple skin like flayed flesh, black spiky fur sharp as needles going from neck to tail tip, and nine red eyes. It's head look like it belongs to the King of Hell statue with it's mouth full of long sharp fangs and a long neck. It's upper body is humanoid with long limbs and sharp claw-like nails. The lower body is like that of an animal with digigrade legs ending in long sharp claws and eight of of it's nine tails breaking into smaller tails. The smallest tail doesn't break, but the largest breaks into nine smaller tails. The upper half of Madara's body, now missing it's eyes, is melted into the creatures forehead and moves like a puppet. The hundred thousand ton monster roars and all of Fire Country shakes as the sky turns pitch black.

"Oh Shit." says Hikari of all people.

The Arcs

Kira and Taurus have arrived with the people of Lightning sealed inside his Drive. He holds up the glowing white drive in front of the portal as he stands next to Gaara and Yugito. A third beam lances into the portal causing it to glow even brighter. The horned octopus symbol on the ring ignites and the ring's speed increases by another fifty percent.

Gaara smiles as he senses Naruto's approach. After so many encounters and a close friendship, he can feel when the energetic blond is nearby.

Kira pales as he sees Madara-kaijuu outside Konoha, the he turns back and focuses more energy into the growing portal..

Madara Massacre - Final

Madara-kaiju roars in mindless rage, mouth pointed into the dark sky. A monstrous blast of crimson energy emerges from Madara-Kaiju's mouth and into the sky like a volcanic eruption. The beam is about to hit the storm clouds, then the beam widens and splits into a hundreds of millions of red fireballs that rain down on the surrounding area including Konoha.

Each red fireball breaks threw objects like head-size lump of irons dropped from the same height. After the fireballs stop, they detonate turning completely into a heat energy causing the buildings and trees to ignites. Within second, Konoha is a sea of flame as the fireballs continue to rain down.

The scream of fireballs is suddenly cut off as a white light shines in the monster's mouth. Madara-kaijuu whips it's head around and tries to release the build up. It finally succeeds releasing a massive white blast, more powerful than the chakra blast used by Four-Tail Form Naruto. The torrent of energy strikes the Hokage Monument and is powerful enough to completely shatter the face of Shodaime Senju Hashirama and severely damage the stone faces of Nidaime Senju Tobirama, Sandaime Sarutobi Hizuren, Yondaime Namikaze Minato and Godaime Senju Tsunade. The energy beam is also powerful enough to punch a hole straight threw the mountain to the other side.

Team Scourge supported by there Digimon and the other Digidestined do the one thing they can do, Run like Hell!

Madara-kaijuu thrashes around and then releases another torrent of crimson fireballs, this time horizontal instead of vertical. The spherical concentrates of energy bombard the surrounding areas, smashing them into rubble and consuming them with flames strong enough to melt the hardest metals.

On the ground, Scourge and the heroes avoid the fireballs, dancing between them as they run towards the Monument and hopefully a still open portal.

Madara-kaiju's attack suddenly ends as another concentration of energy forms in it's mouth. It's about to release the energy into the center of the ruined, burning Konoha, which would annihilate the heroes, when it's head is knocked to the side causing the release the energy at a different angle. The beam creating a smoking trench in Konoha, before destroying what remains of the Uchiha district in apocalyptic fire.

` The Scourge and Digidestined pale as they see the mushroom cloud rise from the area and the shock wave shattering the building. Then suddenly, they are propelled by a hurricane force wind.

As Konoha shatters completely, Madara-kaiju doesn't continue it's attack with red fireballs. Instead, it continues to build energy. It's mouth emits a white light, ten times stronger than the previous ones. The nine eyes of the monster also glow a blinding white as the creature's dark aura continues to grow and rage out of control like a hurricane. The corrosive nature of the demonic aura reduces the stone and earth beneath it to rubble and the heat of the aura incinerates the earth and melts the stones. Slowly, glowing cracks spreads across it's body, starting at it's head, spreading across the torso, then spreading to the tips of it's claws, tails, and wings.

The Portal

The three former Jinchuriki and there Biju/Digimon Hybrid partners also fell when the Monument was nearly destroyed and had to avoid chunks of rock the size of food carts. They still stand and continue to push there energy into the still stable portal.

Suddenly, there is an explosion of hurricane force wind and the Scourge, Digidestined, and there Digimon in there child forms (except Adult-level Tailmon and BlackTailmon) appears. In front of them is Naruto Uzumaki and Gohan still surrounded by a swirling wind aura

"LET'S GO! Right here Right now!"

(A/N: In another reality, Fighting Dreamer begins to play)

Naruto holds up his Fox Drive which is glowing a blinding white. It fires a radiant beam of light into the center of the portal and the portal glows bright and expands. The ring around the portal increases it's speed by a third as the Kyubi symbol ignites. The ring is then consumed by the light of the portal. Suddenly, the white light collapses into a multi-colored vortex portal.

Team Scourge is the first to jump in, followed by Tamer, Light, Light, and Reptile. Then the portal operators also enter starting with Gaara and Shukaku. Then Yugito and Leora and Kira and Taurus. Finally, as the light from the Madara-kaiju fills the air, Naruto and Gohan jump into the closing portal with a yell.

Madara-kaiju continues to roar as it's body glows a blinding white as it's swirling aura expands outward and destroying everything like a giant hurricane. As Madara-kaiju sinks into the molten magma beneath it, the demonic energy is released. The monster's faux-material body dissolves into energy and combines with the massive energy within to create one massive blast.

One gram of matter - approximately the mass of a dollar bill- converted to energy is equivalent to twenty one kilotons of TNT. Over one hundred thousand metric tons of monster produces a hundred thousand million times the destructive force. The blast instantly devastates half the planet, then incinerates the remaining as the ejected dust falls and blankets the planet in thermal radiation. This isn't the end of the destruction as the massive surge of demonic energy warps the planet's flows of natural power and releases there stored energy as explosive force. This shatters and collapses the planet's crust and released the compressed superheated magma into the depths of space.

One word can say what happened to the planet of the elemental countries.


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Author's Notes

The Legend
The Gods of the Night Sword are snake deities appearing in the Hitachi No Kuni Fudoki. They lived in Namegata county, in fields near the government office. They were rumored to bring familial extermination on anyone who saw them, but were eventually killed by a man clearing the fields, enshrined, and banished to the mountains.
The Reason
I choose that name is it's from Blood Sucker: Legend of Zipangu, a horror themed Japanese manga series written by Saki Okuse. It's a cool, extremely bloody vampire manga. The swords dimension cutting ability is based on the Ragna Blade from the Anime series Slayers.
The Legend
Kagu-tsuchi's birth burned his mother Izanami, causing her death. His father Izanagi, in his grief, beheaded Kagu-tsuchi and cut his body into eight pieces, which became eight volcanoes. The blood that dripped off Izanagi's sword created a number of deities, including the sea god Watatsumi and rain god Kuraokami. Kagu-tsuchi's birth, in Japanese mythology, comes at the end of the creation of the world and marks the beginning of death. Quote from Wikipedia
The Reason
I wanted Spike to have one extremely powerful Katon technique above all others. One that would separate him from the others and I think it's ironic that I heard of Kagu-Tsuchi from Mai-Hime.
My Myth. The King of Hell was the original form of evil in the Narutoverse, but it was split and sealed into animals created the Bijuu (Tailed Beasts). After Madara's mind/soul were destroyed, it reverted to an out of control monster that destroyed everything until it self-destructed.
DeusExMachina software?
God from Machine. It's kind of like Glitch from series Reboot. It's based to give setting, characters, and possible objectives for any world the heroes land in. It also refers to a plot device.

Jutsu Guide
Futon: Ekishou Ryushouha!!
(Air Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Blast Wave!)
Yamato's most powerful technique. He creates a massive dragon composed of chakra-liquefied air to attack his target. The dragon losses speed at a distance, but gains mass as it absorbs air vapor into a layer of ice.
Mokuton: Keikan-ouhi! (Wood Release: Queen of the Crown of Thorns!)
Mimi summons wooden pillars covered in thorns from the earth that wrap around the center target and impale him with extending sword-like thorns.
Raiton: Haku Raijin Yari! (Lightning Release: One Hundred Lightning Spear)
A raiton weapon technique that releases a electrical spear into the air, which then splits into a hundred smaller spears that attack the target from all angles similar to Jouro Senbon (Sprinkling Needles).
Katon: Honou Taiyoukaken! (Fire Release: Phoenix Sun Flame Fist!)
Masaru's most powerful fire attack. An explosion of solar flame from the fist in the form of a phoenix.
Hijutsu: Ten no Fuin! (Secret Art: Seal of Heaven!)
Hikari's strongest attack. A massive seal that drains dark/demonic energy from a target and converts into light/holy energy that's used to weaken the target.
Ninpou: Kemonoouhi Hitomane: Kinouhi! (Ninja Art: Beast Queen Mimicry: Golden Queen)
Juri's most powerful technique. It boosts her normal Beast Queen form far beyond it's limits as Beast Queen is beyond what Juri was pre-ninja. It's similar to SSJ1, but it can only be used for a few minutes.
Katon: Kagu-Tsuchi! (Fire Release: Incarnation of Fire)
Spike's insanely powerful fire blast technique.
Raiton: Rakurai Yari: Bankai! (Lightning Release: Thunderbolt Spear: Full Release)
In the full release state, the lightning spear is no longer feed by Angel, but feeds on Angel making it several levels greater in power.
Yato-no-kami! (gods of the night-sword)
The second technique accessed in Amatsu Mikaboshi. The night sword cuts threw physical and metaphysical, pierces the corporeal and spiritual. It is the sword of cold nothingness, the entropy in creation. It prevents regeneration and accelerated healing and can cause inorganic matter to crumple and an organic target to rot, even if the target is alive.

Drusilla's Dollhouse
Rei : Hitokugutsu: Tenbatsu Miko!
(Zero: Human puppet: Justice of Heaven Priestess!)
Drusilla's secret puppet based on herself. The miko produces ribbons that seal movements, chakra, and demonic powers, while Drusilla recalls all of her hundred and eight collection. It's also the puppet of sacrifice as it's meant to be destroyed with the target.


Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko


When should the Scourge Arrive?
(1) The Past. Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Inu no Taishou's time. Chibi-Inuyasha?
Votes: 5
(2) Early Days.
Pre Manga chapter 1/Anime episode 1
Before Inuyasha was sealed to the tree. Before the Manga.
Votes: 2
(3) Starter Group.
Post Manga chapter 108.
Inuyasha-tachi assembled. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
Votes: 9
(4) Band of Seven.
Manga chapter 235.- 276.
Inuyasha-tachi vs Shichinintai, while Naraku is in Hiding.
Votes: 4
(6) One of the Movies
(b) Inuyasha The Movie 2:
The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Votes: 10

(7)After The Ending.
Post Manga vol 56/chapter 558. Max Power.
Votes: 5


Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She marries Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
The story will not follow canon closely and will play out like the AU of a movie. There will be OC villians with Naraku, even if the Timeline is Number Seven. I'm a Inuyasha x Kagome and Miroku x Sango Fan. I also like Toy Ship Kohaku and Rin. Seshoumaru is open for Canon (i.e. Kagura) and OCs.^_^. If Number One or Two is selected, there will be a Time Skip.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
What are your ideas for youkai?
Add a couple youkai to your Reviews.
Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

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