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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
BETA: Thanks to Weaver/Oriko.

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Summary: A lot can happen in twelve years

Arc 1 Broken Mirror - Part 1


"LET'S GO! Right here Right now!"

Naruto holds up his Fox Drive which is glowing a blinding white. It fires a radiant beam of light into the center of the portal and the portal glows bright and expands. The ring around the portal increases its speed by a third as the Kyubi symbol ignites. The ring is then consumed by the light of the portal. Suddenly, the white light collapses into a multi-colored vortex portal.

Team Scourge is the first to jump in, followed by Tamer, Light, Light, and Reptile. Then the portal operators also enter starting with Gaara and Shukaku. Then Yugito and Leora and Kira and Taurus. Finally, as the light from the Madara-kaiju fills the air, Naruto and Gohan jump into the closing portal with a yell.

The group finds themselves falling threw a translucent tunnel of light. Outside the tunnel, they see billions of stars grouped together and made larger as if looking threw a magnifying glass. The image is also blurred creating thousands of after images.

The groups suddenly begin to feel turbulence and the color of the tunnel begins to darker. The tunnel begins to move back and forth as if made of plastic and striking a hard surface.

Then with a burst of white light, the tunnel shatters into four smaller, thinner tubes that go to different points in reality.

Arrival Number One

It's a typical night in a dark forested area of Feudal Japan. Then suddenly, a howling wind begins to blow and sky above darkens. Surges of energy cause the atmosphere to change causing angry storm clouds to form. The energy increases and the clouds are pushed outward by the strongest point; create a hole in the sky. The hole swirls like the eye of a hurricane as a point of light grows in the center of the hole and then with a sound greater than the thunder of a hundred lightning bolts, there is an explosion.

The explosion causes an even fiercer wind to blow through the forest and causes ten humanoids and six creatures to appear and fall to the forest floor.

Slowly, the survivors pick themselves up. They are Team Scourge - Angel, Spike, and Drusilla with Lucemon Gabriel, BlackTailmon Lilitha, and Impmon Blaze, Team Kakashi - Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruna, Sai, and Kakashi Hatake, and Team Light - Hikari Yagami, Takeru Takaishi, Juri Katou, Tailmon, Patamon, and Leomon.

"What the Bloody Hell happened!?" says Spike holding a cut on the side of his head.

The Digivice on his wrist lights up and gives some information.

Location: Japan
Time: 16th Century
Unknown temporal anomaly caused portal wormhole to fragment into four smaller wormholes.
All subjects arrived in the same dimension and time line.
Subjects landed in different places, max distance 300 kilometers.
Subjects landed in different times, max difference 300 years.

"What? You mean the others could have landed centuries in the past or future!?"

"They how will we find them?" says Hikari, tending to a wound on Sai's leg "They could all be dead by now!"

Spike then notices a button on the screen and presses it.

"I have both Good and Bad news. The Digivices can track other Digivices within a 30 kilometer radius, but we are currently out of range. It will also locate the arrival points if we have arrived early. The other point is our aging is linked to Me, Dru, and Poof, since Team Scourge were the first of the New Digivices. Since vamps don't age, none of you will age either. The others could have landed centuries ago, but they'll still be the same age today, assuming they weren't killed by something in this dimension."

"What do we do now?" asks Patamon

Clothing Upgrade Ready

"Why bloody hell not!?" says Spike pressing the holographic icon.

A burst of iridescent light shoots from the digivice and ripples of energy travel across the human forms. As the light passes over them, their clothing changes appearance from the modern ninja outfits found in the Elemental Countries to clothing of the feudal past. The clothing is also instantly repaired and is still of a much higher quality than the real feudal clothing. There are also hats and masks that cover the non-Japanese features of the shinobi, such as blonde or pink hair.

The light also causes flat octagon-shaped medallions to appear on the Digimon.

"What is this?" says Blaze holding his golden medallion. He finds a switch and there is faint gold flash, but nothing happens. He causes it to flash a couple more times and learns the front of the medallion produces the light and there are two switches hidden in the thicker rim.

Special Clothing - Memory Medallion
The memory medallion is designed to cloak detection of Digimon in hostile and/or prejudice environments. It prevents humanoids from remembering them in most situations. The targets will still be able to detect the Digimon including sight and sound, but their minds will not record them as important. If the Digimon is deliberately revealed or detected, the Medallion can be used to erase all memories of the Digimon from the person's memories. Digidestined, other Digimon, and non-humanoids are immune to the effects


Suddenly, they sense a surge of dark energy and see a dark purplish cloud with two dozen white lights emerge from the nearby mountain. The spheres transform into a group of twenty five youkai.

Youkai are a class of obake, creatures in Japanese folklore ranging from the evil oni (ogre) to the mischievous kitsune (fox) or snow woman Yuki-onna. Some possess part animal and part human features (e.g. Kappa and Tengu). Youkai generally have a sort of spiritual or supernatural power, and so encounters with human beings tend to be dangerous.

The youkai attacking Teams Scourge, Kakashi, and Light resembles classical oni (ogres). They are humanoid with muscular bodies, claws, wide mouths full of fangs, sharp claw-like nails, tapered ears, and long bull-like horns on their head. They have yellow eyes and their skin ranges from red to purple to blue. There long wild hair is black, except for the larger leader, whose hair is snow white. They are all dressed in tiger skins and carry clubs, with the oni leader holding the feared Kanabo- an iron or steel staff used in feudal Japan as a weapon. It was constructed out of heavy oak wood, and covered with some form of metal from the end to the middle, with metal studs along the metal-shod end. The leader also wears the skull of a demonic tiger as a skull cap and uses the creature’s spiny fur like a headdress.


"Tasty Humans."

"Strong Humans give us Power."

"Power for Revenge."

"Devour the Humans."

It's easy to tell what's on their simple minds. The response to the attack is also simple, kill them all.

"Ninpou: Kemonoouhi Hitomane!" (Ninja Art: Beast Queen Mimicry)

*Punch* *Catch* *Crash!*

Juri Katou transforms into a feline Amazon form and catches the huge fist of one of the Oni with no effort and sends the creature flying back into one of its comrades. She summons her sword, while her beloved partner Leomon draws his own sword Shishiou-maru. Using their superhuman strength and speed, two demons are sliced apart despite the demon flesh's iron-like durability.

Hikari Yagami uses an unnamed genjutsu (illusion technique) to cause two onis to attack the trees. Hikari's partner Tailmon then uses her Cat Punch to taunt and stun them until Hikari can release her finishing move.

"Hijutsu: Makaze no Chakra Senbon!" (Secret Art: Chakra Needles of the Evil Wind)

As Hikari finishes the final hand sign, she releases a burst of blue-white chakra that creates a thousand needles composed of translucent solid chakra. With a wave of her hand, the needles rain down on the two demons and pierce their bodies. The hair thin needles go straight threw their bodies causing severe pain. The two demons try to fight the pain and kill the medic nin, but as they move they begin to choke. The demons collapse to their knees, coughing up blood. Then, they finally fall to the ground dead with their lungs filled with fluids.

"Zantetsusen!" (Iron-cleaving flash)

Takeru "T.K." Takaishi disappears in front of the eyes of three club-wielding Oni and reappears a couple of meters behind them. As one Oni turns around for a second attack, his club falls to the ground along with his severed right arm. As Takeru's sword goes back into its saya (sheath) with a click, the three Oni collapse to the ground in bloody pieces.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" (Shadow Clone Technique)

Naruto Uzumaki creates a large number of shadow clones. The group splits into three smaller groups; they each attack a different Oni. Clones surround each Oni and use powerful kicks to send the iron-hard demons into the air. Other clones use their comrades as launch pads to jump high into the air. The clones get above the Oni and delivers spinning axe kick charged with wind chakra.

"UZUMAKI RENDAN! FUUKEN!" (Uzumaki Combo Wind Kick!)

The kicks not only send the Oni shooting towards the ground, the wave of wind chakra released by the spinning kick slices each Oni clean in half causing the halves to tumbles to their deaths.

Sakura Haruno doesn't need any ninjutsu to fight the three muscular demons that attack her. Despite her frail human appearance, she was trained by the Slug Sannin and Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju. She learned Oukashou (Cherry Blossom Collision) using the skill Tsunade's taijutsu, which release chakra upon the point of impact to create devastating force. Sakura uses this taijutsu technique to knock the three youkai on each other, then smashes all three with enough force to create a monstrous three meter radius crater. One Oni survives for several seconds, while vomiting blood and looking like a crushed tube of toothpaste, long enough to stare at his pink-haired killer.

Sai opens a scroll with the picture of three eels and calls out his attack as three of the band of twenty five Oni attack him with the intent to devour the mad artist.

"Hijutsu: Sumi Unagi no Kumo!" (Secret Art: Cloud of Ink Eels)

A burst of foul black smoke erupts from the scroll into the face of the Onis. As the smoke clears, the demons cry out in shock and fear. On their heads are long black eels made of ink, which then go down their throats into their lungs when they cry out. Inside their lungs, the secreted ink and ink fumes cause the demons to suffocate.

"Raiton: Raikurai!" (Lightning Release: Lightning bolt!)

Angel releases a bolt of lightning from the trees above his spear wielding enemies. The three Oni spear-men are electrocuted, as the lightning arcs down the spears, threw the bodies, and into the ground. The three demons smell like burnt rotten bacon as they hit the ground as smoking corpses.

Spike channels chakra into his sword, causing it to emit an intense heat. He then uses the hot blade to cut straight threw the wooded clubs of his three opponents. He also cuts threw there iron-hard flesh and bones with ease covering the ground with superheated blood and ashes.

"Hyoton: Hama no Ya!" (Ice Release: Arrow of Purification!)

Spike's lover Drusilla fires three glowing arrows from her icy bow. Two demons are struck in the chest by the glowing arrows, while the third is struck in the right eye. As the arrows hit their targets, waves of blue light spread from impact across the demon bodies. When the light fades, the three Oni are ice sculptures. The near-clear ice statues are then shattered by Lilitha's sadistic kicks.

The Leader's frost-covered Kanabo falls to the cold ground.

Arrival Number Two

In another time and place, Shizune, Iruka, Masaru, Ryou, Agumon, Cyberdramon, Kira Hachi, Taurus, Yugito Nii, and Leoramon have landed in a mountainous area next to a lord's castle. Unfortunately, when the lord learned of the "demons" on his land, he sent out twenty one of his samurai to destroy them.

This proves to be a fatal mistake for the samurai. As they rush towards the youkai screaming there clan name and victories, the newly dressed shinobi respond with lethal techniques.

"Dokukiri" (Poison Mist)

Shizune exhales a poisonous cloud of dark purple mist. The three idiot Samurai attacking her charge straight threw, then collapse on the other side. The skin of the samurai has turned a veiny sickly blue-grey from the poison as blood flows from their eyes, noses, and mouths as they die.

Former ninja academy teacher Iruka Umino uses simple techniques to eliminate his enemies. He predicts the movements of the three samurai, blocking their swords with his kunai, before using his superior speed to deliver lethal cuts to the neck and wrists. Iruka is not a person to let his enemies suffer, so he quickly finishes them off with his kunai.

Ryou creates two enhanced Kage Bushin capable to take several hits without dispersing. The real Ryou and his clones each take a Samurai.

"Seiryuu!" (Azure Dragon!)

Ryou appears behind his samurai target and begins a combination attack


Two punches to the upper torso, denting the samurai armor.


Four blows to the shoulders, breaking the collar bone.


Four blows to the lower torso, causing internal injuries.


Four blows to the sides, breaking the ribs.


Triple hit to the heart, shattering the armor and cracking ribs.


Nine vicious kicks, four that send into the air.

"Winnowing Basket!!"

The final blow from the air sends the Samurai into the ground in a box shape. The impact breaks more bones and ruptures organs. It also causes the injuries of the previous blows to become lethal with the broken ribs of the "Room" blows tearing the spleen and the broken ribs from the "Heart" hits puncturing the heart. Next to Ryou, his clones also finish their own Seiryuu Rendan (Blue Dragon Combo).

"Katon: Taiyoukaken!!" (Fire Release: Sun Flame Fist!!)

Masaru gathers chakra in his fist as his four opponents try to attack from all sides. He then rams his fist into the ground, while standing upside down. The chakra is released as flame which shoots Masaru into the air like a rocket and clear of the samurai katanas. The flames also consume the Samurai, burning the flesh from their bones and melting their prized swords. The charred bone fragments fall to the ground with scraps of their armor.

Kira Hachi faces four Samurai with three of his seven swords held by his joints. The Samurai attack at the same time, but there blades fail to cut or pierce Kira's body. In a flash, the four Samurai are sliced to bloody pieces. Even their swords fall to the ground in pieces.

Yugito Nii takes out the last four Samurai. She first blocks there attacks with kunai, shocking the fools who can't believe a gaijin woman could stop there blows.

"Katon: Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Mist Waltz Technique)

She then launches herself back releasing a cloud of purplish mist from her mouth.

"Goukaryudan!" (Hellfire Flame Shot)

Leoramon's blast of white flame incinerates two of the samurai and the other two are burnt to death, as the flammable mist violently ignites causing a loud explosion.

Arrival Number Three

The third landing site is a set of old dirt roads near a group of rice fields. The people that appear are Suna siblings Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro; Team Tamer composed of Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki, Special Jounin Anko, and the two Sennin Tsunade and Jiraiya. They also face enemies shortly after receiving their altered clothing. In their case, there enemies are neither youkai nor samurai, but a group of thirty four savage bandits that had been attacking the nearby farming village.

The bandits thought that they were rich foreigners and easy prey. The bandits thought they could sell Tsunade, Ruki, and Temari to a brothel after they had their fun. Bandits are not known for their intelligence.

Tsunade Senju delivers her legendary crushing blows, leaving three bandits in huge craters with shattered bones and ruptured organs. The bandits have shocked looks on their faces as there vital fluids drain from them. They thought they would be killed by disease, samurai, or youkai, not a huge-breasted gaijin woman with superhuman strength.

"Doton: Yomi Numa" (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld)

After forming the needed hand seals, a vast swamp appears beneath Jiraiya's three bandits. The bandits with their heavy stolen armor and heavy clothing quickly sink into the poisonous muddy waters of swamp. They are killed within seconds by a single technique of a sennin.

"Senei Ta Jashu" (Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)

The three bandits attacking Anko Mitarashi are horrified by the snakes that suddenly shoot out of her sleeves and wrap around them. There fear only increases when they sink their fangs in and inject a hundred times the lethal amount of venom into their veins. The hemotoxin destroys red blood cells, disrupts blood clotting, causing organ degeneration and generalized tissue damage. The doomed bandits fall to the ground dead as the snakes retract, there internal organs dissolving and blood draining from the noses, mouths, and there several dozen snake bites.



Takato and his partner Guilmon don't bother using more advance techniques, they both release fireballs from their mouths that blast one bandit forcing him to collide with two of his comrades. The flames are hot enough to cause the bandits dirty clothing to ignite and the fire quickly spreads to the other two bandits. As they try to put out the flames, Takato and Guilmon release another set of fireballs that send fire down their throats and burning the lung tissue of the bandits. The bandits quickly suffocate as their lungs close up and their flesh rapidly cooks.

Jenrya moves between two bandits using a defensive style of taijutsu. He easily avoids the clumsy sword attacks of the two armed thieves. As Jenrya avoids each and every attack, the bandits become more and more angry, making more aggressive attacks. Finally, Jenrya flips over one as they both attack, and rams his feet into the back of that one. It causes the two bandits to collide with each other and their weapons to impale each other. A third bandit tries to jump Jenrya from behind,

"Gatling Arm!"

but Jenrya's adult-level partner fires a shower of bullets. The bandit jerks in midair as the bullets pierce every vital organ and shatter many bones. The corpse lands in a pool of crimson and a bullet hole in his broken sword.


"Fox Leaf Arrowheads"

Ruki and Renamon summon clouds of razor-sharp energy shards, then fire them at their group of bandits. They are different from the other bandits, because instead of stolen samurai swords, farming tools, or spears, they are using Yumi - Japanese longbows - and quivers of mostly poisoned arrows. They still panic as the shards cut threw there armor, clothing, and skin in thousands of places. The panic prevents them from using their bows as Ruki and Renamon get close to finish them off. Two bandits are killed by swift cuts of the kunai daggers, but one bandit recovers enough to shoot an arrow at Ruki. Ruki spins and avoids the arrow with ease, but Renamon is enraged.

"Katon: Touhakken!" (Fire Release: Wisteria Punch)

Renamon's response to the attack on her partner is a fist covered in a raging inferno of blue flames to the bandit's head. The mystical azure flames incinerate the bandit's flesh and bone on contact, leaving the decapitated corpse to fall to the ground.

Four bandits with Yari - Japanese spears- have impaled the black clad Kankuro or what they think is Kankuro. A shell of sand crumbles away to reveal Kankuro's puppet Karasu (The Crow). The four bandits are shocked at the three-eyed wooden monstrosity cause on their spear tips. There shock soon becomes fear when Kankuro causes the four arms to detach and release there poisonous blades. The four arms spin on Kankuro's chakra threads before whipping by the four blades. The bandits then collapse to the ground as the Jounin-quality poison takes effect.

"Fuuton: Kamaitachi" (Wind Release: Cutting Whirlwind)

The four bandits attacking Temari with farming tools are sent flying back by the wind released from her giant fan. The fierce winds from the fan form a tornado around the four and holds them in the air, as the sharp winds cut them in a thousand places over and over. The cheap weapons they wanted to use on her are turned against them by the winds. As the cuts reach vital veins and arteries, the winds collapse and the bodies fall to the ground in a shower of a misty crimson.

"Kishabakudan!" (Golden Sand Blast Fist)

Shukaku forms a giant golden fist out of sand and uses it to send the remaining eight bandits flying on to their backs. He whips the hand back and forth, shattering the legs of the bandits like the immense tail of a giant salt water crocodile.

"Sabaku Kyu!" (Desert Coffin!)

The eight bandits are covered in dense, suffocating sand, then lifted into the air with a single movement of Gaara's fist. The bandits in pain and fear, wet the sand with blood and other fluids. Gaara, his face completely emotionless, walks towards them with his jacket flowing behind him in the wind.

"I want information."

The bandits quickly spill all the information they have. Everything from recent history and current politics, to their own personal history. Two of them even manage to describe every crime they have committed in their entire lives in minute detail. Gaara and the others learn about the current situation as the eight bandits continue to cry and beg for their life.

After getting the needed information, Gaara has only one thing to say.

"Sabaku Sousou!!" (Desert Funeral!!)

Arrival Number Four

The final landing site is the side of river. Team Asuma consisting of Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji lead by Asuma Sarutobi, Team Kurenai consisting of Hinata, Shino, and Kiba lead Kurenai Yuhi, and Team Adventure consisting of Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi lead by Mokuton user Tenzo all crash into the mud. They manage to go two hours after transforming their clothing before they were attacked.

Instead of youkai, samurai, or bandits, they were attacked by this feudal world's version of ninja. Some legends say people learned ninjutsu - art of the art - from the bird youkai Tengu. While most stories are fake, the ninja clan that is now attacking the travelers from another world DID learn their fighting style and ability to manipulate the elements from youkai masters.

They attacked the other world’s heroes because they thought they were a rival clan sent to stop there assassination of a local lord.

In an alternate future, in which the Scourge's group never came to this world, historical scrolls record that the darker branch of clan, part of a dark cult, murdered there light branch. Then, years later, after in-fighting nearly wiped out the ninja clan, the last of them were killed by the lords when they discovered there treacherous nature and the cult's practice of human sacrifice.

It's a future that can never be, as Teams Asuma, Kurenai, and Adventure massacre the leaders and most devoted of the dark branch.

"Shinranshin no Jutsu!" (Mind Derangement Technique)

Ino Yamanaka's technique causes one of the attacking ninja to attack his comrade. The comrade manages to kill the deranged ninja, but not before taking fatal wounds to the upper chest.

"Hijutsu: Kage Nui!" (Secret Art: Shadow Sewing!)

Shikamaru Nara extends his shadow, then causes the shadow to emerge from the ground in tendrils. The appearance of the tendrils causes the ninjas to pause, which is long enough for the tendrils to impale the native ninja threw the necks and upper torso.

"Chou Harite!" (Super Open Hand Slap!)

Chouji Akimichi after using his family's body expansion technique focuses special chakra into his palms. Then he slams his palms directly into the two bandits below, smashing them into the ground. It happens too fast for the ninja to use Kawarimi (replacement) and there body hardening techniques aren't enough to prevent them being crushed like insects.

There teacher Asuma Sarutobi doesn't need fancy clan technique to kill his two opponents. Instead he uses his wind affinity and special trench knives to slice threw his targets. The two native ninja have no defense as the blades cut threw weapons, armor, cloth, flesh, and bone.

Hinata Hyuuga uses her family fighting style Juken (Gentle Fist) against three attacking ninjas. They don't see the danger in feather light taps, especially since their bodies are altered by demon magic and are covered in dense armor. The stone-like skin, steel-like bones and iron hard muscles would be able to stop swords, arrows, and other weapons of their world, but Juken targets internal organs. The three ninja have shocked looks under their masks as their hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, and spleens violently rupture.

Two ninja appear behind Shino Aburame and slice him apart using their demonic blades, but Shino explodes into Kikaichu (destruction bugs). As the Mushi Bushin (Insect Clone) dissolves into a cloud of insects they attach themselves to the two ninja and quickly drain their physical and spiritual energy. When they are near death, Shino reabsorbs his bugs and finishes the two with their knives.

"Gatsuuga!" (Dual Piercing Fang)

Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru in human (Kiba's) form attack like two spinning drills and rip into their two opponents. The two native ninja may have been modified to have very flexible and durable bodies, but they are torn to pieces by the superior ninja and his canine partner.

Kurenai uses "Magen: Jubaku Satsu" (Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death). It's a powerful genjutsu (illusion technique) that causes Kurenai to disappear in front of her victims. Once near her targets, a tree grows at their feet and its branches bind them so they can no longer move. Once the illusion makes them believe they are captured, Kurenai appears from the tree itself and stab her victims with a kunai.

Tenzou, also known as the Mokuton-wielding Yamato, kills his three poison-using opponents using his artificial kekkai genkai (advance bloodline limit). He causes vines to explode from the earth and bind the three, then thickens the vines into hardwood trucks that crush the bones and organs of the captured victims. He would uses a similar method like kunai or shuriken, but the toxic miasma surrounding those three made it difficult to get close or target with throwing weapons.

"Futon: Ekishoudan!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Bullet)

A sphere of super-cold liquefied air from Yamato "Matt" Ishida collides with four sword-wielding ninja with the force of a train. The high pressure winds and super-fluid mist instantly freeze them solid and shatters them into a billion bloody crystals.

Mimi disarms her four attackers using her Rose spear. She then whips the spear causing it to wrap around the group. With a single gesture, the vine releases long poisonous thorns that pierce the ninja. Three of the ninja collapse to the ground dead, while the fourth collapses into a pile of mud. The fourth attacks Mimi from behind, but a vine hidden in her hair extends into a meter long blade-like thorn. The pink-red thorn impales the backstabber without Mimi needing to move. The vine then detaches from Mimi's hair and the corpse joins the others.

"Hijutsu: Zubatto Denki Harigan!" (Secret Art: Piercing Electricity Wire)

Izumi sends a thousand hair-thin wires threw the final four ninja attacking him. Izumi and his insectoid partner Tentomon then send chakra-generated lightning threw the wires burning the target's organs and frying the nervous systems.

Arrival Number Five

In another part of Japan, something else appeared with the Digimon and Digidestined. Surges of energy caused the atmosphere to change causing angry storm clouds to form. The energy increases and the clouds are pushed outward by the strongest point, creating a hole in the sky. The hole swirled like the eye of a hurricane as a point of light grew in the center of the hole and with a sound greater than the thunder of a hundred lightning bolts, there was an explosion.

Now at the bottom of a dark lake, buried in the mud, is an egg-shaped mass over three meters in length. The egg shell is made of a dark blue-purple crystal with glowing blue lines across its surface. Something inside the egg is emitting a jyaki - an evil aura- that causes everything near the lake to be filled with fear. Something in the egg is generating a liquid shouki, a concentrated toxic miasma that poisons the lake killing all animal and plant life, from century old giants to microbes.

Something Evil




Group 1 (Inuyasha-tachi Era)
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Group 2 (The Future/After the End)
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Group 3 (The Past/Inu Taisho)
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko
Group 4 (Inuyasha-tachi)
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Missing Group
Team Gai - Rock Lee/Tenten/Neji Hyuuga - Gai

Sorry about missing Voting Update 2 of 2

The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.

Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past

It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
What are your ideas for youkai?
Add a couple youkai to your Reviews.
Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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