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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Arc 1 Broken Mirror - Part 2

Inuyasha-tachi Camp

Long ago, the great miko (priestess) Midoriko and a powerful yokai Magatsuhi fought. Midoriko possessed the ability to seize the souls of Youkai and purify them, this power coming from having a positive balance of the four souls within her heart. During a time when youkai ravaged the land, her spiritual powers made her more powerful than a hundred samurai. Magatsuhi, her final adversary and the one that claimed her life, was created by many youkai joined and anchored within the evil heart of a human who secretly lusted for her.

After seven days and seven nights of fighting, Midoriko realized that she would be unable to fight off the youkai, and as she was drawn into the creature's massive jaws, she seized Magatsuhi's spirit and bound it within her own with the last of her power, killing both of them and creating the Shikon Jewel, which burst from her chest. Within the jewel, her soul and Magatsuhi still battle on, while their corpses were mummified and relocated to a cave near the taijiya village. The state of their battle is influenced by the person who possesses the jewel.

The Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls) found its way into the hands of many humans and demons, increasing the evil in a human's heart and increasing a demon's power. Finally, the Youkai Taijya (Youkai exterminator) Clan found the Jewel in the body of a weak youkai, badly corrupted by its years of exposure to many evil hearts. They took it to one of the most powerful miko of their time, the Miko Kikyo.

Fifty years ago, Inuyasha, the half Youkai son of the great dog general of the west and a human noblewoman came to steal the Jewel in order to become a pure Youkai like his half-brother Sesshomaru. Instead, he ended up falling in love with Kikyoand she convinced him to become human. If Inuyasha became human, the Jewel would vanish and Kikyo and Inuyasha would be free to live their lives together.

It was not meant to be as Onigumo, an evil hearted thief whose body had been burnt in a fire, also lusted after the miko who had taken care of him. He also lusted after the power of the Jewel and allowed hundreds of Youkai to devour and merge with him around his evil heart. In the same way Magatsuhi was created, a new evil shape-shifting hanyou was born with the name Naraku.

Naraku tricked Kikyo and Inuyasha into believing they had betrayed each other, which ended with Kikyo dying of the wounds Naraku inflicted in Inuyasha's form and Inuyasha sealed to a tree by a sacred arrow. Naraku thought Kikyo would kill Inuyasha and use the Jewel to heal herself, further corrupting the Jewel, but instead the Jewel was burnt with Kikyo's body.

Fifty years later, a modern high school girl Kagome Higurashi was pulled into the Bone Eater's Well on her property by a Youkai centipede woman and pulled into the Feudal past. It was determined she was the reincarnation of Kikyo and possessed the same spiritual powers. A second attack by Mistress Centipede also revealed Kagome had been born with the Shikon-no-Tama inside her body and it was released during the battle.

Kagome removed the sacred arrow in Inuyasha's chest and he destroyed Mistress Centipede. After the battle, Inuyasha tried to steal the Jewel, but was cursed with the Beads of Subjugation, a necklace that Kagome can command, often by using the word "sit" which causes the beads to yank downward. The adventures began when Kagome destroyed a crow Youkai who had stolen the Shikon no Tama and accidentally shattered the jewel into countless fragments, scattering them across Japan.

While weaker than the complete Jewel, each shard increased a youkai's power and corrupted human hearts. In order to protect the innocent (though Inuyasha would have denied it at the time), Kagome and Inuyasha began to hunt down the shikon shards.

In time Inuyasha and Kagome were joined by Shippo, an orphaned Kitsune (fox) kit. Shippo's father had been killed by a pair of Youkai brothers known as the Thunder Brothers who possessed Jewel shards. Shippo tried to steal the shards from Kagome to get revenge, but in the end became Kagome’s surrogate son.

The next member was a young and perverted Buddhist Monk known as Miroku. He was the grandson of a monk who’d hunted Naraku, but was tricked by an attractive female form. Naraku cursed the monk with the Kazama (wind tunnel), a hole in the hand that acts like a black hole sucking in all matter. It was a powerful ability, but the hole would grow in time until the Monk himself was pulled into the wind tunnel. This curse was passed down to Miroku's father when the monk died and down to Miroku when his father was finally consumed by his own wind tunnel.

Naraku's evil proved to be strong even after fifty years when he arranged the death of the Youkai Taijya (Youkai exterminator) village. The sole survivor, a woman named Sango, was hunting a Youkai at a lord's castle, when her mind controlled little brother Kohaku killed everyone and badly injured her before they were both brought down by a shower of arrows. Sango pulled herself out of her own grave, but then was manipulated by Naraku into attacking Inuyasha making her believe the Inu Hanyou had destroyed her village. The deception was revealed, but Naraku escaped and later revived Kohaku as his slave to cause Sango even more pain.

The group consisting of Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and a fiery nekomata named Kilala have had many adventures hunting the Jewel shards, fighting various evil Youkai, defeating corrupt humans, and helping others, but there mission has never been clearer.

Find the Shards of the Shikon no Tama and Destroy Naraku

Scourge-Kakashi- Light Camp


The shout comes from a large Oni. This monster is over seven feet tall with a muscular blue-skinned body, four long arms ending in sharp claws on the finger tips, and two long legs to support the weight of the upper body. It has a wide rim mouth filled with fangs, a broad nose, long tapered ears, and two long bull-like horns on its head. Unlike most Oni, it wears the armor of a samurai warrior and its face has markings that resemble Kabuki makeup.

The object of its hunger is a small child youkai around ten years old by human standards. The young youkai looks human except for red skin and large nose, and he has long black hair with black feathers near the ears. The boy's thin form is clad in the clothing of a civilian


The Oni's hungry charge is stopped by Spike's fist in its face. The impact is so powerful that a couple of fangs crack and one is knocked out of the ogre's mouth.

"Bloody Moron!"

"Never thought you'd be a hero, Spike." says Angel walking up behind the boy.

"Who’s being a hero? I just wanted this loudmouth to bloody shut up."

"HOW DARE...!!"


The Oni gets up, only for Angel's fist to knock it back down causing more blood and teeth to spray from its mouth. The Japanese Ogre in Samurai clothing looks stunned at the strength of the two human-looking youkai. He reaches to grab his two nihonto (Japanese swords) and two Jitte - long iron rods each with a one-pronged tine used to break other blades.



The Oni cries out in pain as Drusilla steps on his manhood forever removing him from the youkai gene pool. The young boy is shocked that a Miko could be so sadistic, even to an evil monster.


She then delivers a kick to the Oni's face to shut him up. Another couple of fangs hit the forest floor with more blood as the Oni tries to curl himself into a protective ball.

"Mr. Oni is very loud, Daddy." says Drusilla with a smile that makes every male for miles want to protect their privates. "Who are you, little boy?"

The boy is too surprised to answer questions for several minutes, which gives the others time to gather. The boy then realizes that these people saved him, so he answers.

"My name is Soramaru. I'm a Tengu from a nearby youkai colony. I was... playing alone in the forest, when Kuroga decided to eat me. My Okasan said I wasn't supposed to go deep into the forest, but I didn't listen to her." says Soramaru, looking ready to cry.

"Kuroga?" says Naruto standing over the eye, "Is that the name of Kusotare?"

"HOW DARE YOU..." yells Kuroga grabbing Naruto, only for him to explode into a cloud of smoke, "Huh?"

Sai then appears next to the Oni and whips his hand. Ink sprays from between Sai's finger tips and into the eyes of Oni causing the youkai immense pain. As the ogre grabs his eyes and stumbles back, Sakura delivers a punch so powerful that Kuroga is sent flying through two thick trees and into a large boulder, shattering it with his head.

"Amazing!" says Soramaru, "Kuroga was exiled from our colony because despite how he dresses he's a barbarian like the other Oni. He tried to steal from the shops, but was caught and imprisoned for a month, then forced to pay back three times what he stole. He then got drunk and tried to start a fight with a couple of merchants, and ended up imprisoned for another three months and was then forced to work for the merchants for another six. When he tried to rape a girl, they exiled him and told him if he returned they would kill him."


"Fuinjutsu: Fujimi no Juin!"
(Sealing Art: Cursed Seal of Invulnerability)

Hikari rams her glowing fingers into the Oni's shoulder leaving behind a three tomoe mark within a flame circle with two small circles outside the ring.

"What is...?"

Hikari makes a hand seal and the Oni's body arcs in pain.

"It was originally a medical seal that could shut down all sensitivity to pain. It was later abused, making soldiers fight until they died of their wounds, and then perverted into a cursed seal that would increase sensitivity to pain when the master makes a hand seal."

"The girl in question is my age." says Soramaru glaring at the Oni that tried to eat him, "The only reason he wasn't killed on the spot was it was attempted rape and he paid off one of the judges."

Kuroga, despite being in immense and inhuman pain, manages to pick up a rock and throw it at Hikari's head hoping to break her concentration. Takeru vanishes with a burst of speed and the rock is cut clean in half in midair. The Oni's body is then split in half from crotch to head creating a red line in the forest.

The boy is still amazed by the strength of warriors.

"Would you like to see my village?"

The group looks at each other, then Hikari takes the boy's hand.

"Lead the way, Sora-kun?"

Kurenai-Asuma-Adventure Camp

"Does anybody have any idea who those ninja were?" says Kiba

"It must have been mistaken identity." says Shikamaru

"They thought you were a rival clan sent to stop their assassination of a local lord."

The group turns to see three humanoid shadows detach themselves the branches of a large tree. The shadows ripple as the illusion fails, revealing three native shinobi.

The leader is the tallest dressed in a dark green shirt and pants secured by black bandages wrapped around the forearms and shins. He also wears black Jika-Tabi, a type of outdoor footwear worn in Japan. His face is partially hidden by a bone mask that covers the eyes and he has gold eyes, pale almost white skin, and shoulder-length snow white hair. He also has slightly pointed ears, small fangs, and an elaborate birthmark on the left side of his face resembling a tattoo.

The second is a woman with long black hair in a braid and dark brown eyes. She's dressed in the dark brown clothing of a civilian with a long staff in her hand and a Sugegasa Kasa (Conical straw hat) on her head. She looks almost normal, except for the bandage wraps around her shins and the length of cloth around her neck, which can also serve as a mask during a mission.

The third is a small, thin man who looks at least ninety years old covered in wrinkles. He has a bald head, thick bushy eyebrows, and a long thin white beard. He's dressed in the clothing of a Buddhist monk with a golden shakujo - Buddhist ringed staff. The six rings on the staff represent the six states of existence (Humans, Animals, Hell, Hungry ghosts, Gods, and Jealous gods), but the faint marks on the metal indicate it's a weapon.

"Who are you?" says Asuma.

"I am Dokujamaru and these are Oyagi and Guren. We are from Tokoyamigakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in Everlasting Darkness). Who are you?"

"My name is Asuma Sarutobi." say Asuma, "My team is Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara. My friend is Kurenai Yuhi and her team is composed of Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame, and Kiba Inuzuka with his canine partner Akamaru. Last is Team Adventure- Yamato Ishida, Mimi Tachikawa, and Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi with their respective partners, Gabumon, Palmon, and Tentomon We are ninja of Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves)"

Kurenai then notices something and yells "Kai!" releasing the faint Genjutsu (illusion technique)

"Sorry about that." says Dokujamaru, "We wanted honest answers."

"I never heard of a youkai-born village named Konoha." says Oyagi, "A wind user with a mind manipulator, body manipulator, and a shadow wielder. A pregnant illusion mistress with an eye technique user, a living hive, and an inu youkai wannabe. Ice, Plant, and Wire manipulators with summoned creature partners. My, what an interesting lot."

"How do you know??" asks Mimi

"Our clans learned many secrets from our youkai allies."

"Are we going to fight?" asks Kiba

"We hope not." says Guren, "Those that you killed were part of a cult that has infected our village. They have been causing our village problems and the success of the assassination mission would have given them enough political strength to upset the balance. We were ordered to track them, but we couldn't attack them because of our laws."

"So what do you want?" asks Kurenai.

"We invite you to our village." says Dokujamaru, "Knowledge is power and I believe we can both benefit from sharing our knowledge."

On the Road


Sango's giant demon bone boomerang flies through the air before slicing a demon dressed in the white fur of a demon baboon. The upper half of the creature releases a mass of brown tentacles that try to grab Sango. Sango's partner and ride Kilala proves to be faster and a glowing pink sacred arrow from Kagome blasts the attacking tentacles into a shower of hardened earth. A second sacred arrow to the body causes the monster to explode with a white flash. Scraps of fur, dirt, and a burning wooden doll litter the group.

At the same time, a second creature in white baboon fur is hopping through the trees, when Inuyasha with his father's fang sword Tetsusaiga appears in its path. A single swing of the sword cuts the creature in half at the waist, but another mass of dirt tentacles prove it's not Naraku, but another of Naraku's demon puppets.

These creatures are not alive. They are masses of earth controlled by a set of talismans. One wooden doll is placed inside the puppet wrapped in Naraku's hair, while the other is kept next to Naraku like a remote control. Naraku often uses the Demon Puppets to escape his enemies.


Inuyasha's blade cuts the point where the demonic energies collide and releases a blast of energy powerful enough to kill a hundred demons with a single blow. The blast shreds the puppet into a cloud of dirt and shredded fur. The shoki (miasma) within the puppet used to poison his enemies also burns up.

The group continues to hunt down the last of Naraku's puppets and search for the real Naraku. The only reason there would be so many puppets in a single area was to distract enemies from the real target, Naraku himself.

Youkai Colony

The Youkai Colony is a small village hidden in a secret valley. It's protected by illusions that cause the uninvited to become lost and a barrier powered by the five Chinese Elements. The mountain river in the North, volcanic fields to the South, forest to the East, ore-rich mountains to the West, and a central tower dug deep into the Earth generates a powerful barrier that both hides and protects the village.

Most of the village's Youkai are Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. They wander the village in both human form and their true animal forms. There is a fair amount of variety, but most of the inhabitants are Kitsune (foxes), Tanuki (raccoon-dogs), and Mujina (badgers) with a few Okami (wolves) and Inugami (dogs). There are also a typical team of Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios, and the bird-like Tengu. The anthropomorphic crows known as Karasu Tengu and the humanoid Daitengu form the guards and leaders.


Angel, Spike, and Drusilla rush to the source of the sound and find a Tengu dressed as a Yamabushi - Japanese mountain ascetic hermits with a long tradition as mighty warriors endowed with supernatural powers. He's resting against a tree, which has a large piece of bark missing from a powerful impact. An impact caused by the old tengu's head if the large bump is an indication. The cause of the elderly bird's fall is clear since there is a broken sake jug and the smell of alcohol is strong.

"Whose is this guy?"

"Great Grandpa Tenmaru." says Soramaru, "He was a great warrior when he was young and helped lead our people to the valley."

"Now he's the village drunk." says another voice, "He spends most of his days so drunk he can't tell the ground from the sky and smashes into trees left and right."

Soramaru and the group of sixteen - three vampires, seven human ninja, and six Digimon - turn to see a Karasu Tengu walk up to them. He's a tall, athletic humanoid with a body covered in black feathers, sharp talons on his hands and feet, and an intelligent crow's head on his shoulders. He's dressed in the clothing and armor of a warrior and carries a long staff with a silver ring at the end.

"Captain Satsu!"

"Hello Soramaru. I'm wondering why you have brought a group of humans and unknown youkai to out village. You have broken the laws about outsiders."

"Well....uh... I was in the Forest outside the barrier."

"Again? This is the third time you broke that Rule."

"Hey! Lay off, bird boy!" says Spike, causing Angel to stare. Spike is not the type of person to defend others; in fact he's more likely to attack them. At least he was before the Halloween from Hell.

"Why don't you make me, Dead Boy!?" says the Captain narrowing its eyes at the vampire.

"Dead boy. You can call the Poof that, but deserve a beating."

"Bring it on, you big sissy."

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!)

Spike releases a stream of fire from his mouth.

Captain Satsu swings his staff and cuts the fireball in half, then uses the rising heat to help him sour into the air. He then spins his staff and releases bursts of wind, each powerful enough to crush a man-size boulder to powder.

Spike avoids each wind blast and responds with another fire technique.

"Housenka no Jutsu!" (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique)

Spike does the necessary hand seals and then emits a series of small fire balls. The fireballs are extinguished before they get within a meter of the Captain by a blast of wind, but the Shuriken hidden in the fireballs almost hit him. At the last second, he blocks each of the star-shaped throwing projectiles with his staff. He then turns to block Spike's fiery sword, which creates a shock wave.

"Should we stop this?" says Kakashi.

"The Captain hasn't had this much fun since Kuroga was exiled." says Soramaru

"How long are those idiots going to be at this?" asks Juri

"Until they pass out or one of them loses." says Soramaru.

The women have a look that insults the male gender and blames testosterone for the fighting. The men have a look that seems to say "Hey!"

Ninja Village - Tokoyamigakure no Sato
(The Village Hidden in Everlasting Darkness)

The Village Hidden in Everlasting Darkness is a small village hidden inside a mountain range. The village is hidden by a thick, dark forest, preventing flying youkai from detecting there village. The only way to reach their village is a cave network carved by flowing water, as the mountains are too steep and dangerous to ever climb, even for a spider youkai. The caverns themselves are dangerous thanks to cold fast-moving waters, sharp stalactites and stalagmites, and many lethal traps. There are also animals like giant youkai leeches and poisonous snakes.

Dokujamaru, Oyagi and Guren lead Teams Kurenai, Asuma, and Adventure to the village, which looks like it's been abandoned for a hundred years.

"The real Tokoyamigakure is underground, hidden in vast caverns. It's also the reason our village is also known as the Negoku - Kingdom of the Root. Anybody who makes it through the mountain gates will think the village was abandoned. It's also the reason the traps were so simple and old looking, to make people believe they are relics."

Suddenly, Izzy throws a thin kunai at Dokujamaru. A split second before it can hit the shocked white-haired ninja, the wire on the end whips the Kunai to the side and knocks an arrow out the air. The poison tipped arrow falls to the ground in pieces as the group turns to the origin of the arrow.

"Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Violent Water Wave)

Yamato expels a strong jet of water at the tree with enough energy to send broken branches flying. A shadowy form is thrown from the tree, which becomes a black-clad ninja with wild spiky red hair before he can hit the ground.

The red-haired ninja is about to make an escape, when it finds itself trapped in storm of sakura petals. From the petals, Kurenai emerges with a kunai knife at the ninja's throat. The illusion breaks as Kurenai is forced to jump back to avoid impalement. Kurenai looks at the red-haired ninja who now has the eight long legs of a spider extending from his back.

"Akagumo (Red Spider). His mother was a Jorougumo (Lady Spider)." says Dokujamaru gathering red-purple youki (demonic energy) in the palm of his right hand. He then thrusts his palm forward releases a burst of energy. The spherical concentration of energy shoots across the ground leaving a ripped trail.

Akagumo jumps high into the air to avoid the blast which shatters and ignites what remains of his tree, but Asuma Sarutobi and his special wind chakra trench knifes are waiting. A single slash cuts through organs and Akagumo's corpse falls to the ground.

"Who was this guy?"

"Another member of the Cult. The only reason he isn't a higher rank is his spider youkai heritage made him hard to control." says Dokujamaru, "My clan has been opposing them and I guess they hoped my death would work to their advantage."

He then turns to Izzy.

"Thank you, Koushiro Izumi. I was unable to sense Akagumo and knowing him, the incurable poisons on the arrow would have lead to a long, painful death." says Dokujamaru, "As I stated, we can learn much from each other."

Izumi looks over to the smoking remains of the tree and can't help, but agree with the Tokiyami ninja.

Small Fishing Village

Inuyasha's sword cuts another one of Naraku's puppets in half causing it to explode into dirt and a cloud of dark purple shoki.

"How many of these things does Naraku have!?" yells Inuyasha, crushing the wooden doll that was inside the puppet, "Kagome can you sense any Jewel Shards?"

"They’re close. Very close." says Kagome, "Naraku's using the puppets to hide his jyaki (evil aura), because he's so close. I think he's within the village borders."

"Inuyasha, we have another problem."

"What's that, Miroku?"

"The New Moon is coming."

The group looks worried. Most higher level Hanyous have cycles in which once a month they lose there youkai powers for a period of time. On the New Moon, Inuyasha becomes a normal human until the sun rises. It is when Inuyasha is at his most vulnerable and a fact Naraku must not learn of.

"There's an old shrine near the Lake," says Sango, "While me and Miroku continue the hunt, you and Kagome can go there and wait until sunrise. Naraku would believe you inhaled too much Shoki from the puppets and are resting."

"Master Inuyasha!"


Inuyasha pulls his hand away from his neck to reveal the flattened form of his flea youkai retainer Myoga. The paper thin youkai soon reverts to his round four armed form and stands on Inuyasha's hand.

"What do you want now, Myoga?" says Inuyasha with an annoyed look.

"There is a mystery, Master Inuyasha. A strange dark storm appeared in a distant forest and warriors appeared from a flash of light."

"Strange, but most Thunder Youkai use storms to travel."

"This has happened before, Master Inuyasha, during your father's time. The warriors that appeared then possessed immense power and fought alongside your father against the youkai of the Continent. Kagome, you should be interested in their story the most."

"Why?" says the curious Kagome

"The group said they were from another time."

Tokoyamigakure no Sato

Hours have passed and the moon is rising, but it's hard to tell in the Village of Everlasting Darkness. Dokujamaru, Oyagi and Guren have introduced the Konoha ninjas to the Clan Elders, who are very open for the leaders of a dark secret ninja village.

It was also a happy moment when Team Kurenai, Asuma, and Adventure were reunited with Team Scourge, Kakashi, and Light. Apparently, after losing the fight to Spike, Captain Satsu called his counterpart in Tokoyamigakure no Sato. It was a very happy moment when the Karasu Tengu delivered them to the Hidden Village using a secret portal.




Spike has a smirk on his face, while Angel and Drusilla have genuine smiles as they arrive.

Sakura is blushing from embarrassment, while Sai draws and Kakashi lets out a perverted giggle.

Takeru stands next to Hikari against the stone wall. Their partners are at their sides, while Juri rests against Leomon's shoulder on the opposite wall.

The former Biju-ou Kyubi no Kitsune Gohan stares down at his partner with a strange look of envy and smugness. He crosses his arms and waits for his partner to finish and hope he won't be waiting for hours.

On the other side of the room, Kurenai has turned as red as her eyes in embarrassment, Kiba passed out with nose bleed, Akamaru is trying to wake him, and god only knows what Shino is thinking.

Ino looks like she wants to cheer, Shikamaru looks surprised which is near hysterics for him, and Chouji is so shocked he has dropped his last bag of chips.

Yamato, Mimi, and Izzy cover the eyes of their Digimon partners to prevent comments.

Hinata performed her first flying glomp and Naruto has received his first. The two are now on the ground, sharing a kiss hot enough to melt the Hokage Monument.

One Tokoyami Nin says something to another in a coded language. Translated and decoded it means "Damn hormone driven kitsune hanyou stealing all the hot girls"

~Flashback End~

The Village Leader, Tokoyamimaru, sits at the head of a table with Dokujamaru , Oyagi and Guren. He's a tall, powerful man with a fierce face. He has piercing red eyes, pale skin, long snow-white hair with a top knot, and a long white beard. He also has a long scar going from under his left arm down to the jaw. He's dressed in the robes of a Feudal Lord in black and red and holds a red Tanuki mask.

Gohan looks at Tokoyamimaru with a suspicious look, while Lilitha and Blaze in their BlackTailmon and Impmon forms enjoy their meals. Naruto is thrilled that this world has Ramen, while Sai and Sakura are staring. Tailmon, Patamon, and Leomon sit next to their partners enjoying their meals. Angel, Spike, and Drusilla are enjoying their meals, an ability they gained with their physical transformation in Naruto's world. Kurenai is eating odd food, which Asuma thinks is because of the baby. Hinata is sitting next to Naruto, while Shino is looking at a bug on the table. Kiba and Akamaru are eating like wild dogs, while Ino is complaining to Chouji about how much he's eating. Shikamaru isn't eating, instead he's smoking, a bad habit that Kurenai blames on Asuma.

"It's been a very long time since I heard of your type of ninjutsu. The teachings of the Rokudou Sennin (Six Realms Sage) have traveled far."

"You know of our world!?" says Kakashi

"I am from your world, what was the Wave Country, and I left it around the time the Uchiha and Senju Clans joined to create a village under the Fire Lord." says Tokoyamimaru, "My group sought to escape the ninja wars and the rule of the Feudal Lords of the Elemental Countries."

"How did you manage it?"

"A strange surge of chaotic chakra combined with my own enabled us to develop a space time jutsu to allow transport."

"Quite a coincidence."

"It could be destiny, but I gave up believing in destiny when I survived the Bijuu extraction." says Tokoyamimaru, looking at Naruto's shocked face, "Yes, Naruto, former Jinchuriki of Kyubi no Kitsune, I was once the Jinchuriki of Sanbi no Kame (The three-tailed turtle)"

He points to a painting on the wall showing a young man with red eyes, blonde hair, and the same scar on his face as Tokoyamimaru. He's dressed in dark green with a sword-like weapon on his back. A genjutsu is cancelled and the full painting is revealed showing the massive green and dark red form of the Biju (Tailed Beast) Sanbi.

"You survived!?"

"The same chaotic chakra." explains Tokoyamimaru, "It changed my body enough to survive and my studies of the changes allowed me to create the portal. In this world, I founded the village in this hidden valley and helped create new ninjutsu based on the Youkai we found ourselves with."

"There are Youkai in this village?" asks Kiba forgetting the spider hanyou Akagumo for a moment.

"Yes and Hanyou (half-Youkai). We have lived together for over sixty years and have grown close to the nearby Youkai Colony. We even adopt hanyous that have been abandoned or orphaned.'

'It's ironic that the superstitious think ninja were taught by Tengu, because it was me and Daitengu Elder Shirahamaru that developed the ninjutsu used by both villages."

Hours Later

"We’ll teach you Ninjutsu and other skills, excluding Clan techniques and bloodline abilities, and you teach us yours." says Kurenai, "You also agree to help us locate the missing members of our group."

"You said it was going to be difficult, but you had a clue." says the father of Kurenai's child, "What clue?"

"Centuries ago, a similar event was recorded in the court of the Lord of the West, an Inu Taiyokai (dog demon lord) known as the Inu no Taisho (Dog General)." says Guren, "It's possible part of the group landed in that time. It's also possible the oldest son or the retainers know what happened to them."

"What can you tell us about the Dog General?" asks Kiba

"The Great Dog Demon was a feared and powerful daiyokai, who became one of the most respected. He received fatal injuries while fighting the dragon daiyokai Ryukotsusei and died while defending his infant son and human wife.'

'He fathered his first son Sesshomaru with a pure blooded daiyokai known as the Lady of the West. He's currently seeking stronger opponents and wants to become more powerful than his father. The younger half-brother Inuyasha is a hanyou whose mother was a human noble named Izayoi.'

'Inuyasha's story is the most interesting. He sought the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls) to become a pureblooded youkai, but fell in love with a Miko named Kikyo. They were tricked by an evil hanyou named Naraku into betraying each other. Inuyasha was sealed to a tree for fifty years until Kikyo's reincarnation from another time appeared."

"Another time?"

"My spies noticed she rides a bike and carries medical supplies and instant ramen. All technology that's more advance then current. My guess is that this Kagome Higurashi is from the future. She, Inuyasha, and a small group are searching for the shards of Shikon no Tama which was accidentally shattered and Naraku who has become a major threat. One of the reasons Tokoyamigakure is so secretive is Naraku, Magatsuhi, and other composite demons would absorb us to obtain our knowledge and skills."

"Composite?" says Naruto next to a blushing Hinata. The kunoichi is wondering why she reacted like she did. She's Hinata Hyuuga, not a drunken Anko Mitarashi.

"Weak demon trash fused into a more malignant single creature" says Gohan, "Something causes the weak youkai to gather, usually am evil heart, and the youkai combine into a single youkai with the strongest traits and abilities of the merger with the heart as the core. The evil nature of the group is also concentrated turning a threat into a living nightmare."

Inuyasha-Tachi Camp

Inuyasha is hiding in an abandoned shrine on the shore of a lake. It's the night of the new moon and Inuyasha is now a black-haired human and at his most vulnerable. Inuyasha complains to demon flea retainer Myoga, but the chance of Naraku learning about his human day is too great a risk.

Kagome steps out with her bow and arrows, to buy Inuyasha some time. When the sun rises, Inuyasha will be a hanyou again and back at full power. Only then will he be able to take out Naraku, who’s currently attacking them.

In the dense forest near the lake, Naraku wearing his demon baboon skin is hopping through the forest like a hopping corpse. He's followed by Sango riding Kilala and wielding her giant demon bone boomerang Hiraikotsu. She is eager to make Naraku pay for the death of her family and village, and the enslavement of her brother Kohaku.

Naraku is cut, but the baboon skin tears away.

After escaping Sango's attack, Naraku runs into Miroku who has his Kazama (wind tunnel) open to devour him like a black hole. Naraku's counter is a hive of Saimyosho, the demonic wasp-like insects that poison Miroku, forcing him to close his wind tunnel and gives Naraku a chance to grab Miroku.

Miroku is saved when Kagome's sacred arrow hits the arrow and causes the arm holding the monk to explode. A second shot to the shoulder causes Naraku to shatter into pieces, but the pieces inflate like balloons then detonate in an explosion of shoki (miasma).

Miroku and Sango escape the blast on the back of Kilala and Kagome escapes on Shippo's balloon transformation. From their air borne positions, they watch as Naraku emerges in his new form.

Naraku's new form is a massive spider with a red spider-like mark on the back of its abdomen. The demon spider also has a demonic head with Oni-like horns, large round eyes, white hair, and a mouth with four fangs (two tusks).

After talking to Shippo, he changes his form from a defensive balloon into a bird meant to be a hawk, but resembling an albatross to Kagome. They manage to attract Naraku-Spider's attention, after learning the massive monster was a protective barrier, causing the spider to chase the flying heroes around the lake trying to kill them.

Accidentally, they lead the demon spider back to the abandoned shrine Inuyasha is in and it demolishes it. The heroes are worried for a moment as the sun rises, then Inuyasha emerges from the dust in full hanyou form holding the Tetsusaiga in its demonic fang form.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Naraku."

Inuyasha uses the Red Tetsusaiga, a form he gained from Shiori and the bat youkai tribe, to destroy Naraku's protective barrier. Without the barrier, Sango and Miroku are able to destroy the legs using the Hiraikotsu and shakujo staff.

While the yokai exterminator and Buddhist Monk handle the legs, Inuyasha jumps on to Naraku's back and stabs down with the Tetsusaiga, hunting for the shikon jewel shard Kagome was able to detect. This causes Naraku's body to explode into fleshy fragments.

Fragments that grow, mutate, and wrap around Inuyasha, trying to absorb him into Naraku's flesh. Everyone attacks, trying to free Inuyasha, but have little effect. In the end, Inuyasha is able to break free and keep moving to avoid being grabbed again.

Naraku's humanoid form emerges from the mass of tentacles and mutating flesh. The upper half is almost human with long wavy black hair, pale skin, and red eyes, but Naraku has inhumanly long arms and a mass of dark red, green, and purple tentacles coming out of his back.

This proves to be a mistake, when Sango's Hiraikotsu cuts Naraku's humanoid part from the rest of the biomass as Inuyasha and Kagome release their techniques.


The sacred arrow fired by Kagome leaves a glowing trail before it hits Naraku's falling upper half and burns a hole clean through. The swirling vortex of youki (demonic energy) that is the Wind Scar technique shreds what's left. In a thunderous explosion that baths the area in golden light, Naraku is destroyed.

The Dead Lake

At the bottom of a dark lake, buried in the mud, is an egg-shaped mass. It was over three meters in length, but has grown to over five meters. The egg shell is still made of a dark blue-purple crystal with glowing blue lines across its surface. Something inside the egg is still emitting a jyaki - an evil aura- that causes everything near the lake to be filled with fear. Something in the egg is still generating a liquid shouki, a concentrated toxic miasma that poisons the lake killing all animal and plant life, from century old giants to microbes. The concentration of shoki is so great now that the water of the lake is like concentrated acid. Any bird foolish enough to land on the surface is reduced to bones in seconds and shores of the lake are eroding as the rocks dissolve.

Something Evil is Growing.


Inuyasha once called Kagome's Instant Ramen, "Ninja Food"
Oni/Tengu chase inspired by Chilord's Forgotten Time. Fantastic story!

Group 1 (Inuyasha-tachi Era)
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Group 2 (The Future/After the End)
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Group 3 (The Past/Inu Taisho)
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko
Group 4 (Inuyasha-tachi)
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izzy
Missing Group
Team Gai - Rock Lee/Tenten/Neji Hyuuga - Gai

The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.

Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past

It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
What are your ideas for youkai?
Add a couple youkai to your Reviews.
Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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