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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Arc 2 Broken Mirror - Part 1

The Forests of Feudal Japan

It's been several years since the Scourge and their Shinobi friends encountered Inuyasha and his team of friends. It has been years since Princess Kagura's total destruction and the beginning of an odd friendship. They helped Inuyasha with several other youkai threats, but were not present for the final battle. According to the reports during their time apart, Inuyasha and the gang have finally defeated there enemy and completed their quest.

The infamous shape shifter youkai Naraku and the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls) are gone for good. They were wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like the miko Midoriko and the Youkai Magatsuhi.

Now, it's time for a reunion and according to their last reports Miroku and Sango have had a few kids together and Kagome finished high school in her own time and returned to the past and married Inuyasha.

Currently, Team Scourge, Team Light and Team Kakashi were en route to the Reunion, when they encountered Nukenin (criminal missing ninja) from Tokoyamigakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in Everlasting Darkness). They are a group that abandoned their village after the outsiders, Scourge and the former Konoha ninja, surpassed them and took their positions in the village.

Scourge is currently fighting giant hornet youkai queens and their massive swarm of offspring.

The youkai hornets known as maouji-suzumebachi (demon queen wasps) are different from Naraku's minion hell wasps, the Saimyosho. Each of the drones resembles an Asian giant hornet with gold/black bodies, large orange mandibles and dark brown legs. The main difference is they are ten times larger with a body length of over fifty centimeters (twenty inches) and have a six centimeter (two and a half inch) stinger. Each of these youkai hornets can spit acid and its lethal venom contains high amount of liquid shoki (miasma) making it extremely corrosive.

Each of the Queens is immense, over five and half meters (approx: eighteen feet) in length with a sixty centimeter (twenty five inch) stinger. It also has longer mandibles, legs ending in blades, and human faces between their dark brown compound eyes. The human faces resemble young women, but are orange with black eyes and black stripe-like markings on the cheeks and chin.

According to legend, the first maoujo-suzumebachi was once a human woman. In life she was a cruel, selfish woman who tortured animals as a child and seduced men for their fortunes. The one time she fell in love the man she desired fell in love with another woman, and in the end she poisoned them both. The poisoner was finally caught and killed by a village, who executed her by having her stung to death by hornets. As she began to die, she sacrificed what little humanity she had and merged with many lesser youkai and the hornets to create a composite youkai.

She was eventually destroyed by a powerful miko, but not before she laid three eggs containing her incarnations/daughters. Those eggs were used as weapons by a dark magic using clan, until they grew out of control and they were forced to seal the three queens and their hives away. Tokoyamigakure no Sato defeated the dark clan and took the seal, which was stolen when the youkai shinobi became criminals.

Spike jumps back as the First Queen releases a spray of translucent green corrosive liquid from between its blade-like mandibles. As the liquid comes in contact with the ground it dissolves the grass and stone, and releases a cloud of smoke. Spike avoids a second spray and two strikes from the extremely sharp sword-like front limbs.


The Queen screams as one of her limbs is blown off releasing a burst of glowing green blood. After many years, Blaze no longer reverts to his child-level Impmon form. Instead he's grown strong enough to remain in his ultimate form of Beelzebumon, one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He now wears a special sealing device under his jacket that regulates his power levels, so he can limit his power to increase a challenge or conserve power when not in battle.

Spike runs a finger from the hilt to the tip of his sword, letting the edge draw blood. As the drop drips on the blade, it glows red and ignites into bright flames. He runs towards the Queen, avoiding the leg blades and the droplets of corrosive demon blood, before ramming his flame sword between the head and mesosoma (middle). The Queen screams as the fire burns her insides, causing the corrosive blood to boil, and the heat to build within the confines of the armor-like exoskeleton.

Smoke streams from every joint as the fire spreads, until flames shoots out of the mandibles. The human face on the Queen's body screams as the skin blisters and flames shoot from the eyes and mouth. Finally, the skull explodes out in a burst of fire a few seconds before the Queen's entire head explodes. The explosions travel down and destroy the rest of the body leaving only the smoking back legs on the ground.

The second Queen releases a mist-like spray of green acid to destroy the array of wires Drusilla has created. The wires have already sliced thousands of her drones open, which are now dissolving on the cold hard ground. The Queen lunges at Drusilla, mandibles open wide and legs deployed to impale her.


Lilitha is no longer a BlackTailmon; instead she spends her time in either her perfect form of LadyDevimon or her ultimate form of Lilithmon, Goddess of Darkness and one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. Lilitha runs past the second Queen's side so quickly that she appears as a phantom, her corpse-like right arm extended. The claws of the gauntlet slice through the armor and release a corrosive liquid shoki (miasma) more powerful than industrial acid.

The Queen screams as her side explodes into cloud of green blood. As the maoujo-suzumebachi queen falls, Drusilla fires a glowing arrow through the blood cloud turning it into ice. The ice forms spears that impale the hornet from head to stinger.

"Raiton: Raikiri Eisou" (Lightning Release: Lightning Edge Sharp Spear!)

Angel faces the last Queen with his childlike partner Gabriel Light Lior. The young Lucemon floats in the air using his many pairs of feathery angel wings, while Angel runs forward and slices off the front limbs using his lightning spear. He ends his attack by driving the lightning blade threw the forehead of the human face. As he jumps back, Lucemon fires his own attack.


A spear of light causes the body to ignite.

Team Kakashi is also doing well against their opponents.

Naruto Uzumaki is fighting his oni rival. The Oni (ogre) stands two meters tall with an extremely muscular build, red eyes, orange skin, and wild straw-blond hair. He also has a wide mouth full of fangs, tapered ears, and two long bull-like horns. Naruto originally tried to make friends with the former taijutsu fighter of Tokiyamigakure, but the Oni was insulted by Naruto's love of orange.

The Oni, Daidai (bitter orange), was abandoned by his own Akayama (Red Mountain) Oni Clan because of his coloring. He developed a hatred of the Uzumaki and today wears a huge loincloth made of fox fur to insult the kitsune-blooded ninja.

"UZUMAKI HOUSHUKU RENDAN!" (Uzumaki Celebration Combo!)

Naruto’s Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones) kick the massive oni with its hard skin into the air, then the real Naruto uses his clones to launch himself into the air above Daidai. He delivers a spinning axe kick that sends the ogre youkai racing back towards the Earth. As he crashes, the Kage Bunshin detonate like bombs blasting his battered form into pieces.

Sakura Haruno is facing a very hairy humanoid youkai resembling a Yeti from the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet, and also resembles a Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. In reality, it's a very large youkai version of Hibagon, the Japanese equivalent of the Bigfoot or Yeti.

It's a two and half meter tall primate with sharp teeth, large tusks, gold-on-black eyes, and a red ape-like face. It's long-limbed and extremely muscular body has white hands and feet with long claws and the rest of its body is covered in thick black fur that smells extremely bad. It also wears a huge spiked iron gauntlet on its right arm and wears a filthy brown loincloth



The massive creature stares at its spiked iron gauntlet held by Sakura's far smaller gloved hand. Sakura has an angry look in her eyes and a cruel smile forms on her lips. She squeezes her hand and the Yokai-Hibagon screams in pain as the collapsing iron crushes his hand and arm bones. Sakura then flips the stinking monster into the ground hard enough to create a small crater. A crater which becomes far larger as she drives her chakra-charged fist into Yokai-Hibagon's prone body. The creature's ribs shatter and fragments shoot into the rupturing organs, before it finally dies.

Sai is facing his own artist rival. The small five foot ninja with balding black hair and black eyes is wearing only matte black pants held by ribbons tied around his waist and ankles. Gei's thin, almost skeletal form is covered in irezumi, a form of tattooing. Gei's special ability is the ability to bring his tattoos to life similar to how Sai can bring his ink paintings to life.

Two ink hawks intercept and destroy two tattoo serpents, but a third manages to hit Sai. Sai isn't impaled by the youki-charged creation, instead he transforms into a wooden log as he uses the Kawarimi (Replacement) technique.

Suddenly, flowery vines and squids tentacles shoot from the ground and wrap around Sai binding his movement. Ink oozes to the surface and the true Gei rises from the pool of black ink. Sai's previous opponent collapses into a puppet made of paper-like skin and black markings. The vines and tentacles extending from squid and flower tattoos on his arms and chest slowly begin to crush Sai.

"Any last words?"

"Hijutsu: Sumi Sasori!" (Secret Art: Ink Scorpion!)

Gei cries out as a dozen giant scorpions meld out of his own Ink vines and tentacles onto his bare chest. He then cries out as they sting, with the largest driving its stinger into his heart. A fiery pain spreads through his torso and into his arms causing his living tattoos to fail. They collapse into blood and ink on the ground, and leave lacerations on the skin they came from. Gei collapses and stares at Sai's emotionless eyes as the poison mixed with the ink ravages his body.


"When two artists fight, the better artist always wins" says Sai, then insults him.

As Gei dies, he remembers another reason he hated Sai, that penis-obsessed foul mouth of his!

In the air, Takeru, Hikari, and their partners Angemon and Angewoman are having an aerial battle with a group of Tengu. The tengu are red skinned humanoids with large black wings and blue markings on the left sides of their faces and down their left arms. They're dressed in loose black clothing and each carry a Tessen - a Japanese war fan- in one hand and a sword in the other. The fans produce powerful gusts of wind that protect them from Takeru's air attacks and the shine of their swords is caused by the poison coating them.

`Takeru and Hikari are flying using angelic feathery wings that extend from their backs. These wings started to develop when they first arrived on the ninja world, but they didn't fully develop until after a year living in Tokoyamigakure. When they developed wings, the Youkai Village made them honorary citizens and even attended their wedding a year later.

The Tengu gang were once the greatest swordsmen of their generation, until Takeru arrived in their village. Unable to deal with a mortal human taking their top spot, they abandoned the village with the promise to kill him.

"Heaven's Knuckle!"

"Holy Arrow!"

(Light Cutting Flash!)

Suddenly, Angemon releases a burst of sacred energy from his fist, while Angewoman releases a glowing arrow. They avoid the holy energy attacks, but collide in mid air. While they are unable to maneuver, Takeru gets in close and releases a sword attack. The blade of air passes through the waists of both Tengu, splitting them in half in a very bloody display.

One Tengu, insane with rage and fear, begins whipping his fan around releasing wild wind attacks. The attacks are not very powerful since they lack focus, but there are many going in almost random directions making it extremely dangerous.


Angewomon creates a ring of energy force. As particles of light descend, the insane Tengu's movements slowly stop. Now paralyzed, he can't stop a burst from Angemon from destroying his fan and the arm, Angewomon's super-charged Holy Arrow going through his chest. He can't even scream as his weakened body is reduced to ashes by the sacred arrow.

"Magan: Soragakure Jutsu!" (Demonic Illusion: Hidden Sky Technique!)

The last Tengu is about to make a run for it, when Hikari appears from the air behind him. The mist-like genjutsu (illusion technique) distracts the tengu long enough for her to slash his wings with her sacred energy charged kunai. The kunai not only cuts cleanly, but paralyzes the wings causing the Tengu to fall to earth like stone. In serious pain, he can't react and hits the ground head first, crushing his skull and spine.

Juri and Leomon are fighting former members of the panther tribe youkai. After many years of focusing their energy through their bodies and spending time training with the various feline youkai and ninja,the environment has transformed Juri into a neko hanyou (part cat youkai). Her partner Leomon has also become stronger, which is why they were chosen to inherit the techniques and sacred weapons of the panther clan elders. A few members couldn't stand the thought of a former human taking what they believed was their inheritance, so they left to become criminals and learn powerful forbidden techniques.

A blue-haired kunoichi releases a dozen sharp ice spears at Juri, but Juri proves her feline agility is far superior. The kunoichi fires bursts of glowing blue air that cover what they hit in a thin layer of super-cold ice. Juri avoids every blast even using a kunai to block, which falls to the ground covered in a giant ice cube. A large ninja with black skin, golden eyes, and feline youkai features tries to grab her from behind, but when he does she turns into a giant sock puppet!

The ninja thug is so confused by the kawarimi, he doesn't avoid the kunoichi's giant blue-black ice blast. The real Juri Katou, who’s behind the new ice statue, delivers a spinning back kick that shatters the ninja into a thousand pieces. The ice fragments hit the blue-haired Kunoichi and distract her long enough for Juri to drive her clawed hand into the woman's stomach. Juri then does a fiery uppercut that shatters the ice ninja's jaw and sets her entire head on fire.

A larger feline ninja is fighting Leomon, with his steel-hard skin and needle-like fur protecting him from Leomon's most crushing blows and strongest fire attacks. Leomon proves to have other techniques, which includes kick the ninja into the air and snapping him into a fatal U-shaped position.

Jonin Kakashi Hatake's opponents are some of the strangest.

The first is a green inu-youkai mercenary. He's taller than Kakashi at six foot with a muscular humanoid form with gold eyes, green-tinted skin, and long dark green and black hair. He's dressed in dark green and black robes with golden arm bands and shoulder armor, and his weapon is a Jo, an approximately 1.276 m (4.18 foot) long wooden staff covered in small sharp thorns.

According to files, Mokureimaru was the son of the youkai protector of a distant forest and the exiled daughter of an inu-taiyoukai (demon dog lord). After the forest was burnt by another taiyoukai he became a mercenary, a soldier who works for the highest bidder.

Mokureimaru's special ability is plant-manipulation like Shodaime Hokage (First Fire Shadow) Hishirama Senju. He can causes trees to rises from the ground to impale targets with their branches and can turns various plants into fibrous vines to bind, crush, and pierce targets. He can also turn his Jo into a massive multi-tailed whip, each tail with a thorn covered tip. Thorns sharp enough to cut steel as proven by a couple of destroyed kunai daggers on the ground.


Mokureimaru's partner is a humanoid goat youkai named Shirokon. The spear wielding youkai goat stands on two legs ending in metal hooves, and has silver horns, black hands, and white fur. He's also completely crazy, laughing during every battle. He wears Chinese style black armor and holds a Yari - straight-headed spear - made of black hardwood with a ninety centimeter long red metal tip. The Yari's special effect is to cause any organic matter that comes in contact with the spear head to ignite and burn to ashes. This is proven by burn marks on the grass and one charred pillar that was once a tree.

Kakashi avoids Mokureimaru's "cat o nine tails" attack, which shreds some of his own wood pillars and cuts several rocks apart, then has to avoid a mad lunge by Shirokon. Kakashi's Sharingan eye is exposed and he uses it to time his counter. He avoids the Yari and grabs the shaft with his left hand, before using the lightning chakra charged kunai in his right hand to break it. As it breaks, he spins and drives the spear tip into Shirokon's neck.

Shirokon continues to scream as his fur and skin burst into flames. Even with his exposed muscles on fire and his head barely more than a skull, he rips the spear from his burning flesh and continues his assault. Kakashi uses this to his advantage, causing on the whip tips to wrap around the spear head. Mokureimaru is forced to drop his primary weapon as it bursts into flames.

Mokureimaru curses his partner, but his partner has already collapsed and is now little more than a charred skeleton. As the goat youkai dies, Mokureimaru hears the sound of a thousand chirping birds. As the Kakashi he's attacking bursts into smoke when he manages to impale a leg, he realizes the truth. It's too late as the real Kakashi's hand explodes from his chest covered in lightning.

Kakashi jumps back as the green inu-youkai transforms into his true form. A cloud of glowing green smoke forms around the injured humanoid form and when the smoke clears, there is a massive canine with green fur resembling the leaves of a tree, black fangs resemble giant thorns, and five tails composed of vines. It's still injured, bleeding dark green almost black blood from a chest wound and from the back.

The dying green inu-youkai charges Kakashi, its mouth opened wide and growing larger. The massive mouth filled with fangs and a thorn-covered black tongue closes around Kakashi's stunned form. Too late, the mercenary youkai realizes that Kakashi has replaced himself with the cursed Yari.

The Yari's power is dying now that its owner has been reduced to bones, so Mokureimaru's entire body doesn't ignite. Instead, his mouth, throat, and stomach burst into flames. The fire slowly incinerates his internal organs making for a very slow, extremely painful death.

Castle of Illusions.


Asuma Sarutobi and his wife Kurenai are walking through a dense youkai forest. They are leading their teams composed of Hinata Hyuuga-Uzumaki, Shino Aburame, and Kiba Inuzuka; and Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Chouji Akimichi respectively. They are also followed by Team Adventure composed of Yamato Ishida, Mimi Tachikawa, and Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, and their Digimon partners Gobumon, Palmon, and Tentomon.

"I swear if this is those idiots again..." says Ino

Ino is referring to a group composed of tanuki (raccoon dogs), kitsune (foxes), and mujina (badgers) for the youkai village. They are a bunch of tricksters who have been playing tricks on the former konoha ninja since they entered the village years ago. One of their most common tricks is illusions to get people going in circles.

The group is currently en route to the Reunion, but ended up lost in part of the forest Asuma and Kurenai are eager because Kagome Higurashi is currently babysitting their children, Mashira and Akane Sarutobi. The two Sarutobi daughters had to leave the village for a few weeks because of a youkai threat and Kagome "volunteered" to take care of them until the Reunion.

"I don't think its them." says Kurenai, "The genjutsu (illusion technique) was too powerful. I think someone wanted to separate us from Kakashi and Scourge."

"I wish I had gotten a better look at the caster, but I was forced to use a fire technique." says Asuma, "I think he was Nukenin."

A day ago, a dark clad nukenin genjutsu master cast the Genjutsu which got them lost. He was supposed to keep them separate from the others until back up arrived to kill them. With the Nukenin dead, he was drained until Asuma was able to spot him. Asuma's Katon: Haisekishou (Fire Release: Burning Ash Accumulation) killed him, but also burnt the body to the point that no one could identify the body.

Suddenly, they walk out of the dense dark forest into a clearing. In front of them is a wide dark lake with a feudal castle resting on an island near the edge of the lake. It’s a massive building with dark wood and paper, and thick protective stone walls.

What concerns them the most are a group of youkai guarding the castle.

The first is the Tenshi Kouken - Angel Guardian. An angelic humanoid standing two meters tall with white skin and black wings. It carries a glowing sword made of a silvery metal and is dressed in a white robe and lace-up boots. It resembles a white stone statue that looks like it's from a Western Religion instead of Eastern Culture, but there are scrolls covered in kanji resting on the shoulders.

The second is a group of dead monks. They are skeletons and skeletal corpses covered in the robes of Buddhist monks. Despite their frail forms they have sharp teeth and finger bones, and some carry shakujo and small holy bells connected to their bodies by thin gold chains

The third are the lake Waniguchi, small fish-like crocodile creatures with heads that are a type of bell or gong from a Buddhist temple. Their bodies are long and dark green with dark brown fins/flippers, while their heads are circular and made of metal, which makes the teeth look even more menacing. As they snap their metal jaws, there are loud bell-like sounds that resonate across the dark lake.

All three threats are generating holy energy, meaning they can purify youkai and vampires. The aura also seems to interfere with Digimon evolution as the three Digivices are showing the connection problem symbol.

Asuma and Kurenai face the Angel Guardian because the animated statue seems to possess the most power. Its holy sword alone would be powerful enough to give the members of the Scourge first degree burns at a two meter distance.

Kurenai makes a hand seal and a thousand ribbons wrap around the Angel Guardian. As the Angel tries to cut through the ribbons by spreading its wings, the white ribbons turn red before igniting. The burning ribbons detonate like explosive notes and the guardian is consumed by the flames.

Kurenai learned this technique after encountering several youkai that were immune to illusions. The ribbons are long notes reinforced with silk and covered in special seals. When the silk thread is broken it's like igniting the fuse on a bomb, covering the target in a chain of small, but powerful explosions.

The Guardian survives the blast, but its wings are destroyed, its body is covered in fine cracks, and it's missing one of its arms. Unfortunately, it's the arm not holding the sword that was destroyed. The Angel brings it's blade down and Kurenai is thrown back.

Kiba and Akamaru tear through the monks, shattering their brittle bones into clouds of powder and shredding their rotten robes. Chouji's inflated limbs smash several more into cloud of debris. Izzy's wires slice dozens into pieces and Yamato's freezing blasts make the bells and chains so brittle that they shatter.

"Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho!" (Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms!)

A large group swing their bells like flails before attacking Hinata Hyuuga, but she emits a constant stream of chakra from her palms, creating extremely sharp chakra blades, and moves at such high speeds she creates a dome-shaped area of protection. The bells and chains are sliced into tiny pieces, before Mimi’s water blast smashes the monks into mud and soaked rags.

Hinata runs forward and use her "chakra daggers" to free the chain covered Kiba and Akamaru. Mimi and Palmon then use their vine whips to smash the shakujo-wielding monks into dust.

"Futon: Ekishouryudan!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Bullet)

Yamato’s freezing blast of liquefied air, wind chakra, and Gabumon's energy knocks the majority of Waniguchi back into the lake and freezes the water solid. Yamato smashes the few frozen ones that remain outside the lake, while Izzy and Tentomon catch the remaining ones with their wires. The metallic heads of the Waniguchi youkai make them extremely vulnerable to lightning-based attacks and within minutes several are reduced to glowing red bells attached to the charred remains of several fishes.

The Tenshi Kouken raises it's sword to slash Kurenai, who’s on the ground and unable to move due to a spell emitted by the statue. A second before it can kill Kurenai, her husband Asuma appears between her and the statue with his trench knives covered in blue wind chakra. The Guardian shows no emotion or personality as its remaining arm holding the sword falls to the ground, severed at the shoulder. Asuma slices through the statue's legs like a sharp knife through soft toffee and the angel, weighed down by the remains of his wings fall back on to the ground. The Angel Guardian shatters into a cloud of dust and a thousand lifeless fragments.

As the last threat is destroyed, the castle emits a burst of energy that forms a spherical spiritual barrier. The barrier becomes dense and extremely powerful, preventing anything larger than as virus from passing through it. It also traps the ninja, digidestined, and their Digimon partners within the Castle's land.

Near the edge of the barrier, an amorphous cloud of darkness floats above the ground and hidden in the shadows of the castle.

Inside the Castle

"I hate this crap!" says Ino, "Tell me again why we are going deep into the haunted castle."

"The barrier that traps us on the Castle's property was generated from somewhere inside the castle." says Asuma, wishing he had a cigarette. Kurenai is forcing him to cut down and she always knows if he's cheating. "It's logical that in order to remove the barrier, we have to cut it off at the source.

"How are we going to find it? Who are we going to ask?"

"You can ask me."

Team Asuma, Kurenai, and Adventure turn to see a youkai in the central fireplace. The youkai is composed of a thousand hitodama (ghost flames) fused together to create a living flame creature. Its small humanoid form moves back and forth in its own heat, making it look like it's dancing on the burning wood.

"Who are you?" asks Kiba standing next to Akamaru

"Ojouhimaru (Great Castle Flame), but you can call me Jou." says the flame youkai, "This is Kagamikojou (Mirror Lake Castle) which was once owned by the master craftsman and puppeteer Torimaru."

"So what's this place's history and what's with the barrier?" asks Yamato standing next to Gabumon.

"My master was a very talented but lonely man. He entertained the nobles and the common with his puppet shows, but he always lived alone since the death of his parents. It changed one day when he found an injured fox on his property. The young kitsune had been cast out from his clan for practicing forbidden youjutsu (demon magic), but found a new home with Torimaru.'

'Years later, Torimaru was a very old man and was dying, but the kitsune had become corrupt and didn't want to lose the wealth of his friend. He had continued to practice the dark arts and had become a nogitsune - a wild fox that only obeys himself. He..."


A figure leaps out of a closet and tries to attack Team Asuma. Chouji and Akamaru knock the cloaked figure into the wall and there’s the sound of wood hitting wood. It gets back to its feet and snaps its joints back in place before continuing its attack. Asuma avoids its claws and slices off an arm.

As the arm hits the ground, it's revealed to be the life size arm of a wooden puppet with blades extending from the fingers.

The Puppet attacks for a third time, but he freezes in place. The reason is that Shikamaru's shadow has extended in the fire's light and attached itself to the puppet's shadow. The puppet struggles, but only manages to remove its hood. The face of the puppet is a young man with brown eyes, black hair, and a hinged jaw. Tears are slowly falling from its painted eyes staining its cheeks brown.

"That is Torimaru." explains Jou, "The kitsune sealed his soul in one of his puppets, a life size puppet of himself that Torimaru constructed as a challenge. The kitsune controlled him, forcing him to take what he could from the outside world, while constructing the castle of illusions and the youkai forest that protects it."

Shikamaru releases his Kage Mane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique) and the puppet collapses to the ground. It stays on its knees and remaining arm, and continues to cry.

"Please... Please kill me." says the puppet Torimaru, "I want to leave. Please."

"The Kitsune made it so he couldn't destroy himself and none of the castle dwellers could harm him." says Jou, "I guess he was hoping that a bunch of heavily armed warriors with youkai partners (referring to the Digimon and Akamaru) would destroy him if he attacked them."

"How do we break the soul spell?" says Shikamaru. "Is there a weak spot?"

"There is a seal." says Jou with as wide smile, "It's located in the chest, where the heart would be in a human. It's that seal that binds the soul to the body."

Asuma pulls out a kunai dagger and places the tip over the puppet's wooden chest. He channels his wind chakra into the blade to make it supernaturally sharp, then thrusts it forward. The blade goes straight through the puppet and a piece of paper covered in symbols inside it. The puppet jerks, then falls to the ground lifeless. In its place is the translucent spirit of Tobimaru that transforms into a hitotama before merging with Jou.

"What's going on!?" asks Hinata

"I never did explain my origin, did I?" says Jou, as his body grows from a seven inch figure to seven foot humanoid composed of living blue flames, "When people were killed or contaminated by the kitsune's demon magic, the souls became trapped within his castle. The negative emotions, dark magic, and accumulated youki gave birth to a youkai who hungers for new souls."

"So, the only reason you helped us was to devour Torimaru's soul." says Shikamaru, distracting the creature while the others focus their energy.

"Yes. I’ve wanted to eat that fool's soul for so long. He begged me to devour him, hoping it would end his pain, but the geas prevented me." says Jou, his arms extending into tongues of blue flame, "The souls of you eleven will sate my hunger for years to come!"

Hinata, Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru leap away as one of Jou's arms comes down. The floor is covered in intense blue flames, which only last an instant but leave the floor charred. Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji avoid the other arm, which burns a chair and tapestry on the wall. Jou opens its mouth wide, releasing heat like a blast furnace before releasing a shower of baseball -size blue fireballs.

"Hyoton: Hyoryuu Heki!" (Ice Release: Ice Style Wall!)

Yamato makes a hand sign and places his hands on the ground. It causes a thick wall of ice to rise from the ground and block the fireballs. The fireballs quickly blast the eight inch thick layer of ice into tiny pieces, but Yamato and his team have time to avoid them.

Shikamaru watches the movements of the youkai closely, then spots something strange. Despite its independent humanoid form which even has legs, it's connected by a tail of blue flames to the fireplace. He then notices when Izzy's wires slice off an arm it reverts into balls of blue flame that are drawn back into the fireplace before the creature can regenerate.

He shushins over to Yamato and talks to Team Adventure.

Seconds later, Team Adventure attacks from multiple sides. Jou's right arm is blocked by furniture that Mimi and Palmon manipulate with their vine whips. Izzy blocks the other arm with his wires and Tentomon's lightning. The fire youkai releases a blast of blue flame from its mouth at Yamato and Gobumon, who are in front of them. Instead of running away or blocking the attack, they shatter into a thousand ice fragments.

The remains of the Hyou Bunshin (Ice Clone) melt rapidly in the heat of supernatural flames, but the real Yamato is standing on the ceiling! Yamato hands flash through hand seals and releases his attack.

"FUTON: EKISHOURYUDAN!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Bullet)

A massive blast of wind chakra, liquefied air, and remaining air moisture frozen into ice crystals shoots towards the fireplace in the shape of a dragon.

Jou tries to block the attack, but the ice dragon goes straight through him before extinguishing the magic flames. The entire fireplace is covered in a meter of super cold ice, preventing even the smallest spark of even supernatural flames. Jou screams and howls as his body distorts, before the body of blue flames is extinguished leaving a thousand balls of blue flame. The Hitodama scatter and leave the room as if remembering Jou's evil and without souls, he won't reform.

"Let that be a lesson to the kids." says Ino, "Never trust strange youkai!"

Slowly, the room repairs the damage done by the battle. In the case of the charred floor, ashes flow back into place reforming into the wooden floorboards and straw mats. The ashes of the tapestry become a tapestry made of ash that slowly regains its color as ashes become fabric once more. Soon, all the ashes have reverted back into their original forms. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the fireplace, still trapped in a pillar of extremely cold ice shards.

Shikamaru hears something behind him and turns to see a pair of umbrellas. Suddenly, tongues appear from the bottom of the canopies and lick him before he can react. Each umbrella opens its one red eye and hops around on a foot that appears from the bottom of the handle


"What's the matter, Shika?" comes Chouji's voice, but it sounds distorted

Shikamaru turns to see Chouji looking very inebriated. He looks worse than Rock Lee after he accidentally drank Tsunade's strongest sake (rice wine) and almost destroyed the Hokage Tower with his natural Drunk-Fu. Shikamaru knows Chouji doesn't drink, so he quickly finds the source of the behavior.

On the ground near Chouji's feet are a pair of old sake jars with hairy, goblin-like arms and legs.


Asuma walks over to help his students, but nearly trips. He looks down at his feet and sees a pair of sandals crawling like slugs, each with one eye on the straps. He then has to jump when an animated tea kettle tries to pour boiling water on his leg.

"Bekezori. Morinji-no-kama." adds Shikamaru, "Tsukumogami! (Artifact spirits)"

According to the Tsukumogami-emaki, tsukumogami originate from items or artifacts that have reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and aware. Any object of this age, from swords to toys, can become a tsukumogami. Tsukumogami are considered spirits and supernatural beings, as opposed to enchanted items.

A headless black bird suddenly shoots out of the shadows and attacks Ino who avoids the first attack, then draws a kunai as it turns for a second attack. Ino times her attack and slices the bird creature clean in half from where the head should be to tail tip. As the two halves fall, they dissolve into clouds of black hair and two halves of a comb.

"A comb spirit??" says Ino

"It must be like the youkai Inuyasha and Kagome fought early in their adventures, Yura of the Hair." says Shikamaru, crushing the halves of the comb with his sneaker/sandal "Only less evolved."

Later that Night

Teams Kurenai, Asuma, and Adventure have been searching the castle for many hours, but so far all they have managed to find are progressively more dangerous youkai of various types.

Hinata fought a gigantic black and yellow striped spider with the head of a woman. The Jyorogumo (spider lady) was once a guest of the Kitsune, but was stripped of her mind by the kitsune for rejecting his affections.

The massive spider youkai was over five meters in length not including its six meter legs. The woman's head with red eyes, white skin, and long white hair rested on a long neck that could extend from the spider's head. It also had a wide mouth going from ear to ear, filled with sharp poison-loaded fangs. It almost devoured Hinata, but she sliced the head to pieces using her Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho (Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!). She then delivered a few juken strikes to the body to paralyze it long enough for Kiba's Piercing Fang to drill and shred the spider into gory pieces.

Yamato and Chouji had to fight a Nue. A chimera-like youkai with the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake as a tail. It had the ability to become a black cloud and fly allowing it to avoid physical attacks and attacked them with a breathe that caused the symptoms of terrible sickness. Chouji dispersed the clouds using his meat tank, spinning in his ball form to create wind, then Yamato blocked the clouds with his ice. Yamato then fired his Hyoton: Hyomori (Ice Release: Ice Lance) into the arrow causing the creature to revert to its true form and freeze as it fell towards the ground. Chouji's enlarged fist shattered the frozen Nue into lifeless shards.

Mimi and Ino had nearly been run over by a burning wheel. The two meter wide wheel had been moving faster than a twenty century race car with nitrous oxide and would have crushed them if they had been less agile. Mimi and Ino also had to avoid the burning trails left by the youkai, which revealed itself when it slowed down long enough to be seen. A burning wheel with the head of a man is the Wanyudo, a cruel daimyo condemned because he had his victims drawn on the back of an oxcart. He is said to guard the gates of Hell and to wander back and forth along the road between this world and the underworld, scaring townsfolk as he passes and stealing the souls of anyone who gets too close in order to bring them to Hell with him. Why he's inside a castle, Mimi and Ino didn't ask.

Instead, Ino used Suiton: Mizuame Nabara (Starch Syrup Capture Field). After forming the needed hand seals, Ino expelled a sticky liquid from her gullet. This liquid covered the hallway and on Wanyudo's next charge, the youkai lost control and crashed into the wall. This moment allowed Mimi to use her own Suiton: Mizurappa! (Water Release: Violent Current). The water jet from her mouth goes through the old human face and destroys the axis, before sending the giant wheel through a wall.

Shikamaru and Izzy fought a hebi youkai composed of a huge mass of venomous snakes. The black and dark purple serpents not only possessed bone-crushing coils and fangs loaded with shoki(miasma)-based venom, but they could fire jets of venom leaving trails of gaseous poison and their blood is pure corrosive poison that melted their weapons.. The most fearsome ability was that every time they sliced a snake apart, the pieces no matter how small regenerated into new snakes. The number of new snakes equalled the number of pieces it was cut into, meaning a snake cut in half became two, while a snake cut into ten pieces became ten snakes the length of the original

Izzy tries to protect himself, Tentomon, and Shikamaru with a cage of electrified wire, which worked for a time. Then the larger snakes started to tearing the smaller snakes open and using their corrosive blood to dissolve the wires. Shikamaru finally came up with the plan of having Izzy send shock wires into the mass. The other snakes would avoid the one's being shocked, causing the mass to separate long enough for Shikamaru to see the weakness.

A single iridescent rainbow-colored snake only a half a meter in length with polished silver eyes. It contrasted against the other one to three meter long snakes with their dark coloring and glowing yellow eyes. Shikamaru saw it hidden in the core of the mass and was able to shoot a single senbon through the wires of the cage into the snake's body. It wasn't the long needle that killed the snake, but the small explosive note attached to it. When the rainbow core snake was destroyed, the rest of snakes dissolved into dust and tiny bits of decaying bone.

Kurenai and Asuma fought a giant black-gray salamander hidden in a bedroom. The massive creature was big enough to swallow the two jounin whole and had the ability to manipulate fire, despite being an amphibian. It also excreted poisons from its skin, had poison for blood, and could fire a sticky black poison from its immense mouth to trap its prey.

Kurenai and Asuma won when Kurenai replaced herself with a pillar of wood that held the mouth open and then Asuma released a monstrous Fuuton: Daitoppa (Great Breakthrough). After bringing his hand to his mouth, Asuma blew a large blast of wind capable of leveling almost anything in its way. The wind inflated the Salamander's body to breaking point, while a handful of kunai and shuriken tossed into the wind by Kurenai tore it to pieces.

Shino fought a strange humanoid fish creature that had orange-scales and wore clothing composed of fisherman's nets. The youkai came out of the bath house and tried to tear the Aburame to pieces, only for Shino to dissolve into a cloud of bugs. As Shino watched his Mushi Bushin (Bug Clone) dissolve, he also watched the strange sight of a youkai run around screaming like a little girl. Many fish eat small insects, but this fish youkai was terrified of them

Izzy finished the fish youkai off by releasing his lightning wires into the salty bath water when the fish youkai dove in to avoid the insects. The creature was fried in seconds before the steaming corpse rose to surface of the hot water. The irony is the fish had a powerful body made of muscle and thick hardened bone, and was capable of tearing human flesh like wet rags. If it wasn't for his fear, he could have been a challenge.

They even fought an animated suit of samurai armor wielding a sword covered in smokeless white spirit flames. Shikamaru froze it long enough for Chouji to roll him over in meat tank form. The ghost samurai may have been powerful, but not when it had been crushed like a soda can. It had tried to continue its attack but Asuma's wind chakra trench knives cut the samurai's sword in half, and thereby cut the soul of the samurai. The armor collapsed into a pile of dust and fine rust.

"Hey look at this!" yells Kiba pointing at a painting on the wall.

The group gathers and looks at the painting which shows a group of nine humans and various youkai. A red-haired man with a gourd on his back and a Tanuki by his side. A blonde woman holding a giant fan. A man in black and with face paint holding a brown man with four arms. A brown haired boy riding a bipedal lizard youkai. A black haired boy holding a rabbit. A red-haired woman standing next to a golden kitsune. A white haired man standing on a red toad next to a blonde woman standing on a slug and a skimpy dressed woman standing on a purple snake.

The group recognizes the people. Their missing members Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Takato Matsuda and Guilmon, Jenrya Wong and Terriermon, Ruki Makino and Renamon, Tsunade Senju, Jiraiya, and Anko Mitarashi.

The Barrier

Teams Scourge, Kakashi, and Light have arrived at the castle. They learned that the barrier is designed to prevent anything from leaving, but does allow more people and things to enter.

"I'm getting a clear signal from Team Adventure." says Takeru, holding his Digivice, "I can't communicate, but they are inside the castle."

"The source of the barrier must be there." says Kakashi

Suddenly, there is a howling sound and Team Light has to jump away to avoid being bitten by several fast moving youkai. The round youkai vanish, then reappear in a different place. They attack Team Kakashi, but the four also avoid the youkai. The youkai disappear and reappear to attack Team Scourge, but Spike has an odd look on his face. A smile which is soon shared by Blaze.

As Drusilla, Angel, Lilitha, and Gabriel jump to avoid their attackers, Spike and Blaze deliver British football (soccer)-style kicks and send two youkai tumbling. Their sudden loss of speed reveals them to be corpse-like decapitated heads with eyes glowing with green flames and sharp teeth.


"Nukekubi." says Angel looking at the balls.

Nukekubi is a type of youkai that can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh. Their bodies are vulnerable and must reconnect with the heads at dawn or they burn like vampires. The only unique thing about this attack is the speed of the attackers and the fact there are twenty five of them.

Now that the shinobi can see their attackers, it becomes a massacre for the Nukekubi.



Blaze's shotgun blasts cause a couple of Nukekubi to explode into showers of blood, tissue, and bone fragments. Lilitha's poisonous claw causes two of the Nukekubi to melt. Spike slashes with his sword and releases a wave of flame that incinerates three heads and the following kick causes one head to shoot into the air before exploding like a firework. Angel's lightning covered sword pierces and cuts two more clean in half, while Gabriel's light spears impale six.

Naruto uses Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind) to injure three with a hawk made of ink from Sai tearing out the eyes of the fourth. The four are then crushed by Sakura's destructive blows.

"Zanrokotsusan" (skull slicing flash!)

Takeru slices two head clean in half after Patamon distracts them

"Hijutsu: Taiyougan!" (Secret Art: Sun Sphere!)

Hikari pulls out her newest technique, one she has been working on since the Scourge told her of the vampires in her world and the History of the Scourge. It also became important in a world where many youkai are vulnerable to sunlight. She concentrates swirling chakra into her palm similar to Naruto's Rasengan (Spiral Sphere), but instead adds her unique element, Light. The end result is a burning sphere of a solar flame in her palm, emitting intense sunlight.

The remaining three heads scream and try to escape the wielder of the Crest of Light. As she brings her sphere forward, it's like sunrise and the heads including the ones killed by the others burst into green flames. The flames consume every trace of flesh, leaving burning bones. The charred bones don't last very long and crumble to dust. A small wooden building on the side of the castle also explodes into green flames and burns to ashes, as the decapitated bodies of the heads also ignite.

Hikari is sweating and releases the technique allowing the Sun Sphere to dissolve. The others walk over to her and she notices they all have minor sun burns.


There is a loud screeching sound and the sound of water bubbling. The lake foams before giant crabs emerge from the water, each with shells that resemble human faces. They resemble Heikegani (Heikea japonica), but they are immense with the shells over three meters in length and four of each of their eight legs are several times the length of body. The faces on the back of the Normal Heikegani don't have such yellow eyes and those faces don't scream.

The group moves towards the castle and Naruto jumps onto the wall to get above the crabs. Instead of sticking to the wall with his chakra or slipping off, Naruto's legs sink into the stone wall as if it’s made of mud. He feels an intense suction and is pulled completely into the wall.

"Naruto!" yells Sakura, as she watches her closest friend sink into the wall and vanish.

She then has to avoid several branches that try to impale her. Her attacker is a plant youkai in the form of a five hundred year old Sakura tree.

The Japanese flowering cherry tree known for its pink blossoms. Whereas in China the cherry blossom symbolizes feminine beauty, the feminine principle, or love in the language of herbs, in Japan the cherry blossoms are believed to exemplify the transient nature of life, because of their short blooming times.

The youki has tainted the tree making the blossoms last forever and turned them the color of fresh blood. It's able to move using it's animated roots like a mass of tentacles and attacks by trying to crush and impale it's victims with its roots. It needs their blood to feed its tainted cheery blossoms. The blossoms composed of youki can also be used to attack, slicing with a sharpness greater than a katana blade.

Sakura Haruna doesn't care about that; instead she's worried about her friend. That is why she delivers a punch so powerful it creates a crater in the bark and knocks the five hundred year old tree into the air leaving trails of dirt and swirling blossoms.

Inside the Castle

Naruto walks down the creepy halls of the supernatural castle. The halls seem to be longer than the castle and branch a thousand times. They are illuminated by lamps with blue smoke-less flames, which creates strange shadows on the tapestry and painting covered walls.

"What the…?"

Naruto runs over to a set of paintings and sees some very familiar faces.

A red-haired man and his Tanuki destroying an army of ghost samurai. The man has green eyes and they both attack with tan waves of sand.

"Gaara. Shukaku"

A red five-tailed Kitsune holding jewels and gold towards a red-haired woman, who’s standing next to a yellow Kitsune with purple gloves. The red kitsune has a cunning smile on its lips that looks menacing, while Renamon and Ruki look annoyed.

"Ruki-chan. Renamon."

A blonde woman with large breasts smashing a sake bottle over the head of a man in red with spiky white hair. The woman looks angry while the man has a nose bleed.

"Ero-Sennin. Tsunade-obassan."

Naruto then sees a large painting of Team Suna - Gaara, Shukaku, Temari, Kankuro- and Team Tamer - Takato, Guilmon, Ruki, Renamon, Jenrya, and Terriermon - fighting a huge black bear youkai. As he looks at the painting, it suddenly comes to life.

The giant bear youkai resembles an Asiatic Black Bear with black fur, sharp claws and a distinctive white "V" marking on its chest. Like most Henge, it's far larger than its normal animal counterpart. While Asian Black Bears grow to a hundred thirty to a hundred ninety centimeters (4¼ to 6¼ ft) in length, this youkai is twenty meters in length and has glowing red eyes.

The bear tries to destroy them, but the shinobi prove to be too fast and agile. Tsunade summons a giant slug, Jiraiya summons a giant toad, and Anko summons a giant snake. The slug sprays sticky acid into the bear's eyes, while the toad slices the limbs with its sword. The giant snake coils around one leg and sinks its poisonous fangs into the flesh almost to the bone.

When the giant bear finally collapses to the ground, it's Gaara that finishes it off

"Sabaku Taikubi Shibari no Jutsu!" (Imperial Desert Neck Bind Technique)

Naruto is shocked to hear Gaara's voice as the massive wave of sand wraps around the bear's neck and implodes, crushing veins, arteries, flesh, and the neck bones. As Naruto backs up, he touches the stone wall and is pulled through it by an unseen force.

When he opens his eyes, he finds himself half-naked and on a mass of soft pillows. A three-tailed white fox emerges from the mass of pillows and transforms into a pale-skinned woman with long snow white hair, two small fox ears on her head, and three long tails extending from her rear. She wraps her body around Naruto and he feels a wave of warmth and confusion, like being drunk or drugged.

The woman gets close and kisses Naruto on the lips.

"I'm married... Hinata-chan."

The kitsune's voice is hypnotic.

"Married people should have fun... They should have fun together. You can have fun together with me."

Suddenly, the bare form of Hinata is also wrapped around him. It looks like Hinata except she also has black fox ears and one fox tail with a lavender tip.

Hinata begins to kiss Naruto and he begins to loss himself in the sensation, when he looks into Hinata's very light lavender eyes. They lack pupils due to the Byakugan bloodline limit, but now they lack something else. They lack freewill or intelligent thought, and Naruto struggles against the fog that clouds his mind. He calls out through his link to his partner.


(Blast Claws)

The wall of the chamber glows red and white, before exploding inward. Gohan, former Biju-ou Kyubi no Kitsune and current Digimon/Biju hybrid Hulimon stands surrounded by sparks and dust.

With the chamber breached, a strange fog is pulled out. As the fog is removed, so are the layers of illusion. The walls than once looked like painted foam, become cold hard stone. The soft feathery pillows become piles of rags. Naruto and Hinata are now fully clothed, with Hinata's fox features gone and the life returned to her eyes. The white kitsune reverts to her animal form, before becoming humanoid again dressed in a white kimono-like robe.

"What happened, Naruto-kun?" asks Hinata, "I was walking with the others, when the walls began to change. I saw a painting of Temari fighting a trio of Kamaitachi come to life and fell against one wall. I remember…

She blushed scarlet.

"I don't know, Hinata-chan. One moment I'm fighting giant screaming crabs, next I'm being seduced by a bisexual kitsune seductress, who makes you appear with fox ears."

"Fox ears??" says Hinata, checking her head.

"They're gone now, but they were cute."

"Yes, they were." says Gohan.

"Hey! Ero-Kitsune." says Naruto, glaring at the king of tailed beasts.

"She's the Ero-Kitsune (Perverted Fox)." says Gohan pointing his sword at the white-clad Kitsune.

"I'm not that ecchi." says the sanbi kyubi, "It's the chamber. When the Nogistune failed to seduce red-haired kitsune warrior or her kitsune partner, he created these rooms to enslave the minds of those trapped inside. When ...Gohan was it... shattered the wall, he broke the spell."

"Red-haired kitsune warrior?" says Gohan, then he, Naruto, and Hinata say the same thing, "Ruki!"

"They must have appeared in the past and encountered the Nogitsune while adventuring." says Gohan, "Wait! You said 'these rooms’; you mean there are more than one?"


The two shinobi, one Digimon, and one white kitsune rush down the hall to another room where Gabumon stands in front of a very angry Yuki-Onna.

A few minutes ago, she was a seductive woman with long white hair, white skin, and ice blue eyes trying to get Yamato out of his clothing. Now she has changed into a more fearsome youkai form with glowing blue eyes, hard dark blue skin made of ice and snow, and hair spread out like a sea urchin, with each icy hair as sharp a needle. She’s also growing long claws like shards of ice from her fingers.

"HOW DARE YOU!!" yells the Yuki-Onna

"Stop!" yells the Shiro Sanbi (White Three Tail), "He wasn't the one that captured you, Yuki. It was the Nogistune. He trapped us within the castle before the Holy Men could seal the castle."

"Seal the castle?" asks Gohan, as the Yukionna slowly reverts to a beautiful, extremely pale woman wearing a white kimono. She floats in the air rather than walking.

"The red kitsune was messing with extremely dark magic. He had even planned to transform himself into a more powerful form, so the Holy Men sealed several special youkai within the barrier to inhibit his power. These youkai would produce a sacred energy that would keep the Nogitsune spirit asleep, while the inverted barrier would keep his horrors trapped inside."

"Those youkai wouldn't happen to be a winged man, fish with bells for heads, and undead monks?" says Hinata looking worried

"Yes. The monks were actually a group slaughtered by Nogitsune and brought back to life to guard their enemy." explains Shiro Sanbi, "They are supposed to prevent anyone from entering the castle."

"We have a problem." says Hinata, "My group destroyed those youkai when he ended up inside the barrier."

"That would explain why we are awake." says Yuki, "I only woke a few hours ago, but I only became fully aware when the little lizard youkai in the blue fur broke the wall."

"I'm guessing our only way out is to destroy the red fox sorcerer."

Depths of the Castle

"Hoshitama Kuchidan!"
(Star Ball Mouth Bullet)

A massive destructive blast that shines like a star destroys the iron door sealing the lower level. The door is a circular plate over five meters in diameter, over two meters thick, and composed of solid cold iron. The kanji on the door created an extremely powerful spirit/magic barrier that also boosted the strength of the thick iron and stone floor it was attached to. The blast from Gohan's mouth proved to be far more powerful, reducing the seal door into molten iron fragments.

A few minutes ago and after a lot of destruction to the castle, the groups were reunited and now they are hunting an evil fox in the lowest level of the castle.

Team Kakashi walks into the lower chamber first with Gohan in the lead, his mouth still steaming from the youki blast. Followed by Team Kurenai with Hinata in the lead close to Naruto. Team Scourge and their Digimon look ready to end this adventure and even Team Light looks angry. Leomon, Patamon, and Tailmon stand close to their partners. Team Adventure with their Digimon and Team Asuma take the rear. The Yuki-Onna and Shiro Sanbi Kitsune (white three-tailed fox) girl stand next to Hinata and Naruto.

When they reach the bottom chamber they find an immense dome shaped room. The circular floor has a radius of over five hundred meters with a hundred meter radius iron plate in the center and nine fifty meter radius stone plates going around it. The immense structure sits directly under the castle and part of the lake. The sealing in the chamber isn't perfect as proven by the ten centimeters (four inches) of water on the muddy stone floor and the occasional drip from the slimy wall.

The room suddenly shakes and the edges of the nine stone plates glow a menacing blood red. The different kanji on each one glows like fire and the water covering it boils away in the extreme heat. The stone plates vibrate and crack, before shattering completely. When they shatter, towers of swirling dark purple shoki (miasma) shoot into the air. The poison fog settles revealing nine new giant youkai.

"The Nine Guardians." says Shiro Sanbi Kitsune.

Angel, Naruto, Hinata, Takeru, Yamato, Asuma, and Kurenai all step forward and say as one

"Pick your partners."

The first Guardian resembles the legendary Yamato no Orochi, an immense serpent dragon with eight heads and eight tails. The immense monster is three hundred meters in length from the longest head to the longest tail tip. As it attacks it releases bursts of toxic flames from its mouth. The burning liquid floats on the surface of the water-covered floor creating a sea of flames.

"KIN KUCHIYOSE: BIJUU: HACHIBI!" (Forbidden Summoning: Tailed Beast: Eight Tail!)

There is a massive explosion of water and smoke that nearly puts out the Yamato's oil flames.

Originally, Drusilla's Hachibi puppet resembled the Yamato no Orochi merged with a cepthalopod to create a Lovecraftian nightmare. The new puppet resembles Kiru Hachi's Ushioni form with a muscular humanoid body, an ox's head and eight long tentacles covered in barbed suckers.

Two of Yamato's heads shoot towards Drusilla, who’s standing on the bull's head, but two tentacles shoot out and wrap around the serpentine necks. The two dragon heads scream and spray green blood from their mouths as the barbed sucks tears through their iron-hard scales and fill their veins with poison. Lilitha, the Lilithmon, stands between the two horns, which are different because the real Hachibi has a broken left horn and the horns curve downward. She fires a high powered Nazar Nail attack severely burns the flesh of three of the Orochi heads.

The second guardian is a giant snail-like creature with a toothy mouth that sprays acid and a shell composed of diamond. It also secretes acid from its skin, making it near impossible to hit without getting severe damage, and fires diamond shards from its shell like lethal projectiles.

"Kinjutsu: Raiton: Tenshi no Mai!"
(Forbidden technique: Lightning release: Dance of the Angel!)

Angel summons translucent blades of blue-white energy from his back. The flow of energy foaming off these blades makes them appear to be feathery angel wings. Angel's skin changes color to blood red, then to black and his eyes change into glowing gold. There is the sound of ten million birds as a spear composed of lightning forms in his hand. Gabriel floats in the sky above him and forms lances of light in his hands.


The third guardian is an immense red Toad with gold-on-black eyes, black spines on its back, and the ability to fire jets of poisonous oil that ignites when it comes in contact with the water. It can also concentrate the oil into balls of tar-like goo that can be shot like cannon balls from its mouth and detonate like large napalm bombs when they hit.

Spike slices through one of those Napalm bombs and sends an arc of fire back at the toad. The two halves of the bomb splatter into droplets a few meters away and ignite into an intense fireworks display. Blaze raises the glowing blue barrels of his Bera Hena shotguns


The Toad cries out in pain as the fiery blasts leave fiery trails in its flesh, which one blast completely destroying one of the eyes. It screams even louder as Spike begins to slice off one of hands.

The fourth Guardian is a skull-faced blue furred Kyubi no Kitsune. The roaring feral youkai fires blue fireballs from its tail tips and shock waves from its mouth. The Kyubi fires a shock wave at Gohan, but Gohan disperses it with a small Bakuha Kekkai (Blast barrier), before appearing within two meters of the Kyubi's immense masked face.

"Kyubi no Muchi!" (Whip of the Nine Tails)

Gohan's nine fluffy white tails extend and strike with devastating force. Despite their small size, the Kyubi's head is snapped around with the force of each blow. If a boxer's head moved as hard the Kyubi's head did during a match they would die of a fatal concussion in seconds. The ninth blow sends the Kyubi tumbling towards the ground and towards Naruto who’s holding a ball of wind and chakra.

"FUTON: RASENGAN!" (Wind Release: Spiral Sphere!)

Yamato and Gabumon are fighting the fifth Guardian which resembles a massive bipedal dragon with dark red scales covered in black marks, bone spikes and armor, and red-yellow eyes. It also has a long red serpentine tail with a bony spike on the tip like the rattle on a rattlesnake. The dragon fires massive blasts of crimson fire that Yamato counters with his ice dragon techniques.

"Hyouton: Tsumetai Umibouzu!" (Ice Release: Icy Sea Monster)

Yamato and Gabumon created this technique in dedication to the memory of Joe and Gomamon. Yamato and Gabumon work the technique together creating a sea monster out of ice that looks identical to Plesiomon. The massive ice construct, like those ninja of the Yuki no Kuni (land of snow), is created from the lake water that covers the floor, but is as clear as crystal. The massive dino-dragon tries to blast the Ice Sea Monster but the massive ice sculpture crushes him.

The Sixth Guardian is an insect youkai resembling a giant flying ant with three glowing yellow eyes, a brown wood-like exoskeleton, and red-brown legs ending in poisoned blades. There are also a dozen red barbed tentacles extending from its back like living cables and large metal mandibles as sharp as swords.

Its opponents are Hinata Uzumaki and Shino Aburame. The ant sends out red tendrils that instantly slice Hinata and Shino into pieces, but those are Mushi Bunshin (Bug Clones). The real Hinata delivers Juken strikes to the underside of the mesosoma (middle) of the insect. This disrupts the flow of energy enough for the tendrils to vanish and for Shino's bugs to cover the eyes. As Hinata and Shino jump back, Shino forms a unique hand sign.

"Mushi Bakuha!" (Insect Explosion!)

The three clusters of insects on the three eyes change from black to crimson. Each of the special kikai mushi (destruction bugs) feeds on youkai and detonates like a small bomb. Clustered together their force is increased to the point where the entire head is completely destroyed.

The Seventh Guardian is a giant three-headed weasel with long sickle-like blades for front paws and five long tails spread out with blade-like tips. Hikari and Takeru spread their feathery wings to escape the blood thirsty feral creature with Tailmon in Hikari's arms. It proves to be futile, as the screeching weasel releases blades of wind from its tails as it spins its body. As the two human angels dive, the three headed weasel lunges at them, fangs and blades wide.

"Koumyou Oujo: Zanten'unsan" (Hope special technique: Destiny Slicing Flash)

The weasel is throw back as light descends from Takeru's attack, its youki hardened blades shattering into a thousand fragments. The attack is quick and powerful; the left and right heads are half decapitated, while the middle head is completely severed!

The Eighth Guardian is a giant two headed Tanuki Statue. It's a massive creature made of golden sand stone with a metal conical hat and a huge gourd that it uses as a club. To armies of samurai and priests it would be an unstoppable juggernaut with the ability to fire destructive bursts of poisoned air from its mouth. A poison that would turn its victims to stone, which would then be absorbed to increase the youki animated statue's already immense size.

"FUTON: RASENSHURIKEN!" (Wind Release: Spiral Shuriken!)

Against Naruto's wind blades, it doesn't last a minute. Within seconds the towering living statue collapses into a thousand smooth slices. As the slices hit the ground and each other, they shatter into lifeless piles of powdery sand.

The Ninth Guardian is a long-haired two-headed wolf. The massive wolf over ten meters long has tan fur, immense ears and golden eyes. It also has the ability to shoot thousands of metal spikes from its mouth and has teeth and claws made of sharp metal.

"HYOTON: GAROU HYOARASHI!" (Ice Release: Hungry Wolf Ice Tempest!)

Yamato and Gobumon pull their energy together and release another of their ice techniques. The chakra gathers the water and ice fragments from the ice sea serpent and reforms it into a giant wolf. The ice wolf lunged at the youkai wolf, but is shattered to pieces by the barrage of metal. Yamato doesn't care because he used the jutsu as a distraction to get on the left head of the youkai.

"FUTON: HYOUYARI!" (Wind Release: Ice Spear!)

The massive two-headed wolf pauses and the right head turns to his brother to see that he’s dead with a spire of ice impaling the head from forehead to jaw. A second before it can react, a second ice spear pierces it's eye and freezes its brain solid. Yamato jumps off as the double-headed wolf falls dead.

"That has to be the worst case of an Ice Cream Headache, I have ever seen." says Gabumon.

"Bad Joke." says Yamato.

Drusilla's Ushioni is now controlling the heads of Yamato no Orochi. Each of the barbed, sucker covered tentacles is wrapped around the serpentine head. The barbs are tearing into the flesh and injecting the massive puppet's poison reserves. The Yamato counters by whipping the massive puppet with its eight tails causing damage with every blow. Already, the mechanisms of the legs are exposed from the damage.

"Bored now." says Drusilla in a child like voice.

The Hachibi no Ushioni crosses its arms so that its elbows are pointed at the central mass. Thick blades housed in the forearms extend out of the hands before the puppet spreads its arms. The blades crackling with electrical force instantly slice through the Yamato. The tails collapse to the ground spraying green blood, while the upper heads are pulled apart by the tentacles pulling back.

Angel's lightning spear pierces the diamond shell of the youkai snail, sending a shock wave through the entire creature. The snail, blinded by Gabriel's light spears, tries to spray acid on Angel, but the evolved vampire's dancing angel aura completely vaporizes the liquid acid.

"Raiton: Shinkurai Hadodan!" (Lightning Release: Vacuum Lightning Surge Bullet!"

Angel's entire aura flows into a concentrated sphere in his palm, before he fires the sphere into the hole in the diamond shell. The sphere of chakra and plasma detonates inside the snail creating a shock wave and super-heating the body fluids creating even greater pressure. The destructive energy trapped by the shell bounces around destroying all the internal flesh and organs before exploding out the weak points, namely the hole and the opening containing the head and tail. The smoking shell and a few fragments of the charred head are all that remains.

Blaze uses his boost mode's black wings to get high into the air before ramming his foot into the Toad's head hard enough to smash it into the ground.

"KATON: GOUKA NO KUSARI!" (Fire Release: Chains of Hellfire!)

Spike rams his sword into the ground causing a thousand chains of burning red metal to shoot from the ground and bind the immense toad. Unable to release its oil, the pressure builds inside the toad youkai causing its body to inflate like a balloon.

Spike pulls out a cigarette and lights it with a flame on the tip of a kunai dagger.

"Game over, Toad Boy."

He then tosses the kunai at the Toad's oily tongue, which is impaled to the ground by a dozen sharp metal spikes. Since most of the water was absorbed by Yamato's ice serpent, the tongue didn't ignite, but the kunai causes the tongue to blister then explode. Like an oily rag in the neck of a Molotov cocktail, the flames travel to the source of fuel.


The inflated road explodes into a huge fireball that rains ash and burning youkai guts across the battle field. As the last of the Guardians is destroyed the nine holes they emerged from re-seal themselves, this time leaving a feature less smooth plate.

Then slowly white lights emerge from the center of the new plates.

The light from the Tanuki Golem's seal splits into two and vanishes to reveal a small youkai Tanuki and a man with red hair and dark-rimmed eyes. Sabaku no Gaara and Ichibi no Shukaku have returned.

The remains of the three headed weasel dissolve into mist which swirls around the Weasel's seal. When the winds fade, there is a blonde woman with four spiky ponytails and huge fan on her back. Temari has returned.

The remains of the ant shatter into dust and swirls around its seal. The dust cloud falls to reveal a man dressed in black and wearing face paint next to a wooden puppet covered in bandages. Kankuro and his puppets have returned.

The crushed remains of the dino-dragon burst into flames and the ashes swirl around the dragon's seal. When the ashes fall, there is a brown haired man with goggles and red bipedal lizard. Takato and Guilmon have returned.

The remains of the two headed wolf turn to ice and shatter. The billions of tiny fragments swirl around the wolf' seal before falling to the ground. In their place is a black haired man with long eared rabbit-like dog on his head. Jenrya and Terriermon have returned.

The ash and tiny fragments of the toad youkai come together as a sphere of fire above the Toad seal and when the fire disperses, there is a man with long spiky white hair standing dressed like a kabuki dancer. Jiraiya, the Toad Sennin and Greatest Seal Master, has returned.

The remains of the snail youkai including the diamond shell dissolve into glowing watery liquid, which flows into a sphere above the Snail Seal. The sphere disperses into a mist revealing a blonde woman with blue eyes and a large chest. Tsunade Senju, the Slug Sannin and Greatest Medic Ninja, has returned.

The shredded remains of the Yamato no Orochi melt into an oily green-black liquid that forms a ball above the center of the Yamato seal. The sphere ignites into green flames and when the flames die there is a wild looking woman dressed in a skimpy outfit. Anko Mitarashi, the New Snake Sennin, has returned.

Shiro Sanbi Kitsune floats towards the center of the skull-faced kyubi's seal, as the remains of the creature ignite into white flames. The white flames merge with Shiro Sanbi's body, cocooning her in a sphere of white light. When the sphere dissolves there is a red-haired woman and a yellow kitsune with purple gloves. Ruki Makino and Renamon have returned.

Unseen by the others, an amorphous black cloud appears from one of the tunnels and floats toward the center of the chamber. It sinks into the center seal, which then glows crimson and is then covered in crawling blue-white lightning. The entire chamber shakes and streams of water and mud from the lake fall to the ground. The Castle high above shakes and begins to collapse.

"No time for Reunions. Run for it!"

Teams Scourge, Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma exit the chamber first followed by Teams Suna, Adventure, Tamer, and Light. The last to leave are the Neo Sennin - Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Anko.

Seconds after the last person leaves, the center seal explodes like a fertilizer bomb and creates a shockwave powerful enough to crack the dome wall and floor. A swirling tornado-like pillar of dark purple shoki (miasma) and crimson flames erupts. The pillar of dark flames with a radius of over a hundred meters punches straight through the ceiling and the castle above.

Destruction of the Castle of Illusions

The castle shakes and begins to collapse into the lake as a pillar of youki and shoki scars the heavens. The barrier that surrounded the castle is already gone, collapsed the moment the Nine Guardians were defeated. The magic that protected the building from the elements and the passage of time dissolves, causing the entire castle to decay. The parts of the castle not destroyed by the pillar of dark fire or the sinkhole created by the underground chambers collapsing, literally crumble into dust and rotting wood.

The Ninja, including the Scourge, Digidestined and Digimon escape the collapsing castle by going through the wall when the tunnels or hallways collapse. They all manage to escape before the castle rubble falls into the lake and the pillar disperses.

Suddenly, a new danger rises from the hole. A kitsune composed of crimson spirit flames appears above the water. It also has nine tails composed of mystical black flames and as it roars a howling wind begins to blow across the lake and surface of the lake.

"It's the pervert." says Ruki and Renamon

"Pervert?" asks Naruto and Hinata.

"That's the red fox that trapped us in the castle just because neither Renamon nor I was interested in him." says Ruki, "Let's see how strong this bastard is now."

The massive amounts of crimson youki flames and purple shoki released swirl around the Red Nogitsune Sorcerer causing his body to grow and change. When the clouds of dark energy have been absorbed, the kitsune is now solid with a body eighty meters in length and each of the nine tails is fifty meters in length. Its body is covered in sharp needle-like dark crimson fur with armor composed of adamant diamonds on the torso. As it roars, the winds surge to hurricane force shredding the clearing to the forest and sending monstrous waves across the lake.

"I think it’s time." says Ruki

"Time for What?" asks Takato

"Time for us to kick its ass."

Ruki and Renamon charge forward and fuse together in a burst of light to form Sakuyamon. Takato and Guilmon follow and fuse together into Dukemon. Jenrya and Terriermon follow and fuse together to form the massive MegaGargomon.

The Demon Fox release three different blasts from his mouths. One is composed of red and black youki flames, one is composed of powerful acid and liquefied shoki, and the third is composed of white sand an crystals moving at speeds that can grind flesh from bones.

The Demon Fox has a stunned look on its three faces, a second before MegaGargomon's metal fist strikes the middle head and sends the entire massive creature off its feet.



Dukemon fires a burst of energy from his lance, while Sakuyamon summons a mystical wind that carries hundreds of purple crystalline shards. The energy from the lance strikes the left head, while the crystal shards rip the right head.

The Demon Fox regains its footing and flings all nine tails forward, releasing nine black fireballs that explode when they hit their targets. Sakuyamon's barrier and Dukemon's shield stop the fireballs aimed at them and MegaGargomon's armor stops the remaining from the hitting the others.

Team Scourge send energy to their Digimon Partners causing them to glow with dark lights. As they glow Angel turns to Spike and says "Did you ever imagine we would be fighting giant monsters using giant monsters of our own?"

Spike's reply is "The second time I ate a druggie. It was a bad trip the first time around."

Blaze, the Beelzubumon releases his limiters and transforms into Beelzubumon Blast Mode. Still glowing with a mystical yellow flame, he channels the energy into his cannon.

Lilitha, the Lilithmon glows with radiant green energy. The green energy swirls and flows into her decayed right arm, which changes into a green-gold armor

Gabriel Light Lior, the Lucemon, glows with a shining crimson light. He glows like a crimson star as the image of Lucemon Falldown Mode appears behind him.




The three Digimon release super-powered versions of their primary attacks. Blaze fires a super powerful energy blast from his cannon, Lilitha fires a blast of corrosive poison and dark energy from her arm and Gabriel fires an immense lance of light over ten times his length at the Demon Fox. The three attacks blast the demon into the lake. As he hits the water, his body begins to shrink losing twenty meters of height.

"HYOTON: NANARYUSOUHA!" (Ice Release: Nine Dragon Blast Wave!)


Yamato uses his remaining chakra to summon nine water dragons from the lake to attack the Demon Fox, each dragon strikes one after the others and turns to ice before the impact to increase the destructive power. His ultimate (mega) level partner MetalGarurumon releases a cone of ice that then traps the Demon Fox in the ice.


The Tifaret on Mimi's Rosemon glows and the flower on her head "blooms", and she releases a blast of energy and flower petals. Boosted by Mimi's own power, the energy blast sends the Demon Fox flying just as he escapes the Ice. It flings the shrinking demon out of the lake and back onto the shore.


Izzy's HerakleKabuterimon boosted by Izzy's own chakra fires a ball of lightning from each of his arms at the still soaking Demon Fox. The massive amount of electrical energy tears through his body, arcing between the long hairs and tails, before detonating in a massive explosion.

The Demon Fox looks upward as the sky lightens and sees four figures with the wings of angels.

The first are Takeru and Hikari floating on their own wings, with Takeru holding his shining blade like a sword of fire. The other two are the ultimate evolutions of their partners, Seraphimon and Orphanimon, the Celestial Digimon



Seraphimon fires seven great orbs of holy energy, while Orphanimon fires a holy energy from her javelin. The holy energy pierces the Demon Fox's body paralyzing him as one of his tail burns away. The orbs follow the beam and strike the Demon Fox one after the other. With each orb, the Demon Fox is covered in flames, looses another tail, and shrinks even further.

When the attack ends, the Demon Fox only has a single tail and is now only ten meters in length. The monster is no longer howling in rage, but in fear. It tries to run, but the young shinobi and their Digimon are relentless. It leaps into the air to escape into the forest.

"MARYUSHOUHA!" (Demon Dragon Blast Wave!)

Gohan's nine energy dragons hit the Demon Fox's side with almost enough force to tear the demonic animal in half and send him flying towards Dukemon.


Dukemon smashes his Aegis Shield into the falling Demon Fox's face before firing an energy beam from the shield. This sends the fox flying back into the air.


MegaGargomon continues the game of villain volleyball with a pulverizing shock wave from his fist.

"FUTON: ODAMA RASENGAN!" (Wind Release: Great Ball Spiral Sphere!)

A pair of Narutos thrown into the air by Gohan and boosted by Sakuyamon, thrusts a giant sphere of chakra into the Demon Fox. The ball grinds a crater into the flesh before the demon is knocked away. Then the Odama Rasengan explodes creating a vortex that tears and propels the demon fox.

"SUNA YARI!" (Sand Spear)

"SUNA SENBON BAKUHA!" (Sand Needle Explosion!)

Shukaku, the Tanukimon creates a giant halberd made of golden sand and throws it into the Demon Fox, piercing its entire body. Gaara's special technique is an inversion of his normal crushing technique, causing the chakra-filled sand to explode sending out a million glass-like needles. They tear through the Demon Fox's body and causing it to crash into the ground.

The Demon Fox has reverted to a living red fox form lying in a deep crater. It's bleeding slowly from a thousand small cuts and blood is dripping from its mouth and nose. It looks like every bone in its now normal sized body is broken and its remaining black tail is dissolving like a flame running out of fuel.

"KONGOUKAI MANDALA!" (Diamond Realm Mandala!)

Sakuyamon creates a huge ring of golden energy that surrounds the red kitsune and slowly decreases in size, crushing him. When the light fades all that remains are charred bone fragments.


At the Reunion in Kaede's village, the action has died down as well.

Miroku and Sango's four children Shinju, Hitomi, Miyatsu, and Menou are with their parents. The oldest, Shinju, was playing with a wooden version of Hiraikotsu and nearly leveled a forge. They all look cute in their miniature demon slayer outfits, a gift from a distant friend who couldn't make it to the reunion.

Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting with their two children Inuken and Midori. The two children may only be a quarter Akita inu youkai (dog demon), but the boy possesses his father's silver hair and the girl has his golden eyes. They have been peaceful except when Inuken stole candy from his sister and she hit him over the head with a fan saying "Osuwari!”

Shippo hasn't changed in ten years, looking only a year older due to youkai longevity.

The strangest event that has occurred is that two groups of shinobi appeared in their village, but not the ones they expected to see at the Reunion.

The First group that appeared from a flash in the sky are former Jinchuriki Kira Hachi and Yugito Nii with their Bijuu-turned-Digimon Leona the Leonamon and Taurus the Ushionamon. The two former cloud ninja and their Digimon landed on an abandoned building and completely destroyed it. They were followed by Masaru and Ryou with their Digimon Agumon and Cyberdramon, who crushed a bridge and cart loaded with sake (rice wine)! The last to arrive was Shizune and Iruka, who were caught by Inuyasha so they didn't destroy more of the village property.

After cleaning off and dying off, the Inuyasha group told the ninja about the Konoha ninja and their friends who had become members of Tokoyamigakure no Sato (Village Hidden in Everlasting Darkness)


Then even more people arrived an hour later.

Team Gai consisting of Konoha taijutsu expert Gai Maito, his prodigy almost son/clone Rock Lee, genius Neji Hyuuga, and weapon expert Tenten. They also arrived with a youkai girl from the far west.

The girl's human-dominant form has brown topaz eyes with faint eye ridges, tan skin, and long gold hair with streaks of aqua. Her skin is actually composed of extremely small scales, which causes it to sparkly in direct sunlight. She's dressed in an outfit that, to Kagome at least, resembles a one piece black swim suit composed of youkai fish skin. She also wears sandals, loose pants tied around the hips, a long cloak, and a traditional bamboo hat (kasa) to hide her appearance when traveling.

Thankfully, it was Neji and the youkai that explained what happened to them and not Gai or Lee. A long story from them could have rendered the listeners completely deaf.

"We remember being in Konohagakure no Sato before Madara could destroy it. Then we remember falling out of a light in the sky. It was years ago and we appeared over the icy waters of the North. This wasn't North of Japan, but north of distant western land beyond the continent that faced a different ocean. We would have drowned in the cold water or been devoured by weird horse youkai."

"Kelpies." says the girl. "They’re called Kelpies."

"An odd twist resulted in us landing on a small island, where Kairi was in hibernation. Lee accidentally awoke her, when he broke the stone door trying to knock. After proving we weren't her enemies, Kairi agreed to help us. She used her song to get rid of the Kelpies and helped us reach the mainland. She decided to travel with us and it took us several years to travel from that cold island country across the continent to Japan."

"Wait! Why would you go through that amount of trouble?" says Kagome, looking at Kairi, "Also, isn't Kairi a Japanese name??"

"I didn't have a name when they met me." says Kairi, "I'm a Nereid or Sea Nymph, a type of youkai found in a much warmer waters. I was the fifty first daughter of the Titan Nereus, who was the son of Pontus the Sea and Gaia the Earth, and Nereus's wife Doris."

"The Titans from Greek Myth!?" asks Kagome

"You know about them??" asks Neji

"I'm from the future and I read about them in school" explains Kagome, causing Inuyasha to wince at the school part, "They were a type of ancient god that came before there Pantheon. They were like Izanami and Izanagi to Susanoo and Amateratsu in Shinto. The parents of the more modern kami. Wait, 51st?"

"Yes, Fifty First." says an annoyed Kairi, "Everyone knows about the fifty daughters that dwell in the Aegean Sea with dad. The only famous ones were Thetis, Amphitrite, wife of sea god Poseidon; and Galatea. They all live with him in a silvery cave, but I was independent and wanted to explore and since our family has a history of killing and/or eating each other, Nereus decided to let me go."

"Fifty sisters?" asks Inuken, "I can barely stand one."

"Baka!" says Midori yanking his hair.

"That's nothing. My mother Doris was one of the three thousand daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys." says Kairi, "When I became independent, I started to develop my own unique abilities and left Greece. I eventually ended up in the far North and began hibernating so I explore different eras."

"How did you know how to go to Japan?" asks Kagome.

"There are records of heroes traveling to the Far East and it described many things that sounded familiar to Team Gai." says Kairi, "Team Gai's Quest to Japan was a great adventure, so I decided to travel with them, even if I had to go over land a lot."

"So, what can you do?" says Inuken.

Kairi slips out of her pants and sandals and discards her hat and cloak.

She shifts into her youkai dominant form. The end result is she resembles a European mermaid with long aqua hair and an aqua tail. She also has webbed fingers, a larger eye ridge, and fins extending from her lower back. She waves her hand and water from the river rises into the air forming a sphere, before bursting into a mist-like shower. She then reverts to her human form.

"My song is able to attract or repel mortals and youkai. It's how I got rid of sharks and kelpies. Like all of my kind and most water youkai, I can manipulate water, shaping it into various forms and even converting it into steam or ice. I've also developed the ability to heal by manipulating the water in the patient's body."

"SHE IS VERY GOOD!" yells Rock Lee

Inuyasha, Shippo, and Inuken wince and rub their ears

"I had to learn considering how many times you got into trouble, Lee" says Kairi, looking mad, but in the depths of her eyes there is something else.

Kagome looks closely at Kairi's brown topaz eyes and notices something under her happy, adventurous appearance. A secret she's hiding and trying to forget

The Lake

Years ago, there was a dark crystal egg at the bottom of a dead lake. Now, there is lake filled with dark crystal with a hundred meters of black water covering the surface. The surface of the crystal changes and new crystals begins to grow at an accelerated rate. Within minutes, the hundreds of shards have grown and become towers of crystal over two hundred meters tall. A Dark Castle made of crystal rises from the black waters as the sky darkens and the air is poisoned by thick purple shoki.

In the largest chamber of the Dark Crystal Castle, the Masters are awakening.

A thick bolt of blue-white lightning strikes on side of the chamber. It doesn't end, instead it's joined by four more bolts of lightning. The five continuous lightning bolts merge together and create a slithering pillar of white fire. Finally, the lightning transforms into the First of the Castle Masters.

The first is a massive oriental dragon taiyoukai that is three Li (an Ancient Chinese length of a hundred fifty meters) long with massive antlers, a mane of lustrous grey-tinted hair, long white whiskers and five iron claws on each limb. Its skin is a deep sky blue with blue-green markings resembles tree leaves on the face, around each foot, and stripes going down the back to the bushy tail tip. There are also leafy vines mixed with the hair and winding around the limbs.

The dragon glows blue and thick clouds swirl around him before dispersing to reveal his humanoid form. He stands six foot with a lean athletic build and a fierce Mongol features. He has blue green eyes with oval pupils, dark skin, and long snow-white hair reaching his waist and tied back with a wooden hair piece. He also has fangs, pointed ears, claws, and detailed birthmarks like tattoos near his temples. He also has antlers coiled around his head like a crown. He's dressed in the black silk robes of a noble with green leaf patterns. He also wears a black curass with iron pauldrons (shoulder armor) resembling vines and sharp thorns. He carries a Dao, a single-edge Chinese sword referred to as "The General of All Weapons".

"Lord Mokusei lives again." says the dragon-youkai, his voice ancient as an old forest and thunderous. As he speaks, the kanji for Jupiter and Wood flares on his chest and semi-crystal plants appear around his feet.

A pillar of fire and ashes erupts from another point in the chamber. The flame and ashes take the form of a giant bird of prey, before bones appear from the flames. The flames then become flesh on the bones, like watching an animal being incinerated by plasma in reverse.

The second Castle Master is a fiery bird taiyoukai with a height of fifty meters and a wingspan of a hundred and fifteen meters. It's a massive bird with beak of a rooster, the face of a swallow, a long serpentine neck, and vermilion feathers that glow with an inner fire. It has five red-gold tails over a hundred twenty meters long, each tip burning bright like stars and releasing bright sparks as it moves. Its dark bronze color feet end in sharp claws the color of waxed and polished bronze. The massive claws cause the ground to crack and smoke with heat and its eyes are open pits filled with crimson flames.

The lord of birds glows red and is covered in flames, when the flames disperse, the bird daiyoukai's human form. He stands six foot with a lean build and a handsome face of Han Chinese descent. He has glowing red-brown eyes, light skin, and long red-black hair that flares like a mass of feathers. Even in human form, he has sharp talons on his fingers and a red mark on his forehead. He's dressed in red and black Chinese clothing with gold-edged bronze armor. He holds a Jian, a double-edged straight sword known as "The Gentleman of Weapons".

"Lord Kasei lives again." says the red bird youkai, his deep voice filled with heat and passion. As he speaks the kanji for Mars and Fire flashe on his forehead and the crystal floor beneath his feet becomes molten

A tornado of wind and silvery mist forms in another part of the chamber. It collects in the form of an immense animal and becomes a solid statue. Then the animal roars and the outer layer of silver shatters into dust to reveal the true youkai beneath.

The Third Castle Master is an immense liger, a cross between lion and tiger. She is eighty meters in total length with striped white fur, turfs of silky white fur above each paw, and a mane of snow-white fur. She also has silver claws and fangs, silver-blue eyes, and a necklace of one hundred eight beads around her neck (Japa Mala). The necklace's beads are far larger than normal, even large for the tiger and made of shining silver.

She is covered by winds and glowing white mist, and when it disperses, her human form is revealed. She stands five foot ten with a lean athletic build and beautiful face of Machu Chinese descent. She has silver-blue eyes, snow white skin, and long white hair reaching her hips and striped with jet black. She also has sharp nails, small fangs, pointed ears, and black slash markings on the sides of her face. She's dressed in white silk robes with silver bracelets and silver decorated belt. She holds a Qiang, a Chinese spear known as "The King of Weapons".

"Lady Kinsei lives again." say the female white tiger youkai, her voice a seductive roar. As she speaks, the kanji for Venus and Metal appear on her back and suddenly, the image of a running tiger is cut into the ground beneath her.

A tornado composed of black water rises from the ground in another part of the chamber. It quickly freezes into a pillar of black ice, before shattering to reveal the youkai.

The Fourth of the Castle Masters is a daiyoukai turtle is the largest of them. Her massive form has a thick black shell over three hundred meters at the widest and the rest of her massive body is covered by black skin and oily flesh. Her serpentine neck ends in a powerful sharp beak and instead of a normal tail, it has five serpents resembling black sea snakes. Her eyes and the ten long fangs of the serpents are a silvery lustrous gray. As it moves, the earth shakes and a thick icy fog streams off its legs and shell.

She is surrounded by black mist and when it disperses, her human form is revealed. She stands six foot with an athletic build and a beautiful face hinting at Arabian ancestry. She has silvery lustrous gray, dark skin, and long black hair flowing like water to her hips. She has a black crescent moon mark on her forehead and tear-like markings under her eyes. She's dressed in flowing black silk robes with brass bracers. She holds a Gun, a long Chinese staff weapon known as “The Grandfather of all Weapons".

"Lady Suisei lives again." she says with a voice that sounds of falling water and Arctic wind. As she speaks, the kanji for Mercury and Water appear on her shoulder, and cold fog comes from her mouth and falls from her long hair.

The Last Master to appear does so in the center of the chamber. A massive crystal filled with golden light rises from the dark crystal ground before dissolving into golden sand and particles of golden light.

The Fifth is a legendary Qilin. A massive Qilin/Kirin standing over fifty meters tall with the head of a fearsome dragon, the immense antlers of a stag, skin and scales of a golden fish, hooves of an golden ox, and the tail of a lion. Unlike most Qilin, it has a thick mane of shining golden fur and golden eyes with black sclera (whites). As he moves, the earth seems to shake.

He is covered in golden light and slowly morphs into his human form. He stands six foot two with a lean muscular build and the handsome features of a Manchu (Northeastern Chinese). He has golden eyes, golden tan skin, and shoulder-length white hair tied back with a gold hair pin. He also has golden nails, pointed ears, small fangs, and the same crown of antlers as the dragon, except covered in polished gold. He wears black silk clothing covered in imperial golden armor and a black cape. The Qilin's weapon is a sanjiegun or three-section staff (or sansetsukon in Japan) is a Chinese flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. The Qilin's sansetsukon rods and rings are made of golden metal that glows in his hands.

"King Dosei lives again." he says with a voice filled with absolute authority without question. As he speaks, the kanji for Saturn and Earth appear above his head and on the surface of every crystal in the place before fading away like mirages.

In front of them, a circular plate fifty four meters in radius grows from the wall and around the rim, the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

King Dosei raises his hand.

"Return Hunters."

Four Youkai appear from the shadows.

The first is a fat brown tanuki with gold decorated brown monk's robes and the traditional cone shaped hat. He carries a sack over his shoulder, a large sake bottle in one hand and a handful of papers in the other hand.

"I'm alive? I'm ALIVE! Get ready bar owners, gambling halls, and brothels, your Morinji has returned!"

The second is a neko-youkai resembling a young woman with deep blue eyes, light skin, and black hair. She has two black cat ears hidden by the two ponytails on the sides of her head and polished black nails on her fingers. She also has a long black cat tail that splits into two and is disguised as a belt. She wears a dark blue kimono with black flowers on it and would look very much like a noblewoman if not for her ears and tails.

"I'm alive, again."

"Necromancer Tama is that you!?

"Oh. Morinji, you’re alive as well."

The third is a very tall, muscular man with black hair. He’s dressed in heavy red-brown armor with iron pauldrons resembling the faces of demons. He also wears metal bracers and armored boots. His unique weapons of choice are Deer Horn Knives, also known as crescent moon knives, specialized Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing.

"Karando?" asks Tama

The man silently nods.

"Don't you say anything? You didn't say a word in your first life."

"Nothing important to say."

The last to appear is a female kitsune. She takes the form of a beautiful red headed woman with brown eyes. She has pointed ears, red daiyoukai marking on the sides of her face, and nine fluffy red fox tails wrapped around her like a boa. She wears a kimono striped with various shades of red that combined with her tails looks like a fur-rimmed coat. At her side is a wakizashi with a black bone handle and a fifty centimeter (20 inches) blade in a polished black wooden saya (scabbard)

She sees King Dosei with the Lords and Ladies in front of her and bows.

"My King. How may Kyubi no Mae (Mae of the Nine Tails) and my blade Mesunokitsune (Vixen) serve you again" she says with a cultured accent, as the other three also bow.

"We have gathered the power of Heaven. We have gathered the power of Earth. Now we must gather the Third Power. Seek it out, so you may serve your Gods."

"As you command, King Dosei!" says the Four before vanishing into darkness

On the wall the Chinese Zodiac Tablet begins to make musical sounds and each of the symbols lights up with different color lights. The Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon glow blue-green. The Snake, Horse, and Ram glow red. The Monkey, Rooster, and Dog glows white and The Rat, Ox, and Pig seem to absorb light creating black light. A golden glow also infuses the Dragon, the Sheep, the Dog and the Ox and illuminates a yin/yang symbol in the center of the ring.

END OF CHAPTER 23 - ATFF2 - Part 1

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Group 1 (Inuyasha-tachi Era)
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Group 2 (The Future/After the End)
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Group 3 (The Past/Inu Taisho)
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko
Group 4 (Inuyasha-tachi)
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izzy
Missing Group
Team Gai - Rock Lee/Tenten/Neji Hyuuga - Gai

The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past
It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
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Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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