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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Arc 2 Broken Mirror - Part 2

The Reunion

The Reunion is going strong and the various groups are now trading stories.

"Hey Angel! What's this I hear about a snake tattoo?" called the voice of Anko

Angel blushes, while the others look at him.

"Peaches was rescued by the hebi-youkai (snake demon) named Murasaki" says Spike, while Angel glares at him, "She developed a little obsession with him and has been trying to get under his clothing ever since. Peaches tried to hide from her, but she did some sort of youjutsu (youkai magic) and gave him a mark that he can't remove and allows her to find him no matter where he is."

"I never suspected she would cast the spell on my bath at a hot spring." says Angel

"Wait a minute. Isn't that tattoo on your..." Angel prevents Spike from continuing with a hand over the mouth. He also doesn't want to know how Anko knows the very private location of the mark.

"I don't think children should here a story like that!" says Angel indicating Inuyasha and Kagome's children, Asuma and Kurenai's children, and Miroku and Sango's children.

"It's OK." says Inuken, "We hear worse from Uncle Miroku."

"What?!?" says Kagome and Sango glaring at the monk.

Drusilla notes the different personalities of the children.

Inuken, Midori, Shinju, Hitomi, and Mashira have formed one group.

Inuken, son of Inuyasha and Kagome, is the Hero. He's the Leader of the group and is less cynical than his father, but is still serious most of time. His mother's miko abilities allow him to hide his youkai blood and manipulate his energy in ways his father can't. This makes up for the fact his youkai heritage is even more diluted than his father’s.

Midori, daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, is the Lancer. She's the second in command and counter to her brother. She is more relaxed and level-headed than her brother with strong spiritual powers. She is her brother's rival in everything because of a sense of pride they inherited from their father and is more than willing to put her brother in his place with her "Hidden Weapon".

Shinju, oldest daughter of Miroku and Sango, is the Smart One. She's not as physically powerful as the others, even with her developing Hiraikotsu skills. What she doesn't possess in physical power, she makes up in intelligence and cunning. She has a thirst for knowledge and has even managed to get Kagome to teach her and give her a modern (20th century) education, despite a risk to the time line. She has also proved her cunning catching Inuken a dozen times in her traps.

Mashira Sarutobi is the strongest of the group. He's a Genin of Tokoyamigakure no Sato and has been trained by the other shinobi since he was little. While the others have acquired some training over the years, including bunshin (clone), henge (transformation), and kawarimi (replacement), the girl is skilled in taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat) and is more than willing to prove it to adult men who doubt her. She's also the silent one of the group and can literally go days without a world.

Hitomi, Shinju's sister, is the Heart of the Group. She is the moral center of the group and balances out the group's aggression. She prevents Inuken's thirst from adventure or Shinju's thirst for knowledge from causing too much trouble. She's also the young group's student healer having studied under Kagome and various other healers.

On the other side of the room are Miyatsu, Menou, and Akane.

Miyatsu, Miroku and Sango's oldest son, is the logical one. He's very intelligent and is Kagome's second best student after his sister Shinju. He tends to separate himself from his father and his great grandfather namesake and everything perverted.

Akane Sarutobi is Asuma and Kurenai's daughter and is very passionate. Unlike her brother, she's skilled in ninjutsu and genjutsu. Akane's Katon (Fire) and Futon (Wind) ninjutsu can cause massive damage. Her illusions are designed to shatter the minds of the targets

Menou is the youngest child of Miroku and Sango and is the balance between Emotional and Intellectual. Despite being the youngest, he's the most normal of the Power Trio group. He's also the fastest of the three, literally running circles around the other two.

Southern Village

In a small village to the south, a tall muscular man stands dressed in heavy red-brown armor with iron pauldrons that resemble the faces of demons. He faces three dozen village men carrying various farming weapons and a couple of spears.

"Who are you, demon!?" yells the Leader.

"Karando of Fire."

"Why are you here!?" yells the second in command.

"Hebi. Uma. Ohitsuji."

"What!?" asks one of the men.

Kurando raises his right arm. On his wrist is a long copper-gold chain with three talismans attached. One talisman has the picture of a snake, one has the picture of a horse, and one has a ram edged with polished gold.

Suddenly, the talisman begins to glow a fiery red. Crimson flames emerge and swirl around each talisman. Flames explode from the talismans into the earth causing the villagers to jump back in fear.

A giant snake composed of crimson fire emerges from a hole in the ground. With it comes a jet of fire that goes over twenty meters into the air. Its entire body is composed of red fire with its eyes glowing a fierce white light. It hisses at the villagers, sounding like wood burning in a forge and the tips of the spears turn red and melt like wax.

The ground shatters into burning rock fragments as a massive horse emerges from the depths of the Earth. Its body is composed of brown volcanic rock covered in molten lava flows and its hooves are made of metal and let out sparks as they strike the ground. Thin streams of hot smoke come from its nose and flames emerge from its metal-toothed mouth. Its eyes glow with white flames as it stares at the terrified villagers.

The ground has one more nightmare to reveal as a ram emerges from the Earth. The ram is immense with crimson fur that constantly burns with red/gold flames and black hooves that melt the ground beneath it. The ram also has immense golden horns and burning blue-white eyes.

As the three fire beasts move closer to the villagers, they radiate more and more heat. Some of the villagers cry out as they receive second and third degree burns, then they scream as their bodies ignite.

Eastern Village

Morinji sits on a branch in a dense forest and looks at a human village in the distance. He drinks deep from his Sake jug, before pulling out a thin iron chain with three talismans. The Talismans have images of a Tiger, a Rabbit, and a Dragon, with the Dragon decorated with polished gold.

"The three powers are Heaven, Earth, and Man." says Morinji, "Time to collect."

The Talismans glow with a blue-green light before bursts of energy shoot into the depths of the forest. Each beam hits a tree which grows to many times its original size before the thick bark splits opens. From the cracks in the mutated trees strange plant-like creatures emerge covered in a translucent yellow-green liquid, which quickly falls away.

The Tiger is made of dark golden brown wood that looks as if it was cut and polished by a master wood carver. The dark golden brown wood is striped with black and has long black thorns for fangs and claws, and a long twisted vine for a tail. The Tiger also has glowing amber eyes and its thunderous roar is so powerful it shakes the tallest trees.

The second creature to emerge is the Rabbit. It is an immense creature composed of soil and roots with long limbs, long ears, and long dark green grass for fur. It also has two sharp wooden teeth and glowing green eyes. The long limbs are covered in thorny vines and thorns weigh down the long ears in a way that resembles heavy earrings.

The last creature is the largest. An immense oriental dragon composed of dark wood and roots with black wood claws and fangs. It also has hair and a beard composed of dark green vines and diseased looking roots. The immense dragon has thorns going from its head down to the long tail tip like a row of spines.

Morinji takes a few more gulps from his sake jug.

"They are nothing compared to the real ones, but they should be enough to harvest the power" says Morinji, "Once the seals are broken.”

Suddenly, Morinji turns a sickly green and losses his lunch.

"First thing first. Morinji needs better sake!"

Western Lands

Far from Japan, across the world, something reacts to the awakening of Five Gods. In the land that was once Ancient Greece, the ground shakes and cracks. Finally, the Earth explodes upward into a fountain of rock and soil. The immense pieces of broken rock fall on a nearby village crushing buildings and its inhabitants.

An ancient temple buried deep underground tears itself from its dark womb. The circular building with many pillars and a dome-shaped roof rises to the surface, and then begins to float in the air.

Deep within the temple, in the center of the building, is a circular chamber with twelve stone statues in a ring. The extremely detailed statues are composed of polished white stone and as the temple rises the eyes glow bright white.

Suddenly, the statues glow with a golden-white light and cracks appear on the surface of each statue. The statues glow brighter and brighter, until the stone shatters into vanishing particles of white light. A female voice speaks as each of the warriors awakens and steps off its platform.

The First warrior is an anthropomorphic red ram wearing armor decorated with a flame pattern and wielding a flaming sword. He also wears a red helmet which makes it hard to determine if the black horns are coming from the helmet or its head. Small shining lights like fiery stars appear in front of him before shooting into his armor and a long piece of golden wool appears around its waist.

"Aries the Ram."

The Second warrior is a tall muscular minotaur with dark skin and long polished black horns. He is dressed in dark brown armor with heavy metal bracers on his wrists. Small sparkling lights like crystal stars appear in front of him before merging with his armor. He clenches his fists and his muscles increase in size and the stone beneath his feet cracks.

"Taurus the Bull."

The third warrior is actually two fish linked by a stream of light. The fish split and transform into two female humanoids resembling fantasy elves. Both are tall and lithe with long pointed ears and near identical features. One has silver-blue eyes, pale skin, and long silver blonde hair reaching below the knees. The other has dark blue eyes, dark tan skin, and long midnight black hair reaching her waist. The light haired one is dressed in a flowing white robe and wields a longbow. The dark haired one wears black armor that resembles bondage gear crossed with gladiator armor and carries a black crossbow loaded with crystal arrows. Small lights like misty blue stars appear in front of them before being absorbed into their bodies. As the lights are absorbed they glow with luminous plasma resembling St. Elmo's Fire.

"Gemini the Twins."

The fourth warrior is a disturbing, hunchbacked humanoid with large limbs, a crimson exoskeleton, and large crab-like claws. It also has muscular red legs with each foot ending in four claws. It's dressed in black pants secured by straps and sandals on its feet. It also wears a mask of multi-layered fish nets covered in silver fish hooks. Small misty blue lights appear in front of the crab creature before being absorbed into the crab's body.

"Cancer the Crab"

The fifth warrior is an anthropomorphic lion with a very muscular body, a long black mane, long fangs, and razor sharp claws, and a long tail. He's dressed in black and gold furs with golden arm bands and a golden crown. The furs look strange since they lack cuts or stitches. Burning lights appear in front of the lion-man before shooting into his body causing the tips of the crown to glow with flames and his eyes to glow gold like the sun.

"Leo the Lion"

The sixth warrior is a graceful young woman with light brown hair and glowing green eyes. She also has pointed ears and green-tinted skin. She's dressed in a flowing green robe decorated with leafy plant vines and flowers. She also carries a long wooden staff topped with grain plants. Several golden lights appear in front of her before being absorbed into her skin causing her hair to lengthen and a crown of vines to appear.

"Virgo the Virgin."

The seventh warrior is a beautiful woman with a graceful figure and refined features. She's dressed in a simple white dress with a golden robe around her waist. In truth the woman is a host for the warrior's true form. A set of polished golden scales that the woman carries around is the true form with one eye on the base facing outward. The eye on the scale is gold with a black sclera (white) and moves constantly, while the woman's pupil-less pale eyes have no emotion or will of their own. Misty white stars appear in front of the woman before shooting into the eye of scale causing it to glow.

"Libra the Scales."

The eighth warrior is a massive black scorpion with large claws and a sharp tail that secretes an extremely toxic and corrosive black venom. The scorpion is a warrior without even a semi-humanoid form, but does have a white humanoid face above the glowing blue-white eyes like a noh mask. The humanoid face has silver-blue eyes and a mouth with a sadistic grin.

"Scorpio the Scorpion."

The ninth warrior is a centaur with his human half possessing broad shoulders, silver eyes, pale skin, and long silver grey hair reaching his waist. His horse half is large with a gray coat, a long silver-gray tail and polished silver hooves. He also carries a silver longbow with quiver full of black arrows. A group of red flames appear floating in the air before shooting in his body causing his hooves and bow to turn a red-bronze color glowing with an inner fire.

"Sagittarius the Archer"

The tenth warrior is a massive creature with the upper body of a goat with white fur, gold hooves, and golden horns and the lower body of a gold scaled fish with a long wide tail. The golden scales are not normal fish scales but composed of yellow crystals. As it roars golden lights appear like hanging crystals before being absorbed by the goat-fish causing its silver grey eyes to glow gold.

"Capricorn the Sea-Goat"

The Eleventh Warrior is an animated jug of water. The white stone vase was designed to resemble two long haired women molded around a container of water as handles, but the women move as living women and the jug itself has a wide mouth and two silver-blue eyes. A dozen white lights appear in front of the creature before being absorbed and the clear water inside the jug is mixed with tiny floating pieces of crystal clear ice and a faint icy fog is emitted from the mouth.

"Aquarius the Water Bearer"

The Twelfth is an enormous fish large enough to swallow ships whole. It's so immense that only the head emerges from a portal in the air. The fish has gold and dark black scales with immense silver eyes, and it's surrounded by streams of glowing water. From its mouth emerges a tiny fish, no larger than a human pinkie, but possessing silver and white scales that shine brightly. Blue stars appear in front of the immense fish head before flowing into the creature's mouth with the tiny fish, causing the eyes to glow blue.

"Pisces the Fish."

"The seal of the gods has fallen." says Ares, "I also sense the other half of our essences sealed to the East. I also sense five gods of the East seeking to break the seals."

"The Gods of the West and Gods of the East failed to control our power." says Taurus, "What hope do the Five Possess?"

"Do not be arrogant, Taurus. Even if they clad themselves in the raiment of the Eastern Gods, they are from Beyond." says Gemini, both voices identical and in perfect sync, "We must reclaim what is ours!"

Northern Village

There is a loud clacking sound as Necromancer Tama tosses a handful of tiny bones into a circle drawn in the dirt. She stands on a hill near a fishing village in the North.

"I hate water, next time I'm switching with Kurando." says Tama holding up her wrist. On a silver chain are three silver talismans with the images of a Rat, an Ox, and a Pig. The Ox Talisman is decorated with polished gold.

"I don't need you. I have my own power."

Tama walks down a path and sees a fisherman pulling nets from his boat. She pulls out and opens a fan then places it in front of her face. The fisherman turns to see young noblewoman walking towards him and is too shocked to react when the woman appears next to him. With a single smooth movement Tama slices the man's throat open.

Within seconds, the fisherman is dead, but Tama is not finished with the human. She places her hand above the corpse and begins to chant. At first nothing appears to be happening, then the blood turns from crimson to black. The corpse's skin turns a sickly grey and then it begins to move. At first the movements are slow and awkward like a child learning to use a puppet, then they become smooth human movements. The animated corpse stands in front of Tama and opens its eyes to reveal black orbs lacking pupil, iris, or sclera (white).

"Kill the village." she orders and the zombie walks down the path.

"My servant will continue to kill until it's body is completely dismembered or reduced to ash, and with every person he kills a new servant will awaken." says Tama looking towards a shadow, "This way I will not have to waste energy while collecting energy."

"Very well. Report on your progress at sunset," comes the voice of Lady Suisei

The Reunion

"Do you remember that bar fight with Koga?" asks Angel

"Wolf-boy woke up without his ponytail and his pack wouldn't talk to him until it grew back!" laughs Spike.

"I thought he looked good with short hair." says Drusilla.

Nearby the Digimon of the Scourge are enjoying their inner natures. Each of the Seven Great Demon Lords is connected to one of the Seven Deadly Sins and it defines their personalities.

Lilitha the Lilithmon is connected to the Sin of Lust. It means she has a very high libido and is willing to sleep with men and women, humans and youkai, married and unmarried. She can also extend her Sin into others causing obsessive or excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. She can literally push humans and youkai into sexual or sociological compulsions and/or transgressions. One of the most severe examples is when she used her power on a caravan going to a religious celebration and the young monks and mikos turned into an orgy.

Blaze, the Beelzubumon, is connected to the Sin of Gluttony. As a result he has a hunger than can't be matched by an Oni ten times his size. He loves drinking various alcoholic drinks, devours more food than a family of ten, and smokes like a forge. He eats to the point of waste and has more than once left his enemies to starve to death. Blaze can also extend his gluttony to other humans and youkai. He once used this power on a bandit camp and the bandits ate and drank until they either passed out, died of ruptured stomachs, or died of alcohol poisoning.

Gabriel Light Lior, the Lucemon, is connected to the Sin of Pride. He's an arrogant elitist and a skilled genius who is more than willing to tell people. He considers himself more important and attractive than others, and only helps other humanoids because it proves his superiority. He knows of his inner evil nature, but considers himself superior because he's not ruled by it. He, like the other Scourge Digimon, can extend his sin to others causing them to become arrogant, vain, and over confident. One of the greatest examples of this power was a high profile assassination. Gabriel used his power on an arrogant noble and had him fight him one on one, literally ordering his guards not to defend him.

Teams Suna, Tamer, and Sennin are talking about what they encountered in the past before they got captured by the kitsune sorcerer.

"There was that Ittan-momen (Ghost Cotton) that old man sold you, Temari." says Kankuro

"Damn that old pervert." says Temari, "It looked like a ten meter strip of cotton cloth, but when I tried to sew it, it wrapped around me and started groping!"

"It also tried to wrap itself around the heads of the people that came to help, trying to suffocate of them." says Kankuro.

"I'm just glad it took off when Anko set fire to its end."

"Where did you get those feathers?" says Hikari pointing to a couple of long feathers among Jenrya's items.

"Ao-Sagi-Bi (Blue Heron Fire)" replies Jenrya, "It's a heron with flaming red eyes and feathers that glow with supernatural light."

"It's an annoying feather duster." says Terriermon.

"You're just saying that because it tossed you into a river for getting too close to its eggs." says Jenrya, waving the feather. As the feather moves, the air seems to ripple and Hikari finds it's hard to see Jenrya. When he stops moving the feather, Jenrya comes back into focus. "I was able to grab a few feathers when she left the nest. They’re great for quick escape illusions."

A few meters away, Ruki and the girls are laughing at Takato.

"It's not that funny!" says Takato pouting and looking annoyed at the laughing Guilmon.

"An Aka-shita (Red Tongue) bit your behind and chased you up and down a tree." says Ruki

An Aka-shita is a beast with clawed hands, a hairy face, sharp teeth and a huge red tongue that appears out of a black cloud.

"You're the one who used the washroom near its floodgate!" adds Anko

"I still remember that group of Yama-uba (Mountain hags)!" challenges Takato.

"Please. I had everything under control." says Ruki with a hint of Arrogance.

"Thirteen oni-like women with mouths split up to their ears." says Takato, "They caught you and Renamon in those nets and would have made kitsune stew if the rest of us hadn't arrived."

A few meters away, Renamon doesn't react to the embarrassing adventure; she's too busy talking to Gohan. The former Bijuu-ou (Tailed Beast King) and kitsune Digimon have spent all their time since the castle together.

Suddenly, Lilitha, Blaze, and Gabriel look alert as they sense something. The Scourge Digivices light up, followed by the Digidestined, then the Drives of the former Jinchuriki. The machines scream causing many of the villagers to either cover their ears or panic. Inuyasha, Inuken, Kilala, and Shippo are on their knees holding their ears because of their superhuman hearing.

The sound stops and beams of different colored lights shoot from each machine into the air and collide to form a ball of white light. As the streams of energy fade, the ball splits into eight beams of light that strike the children. On the waists of Inuken, Midori, Shinju, Mashira, Hitomi, Miyatsu, Akane, and Menou, a ball of light forms then shatters to reveal small machines

"Digivices??" says Hikari

Inuken's Digivice is red and white and he's now holding a deep red Digitama (Digimon egg) with silver white markings.

Midori's Digivice is green and black and she's now holding a dark blue Digitama with black markings.

Shinju's Digivice is black and dark pink and she's now holding a Digitama the same iridescent white as a pearl with pale pink markings.

Mashira's Digivice is brown and gold and she's now holding a dark brown Digitama with gold markings.

Hitomi's Digivice is black and pale purple and she's now holding a black Digitama with purple markings.

Miyatsu's Digivice is dark blue and his Digitama is pale blue with white wave-shaped markings.

Akane's Digivice is dark red and his Digitama is dark red with black flame-shaped markings.

Menou's Digivice is dark purple and dark grey and his Digitama is purple with silver markings.

The shinobi of Tokoyamigakure no Sato look at each other and know what this means. They can only travel to other worlds with the Digivices of the native world. If the Digivices are appearing now, then their journey hasn't ended and neither has their mission.

Western Village

Kyubi no Mae (Mae of the Nine Tails) with her blade Mesunokitsune (Vixen) has begun slaughtering the helpless people of a western village, when she senses a powerful force. She turns to see three figures appear in a burst of smoke, energy and light.

The smoke clears to reveal Leo the Lion, Virgo the Virgin, and Libra the Scales

"Zodiac." says Mae

Leo roars and an aura of flame appears around him taking the shape of a much larger lion. Thick green plant vines burst from the ground beneath Virgo's feet and wrap around her body. The eye on Libra's scales opens wide and there is a flash.

Mae finds herself in darkness and feels her body being crushed. She looks down and sees blood stained black chains wrapped around her body. Each link of the chain either screams or whispers accusations at Mae, calling her a murderer and other things. She looks at each chain and sees an image in each link, reflected by the black mirror quality of the metal. An image of a crime or sin she committed.

"Pleasant memories."

With roar, Mae releases her demonic aura. The aura is so intense that it sends bursts of pain and pleasure through her body, burning out the illusion that traps her. The black chains shatter into dust and vanish. The darkness she finds herself in shatters like glass and fades to nothing to reveal a charging Leo. Mae raises her sword Mesunokitsune and whispers a single word.


The blade of the wakizashi vibrates as youki flows into it then a wave of vibrating air explodes from the blade. The sound is so intense that Leo collapses to the ground in pain holding his ears. The sound causes him to lose his aura of flames as one of his prized senses overloads. The winds themselves also cause minor damage to the Zodiac warrior.

Virgo raises her arms and half a dozen vines shoot towards Mae like spears, each harder than iron. They pierce Mae and go straight through her body, but then the body morphs into a badly injured Leo as the illusion fails. The real Mae emerges from the ground behind Libra and delivers a knockout blow. She then shatters into a cloud of leaves as Virgo's vines whip through her body.

"She escaped." says Leo. Most of the damage was blocked by his animal skins and what injuries he did receive have healed. "She also took what energy she harvested."

Five hundred meters away, a single eye composed of sand watches the battle and Lady Kinsei's voice is heard in the invisible Mae's head.

"Return with the energy, we sense a new source to the East."

The eye of sand dissolves and disperses into a faint wind.

The Reunion

"What are those things!?" asks Inuyasha

"Digitama." answers Hikari


"Digimon eggs."

"Why are my kids holding them?"

"They are their partners. The life force of a person with a Digivice is linked to the Digimon." says Takeru, pointing at Angemon with his glowing Digivice. "Me and Angemon have been partners since I was a kid."

"Why do I get the feeling that's not all it means?"


"Not now Kagome. So, Takeru.."


"Not now!"


Inuyasha is slammed into the ground and he's about to yell at Kagome when he notices she's pointing at the kids. The Digivices are glowing and the eggs in their arms are glowing and cracking.

"They’re hatching!"

Inuken's Digimon resembles a silver white Akita, a large breed of large dog that originated in Japan. It's larger than a normal Akita, while they are normally sixty four to seventy centimeters at the shoulders; this one is a hundred forty centimeters tall and resembles Akamaru's relatives. The Digimon also has a red collar with white markings.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Holy Dog Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of Akita inu youkai and holy beast Digimon possessing immense strength and loyalty. He's a fierce fighter and relentless defender, who will never surrender.
Saiga (Crushing Fang): Akitamon can boost his strength and durability, the charge into a target like a battering ram.
Gougi Houkou (Grand Howl): A blast of wind and energy from Akitamon's mouth that can shatter the most durable enemies.
Tetsuke (Iron Fur): A defensive technique that causes her fur to become an armor of super hard iron hairs.

Midori's Digimon is a lean dragon/lizard with a lithe body, a long neck, a long whip-like tail, long limbs, and small fins extending from the legs. The Digimon has blue-green scales, gold yellow eyes, and a mane of blue-white hair. It also has a collar made of black metal around its neck.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Dragon Fang Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of lizard youkai and holy dragon Digimon possessing vast speed and cunning. He's a fighter that outsmarts his opponents before tearing them to pierces.
Furyudan (Wind Dragon Bullet): A blast of energy and wind from its mouth that traps the target in a vortex and slices the target to pierces.
Kazekiri (Wind Cut): Garyuumon covers his claws in energy and moves in an instant cutting the target with blades of wind.
Keikeibi (Piercing Tail): Garyuumon's tail moves faster than sound and pierces the strongest metals.

Shinju's Digimon is a female child-size humanoid composed a strong, resilient, and iridescent material. It's dressed in a white body suit resembling a swim suit. Its shoulders and lower arms are covered in dark pink sea shells. The female Digimon has shining silver eyes and pink hair similar to Sakura's.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Deep Water Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of water Digimon and water youkai possess a fast mind and faster reflexes. Her body is harder than the most durable rock, but moves through the waters with supernatural speed
Awagan (Bubble Gun): Rademon can fire jets of bubbles from her fingers. The bubbles of water contain energy and explode like bombs when they hit the target. Individual bubbles are weak, but she fires hundreds a minute at her targets.
Aomuchi (Blue Whip): Rademon can generate whips composed of water and energy that can grab and slice her targets.
Namikaze (Wind and Water/Discord): Rademon spreads water around her area, then causes the water to shoot upward in to tornadoes that tear and shred targets.

Mashira's Digimon resembles adult-level Hanumon except smaller. It's a humanoid ape with golden fur and dark brown hands, feet, face, chest, and pointed ears. It also has a long monkey tail and wears a golden headband and tiger-skin loincloth

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Golden Monkey Hybrid
A child level hybrid of holy beast Digimon, monkey youkai, and summoning creature. He's the loyal pillar of strength and unpredictable fist of the Digital World.
Bakuhadodan (Explosive Surge Bullet): A ball of golden energy from Ginzarumon that explodes like a bomb when it hits a target.
Nyoibo (Compliant Staff): Ginzarurmon can generate an unbreakable staff that can extend to any length and can be used to smash his enemies into dust.
Bunshin (Doppleganger): Ginzarumon can generate clones of himself to absorb damage from physical and energy attacks, and to physically attack targets.

Hitomi's Digimon resembles an anthropomorphic snow white bird with a sharp beak, sharp claws, and purple-white wing tips. It also has a black collar with purple markings. While Hitomi has a kind personality, the bird's golden eyes have a "Piss me off and I do extreme violence" Badass look.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Dark Bird Hybrid
A vicious, sadistic hybrid of bird youkai and Digimon. A vicious bird bodyguard who will destroy any one who threatens what she protects like a mother bird of prey protecting her chick
Makaze (Evil Wind): A physical attack in which Shiunmon races past the target at extremely high speed, slicing the target with his wing tips and blades of wind.
Raiun (Thunder Cloud): Shiunmon generates black clouds around its body that fire bolts of lightning at the target.
Genshiun (Atomic Cloud): Shiunmon discharges all of his energy into one explosive blast able to annihilate a city block.

Miyatsu's Digimon is a suit of living armor composed of dark blue plates decorated with polished silver. The armor has a samurai-look with smooth edges and ice blue orbs in the large shield-like pauldrons and in the center of the large shield attached to the left arm.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Heavenly Knight Hybrid
The Knight of Heaven manifested as a suit of living armor. He is a hybrid of Holy Digimon and Divine energy. His sacred shields protect the souls of living and dead from the forces of darkness.
Kanmon: TenKishimon creates a movable glowing gateway that purifies anything that passes through it.
Kagami no Kekkai (Barrier Mirror): TenKishimon creates a mirror barrier around its body that reflects the physical and energy attacks/damage directed at Tenkishimon
Hyouki (Ice Age): TenKishimon fires a blast that freezes the world around it with crystal ice that purifies what is trapped inside.

Akane's Digimon is the opposite of Miyatsu. It's a thin humanoid with long limbs dressed in only a black loincloth with a red leather belt. It has a fierce face, wild black hair, and dark red skin covered in black flame-like markings. He holds a halberd with a black staff and blades covered in fiery plasma.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Dark Knight Hybrid
The Knight of Hell manifested as a demon warrior. He is a hybrid of Demon Lord Digimon and the energy of netherworld. His halberd can cut flesh and spirit, sending the souls of evil into oblivion.
Ennetsujigoku (Flames of Hell): A wave of fire and destructive energy released from his halberd.
Shounetsujigoku (Burning Hell): An aura of flames that incinerates anything within a circular range, before causing the ground to explode upward and shred the target.
Makaiha (Demon World Wave): KuroKishimon attacks with a dozen demonic spirits composed of red and black flames. They bite, claw, and burn the target, before detonating like bombs.

Menou's Digimon is a child-size humanoid with silver skin, blue eyes, and short white hair He's dressed in dark purple armor with polished silver markings. He holds a polished silver sword in his right hand and a dark purple shield edged with silver on his left.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Soul Knight Hybrid
The Knight of the Soul and sword of the Earth manifested as an armored warrior. He defends living and their souls. His shield can stop a thousand attacks and his sword can slay a thousand foes.
Shiden (Sword Flash): KonKishimon moves in an instant, slicing through the target with his glowing sword
Tate no Shikon (Four Soul Shield): KonKishimon blocks an attack with his shield, purifying dark aura and releasing its own holy attack of equal power
Kaisai (Resurrection): KonKishimon heals himself and his allies, while draining his enemies of energy.


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Group 1 (Inuyasha-tachi Era)
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Group 2 (The Future/After the End)
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Group 3 (The Past/Inu Taisho)
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko
Group 4 (Inuyasha-tachi)
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izzy
Missing Group
Team Gai - Rock Lee/Tenten/Neji Hyuuga - Gai

The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past
It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. It was wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like the miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
What are your ideas for youkai?
Add a couple youkai to your Reviews.
Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'

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