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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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A challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
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Summary: A lot can happen in twelve years
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Arc 2 Broken Mirror - Part 3

The Reunion
Two Weeks Ago

"What are those things!?" asks Inuyasha

"Digitama." answers Hikari


"Digimon eggs."

"Why are my kids holding them?"

"They’re their partners. The life force of a person with a Digivice is linked to the Digimon." says Takeru, pointing at Angemon with his glowing Digivice, "Me and Angemon have been partners since I was a kid."

"Why do I get the feeling that's not all it means?"


"Not now Kagome. So, Takeru.."


"Not now!"


Inuyasha is slammed into the ground and he's about to yell at Kagome when he notices that she's pointing at the kids. The Digivices are glowing and the eggs in their arms are glowing and cracking.

"They’re hatching!"

Inuken's Digimon resembles a silver white Akita, a large breed of large dog that originated in Japan. It's larger than a normal Akita, while they are normally sixty four to seventy centimeters at the shoulders; this one is a hundred forty centimeters tall and resembles Akamaru's relatives. The Digimon is also has a red collar with white markings.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Holy Dog Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of Akita inu youkai and holy beast Digimon possessing immense strength and loyalty. He's a fierce fighter and relentless defender, who will never surrender.
Saiga (Crushing Fang): Akitamon can boost his strength and durability, the charge into a target like a battering ram.
Gougi Houkou (Grand Howl): A blast of wind and energy from Akitamon's mouth that can shatter the most durable enemies.
Tetsuke (Iron Fur): A defensive technique that causes her fur to become an armor of super hard iron hairs.

Midori's Digimon is a lean dragon/lizard with a lithe body, a long neck, a long whip-like tail, long limbs, and small fins extending from the legs. The Digimon has blue-green scales, gold yellow eyes, and a mane of blue-white hair. It also has a collar made of black metal around its neck.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Dragon Fang Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of lizard youkai and holy dragon Digimon possessing vast speed and cunning. He's a fighter that outsmarts his opponents before tearing them to pierces.
Furyudan (Wind Dragon Bullet): A blast of energy and wind from its mouth that traps the target in a vortex and slices the target to pierces.
Kazekiri (Wind Cut): Garyuumon covers his claws in energy and moves in an instant cutting the target with blades of wind.
Keikeibi (Piercing Tail): Garyuumon's tail moves faster than sound and pierces the strongest metals.

Shinju's Digimon is a female child-size humanoid composed a strong, resilient, and iridescent material. It's dressed in a white body suit resembling a swim suit. Its shoulders and lower arms are covered in dark pink sea shells. The female Digimon has shining silver eyes and pink hair similar to Sakura's.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Deep Water Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of water Digimon and water youkai possess a fast mind and faster reflexes. Her body is harder than the most durable rock, but moves through the waters with supernatural speed
Awagan (Bubble Gun): Rademon can fire jets of bubbles from her fingers. The bubbles of water contain energy and explode like bombs when they hit the target. Individual bubbles are weak, but she fires hundreds a minute at her targets.
Aomuchi (Blue Whip): Rademon can generate whips composed of water and energy that can grab and slice her targets.
Namikaze (Wind and Water/Discord): Rademon spreads water around her area, then causes the water to shoot upward in to tornadoes that tear and shred targets.

Mashira's Digimon resembles adult-level Hanumon except smaller. It's a humanoid ape with golden fur and dark brown hands, feet, face, chest, and pointed ears. It also has a long monkey tail and wears a golden headband and tiger-skin loincloth

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Golden Monkey Hybrid
A child level hybrid of holy beast Digimon, monkey youkai, and summoning creature. He's the loyal pillar of strength and unpredictable fist of the Digital World.
Bakuhadodan (Explosive Surge Bullet): A ball of golden energy from Ginzarumon that explodes like a bomb when it hits a target.
Nyoibo (Compliant Staff): Ginzarurmon can generate an unbreakable staff that can extend to any length and can be used to smash his enemies into dust.
Bunshin (Doppleganger): Ginzarumon can generate clones of himself to absorb damage from physical and energy attacks, and to physically attack targets.

Hitomi's Digimon resembles an anthropomorphic snow white bird with a sharp beak, sharp claws, and purple-white wing tips. It also has a black collar with purple markings. While Hitomi has a kind personality, the bird's golden eyes have a "Piss me off and I do extreme violence" Badass look.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Dark Bird Hybrid
A vicious, sadistic hybrid of bird youkai and Digimon. A vicious bird bodyguard who will destroy any one who threatens what she protects like a mother bird of prey protecting her chick
Makaze (Evil Wind): A physical attack in which Shiunmon races past the target at extremely high speed, slicing the target with his wing tips and blades of wind.
Raiun (Thunder Cloud): Shiunmon generates black clouds around its body that fire bolts of lightning at the target.
Genshiun (Atomic Cloud): Shiunmon discharges all of his energy into one explosive blast able to annihilate a city block.

Miyatsu's Digimon is a suit of living armor composed of dark blue plates decorated with polished silver. The armor has a samurai-look with smooth edges and ice blue orbs in the large shield-like pauldrons and in the center of the large shield attached to the left arm.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Heavenly Knight Hybrid
The Knight of Heaven manifested as a suit of living armor. He is a hybrid of Holy Digimon and Divine energy. His sacred shields protect the souls of living and dead from the forces of darkness.
Kanmon: TenKishimon creates a movable glowing gateway that purifies anything that passes through it.
Kagami no Kekkai (Barrier Mirror): TenKishimon creates a mirror barrier around its body that reflects the physical and energy attacks/damage directed at Tenkishimon
Hyouki (Ice Age): TenKishimon fires a blast that freezes the world around it with crystal ice that purifies what is trapped inside.

Akane's Digimon is the opposite of Miyatsu. It's a thin humanoid with long limbs dressed in only a black loincloth with a red leather belt. It has a fierce face, wild black hair, and dark red skin covered in black flame-like markings. He holds a halberd with a black staff and blades covered in fiery plasma.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Dark Knight Hybrid
The Knight of Hell manifested as a demon warrior. He is a hybrid of Demon Lord Digimon and the energy of netherworld. His halberd can cut flesh and spirit, sending the souls of evil into oblivion.
Ennetsujigoku (Flames of Hell): A wave of fire and destructive energy released from his halberd.
Shounetsujigoku (Burning Hell): An aura of flames that incinerates anything within a circular range, before causing the ground to explode upward and shred the target.
Makaiha (Demon World Wave): KuroKishimon attacks with a dozen demonic spirits composed of red and black flames. They bite, claw, and burn the target, before detonating like bombs.

Menou's Digimon is a child-size humanoid with silver skin, blue eyes, and short white hair He's dressed in dark purple armor with polished silver markings. He holds a polished silver sword in his right hand and a dark purple shield edged with silver on his left.

Attribute Variable
Child Level
Type: Soul Knight Hybrid
The Knight of the Soul and sword of the Earth manifested as an armored warrior. He defends living and their souls. His shield can stop a thousand attacks and his sword can slay a thousand foes.
Shiden (Sword Flash): KonKishimon moves in an instant, slicing through the target with his glowing sword
Tate no Shikon (Four Soul Shield): KonKishimon blocks an attack with his shield, purifying dark aura and releasing its own holy attack of equal power
Kaisai (Resurrection): KonKishimon heals himself and his allies, while draining his enemies of energy.


It's another mass youkai attack. Most of the youkai are worm-like creatures with demonic heads streaming from the sky and the forests. They are lesser youkai, weak creatures that only attack weak victims if alone or as a group when disturbed. They are weak willed mindless creatures that more powerful youkai can summon in an instant.


Over a hundred of them are annihilated by a slash of Inuyasha's tetsusaiga. The claw-like slashes of energy tear through the sky and disintegrate the cloud of youkai.

A sacred arrow from Kagome destroys another fifty in an explosion of purple-pink light.

Miroku no longer possesses the Kazama (Wind Tunnel) as his family’s curse ended with Naraku's life. Instead he uses Ofuda (paper charms) and his Shakujo (golden ringed staff) to inflict damage. Against weaker youkai his sacred charms paralyze the targets, while the Shakujo slices them open.


Miroku's wife Sango hasn't lost her skills with the Hiraikotsu even with her semi-peaceful marriage and the birth of her children. The demon bone boomerang tears through another hundred worms, absorbing the youki into itself to increase its power.

Kilala in her large saber-tooth fiery cat youkai form tears youkai after youkai to pieces. Some of her targets are so weak that the flames around her paws are enough to ignite them, while other youkai need to be torn apart by her fangs and claws. She even snaps the spine of one youkai with her two tails.

Even Shippo manages to kill a couple of youkai. He blinds the two human-headed worms with his fox fire, then lets them smash into each other at high speed. The impact is so brutal that their heads bursts like melons.

The New Generation are also fighting with their youkai/Digimon hybrid partners.


Akitamon in front of Inuken glows with a silver white aura as a Hainu attacks. The Hainu is a winged dog that swoops out of the sky to attack people, but as the youkai swoops down Akitamon jumps into the air. He moves so fast that he resembles a silver white comet and strikes the winged dog. Akitamon smashes the Hainu into the ground hard enough to create a large crater with the audible sound of bones breaking.

As the Digimon vanishes, the badly injured evil youkai rises. One of its legs is mangled, another has an open fracture, and its feathery wings are broken so badly that every feather is coated in blood. The bruise on the side of its body and the blood trickling from its mouth also indicates that the ribs have been crushed causing internal bleeding.


A blast of wind and energy from Akitamon's mouth can shatter the most durable enemies and the Hainu is far from being durable at the moment. The half-broken youkai is caught by the vortex of wind and energy before being ripped to pieces and sent flying into trees and rocks. His remains hit with enough force to shatter branches and stones, and coat them in liquefied youkai.

"FURYUDAN!" (Wind Dragon Bullet):

Midori's Garyuumon attacks a mass of poisonous nure-onna with his own wind blast. The woman-headed snakes with their venom sprays are no match for the dragon fang Digimon and the wind blast slices them to pieces. As he lands, a larger Nure-Onna explodes from the muddy ground behind him but Garyuumon’s whip-like tail glows and moves faster than sound. It pierces the neck just below the head, going straight through the armor-like scales, hard muscles, and the hardened bone spine

"Keikeibi" (Piercing Tail)

Garyuumon calls out the name of his attack after it has occurred, then whips his tail out of the youkai woman's neck in a spray of fluid. The giant snake with its immense black-haired head collapses to the ground, before the flesh dissolves into salty water and the bones crumble like sand dollars.

Shinju actually has a plan for Rademon to follow, as the youkai/Digimon hybrid fights the Ao-Nyobo. The ao-nyobo are blue-skinned female ghouls with wide mouths, blackened teeth, and no eyebrows that love to devour young men. They should have stuck with young men.

"AWAGAN!" (Bubble Gun!)

As Rademon dances between youkai attacks, she fires streams of glowing bubbles from her iridescent fingers. As each bubble pops there is a small explosion of white light, as thousands of bubbles strike the ghouls are blinded and battered. They charge at the child-like creature, only to collide with each other instead.

"AOMUCHI!" (Blue Whip!)

Rademon emerges from the mist and whips her arms releasing glowing blue whips composed of water and energy. The extremely thin whips wrap around the mass of confused ghouls like wires and immobilize them. Then, with a little concentration and a sharp tug from Rademon, the glowing lines slice them to pieces

Mashira Sarutobi isn't a civilian; she's a kunoichi and the daughter of two powerful Jounin. That means she's more than willing to fight her own battles. The problem is that her opponents is a nuri-botoke, a creature that resembles a Buddha statue, but with shiny black skin, a fish’s tail, and eyes that hang from their sockets.

The creature's mostly inorganic nature and its "unique" eye structure means it's immune to genjutsu, while its statue-like body makes it very durable and hard to injure with taijutsu. Mashira's ninjutsu is also very limited because of her small chakra reserves despite her strength.

"KATON: ENDAN!" (Fire Release: Fireball!"

Mashira releases a ball of flame from her mouth and strikes the nuri-botoke's lacquered skin which is as pitch black as a bloated corpse's skin. The living statue is slowed down by the flames, but it still continues to attack as pieces of burning lacquer fall off.

"I thought these things lived in shrines!" says Ginzarumon, "What the hell is this freak doing out here?"

"Less talking, more kicking this thing's ass!"

"You got it." says Ginzarumon, before yelling out "NYOIBO!"

In a flash of golden light, the golden monkey hybrid of Digimon and Youkai is holding a one-and-a-half meter red staff with golden cap-tips. He spins the staff, then back flips several meters. He then jumps into the air and pulls the staff back for a vertical strike. As the staff comes down it extends to over a hundred meters building up monstrous kinetic force. It strikes the living statue’s head, forcing the creature to the ground, before tearing straight through it into the earth, splitting the youkai into two.

As the youkai is shattered its broken body ignites into smokeless white flames. The holy flames consume the body like dry wood in a temple's sacred fire. In seconds, only a pile of fine ash remains.

"Not the face! Not the face!"

Shiun does bother with special attacks for first few youkai. Instead the dark bird attacks with claws, beak, and sharp edged feathers. It's amazing how the bird Youkai/Digimon hybrid can keep its feathers snow white as it rips youkai after youkai apart, sending up sprays of high pressure blood.

"MAKAZE!" (Evil Wind!)

Shiun jumps into the air, flies higher and higher, then dives at high speed. As it moves faster and faster, it glows with a white light, and a couple of seconds from impact with the ground the bird turns ninety degrees and flies towards the remaining youkai. Shiun races past them at extremely high speed, far faster than the evils or youkai reflexes. Shiun’s wing tips and blades of wind do the rest, slicing off heads and making deep fatal cuts in the torsos.

"HYOUKI!" (Ice Age!)

TenKishimon's dark blue plates glow with a misty blue aura before the glowing orbs in the shield-like pauldrons fire immense beams of blue light. As the armor spins, the blue light causes the ground to freeze and the air to fill with fog and ice crystals. The mass of worm and oni-like youkai attacking him are caught in the mist and frozen in place. TenKishimon says nothing as the youkai in the crystal ice dissolve and dark energy streams from the statues. Soon all that remains is a garden of ice statues

"Shounetsujigoku!" (Burning Hell)

KuroKishimon's attack creates an aura of flames that consumes feline-headed youkai known as rakshasa and the native oni dumb enough to attack the Dark Knight hybrid. The aura expands in a circular pattern, incinerating the ground, before causing the ground to explode upward, shredding the fire resistant youkai.

"The Fights! The Blood! The Slaughter! I LOVE THIS WORLD!"

KonKishimon tries to ignore his insane fellow knight. The child-size knight rushes forward towards the last of the attacking youkai.


KonKishimon vanishes and glowing blue lines appear on the mass of youkai worms and lesser monsters. As KonKishimon appears behind the group, every youkai splits apart along those lines. Some are decapitated, some are cut in half at the waist, some are cut laterally, and some are cut horizontally, but they are all killed in an instant. The dead flesh and blood rains down on to the battle ground, and within hours their youkai nature will cause the remains to disintegrate.

A Nearby Village

Morinji sits on a branch in a dense forest and looks at a human village in the distance. He drinks deeply from his sake jug, before pulling out a thin iron chain with three talismans. The talismans have images of a Tiger, a Rabbit, and a Dragon, with the Dragon decorated with polished gold.

"Time to get to work. Tora! Usagi! Ryu!"

A bolt of lightning shoots from the sky and hits Morinji. Instead of burning the youkai or the tree, the blue-white energy flows into the talismans causing them to glow with a blue-green light. The talismans then release beams of blue-green energy into the forest.

Seconds later there are the loud sounds of trees falling, thick bark shattering, and heavy earth tearing apart Rabbit-like creatures made of grass, roots, and soil emerge first, followed by dragons made of branches, vines, and roots. The last to appear are wooden tigers with green stripes and long thorns for fangs and claws.

Morinji takes another sip from his sake jug and grins when he notices that the alcoholic liquid is now warm, heated by the surge of lightning and youki.

Suddenly there is a bright light in the sky and three sphere of light strike the village. Morinji is nearly knocked from his branch as the lights cause shock waves.

In the village center, an anthropomorphic red ram wearing armor decorated with a flame pattern and wielding a flaming sword appears from the fiery sphere. It stands inside the crater as smoking ash and molten rock slide down the sides. He also wears a red helmet which makes it hard for the terrified villagers and Morinji to determine if the black horns are coming from the helmet or its head.

Ares the Ram has arrived.

Near the fishing boats an enormous fish large enough to swallow ships whole appears. The fish has gold and dark black scales with immense silver eyes and it's surrounded by streams of glowing water. A tiny silver and white fish shoots from the immense fish's mouth and goes through three fishermen leaving bloody holes. The tiny fish returns to the large one as the three corpses fall into the water.

Pisces the Fish has arrived.

In the center of the lake a mass of ice like an iceberg rises from the depths. In the center of the ice platform is an animated jug of water. The white stone vase was designed to resemble two long haired women molded around a container of water as handles but the women move are living women and the jug itself has a wide mouth and two silver-blue eyes.

Two blue-white beams shoot from the eyes across the lake, freezing the water beneath it. The beams strike the shoreline freezing two fishermen into statues that tumble to the ground and shatter into fragments of bone and meat. The jug then flows from its resting place down the bridge of ice created by its ice beam attack.

Aquarius the Water Bearer has arrived.

Morinji looks very worried. He's not powerful enough to fight three members of the Zodiac, but he can't return to his masters empty handed. As he drinks to calm his nerves, as if he needs a reason to drink, he notices a youkai in the forest below.

"A Shojo? A Drunken Sea Sprite?"

Hailing from China, these famous little sea sprites sport ruddy skin and vast manes of red hair, resulting in a rather beastly and monkey-like appearance (in fact in Japanese they share their name with the orangutan). Nevertheless they are purportedly rather good natured and harmless creatures.

This shojo is looking everywhere for his sake and looks like he's about to cry. He's becoming more and more desperate, tearing up bushes and knocking over rocks

Morinji looks at the sake he stole and recognizes the markings of a Shojo's Everlasting Sake Jar. He grins, then pulls out a ofuda (paper talisman). He chants in a gutteral tone and the piece of paper straightens out and glows with a dark purple aura.

He tosses the talisman and it lands on the shojo's back, sticking like industrial adhesive. The shojo freezes in place for several seconds, as veins show through his red skin and his fingers clench. Then he turns with its eyes glowing with an evil purple light.

Inuyasha's Village


Inuyasha's Group, the New Generation, and the various Shinobi Teams turn to see a very strange sight. A normally peaceful shojo is attacking like an enraged orangutan. There is pure hatred in his eyes and he looks thirsty for blood instead of sake.

Inuyasha is about to attack the sea sprite youkai, but Miroku blocks his path. He avoids the attacks of the shojo, whose style resembles a cross between monkey kung fu and drunken kung fu. Miroku then rams his shakujo into the shojo's chest. As the holy metal comes in contact with the sea sprite's chest, there is a burst of dark purple energy from the shojo's back.

The shojo slowly rises to its feet, roaring in anger, when Blaze decides to lend a hand. He grabs the shojo and puts the youkai in a headlock so Miroku is able to get close and find the evil ofuda on the drunk's back. Miroku pulls out one of his own ofuda, charges it with his own spiritual pressure, then presses it into the dark talisman. At first the ofuda repel each other like a couple of magnets then they suddenly connect. The effect is instantaneous as they both separate from the shojo's back before bursting into flames.

Blaze lets go of the shojo as the sprite begins to have a seizure. The bulging veins sink back into the red skin and the shojo vomits a foul purple liquid. The purple glow in his eyes fades as the liquid evaporates into nothing. The rage leaves his face leaving a confused, sad look.


The shojo collapses to his knees and begins to cry.


Blaze, the Beelzubumon and Demon Lord of Gluttony, can sense the alcoholism that is a vital part of a shojo. He grabs one of his own sake bottles and grabs the shojo's red hair with the other. He yanks back the pathetic creature's head, then slowly pours sake into the creature's mouth.

The shojo, even though it’s in pain, begins to drink the rice wine like it was vital to its survival. Slowly the feral look leaves the creature’s eyes and it notices the pain in his head.

"Ouch." says the Shojo as he breaks free, then notices Miroku, "Miroku! I haven't seen you since the birth of your third child. That was a great party. Wait? Why am I here??"

"Hi Sho." says Miroku, "You had an evil talisman on you. It turned your natural obsession with sake into a thirst for blood and violence.”

"Oh man! I didn't hurt anyone did I?" says Sho the shojo, "I'm a party youkai, not some violent blood drinker."

"Hey, I object to that!" calls a voice from Inuyasha's neck. Inuyasha tilts his head to reveal the tiny form of Myoga, the flea youkai, "Not all blood drinkers are violent."


"No. Some are cowards like you." says Inuyasha as the flattened insect youkai falls to the ground.

"No Sho. You didn't manage to hurt anyone. Thankfully, your skills degrade when you’re separated from sake and when you’re angry." says Miroku, "Do you remember anything?"

"Someone stole my sake jar!" cries Sho, "I searched the whole village then I sensed something evil in the forest. Since there is no greater evil than to separate a shojo from his sake I ran into the forest to find my jar. While I was looking I sensed three greater evils arrive in the village but I was too far gone to care. Last thing I remember was something from the trees landing on my back and a burning sensation."

"Why are you here, Myoga?" asks Inuyasha, "I thought you had to talk to the Network."

The Network is a group of flea youkai that spread information from different parts of Japan.

"It's terrible, Master Inuyasha. Many villages are being attacked by strange youkai." says Myoga, "What's worse is that the most sensitive can sense that there are two forces of evil attacking."

"We’d better investigate." says Kagome, looking at Inuyasha with a look that says ‘don't argue’.

Inuyasha doesn't object, he could use a little action and with the kids defended by the shinobi and their Digimon, he doesn't need to worry as much.

Sho's Village

Inuyasha's team and Ninja Teams Scourge, Kakashi, Suna, Kurenai, and Gai arrive at the fishing village in a short period of time. They arrive to find most the village completely destroyed and most of the people dead. Most of the houses have been burnt down and charred skeletons litter the ground. There are also several houses destroyed by water, like in floods and tsunamis, and mangled drowned corpses. The third type are the least common with piles of melting ice fragments and forming pools of blood.

Ares the Ram appears over a hill glowing with a fiery aura and his flame decorated armor smoking where the splattered blood is rapidly heated. Ares notices the newcomers and raises his flame sword in a challenging manner.

Inuyasha growls, then charges forward with his tetsusaiga drawn. Ares brings his sword down in a vertical slash releasing a massive fire ball as wide as he is tall. The swirling fireball chars the ground and destroys a cart before reaching Inuyasha who slices the ball of plasma and demonic energy in half. The two halves dig trenches in the ground in a V formation before destroying two ruined buildings in large explosions.

Inuyasha brings his own sword down.


Ares' flame sword glows white as its heat and power increases before he makes a horizontal slash. The slash creates a wave of energy that disrupts the wind scar and sends it into the lake. Ares runs forward despite the heavy armor and his size, and rams his knee into Inuyasha's stomach. If it wasn't for Inuyasha's robe of the fire rat he would have got massive burns on his stomach from the heat Ares radiates.

Ares then delivers a blow with the hilt of the sword to Inuyasha's back that would shatter the spine of a human at a tenth of the strength. The blow sends Inuyasha into the ground and Ares is about to thrust his flame sword into the downed Inu hanyou.


Ares stops his downward movement and thrusts the edge of his flame sword forward to block Sango's giant demon bone boomerang. Ares manages to block the projectile for several seconds, watching the flame sword lose energy to the Hiraikotsu, it's color changing from white hot to dull red, before being thrown back several meters. Ares looks at Sango, who recovers her weapon and stands next to her husband and Shippo on the full sized Kilala's back

"A woman? How insulting."

Ares raises his flame sword, which once more glows white. White flames break off the blade and come together to form a growing sphere of flame. When the ball of flame has over a meter in radius, it shatters into thousands of white flares in the sky that then rain down as thousands of fireballs. Miroku manages to erect a barrier as the fireballs shred and incinerate the ground around them. The few buildings not destroyed first gain more holes that Swiss cheese then burst into burning fragments.

Ares generates another massive fire ball, this time in front of him, then with a single slash launches the plasma sphere at nearly the speed of sound towards Miroku, Sango, Kilala, and Shippo

A sacred arrow from Kagome shoots into the sphere glowing with a pink-white light. As the arrow strikes, a white glow spins around the sphere before causing it to shatter. The fireball explodes into flash of energy and flames, which quickly disperses.

Suddenly, Inuyasha's sword comes down on Ares' shoulder from behind. Ares turns his head and looks at the demonic fang sword, which failed to cut the metal of his armor and is now being pushed back by heat and spiritual pressure. With a roar, Inuyasha is sent flying back surrounded by flames.

Another sacred arrow shoots towards Ares who tries to block with his flame sword only for the blade to disperse before the arrow head can strike it. The arrow continues on its path and shatters when it hits the armor, doing no damage at all. Ares smiles and looks at Kagome, forming a new flame sword.

"Is that the best you can do?"

Suddenly, Blaze appears in front of Ares, between Kagome and the Greek Youkai. He points his shotguns at Ares who wonders what the strange metal tubes are for.

"Try this one."says Blaze, "Double Impact!"

The two shotguns fire and the glowing eyes of Ares widen in shock and horror as he feels pain. The blasts damage his armor and manage to injure him.

"Impossible. No weapon of this world can hurt me!"

"Too bad for you." says Spike, bringing his sword down, "We’re not local."

Spike's chakra-boosted fiery blade doesn't cause major damage, but it leaves a faint cut in the armor which is more than Inuyasha's blade managed.


"Raiton: Raikurai!"
(Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt)

Spears of white light pierce Ares' torso, piercing the demonic armor like paper, and a bolt of lightning causes Ares to stumble and cry out in pain.

"Impossible. Nothing of this world. Not even Zeus' thunder hurt this much!"

Pisces the Fish is fighting Team Kakashi and Team Suna. The massive fish's water attacks prevent most of the Shinobi from attacking. Kakashi's own Suiton techniques are countered by the massive fish. Sakura can't get close enough to use her chakra scalpels or her superhuman strength blows and Sai's ink techniques are washed away by the water. Kankuro's puppets fail to do damage to the armor-like skin and jewel hard eyes and Temari's Dai Kamatachi wind blades also fail to cut.

Suddenly, the smaller version of Pisces the Fish shoots out to pierce another victim, but it makes a fatal mistake.

It attacks Gaara.

"Sabaku Kyu!" (Desert Coffin!)

Gaara's armor of sand catches the tiny fish, which creates a small crater in the sand on Gaara's chest. The tiny fish is too stunned to react as Gaara wraps it in a ball of gold and white sand. Gaara looks at the larger fish, which seems to be upset at its partner’s capture.

"Sabaku Sousou!" (Desert Graveyard!)

The tiny fish resists for almost a minute but even the most durable youkai have limits. The tiny fish is crushed into pulp, bone included, which spray out of the sand sphere in a fine mist.

The massive version of Pisces howls in pain, rage, and grief as its other half is destroyed. It thrashes back and forth, sending waves of water into the air, as it releases its agony.

Shukaku walks up to his partner and whispers something in Gaara's ear.

"SUNA YARI!" (Sand Spear!)

"BAKUKAGIDZUME!" (Blast Claws!)

Shukaku the Tanukimon creates a halberd made of golden sand and extends it, slashing Pisces right side, while Gohan the Kyubi/Hulimon emits destructive energy from his fingers and slashes through the left side. Pisces' movements end in an instant as it feels its impenetrable scales fall into the water and the burnt flesh sending pulses of pain through its small brain. Pisces begins to shake in fear, then fear becomes anger and it glows with a misty blue light.

Suddenly, the lake rises up into massive tsunami and flows towards the shinobi.

Aquarius the Water Bearer is having an easier time fighting Teams Kurenai and Gai. The animated jug generates an aura of cold, a dome shaped barrier that freezes anything that gets too close. Gai, Rock Lee, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, and Akamaru can't get close enough to use their taijutsu. Rock Lee's ice covered legs are proof of the ice shield's strength. Several of Shino's kikaichu are trapped in ice cubes like a 99 Cent Store prank and Tenten's weapons are either dragged by the ice buildup or fail to damage the Jug. Kurenai'sa genjutsus are useless against animated pottery, so that leaves both groups without a good attack.

Suddenly, they hear a roar and see a massive tsunami heading towards them. As the water washes over Aquarius' shield it becomes a wave of ice that threatens to crush them.

Kairi, who has been protecting the others using her water manipulation pales as she finally recognizes the group of youkai.

"The Zodiac!? That means...".

Forest near Sho's Village

The New Generation Inu-Tachi have followed their parents to the shojo's village. Inuken with Akitamon leads with Midori and Garyuumon. They are followed by Shinju, Rademon, Mashra, and Ginzarumon, who are followed by Hitomi and Shiunmon. Miyatsu, Akane, and Menou with the Kishimon Brothers take the rear

"Fox Leaf Arrowheads!"

Two female voices shout from the woods and clouds of razor sharp shards shoot from the woods. The shards hit two creatures that were hidden in the trees. Two massive creatures resembling rabbits made of dirt and roots fall from the trees. They leap to their feet and try to attack.


Two male voices shout as one and two massive fire balls hit the two Usagi youkai. The two creatures burst into flames. The creatures screech in pain and anger as their bodies turn black, then go silent as they finally die. The flames go out revealing the black charred remains that break apart and crumble into ash.

Team Tamer emerges from the darkness of the forest. Ruki with Renamon from the trees, Takato and Guilmon from behind the trees, and Jenrya with Terriermon on his head from a bush.

"Where were you, geek?" asks Shiun, narrowing his golden eyes at Jenrya.

"There were only two targets."

"You sure it wasn't to hurt the feelings of your rabbit?" sneers the bird.

"I AM NOT A RABBIT!" yells Terriermon, "I'M A DOG! A TERRIER DOG!"

"So how many of the others followed us, instead of trying to stop us?" asks Midori.

Toad Sennin Jiraiya, Slug Sannin Tsunade, and Neo Snake Sennin Anko appear from the wood. Hikari, Takeru, and Juri with their Digimon Tailmon, Patamon, and Leomon jumps down from the branchse. Yamato, Mimi, and Izzy appear from the trees with their Digimon Gabumon, Palmon, and Tentomon. Masaru and Ryou are the last to appear from the woods with Agumon and Cyberdramon.

In Masaru's hands is a Sake Jug, which causes Sho to appear and do cartwheels.

"It's back! It's back! The sake flows again!"

"I found this at the base of a tree." says Masaru, "The Digimon heard someone in the tree, but he escaped before we could catch him."

"There are still evil forces in the village." say Ryou

"There are still evil forces here!" yells Masaru as he turns and punches a forest dragon in the face. The powerful punch sends the dragon tumbling back, knocking down two more hidden dragons and a wood tiger. Another larger wood tiger jumps out of its hiding place and runs at Masaru. It leaps to pounce on the young man, but Masaru's glowing fist strikes it in the face.

"TAIYOKAKEN!" (Sun Flame Fist!)

Masaru's punch releases an explosion of flame that travels over and through the wood tiger. The tiger's body deforms and collapses into a thousand burning fragments that are thrown into the opposite direction. The shower of ash and burning fragments exposes the rest of Morinji's talisman youkai.

Inuken blocks a thorny whip from a Usagi with the sword his father gave him and Akitamon uses "Crushing Fang!" to turn half a dozen of the long eared menaces into an oxymoron recipe, vegetarian rabbit stew.

Midori sends a sacred arrow into the eye of a Forest Dragon. The creature roars as the arrow flares a pink white light, then dies as fire races down it length leaving a collapsing statue of ash.

"Kazekiri!" (Wind Cut)

Garyuumon moves with supernatural speed, its claws covered in energy. It jumps from forest dragon to forest dragon, decapitating the one he stands on as he leaps. As each dragon falls, it swells and blisters before bursting in a shower of water and rotting plant matter.

Rademon's Aomuchi (Blue Whip) wraps around the leg of one tiger, then swings it around like a giant flail. Three other wood tigers are sent flying including one that goes through an old and very thick tree. One clever tiger leaps from the ground and tries to bite Rademon's arm off. It proves to be a mistake as the tiger talisman youkai's fangs shatter trying to penetrate the mother of pearl colored skin.

Mashira shatters the head of a wood tiger with a knee blow then she tears off the head of a root rabbit with a spinning back kick. As she turns, she throws three kunai daggers that pierce the head of a dragon and explode due to the attached explosive notes.

Ginzarumon uses his Nyoibo staff to deliver extremely destructive blows to the animated vegetation. He tears apart dragons, rabbits, and tigers with blows from the staff. The staff itself weighs over eight thousand kilograms so it possesses immense kinetic energy.

Yamato freezes a Wood Tiger solid with a spray from his mouth and Gabumon's attack shatters the living carving into a thousand lifeless fragments. He then delivers blows to the heads of two more tigers. The simple blows inject wind chakra into the targets’ bodies which would kill animals by filling their blood with air bubbles. The special version Yamato uses injects liquefied air that expands and freezes the fluids in the target’ bodies. As the Tigers move, their insides shatter and they collapse like puppets.

Mimi lets Palmon have a rest and finishes five Wood Tigers with one attack. She raises her hand causing the tigers to pause, then closes her hand in a tight fist causing the Tigers to freeze like statues. As she continues to hold her fist, vein-like vines swell and bulge, and a translucent yellow-green fluid begins to leak from the eyes and mouths of the Tigers as they try to escape her chakra's hold. She then opens her hand and all five tigers die explosively. The swollen vines inflate and burst, jets of fluid spray from the eyes and mouths, and the outer layers of wood explode off to reveal the green insides, which then rupture.

Palmon thinks that the next time she becomes Lilymon, she's going to put a Flower Wreath around Mimi, because she's attacking like a virus-infected sadist.

Two tigers try to pounce on Izzy, only to be sliced to pieces by Izzy's chakra wires. Tentomon then does a technique he would later credit to watching Shino's Kikaichu (Destruction Bugs) and Flea Youkai. He latches onto the neck of a Wood Tiger like a parasite and begins to drain its energy. The tiger runs around trying to get the insectoid Digimon off, but soon its movements become slower and slower. Its entire body thins and withers into a lifeless yellow-brown husk that collapses to the ground, leaving a very round Tentomon.

Takeru moves with blinding speed and slices through rabbit talisman youkai with his sword. Takeru's blade slices through the roots, earth, and even the large stones found in some of the creatures. As they are sliced to pieces they dissolve into clouds of dirt and dust.

Hikari's light based jutsu paralyzes several of the rabbits making them easy targets for Tailmon's punches and kicks. Hikari's stronger attacks finish them, causing them to ignite and burst into showers of dirt and burning roots.

The swords of Juri and Leomon slice through their rabbit opponents, as if a plant-based rabbit could fight a fire-wielding lion. The flame covered blades cut and burn through opponents with ease and even leave half molten rocks. They continue to strike over and over until each rabbit collapses back into the earth.

Masaru Daimons fist glows red-gold as streams of white light flow around it. He brings his fist to his Digivice and Agumon digivolves to GeoGreymon.

"Let's finish this, GeoGreymon!"

"You got it, Boss!" says the immense Digimon dino with a deeper voice, "Mega Flame!"

A steady stream of flames is spewed forth from GeoGreymon's mouth. The stream of flames ignites the remaining talisman youkai and in seconds they are dying. The dragon s thrash on the ground like worms on giant hooks, the rabbits spin and thrash sending up clouds of dirt, and the tigers roar and run around. It doesn't extinguish the alcohol-fueled flames of Morinji's servants.

The others knock the burning creatures away from them and prevent the rest of the forest from igniting. After almost a minute, the creatures either collapse into piles of ash and dirt or burst into showers of boiling ooze.

"Mega Burst!"

The last forest dragon, ten times the size of the others, explodes from the earth, only to get a powerful blast of energy from GeoGreymon's mouth. The blast destroys the entire head, leaving the serpentine body to fall like an immense tree.

"Timber!" yells Masaru.

Suddenly, everyone is knocked off their feet by an explosion of heat and spiritual pressure. The shock wave from the village center destroys the remaining buildings and causes many trees on the edge to collapse

Sho’s Village

"We should kill them now!"

Ares turns and looks at Aquarius. Around them are Inuyasha, his friends, and the shinobi all secured by glowing bands of crimson energy. Team Gai is also covered in a layer of ice below their necks, with bands of ice around the mouths of Maito Gai and Rock Lee.

""We must learn how they managed to injure us!"

Ares' armor is damaged and there are several slowly regenerating injuries. Pisces is still mourning the loss of its other to Gaara's Desert Graveyard. It's also in pain from the wounds on its sides, which are slowly healing. Aquarius is the only one still undamaged.

"We are immune to the weapons of this world. Everything from a stone hammer to an army with enchanted weapons would be unable to harm us." says Ares looking at the animated Jug, "Yet I stand with my armor broken."

He points at Team Scourge, Naruto, Gaara, Gohan and Shukaku, who are all inside special containment seals written in the charred earth. The seals glow and pulse with a faint red light, a pulse that is matched by the binding on their bodies.

"The white haired male, the black haired male, and the false miko contain a mix of human reiki and youki, but it's not of this world. The Kitsune and Tanuki contain massive amounts of youki and an unknown power. It's not of this world and is able to harm us."

In the depths of the forest, hidden by special magic, Morinji holds up his talismans. The rabbit and dragon talismans are glowing, and have been glowing since half of Pisces was killed and Ares was injured. The dragon talisman is glowing brightly in the palm of Morinji's hand.

"Win - Win."

Sho's Village. Late Night

The Zodiac have been waiting for the captives to awaken, but most of them can fake being unconscious. As the three Zodiac lower their guard, the shinobi and children in the forest spring their own surprise.

"You know the plan." says Tsunade to the others.

The group separates into two groups.

Neo Sannin, Team Reptile, Team Light, and Team Adventure place themselves around the three Zodiac members. They then attack the three at the same time.

"Kuchiyose!" (Summoning!)

Tsunade summons an immense slug, while Jiraiya summons one of his toads.

"Katon: Gamayu Endan!" (Fire Release: Toad Oil Fireball!)

"Zetsushi Nensan!" (Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid!)

"Senei Ta Jashu!" (Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)

Jiraiya's toad sprays oil from its mouth that Jiraiya ignites with a fireball. Tsunade's summon sprays acidic liquid from its mouth. Dozens of snakes shoot from Anko's sleeves faster than the speed of sound. The acid spray hits the open wounds on Pisces causing the Zodiac to cry out in pain, the burning oil does the same, but only where the wounds are. Most of Anko's snakes fail to penetrate except for the two that hit the open wounds.

"Katon: Taiyokaken!" (Fire Release: Sun Flame Fist!)


"Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique)


Masaru releases an explosive wave of fire from his glowing fist and his partner GeoGreymon fires a powerful blast of energy from his mouth. Ryou expels dragon head fireballs from his mouth, while Cyberdramon releases destructive energy from its claws. The fireballs and energy waves cause the ground to explode into rubble and a blinding cloud of dust which prevents them from reaching or even watching the prisoners.

"Hijutsu: Tenshisan!" (Secret Art: Angel Flash!)


"Zantenchisen!" (Heaven Earth Slicing Flash!)


"Katon: Juuoujoken!" (Fire Release: Beast-Queen Fist!)



Hikari blinds Ares with a blinding flash of white light that also drains energy from his body and his armor. Angewomon's ring of energy slows his movements, while boosting her allies. Takeru's arc of energy released from his sword slash makes a deep cut in the front of the armor and Angemon's sacred energy blast causes further damage. Leomon's lion fireball and Juri's lioness fireball don't cause damage, but continue to blind Ares. Angewomon's holy arrow pierces the cut in the armor and sends holy energy through his body.

"Futon: Ekishouryuudan!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Bullet!)


"Mokuton: Yousei Tsuru!" (Wood Release: Fairy Vine!)

"CHIKU CHIKU BANG BANG!" (Pickly Bang Bang!)

"Hijutsu: Chou Senbon no Jutsu" (Secret Art: Hyper Needle Technique!)

"Raiton: Chidori Senbon!" (Lightning Release: Thousand Bird Needles!)


Yamato releases liquefied air from his mouth in the form of a giant oriental dragon that flies towards Aquarius. The Water Bearer tries to block with its cold shield, but since the dragon is already under -183 °C it has no effect. Aquarius is sent flying covered in ice, then nearly shattered when Garurumon's fox fire hits it.

Mimi opens her arms and releases a series of poisonous thorns, while Togemon spins and releases a shower of cactus needles. Mimi then uses a technique to increase their speed by tenfold and their kinetic energy by an even greater amount. The needle bullets hit the animated jug over and over, and those that become encased in ice hit harder because of the increased mass.

Izzy forms a Chidori, a blade of lightning sounding like a thousand birds chirping, then fires needles made of lightning. At the same time his partner Kabuterimon charges his body and arms with electricity. He releases the energy into the air, which is absorbed by the senbon increasing their destructive power. The mystical armor traits of clay are the only things that prevent Aquarius from being shattered into a billion pieces.

Suddenly, a small amount of sand no bigger than a child's pinky shoots towards Aquarius at high speed. The white sand strikes the edges of the Zodiac warrior and breaks off a tiny bit of the clay. It causes a tiny crack to form, which causes Aquarius' eyes to widen in horror.

The Zodiac turns as the smoke clears with Ares holding his wounded stomach. Inuyasha's group and the other Shinobi have been freed by the children. The one who shot the sand is Gaara who has a cold look in his eyes.

"Sunadan." (Sand Bullet)

Sho's Village. Finale

"Ccc..crack.. A Crack... I have a ... c...crack." rants Aquarius the Water-Bearer, "My beauty... is ruined. I have a crack. I HAVE A CRACK!"

Everyone - Human, Youkai, Digimon, and Vampire - stare as Aquarius rants and shakes. Even Ares looks at his comrade, while Pisces is still in pain from its acid/burning oil wound bath.

Suddenly, Aquarius is covered in a blue glow that forms a sphere around the animated jar. The glowing sphere becomes more opaque, until it's a solid sphere of blue light. Then in a flash, it vanishes with a thunderous sound and faint blue distortion.

"He ran away?" says Inuyasha

"That Vain, Useless Coward!" says Ares, then notices a faint glow forming around Pisces, "Oh no you don't, you overgrown fish stick!"

Ares' sword of flame reforms and glows white hot. He makes a powerful slash and a wave of white fire shoots out. The stream of white flames arcs towards the escaping Pisces and strikes the wounded side. The stream doesn't stop, but burns straight through from one side to the other. As Pisces collapses dead its body dissolves into sparkling particles of energy.

Those particles flow across the field and are absorbed by Ares. As Ares absorbs the energy particles, his body regenerates. His wounds heal without leaving even faint scars and his armor reforms. He breathes hard and smoke comes from his mouth. A drop of saliva falls from his mouth and causes the ground to burn as it was molten metal.

As he continues to absorb energy, the red ram's fur burns away and his skin turns pitch black with veins bulging and glowing fiery red. The end result is that his skin resembles magma flowing through cracks in volcanic rock. The crimson armor he wears glows and the air around him ripples with rising heat. This all happens faster than the others can react.

Ares the Ram lets out a roar that sounds like the roar of a forge rather than an animal and the ground beneath his boots shatters into fragments and sparks. A pillar of smoke and fire explodes from the ground under Ares. The pillar of fire is over ten meters in radius and turns the sky red with poisonous gases. Small balls of lava, volcanic ash, and burning rocks descend and set the surrounding trees on fire. The ruins of the village are burnt grey in an instant.

As the volcanic pillar disperses, Ares is revealed. He's now wearing red and black armor, and his fur is red again but glows like fire. His eyes glow like fiery stars and he now stands over fifty meters tall.


"Oh bloody hell" says Spike.

"Wind Scar!"

Inuyasha is the first to recover from the smoke and shock and releases his attack. The wave of destructive youki energy strikes Ares' leg and does absolutely no damage Ares laughs and forms a giant version of his flame sword from the smoke and flames in the air. This cleans the air so that the stars above can be seen clearly.

The others attack, but their various attacks are having no effect. Yamato's crystal dragon and various ice attacks vaporize before they can even hit the superheated armor. Kagome's sacred arrows lose their power and burn to ashes. Jiraiya's Toad Oil Fireballs are consumed and Sango's Hiraikotsu is nearly destroyed. Nothing appears to damage the regenerated armor.


"Zantenchisen!" (Heaven Earth Slicing Flash!)


Nothing except for the Angel attacks. They manage to cause minor damage to the armor but the armor quickly regenerates like molten metal flowing back together.

Then the children open fire with their own attacks.


A blast of howling wind and energy explodes from Akitamon's mouth. It passes straight through and disperses part of Ares' burning red aura. It also shatters a twenty meter long, five meter wide line of armor into tiny fragments and tears apart the flesh underneath.

"That right! Sheep is on the menu!" yells Inuken

"Is food always on your mind!?" yells Midori


Garyuumon's own blast of energy and wind strikes Ares' arm when he tries to counter attack. The winds swirl around the limb then the layer of armor explodes off in tiny sliced fragments. Several layers of fur, skin and muscle tissue also explode off in bloody fragments.

Shinju avoids the falling fragments and then yells to her partner Rademon.

"The legs! Inu's kids have the arms."


Rademon spreads water around Ares' feet. Then the water shoots upward into tornadoes that shoot into Ares's legs. Instead of being vaporizes by the heat, the waters disperse the heat making the metal brittle and then drill through the armor.

"Give her a hand, Ginzarumon." says Mashira, tossing kunai with explosive notes. The paper bombs don't damage Ares, but the blast clouds acts like smoke screens.


Ginzarumon's explosive surge bullet strikes one of Ares' knee caps. The ball of golden energy detonates like a bomb when it strikes, blowing off large pieces of metal and breaking the bone loud enough to be heard a kilometer away. It's like the kick of a Muay Tai (Thailand Kickboxing) Champion to an ordinary person's knee cap, complete destruction.

Ares collapses to one knee and roars in pain.


Shiunmon with a terrified Hitomi on its white feathered back generates black clouds around its body. The clouds then release bolts of lightning that strike Ares' helmet and horns, causing even greater pain. Ares opens his mouth wide and releases a blast of flame from his mouth. The blast is immense and far too large and powerful for Shiunmon to avoid, so instead he fires a counter attack


Shiunmon glows white golden light, then releases a blast of white energy from its torso. The two blasts collide and there is a massive explosion. Shiunmon, drained of energy, glides back to earth near the edge of the destroyed forest, while Ares is knocked back by enough power to destroy four city blocks.


Ares in rage rams his fists into the ground causing a fiery explosion. The wave of fire, dust, and rocks sends the heroes flying through the air and injuries many of them. He continues to strike the earth like animal, sending out more and more waves of destructive force. It also creates a growing crater in the earth and causes earthquakes.


The only ones not injured are the Kishimon Brothers and their partners. TenKishimon, Living Armor of Heaven, created a spherical barrier to protect them. The barrier is translucent and iridescent, but the part of the barrier that is struck is opaque and extremely reflective like a polished mirror. The rocks that struck it float in front of it, like time has stopped. The barrier glows with shifting rainbows, then the rocks and fiery energy shoot from the barrier back to Ares.

Ares’ earth stomping is stopped when he feels his own power hit him. Its frequency is altered by something that causes it to hurt him. Ares also feels showers of rocks hit his body and looks through the smoke and dust to see the survivors in their collapsing barrier.


KuroKishimon, Savage of Hell, releases of destructive energy from his halberd. Ares tries to avoid the attack but finds his arms and legs held to the ground. A few meters away, Gaara has his palms to the ground and whispers "Sabaku Chikarou Tejou!" (Desert Dungeon Manacles!)

The destructive waves of the Flame of Hell strike Ares's face and destroy his helmet. It's revealed that Ares' horns are part of his head, as he holds his bleeding, smoking, and badly burnt face. KuroKishimon laughs at Ares’ pain and suffering, then fires another attack.


KuroKishimon summons a dozen demonic spirits composed of red and black flames. They shoot towards Ares' face and begin to claw at the open wounds. When Ares manages to swat them, they explode like paper bombs, burning his face and fingers.

Ares shatters Gaara's sand restraints and rises to his feet despite the damage to his legs. He glows with a dark crimson aura and raises his arms to the sky.


A group of crimson lights forms between his hands like crimson stars. The ball of white fire expands from the center of the cluster, consuming the stars, and not stopping until it's over twenty meters in diameter. He then throws the massive ball of white fire at the remaining heroes. The movement alone of the massive energy ball is enough to create near hurricane force winds.

Seconds from death Menou looks at KonKishimon and nods. KonKishimon raises his shield.

"TATE NO SHIKON!" (Four Soul Shield!)

An immense circular plate of crystal forms in the air. As the ball of white fire strikes it, it glows the same white glow. The sphere then sinks into the plate but doesn’t appear out the other side. The sphere disappears completely leaving a glowing white circle in front of a shocked Ares.

"It's not enough." says KonKishimon to Menou, "It's not enough to kill him."

"Then use it to help the others." says Menou with a child’s simplicity.

"KAISAI!" (Resurrection!)

KonKishimon raises his sword and the crystal shield shatters into particles of white light that stream into the blade. The blade then releases a shock wave of green-white light that instantly heals and rejuvenates all of the heroes

Teams Kakashi and Team Scourge, the most badly injured of the groups, are also completely healed and freed from Zodiac magic seals. Naruto and Gohan open their eyes and rise to their feet.

"We missing a party?" asks Naruto

"You’re awake." says Inuyasha.

"Can't let the brats have all the fun, Dog Boy!" says Gohan drawing his sword.

"Don't forget us! Mutton boy is dead meat." yells Blaze, who glows light green and transforms into Beelzubumon Burst Mode.


Blaze fires a super version of his Death Slinger attack, firing a powerful blast of energy into Ares' chest. The blast tears through the armor like a blow torch through tissue paper, tearing through the entire body including the heart, before exploding out the back.

"EXODUS DIVINE FEAT!" yells Gabriel the Lucemon, glowing orange.

Gabriel's super version of Divine Feat creates dozens of spears of light at the same time and fires them together. The light spears pierce the target's chest and some even shoot out of the back, but Ares continues to stand and charge a second attack.

"DEATH PHANTOM!" yells Lilitha the Lilithmon, glowing a dark green.

Lilitha's newest attack is a more offensive version of Phantom Pain. It creates an angelic specter composed of a bewitching mist of darkness. This angelic specter then charges at the target screaming before causing damage to the target.

On the ground, Naruto and a Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) form a Futon: Rasengan (Wind Release: Spiral Sphere). Naruto adds lightning-like orange chakra, Drusilla's chaotic dark green chakra, and Spike's flame-like dark green chakra into the sphere causing it to become a sphere of green and orange. Naruto runs towards Ares and jumps into the air. Gabriel grabs his hand and throws him at high speed towards Ares's face.

"SENZAI RASENGAN!" (Three Sin Spiral Sphere!)

Naruto is blown back by the force of his own attack, but Ares is sliced by the combination of different chakras. One of the horns is destroyed, the neck is torn raw, and half of Ares' face is destroyed. The left side of Ares' head is normal with red skin and fur, a glowing eye, and a horn. The right side of Ares' head is mostly gone. All the flesh is gone, leaving most of the skull. The horn and eye are gone, and there is a deep groove in the skull that exposes part of the brain.

Ares' hatred is what keeps it alive and allows it to complete its final attack. He senses the Kishimon are too drained from using their powers to counter it a second time. He says it with a voice filled with hatred, a stab from hell's heart.


Gohan walks forward with an aura of nobility and raises his sword, covering in swirling energy.

Inuyasha leaps into the air as Ares throws down the ball of white fire. He holds the tetsusaiga which has its own swirling winds.

"BAKURYUHA!" (Explosive Wave/Backlash Wave)

"MARYUUSOUHA!" (Demon Dragon Blast Wave)

Inuyasha's attack reverses the flow of demonic energy. He slices through the sphere of white energy, converting it into a tornados that drill through Ares's body. Gohan, the Kyubi-turned-Hulimon's demonic flame dragons follow the flows of energy into Ares and direct the attacks. Ares is torn to pieces by the wind and flames, and as he dies his body shatters into ash and vanishing red stars.

Hidden underground beyond the senses of the heroes, Morinji holds his three talismans. The dragon and rabbit talismans glow brightly and pulsate with power.

"Win - Win. Dragon and rabbit unsealed, Masters."

"Good Work, Morinji." comes the voice of King Dosei.


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Group 1 (Inuyasha-tachi Era)
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Group 2 (The Future/After the End)
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Group 3 (The Past/Inu Taisho)
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko
Group 4 (Inuyasha-tachi)
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izzy
Missing Group
Team Gai - Rock Lee/Tenten/Neji Hyuuga - Gai
Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
New Generation Inu-Tachi
Inuken/Akitamon, Midori/Garyuumon, Shinju/Rademon, Mashira/Ginzarumon, Hitomi/Shiunmon, Miyatsu/TenKishimon, Akane/KuroKishimon, and Menou/KonKishimon

The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past
It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. It was wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like the miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
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Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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