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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Arc 2 Broken Mirror - Part 5

A Destroyed Village

"Tama has completed her mission."

A youkai hidden by the rocks hears the message of his masters.

He is a very tall, muscular man with dark eyes and short black hair. He's dressed in heavy red-brown armor with iron pauldrons resembling the faces of demons. He also wears metal bracers and armored boots. His unique weapons of choice are deer horn knives, also known as crescent moon knives, specialized Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing.

He is Kurando, one of four Hunters assigned by the Castle Lords to harvest energy and break the seals of the Zodiac. He holds the Snake, Horse, and Ram talismans in his hand, while his fellow Hunters hold the other nine symbols. Five of the twelve symbols have been unlocked by manipulating a large group of the heroes

"Hebi. Uma. Ohitsuji."

The ground in front of him explodes into flame and three animals composed of flame and burning ash rise from the ground. One is an immense snake, one is an immense horse, and one is an immense ram. The Ram jumps onto the back of the horse, then the snake coils around both. The flames grow and become blinding before fading to reveal a chimera-like creature.

The chimera has the front of a horse covered in crimson snake scales and has two huge ram horns on the sides of its head. The other half is the lower body of a goat with red fur and a long snake for a tail. The creature is three times the size of the original Horse with the four eyes of the Horse and the eyes of the snake burning with fiery light

"Distract them."

The red fire beneath Kurando erupts from under his feet. It grows and spreads across his body, before turning opaque. The flames then disperse revealing nothing but a mark on the ground.

The chimera monster runs towards the least destroyed point of town as three members of the Greek Zodiac teleport into the town.

The first warrior is a tall muscular Minotaur with dark skin and long polished black horns. He is dressed in dark brown armor with heavy metal bracers on his wrists. He raises his hand and sparkling golden sand flows from the ground into his palm. The mass of sand lengthens and fuses into a stone rod, then the end morphs to form a stone blade. When the light fades the warrior is holding a battle axe in his hand.

Taurus the Bull has arrived.

The next warrior is actually two female humanoids resembling fantasy elves. Both are tall and lithe with long pointed ears and near identical features. One has silver-blue eyes, pale skin, and long silver blond hair reaching below the knees. The other has dark blue eyes, dark tan skin, and long midnight black hair reaching her waist. The light haired one is dressed in a flowing white robe and wields a longbow. The dark haired one wears black armor that resembles bondage gear crossed with gladiator armor and carries a black crossbow loaded with crystal arrows.

Gemini the Twins has arrived.

The last warrior is a disturbing, hunchbacked humanoid with large limbs, a crimson exoskeleton, and large crab-like claws. It also has muscular red legs with each foot ending in four claws. It's dressed in black pants secured by straps and sandals on its feet. It also wears a mask of multi-layered fish nets covered in silver fish hooks.

Cancer the Crab has arrived.

"I sense the energy of our missing halves," says Cancer

"I also sense... a fool," says Taurus

The chimera explodes from a building and releases a torrent of fire from its mouth. The youki flames can reduce human bone to ash in less than five seconds, but Cancer raises ones of its claws and releases a spray of water. The swirling water forms a barrier that blocks the flames, then becomes a battering ram when Cancer punches with his other claw.

The chimera is sent tumbling, shattering the burning remains of another house. The snake tail strikes at Cancer, extending its length in the process. It's within a meter of Cancer when one of Gemini's crystal arrows pierces its head and pins it to a piece of rubble. A second arrow from the other Gemini tears through the neck and severs the snake. As the snake is killed, the remains of the tail and scales on the chimera morph into crimson flesh and fur.

Taurus smashes his axe into the ground and a fissure opens in the earth. The glowing crack spreads from the axe's impact towards the fiery horse-ram chimera, growing in power as it moves. The ground shakes like an earthquake as the fissure reaches the chimera, before the earth explodes upward. The millions of stone and earth fragments cause serious injuries and knock the chimera down.

Two arrows, one from each Gemini, pierce the upper eyes. This results in a flash of light and causes the chimera to morph into the horse, now with two arrows in its head and no tail. Cancer then grabs the fiery beast with one of its claws and as if with a giant pair of scissors, cuts off the head. The head and body burst into flames, before dissolving into a cloud of ash.

Taurus, Cancer, and the Gemini girls glow with a faint aura.

"It was created with our power."

"Where is the creator?"

An Old Temple

Kurando sits surrounded by mountains staring into a small camp fire. As the images in the flame fade, he rises to his feet and moves through the forest. He walks for several minutes, then stops and tilts his head. Kurando follows the trail of energy he senses to an old temple.

"Young man. Young man."

Kurando turns to see an elderly man with plain old-style clothing.

"You must be careful. That temple houses a foreign devil."


"A water buffalo youkai who came to Japan centuries ago to look for the Great Dog General in order to gain revenge for the death of a friend. His friend was a follower of the continental daiyokai Hyoga and after Hyoga was killed, his armies were decimated. He was trapped and sealed in the underground cave by a heroic wandering monk who died in the process."

"Dog General? Father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru?"

"I know of Lord Sesshomaru, but I’ve never heard of Inuyasha"

"You never will."

The old man screams as he's covered in flames. In seconds his clothing and flesh are burnt away, and seconds after than even the bones are reduced to ash.

Kurando walks towards the old temple. It's been decades since the temple had a visitor, since the last priest died. The old man was only person remaining near the temple as all of the younger generation moved to larger villages or to places with better growing condition for their crops.

Kurando stops a few meters from the temple steps and raises his hand. His hand is repelled by a translucent field of iridescent energy, indicating a holy barrier. A powerful barrier than hasn't weakened despite the temple's lack of repair and lack of people with strong spiritual powers.

Kurando's solution is to walk over to the forest line and deliver a brutal kick to one of the older trees. The tree topples to the ground and when Kurando points his palm at it, it ignites. The entire length of the tree is covered in flames and Kurando picks up the massive hundred year old tree. He throws it like a giant, fiery javelin. Since neither the tree not the flames themselves are demonic or evil they pass through the barrier. The flaming tree creates a hole through the building, causing part of the roof to collapse and the flames set the temple on fire.

The powerful youkai stands as the temple burns to the ground. As the smoke clears, Kurando can see four stones covered in kanji at the edges of the temple property and a large stone in the center with a sacred rice rope around it. There is a circle of kanji around the huge stone, written on small flat river stones. Kurando walks over to a boulder and rips it from the ground and tosses it at two of the smaller stones. The smaller stones shatter and the holy barrier glows blue, then shatters like glass and vanishes completely.

Kurando walks over to the larger stone, now that the barrier is gone. He raises his hand, then delivers a chop to the top of the meter high stone. The stone splits in half, tearing the sacred rice rope apart. As the stone is destroyed, dark purple shoki (miasma) and a large amount of youki explode from an underground cave.

As the purple smoke clears, a man is revealed. The human form of the youkai has a medium build with dark brown hair and dark eyes. He's dressed in peasant's clothing with a dark leather belt.

"My name is Kurando of Fire, Hunter of the Castle Lords."

"I am Tien Trai of Song. Why have you freed me, brother demon?"

"The Dog General is dead, but his hanyou son Inuyasha still lives and brings glory to his name. They seek the power of the foreign youkai known as the Zodiac, so I have sought a powerful foreign youkai."


"I will give you greater power, if you help me destroy the friends of Inuyasha," says Kurando, holding up his glowing talismans. As he holds the talismans, the Vietnamese youkai's eyes glow.

"I will kill the friends of Inuyasha."


"I'm getting tired of this crap!"

The heroes are fighting another swarm of insane youkai. The growing darkness caused by the new Zodiac youkai has increased youkai activity across Japan. The dark energies have boosted the power of even the weakest youkai and turned the most benign, harmless creatures into raging blood-thirsty monsters.

Abumi-kuchi is a strange creature formed from a stirrup. The one the heroes encountered had grown to the size of a man's head, grown large fangs, and ate an entire herd of horses. When it has killed, it released all the blood of the horses which soaked the field.

Abura-akago or Oil Baby refers to creature born from an oil thief. When he died, he became a living flame, and when he was reborn he became a red-skinned baby with a long oil-licking tongue. The heroes encountered one that had grown into a vicious seven foot adult that breathed fire and devoured human fat. When the Abura-akago was torn to pieces, his body exploded into burning oil that almost caused a forest fire.

Teams Scourge, Kakashi, and Light are fighting a group of Aka-name (Filth Lickers). They are hideous humans with long tongues that lick up the dirt and waste of destroyed temples and houses. The creatures have mutated into skinless creatures with inflamed muscles and long prehensile tongues covered in sharp barbs. Kagome notes that they resemble Lickers from her brother Souta's Biohazard (Resident Evil) video game, only without the exposed brain matter. The creatures have become carnivores, seeking to devour the guts of the living. The insane youkai hunt grave diggers, butchers, and other people of lower class, known as the Burakumin or Eta (Full of Filth).

"Raiton: Raikurai!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt!)

Angel releases a bolt of chakra-forged lightning that strikes the tongue whipping towards him. The electrical energy travels down the tongue into the creature and shocks it until its organs fail. The barbed tongue of another wraps around his forearm, but with a yank he pulls the creature off its feet and then rams a kunai into its brain with the other hand.

Spike spins and slices the head of one Aka-name in half with his flaming sword, he then slashes down and cuts another one's torso, the blade cutting through several organs. He turns and impales a third one through the chest, kicks the fourth, then pulls out his blade and decapitates it. Suddenly, a very long tongue wraps around the fiery blade and pulls it out of Spike's hand.

The sword lands several meters away, next to long-tongued Aka-name who’s now on fire. Spike stares, then smirks, and holds up his fists. He then charges towards the mass of Aka-name delivering punch after brutal punch, kick after brutal kick. He grabs the throat of one Aka-name and tears it out. He jumps over another, grabbing the throat during the jump, then snaps the neck. He avoids being impaled by the tongue of a third, then grabs the piece of serrated flesh and wraps it around the owner's neck. He twists the coil of flesh, strangling and finally decapitating the youkai.

"Hyoton: Hama no Ya!" (Ice Release: Sacred Arrow!)

Drusilla fires three glowing arrows, which impale three tongues to the ground. Ice spreads across the ground and up the tongues into the mouths of the youkai. In seconds, the upper torsos of the filth lickers are frozen and shatter into bloody fragments. Drusilla fires off another three arrows impaling three more Aka-name in the chest and knocking them back into two others. In seconds, all five are frozen to death.

"This could be problem," says Naruto, surrounded by ten Aka-name. The creatures whip their razor wire-like tongues at Naruto, but the blond future Hokage pulls out a pair of kunai and spins. A burst of wind chakra slices the tips of the ten tongues to pieces, releasing sprays of blue-purple blood. The enraged creatures all lunge at Naruto at the same time, only for the Naruto Shadow Clone to glow and explode when they are within a meter of the ninja. The explosion tears the youkai to pieces, leaving the real Naruto laughing in a tree.

"Bunshin Bakuha!" (Clone Explosion!)

Gohan moves faster than the human eye can see and stops behind a dozen Aka-name. He holds his sword, which is dripping youkai blood onto the ground. The Aka-name have also stopped, frozen in position and covered in dark blue lines. The tongues are the first things to fall to the ground, then limbs separate from the torsos. The heads and torsos come apart in slices as they impact with the bloody battle ground.

Sai summons a dozen black spiders from a scroll which then spray black webbing also composed of ink. The sticky black threads snare the tongues of six Aka-nume and glue them together. As the beasts struggle to break the webbing, which is stronger than steel at the same thickness, the spiders runs across the ground and attach themselves to the chests of the youkai. Sai rolls up the scroll and tosses it into the air before vanishing. As the scroll falls, it smokes, then explodes into flames. The flames ignite the special ink used for the spiders and set the tongues on fire. The fire follows the tongues to the owners and sets off the attached spider. Each spider goes off like a grenade and blows the youkai to bits.

Kakashi covers his hand in chakra and runs past a group of Aka-name, grabbing the barbed tongues sent at him. The chakra protects his hand from the barbs and the filth and allows him to pull all the tongues taunt before ramming his lightning affinity chakra into the mass of flesh. Lightning travels down the youkai muscle tissue into each of the creatures. The electricity burns the tongue, throat, and lungs in an instant. In seconds, the creatures drown in their own fluid.

A dozen Aka-Nume then explode into gory pieces as Takeru resheaths his blade.

The former Jinchuriki Kira Hachi and Yugito Nii and their Bijuu-Digimon Taurus and Leona are fighting an Ayakashi. The Ayakashi is an immense sea serpent, whose body is extremely long but very narrow like a snake. Its body secretes massive amounts of oil, enough to sink a boat with the oil alone. This one emerged from a river, drawn from the ocean by the negative energy.

The problem with fighting the creature is that most damage is stopped by the thick layer of oil, and any damage done regenerates in seconds. Leona sets parts of the creature on fire, but the creature dives leaving a small pool of burning oil separate from the wound.

Suddenly, Kira runs across the water and slides under the arc of one of the youkai’s coils, before shooting into the air with his swords held in his joints. The arc of serpentine flesh is sliced completely in half.

Yugito and Leoramon are next to attack, releasing bursts of flame from their mouths that strike the ends of the cut. The flames ignite the oily flesh and oil-filled lines inside the serpent causing both parts to explode. Half of the sea serpent floats to the surface, dead and unable to join with the rest, which is screaming and thrashing enough to send up small waves.

As the creature's head rises from the water howling in pain, Taurus runs across the dark stormy water, avoiding the larger waves. Taurus then rams one of his sword blades into the eye of the snake-like head, spins around and uses his other blade to cut through the neck. The youkai is decapitated, sending up a geyser of oil and blood. The oil from the body comes in contact with a patch of burning oil and the flames rapidly spread. Seconds later, the floating parts of the serpent burst into flames and explode like petrol tanks.

Masaru, Ryou, GeoGreymon, and Cyberdramon are fighting a flock of Basan. Basan are bizarre creatures resembling giant chickens that are usually found in bamboo groves. They creatures release spectral flames from their mouths and have sharp talons and beaks. These altered body parts are meant to eat flesh, not grain like their small mortal cousins.

Masaru delivers a punch that sends one giant chicken youkai flying into another, then jumps off a tree and delivers a second punch that knocks a third Basan on to the other two. GeoGreymon then releases a burst of energy from its mouth, setting all three on fire. The feathers burn away in seconds, but it takes nearly two minutes for the flesh to burn away, leaving the air with a strong smell.

Ryou makes several hand signs and rams his palms into the ground. The feet of the two Basan sink into the resulting mud causing them to tumble to the ground. A second before their heads can hit the ground Ryou tosses a couple kunai with explosive notes under the heads. When the notes detonate, the heads are blown to smoking bits.

Cyberdramon growls something and Ryou looks at him.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea."

Cyberdramon says something else that only Ryou can understand

"Oh... Okay. Go Ahead."

"What did he say?" asks Masaru, whose fists are still glowing.

"He has not had barbeque chicken in a while."

Team Suna - Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro - are not only fighting a small forest of Jubokko, also known as vampire trees, but are trying to rescue a small family of Kijimuna, red-haired tree sprites.

The Jubokko are monstrous tree youkai. They are dark brown trees with long thin branches for hair with dark red tips, long branches ending in claws for arms, human-like faces in the trucks, and have tentacle-like roots to allow movement. The abrasive bark of the trees is stained with the blood of a hundred humans and youkai and their eyes glow a bloody crimson.

The Kijimura on the other hand are mischievous, fairy-like spirits that are easily the best known creatures in Okinawan folklore. The males are about the size and shape of a little boy with pointed ears and spiky red hair. The mother is a slightly taller woman with longer ears and long spikes of grey hair with a red stripe. They are dressed in tribal clothing composed of leaves and animal skins.


The Jubokko are proving to be extremely durable. When they are sliced apart by Temari's wind, blown to bits by Kankuro's new puppets, or crushed by Gaara's chakra-hardened sand, they continue to regenerate. The larger fragments sprout into new trees, while the smaller fragments turn into blood. The small trees re-absorb the blood and regrow to their original size in seconds.

Gaara releases a tsunami of sand that buries all the trees, then does a new technique.

"Subaku Dassui!" (Desert Dessication!)

Gaara's sand draws every drop of moisture from what's trapped in the sand. On the surface, several Jubokko branches rapidly wither and change color from brown to yellow to white before shattering in tiny fragments. Inside the sand, the youkai trees lose their lives as every single living cell loses its vital water.

The next evil youkai is a Suppon, a type of Chinese Soft Shelled Turtle. Most of these turtles, even the youkai versions, are only a foot long with webbed feet for swimming. The one in front of Teams Kurenai, Asuma, Adventure, and Gai is immense. It's over a hundred feet in length and must weigh several hundred tons. Its shell is pitch black and its scales are dark yellow-green. Its eyes are glowing yellow and its head is also longer, resembling that of a crocodile.

"Soup is on!"

"GATSUGA!" (Dual Piercing Fang!)

Kiba and Akamaru becomes drills of wind that move in a double helix pattern before slicing through the front legs, causing the massive creature to stumble.

"FUTON: EKISHOURYUDAN!" (Wind Release: Liquid Crystal Dragon Bullet!)

Yamato releases a freezing torrent of liquefied air which forms into a giant oriental dragon coated in crystal ice. The dragon shoots from Yamato's position and collides with the back legs. The back legs freeze nearly instantly before shattering into tiny fragments of flesh and bone.

Chouji increases his size until he's a giant, then delivers a punch to the falling turtle that caves in part of its head.

"Doton: Doryuuga no Hara!" (Earth Release: Field of Earth Style Fang)

Mimi rams her palms into the ground, causing the earth underneath the massive creature to erupt into two meter long spikes of hardened earth and stone. Izzy and Kabuterimon then wrap wires around the creature that resemble steel cables, and pull the dying creature deeper onto the spikes.



The last creature to die is a Sazae-oni, a Turban Snail Ogre. The massive snail with a long spiral shell, long limbs ending in claws and poisonous breathe falls as the wind scar rips through its shell. Around it, its thousands of foot-long slug-like minions dissolve. They had become a problem for the older and younger generation of native heroes, because no matter how small the pieces that creatures were cut or blasted into, each fragment regenerated into whole slug youkai. Also, each slug drained energy and released long range jets of corrosive liquid.


A second youki blast from Inuyasha shatters the shell. The shell fragments rain down as the flesh bursts open and the organs rupture. As the massive youkai dies, its body dissolves into miasma and salt water. The destroyed limbs and fragments also dissolve with the ogre’s death.

"I hate slugs," says Inuyasha, looking at the damage to his fire rat robe.

"Lord Inuyasha! Lord Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha and the rest of the group turn to see a woman in peasant's clothing running up to the Akita inu hanyou. She’s a small teenager with long black hair and dark eyes and would be pretty if she wasn't covered in mud and ash and smelling of death.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Shion. My village was destroyed by Snakes, Horses, and Ram made of fire."

"Snake. Horse. Ram," says Kagome. "Zodiac."

Shion's Village

In Shion's Village, Trai is destroying everything in order to attract Inuyasha's group. He is helped by numerous lesser youkai. These lesser youkai resemble giant Snakes, Horses, and Rams composed of ash and flame. These creatures are weaker than the ones created by Kurando, but are more than enough to kill hundreds of human peasants. .

A herd of Fire Horses are chasing a woman carrying her infant child. She trips and the Horses raise their legs to crush her with their fiery hooves


Inuyasha's explosive burst of energy shreds the Horses into clouds of ash particles that are blown away by the fierce winds. Inuyasha lands next to the woman and helps her to her feet. He then turns and cuts off the heads of two large stallions. As the woman with the child runs away, the headless corpses explode into clouds of ash and vanishing sparks.

A sacred arrow glowing bright purple-pink strikes the head of one of the snakes. The light travels down the length of its body turning it into grey ash which then shatters into a dust cloud. A second arrow strikes the ground between three snakes and flares. As it flares, the nearby coils are destroyed and the damage races up the rest of the bodies.

One snake explodes from the ground and tries to attack Kagome from the side, but she strikes the creature with her bow. The simple piece of curved wood infused with Kagome’s spiritual power sends the Snake flying out of the ground and tumbling into a house. Another sacred arrow shot into the head ends the creature's existence in an instant.

Shippo is not much of a fighter, but even he manages to kill one. He blinds one Fire Horse with fox fire and causes it to fall down the town well. The youkai horse composed of ash and flame proves extremely vulnerable to water, exploding into ash fragments that quickly dissolve in the water.

Miroku's staff slices through the heads off half a dozen snakes, since his ofuda burn before they can come in contact with scales hotter than burning coals. Miroku barely avoids the fangs, but once the heads are cut off the bodies shatter into clouds of fine ash.

Kilala, a fiery nekomata is immune to the weak heat and is soon sinking her huge fangs into the necks of the Fire Horses and tearing their heads off. As each head is torn off there is a burst of flame before the horse explodes into its base components.


Sango's demon bone boomerang slices through another dozen fire horses, then half a dozen Rams on the return trip. The youki absorption ability allows the flying bone to extinguish the flames on impact, which leaves a statue of ash to be shattered.


Akitamon with Inuken on his back releases a blast of wind and energy from its mouth. Normally, wind would make a fire grow stronger, but the blast is so powerful it shatters a dozen Rams. Those not instantly destroyed are sent flying into the burning buildings with enough force that the youkai are destroyed on impact with the stone.


Midori watches as Garyuumon fires its own mouth blast and pierces a dozen rams with a single attack. Less than second after being pierced each target explodes into ash. One giant ram tries to attack Midori from behind, but is stopped a meter from her. The reason is Garyuumon's tail piercing its neck. The youkai’s energy drains away and the creature crumbles, leaving only an ash-coated tail tip.


Rademon proves to be very effective against the fire youkai. The streams from her Bubble Guns pierce them like a minigun loaded with armor-piercing explosive rounds. Rademon's blue water whips slice them to pieces. Her last attack is spreading water around her, crippling the movements of the fire based creatures. She then causes the water to shoot up into vortexes that drown the two dozen youkai in an instant. When the attack ends, the heavy shower of purified water injures and weakens the creatures of ash and flame like acid rain.

Mashira uses her kunai with explosive notes to blow off the heads of a dozen Rams, Horses, and Snakes. The heat triggers the notes attached on impact.


Her partner Ginzarumon summons his Nyoibo (Compliant Staff) and moves like a bojutsu (staff fighting) master. The rod strikes youkai after youkai, shattering them or knocking them back. He knocks several into the air, causing them to shatter when they hit the ground. One stubborn Ram charges at the golden monkey Digimon, then said monkey brings the extremely heavy staff down in an overhead strike, splitting the attacking creature in half along with the earth beneath it.


Hitomi watches from the safety of a small wall as Shiunmon races past a large group of Trai's youkai at extremely high speed, slicing them with his wing tips and blades of wind. Nearly all of them are destroyed, but one large Fire Horse survives. It turns, its body smoking like dying camp fire, and charges at Shiunmon. Shiunmon doesn't move an inch and the reason is clear as the youkai falls half way through its charge, its legs breaking off and its head breaking off on impact. The severed head slides next to Shiunmon, who then steps on it and crushes it like a sand castle.


The remaining minions are destroyed by blue blasts fired from Miyatsu's TenKishimon. The ice beams strike the remaining Rams, Snakes, and Horses encasing them in crystal ice. The extreme cold and purification drains their heat and energy, reverting them into ash. The ash statues then collapse inside the frozen shells, leaving strange crystal ice sculptures.


"Who are you?" says Inuyasha, his sword already coated with Trai's blood.

"Tien Trai of Song. Your father destroyed my brother, now I'll destroy you," says the youkai in human form, his crazed eyes glowing fiery red and his voice distorted.

He roars and he's surrounded by a dark red-purple aura, which grows larger and larger becoming opaque. When the aura flames dissolve, Trai is now in his true youkai form of an immense water buffalo youkai.

A normal water buffalo stands 1.5 to 1.9 meters tall at the shoulder. Wild water buffalo are formidable mammals with sparse gray- black coats. Males carry enormous backward- curving, crescent- shaped horns stretching close to 1.5 meters (5 feet) long with deep ridges on their surface.

The youkai before the heroes is twenty meters tall at the shoulder with fifteen meter long horns. The massive creature has a black coat, obsidian black hooves, and glowing red eyes. He also has sharp fangs instead of herbivore teeth and releases trails of smoke from its nostrils. The water buffalo youkai roars in rage, stomping the ground with its hooves and triggering powerful earthquakes.


A blast from Inuyasha tears a deep wound in the youkai’s side, but fails to damage the massive horns. The crimson blood in the wound glows like fire, before the wound rapidly regenerates. The wound heals without a trace, then the water buffalo sends them flying with a shock wave from the front hooves.


The massive creature roars in pain as Gohan's demonic dragons pierce its side, burning through its body and bursting out the other side in an explosion of smoke and blood. The creature continues to roar and its body begins to change.

The fiery red aura reappears stronger than before and the smoking bloody wounds regenerate. The buffalo horns lengthen and a second set grows behind them resembling Ram horns. Its fur becomes longer and coarse like blades of fur and its eyes glow white hot.


A sphere of darkness and red flame appears in front of Vietnamese youkai’s mouth. It grows and grows until it's over fifteen meters in diameter and radiating enough heat and youki to burn the ground to lifeless ash. With one final roar, the sphere shoots towards Inuyasha.

Inuyasha smiles, then charges the death ball. People would call him crazy and most would agree, if they didn't know about one of his sword attacks.


Inuyasha's sword surrounded by a swirling wind scar slices through the death ball's intense demonic aura. He reverses the flow of energy and causes the spread to become swirling tornados of energy that flow back towards the demon buffalo. Trai's massive youkai body is torn apart by his own power.

The heroes are shocked as the wounds rapidly regenerate, but the creature begins to shrink. As the demon tainted aura is expelled by the regrowing flesh, the creature becomes smaller and smaller, losing the extra fur and horns. Soon it's a normal sized water buffalo, which collapses in exhaustion.

Nearby Forest

Kurando watches the events through the fire. In his palm is a crystal sphere containing swirling blue energy. There are images of Gohan's dragons flowing in the ocean of energy. The fire images change to show the Zodiac arriving

"The ones who harmed the Zodiac will have to defend the ones drained by the fight."

Kurando's voice is soft but cold, lacking any form of emotion. It's very strange that a warrior of fire would have a soul of ice.

"The trap is set."


The Ninjas and Scourge join the Inuyasha group.

"What took you guys so long!?" says Inuyasha.

"We encountered a small army of those fire ash youkai," says Spike. "They were weak opponents, but there were a lot of them."

"Let's see what we can learn from the loser," says Spike, pointing at the unconscious water buffalo.

Suddenly, a swirling beam of energy smashes the water buffalo like a giant hammer. Within a fraction of a second, muscles are pulverized and bones are reduced to powder. Within another second, the pulverized flesh is burnt to ash by the energy, then torn away by the vortex of the energy. The bone dust is the last to be burnt away along with a large amount of soil and rock.

Taurus the Bull has arrived.

Gemini the Twins has arrived.

Cancer the Crab has arrived.

Everyone jumps back as the three Zodiac warriors release elemental attacks. Taurus the Bull rams his weapon into the ground causing hardened stone spikes to shoot out of the ground. Gemini the Twins release two ice arrows, which double over and over again until there are over fifteen thousand of them before they descend. Cancer the Crab releases high speed jets of waters, powerful enough to cut hardened stone.

"Raiton: Hadou Raiga!" (Lightning Release: Surge Thunder Fang!)

Taurus falls forward as Angel's blade of lightning and plasma slashes his back. The Zodiac collapses to one knee with a smoking burn. Taurus then rams his palm into the ground and Angel is tossed into the air. It also causes him to smash into Gabriel and knock them both to the ground.


(Fire Release: Great Fire Ball)

Spike and Blaze release their own fiery attacks, but the Gemini Twins move like synchronized dancers and avoid both attacks. They then end up back to back; long bow pointed one direction, crossbow pointed in the other. They both release ice arrows, which multiply into a sixteen arrows each. Spike blocks the attack by ramming his sword into the ground and channeling chakra into it. Blaze on the other hand is so durable that the arrows shatter like glass.


(Ice Release: Sacred Arrow!)

Cancer the Crab creates a wall of water that blocks the poisonous mist and traps the arrow as it freezes the water around it creating a circular wall of super cold ice. Cancer points his claws at the wall causing it to explode outward into a thousand fragments like ice daggers.

"FUTON: RASENGAN!" (Wind Release: Spiral Sphere!)

Taurus the Bull bends over as Naruto's sphere of wind and chakra rams into his stomach. He's pushed back by the sphere, but unlike other opponents he doesn't go spiraling into the air. Taurus resists the sphere as it grinds into its flesh, before a surge of earth energy disrupts Naruto's control and disperses the sphere in an instant.


Nine demonic dragons are released from Gohan's sword attack, but only three of the dragons reach their target. Six of the dragons fade between Gohan and his target. The Bull caries out in pain as his back is torn apart by the dragons and demonic flames cause second and third degree burns to over eighty percent of his body. Taurus rams his palm into the ground and pulls back, pulling an immense boulder from a suddenly soft earth and then tossing it like a giant baseball at Gohan. Gohan slices the boulder clean in half with one strike, but then he has to defend himself from the Bull's Axe.

Kakashi's Chidori is stopped when one of the Gemini grabs his wrist and the other Gemini grabs Sakura's wrist when the pink-haired shinobi tries to punch her. They snap the wrists and raise their other hand for point blank attacks, when Sai blinds both of them with sprays of ink.

Takeru's glowing blade slashes at Cancer's back, but doesn't even damage the shell. The Zodiac warrior of the Crab then turns and releases drills of water from its palms. The drills don't penetrate Takeru and Angemon, but they do knock them back badly injured.


Leomon and Juri ram their fiery fists into Taurus the Bull, but the badly injured warrior isn't harmed in the slightest. Their attack proves to be a distraction for Yugiro and Leona, the Leoramon, to get behind the creature. Taurus turns to protect his injured back, only for the lioness Biju-Digimon to release an attack from less than a meter away.

"GOUKADAN!" (Hellfire Shot!)

The blast of white shot flame burns through flesh and bone, and explodes out of the Bull's back. Taurus cries out, stumbles back, and then falls to his knees. He grips his axe tight and rises for one last charge, only for another attack to hit him.

"Ushioni Ensuidan!" (Ushioni Salt Water Shot!)

Streams of high pressure salt water tear through his back and out the front in a dozen places. His axe falls from his grip and shatters as it hits the ground, then Taurus the Bull collapses to the ground. It looks up and sees the eyes of Taurus the Ushionimon before his life energy finally drains completely. His dead body hardens and turns into a statue of brown stone that then collapses into sand.

"Sabaku Bakuha!" (Sand Explosion)

The Gemini girls are sent flying away from each other by an explosion of sand and dirt.

"Sabaku Kyu!" (Desert Coffin!)

The Gemini in white is covered in white sand below her light haired head. Her sister runs towards her avoiding the attacks of the others.

"SUNA YARI!" (Sand Spear!)

Shukaku the Tanukimon creates a halberd made of sand and in one move slices off the trapped Gemini's head. The decapitation sends up of a geyser of fluid and causes the dark Gemini to collapse to the ground holding her throat. As the sand coffin collapses and the light Gemini dissolves completely, the dark Gemini screams as if being boiled alive and her dark skin is covered in blisters and steaming. In a burst of blue light, the Dark Gemini reverts to her fish form and tries to escape leaving a trail of steam.

"Fuuton: Dai Kamaitachi!" (Wind Release: Great Cutting Whirlwind)

Gaara takes the sand halberd and throws it like a javelin at the dark Gemini. Temari’s attack gives the heavy weapon a speed boost and causes it to spin like drill. The weakened Zodiac doesn't have time to react as the halberd strikes it and shreds it to pierces, releasing a large amount of water.

Cancer the Crab blocks the intense heat of the attacks sent by Takato, Growlmon, Ruki, and Kyubimon. He also blocks the shots from Gargomon, burning oil from Jiraiya, and even poisonous senbon from Anko. As he leaps clear of the attacks, he's suddenly grabbed and forced to the ground.

He looks to his side and finds Mimi and Togemon holding his left arm with vines stronger than steel cables. He looks to his other side and finds Izzy and Kabuterimon holding his right arm with chakra-enhanced wires that form thin cables. He looks down and sees ice wrapped around his legs and being generated by Yamato and Garurumon in front of him

"This doesn't appear to be very youthful," says Rock Lee, looking at the helpless Cancer

"Keikeibi!" (Piercing Tail!)

Garyuumon's tail moves faster than sound and punches through Cancer's back and out the chest: There are sprays of dark fluid as Cancer the Crab's body thrashes in pain, then he collapses in his bonds. The tail is pulled out, which leaves Cancer open for another attack.



Inuyasha and his son Inuken's partner combine their attacks to form of vortex of wind and energy that rips Cancer to pieces. All that remains are two semi-frozen feet in the burning trench and the two arms that were blown off. Those parts soon dissolve into masses of glowing blue bubbles that vanish as they flow into the air.

"Something is not right," says Kairi to herself. "One moment they were strong, the next they were weak. Did the attacks look weaker?"


Kurando stands before the Five Castle Lords. Lord Mokusei, Lord Kasai, Lady Kinsei, Lady Suisei, and King Dosei look at their servant.

"Your mission was a success."

"Yes, My Masters," says Kurando. "The powers of the outsiders were enough to destroy the Zodiac."

"Four of the Zodiac still live," says Mokusei. "The Hunters will not be done until the last four seals break."

"I did not believe we could manipulate them for a third time, so during the battle I absorbed some of their power," says Kurando, holding a crystal orb which is glowing a bright blue. Inside the sphere are images of dragons and swirling winds.

"We shall forge new weapons to destroy the final seals and the outsiders."

Lord Kasai raises his hand and energy is drawn from the floating orb. It comes out in the form of two dragons composed of glowing blue mist. The mist swirls into a sphere in the center of the floor, which is then surrounded by a circle of flame. As Lord Kasai chants, the crimson flames flow into the sphere of blue energy which transforms into a pillar of mystical purple-white flames. The image of a wolf can be seen in the flames before they disperse.

The flames die to reveal a beautiful woman with pale skin and fiery red hair. She wears a fine kimono of red, yellow, and orange. In her hands is a round bronze mirror with a polished silver face and eight hands sculpted around the edge

"Arise, Amateratsu!"

Lady Suisei raises her hand and more energy in drawn from the sphere in the form of dragons. It forms another glowing blue sphere. A ring of black water forms around the sphere, before contracting into it. It becomes a swirling tornado of black and dark blue water, which shows images of battling sea serpents.

Then the pillar collapses to reveal a handsome man wearing fine black clothing. He wears a necklace of comma-shaped beads known as Magatam, representing the souls of dead. He also has a black crescent moon on his forehead like a mark of demon nobility.

"Arise, Tsukuyomi!"

Lord Mokusei raises his palm and more energy is drawn from the crystal container and forms another sphere of energy on the floor. A circle of dark clouds appears in the air above the sphere, which then release bolts of lightning that form a burning circle. The circle rotates and the continuous lightning spins around the sphere at the center. The sphere grows larger and larger until it comes in contact with the lightning. There is a blinding flash and the sound of thunder shakes the palace.

When the light fades there is a fierce-looking warrior in samurai armor. He wields a Tsurugi, an ancient type of Japanese straight sword, and a jug of sake. Behind him is the image of an albatross composed of dying spectral flames

"Arise, Susanno!"

"They will need a guide. Someone who has fought the inu hanyou's group before," says Lady Kinsei.

Lady Kinsei raises her hand and the crystal sphere flies to another point in the room, directly in front of the sacred three. The glowing crystal is surrounded by a tornado of glowing wind, then the crystal shatters into a hundred million fragments. As the energy is released the winds gather into a solid form. First bones form from the dust, then flesh forms on those bones in the form of a black haired woman with red eyes. She screams as life returns to her, but it's drowned out by the power of winds. She is then clad in the robes of a dancer and given a fan forged from Kinsei's power.

"Destroy the Last Four Seals and Life is Yours," says Lady Kinsei. "Free as the Wind."

"Arise, Wind Sorceress Kagura."

END OF CHAPTER 30 - ATFF2 - Part 5

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The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past
It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

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Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
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Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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