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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Arc 2 Broken Mirror - Part 6

Another Destroyed Village

Kyubi no Mae (Mae of the Nine Tails) stands in front of a destroyed temple, just a few kilometers from yet another destroyed town. Kyubi no Mae is still in the form of a beautiful red headed woman with brown eyes.

The temple once contained seven young disciples, three mature monks, and one older master. The mature monks possessed some spiritual power, but it was the master who protected the village from evil youkai

Mae slaughtered the monks one by one when they tried to stop her killing the town’s inhabitants. The vibrations released by her blade Mesunokitsune (Vixen) allow it to cut through some of the strongest materials and flesh isn’t very strong. The old master was the last to die. She pierced him three times with her blade making sure to miss the vital organs, but making the monk unable to move. The shockwaves from the blade ruptured the millions of tiny, exceptionally thin-walled air sacs called alveoli that make up the lungs. The monk slowly drowned in his own blood after an hour.

“So the Traitor Mae has returned.”

Mae turns to see another female kitsune in human form followed by five small white foxes, each with multiple tails ranging from two to seven. The humanoid leader takes the form of a beautiful white headed woman with gold eyes, and could easily be mistaken for Mai’s sister. She also has pointed ears, blue daiyokai markings on the sides of her face, and nine fluffy white fox tails wrapped around her like a boa. She wears a white and red kimono that resembles the robes of a miko. Unlike Mae, she doesn’t carry a sword, but a white bow.

“Kinsakura. Still a servant of the gods?”

“Mae the Traitor. You were once a heavenly fox spirit and one of Inari’s favorites. Now you serve the Castle Lords, darkness from beyond this world.”

“I loved combat sister. When I became a Kyubi no Kitsune, I got a vision of the possible future. My choice was to live as Inari’s pet until the Castle Lords destroyed the Heavens or become a Hunter of the Castle Lords against the Heavens.”

“That’s impossible!” yells Kinsakura gripping her bow. As she pulls her arm back, an arrow composed of holy energy and light appears in front of the string.

The talismans in Mae’s hands glow and suddenly white dogs with sharp metal fangs and claws explode from the ground. The pack of dogs attack the kitsune, but Kinsakura fires her holy arrow. The arrow is covered in white flame and pierces three dogs causing them to shatter and sublimate, turning from solid into a gaseous miasma. The holy flame arrow also pierces Mae, but she dissolves into a shower of cherry blossom petals.

“You underestimate me sister.”

Kinsakura’s eyes open wide in shock as she realizes Mae in behind her, back to back. She then gasps as Mesunokitsune’s blade pierces her side. Mae turns around so she is facing Kinsakura’s back with her blade still piercing it.


The sword begins to vibrate at an extremely high frequency, then releases powerful shockwaves. Kinsakura is sent flying for nearly fifty meters, shattering two trees in the process. She leaves a trench in the ground and a trail of blood from her ravaged side.

The leash of Kitsune manage to break away from the talisman dogs and charge Mae. They are bloody from their fight with the creatures of metal and wind, but they still have the strength to leap into the air to descend on the kitsune traitor.

“Fujin no Mai!” (Dance of the Wind Blades)

A thousand wind blades descend from the trees and strike the leash of fox youkai, filing the air with a crimson mist. Many of the foxes are cut to pieces and most are killed by the slicing winds. Those not killed by the winds are torn to pieces by the talisman dogs, who devour the remains of the foxes and grow stronger.

“Hello. You must be the wind sorceress Kagura.”


“We get attacked by youkai almost every day,” says Kagome. “There also appears to be two groups of bad guys. One is hidden and uses Chinese Zodiac monsters and manipulates other youkai into attacking us. The other is a group of youkai based on the Western Zodiac.”

“Both are destroying towns, but the Chinese group seems to be forcing us to fight the Western one,” says Spike. “I think we’re being used.”

Suddenly there is an explosion and the heroes are sent flying in multiple directions. From the depths of the broken earth come thousands of snakes. Each snake is over three point six to four meters (12-13 feet) in length with olive-green, tan, or black scales and black eyes.

Angel, Spike, and Drusilla with their partners Gabriel, Blaze, and Lilitha kill dozens of snakes before the wave of serpents buries them and sinks their fangs into the fighters. Their unique nature prevents instant death, but the neurotoxin takes them out of the fight.

Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and Sai use Kawarimi (Replacement) to escape the fangs of their attackers. As the fangs pierce the logs the wood withers and decays into piles of dust. Former Kyubi no Kitsune Gohan doesn’t move a centimeter. Instead he releases a destructive aura that causes the hundred snakes attacking him to fly away from him as a shower of pulverized bone and liquefied flesh.

Hikari uses a genjutsu designed to affect animals, causing the snakes to bite each other. Takeru’s form blurs and a hundred serpents are cut in half in less than five seconds. Patamon flies high above the fangs of the snakes, while Tailmon uses her feline agility to deliver brutal blows, snapping the flexible snake spines. Juri and Leomon’s solution is to release fiery fists of the beast king that crush and incinerate the snakes.

Kira Hachi and Ushionimon Taurus are master swordsmen and slice each snake before their fangs can strike. The torn ground and blades are soon soaked in oily blood. Yugito and Leona use fire and lightning techniques instead of blades and soon the air is filled with the smell of cooked snake meat.

Hinata uses her personal Protection of the Eight Trigrams. She generates blade of chakra from her hands and moves her arms at an insanely high speed. The snakes leaping at her neck, torso, and arms are pierced and sliced to pieces. Kiba and Akamaru use the Dual Piercing Fang to shred a few dozen, and Shino’s hybrid insects suck the life out the serpents while injecting their own brand of poison.

Masaru uses Taiyokaken (Sun Flame Fist) to incinerate a mass of snakes, while Agumon’s fireball incinerates a couple dozen more. The fangs can’t pierce Cyberdramon’s armored hide, but his claws easily tear through them. Ryou lends a hand with a powerful fireball technique.

Shikamaru’s shadow splits into a hundred thin tendrils that pierce nearly a hundred snakes. Ino throws a couple of kunai with explosive notes attached, but it’s Choji that gets bitten when he tries to crush the mass of youkai reptiles.

Gai and Rock Lee use nunchuks so they don’t have to come in physical contact with the poisonous serpents. As they swing the wooden rods at high speed, they shatter bones and pulverize organs. Rock Lee manages to grab the tail of one extra long snake and swings it around, using it as a whip to knock-out a dozen others before using a whip crack to break its spine. Neji block mass attacks with his Kaiten, then delivers Juken strikes to the snakes that attack individuals. Tenten fires a hundred senbon and hits a hundred snakes, every single one in the head.

Even mysterious aquatic youkai Kairi manages to stop attacks using whips of water, a trick she learned from youkai Digimon Rademon.

Suddenly, sand covers the field and ripples like waves on the ocean. The remaining snakes are caught in the sand and soon buried. As Gaara concentrates the sand implodes and the remaining snakes are completely crushed.

At the border of the field, near the edge of the forest, a young man stands dressed in the orange and black robes of a Buddhist monk. He looks very young with a bald head, closed eyes, and sun darkened skin. He suddenly stiffens as he feels a kunai at his throat.

“My name is Anko Mitarashi, what’s yours?” says the Neo Snake Sannin behind him and standing with original Slug Sannin Tsunade and Toad Sannin Jiraiya.

“Jaidee Mongkut of the Tai”

“Why are you attacking?”

“You know the reason, Zodiac!”

Suddenly, the monk collapses like a balloon becoming an empty skin and robes on the ground.
A few meters away, the Monk Jaidee explodes from the ground. He’s now bare-chested and dressed in his baggy pants which are secured around a serpentine lower half.

“The Lady Mae told me of youkai helping the Western Zodiac. Now I sense their taint on you and the blood of thousands,” says the Jaidee as his hands go through several hand signs. “I may die today, but I won’t let this evil continue!”

Jaidee emits a swirling aura of glowing mist-like energy, which quickly expands and grows to over fifty meters in height and thirty meters at the maximum radius. He opens his eyes to reveal the black and gold eyes of a King Cobra. Jaidee’s body glows white, then grows and changes. As the form reaches its maximum size the layer of white light explodes off as mystical white flames.

The monk is gone to reveal a massive poisonous serpent. It’s a daikaiju sized monster over a hundred meters in length with tan scales, faint pale yellow cross bands down the length of the body, and a cream underside.

Kira and Taurus ready their blades to attack, when they suddenly slow down. They become like statues and manage to stutter out “I can’t move.”

Anko licks her lips, tasting the air like her snake summons, and recognizes something in the air. A type of neurotoxin dispersed into a mist. She realizes that each of the destroyed snakes is dissolving and the fluids are evaporating into a purple mist. She realizes she is able to move because of Orochimaru’s poison tolerance training and Naruto is able to move because he’s developed his own tolerance due to civilians and ninjas having poisoned his milk and ramen nearly a hundred times. Gohan and Team Scourge are still moving because of their dark and powerful nature, and Sakura and Tsunade are medic ninja and are recovering fast.

“My venom is so potent in this form that even just skin contact will kill anyone who isn't a daiyokai or a greater priestess,” says Mongkut, his voice hissing, “Die, Destroyers!”

The immense serpent opens its mouth wide and releases a spray of the venom. The amount of venom could fill an Olympic swim pool five times over in three seconds. The black venom quickly disperses into a thick purple mist that blankets the field.

Suddenly, the purple mist vanishes and Jaidee sees the reason. Kagome stands with her arms held high and is glowing with a pink-white light. Jaidee can sense the holy energy and is shocked out of his rage.

“Impossible. Holy Power cannot be used by murderers,” says Jaidee, coming to a realization. “I have been deceived.”

The immense cobra closes it eyes and opens its mouth wide and the youkai’s human form exits the mouth. As he jumps out of his giant form’s mouth, it dissolves into white light that flows into Jaidee’s body. He lands between the two generations with Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala on the right and Inuken, Midori, Shinju, Mashira, Hitomi, Miyatsu, Akane, and Menou with their Digimon on the other. He gets on his “knees” and bows deeply.

“I am sorry. I thought you were in league with the tainted ones known as the Zodiac,” says Jaidee Mongkut of the Tai. “I am a Naga from across the ocean. I ended up in this land due a freak storm and went exploring. Twice, I have encountered the evil of the Zodiac. I first fought one who resembled a water jug with two females for handles, but his cold stopped me. The second time I fought a feline man and was badly injured. What is worse is I could do no damage to them no matter how hard I tried. When the Lady Kitsune Mae told me of youkai helping the Zodiac, I thought I had a chance to get a small amount of justice for those lost.”

“Told you we are being used,” says Spikes, wobbling on his feet. “That poison is worse than that hangover from the party after United’s victory.”

“I need help!” yells Ino, whose holding a shaking Chouji.

Tsunade and Sakura run over to the snake bitten Akimichi.

“This isn’t normal poison. I can’t get it all out,” says Ino.

Jaidee Mongkut slithers over to Ino and hands her a bottle of lime green liquid.

“I help people, but I also produce a lethal poison than can kill on contact. I always carry my own anti-venom.”


Kyubi no Mae stands before four warriors with her blade Mesunokitsune (Vixen). She’s still in the form of a beautiful red headed woman with brown eyes. The red daiyokai markings on the sides of her face have thickened and her nine fluffy red fox tails flow in an unseen wind. Even her red kimono is darker making her look far more intimidating. The wakizashi in her hand vibrates and sings. To the ears of her enemies the song sounds like a feared siren chanting in Latin.

In her other hand, the Monkey, Rooster, and Dog talismans glow with a blinding white light. In the case of the Dog, it also glows with a piercing golden light.

Three talisman youkai appear with Mae.

The Monkey yokai resembles a monstrous gorilla standing three and half meters tall with snow white fur, black eyes, and bone white fangs and nails. He also has a long white monkey-like tail. The Alpha male is dressed in silvery armor that covers his chest and back, and has silver/white bands wrapped around his lower arms down to the middle phalanx of each finger.

The Dog youkai resembles a monstrous white Akita Inu standing over two point one meters with silver eyes with black sclera that burn with a golden light. He also has shining metal claws and fangs. He wears a collar and bracelets composed of hair-thin silver and gold ribbons woven together

The Rooster youkai resembles a silver white phoenix chicken. The breed of chicken originated in Japan and its color is an unusual combination of silver and black. The huge chicken has tail feathers over sixty feet in length, a long serpentine neck, and a lean body.

The three warriors in front of them are the Zodiac.

The first warrior is an animated jug of water. The white stone vase was designed to resemble two long haired women molded around a container of water as handles, but the women move as living women and the jug itself has a wide mouth and two silver-blue eyes. A faint icy fog is emitted from the wide mouth.

"Aquarius the Water Bearer"

The second warrior is anthropomorphic lion with a very muscular body, a long black mane, long fangs, and razor sharp claws, and a long tail. He's dressed in black and gold furs with golden arm bands and a golden crown. The tips of the crown to glow with flames and his eyes to glow gold like the sun.

"Leo the Lion"

The third warrior is a young graceful woman with light brown hair and glowing green eyes. She also has pointed ears and green-tinted skin. She's dressed in a flowing green robe decorated with leafy plant vines and flowers. She also carries a long wooden staff topped with grain plants and wears a crown of vines.

"Virgo the Virgin."

The fourth warrior is a beautiful woman with a graceful figure and refined features. She's dressed in a simple white dress with a golden rope around her waist. In truth the woman is a host for the warrior's true form. A set of polished golden scales that the woman carries around is the true form with one eye on the base facing outward. The eye on the scale is gold with a black sclera (white) and moves constantly, while the woman's pupil-less pale eyes have no emotion or will of their own.

"Libra the Scales."

“You know who we are, fox woman,” says Leo, “You have also used our power to create your toys for the Castle Lords.”

“Do you believe you can kill us with your pathetic little sword,” says Virgo in an odd double voice.

“Little?” says Mae holding up Mesunokitsune. “Guess I’ll have to fix that. Kon Kon Konpaku!

The short sword flares with crimson light and the four Zodiac warriors are thrown back by the spiritual pressure, which also creates a howling wind and tears the grassy earth beneath their feet. There is a howling sound in the air and when the light clears Mae is holding a long sword resembling a lengthened fang with a white fox tail attached to the pommel of the sword. As Mae holds the hilt, the blade/fang begins to vibrate at an extremely high frequency to the point that, combined with her aura, it resembles nine fox tails moving in a fierce wind.

She makes a horizontal slash with her blade and there is a shock wave and a deafening roar. The shock wave shoots across the battlefield like a tsunami of wind and sound, and sends the Zodiac warriors flying back. Leo screams as his ears burst, his enhanced hearing making him extremely vulnerable. Libra and Virgo are also injured, but Aquarius is only knocked down.

“I may not be able to kill you, but I can hurt you,” says Mae with a fox-like smile. “They on the other hand will kill you.”

The Zodiac warriors turn and see themselves surrounded by new warriors, each filled with unnatural youki.

The first is a beautiful woman with pale skin, red hair, and a fine kimono the color of red flames. She holds a mirror, which reflects Virgo. As Virgo stares the image in the mirror silently screams and burns

“My name is Amaterasu. I am the sun and fire.”

The second is a handsome man dressed in black clothing and a magatama necklace. He stares at Leo and the Lion can see his reflection in the man’s black mirror eyes. A reflection which is consumed by the darkness.

“My name is Tsukuyomi. I am the moon and water.”

The third is a fierce-looking warrior in samurai armor, holding a straight sword. Libra’s host doesn’t move, but its true form, the scales, vibrate in her hands. The vibrating increases as lightning crawls across the blade’s surface.

“My name is Susanno. I am the storm”

The fourth is a red-eyed woman dressed in the clothing of a dancer with a paper fan.

“My name is Kagura. I am the wind.”

Mae smiles and finishes the intro with a cold sentence.

“They are the servants of the Castle Lords. They are your deaths.”

Virgo is the first to attack, she moves her staff and the ground beneath them ripples and shatters as plants of all types explode from the earthy womb. The trees and vines grow and grow, moving like the tentacles of a giant monster. They shoot towards Amaterasu, but she gives them a kind smile and raises her mirror. The silvery surface of the mirror glows a golden white light as if reflecting the noon sun of summer. She brings the mirror down in front of her and moves in circles, like a skilled dancer. As the light strikes the vines and roots seeking to crush her, they ignite. As she continues to dance, the forest bursts into flames and soon she is dancing on the ashes.

Leo rams his arms into the ground and releases a wave of flame. The earth fissures and molten rock explodes upward as the attack moves towards Tsukuyomi. The man doesn’t even move, instead water explodes from the ground and forms a swirling barrier. The flames are extinguished and the boiling lava becomes rock that is shattered by the water currents. As the barrier falls, Leo attacks Tsukuyomi from behind with his fiery claws. The clawed hands pierce his back and explode out of the chest on the other side, but the crimson blood turns into water.

Leo watches as his victim dissolves in water before realizing it was a substitute. When he realizes the truth, it’s too late, as four drilling water blasts burst from his chest. He falls to his hands and knees, and when he tries to move he finds his legs and arms trapped in bubbles of extremely heavy water. The heavy water wraps around Leo and forms a sphere, which presses on him and steals his air.

Tsukuyomi stands behind him with a clenched fist and his necklace glowing a faint dark blue aura.

The eyes on the Libra scales glow and Susanoo finds himself in total darkness. Slowly he’s illuminated by a glowing golden circle beneath him. A similar glowing silver circle illuminates the host of Libra without the scales, while the voice of the scales is heard from the darkness.

“Welcome to the Judgement. It’s a world of illusion and justice, in which a person’s purity is measured and the loser is crushed by their sins. My host lacks a soul, so she is free of sins.”

“Nice plan if not for a couple of problems,” says Susanno, his voice rumbling like thunder. “I was literally born yesterday, so I didn’t have enough time to have any fun.”

“And the second.”

“While we are inside the ‘world of illusion and justice’, your body is vulnerable.”

Suddenly, Libra screams and the world of darkness shatters like glass to reveal the real world. A real world where Libra’s Scales are held in the jaws of the Dog youkai and the Monkey youkai has crushed the host’s head with one hand. As the remainder of the body falls to the ground, it dissolves to dust and bones.

The chains of the scales lengthen and wrap around the neck of the Dog, causing it to thrash around. A dark purple aura forms around the Youkai and Zodiac, a malignant aura that continues to grow and become more opaque, before dissolving to reveal a fusion. The creature revealed resembles a man-wolf with a furry humanoid body, claws, and a wolf head. Its fur is pitch black with black claws, but its head, neck, and shoulders are covered in a silver headdress looking vaguely like that of the Egyptian God Anubis. The plates of the scales form armor on its shoulders and its golden eyes with black sclera glow brightly.

“The Dog is my Limiter, but it also my own power,” says Libra, his voice deeper and more demonic. “Ready for another round without illusions.”

Susanno smiles as lightning crawls across his body and causes his eyes to glow.

Aquarius the Water Bearer fires streams of water and ice from its mouth trying to kill Kagura, but the wind sorceress moves like the dancer she is and generates winds that block the attacks.

“Kijin no Mai!” (Dance of the Wind Blades)

Blades of wind strike the animated jug and to its horror create deep cuts in the stone. Aquarius panics and tries to escape, but is horrified to learn he can’t use his teleport.

“You're not going to escape this time, little pot,” says Kagura. “Ryuja no Mai!” (Dance of the Dragon Snakes!)

Kagura’s attack creates tornados that trap Aquarius and toss him into the air. Inside one of those vortexes of wind, Kagura appears and releases another blast of wind blades. The womanly handles are the first objects to be shattered, then one blade cuts the entire jug in half vertically. The fragments of clay glow blue-white before shattering intp sparkling lights.


As another member of the foreign Zodiac dies, an evil presence spreads across Japan. It’s a darkness unseen, but it pulsates in the souls of the living and the dead. It’s a corrupting form that wraps around a sentient’s mind like the coils of a great serpent.

Tai-i pauses as she senses the evil. The jade spirit feels the darkness resonate with the hatred in her heart. She was bound to a man when he stabbed her in the chest with a dagger of peach wood and called out her name. The man used her to steal gem stones and for his own pleasures for many years, even extending his life with her jade tonic. Her husband was killed by the Zodiac, so she now wanders the land turning humans into jade statues in an attempt to extract the revenge she could never get on her despised dead husband.

She resembles a beautiful woman in blue clothing with eyes the color of jade. She also has jade green nails on her lethal hands. She turns back to her victim, a young man in his twenties, whose body is half turned into green Nephrite jade. He hasn’t done anything to her, but he’s male and that’s enough for the jade spirit.

Suddenly, a sword pierces her body and comes out of her chest. She stares down at the blade in shock as green blood drips from her mouth. Normally any physical injury would heal in seconds because of the mystical energies flowing through her body, but the wound is growing larger as the flesh around it decomposes.

“Wh...What... What is thi...this?”

“Bakusaiga.” (Explosive Crushing Fang)


Amaterasu incinerates blade-like leaves from the air, thorny vines from the sides, and spike-like roots from the earth. She notices that the sun will be setting soon, so she begins a chant. Her hair rises in the intense heat of her aura like the feathers of a bird or tails of a wolf pack. A bird of flames appears behind the Sun Goddess, then flows into her mirror. The mirror glows white, then a spectral wolf composed of golden flames jumps out the mirror. The wolf’s plasma fangs, hot as the surface of the sun, close on Virgo’s arms severing them. As Virgo screams in pain the wolf leaps at her and dives into her body like a ghost.

There is a pause, then Virgo screams in absolute agony as her skin burns, her long hair ignites, and flames shoot from her mouth. She continues to scream as light shoots from points on her body and jets of flame shoot from her eye sockets. Finally, her entire body explodes into burning ash and a bird of flame rises from the ash. The bird of flame soars towards Amaterasu and merges with her.

Tsukuyomi watches a Leo’s aura expands inside the water prison as the Zodiac tries to escape. The fiery aura causes the water to rapidly heat up and slowly begins to boil. As steam rises from the surface of the water sphere and Tsukuyomi’s fist, he closes his eyes in annoyance. His eyes then snap back open to reveal pure darkness, lacking pupil, iris, or sclera.

Shockwaves travels through the sphere and the Zodiac trapped inside it. The sphere vibrates as the water channels the explosive energy into the victim. Muscles are pulverized, organs are burst, and bones are shattered to powder. Tsukuyomi opens his hand and the water sphere shoots into the sky like a cannonball and explodes half a hundred meters in the air. Leo’s corpse also explodes into a crimson shower that seems to stain the sky.

Susanoo blocks high speed claw strikes from Libra-Wolf. Libra-Wolf moves at the speed of sound, but Susanno’s body produces an electrical field that does damage to the lycanthrope with every blow. The plates of armor on Libra-Wolf’s shoulders shoot off and strike Susanno in the chest sending the God of Storms flying through the air. The counter is a surge of energy that melts the connecting chains and sends the armor flying in a shower of sparks. Susanno flips back to his feet and does a vertical slash with his sword creating a glowing shockwave of white plasma. The man wolf avoids the blast using his superhuman speed and appears behind the warrior. As the storm god turns, Libra-Wolf’s eyes glow and Susanoo suddenly loses his sight.

Libra-Wolf’s right arm mutates into a sharp five-pronged weapon and charges towards the illusion-trapped Susanoo for the kill. He’s within a meter of Susanoo when he’s hit by a massive blast of sound, air, and spiritual pressure. With the wolf’s heightened sense of hearing, it’s like the world imploded. Libra-Wolf’s body falls to the ground, his golden armor is damaged and blood drips from his black fur.

Mae lands on the ground still holding her transformed sword.

“Merging with the talisman made you stronger, but it also made you vulnerable fool.”

Susanoo holds Kusanagi no Tsurugi with one hand, pointing it towards the sky. The blade ignites into white flame, five times hotter than the surface of the sun, the temperature of a bolt of lightning. The blade lengthens and moves like a blade of grass moving in the wind. As Susanno brings the sword down, the blade moves like a whip or thrashing snake. When the attack ends, Libra-Wolf is covered in black lines. The lines are burnt cuts and a second later Libra-Wolf collapses into a thousand pieces.


The dark presence felt across Japan suddenly increases. Every youkai and spiritually aware person in Japan can now sense the demonic aura of the Castle Lords. The surging dark energies are so intense the sky over Japan is quickly covered in dark storm clouds. A howling wind like the roar of a thousand demons is heard in every home filling mortal hearts with terror.

In the far Northern waters, Lord Daiouika awakens filled with rage and blood lust. He is a giant squid daiyokai who was hibernating for several centuries after an intense battle in which he killed his archenemy, a whale youkai, but nearly died himself. The sound attack of the whale youkai left him nearly paralyzed, but his nemesis was killed by its poisonous barbs and a thousand bloody wounds. Now the evil unleashed by the Chinese Zodiac has corrupted him in his weakened state.

In the South, Momoko, an ubume - the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth and remained in the world of the living to look after her children - rises from her grief and screams in rage. Her children were killed when one of the Hunters destroyed their village. Her anger and desire for revenge prevents her from moving on to the afterlife to join them and has sent her on a killing spree of everything that isn’t a human child. Now the dark energies fill her tortured soul with the power to make her vengeance a reality.


Bakusaiga is a sword meant to cut the flesh as opposed to the Tenseiga which is meant to revive the dead. The sword is the polar opposite of the Tenseiga, as it has the power to decompose any organic material that its blade comes in contact with, nullifying any regenerative abilities while doing so.

Tai-i learns the truth of the blade as her body completely decomposes into jade powder on the ground. As she finally dies, her cleansed spirit departs from the world in the form of mystical green fireball. The jade statues also shatter into powder releasing their dead souls and the one surviving victim collapses to the ground as stone reverts to flesh and the jade covering his limbs crumbles to powder.

“Thank you, Milord. Thank you,” says the man staring at the daiyokai with long silver hair and golden eyes.

“I will not tolerate a plague like her in the Western Lands.”

“There is a threat to all lands.”

The daiyokai turns to see another powerful being. A white creature with the body of a lion, horns, three eyes, a bearded, almost human face, and hooves.


Hakutaku is a mysterious creature of great power and great wisdom. In China he is known as Bai Ze and he related a book known as the Bai Ze Tu which contained vast information about all manner of supernatural creatures. In Japan he appeared on Mount Tateyama to warn of a coming plague and prescribe a talisman in his image to ward it off. He has now reappeared in Japan to stop the Castle Lords.

“Greetings, Lord Sesshomaru.”

The Castle

Lord Mokusei stands surrounded by blue-white lightning.

Lord Kasei stands surrounded by crimson flames.

Lady Suisei stands surrounded by swirling black mist and ice particles.

Lady Kinsei stands surrounded by swirling white mist and winds.

King Dosei stands between the four, in the center of X formation, generating a golden-white aura.

On the wall the seal covered in the twelve symbols of the Chinese Zodiac glows a mix of red, blue, gold, white and black. As the Monkey, Rooster, and Dog light up, the entire seal turns dark purple and is slowly covered in glowing white cracks. The cracks spread to cover the entire seal including the symbol in the center, then there is a loud cracking sound as if reality itself was shattering.


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Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Jinchuriki - Kira Hachi / Yugito Nii
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou
Team Suna - Gaara/Temari/Kankuro
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Other - Tsunade/Jiraiya/Anko
Team Kurenai - Hinata/Shino/Kiba - Kurenai
Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izzy
Team Gai - Rock Lee/Tenten/Neji Hyuuga - Gai
Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala
New Generation Inu-Tachi
Inuken/Akitamon, Midori/Garyuumon, Shinju/Rademon, Mashira/Ginzarumon, Hitomi/Shiunmon, Miyatsu/TenKishimon, Akane/KuroKishimon, and Menou/KonKishimon

The First IY ARC
Inuyasha is Starter Group and The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.
Two of the groups meet the Inuyasha-tachi Starter Group - Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala - before and during the events of Movie 2. The other two groups are displaced in time.

The Second IY ARC
After The Ending and The Past
It's After the Ending. Naraku and the Shikon no Tama are gone for good. Wished away preventing Kagome and Naraku from becoming the Shikon no Tama like miko Midoriko and the youkai Magatsuhi. Years later, Miroku and Sango have a few kids together. Kagome has finished high school and returns to the past for the last time. She married Inuyasha in a Happy Ending!
A new threat appears with connection to the distant past and the return of the other groups.
It shows what happened to Teams Suna, Tamer, Anko, and the Sennin in the past during Inu no Taishou's time using flashbacks.

The Scourge, Shinobi and Digidestined will be encountering many youkai opponents.
What are your ideas for youkai?
Add a couple youkai to your Reviews.
Spike gets into a drunken fight with a monkey demon.
The monkey has dark green fur, red eyes, and long fangs.
He wears gold/brown armor and carries a curved sword

Information taken from tvtropesDOTorg under Obake
Obake is the general term used for Japanese monsters and demons (also known as Yokai), also sometimes applied to Japanese ghosts (Yuurei). Naturally, these creatures are mentioned or appear quite often in Anime. Commonly referenced Obake include:

Henge, magical animals with Shape Shifting powers and human intelligence. Often assume human form and get into all kinds of mischief. The two most famous Henge are probably Kitsune (foxes) and Tanuki (raccoon-dogs).
Oni, muscular, mountain-dwelling humanoids who can be depicted as either good or bad. Almost always translated into English as "demons" or "ogres", although they are not always evil.
Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that come to life after a hundred years. These can range from weapons to clothes to umbrellas (Karakasa).
Nurikabe, a monster that takes the form of an animate section of wall. It has the power to turn invisible, and likes to use this power to impede travelers.
Kamaitachi, weasel-like creatures that attack in trios: the first one knocks down a traveler with a gust of wind, the second cuts the traveler with its sickle-like claws, and the third applies an ointment that stops the bleeding, leaving the victim with a bloodless but inexplicably large and painful wound.
Kappa, water spirits who hold water in a reservoir on top of their heads. Kappas are fond of eating cucumber, hence cucumber rolls being called "Kappamaki".
Tengu are winged creatures. Long-nosed Tengu are red-skinned and humanoid, Karasu Tengu are anthropomorphic crows.
Rokurokubi are human by day but have extremely elastic necks during the night. Nukekubi can detach their heads from their necks and float away in search of human flesh.
The baku is a relatively benign example, being a tapir-like monster that eats bad dreams.

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There is now a challenge for people who want to write Halloween World side stories.
'Halloween World - Side Stories in the Eternal Night'

Halloween World: Twelve Years Later by Weaver
Summary: A lot can happen in twelve years

Halloween World: Emerald Hope's Bulletin Board
Summary: Set in spaceman's "Halloween World" AU. Tips on surviving Northwest Florida under the Red Sky.

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