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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Arc 2 Broken Mirror - Part 8

Northern Mountains

Inuyasha stands with Mae’s sword piercing his shoulder and a pool of crimson forming beneath him. Inuyasha lets out a final cry of pain and falls limp, as the crimson fades from his eyes and his fangs and claws revert to normal. Without the demon sword Tessaiga, which is now broken on the ground, Inuyasha is unable to control his inner demon. Mae smiles, then notices a sound behind her. She turns to see Inuken and Midori standing with their badly injured partners.

“I’ll be with you brats in a second. I’m still talking to your father.”

The children watch as the evil kitsune Mae continues to torture their father, and feel a deep hatred boiling in their hearts. Those strong emotions produce energy, which flows into the machines on their wrists. The Digivices screech and vibrate as the energy fills them, then shine with a bright light. .

Akitamon is covered in white flames, which soon disperse to reveal a new creature.

It resembles a man-wolf with a muscular adult body covered in silver-white fur, a wolf’s head with sharp fangs and sharp claws on his fingers and toes. He stands two hundred ten centimeters tall wearing a red and white necklace, red arm bands, and red pants.

Attribute Variable
Adult Level
Type: Holy Dog Hybrid
An Adult level hybrid of Akita Inu youkai and holy beast Digimon possessing immense strength and loyalty. He's a fierce fighter and relentless defender, who will never surrender.
Gougi Houkou (Grand Howl): A blast of wind and energy from Akitamon's mouth that can shatter the most durable enemies.
Tetsuke (Iron Fur): A defensive technique that causes her fur to become an armor of super hard iron hairs.
Rei Hadoken (Spirit Surge Fist): A destructive blast of energy released by his fist.
Chuuten Hadoken (Rising Surge Fist): A blast of energy sent into the ground that explodes upward under the target as a column of fire.
Garougaken (Hungry Wolf Fang Fist): AkitaInumon strikes the target over and over again, at extremely high speed, with his fingers acting as daggers.

Garyuumon glows a blue green light and slowly transforms into a larger creature. Its lean body becomes more muscular, horns appear on its head and spines go from his head to the tip of his whip-like tail. The blue-green scales turn dark blue and the mane of blue-white hair becomes pure white. The final things to appear are two immense leathery wings, different from a bird or bat’s wing.

Attribute Variable
Adult Level
Type: Dragon Fang Hybrid
A Child level hybrid of dragon youkai and holy dragon Digimon possessing vast speed on land and in the air, and is extremely cunning. He's a fighter that outsmarts his opponents before tearing them to pierces.
Gufuryudan (Hurricane Dragon Bullet): An immense blast of energy and wind from its mouth that traps the target in a vortex and slices them to pieces.
Kazekiri (Wind Cut): NeoSeiryumon covers his claws in energy and moves in an instant cutting the target with blades of wind.
Keikeibi (Piercing Tail): NeoSeiryumon's tail moves faster than sound and pierces the strongest metals.
Kaimetsu no Tsubasa (Wings of Destruction): Hurricane force slicing winds released from the wings.
Kaze Kekkai (Wind Barrier): A protective barrier of wind and energy generated by the hybrid.

Mae looks at the evolved partners of the children and pulls her blade from Inuyasha. She takes a stance with the blade to challenge her new opponents.

“Rei Hadoken!”

AkitaInumon appears in front of Mae, within her defenses before she can react, and sends a glowing fist into her stomach. There is a blinding flash as the energy is discharged and Mae is sent flying for many meters.

“Kaimetsu no Tsubasa!”

As Mae is flying through the air, NeoSeiryumon flies above her and releases wind blasts from his wings. The force of the slicing wind forces the Digimon Youkai hybrid higher into the sky while smashing Mae into the ground creating a deep trench that soon becomes a crater at the end.

“Chuten Hadoken!”

AkitaInumon rams his fist into the ground and a pillar of wind and energy explodes from the crater into the sky. Mae is blasted by the waves of energy, which tear her expensive looking robes and cause her hair to become wild. She doesn’t have any major injuries despite the attacks, only small shallow cuts.

Mae’s eyes glow an angry red and the dust and small rocks on the ground move as waves of energy ripple off her body. She suddenly moves, creating an explosion of dirt from the launch, and AkitaInuken goes flying across the battlefield, destroying several trees and a boulder in the process. Mae appears on the ground and swings her sword to point at the flying NeoSeiryumon.

“Kon Kon KONPAKU!”

A wave of energy explodes from the sword creating a shockwave, but the adult hybrid blocks with a wind barrier. The barriers strains against the amount of energy, but soon the blast ends and he can drop the drained barrier. The second the barrier is released, kitsune assassin Mae appears above the dragon and delivers a kick. The kick knocks the dragon out of the sky and into the ground, creating another crater in the landscape.

Kurando is about to finish his opponents when the digivices on Shinju and Mashira’s wrists begin to screech and glow a pulsating bright light.

“Shizenhakai!” (Destruction of Nature)

Kurando releases a dark beam of energy from his crossed Crescent Moon Blades. The dark beam kills everything caught in its path, as proven by the dead soil and dust of trees from previous attacks. The attack is so powerful that bacteria and pollen in the air are destroyed for a ten meter radius, but the beam fails to pierce of the aura of energy that forms around the child hybrids.

Rademon is covered in shining white light and when the light clears, she’s no longer a small child. She is an adult humanoid composed of the same strong, resilient, and iridescent material. She also has silver eyes and long hair, which is a mix of silver-white and pink. She’s dressed in an armless white body suit with dark pink shoulder armor and pink arm bands. She also wears a silver tiara that serves as protective gear.

Attribute Variable
Adult Level
Type: Deep Water Hybrid
An Adult level hybrid of water Digimon and water youkai possess a fast mind and faster reflexes. Her body is harder than diamond, but moves through the waters with the speed of a goddess
Awagan (Bubble Gun): LadyRademon can fire jets of bubbles from her fingers. The bubbles of water contain energy and explode like bombs when they hit the target. Individual bubbles are weak, but she fires hundreds per minute at her targets.
Houmatsu Rappa (Violent Bubble Wave): A stream of water and energy from her mouth capable of drilling through stone walls and shattering buildings.
Aomuchi (Blue Whip): LadyRademon can generate whips composed of water and energy that can grab and slice her targets.
Aoyari (Blue Spear): LadyRademon can generate streams of water that come together into a lance of water that can go through targets like steel drills.
Namikaze (Wind and Water/Discord): LadyRademon spreads water around her area then causes the water to shoot upward in to tornadoes that tear and shred targets.
Arashi Hasaiki (Tempest Crusher): LadyRademon sends a massive amount of water into the air which descends as a column of wind and water that crushes and grinds the target to dust.

Ginzarumon is surrounded by a gold-white light and when the light has faded, the monkey has grown. He’s now a larger ape with white fur and a black face, hands and feet. It also has red eyes, a mane of grey fur and sharp fangs. He’s also dressed in tiger loincloth, golden upper torso armor, and a more elaborate headband

Attribute Variable
Adult Level
Type: Legendary Monkey Hybrid
A child level hybrid of holy beast Digimon, monkey youkai, and summoning creature. He's the loyal pillar of strength and unpredictable fist of the Digital World.
Bakuhadodan (Explosive Surge Bullet): A ball of golden energy from Saiyukimon that explodes like a bomb when it hits a target.
Reshahadodan (Rapid Fire Surge Bullet): Smaller balls of golden energy fired at a rapid pace like a machine gun.
Nyoibo (Compliant Staff): Saiyukimon can generate an unbreakable staff that can extend to any length and can be used to smash his enemies into dust.
Bunshin Bakuha (Doppleganger Explosion): Saiyukimon can generate clones of himself to absorb damage from physical and energy attacks, and to physically attack targets.
Tenhanahou (Heavenly Flower Cannon!): Saiyukimon can generate a field of energy that gathers energy from the environment in the illusion of flower petals before releasing it as an extremely destructive attack.


Kurando raises his Deer Horn Knives to absorb the energy attack, but instead of a single sphere there are hundreds of smaller, faster spheres. Kurando is able to absorb several spheres, but many others strike him and the ground creating a series of explosions.

“Houmatsu Rappa!”

A stream of water and energy shoots from LadyRademon’s mouth, it spins in the air to form a drill of glowing water. It drives Kurando from the smoke cloud, and he strains in the air to stop the attack with his knives’ energy absorbing ability. He loses the battle with the attack when Saiyukimon brings his elongated Nyoibo down hard. The strike smashes Kurando into the ground and his weapons go flying.

Kurando rises from the ground and emits a dark aura.



A barrage of energy spheres strike Kurando, but have far less effect than before. The water spear that follows also shatters into harmless droplets. Kurando stomps his foot and a shockwave goes through the ground, sending up dirt and stones, knocking everyone off balance. Kurando appears in front of Saiyukimon in a burst of speed, and begins to strike the monkey hybrid with extremely fast punches. The punches are powerful enough that Saiyukimon is pushed off his feet and suspended in the air by the thunderous blows. A final charged punch sends the monkey tumbling.


Kurando dances between the glowing water whips, avoiding each strike and gets close to LadyRademon. He grabs her by the throat and shocks her with pulses of dark energy. As he holds her off the ground, he slowly begins to close his hand.

“Strength. Speed. Fancy Techniques. They are nothing without the skill to use them.”

Necromancer Tama creates a barrier of bones to protect her, as waves of energy and sound strike her. Hitomi raises her glowing Digivice and a beam of energy shoots out and strikes the dying Shiunmon.

Shiunmon lets out a loud screech as he’s consumed by a blinding white light. When the light fades, Shiunmon is larger with a proportionally longer neck, tail, and wings. The purple tips have turned pitch black and there’s a crest of black feathers on his head.

Attribute Variable
Adult Level
Type: Dark Bird Hybrid
More vicious and sadistic than Shiumon, this is a lethal hybrid of bird youkai and Digimon.
Makaze (Evil Wind): A physical attack in which Shiunmon races past the target at extremely high speed, slicing the target with his wing tips and blades of wind.
Mataifuu (Evil Typhoon): A physical attack in which Shiunmon races past the target at hurricane speed, slicing the target with a barrage of wind blades and shattering shockwave.
Raiun (Thunder Cloud): Shiunmon generates black clouds around its body that fire bolts of lightning at the target.
Raiko (Thunder Cannon): Shiunmon concentrates the electrical power into beam of white fire.
Maousei (Demon King Star): A barrage of bright stars from the wings that strike with the force of a meteor shower.
Genshiun (Atomic Cloud): Shiunmon discharges all of his energy into one explosive blast able to annihilate a city block.


ShinShiunmon jumps into the air and flies at high speed into the air. Once high enough, it sweeps its wings towards the ground and releases hundreds of glowing lights like burning meteorites. Tama cries out as her defense is destroyed in a fiery blast, she’s then hit over and over again by the burning attacks.

She stands covered in flames, when ShinShiunmon shoots through the smoke and flames and rams her hard. The impact is strong enough to create a huge visible shockwave

Tama is sent flying, but she lands on her feet despite the power of the attack. Tama snarls like an angry panther, with her fangs and claws lengthening. She lets out a roar and the ground around her for several meters implodes then explodes upward. The landscape becomes a scene from a horrific nightmare with spike-covered towers of bones arranged like trees, and the ground resembling crimson stained grave soil.

As Tama’s aura grows, her shadow lengthens, darkens, and changes shape to that of an immense feline. A shadowy feline with glowing eyes despite Tama’s normal eyes.

KonKishimon thought he was going to die at his brother’s halberd, when the dark Digimon let out an angry roar.

“Kill him,” orders Morinji.

“No... one... orders... me.”



With the final roar, the Talisman on his back bursts into flames. At the same time, the halberd glows bright with demonic flames. As the last of the Talisman burns away, the fiery aura swirls into the blades of the polearm.


KuroKishimon releases an aura that explodes outward as white flames. The white flame circle strikes Morinji causing the Tanuki to scream in pain. In less than five seconds, Morinji’s clothing is burnt away along with more than sixty percent of his fur leaving second and third degree burns.

“ENNETSUJIGOKU!” (Flames of Hell!)

A wave of fire and destructive energy is released from his halberd as he swings it at Morinji, as KuroKishimon appears in front of him in a burst of speed. The blade itself creates a deep cut in Morinji’s chest, but the energy wave hits with the force of an eighteen wheeler. The Tanuki is sent flying through the air covered in flames and creates an explosion as he lands.

From the smoke and flames comes a loud growl as a huge creature emerges. Morinji has degenerated into a feral Tanuki with glowing eyes and claws. The surge of dark energy has also regenerated the damage done by KuroKishimon’s attacks.

Tsukiyomi covers his eyes to block a brilliant light, but then his body explodes into a shower of water droplets from a surge of holy energy. As he reforms, he can only watch as two angels appear from the light.

“Holy Disinfection!”

“Saint Air!”

HolyAngemon releases an all-purpose healing spell, while Angewomon creates a ring of energy force that paralyzes her enemies and restores her allies. Tsukiyomi rushes towards the angels to stop them, but Angemon throws his sword Excaliber at the watery villain. The sword goes straight through the villain, who feels a tearing sensation. He turns and sees what passes for his soul impaled on the blade and slowly disintegrating.

“Soul Banish.”


Angewomon creates a glowing bow and arrow. The holy energy arrow absorbs energy from the Saint Air ring, glowing brighter, before shooting like a fiery white lance. The holy arrow goes straight through Tsukiyomi, causing his entire body to glow white before exploding like an ice statue hitting molten steel.

Tsukiyomi is far from destroyed and reforms in seconds, but his form has changed. He’s less human with a body composed of flowing dark blue water and glowing eyes. The water lord releases a dozen streams of the water from the ground, which twist at the ends to be drills to pierce their prey.

Tsukiyomi is so distracted with killing the Angels that he doesn’t see Masaru Daimon get close. He does notice when Masaru’s glowing fist strikes and vaporizes his head. The head quickly reforms, but Masaru rams his fist into his Digivice. In a golden blaze, Agumon warp digivolves to ShineGreymon.

At the same time, Ryo and Cyberdramon ‘s child form Monodramon fuse together to form a hero out of Super Sentai and other Tokusatsu-based hero shows. Justimon is back.



The combined attacks of Justimon and ShineGreymon produce immense heat. The Shining Blast from his wings is like sunlight increased to laser intensity and the blue energy pulses from Justimon’s right arm cause small, but extremely hot explosions. Tsukiyomi is blasted into a million tiny droplets and vaporized

Several meters away, an injured Kairi watches the battle. She watches in shock as Tsukiyomi reforms from a gaseous state and is so shocked that she doesn’t notice droplets of glowing water on her skin. Droplets which are slowly absorbed by her body.

Susanno’s lightning sword slices off Gaara’s head, only for him to turn into a cloud of sand. The ground shifts and then sand shoots into the air like water from a geyser. Susanno continues to search the battlefield as his intense aura melts the sand particles into droplets of molten glass.

“REPPUDAN!” (Gale Shot!)

Shukaku releases a destructive ball of pressurized air from his mouth. Sunsanno is unable to dodge due to the weight of the glass on his armor and the other materials mixed with the air cause an explosion.

Susanno is pushed back then his legs sink into the ground preventing any movement. He turns when he senses a large explosion of energy.

Takato and Guilmon rise again in the form of Dukemon.

Jenrya and Gargomon smash through the trees in the giant metallic form of SaintGargomon.

Ruki and Renamon emerge from the shadows covered in light, in the form of Sakuyamon.


Dukemon shoots energy out of Gram Lance. The beam goes over the ground creating a burn in the battlefield before it strikes Susanno, who blocks with a barrier generated by his lightning sword


SaintGargomon fires two large missiles from the missile launchers on his shoulders. The massive missiles cause huge explosions and shatter Susanno’s shield. It also shatters parts of his armor and damages the sword.


Sakuyamon summons a mystical wind that carries thousands of purple crystalline shards. The shards carried by the winds slice Susanno’s armor and even pierce several weak points.

Susanno watches as his sword disintegrates releasing a purple mist as the shards also dissolve. He then clenches his fist and lets out a roar that sounds like thunder. A dark aura crawling with lightning explodes from his body and creates a dark dome over five meters in radius. As he continues to roar, the clouds above multiply and darken into a howling storm, sending down bolts of lightning.

Amateratsu is thrown back by a surge of demonic aura. She looks at the corpse of Angel, which is emitting the malignant aura at an accelerated rate. She concentrates her own energy into a sphere of flame and fires a white beam at Angel, only for the beam to be stopped by a flower composed of dark ice. The ice flower appears from the smoking hole in Angel’s chest, an attack that should have destroyed the vampire

Amateratsu then feels the aura of Scourge grow in strength. The sky above her darkens, cutting her off from the sun.

Drusilla stands covered in a dark green aura as her hair and clothing flows in the winds. Her eyes shine like the moon, as glowing symbols appears in the air around her. The symbols form bands of restriction around Drusilla, but they glow brighter and brighter, until they shatter and vanish. As the symbols vanish, Drusilla begins to laugh with a madness and blood lust that fills Amateratsu with fear.

Ribbons of dark green energy appear on the body and clothing of Lilithmon Lilitha, covering her like the linen bandages of a mummy. The ribbons ripple and strain, before tearing apart and vanishing. Lilitha’s aura increases to higher levels and she joins her partner in laughter.

Spike’s sword burns with dark flames as his light green aura grows larger and more powerful. Bands of green energy appear around Spike’s wrists, ankles, and waist. The ankle bands are the first to shatter, followed by the arm bands. Spike then brings his sword down, slicing the waist level band in half. As the bands dissolve, his aura continues to expand and Spike shows his demonic vampire face.

Blaze, the Beelzebumon, is covered in a shell of dark green crystalline material that than shatters from his body. As his aura increases, his eyes glow bright red and the ground beneath him erupts into flames.

Gabriel Light Lior, a powerful Lucemon, glows with a fiery orange light. He glows like a small star, then evolves into a far more powerful form. A powerful adult form dressed in white and black leather and gold jewelry. He also has five immense feathery white wings and five immense bat-like black wings. Gabriel is now Lucemon Falldown Mode

Angel rises from the ground, supported by his aura. As he stands on his feet, the black ice flower is reabsorbed into Angel’s body leaving an uninjured chest. Angel’s eyes open to reveal gold on black and his vampire ridges appear. Angel smiles, then lets out a deep, dark laugh.

Mae holds her shattered sword Mesunokitsune (Vixen). The blade of her precious blade broke from the combined efforts of AkitaInumon and NeoSeiryumon. She lets the hilt fall to the ground with several glowing tears from her crimson eyes.

Kyubi no Mae (Mae of the Nine Tails) lets out a howl as her eyes glow bright. A red aura explodes from her body and swirls around her becoming completely opaque. When the aura disperses, there is no longer a human-shaped daiyoukai, but an immense Kyubi no Kitsune. She roars and a ball of crimson light forms in her mouth, which then explodes outward as a wave of destructive wind and flame.



The two attacks from the Digimon/Youkai hybrids collide with the wind and flames from Mae’s mouth, sending out a violent shockwave. The attacks continue to press against each other, sending out waves that shred the earth and swirl the air into twisters. Finally the mass of swirling pressurized air and energy explodes violently. Mae is blown back several meters, but the two hybrids are sent back several times the distance. They look up and watch in horror as Kyubi releases another monstrous blast from its mouth, while they’re still drained from the previous attack.


The eyes of the children and their partners widen as their father Inuyasha appears between them and the energy attack. In his hand is the regenerated demon sword Tessaiga surrounded by swirling winds. As he slices through the Kyubi’s immense attack, the flow of energy reverses. The blast becomes a dozen twisters that shoot back towards Mae. Mae, unlike Inuyasha’s other foes, jumps clear of the attack while suppressing her aura. This causes the backlash wave to fail to hit her.

She’s about to counter attack when something flies by her and she looks down to see former Kyubi no Kitsune Gohan on the ground glowing with a red aura. He’s also in a position from throwing a large object.


Kyubi Mae darts higher into the sky, jumping in the air using her aura to avoid the nine hell dragons shot from Gohan’s demon sword. Mae then feels something ram into her back.


Mae falls from the sky surrounded by a sphere of swirling winds. As wind and chakra spins around her, it slices her millions of times in seconds. A human would have no chance of survival as every cell in their body would be sliced by the wind chakra. The Kyubi no Kitsune strikes the ground causing an explosion that sends the children and their partners flying. It also nearly knocks Gohan off his feet, as a pillar of dust shoots into the sky.

To the shock of the heroes, a badly injured Mae rises from the crater less than two minutes after impact.


Inuyasha’s black crescent-shaped blades slice through Mae and pull parts of her body into the afterlife, but the Kyubi no Kitsune actually survives and continues to attack.

“Shizenhakai!” (Destruction of Nature)

LadyRademon dances under the death beam fired from Kurando’s palm and delivers an uppercut that knocks the servant of the Castle Lords off his feet. Saiyukimon then rams a ball of golden energy into Kurando’s chest. There is an explosion and Kurando tumbles through the air and creates a small trench in the ground. He stops on his feet, then is covered in a swirling dark aura. The aura moves like black water forming a maelstrom in the air, before dispersing to reveal Kurando’s true form.

Kurando is an immense black Ushioni with the body of a long-limbed crab and the head of a demon with bull-like horns. The creature roars and the air becomes extremely cold. The ground beneath its claws changes from dark and fertile to a lifeless grey, and every blade of grass withers and dies in less than a second. Ushioni-Kurando opens its mouth and fires a black beam, like a giant version of the Shizenhakai.

Saiyukimon avoids the beam by using Nyoibo to pole vault. The beam is still powerful enough that part of Nyoibo is destroyed. LadyRademon is not as lucky. Though she avoids the majority of the blast, her arm is damaged. The dark nature of the beam leaves her iridescent armor covered in hairline cracks and the color is faded to a dark silver-grey. She also can’t move her arm.


LadyRademon releases water and energy from her mouth, which becomes a blast that pierces the shoulder armor of the Ushioni but doesn’t cause serious damage.

“RESHAHADODAN!” (Rapid Fire Surge Bullet)

Saiyukimon fires a barrage of energy balls, but they only causes burns on the armored shell of the Ushioni. The massive marine creature than releases a barrage of black energy blasts, each one far smaller and weaker than the main blast, but moving at several times the speed. Saiyuki is struck in the leg by one, but because it’s smaller only loses all sensation and movement instead of losing the entire leg.


LadyRademon with one working arm forms a spear of water and pierces the joint of one of the arms, then pushes on the spear to prevent movement. The Ushioni is about to turn and kill the hybrid when Saiyukimon brings his elongated Nyoibo down hard. The rod is hundreds of meters long and is at its maximum weight, so it creates a deep trench in the earth as it strikes. It also completely severs the limb of Kurando in a spray of black blood.

Kurando roars in pain, then releases the largest Shizenhakai ever generated by the monster. The massive blast kills every living thing from grass to bacteria for a five meter radius, before washing over Saiyukimon. Saiyukimon dissolves into burning ash that is blown away by the dispersing darkness.

The real Saiyukimon stands next to LadyRademon, who holds the severed claw with her water whips. She’s not as strong as she was with two working arms, but Saiyukimon gives her a hand. They both spin the claw around and ram it into Kurando, striking the Ushioni with his own claw.

While Kurando is badly injured, Saiyukimon and LadyRademon gather their energies and fire off final attacks.


LadyRademon raises her one working arm and a massive amount of water shoots into the air. The massive amount of water gathers in the sky, then descends as a column of wind and water. It comes down like a giant hammer and smashes Kurando into a crater, cracking its armored shell and driving the shattered claw pieces deeper into its wounds. Even that attack isn’t enough to kill the servant of the Castle Lords.

Saiyukimon stands perfectly still and behind him is the image of a moon lit Chinese mountain covered in flowering fruit trees and beautiful waterfalls. The image dissolves into flower petals as Saiyukimon forms a dome of swirling lights and energy. The energy gathers in his cupped palms forming a sphere of bright light.


Saiyukimon thrusts his palms toward and releases a beam of white light surrounded by illusionary flower petals. The white beam strikes Kurando, burns straight through him, and explodes out the back. Kurando is covered in small explosions and fire show’s through the growing cracks in the armor. Then Kurando explodes into a billion fragments that dissolve into black smoke in the white light.

Necromancer Tama’s shadow has been protecting her, but as she melds with the shadow, it transforms into her true form of an immense two-tailed cat. The immense cat with saber tooth fangs and fiery paws and tails charges at ShinShiunmon. The dark bird responds with Mataifuu (Evil Typhoon).

Fierce winds blow slicing the ground with blades of energized air.

Tama and ShinShiumon appear opposite to each other, back to back and covered in blood. Tama turns with blood lust in her eyes, which is matched by the dark bird’s eyes.

Tama roars and releases a blast of dark energy from her mouth. In the center of the dark purple/black energy is the image of a screaming skull with glowing white eyes. ShinShiumon responds with Raiko (Thunder Cannon).

The beam of white fire pierces the phantom roar attack, dispersing it, before piercing Tama’s body. The energies of the roar still make dozens of deep bloody cuts in ShinShiunmon, but don’t tear him to pieces. The back of Tama’s body explodes into blood from the thunder cannon attack, but the feline refuses to give up.

Suddenly, the ground explodes into a thousand pillars composed of bone, wood, and debris. The necromantic matter wraps around ShinShiumon and buries him deep in the dark earth. As Tama laughs with two voices, one growling one feminine, the hybrid of youkai and Digimon is pulled deep into the ground and slowly crushed.

Hitomi cries out for her partner and the Digivice screams out. The mound of the dead explodes and a white light streaks into the sky. Tama searches for her opponent, only for the blazing bird to land on her, dig its claw deep, and soar into the sky. ShinShiunmon flies higher and higher, carrying the struggling Tama with her into the heavens.

“You control the Earth and Underworld, but this is My World,” says ShinShiunmon. “Let’s see how you like being buried!”

The bird turns, closes his wings, and goes into a deep dive. As the fearsome bird dives, he twists his body into a spiral similar to Rock Lee’s Lotus technique. As the bird becomes a drill, the winds continue to strike and slice the nekomata over and over preventing any form of escape. The speed goes beyond normal terminal velocity and a second before impact, he does the impossible and teleports away. The spinning feline strikes the ground alone creating a crater as it drills into ground.

“GENSHIUN!” (Atomic Cloud)
The Genshiun attack causes Shiunmon to discharges all of his energy into one explosive blast able to annihilate a city block. ShinShiumon’s version is far more powerful and concentrated to narrow area, created a column of brilliant blue white fire going from heaven to earth.

“MAKAIHA!” (Demon World Wave)

The giant Tanuki Morinji regains his mind as a dozen demonic spirits composed of red and black flames burn, bite and claw him. He can’t do anything as they explode like bombs

“SHIDEN!” (Sword Flash!)

The Soul Knight Hybrid KonKishimon vanishes in an instant and reappears behind Morinji holding a glowing sword. There is a pause as a line of glowing light appears on the Tanuki’s stomach and grows brighter and brighter. Then there is an explosion and Morinji goes flying over KonKishimon’s head and lands in the rubble.

The Tanuki looks dead, but when KonKishimon gets close, the tanuki turns and releases an immense blast of hurricane force winds and shoki (miasma) from its mouth. KonKishimon predicted the Tanuki’s attack and holds up his shield.

“TATE NO SHIKON!” (Four Souls Shield!)

Morinji watches as the dark energy swirls into the shield, completely absorbed, then the shield glows white.

“Morinji?” says the Tanuki with a hint of fear

The shield erupts into wind and light that washes over the Tanuki. The Tanuki doesn’t have time to scream as fur and skin is burnt away from flesh, then flesh is burnt away from bone. The holy energy consumes everything until even the bones turn to dust in the wind.

Tsukiyomi stands like a statue composed of glowing water, while the heroes continue to bombard him with attacks. He’s protected by an aura of energy, which acts like a protective barrier. He opens his glowing eyes and the sphere is filled with blue-white light. The sphere of energy rises from the ground, elongates, and changes into the shape of an immense creature. When the light fades, Tsukiyomi’s true form is revealed.

Tsukiyomi is now an immense black sea serpent resembling a cross between a snake and a Plesiosaur. It has a long body with large flippers/fins, a long neck and very long whip-like tail. It also has glowing silver eyes with black sclera, resembling the full moon in a black sky. The serpent opens its mouth wide and releases a monstrous amount of water. The amount of water is so great that the battle field is soon flooded to a depth of several meters.

Tsukiyomi roars and the waters ripple and churn into immense waves. The deep water swirls into several maelstroms and several twisters form, pulling whatever escapes the waves back into the water.

The mysterious nymph Kairi protects the injured by a creating a protective bubble and attaching it to the bottom of the supernatural lake. The bubble of air is refreshed by Kairi’s power as the ninja try to recover from Tsukiyomi’s brutal attack. She even absorbs energy from Tsukiyomi’s water to maintain the barrier.

HolyAngemon and Angewomon are having problems in the water and so are their winged partners, Kari and Takeru.

Suddenly, part of the water explodes violently. The blast is intense enough that several vortexes are dispersed. From the steam comes ShineGreymon glowing with the fires of the sun. ShingeGreymon Burst Mode has arrived.

Tsukiyomi feels fear in its dark heart as it stares at the Digimon’s flames. Tsukiyomi is a creature of the moon and night, and is vulnerable during the day especially in direct sunlight. The real reason his group separated was not to divide and conquer, it was because they’re extremely vulnerable to each other’s powers. A fact that would have been discovered during a battle royale.

“Critical Arm!”

Tsukiyomi doesn’t have time to react as an energy blade pierces his neck. Justimon stands behind the serpent with the blade generated by his cybernetic right arm. He doesn’t decapitate it since the creature would only reform, instead he stays in place and keeps the creature paralyzed.

“Heaven’s Gate!”

HolyAngemon’s glowing portal appears from the waters and begins to suck the water into it like a black hole. Kairi and the others inside her barrier aren’t injured, but the massive amount of water is pulled into the portal.

“Holy Arrow!”

Angewomon’s blazing holy arrow strikes the sea serpent’s torso and a white light spreads through its entire body in an instant. Tsukiyomi struggles to prevent its body from dispersing since the watery liquid would be sucked into the Heaven’s Gate and purified.

“Corona Blaze Sword!”

A sword hotter than the surface of the sun slices through the watery liquid that makes up Tsukiyomi’s body and the sea serpent explodes into superheated steam. The steam and glowing mist is pulled into the Heaven’s Gate

Kairi collapses from exhaustion as Tsukiyomi finally dies. As she lies on the ground, a small pool of glowing water gathers and takes a round shape. The image of another object appears on Kairi's wrist.

The skies continue to darken and the storm clouds become more and more violent. As the lightning strike’s Susanno’s aura over and over, the dark aura becomes larger and more menacing. Finally, the mass of darkness cracking with lightning explodes outward in a shockwave of lightning blue energy. What’s revealed is Susanno’s true form.

The creature is an immense white albatross. As the bird spreads its wings, it glows a brilliant white and hundreds of lightning bolts descend from the storms above. The lightning bolts blast immense craters in the ground and the sheer number of them incinerates the earth with electrical fire.

“Final Elysium!”

Dukemon blocks several lightning bolts with his Aegis shield then fires an energy beam from it. The energy strikes a spherical barrier that surrounds the thunder bird, a barrier generated by its intense aura.

Susanno lets out a screech and the lightning barrage begins again, but it’s SaintGargomon that blocks the attack. Due to his immense size, he attracts the lightning to him. The lightning strikes him over and over, causing more and more damage, but he refused to surrender.


SaintGargomon begins to spin rapidly, an attack that normally generates electricity. This time he absorbs energy from the storms to create a growing energy field. As the lightning is absorbed from the storms, Susanno’s aura weakens. This is noticed by Gaara, who has Shukaku fire a Futon: Renkudan (Drilling Air Bullet) into the sky. As the large ball of compressed air and chakra punches a hole in the cloud cover, Susanno’s aura sparks and the albatross acts like he’s in pain.

Sakuyamon shoots into the sky and swings her khakkhara/shakujo (sacred staff) around creating a ring of light. The ring of light than expands outward in a shockwave, dispersing more of the dark clouds. Susanno cries out in pain, then soars into the air to stop the heroes from destroying his cloud cover.

He’s stopped when Gaara’s sand explodes from beneath it and wraps around Susanno in its protective bubble. The lightning barrier prevents the sand from crushing him and creates a glass sphere from the melting sand, but the sand also prevents him from moving.

As Sakuyamon, SaintGargomon, and Shukaku continue to cleanse the sky of the demonic storm clouds, the barrier around Susanno continues to weaken. Finally, the glass shell that has formed begins to crack and the energy barrier begins to fail.

“Sabaku Sousou!” (Desert Funeral)

Susanno tries to escape by transforming into a bolt of lightning, allowing his physical body to be completely crushed and reduced to a fine liquid in the sand. The problem with that plan is that SaintGargomon is still absorbing lightning from the environment with his reverse killer twist. A fraction of a second later, the lightning form of Susanno is absorbed and converted, wiping out the spirit.

As a dizzy SaintGargomon stops spinning, the accumulated energy is dispersed into the sky.


Amateratsu holds up her mirror to stop Blaze’s attack, but the blast is so powerful that the mirror shakes in her hand. The problem is that Blaze continues to attack and the mirror’s vibrations become more and more severe. All the heat that the mirror is releasing doesn’t seem to hurt the Demon Lord Digimon; instead he seems to enjoy it.

“HAMA NO YA!” (Sacred Arrow!)

A glowing blue-white arrow follows the blasts of the Bena Hena Shotguns and strikes the center of mirror. The entire mirror is suddenly trapped within a flower-shaped mass of super cold ice. Inside the ice, the sudden shift in temperature and vibrations crack the surface of the mirror.

Spike finishes the mirror with a flame-covered fist. As his fist punches through the ice flower, the mirror and the hands that hold it shatter into a million pieces and Amateratsu is sent flying back. As she tumbles through the air, Lilitha’s poison claws tear through her sides.

Amaterasu is covered in flames as she crashes into the ground and rises to her feet. Fire explodes from the stumps of her arms and the limbs are regenerated from the swirling ash. Her stomach is also covered in flames as the wounds from the Lilithmon also heal.

Amatersau’s fire continues to grow and grow, until a column of fire reaches the sky and makes a hole through the storm clouds. As the fires disperse, Amateratsu’s true form stands in a pool of molten rock, at the bottom of a glass crater in the ground.

She is a giant red and gold she-wolf with mystical white flames coming from the ankles and tail, and eyes that glow like the fires of the sun. The heat generated by the fur is intense, rippling the air and can be felt twenty meters away. The wolf lets out a howl and a torrent of white flames explodes from her fang-filled mouth. The flames wash over the field, vaporizing everything they come into contact with including the Scourge.

As the attack ends, Amatersau notices that the remains of the Scourge are composed of charred wood like Drusilla’s puppets. Amaterasu looks up and sees Gabriel Light Lior floating above her holding two spheres, one black and one white.


The Lucemon throws the white sphere, which expands and traps the fiery wolf inside. The white light contains holy energy which drains away the power of the Castle Lord’s creation. Lucemon tosses the second sphere, which traps Amaterasu within two rotating spheres moving in opposite directions. Seconds later, the spheres explode and Amaterasu is severely injured.

The wolf looks upward into the demonic face of Angelus, which then shifts into the angelic face of Angel with the same golden eyes. The wolf finds herself floating in freezing darkness, as if drifting in the depths of star-less space. Amaterasu tries to howl or scream, but is unable to move. She then sees a shining star, bringing her hope of seeing her masters again. The same star turns the color of blood, and she hears two words before she shatters.


Spike, Drusilla, and their partners watch as Amaterstsu is covered in shards of dark ice. Then the statue and the victim shatter and vanish like an illusion. Angel and Lucemon just smile, as a red-orange light fades from their eyes.

The world around the heroes turns red, then shatters like glass, leaving all of the heroes together on the battlefield. The only survivor of the Castle Lord’s servants is the badly injured Kyubi no Kitsune Mae. Inuyasha is about to charge at her and finish her off, when a beam of white light descends from the sky.

The light washes over Mae and creates a circular barrier, cutting deep into the ground. Inuyasha’s Meido Zangetsuha, Naruto’s Futon: Rasengan, and Gohan’s Maryushoha all fail to pierce the barrier.

“I’m still needed by my Lords,” says Mae as she glows red and reverts to her humanoid taiyokai form and her sword reappears in her hand, completely restored. “My mission is complete. We will fight again and I will be stronger.”

Mae is surrounded by a sphere of red light that becomes opaque, then shrinks down into a shining red star. The star shoots into the sky following the beam of light, which soon vanishes without a trace.

The group stares into the sky as what is hidden is revealed. The Crystal Castle, the massive fortress containing King Dosei and the other Castle Lords, is floating in the sky.

END OF CHAPTER 31 - ATFF2 - Part 8

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Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Kakashi - Naruto/Sakura/Sai - Kakashi
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Team Asuma - Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - Asuma
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