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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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FMA ARC 1 - The Gate Part 1


Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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The Desert

"I'm still needed by my Lords," says Mae as she glows red and reverts to her humanoid taiyokai form and her sword reappears in her hand, completely restored. "My mission is complete. We will fight again and I will be stronger."

Mae is surrounded by a sphere of red light that becomes opaque then shrinks down into a shining red star. The star shoots into the sky following the beam of light, which soon vanishes without a trace.

The group stares into the sky as what is hidden is revealed. The Crystal Castle, the massive fortress containing King Dosei and the other Castle Lords, is floating in the sky.

The group watches as energy flows to a point above the castle and a hole in space and time appears. It’s a tunnel of light with walls resembling smoke, shifting back and forth between gold and dark purple in an endless cycle. Suddenly, everyone is falling towards the tunnel as the Castle enters. The gravity of the Earth is no match for the pull of the portal which is ten times Earth’s gravity

The Castle turns shining white before it’s covered in a sphere of white light. The sphere then contracts and becomes a beam of light as it shoots down the endless tunnel. The heroes are also pulled into the tunnel of energy and space time. Their bodies glow white before dissolving into lights that streak into the tunnel.

Angel wakes with a cry and finds himself lying on sand. In all directions, he can see sand dunes. He looks down at himself and finds himself wearing early 20th century clothing, like the clothing worn by the people of Europe in the 1940s. As he moves, Angel feels minor sun burn and tries to heal it with his chakra only to find most of that ability suppressed by an unknown force. He looks around and finds his Digimon partner half-buried in the sand.

Gabriel Light Lior now resembles a normal human child with blue eyes and blond hair. He’s dressed in a white shirt and pants, with gold armbands, and the only unique thing about the boy are dark blue markings on his left arm. The twelve feathery wings of his angelic Digimon form are missing.

“Are you OK, Gabriel?”

“I’ve got sand in parts of my body I didn’t know I had. I’ve got sand on a part I know I didn’t have!”

“Let’s find the others.”

Angel and Gabriel walk over the hill to find Spike and Blaze. Spike is once more dressed in dark clothing with a long black coat and his sword on his back. Blaze looks human with red eyes, dark skin, and shoulder-length blond hair. He’s dressed in the same black biker’s clothing with a black leather jacket lined with white fur. He’s also cleaning his Bena Hena Shotguns of sand.

“Are you Ok, Spike?”

“Nothing a bath couldn’t cure. Where the hell are we?? Wind Country??”

“I don’t think we are in the elemental countries anymore,” says Angel, pointing at their clothing. “I think the Digivices did another clothing upgrade.”

Suddenly, there is a bright white glow behind a sand dune. The four run around the dune as quickly as they can in the sand. They arrive as Drusilla’s clothing, which had dissolved into a million particles of light, reforms into new clothing matching the era. She’s now dressed in a red shirt, loose black pants, and black sandals, which are form-fitting on her ninja trained body. Drusilla is also wearing a gold necklace with a medallion resembling a serpent around a cross.

Liltha’s clothing has also changed as she’s no longer dressed like rich noble in an expensive black and purple dress. Instead she’s now dressed in a black shirt, black pants, and sandals, with a dark purple jacket. The black wings and tentacles are missing, but there is a bullwhip resting on her hip. Her right arm and leg which were decayed are now normal but covered in bandages.

“Dru!” says Spike, getting by his Sire/girlfriend’s side.

“Spike?” says Drusilla, as the light fades from the Digivice.

Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, and the former Kyubi no Kitsune Gohan pull themselves over the top of a dune, then tumble down the other side. They roll to a stop next to the Scourge in a big dust cloud.

Naruto Uzumaki is now dressed a brand new outfit resembling one that he bought after his training mission with Toad Sennin Jiraiya. A black zip-up jacket, an orange shirt, orange-and black pants, and black sandals. He’s also wearing a black-and-orange headband that hides the metal plate with the Konoha symbol.

Hinata’s clothing has also changed despite not possessing a Digimon connection. She’s now dressed in dark purple overalls with a lighter undershirt and black sandals. Hinata’s clothing is loose enough to not impede her movements, but tight enough to show off her impressive bust much to her and Naruto’s embarrassment. She also wears a white coat.

Gohan is the most changed of the group. He now resembles a tall, lean muscular human with red eyes, light skin, and short spiky bright red hair. He’s dressed in tight black clothing and sandals. He also wears a gold chain necklace resembling a serpent biting its own tail and a long dark red coat with a white fur collar and nine black points on the bottom rim. He still carries his sword, but it’s wrapped in black and red cloth.
“Dark clothing in a desert. Real smart,” says Gohan.

“Gohan. Is that you?” asks Spike

“Who else would it be,” says Gohan, with disgust. “I feel so... Human.”

The next people to arrive are Hikari Yagami, Takeru Takaishi, and their partners Angemon and Angewomon who have also assumed human form.

Hikari is dressed in a black shirt exposing her stomach, blue shorts, sandals, and a jacket. It’s a normal looking outfit, but her skin has several blue markings that are almost hidden.

Takeru is dressed in a dark green shirt, black pants, and dark green shoes. He also wears a dark green coat and a bucket hat that shades his eyes. He also carries his sword, but it’s disguised as a walking cane.

Angemon looks human with blue eyes and long blond hair reaching his waist. Without the mask, it’s clear that he’s a very handsome man and he’s dressed in a loose white shirt and dark blue pants with white boots.

Angewomon also looks human with blue eyes and long blonde hair reaching her waist. Without the mask, it’s clear she’s a very beautiful woman and she’s dressed in a loose white blouse, pink skirt, and white leggings. She also wears white sandals and a gold cross necklace around her neck.

The last person to arrive is Kairi.

The girl's human-dominant form has changed with the faint eye ridges gone from her brown topaz eyes and darker tan skin. The streaks of aqua in her long gold blonde hair are smaller. She’s dressed in an outfit that resembles a one piece black swim suit. She also wears sandals, and loose pants tied around the hips. She also wears a hooded cloak and a wide brimmed hat that protects her eyes from the desert sun. She also carries a large, odd colored egg.

“Is that...??” asks Angemon.

“...a Digitama??” finishes Angewomon.

“It appeared after the Bad Guys died. I was feeling weird during the battle with Tsukiyomi. I think I was absorbing some of his weird energy from the water. All the lights gathered and this machine appeared on my wrist and I found the egg near me.”


“I hate the desert,” grumbles a young man as he walks through the hot sand.

He’s a teenager standing around five feet tall with gold eyes and long blond hair tied in a ponytail. He’s dressed in a black military uniform with black boots, white gloves, and a red coat with a serpent-cross symbol on his back.

“If there was some grass, I could make some bread,” says Edward Elric. “Right, Al? Al!?”

Edward panics for a moment wondering where his little brother went.

“Al! Al! Where are you!?”

Then he nearly jumps out of his skin when a gauntlet grabs his ankle. Edward quickly recovers and helps a seven foot three suit of armor out of the sand. The armor moves as if alive with white eyes and what resembles a blue apron around his waist.

“How do you keep sinking?” yells Ed.

“I’m full,” replies the armor with a child’s voice.

“Full of what!?” yells Ed kicking the chest plate open, only to be buried alive in sand. The armor was filled with sand, which was more than enough to bury the smaller, older brother.

Edward bursts from the sand and begins to chase his brother in circles with them shouting at each other.


A very tired Edward Elric arrives in the desert town of Lior. Al proves that being an animated suit of armor has its strengths, as he can’t die of thirst or exhaustion. Edward is ready to collapse when he hears the sound of water flowing and races down the street to find a red fountain.

Edward is about to drink, when he realizes something is wrong.

“It’s red. Is it blood?”

“No. More like blood red wine. Ritzy.”

“Hey you kids. Children aren’t allowed to drink from the...” says a shop keeper. “Oh! Travelers.”

A few minutes later, Ed is fed by the generous shop owner. The meal and drink is consumed at a frightening speed, but the shop owner believes that Edward was just starved.

“I really appreciate this!”

“The people of this town have been blessed, so we can be generous to those in need,” says the man, then turns on the radio. “Now for food for the soul.”

The voice on the Radio is the local religious leader, the Prophet Cornello. The devout religion makes the Elric brothers uncomfortable, so Al gets up to leave. Unfortunately, he hits the ceiling and shakes the food stand enough that the radio falls off the shelf. It hits the ground and shatters into many small pieces.

“My Radio! Those things aren’t cheap even in this town.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll fix it.”

“Fix it!? It’s in a million pieces.”

“I’ll show you.”

Al takes out a piece of paper and draws a symbol resembling a square within a circle. He places the paper on the ground, then places the remains of the radio into the center of the symbol. Al places his hands on the rim of the circle and the symbol glows a gold-white. There is a flash of electricity and an explosion of smoke, which clears to reveal the radio returned to its original form.

“Amazing! You can do miracles!” says one person in the crowd.

“How did you do that?” says another random villager.

“Not Miracles. Alchemy.”

“He’s the youngest prodigy of the Amestris Military. The youngest person to be made a state alchemist. He is the Fullmetal Alchemist,” says a woman in a cloak.
“You’re amazing, Mr. Elric. I can see why your called Fullmetal,” says one man to Al.

“Hey! He’s not the Fullmetal, I am,” says Edward, annoyed.

“Sorry. I didn’t think someone with such a big name would be so short.”


“It’s very noisy today.”

The Elric brothers turn to see an eighteen year old woman with dark tan skin and long dark hair with pink locks in the front.

“Hello, Rose.”


In another part of the town, fourteen other people arrive.

“We still have our scrolls, so we should be able to get supplies,” says Angel. “I doubt people would turn down gold.”

“We should also be able to get some information,” says Hikari. “I wonder why our Digivices haven’t given us the information. They profiled Naruto’s world, but other than changing our clothing they have been silent.”

“I’ve never walked this much,” says Angemon to Angewomon.

“Don’t complain, love.”

Suddenly, Drusilla stop and looks towards the center of town.

“I’m sensing something. Spiritual energy.”

“Dru?” asks Spike

“A strong power controlled by a weak soul. A strong power controlled by a strong soul. A strong soul without a body. Two strong powers without souls.”

“You're not going crazy again are you, Dru?”

“No. There are people in this town with supernatural powers. Two are some form of soul-less demon.”

“I guess it wasn’t random we ended up here,” says Takeru.


Ed and Al stand in the crowd watching Cornello perform his miracles. The priest heals injured pets, repairs broken objects, and turns water into wine for the crowd, but Edward isn’t fooled in the slightest. His eyes pay attention to the flashes of energy and the glow of the stone embedded in Cornello’s ring.

“Do you see, Al?” says Edward. “That’s alchemy, but there is something different. He’s ignoring the laws of equivalent exchange. What do we know that can cause that??”

“You mean...?”

“The Philosopher’s Stone.”


The Scourge and their Digimon leap to the roof of a building.

“So what have we learned?” asks Angel.

“This is a remote desert town ruled by a sun-worshiping church. The head of the church is a cult leader known as Cornello, who has been performing miracles,” says Spike. “I also heard that we aren’t the only newcomers to this town. There’s a short blond named Edward Elric and a walking suit of armor named Al. Edward a prodigy known as the Fullmetal Alchemist.”

“Alchemist? Like turning lead into gold?” asks Angel.

Suddenly, the screens on their Digivices light up and text appears.

Alchemy is the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, and reconstructing it as something else. It can even make gold from lead. But Alchemy is a science and so it must follow the natural law. To create, something of equal value must be lost. That is the principle of Equivalent Exchange.

“Now that thing is talking,” says Spike. “At least we know a couple rules about this world.”

“Cornello is a cult leader and using alchemy to perform his miracles,” concludes Gabriel. “The Elric brothers are the heroes. Cornello is the villain. That’s the plot of an anime show.”

“How can you be sure of that??”

“Kill the Infidels!”

Angel, Gabriel, Spike, Blaze, Drusilla, and Lilitha turn to see a dozen men dressed in robes reach the roof, and then charge at them with knives, spears, and even a gun. Angel looks at Gabriel, who has a cheeky grin.

Angel avoids a farming tool to the head, then swings around and delivers a brutal backhand to the first man’s face. Another man tries to stab Angel, only for the former vampire to grab the man’s wrist and break the arm in a brutal fashion. He then tosses the man into the first.

Gabriel is a small boy without his wings and light attacks, but he’s far from helpless. He pulls out a kunai dagger from his clothing and darts past the legs of two men avoiding their spears. At the same time, his small blade deeply slices the back of their legs causing them to collapse to the ground.

Drusilla moves around one man and grabs him around the neck. She grabs his wrist, the accompanying hand of which is holding a machete like blade, and uses his weapon to attack his comrade. She moves the limb so fast that the muscles tear and bones dislocate, but the second man falls to the ground with deep cuts on his chest. She then tosses the first man to the ground, after dislocating the weapon arm.

Lilitha learns she’s a lot stronger than she thought as her fist causes one man to go flying across the roof. A man with a spear tries to run her through, but she twists to the side, grabs the staff, and delivers a blow that snaps the spear. She then deals a double blow to the man’s chest sending him to join his comrade on the other side of the roof.

Spike gets close and delivers a brutal punch to one man’s face, sending blood and teeth in all directions. He then does a back kick that nearly breaks the neck of another.

Blaze grabs the shoulders of one man and delivers a knee to the man’s face. He then does a sweep kick that knocks a second off his feet. As the man falls to the ground, Blaze’s boot strikes the man in the face breaking teeth and pulverizing skin.

“That was easy,” says Blaze.

Gabriel then kicks him in the shin.

“Ouch! What was that for you brat!?”

“Never say ‘That was easy.’. It only makes things worse.”

Blaze is about to make an insulting remark, when they hear loud groans. The group looks at their opponents, who pull themselves back to their feet. Each of them has severe injuries with broken and cracked bones, missing teeth, massive bruising, and concussions, but each one is stumbling to their feet. They open their eyes to reveal red irises and sclera soaked in crimson, those eyes also lack any form of humanity or soul.

“Round two,” says Spike. “There won’t be a Round three.”

The first of the possessed men attacks Angel, but Angel watches as the creature’s movements slow to a crawl. He can see faint images predicting the attackers every movement, then attacks with brutal efficiency. He thrusts his hand into the man’s neck crushing the trachea. The second attacker dies quicker as Angel uses the first attacker’s weapon to impale the man through the heart.

Gabriel’s opponents also die quickly as he predicts every movement of the possessed zealots. He drives his kunai into their wrists to make them drop their weapons, before slicing their throats and piercing their hearts. The small boy may look like an innocent child, but he like his partner is a demon with an angelic face.

Drusilla spins to avoid a double attack by her opponents and as she moves she feels a change in her body. Her finger tips lengthen until they’re thinner than human hair at the tips. They are so thin they are nearly invisible, but their sharpness is apparent as one man loses his head. Drusilla stops to look at her altered limb, which is slowly reverting to normal. The other man tries to attack her while she’s distracted, but she thrusts her hand forward and the nails become a spike that impales the man. The man struggles like a butterfly caught on a pin, then collapses as life leaves him.

Lilitha also finds her fingers changing into long thin claws. She moves with surprising speed since the Lilithmon originally had a necrotic limb, and slices off the weapon arms of their attackers. Despite the blood loss from the severed limbs, the men continue to attack like wild animals. Lilitha flips over their lunges and does a single slash with one of her claws. A fraction of a second later, both attackers fall to the ground and their heads tumble off.

Spike turns and delivers a hard punch to his attacker’s face. This time the diamond hard blow doesn’t just shatter feet and noses, instead it crushes the skull and the brain that it encloses. The body is thrown back and is dead before it hits the ground. Spike then turns and back hands his other attacker, instantly snapping their neck.

Blaze drives his clawed fingers into the chest of his attacker, then pulls them out at high speed creating jets of crimson. He then turns and slashes his claws through the throat of the final attacker nearly decapitating the man. Both men fall to the ground like a broken marionette and a human-sized PEZ dispenser.

“What the fuck was that!?” yells Spike. “How did we do that??”

“I don’t know, but look what’s happening to the corpses,” says Angel.

The group watches as each body begins to rapidly dissolve. Hair and skin is first, followed by muscle. As the muscle and internal organs dissolve, the clothing is also destroyed by the corrosive chemical reactions. Finally, the bones shatter and disintegrate into dust. The reaction soon dies down leaving twelve pools of watery chemicals.

In the center of each pool is something solid. A tiny red-purple crystal that radiates a malignant energy. A crystal that shatters into nothing leaving an echo of a familiar power.

The power of the Castle Lords.

(A/N: Taken from Manga)

Edward Elric sits back and talks to Rose.

“Water: 35 Liters. Carbon: 20 Kg. Ammonia: 4 Liters. Lime: 1.5 Kg. Phosphorus: 800 g. Salt: 250 g. Saltpeter: 100 g. Sulfur: 80 g. Fluorine: 7.5 g. Iron: 5g. Silicon: 3 g. And 15 other elements in small quantities...”

Rose looks confused

“That's the total chemical makeup of the average adult body. Modern science knows all of this, but there has never been a single example of successful human transmutation. It's like there's some missing ingredient... scientists have been trying to find it for hundreds of years, pouring tons of money into research, and to this day they don't have a theory,” says Edward closing a book. “They say science is a lost cause, but I think it’s better than sitting around praying and waiting for something to happen. For that matter, the elements found in a human being... are all junk that you can buy in any market on a child's allowance. Humans are pretty cheaply made.”

“People aren't objects! That's an insult to the creator! God will punish you for saying things like that!!”

“AHA-HA-HA! Alchemists are scientists. We don't believe in improvable concepts like God. “

Rose looks angry at the Fullmetal Alchemist.

“We strive to uncover the principles of creation in the matter of the world, to pursue truth... [gazes at Leto statue] It's ironic that we scientists... who don't believe in God... are in a sense the closet things to him.”

“Well... it's like that myth about the hero... he made wings out of wax so he could fly... but when he got too close to the sun... to God... the wax melted and he crashed to the ground...”


“His holiness is very busy, so it’s not easy to get an audience with him. You two are very lucky,” says one man as Rose, Edward, and Al are lead inside.

“I’ll try not to talk for too long,” says Ed with a smile.

“Yes, let’s end it right away,” says one of the zealots, before putting a gun in Al’s eye. “Like this!”

Al’s head is shot off and the two other followers of Cornello hold Edward back with their halberd/scythe-like weapons.

“Brother Cray! What are you doing!?” yells Rose.

“Rose, these are heathens that were trying to entrap his holiness. They’re evil.”

“What!? But his holiness would never let you do this... let you...”

“He did allow it!”

“The words of his holiness are the words of god,” says Cray. “This is the Will of God!”

“Guess there’s some really bad gods out there,” says Al gripping the gun, which shocks Cray since he doesn’t have a head and the armor is empty but still moving.

“Wha?” yells Cray as Ed yanks on one of the halberds and rams his fist into the owner’s side to escape. Seconds later, the men of the church are on the ground after the Elric brothers have beaten them. The last person is rendered unconscious by a blow from Al’s helmet/head.

“Strike!” yells Edward.

“My head..!” says Al, a little upset that his brother would use his head as a projectile.

“Wh...wh...wh... What is this?!” yells Rose, freaking out.

“Nothing special.” says Ed

“It’s just what it look like.” says Al, pointing at his empty armor.

“Th.. There’s nothing inside... It’s empty!?”

“You might say that this is what happens when you commit the greatest sin... when you trespass in God’s Domain,” says Al. “My big brother and I both.”

“You too Edward?”

“Well let’s just save that story for another time. Anyway, I guess your God showed his true colors.”

“No! It has to be some kind of mistake!!”

“Rose. Do you have the courage to face the truth?”

They enter Cornello’s room as the doors open automatically.

“Did you come to hear me preach, hmm?” asks Cornello on the walkway.

“Yeah, by all means teach us about how you use your lame alchemy to deceive your followers!”

“Well. I’m not sure what you mean. Please don’t confuse my miracles with alchemy. If you saw for yourself you would believe.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it all right and what I couldn’t understand was how you’re able to do transmutation that goes against the laws “

“That’s why I’m telling you it’s not alchemy.”

“Then it comes to me. The Philosopher’s stone,” says Edward with a grin. “That’s how you do it right? Like maybe... Just maybe... It’s that ring?”

“Heh... the Government gets their money worth out of it, don’t they? I guess you saw through the whole thing,” says Cornello, knowing the gig is up. “Correct! The Philosopher’s stone, the Legendary Catalyst, the amplifier of all alchemical processes. With this, I can conjure at the minimum price for the maximum result!

Cornello goes into a rant about how with the stone, he could become the ruler of the nation. The megalomania is clear in his voice, but he’s still able to convince Rose that he can bring back her dead boyfriend, even though she was hidden and heard the entire story.
As Rose moves out of the way, Cornello reveals his creation. A chimera, an alchemic fusion of two or more animals used to create living weapons. In this case, Cornello has used the power of the stone to fuse a lion with a large reptile to create a very dangerous beast.

Edward’s response is to clap his hands then place them on the sandy ground. There is a bright light and lightning crackles, as Ed pulls a spear from the ground or more accurately creates a spear from the sand.

“Ergh! He made a weapon from the floor without using a transmutation circle?! So you deserve the title State Alchemist after all. But that still won’t be enough!!”

The chimera is extremely fast for its size and manages to rip Edward’s left leg with its claws. Edward holds his legs in pain, but when the Chimera tries to take advantage, its claws break and Ed delivers a brutal kick with the “injured” leg.


The cloth of his pants leg tears away to reveal metal underneath.

“Sorry, these are custom made.”

“Wh.. What’s the matter!? If your claws won’t work, bite him to death!”

The Chimera again moves at high speed and catches Edward’s right arm in its mouth. The creature snarls and tries to bite the limb off, but finds it’s a lot harder than it looks. Edward holds the creature up, despite the difference in mass and height, and the chimera looks worried.

“What’s the matter kitty? Tastes bad?”

Edward delivers a kick that sends the Chimera flying from the limb, tears the sleeve covering the limb in the process.

“Look at me, Rose. This is what happens when you use alchemy on humans. This is what happens to sinners who trespass in god’s domain!” say Edward as he takes off his coat. Showing the machine limb including the shoulder.

“Automail... Full steel prosthetics. ‘Full Metal’ Prosthetics. So that’s why...THE FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!!”

“Come down here and face me, you third-rate fraud. I’ll show you there is no comparison between us!”

“I see.. I now understand who you are... It was always a mystery why a mere brat had a fearsome alias like Fullmetal. But now I know. Look at them, Rose! Those two dared to do one thing forbidden to alchemists... The unspeakable crime of Human Transmutation! They’ve committed the worst possible sin!”

“We never had any doubts about it. Our mother was the kindest person in the world. All we wanted was to see our mother’s smile again. Even if it meant breaking the laws of alchemy. But the resurrection failed. When it failed my brother lost his left leg and I had my whole body taken. I lost consciousness for a while and the next thing I saw when I opened my eyes was this armor and a sea of blood. Even after the horrible injury of losing his leg, my older brother exchanged his right arm for my soul and put it into this suit of armor.”

“The two of us tried to resurrect one person and this is what happened. This is what it takes to raise the dead, Rose. Are you ready to make that sacrifice?!”

Cornello laughs at the Elric brothers, but the brothers demand the stone. Cornello uses the stone to create a machine gun out of his cane, but Edward blocks the bullets by creating a wall of stone. Al and Edward then escape through a door that Edward creates in the wall.

In the darkness, two eyes watch this moment in history. Both eyes glowing a red-purple in the unnatural shadows.


Kairi is wandering through the town, when the radio system announces that outsiders attempted to assassinate Cornello. As a result, not only does the town turn on the Elric brothers, but on all the outsiders.

In seconds Al is knocked down and smashed to pieces by the angry mob and Cornello animates one of the holy statues to deliver a blow that knocks Edward unconscious. Kairi tries to knock people away from her using water from the fountain, but Cornello freezes the water and while distracted a villager strikes the back of her head.

Nearby, Takeru, Hikari, Angemon, and Angewomon hide in the shadows using hooded cloaks and shinobi skills.

“We can’t let them take Kairi or the Digitama,” says Angemon.

“Don’t worry about the egg. Kairi has it sealed into a tattoo on her stomach, so I doubt these bumpkins would find in a hundred years,” says Takeru. “The answers we want are at the church.”


Edward finds himself chained to a wall next to Kairi, who is also chained. In front of them are two pans loaded with prisoner food, one full and waiting, the other nearly completely eaten.

“Who are you?”

“Kairi. I was traveling with my friends when we ended up in this town.”

“Sorry about getting you in trouble.”

“Hey. It’s not your fault this town is run by a megalomaniac cult leader.”


Kairi tilts her head and Edward notices that Cornello like any classic villain has come in to gloat. He holds up Edward’s pocket watch which has the president’s crest and hexagram.

“So this is the watch given to all state alchemists,” says the grinning fool. “This is how you can do alchemy without a transmutation circle. It’s mine now.”


“What?” says Cornello turning to the girl.

“You sound like a cliché villain. Arrogant and stupid.”

“Why you... Who do you think you are!? I thought you were some other traveller that got caught up. Are you with Fullmetal??”

“With Fullmetal? Well he is kind of cute, but he probably has a girl back home.”

Edward blushes at Kairi’s words

“I would guess a violent tomboy.”

Edward nearly face falls as if hit in the head with a wrench.

“It doesn’t matter!! You’re both going to die and this town with celebrate God’s justice.”

“Justice. They wouldn’t think that if they knew how you were manipulating them.”

“They won’t find out, because I control everyone within the church.”

“I feel sorry for those followers of yours.”

“Followers are just pawns to use for war! I don’t have time to feel sorry for pawns. If I ask them, these people will die happy and fulfilled believing they died for God. The people of this town believe I can make miracles and even bring the dead back to life. How many will fight to death since they believe I can bring them back? I’ll mass produce them. Limitless fanatics from masses of idiots who can’t even tell alchemy from miracles.”

Cornello then notices something as Edward eats; he’s no longer chained to the wall.

“What? How did you get out of those chains??” says the shocked fraud, he then notices that Kairi is fixing her hair.

“I got free long ago,” says Kari with a smile. “How do you think I managed to eat my lunch?”


Edward moves out of the way to reveal a hole in the stone wall and in the center is a radio microphone.

“You couldn’t have.... YOU LITTLE RAT! How long has that microphone been on?!”

“From the very beginning. You just exposed your entire plan.”



On the roof, Rose is helping Al with the radio equipment. A few minutes ago, Al saved Rose from a bird chimera. The chimera created from many birds was designed by Cornello to mimic the voice of Rose’s late boyfriend and make her believe that Cornello did have the power to resurrect the dead. Al managed to knock the pain-filled creature down with one punch.


Al and Rose look up and see something strange and horrifying. The bird chimera is back, larger and meaner than ever. The overgrown humanoid canary now has large feathery wings, strong legs ending in sharp claws, and the meat-rending beak of a bird of prey. The feathers have also changed color from pale yellow to dark shades of blue. Al is knocked down by the massive creature moving at high speed, but Rose vanishes before she can be injured.

Rose looks up at her rescuer and finds herself in the arms of an angel with feathery wings. The arms of Angemon to be precise and as she looks down she sees the bird chimera smash into an invisible barrier generated by Hikari and Angewomon who both have their wings released.

“It’s ironic. It takes a bunch of false angels to stop a monster created by a fake church,” says Hikari as Angewomon helps Al to his feet.

“Who are you??” asks Al.

“I’m Hikari Yagami. The man holding the pink haired girl is Angemon. The woman next to me is Angewomon.”


Takeru appears on the ground in front of Al, bucket hat shadowing his eyes and his sword sliding back into the cane. At the same time, the mutated chimera falls from the sky and splits apart in a shower of blood and gore. As the last traces of life leave the creature, its body begins to break down. In seconds, the feathers, skin, and muscle tissue are gone. Seconds after that, the bones are also destroyed leaving a puddle of ooze. In the center of the pool is a red-purple crystal that shatters into nothing.

“That’s Takeru ‘T.K.’ Takaishi.”

“What was that!?” asks both Al and Rose. “Who are you??”

“That creature was infected by some sort of evil,” says Angemon as his wings retract and vanish into his back. The others quickly join him.”As for us, we are travelers from a land you can’t reach by land or water.”

Noticing the look on Rose’s face, Takeru laughs and smiles.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t real angels. We just have the wings.”

Al wonders about that statement since even with the wings of a bird, a human (or bird chimera) shouldn’t be able to fly under its own power.


“I’ll kill you!” screams Cornello as he transforms his cane into a machine gun, but Edward is faster transforming part of his automail limb into a blade and slicing the machine gun in half.

Kairi then jumps up and delivers a punch that sends the larger Cornello flying across the prison cell. The man lands with a bloody nose, missing teeth, and a look of panic on his face.

Cornello runs out the door and out of the church, only to find that the villagers have gathered around the church and are on the verge of becoming an angry mob. He’s about to come up with a lie, when he’s hit in the head by a jet of water and soaked completely. Kairi and Edward have caught up with the fraud.

Cornello tries to create another weapon using the Philosopher Stone, only for his arm to transmute into mass of metal and mutated flesh. As Cornello continues to scream in pain, the red stone in his ring darkens, cracks, then shatters into dust.

Edward begins to shake.

“After coming this far... I thought I could finally go back to normal...and it’s a fake!”

Edward looks very depressed.

“Hey...old man,” says the depressed Elric.

“Uh... Yes,” says Cornello who was about to stab the alchemist in the back with a sharp piece of his mutated limb.

“First you lied to the townspeople, then you tried to kill us, and now after all the trouble you put me through the stone was a fake?’ yells the Fullmetal Alchemist as his palms on the ground, crackle with light and electricity-like energy. “Stop messing with me!”

A giant statue of Leto, God of the Sun, explodes from the church and delivers a giant stone fist to Cornello. The massive fist hits the ground less than two meters from Cornello, scaring the man unconscious.


Minutes later, Ed and Al are sitting near the rubble.

“It’s a fake. Yeah, it was a waste of time. Just when I thought we were finally going to get your body back”.

“We need to worry about you first. Automail has a lot of problems.”

“Oh well, I guess we’ll look somewhere else. “

“You shouldn’t have come. This was a poor desert town, we had nothing. We had hope, now we have nothing. What did you do to me?” asks a crying Rose. “What am I supposed to believe in now!?”

“That’s something you’ll have to figure out on your own.”

As Edward and Al leave, they encounter Kairi and the Angelic Group who have also joined with Naruto, Gohan, and Hinata, and the Scourge. The Fullmetal Alchemist stares at the odd group of fourteen, then asks the question on his and his brother’s minds.

“Who are you people!?”

End of CHAPTER 34: THE GATE Part 1


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!

I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and their demonic enhanced creations. Any ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?

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