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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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FMA ARC 2 - The Gate Part 2

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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The Town of Rubens

Edward Elric has encountered many strange things since becoming an alchemist. The first strange event was when he and his brother Alphonse tried to bring back their mother and ended up losing his leg and Alphonse’s entire body, which forced Edward to seal the soul into a suit of armor by sacrificing his arm.

There was the strange case of an Alchemist named Majihal, whose name had appeared several times in their father's correspondences relating to Human-Transmutation. He was a man so obsessed with a florist named Karin who died in an accident that he carved life-sized dolls in her image and animated them with the souls taken from kidnapped villagers. In a sad twist, Karin never died but lost her memory in the accident for several years, but Majihal was unable to see her under her withered beauty. In the end Majihal’s obsession lead to his death.

Another strange event was Shou Tucker, the Sewing Life Alchemist, an alchemist who created fusions of animals known as Chimeras. While studying for the State Alchemist Exam, he and Alphonse had stayed with the Tuckers and become close to Tucker’s small daughter Nina. Shortly after passing the exam, they learned that the talking chimera Shou created was created from his ex-wife and in order to pass the Exam he created a new talking chimera by fusing the family dog and Nina. Edward still has nightmares about that event and then finding the disintegrated remains of Nina on the wall of an alley.

He and his brother are now traveling with people from another world. He’s accepted their story mostly because of his experience with the Gate of Truth, a set of gates that appeared when he attempted human alchemy and granted him the ability to use alchemy without a transmutation circle. During those terrifying moments, he saw images of a world that was not his own. When he described several images to the group, the Scourge was able to identify them.
He admits that the other worlds both thrill and terrify him. He admits his friend and mechanic Winry would love the endless technology, while he was horrified by the level of weapons technology. The description of the nuclear bomb would give a man nightmares.

Edward is on his way back to Central to give his report on his research into the Philosopher Stone, the one substance that might allow them to do human transmutation safely and restore their bodies. Edward chose the stone as his subject, as all State Alchemists must pick an almost taboo research topic.

It would have been a direct trip, if he didn’t get a request to investigate the town of Rubens.

Rubens is a small town in Amestris, located near an old mining mountain and surrounded by grass fields and stone walkways. Recently the town’s population has been decreasing with reports of disappearances and attacks by vicious creatures.

“The Philosopher’s Stone sounds like something the Castle Lords would also be after. Youkai will always search out new sources of energy. Inuyasha and his family could tell you more.”

“You’re positive you’re going to find them?” asks Alphonse

“Absolutely. We survived the destruction of two worlds and Inuyasha’s clan is just as tough,” says Takeru.

They finally reach a hotel located on the edge of town, near the river. Edward, Alphonse, Hikari, Takeru, and Kairi enter the hotel, while the Scourge go into town. Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan are traveling to a nearby town to investigate the rumors of an alchemist, which is why they aren’t with the group at the moment. Inside the hotel, a young man with brown eyes behind glasses and short brown hair sits behind a desk drinking a cup of coffee.

“Customers. I haven’t had customers in a month,” says the man, noticing Edward’s pocket watch, the symbol of the State Alchemist. “My name is Anthony Jordans.”

“We need rooms for tonight and maybe a couple of days,” says Edward. “There are thirteen in our group in total.”

“No problem, Little Guy.”



Takeru hits Edward on the top of the head with his cane, stopping the rant.

“He’s a little sensitive,” says Takeru, as Edward rubs his head and wonders why it hurts almost as much as Winry’s wrench.

“It’s OK. As long as he isn’t preaching about god.”

“Preaching?” asks Angelo, the human form of Angemon. Angela, the human form of Angewomon, stands next to him. Both were disturbed by Cornello’s mess in the town of Lior.

“There’s a priest in this town called Father Peter, he went a little crazy after the death of his brother Paul and now has everyone stirred up. He says the creatures are demons of hell and only he can bring salvation. He’s also ruining my business by scaring away outsiders. Says they are heathens sent to corrupt the people.”

“Uncle Anthony! Uncle Anthony!”

The group turns to see two young girls enter the shop. They are both small and twins with the same beautiful brown eyes, light skin, and long dirty blonde hair reaching their waists. They both wear the same white dresses with dark pink jackets, making the identical twins mirror images of each other.
“Isabella! Clara! What’s wrong?”

“There’s big fight at the bar. A bunch of Father Peter’s men tried to get rid of a group of outsiders, but now the outsiders are beating them up!”

“Sounds like the Scourge,” says Takeru. “It’s best if we don’t get involved.”

“What if they get hurt?” says Isabella.

“Trust me. You should be more worried about the priest’s men.”

“Isabella and Clara’s parents disappeared almost a month ago and Peter keeps on trying to have them adopted into the church. Since I’m their Uncle, Peter can only rant like a loon.”

Ruby’s Bar

Five of the six members of the Scourge - Angel, Drusilla, Spike, Blaze, and Lilitha - entered the bar looking for both a drink and information. Gabriel, who resembles a child, was forced to stay outside the bar and decided to walk around town. The plan was working well until one man working for Father Peter decided they were insulting the priest and caused a mob attack.

Angel found he needed a last name and took the name Liam Angel to interact with people. His current interactions involve showing a couple of thugs his hand to hand skills. Angel’s largest opponent stands six foot seven, but Angel’s blows snap his head around, pointing it a different direction with each one. Each blow is also hard enough that the face seems to distort and blood, saliva, and teeth can be seen flying out of the goon’s mouth. As he stops the punches, the man with the swelling face falls to the ground.

Angel then thrusts his elbow back into the stomach of a smaller man and strikes the man’s nose with the back of his hand. In an instant, the man’s nose is shattered and he’s rendered unconscious.

William Spike grabs a black haired man with a beard, and flips the man onto the bar smacking his face into the wood. Spike then grabs the back of the man’s shirt and slides him across the bar, shattering glasses and bottles of booze. William spins around and delivers a kick to the side of another man, that nearly bends the man into a U. The thin, rat-like man tumbles and smashes through a table covered in the remains of a large meal.

John Blaze, the Demon Lord in human form, grabs a blond by his shirt and pulls him off his feet. He then spins around and uses the man to knock down another armed with a knife. He then bends down, grabs both by their collars and smashes their heads together like a pair of coconuts.

Blaze stands up, when a chair is broken over his back. He turns and sees a small young man with black hair under his wool cap. Blaze grabs the man’s shirt causing the man to pale, then leans down to look into the man’s eyes. He shakes his head as if to say “no no.” then head butts the man, rendering him unconscious.

Drusilla Spike, William’s “wife”, doesn’t get her nails dirty with the drunken idiots. Instead she uses the invisible chakra threads of her puppetry to trip her opponents. They trip over their own feet, tumbling into chairs and tables, and knock themselves out. One violent drunk with mustache tries to grab her from behind, but she flips him over and smashes him head first through a table.

Lilitha Luna, Drusilla’s partner, elbows one man in the face, while taking the man’s belt before he hits the ground. She then uses the leather belt like a whip to grab a chair and smash it into the head of one goon. Lilitha spins out of the way of another goon and uses the belt to smash a liquor bottle over the man’s head. A third tries to grab her, but in a blur of motion the man’s arms are tied behind his back with the belt.

Behind the bar, hiding for his life, is the bar owner Robert Ruby. He’s crying over the damages done to his family bar, as the damage hadn’t been this bad since the end of the last war before the Ishbal Conflict. Twenty drunken former soldiers can do a lot of damage, especially when they still carry explosives.

In another part of the bar, hidden in the shadows, a figure in a cloak watches. He looks normal except for the blue-purple eyes that seem to glow.

The Church

“We cannot allow those heathens to disrupt out way of life! Find them!!”

The man who yells the order stands over six feet tall and has wide shoulders, gold eyes and dark brown hair. He’s dressed in black with a white collar.

As his men leave, he sits in his expensive looking chair at his desk and you can almost see the waves of anger and frustration. The man pulls out a small silver key hidden in his collar and opens his desk drawer. He then clicks a hidden switch to open a hidden panel. Under the panel at the bottom of the drawer is a red-purple stone that glows and pulsates with the rhythm of a human heart. He drips a few drops of water from a glass onto the stone, then brings the stone to his lips and lets drops of a bloody liquid fall into his mouth.

“Nothing will stop me. My lords have made me invincible.”

The Inn

“Anthony, what can you tell us about these so-called monsters?” says Edward Elric, eating a large meal.

He’s sitting with his brother Alphonse, Takeru is sitting with Hikari, and Angelo is sitting with Angela. Kairi is upstairs resting with her egg.

“They exist, but they’re hard to describe. At first, during one my trips into the forest, I thought they were a pack of rogue brown bears. The markings were done by six inches claws with relatively blunt points,” explains Anthony. “Others who saw them said they head-and-body length of over nine feet and a shoulder height of sixty inches, which would put them in the upper limit of bears. “

“So what made you think they aren’t bears?” says Ed.

“The bite marks on the few body parts we recovered. The teeth and curvature doesn’t match any bear I know. They look more like the fangs of a wolf, but it was clear that the victim was attacked by one animal.”

Edward gets an odd look in his eye, which isn’t missed by the others. He wonders if the situation in town isn’t like the situation in Lior with Cornello.

“Tell me about Priest Peter.”

‘Why would you want to know about that man??”

“I have a theory.”

“Priest Peter Rubens wasn’t originally the town’s holy man. He was a miner who occasionally helped his brother Paul, who was a devout man of God. The boys lost their parents and three siblings in a fire when they were very young, and were adopted by the former priest, Luke. That man died during a conflict and Paul took over the church.’

‘Peter wanted to make his fortune since the family’s great wealth was lost in the fire. Then one day, Peter vanished and a few days later Paul vanished searching for him. Peter returned the next day and told people he had been caught in a cave in and that his brother had saved him at the cost of his own life. Ever since then, Peter became the zealot we know today.”

“Sounds suspicious.”

“I always thought so. Peter loved his brother, but he was never a man of god. All he cared about was restoring the Rubens fortune. That is why he was willing to work in even the most dangerous Cinnabar mines.”


Suddenly, the group hears loud shouting from outside the inn. Isabella and Clara run away from the windows and run over to Anthony.

The Forest

“Why are we in the forest instead of heading back to the inn?” asks Blaze.

The Scourge including Gabriel have entered the forest.

“According to the people at the bar, the monsters have been coming out of this part of the forest,” says Angel, “We don’t want to drag our fight back to the inn.”

“Why aren’t we tree hopping like we did in Konoha?” asks Blaze.

“Two reasons. The trees around here don’t look very healthy; my guess is from the mining in the surrounding mountains. The other is that I don’t want the town’s people to think we’re demons.”

“Too late for that,” laughs Spike. “We fought like demons when we bloody kicked the crap out them.”

Suddenly, the group hears a roar followed by series of howling sounds. There is the sound of a thousand thick branches snapping like dry twigs, and then six immense forms emerge from the deeper woods.

Each creature is a large bear-like creature weighing at least six hundred eight kilograms (1,500 lb) with thick dark brown fur, a long tail, and the elongated pointed skull and pointed ears of a wolf. Each creature also has metal coated teeth and claws, and the gold on black eyes of an unnatural creature. The Scourge can sense the faint amounts of youki being emitted by what they realize are chimeras.

“I should have drunk more,” says Spike, as one creature stands on its hind legs and looks ready to pound on the British former vampire. Suddenly, Blaze tosses one of the Bena Hena shotguns to Spike, and they both fire into the chimera’s head. The chimera is thrown to the ground with a fiery head, but isn’t killed by the blast. They can see why since the burnt flesh reveals metal-coated bones, which are quickly recovered by the rapidly regenerating flesh.

Angel makes several hand signs and releases a blast of lightning from his mouth, but he’s thrown into a tree by his own attack. The electrical discharge strikes the ground and several trees causing a number of explosions, but most of the charge still hits the second chimera knocking it to the ground. It has problems recovering from the extreme electrocution.

“What happened, Peaches?” says Spike avoiding the claws of his regenerating opponent.

“Ninjutsu isn’t working right,” says Angel as he quickly recovers. “Genjutsu probably won’t work either.”

“Then we will have to do this the old fashion way. Brutally!”

Spike jumps into the air, kicks off a tree, shattering it’s bark in the process, and lands on the shoulder of the standing chimera. He then brings his suddenly diamond-hard fist down with a loud metallic sound. He strikes three more times, before jumping off the dying chimera. The chimera may be extremely hard to kill with its healing and metal bones, but it can’t regenerate its brain, especially with its skull crushed like soda can.

Lilitha pulls out a bullwhip and whips it around the leg of a chimera, knocking the creature down. While the creature is down, Drusilla’s nails lengthen into hair thin blades. The blades are stopped by the metal bone, so they only cut straight through the flesh. Then Drusilla aims for the space between the vertebra and the head is severed from the body in a spray of crimson mixed with a mercury-like liquid.

“Where did you get the nice whip?” asks Drusilla.

“A man in the bar gave it to me along with most of his teeth. It payment after he touched my rear.”

Angel avoids the claws of one chimera, while Gabriel throws a tree branch piercing the chimera’s side into its organs. While the chimera tries to recover from the wound, Angel gets close and stabs the bear with stakes made from nearby tree branches. The bear-wolf-dog chimera continues to struggle despite having puncture wounds in its major internal organs, but dies after Angel rams his last branch into its eye and into the brain.

“That is the last time I leave my weapons at the inn,” says Angel, pulling a small splinter from his hand.

Spike slices off a chimera’s arm at the elbow, then the other arm, then both legs at the knees, and finally impales it to the ground by thrusting his sword through its neck. Spike concentrates his chakra into the sword, which is far more difficult in the world of alchemy, and the blade bursts into flames. In seconds, the entire creature is set on fire from the inside out. The dark mud and damp leaves of the forest floor prevents the fire from spreading.

As the last of the chimera dies, it lets off a strange howl despite most of its throat being cut and the damage to its lungs.

“What’s that?” says Spike, hearing an echo of the howl.

“It must be the mines,” says Angel.

The group walks deeper into the forest and finds a mineshaft surrounded by a broken chain link fence. They enter the mine, using oil lamps found near the entrance to light their way. As they go deeper they hear the sounds of animals. They find a large chamber with many animals in cages. The animals include a mother bear and her three cubs, a mother wolf with six pups, another bear by itself, and several dogs that look like wolf-dog crossbreeds.

“The SPCA is going to devour a soul.”

Angel winces as he remembers the odd demon story. There is a species of demon that feeds on the ambient energy of plant and animals that fanatically loves nature. When humans try to ruin its land, it devours their souls and turns them into plants and animals to replace the ones destroyed.

The Church, a couple of hours later.

Takeru, Hikari, Angela, and Angelo wake up with a severe case of vertigo. After their heads clear, they find themselves tied to stone pillars by heavy chains. Edward and Al are tied to a second pillar by similar chains, especially Edward’s automail prosthetic limbs

Their heads turn at a loud crack to see Anthony hit the ground covered in bruises and small cuts.

In front of him is a tall man standing over six feet tall with a muscular build, wide shoulders, bright gold eyes and dark brown hair. He’s dressed in black with a white collar, and holding a cat-o-nine-tails in his hand. There is only one person this can be, Priest Peter Rubens.

“You heathens will not disrupt my Plans.”

“What plans are those Alchemist?” says Edward.

“What did you say!?”

“Alchemist. At first I thought the smell was from the Cinnabar mine, but I also smell other chemicals. The chemicals I know by heart, the chemicals used in alchemy.”

“I guess I was the obvious villain,” says Peter with a smirk.

“You think?” says Ed with a lot of sarcasm.

“You wouldn’t trust priests after that mess in Lior.”

“How did you know about that?”

“My Lord speaks to me and tells me of my foes,” says Peter. “That’s how I knew to use those gas bombs. He also told me I should tell you my true origins.”

“True origins?” asks Takeru.

“I’m not talking about the crap I tell my followers, but the real story,” says Peter. “After my parents died, Paul became a man of God, but I lost all my faith. Instead I turned to the science of alchemy and tried to achieve my dreams. A dream of never facing death again. I conducted many experiments to increase my knowledge and even created my first chimera’

‘My lab was hidden in the old mines away from the eyes of the ignorant villagers. Then one day, my brother Paul found the lab and we had an argument that got little violent. There was cave in and I was badly injured, trapped with my brother under tons of rock. I had the will to survive, but not the body. In that darkness, my brother called out to god, but I saw no reply. Instead I heard the words of an angel of my Lord.’

‘Human transmutation fails because of the soul. The soul is God’s territory and he is unwilling to bargain because he considers all souls unique and priceless. My Lord is different, seeing souls differently. My Lord’s angel gave me the key to grant my dreams.”

The priest pulls an object from his pocket and holds it up so the prisoners can see it. Edward’s eyes widen at the dark red-purple crystal in the man’s palm, which is pulsating energy to the rhythm of a heart.

“This is the darker twin of the Philosopher Stone. The Devil Stone. While the Philosopher Stone allows one to bypass the physical laws for a price, the Devil Stone allows you to sacrifice your most precious person for your dream.”

“Most precious?” says Ed, suddenly pale. “You... You...”

“Oh. You figured it out,” says Priest Peter. “I sacrificed my foolish brother to rebuild myself with an immortal body.”

“You monster!” says Edward. “You killed your own brother, just so you could live!”

“Live forever.”

“How could you??”

“There was nothing I feared more than death and I didn’t want to end up in the hands of the entity that let my family die. As for guilt and remorse, I lost those weaknesses with my transformation. I learned one great truth.”

Peter gets close to Ed and looks into his gold eyes with his own cat-like ones.

“Not everyone needs a soul to live.”

“You gave up your soul??” asks Hikari with a whisper.

“What’s the purpose of the soul? Something a person has in order to exist after death? I don’t intend to ever die. Something to connect you to God? I hate the man and his heavens. Something to tell a person the difference between right and wrong? There is no good or evil to those who possess the power!”

“I think we have heard enough of your ‘origin’.” says Takeru, holding up a small thin dagger. “Let’s start talking about your end.”

The chains fall away, many of the links cut by the chakra-infused hidden weapon. As the chain falls away, Takeru uses a chakra string to retrieve his sword and in one clean motion, slices through the chains holding the Elric brothers and the chains around Ed’s automail limbs.

Priest Peter rushes towards the main doors, only for them to explode off their hinges as the Scourge bursts into the room.

“If you wanted to get help from your followers, think again,” says Spike with smirk. “They were zealots, but they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.”

“We found you lab after taking care of your pets,” says Blaze. “Kairi woke up and followed your group. When we returned to town, she led us to you.”

“Now where are the girls? Isabella and Clara?”

“You want to know?” says Priest Peter, losing all of his fear. “I’ll show you.”

Priest Peter then does what the villagers would think impossible. He jumps straight up, so high that he goes through the skylight and lands on the roof cracking the tiles

A few minutes later

The Scourge and the Angels burst out of the church holding the battered, but now awake and active Anthony. Priest Peter stands before a supply room which has a thick metal door you would expect on a treasure room

“You modified yourself!” says the older of the Elric brothers.

“That’s not the only thing I modified,” says the Priest.

“You mean...??” says Al, who would be pale if he wasn’t a walking suit of armor.

“My chimera did more than kill those who could have stopped my research. They also supplied me with test subjects,” says the Priest, madness entering his voice. “Those fools produced weak failures that either died in severe pain or creatures that didn’t survive the tests. Trash in, trash out. Those girls, so young and perfect, were the materials I needed to create something special.”

The door opens to reveal Isabella and Clara, but their eyes have changed from brown to blue, their light skin now has red markings going down the sides of their limbs and torso, and their waist length hair has turned pure white. They are both dressed in tight black tops that expose their stomachs, black shorts, and long black fingerless gloves that stop between the elbow and shoulder. They also wear silver circlets holding red-purple gems.

Anthony can only watch in horror as his nieces slowly transform. The red markings spread and darken to black, as their bodies both mature and gain additional traits. Cat-like ears rise through their hair, which has become longer and wilder, and their eyes become like those of a great cat. Their nails become sharp claws, their canine teeth become long fangs, and long tails emerge from their rears. The little girls grow and mature into young hybrid cat women.

“I used two identical young female tigers from Xing to create them. Very expensive to smuggle,” says the priest with a smirk. “They are almost perfect. Their one flaw is their souls.”

“You sick freak!” says Anthony, struggling despite his wounds. “What did you do to my nieces!?”

“You should be concerned about what they are going to do to you,” says the priest, as the girls stalk towards the heroes. “I wasn’t able to remove their souls like the other villagers, but having them torture and murder the remaining villagers should break them.”

“You inhuman... Why!?!?”

The priest holds up the Devil Stone.

“What do you think fuels these Stones?”

The tiger chimera twins roar and attack with surprising speed and strength. Their strength is far beyond what can be achieved with normal flesh and bone, as proven when a pounce creates an immense crater. The Scourge and Angels sense the reason as the girls get close to them. Along with the traces of alchemy, they can also sense youki - youkai energy- coming from each girl and Angel is reminded of Inuyasha’s tale of the Panther Tribe, a group of feline youkai that tried to resurrect their leader, who was killed by Inuyasha’s father. These chimera girls are hanyou, part youkai hybrids, more than likely created by the demonic power of the Devil Stone.

As Angel avoids the claws of one girl at the cost of his shirt, he notices the gemstone embedded in the circlet on one girl’s forehead is glowing and pulsating with her rapid heartbeat. He quickly signals the fact to the others, who tell the Elric Brothers. They also have to protect Anthony, who has been clawed several times.

Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, claps his hands together and rams his palms into the ground. There is a crack of energy like electricity, as alchemic power flows through the ground, breaking down the molecules and reforming them into a different material. In an instant, the hard stone and dirt become fine particles. The particles reduce friction to the point where the two cat girls can’t keep traction and collapse to the ground. They sink in the fine sandy matter and Drusilla rushes pass them. In a fraction of a second, Drusilla’s extended finger tips cut the circlets around the heads of the girls.

As the bands of metal break, the girls collapse and revert to human form. They begin to cry at what they almost did. The devil stone gemstones crack into pieces, burst out of their housings and shatter into vanishing powder. All that remains is the slightly melted silver of the broken circlet.

“Never send a child to do a god’s job.”

“You think yourself a god?” asks Spike, drawing his sword and setting the blade on fire.

“Why worship a god who does nothing, when you can be a god and do everything?” says Priest Peter Ruben as he holds up the glowing Devil Stone.

The glow from the stone grows and Peter’s sleeve is torn away by the pressure of the energy. He tears off his shirt and jacket with his other hand, then places the stone on his chest over his heart. As the glowing stone comes into contact with the skin, bulging veins spread across his skin. Peter’s eyes glow red as he presses the stone into his flesh and the stone sinks into the flesh completely Peter’s body grows larger and more muscular in seconds, shredding his priestly clothing. His skin continues to ripple and bulge as it turns grey, rapidly mutated into a less human form. The dense muscles and thick skin are soon covered in blood red fur, except for the shoulders and spine which are covered in black chitinous armor. His limbs become longer with pads and sharp claws on the hands. His lower legs become digigrade - walking on toes like animal- while his forearms are covered in shaggy black fur. A mass of wet grey flesh with many red and purple veins bursts from his back, then morphs into a long segmented tail ending in a curved blade-like stinger at the tip. The priest’s head deforms and becomes the head of an immense lion with red fur, a black mane, gold eyes, and large fangs. On his chest, all that remains of the stone is a dark scar surrounded by the blood red fur.

In an instant, the Chimera Priest moves so fast that even the ninja-trained vampires can barely keep track of him. He appears next to Anthony and drives his stinger into the man’s chest, the jumps back letting Anthony collapse in severe pain. The corrosive purplish venom, unlike true scorpion venom, dissolves flesh and organs, but leaves the nerve tissue to relay the pain.

“Uncle!” screams the twins.

Edward creates a halberd from the ground and attacks the Chimera Priest, but the creature is extremely agile despite its mass and backhands the alchemy prodigy sending him tumbling through the air. Al tries to hit the creature with a metal sign, but the monster avoids the blow and lashes out with his tail. The tail blow doesn’t harm Al since he has no flesh or bones to harm, but the spray of purple venom burns through one shoulder severes the arm from the rest of the armor.

The Chimera Priest turns and catches, and snaps Spike’s sword blade. Spike’s revenge is a diamond hard punch that knocks out one of the Priest’s fangs and a slash with the broken blade to the neck. The chimera jumps back, holding his neck as it regenerates, as the corrosive red-purple splashes the ground. The blood resembles the liquefied shoki (miasma) of a demon more than the blood of any living mammal.

Angel delivers a blow to the side of the Chimera Priest’s leg, violently snapping the bone, before spinning around and delivering a brutal blow to its head. He finishes off by driving a kunai dagger into the human-lion-scorpion chimera’s chest, where the heart should be. Angel then has to jump back to avoid the spray of toxic acidic blood. The creature doesn’t even shout in pain, instead he removes the dagger and tosses the dissolving weapon away. His leg then snaps back into place and heals.

“Enough games,” says the Chimera Priest as he develops a powerful tainted aura.

The Chimera Priest’s form becomes a blur of motion and the heroes are sent flying. Edward twists in the air, while using alchemy to turn part of his automail arm into a blade. The blade manages to cut the monster, but he’s sent flying into the wall of the church. Angel and Gabriel are knocked to the ground with deep claw wounds before they can get close. Spike and Blaze cause a fiery explosion, which slows the beast down long enough for Blaze to shoot Rubens. As the chimera is smoking from the Bena Hena shotguns, Spike’s fiery blade slices deep into the shoulder. Spike then has to leap back to avoid the scorpion tail.

The chimera slowly rises to its feet and everyone watches as the massive cut going from the left shoulder to almost the center of the chest regenerates. The charred flesh sends out tendrils to the other side and then pulls the cut together. Once the cut is pulled together, the tissue sends more and more tendrils to reattach it and the muscle and skin weave themselves back together. The damage from the shotgun blasts also rapidly heals.

The Chimera Priest turns and stops a whip aimed at his head, letting the cord wrap around his wrist. Drusilla’s claws lash out and the arm is completely severed from the body. With a hard yank of the whip, the limb is sent flying far out of the Chimera Priest’s reach. The creature’s response is to roar and release a blast of fire from its mouth that the women of Scourge barely avoid.

The creature turns and sees Hikari and Angela tending to the wounded, and charges at them with his dark aura and bloodlust growing. He moves so fast that he’s nearly invisible, but within meters of his prey a beam of light strikes him in the back. The beam of holy energy instantly disperses most of his aura and fills his semi-demonic body with pain. He turns and his eyes widen at Angelo floating in the air with giant feathery white wings.

“An angel?”

That is the last thing the chimera says, as Takeru flashes by the monster. The chimera with its superhuman reflexes tries to block the attack, but Takeru’s blade slices clean through the other arm and the creature’s neck. The decapitated body collapses to the ground in a spray of corrosive red-purple blood.

As the body dies, it begins to shake as if having a seizure and the flesh ripples and distorts. The group stays on guard in case the creature suddenly grows a new head or mutates into something that doesn’t need a head. Instead, tiny red-purple crystals emerge from the graying flesh and soon the entire corpse turns into a mass of translucent crystals that quickly shatter and dissolve into nothing. All that remains are a few bone fragments, scraps of cloth of the priest’s clothing, and evaporating blood.

A woman stands on the top of the church next to the tower. She’s a tall, athletic woman with red-purple eyes, light skin, long black hair, and large breasts. She raises her palm and the Devil Stone appears in her palm.

“You were trash Rubens like all humans, but you collected the ingredients. My Lords will be pleased,” she says, her voice deep and seductive. She looks down at Takeru and Hikari, and develops a dark smile. “I think this job just got interesting.”

There is a burst of red light and her peasant clothing and hooded cloak dissolve. Instead she now stands dressed in a tight black leather top, a black leather shirt, black leggings, black shoes, and long fingerless black gloves. She’s also clearly not human, as she has sharp fangs, hair that curves like horns, sharp pointed black claws on her fingers and toes, and immense leathery wings resembling those of a bat

In another flash of crimson light, she vanishes leaving a faint scorch mark in the room in the shape of a pentagram.

End of CHAPTER 34: THE GATE Part 2


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics look for the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?
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