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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,0659 Feb 0828 Oct 09No

FMA ARC 2 - The Gate Part 3

Beta Version.
Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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The Town of Bamberg

Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan are walking down the stone and dirt road towards the town of Bamberg. The three are wearing convincing disguises. A simple staff combined with her Byakugan makes people think Hinata is blind and her own reactions make others see her as Naruto’s wife. Naruto and his “brother” Kyubi are carrying rolls of silk marked with the emblem of Xing. The silks were created in seconds by Fullmetal after spotting a book on the silk trade and thinking it was a good cover.

“Who are we looking for in this town again?” says Naruto

“The rumor is Diedrich Isakk Agrippa is alive and in this town. He’s also known as the White Diamond Alchemist,” says Gohan. “He was a State Alchemist that specialized in drawing carbon from living matter and manipulating it into diamond crystals. He could grab an enemy soldier and cause them to collapse into dust and water, the use the carbon to create razor-sharp diamond spears. We are checking him out because the situation in Rubens could be related and this was his home town.”

“Agrippa had nothing to do with disappearances in Rubens.”

Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan turn to see a tall man sitting against a store. He’s over fifty years old with blue eyes, scarred tanned skin, and shoulder-length snow white hair. He’s dressed in a white shirt and black pants with heavy black boots. He also wears black gloves

“And you are?”

“I was once the White Diamond Alchemist, but people call me Isakk like my grandfather because of the hair,” says Isakk. “If you three want to go on an undercover mission, it helps to be aware of your surroundings.”

“So you’re White Diamond?” says Naruto, regaining his composure.

“I was White Diamond until the Ishbal Massacre. With the help of the Crystal Alchemist’s stones, we reduced their city to rubble. He started the war and we ended it with the same savage brutality. The Ishbalans don’t use alchemy since it’s against their religion, or at least our style of Alchemy, but some of them managed to plant a bomb under a road. The explosion nearly killed me and left me buried alive for several days. When I emerged I was found by a group of soldiers who were leaving the army. They just wanted new lives to live peacefully.”

“That would explain the scars,” says Gohan, looking at the numerous scars on the man’s face and neck. “I can understand you losing the will to fight, but how did you convince the military?”

“A young soldier who helped me and my fellow deserters reported me dead. It was easy,” says Isakk, lifting a pant leg to reveal the shining steel of an automail full metal prosthetic limb.”The blast did more than scar me, it took my legs and I had to use my carbon ability to survive.”

Isakk drops the legs and rolls up his sleeve to show another automail limb.

“My arms were injured and the debris caused infections that eventually forced the doctors to amputate,” says Isakk. “Through connections I was able to get an automail mechanic and after five years, I was walking and moving like normal. Since then, I’ve lived in this town. Now, I have a question. Who are you three?”

“My name is Naruto Uzumaki. She’s Hinata and that guy is Gohan. A State Alchemist had business in Rubens, but he sent us to investigate the rumors about this town.”

“So, are you going to report me being alive?”

“We are looking for a State Alchemist named Diedrich, not an old man,” says Naruto with a cheeky grin.

“Old man? Damn brats.... God, I feel old. That’s what I used to call my grandfather,” says Isakk. “You need to place to sleep? I can lend you a room for the night, then you can get back to Rubens.”

“Can you cook?” asks Gohan.

“I had to learn. No woman would want a man with issues and metal limbs.”

In the town of Resembool, a blonde woman in overhauls sneezes.

Later that Night

“Do you believe him?” says Hinata lying on Naruto’s chest. It’s now dark outside and everyone is in their rooms. Naruto and Hinata are in the same room posing as husband and wife, while Naruto’s “brother” Gohan is in the other guest room next door.

“I’m not sure. He sounds like he’s telling the truth, but there is something missing,” says Naruto, holding Hinata tight. “I think he can still do alchemy. Ed can do alchemy with an automail limb and this house is impressive. He’s either paying for it with his diamonds or constructed it with alchemy.”

“You weren’t always this observant.”

“My entire world was destroyed by Madara and I won’t lose my precious people,” says Naruto looking her in the eyes. “Especially my most precious person.”
They move closer and their lips meet for the beginning of a long kiss.

Then there is a loud crash down stairs and they are forced to end their fun time and rush downstairs.

On the ground floor, a dozen people have broken the door down and have entered the building. The twelve range in height from five foot eight to six foot two with dark eye and hair colors. They are all dressed in dark clothing with dark scarves covering the lower half of their faces and black bandanas covering their heads except for their eyes and some of their hair.

“Where are the diamonds, old man!?” yells the bandit leader.


“The diamonds you sell! We are the Shining Fang gang and we killed your banker a couple of days from here!” yells the man. “We tortured him for hours and learned one of his best clients was you Isakk Weiß. You give him shipments of diamonds every six months. Now where are they!?”

“I have no diamonds... for a bunch of bandits,” says Isakk.

“Get him!” yells the leader, before a fist collides with his face. Blood, saliva, and teeth shoot out of the scarf, before he goes tumbling through the air and into one of the walls.

Naruto stands with his fist in the same position.

“It’s time for a Bandit Beat down.”

The second bandit pulls out a gun along with two other bandits, but they don’t have time to react. Naruto thrusts his palm knocking them back with a burst of wind and causing them to misfire. He then delivers a couple of punches, each powerful enough to hold the bandit off the ground. Naruto then back-flips and lands behind the third bandit and punches him in the face as he turns around. An elbow to the face finishes the bandit brutally.

The last armed bandit tries to grab Hinata, hoping a blind girl would be a good hostage. What he doesn’t expect is a strike knocking the gun from his hand, her spinning out of his lunge, or five precise shows to his chest taking him out of commission. Hinata then jumps down the stairs and lands between two bandits and begins to move like a dancer under a water fall. Strike after strike hits the two bandits, causing them to stumble in pain before a double blow sends both bandits flying into a wall.

Gohan’s opponents aren’t as lucky. The former Kyubi no Yoko (Nine-Tailed Demon Fox) draws his sword causing the red and black cloth to fall away. Gohan becomes a blur of motion and slices at one bandit, who holds up a stick resembling a baseball bat as a defense. The blade slices clean through the hardened wood and the bandit’s neck. While the other bandits are shocked by their comrade’s decapitation, Gohan slices another across the chest and impales the third through the heart. Their former farming tools turned weapons fall from their grasp as their lives drain away.

The last three bandits charge past the strange fighters and run towards the Diamond Alchemist. The white haired former soldier pushes his sleeves up and rips off his gloves. The reason is revealed to be alchemic seals etched into the steel plates of the automail. He slaps his hands together and the markings glow with brilliant blue-white light. He then jumps toward and rams both his hands into the first bandit.

The bandit screams as his flesh darkens, then his entire body explodes into boiling water and dark mist. The dark mist is drawn into small spheres of white fire in the Alchemist’s palms. As he closes his metal hands, there is a flash of lightning and two razor-sharp diamond crystal resembling Chinese Hook swords. The two remaining bandits, horrified by their comrade’s gruesome death, don’t react fast enough and are cut up. They lie on the floor with their blood and entrails spilling out of them and die within seconds.

“You haven’t lost your touch, White Diamond Alchemist.”

In the Darkness

A man stands in the shadowy alley between two buildings. He’s a tall man with black eyes, pale skin, and long straight black hair reaching his waist. He’s dressed in a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes, and carries a wooden staff.

He is Gerhard Erich Mullier, also known as the Gemstone Alchemist. In reality, he never became a State Alchemist because his field of research had already been used by the White Diamond and Crystal Alchemists. He left the military before the Ishbal War and spent years stealing, selling, and copying jewelry. He would steal a rare blue diamond necklace and make a dozen perfect copies, before selling them to different clients. Recently the military has been noticing his exploits and he plans on retiring. What he needs to accomplish this are the works and notes of the White Diamond Alchemist, the only man to successfully create some extremely rare gemstones.

His plan was simple after learning Agrippa was alive. He would slip information of the gem dealer to one of the bandits, whose gang would attack the man. The dealer would tell the bandits about Agrippa and the bandits would eliminate the old man. After the fools had gone through Agrippa’s house, he would retrieve the real treasure from the hidden safe he knew was hidden in the basement.

“Damn it! I knew even an elderly Agrippa could kill a few bandits, but those other three ruined my plans!” says Gerhard to himself. “How can I get to that safe!? He’ll be on alert and will see me coming.”

“He doesn’t need to see you at all.”

Gerhard turns to see something that makes his skin turn even paler.

From the shadows emerges an immense canine resembling a wolf or dog with thick black fur, red eyes, and sharp white teeth and claws. The animal also has three long tails and the giant feathery wings of a golden eagle on its back. Gerhard would think the animal was a simple chimera, but the animal’s blood red eyes glow with a malignant light and the shadows move as if alive.

“Who are you?? What are you??”

“My name is Glasya-Labolas and I am a simple servant of the Lords.”

“What do you want?”

“What do you want, Gerhard Erich Mullier?” says the creature, its voice deep and resonating. “You have committed many sins and spilled the life blood of many. For those deeds I can offer you many things like respect of men, lust of women, and the power of invisibility.”

“Invisibility. Impossible!”

“Many would say what I am and what I do is impossible.”

“What do you want?”

“Something that is important to some, but worthless to others. Why worship a god who does nothing, when you can be a god and do everything?”

Devils and Sins

Glasya-Labolas appears on the roof of an abandoned building after concluding his business. He stands in the moonlight looking up at the night sky, then he suddenly turns his head towards another part of the roof.

In that part of roof, a tiny drop of water has appeared which rapidly grows in size and volume. Suddenly,
another strange creature rises from the pool of water. It resembles a plesiosaur, a type of carnivorous aquatic reptile. It resembles a snake threaded through the shell of a turtle in shape. It also has jet black skin with silver and dark blue markings, and glowing blue eyes with black sclera.


“Glasya-Labolas,” says the sea serpent. “Why are you in this town?”

“I found a soul filled with blood lust. His conflict with the diamond man....”

Suddenly, Forneus turns and releases a high velocity jet of water from its mouth. The roof exit explodes into a million pieces and two humanoids escape the blast.

The first is a beautiful woman standing five foot seven with dark eyes and long wavy black hair reaching below her waist. She’s dressed in a tight black dress with black boots and long black gloves.

The other is a short, round man with a bald head, dark eyes, and a wide mouth full of teeth. He is dressed in tight black clothing like the woman, but the black shirt, pants, and boots only illustrate his size. It also reveals red markings on his almost bare arms.

“Lust and Gluttony of the Homunculi,” says Glasya-Labolas with a smirk, which is strange for a canine. “I thought you would be following Fullmetal.”

“We also heard rumors of alchemists in this town,” says Lust, slightly disturbed that the creature knows of them.

“Can I eat them, Lust?” says Gluttony with child-like wonder and corrosive drool dripping from his large tongue.

“Eat us?” laughs the wolf. “You can’t even touch us!”

Lust’s fingers extended into hair-thin claws slice through the wolf’s head, but don’t cause any form of damage. Gluttony lunges at Forneus trying to sink his teeth into the immense neck, but he passes through the demon as if the creature was an illusion. As Gluttony tumbles across the roof, Forneus opens his mouth wide and fires dozens of long needles composed of glowing blue water. The needles stronger than steel piece Gluttony over and over again, nearly ripping off his limbs with the sheer number of hits. After the attack ends, a wave of electric light passes over Gluttony and regenerates all damage.

“We aren’t limited by physical forms,” says Glasya-Labolas. “You can’t touch us!”

“You can’t harm us either!” says Lust.

“You're wrong about that,” says the wolf before releasing a sphere of darkness from its mouth. The translucent black sphere cracking with faint blue-white lightning strikes Lust and Gluttony. The two sins go flying, screaming in pain, before skidding to the edge of the roof. They violently shake and cough, as red liquid pours from their mouths. There are crumbling red stones in the liquid which falls over the roof to the ground below.

“Hmm... Not enough power,” says wolf. “I removed two thirds of your Red Stones, but if that attack was fully powered you would now be as weak as humans.”

Gluttony grabs Lust’s arm and pushes them off the roof. They both fall to the ground, then disappear in a blur of movement.


Gohan spent most of his life as a mass of malignant energy, but it was able to learn through its interactions. It was already the smartest of the tailed beasts despite the blood lust and being sealed inside a human only focused his mind and abilities. Now given a human form, he has the ability to use that accumulated knowledge as a powerful ninja.

After the bandits were killed, Gohan decided to stay awake and use his ninja ability to follow Agrippa, who also hadn’t returned to his bed. Agrippa reads a book for an hour, making sure the others have gone to bed, then he opens the entrance to a secret passageway behind the book shelves. The passageway goes deep underground to a chamber beneath the village.

Inside the chamber there is an alchemic array in front of a circular pool of water. The pool is so dark it appears a black mirror and in the center of the complex array is a black pillar with an odd indentation on the top. Agrippa pulls a red-purple stone from his pants, walks over to the pedestal and places the gemstone in the indentation.

The alchemic seal glows red and the waters of pool surge upward. As the water falls back down it reveals a sea serpent resembling a reptile with flippers, a long tail, and a long neck.


“Agrippa, why have you summoned me?”

“I need more information to complete the stone.”

“The payment.”

“Bandits attacked my house and I killed two them.”

The stone in the pedestal glows and two misty white lights emerge from the stone. The lights float for several seconds, the translucent outlines of two humans forming around them, then the lights are pulled back into the stone. Gohan recognizes them as human souls.

“Remember our deal, the same one we made while I was buried. I help you perfect your Devil Stones and you restore me. My arms, my legs, my skin, everything.”

“I never forget a pact,” says the demon Forneus.

Gohan quickly leaves the chamber and returns to the house. He plans on running to his partner and Hinata’s room, but he’s suddenly struck by something unseen. From out of nowhere shards of crystal shoot towards Gohan like spears, forcing the man to bend out of the way. He’s attacked from another angle and barely avoids the crystals. He feels someone grab his wrist, but is able to break the hold before more than his forearm is covered in crystal. With a hard strike, crystal is shattered, but Gohan still can’t see his opponent.

Gohan closes his eyes and draws his sword. Shards shoot toward Gohan, but he moves his blade with the skills of a master and destroys each shard. He then moves towards something unseen and slashes with his sword. The blade slices through cloth and flesh, releasing a spray of blood that reveals the otherwise invisible Mullier.

The White Diamond Alchemist bursts into the room to find Gohan facing Mullier, whose cloaking ability is slowly fading. Agrippa claps his hands and strikes one of his tables. The table decomposes and in a flash of white fire, the alchemist is holding a spear.

“Murdering Mullier. I thought you were dead.”

“People thought you were dead, Agrippa,” says Mullier as he pulls a bag from his pocket. He tosses the bag of powder in the air and claps his hands. The seals tattooed on his hands glow and the contents of the bag are transformed into two translucent crystal daggers.

While the two alchemists are distracted Gohan runs up the stairs, wondering how the two Konoha ninjas couldn’t hear the commotion. He kicks down the door and is about to yell out the problem, when he finds out why they didn’t hear.

Hinata and Naruto are in the same bed, and they weren’t sleeping. Instead what they were doing involves no clothing and inspirations for Jiraiya’s porn novels. The two barely covered by the bed sheet look at Gohan, who’s trying to avert his gaze.

“Trouble. Agrippa is a bad guy and he’s currently fighting another one.”


“Murdering Mullier. An alchemist that became a soldier, but deserted his comrades,” says the Diamond Alchemist, spinning his diamond spear. “No one knows why you left before the war! You loved the sight of blood and killed five men in a bar for fun. The only reason you got away with it was the barman’s debt to your father.”

“Shut up, Agrippa. I won’t waste my life for the State,” says Mullier, as he performs alchemy on one of his daggers. “All I want is your notes and I’ll take them from your bloody corpse.”

Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan leap off the stairs as they are destroyed by crystals moving at several times the speed of sound. They originally planned on waiting until the two alchemists killed each other or until the survivor was weak enough to take down. Now the battle has grown and they are drawn into it like an asteroid into a black hole.

Mullier screams as Agrippa grabs his left arm and uses alchemy. Mullier pulls away before the effect can spread to his entire body, but his arm completely decomposes. In Agrippa’s hand a thin diamond spear forms which is then flung into Muller’s right leg, straight through the bone.

“It’s over Mullier,” says Agrippa, preparing for the final blow.

“Not yet.”

Mullier pulls out a Devil Stone, much to the shock of the White Diamond Alchemist. He places the dark jewel on his chest and his shirt decomposes to reveal his bare torso. He presses the jewel into his skin and his flesh ripples, turns grey and becomes covered in bulging veins. As the jewel sinks and disappears into the flesh, Mullier’s left arm stump explodes into a mass of red-purple flesh which reforms into a completely regenerated arm.

“Live in me, Glasys-Labolas!”

There is a loud sound like the howling of a wolf and Mullier begins a horrific transformation. The man grows taller and more muscular, then the skin tears away to reveal thick black fur. Fingers crack and white claws burst from the tips and the head grows and deforms into a wolf’s head with sharp white teeth. Legs become digigrade like those of a wolf, though he still stands on two, and his spine extends from the hips splitting into three before becoming long wolf tails. As the creature’s eyes glow a fiery red, two immense feathery wings burst from his back in a spray of red-purple flesh and blood. As the liquid falls from them, the feathers are revealed to be the color of gold in fire.


The White Diamond Alchemist covers his head and torso with his arms as the wolf creature opens its mouth and releases a dozen huge crystals covered in flames. The red-gold crystals strike with the force of cannon shells and send the alchemist flying through two walls of his house. He lands outside his house surrounded by flames.

The wolf creature is about to fire a second barrage, when he’s attacked by Gohan. The creature avoids most of the slash, but one of his arms is cut clean off despite the iron-hard flesh. The wolf creature jumps back as his arm dissolves into red-purple liquid, then the liquid flies through air and goes into the stump. The arm reforms like plastic poured into a mold.

Hinata appears behind the creature and hits him with at least a dozen Juken strikes, which don’t cause any major damage. Hinata’s Byakugan shows her that the creature’s energy network is larger than a normal human and that most of the organs beyond the brain and heart are missing. There is also a mass of energy located in the chest. The wolf lunges at her, but she moves her arms faster than a hummingbird’s wings to create blades of chakra. The chakra lasers slice the creature’s head into pieces, but as the beast falls back the pieces are draw back into place and fuse back together. Hinata’s eyes narrow as she notices a difference in the regenerated bad guy.

Naruto’s wind chakra enhanced kunai pierces the wolf’s head completely and a second slower kunai is lodged in the wound to prevent the wound from regenerating. It doesn’t stop the wolf, which with a shake of its bestial head tosses the blade away and heals the wound.

There is a loud bang and the three ninjas and one demon turn at the sound.

One of Agrippa’s automail arms, damaged by the crystal missiles, has exploded into pieces. Agrippa cries out in pain, then roars out. He pulls out his own Devil Stone and presses it into the burnt skin of his chest, between the charred remained of his shirt.

“I won’t die! I will live! Live in me, Forneus!”

As the demonic stone sinks into flesh like a stone into mud, Agrippa’s tan skin turns dark grey as his flesh grows. Finally, the stretched skin tears away to reveal black skin. The automail implants explode as the flesh grows and reforms the missing limbs. The arms grow longer and the fingers become longer ending in sharp tips and webbing between them for movement in water and the once human legs lengthen and develop reptilian claws and webbed toes on each foot. A long reptilian tail bursts from his spine and whips around and his neck lengthens like that of a giant serpent. Finally, his head deforms and lengthens forming a beak. Its eyes open to reveal glowing blue eyes with black sclera.

The Agrippa monster is about to attack the Mullier monster, when both hold their heads and their eyes glow brighter. When the headaches and glow stop, both rise and laugh.

“More bad news,” says Naruto.

“The demons are in complete control,” says Gohan. “They must have been planning this.”

The Battle

There is a thunderous sound, as the front of Agrippa’s home explodes outward into the streets. Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan land on their feet despite the falling wood, ashes, and other debris. As the smoke is blown away they see the two demons exit the burning rubble.

Gohan unsheathes his sword in an instant and vanishes. The demons try to track his movements, but the speed and smoke make things extremely difficult. They finally see him when Gohan’s sword pierces the back of Agrippa and comes out the front. Agrippa is shocked and becomes even more so when the blade moves faster than sight and slices Agrippa into pieces. Much to the shock of the ninjas and the few civilians not running for their lives, the pieces slide back into place and the flesh fuses back together.

Agrippa spreads his arms and causes an explosion of purple and white lights. Those lights become a cloud of sparkling crystals, which descend like a heavy shower of needles. Gohan’s form appears in the shower of crystals, and Mullier tries to attack the former demon fox, but Gohan spins in midair and slices the wolf’s head clean off. Unfortunately, the head floats back on to the neck and the wound regenerates. Gohan then has to avoid a burst of dark purple flames from Mullier’s fang filled mouth.

“This is troublesome,” says Gohan, sounding like Shikamaru. “It’s like slicing soft clay.”

The wolf demon charges at Gohan with surprising speed, but a blade of wind goes through his neck cutting his head off. Three more blades slice the body into pieces which separate on impact with the ground. As before, the pieces slide back together and the cuts vanish. However, it does give time for Gohan to get near Naruto and Hinata.

“How can we kill the damn things if they keep healing?” says Gohan avoiding a barrage of crystals and dark fire from Agrippa’s mouth.

“There’s some sort of chakra in their chests. It gets smaller every time they heal, but slowly regrows afterward,” says Hinata, her Byakugan blazing and her body moving fast enough to avoid the crystal lances.

“That means we have to cause a lot of damage in a very short period of time,” says Gohan, using his sword to shatter crystal spikes that explode from the ground.

Gohan channels his chakra into his sword and makes a slash that releases a wave of crimson energy. The blade of energy blinds and burns the demons, but when the smoke clears they notice Gohan, Naruto and Hinata are missing.

Suddenly, three Naruto clones appear below Mullier and deliver kicks that send him into the air. Three more clones use the previous three as springboards to leap high into the air. Those new three get ahead of the falling Mullier and delivers spinning axe kicks. Mullier is sent flying towards the ground at high speed.

On the ground, Agrippa’s senses detect Hinata and he lunges towards the hidden kunoichi only for Hinata’s chakra blades to cut through his eyes and joints. While he’s in the paralyzed position, Gohan spins around and delivers a blow with the side of his blade. Even though it doesn’t cut, the force is powerful enough to shatter the spine and send the demon tumbling like a ragdoll.

Mullier, falling from the sky from Naruto’s Uzumaki Rendan, strikes Agrippa on the ground creating a crater. The Kage Bunshin used in the Rendan link hands around the two and explode, burning the two demons. It still isn’t enough to stop the demons, but it does slow them down for the finisher.


Naruto forms a large sphere of wind and chakra in the palm of his hand. As he adds wind chakra, it gains four immense blades of wind making it look like a giant Fuuma (Demon Wind) Shuriken. Then he does something different and throws the giant shuriken. As the demons rise they can’t escape the path of the Rasenshuriken.

The spiral wind blade strikes both demons at the same time, at a speed greater than sound. There is an explosion and both demons are trapped inside a massive glowing sphere of destruction. The demons are held in place by the winds as they are sliced over and over again, a countless number of times.

Hinata watches despite the bright chakra of the Rasengan, as both demons begin to die. The wind first covers them in a million fine cuts, but soon small pieces and layers of tissue are cut off by the blade-sharp winds. Sections of their exposed flesh are skinned and soon fill the air with blood mist. Inside their bodies, the regenerating energy spheres that supply the power for their healing are getting smaller and smaller. Blood explodes from their mouths, eyes, and torsos as the winds cut deep and muscle is stripped from the bones of their limbs. Finally, the cores collapse completely and all living activity within the demons cease.

As the chakra attack fades, there is an immense crater in the ground with the two demons held in the air by the winds. As the chakra finally fades completely, the two corpses fall towards the bottom of the crater, crystallizing as they fall. As they hit the ground, their statue-like bodies shatter into billions of tiny fragments.


On the roof of a nearby building, the Homunculi Lust and Gluttony watch the deaths of the demons.

“Very bad men gone, Lust?” says Gluttony, hiding behind Lust’s leg.

“Yes. I think we should leave as well,” says Lust, noticing Hinata’s head movements.“We aren’t at full strength and I think that one can sense us.”

Lust and Gluttony leave, but as they go Gluttony devours something small. Lust warned Gluttony about putting strange things in his mouth, but he never listens. To Gluttony, the piece of dark red-purple Devil stone was too tempting.

End of CHAPTER 34: THE GATE Part 2


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?
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