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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,1049 Feb 0828 Oct 09No

FMA ARC 2 - The Gate Part 4

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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East City

It’s raining, making the city look gray and depressing. It matches the mood of two people who have returned to their headquarters. The search for the Philosopher Stone, possibly the only thing that can help the Elric brothers restore their bodies, has not been going well.

After stopping the fake priest Cornello in the desert town of Lior, they gained help from an odd group of fighters. The problem is that with the fighters came new enemies and problems. The towns of Rubens and Bamberg revealed new alchemy and the involvement of the demonic Castle Lords. The only survivors of Rubens are two tiger chimera girls named Isabella and Clara, who have been sent to Resembool after the destruction of the priest Rubens. The town of Bamberg was left in chaos when one of their most noble alchemists disappeared with his house in rubble. After the group reunited, they traveled to the sinking city of Aquroya and got caught up in the manhunt for a talented cat burglar, Psiren, who used her skills as an alchemist to make fools of the local police time and again. Edward managed to catch her after several embarrassing moments, but she escaped after the group left.

On a tip from Psiren, Edward and Alphonse arrive in Xenotime to look for the Philosopher's Stone. Instead they found Russell and Fletcher Tringham, sons of the famed alchemist Nash Tringham. They sought to complete their father's research with a substance known as "Red Water", a toxic liquid with alchemical properties. To help them in this endeavor they impersonated the Elric brothers to gain access to resources and locations reserved for State Alchemists. A bigger problem than the fraud was that the red water was slowly poisoning the town, but the adventure ended with the true evil alchemist Mugiar dead and the town saved with the help of the Tringham brothers.

Now, Ed finally arrives in East City to report to Colonel Mustang on his investigation into the Philosopher's Stone.

“You know how that guy is going to react. Spending too much money. Where are you enhanced? I couldn’t see you behind that paperwork. I guess it’s because you’re so short...”

As Ed continues to rant, the others wonder what Colonel Mustang is going to say about them.

Liam Angel and Gabriel Lior look like father and son with the way they are dressed and Gabriel’s blond hair and blue eyes can be explained as being inherited from his mother. Their cover story is that Liam and his son are from a distant area and moved away after his wife was killed in a fire. Gabriel hates acting like a cute little boy as it’s an offense to his pride.

William and Drusilla Spike play the part of a married couple, with William being a former poet and mechanic and Drusilla being a housewife and doll maker. It’s interesting to note that knowledge of machines especially trains was downloaded into Spike’s brain when he entered the alchemist world, a connection to his fascination with railway spikes. Lilitha Luna is now Drusilla’s sister and former entertainer, while John Blaze is Spike’s cousin and also a former mechanic. They moved with Liam and Gabriel after their town burnt to the ground

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and his brother Gohan are mercenaries from the mysterious eastern country of Xing. Their unusual hair coloring is because of their mixed blood, which made them outcasts in their home village. They left their homeland after an attack blinded his fiancée Hinata. They were followed by two other couples, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi and Hikari Yagami, and Angelo Takaishi and Angela Yagami, who also have mixed blood.

During their travels they encountered Kairi Nereid, a young singer/entertainer whose parents and sibling disappeared without a trace during a violent flooding in their home town, similar to Aquroya. She’s now a wandering entertainer.

The reason they all came together was violent encounters with a group known as the Castle Lords who have been producing a dangerous alchemic booster known as Devil Stone and their own unique alchemy talents. Since there are many uses of alchemy and Xing alchemy Rentanjutsu is similar to ninjutsu, it was the most believable story. They helped the Elric brothers in Lior, Rubens, and Bamberg, and are now looking for the lost members of their travelling group.


The group sweat drops as they realize the sound is coming from inside Al’s hollow armor. Edward looks suspicious, but he’s currently concerned with a sarcastic Flame Alchemist, Colonel Roy Mustang.

Colonel Roy Mustang.

The Scourge composed of Angel, Spike, Drusilla, and their partners hide in the shadows avoiding the Central soldiers who have come to East City fleeing a new dangerous serial killer, the State Alchemist Killer

The Devils and Angels composed of Naruto, Gohan, Hinata, TK, Kari, Angelo, and Angela on the other hand are interacting with the people of East City getting information.

Kairi and her egg are resting, since she lacks the stamina of the others.

As for Edward Elric, he’s currently talking with his nemesis and commanding officer.

“So, you know everything!?”

The Colonel has explained that his intelligence network has kept him informed of everything that has happened to Fullmetal and his brother. Everything from the crooked alchemist in the mining town to the religious uprising in Lior and the red water in Xenotime.

“If you know everything than what do you of Dr. Marcoh?”

“Dr. Marcoh?”

“Years ago in Xenotime the red water poisoning was killing the children. An alchemist named Dr. Marcoh who was using a red stone was able to heal them.”

“I don’t have information to give you.”

Edward sees a partial lie. Edward knows the Colonel doesn’t have information he’s willing to give.

“I also don’t know what happened in Rubens or Bamberg. The damage and loss of life was too extensive,” says the Colonel, looking in Ed’s golden eyes. “What happened? Who are those people that came with you??”

“In one word, a nightmare,” says Edward. “There’s a very dangerous group called the Castle Lords and they have been producing a catalyst called Devil Stone. It enhances the alchemy of the user, but it warps their minds and mutates their bodies. The people with me are survivors of other plans by the Castle Lords. In Rubens, a priest was using it to create human chimera and even turned himself into one. In Bamberg, two alchemists, White Diamond Agrippa and a criminal, tried to use their devil stones to fight each other, but they both went crazy and attacked the people sent to investigate.”

“You let civilians investigate?”

“Naruto and Gohan are mercenaries! Naruto can manipulate air with the same ease you manipulate fire and Gohan is most likely the greatest swordsman in the world! He took out bandits with guns!”

“If that’s true, why don’t I have a file on them?”

“They’re from a small village in Xing. They were outcasts because of their mixed blood or didn’t you notice the hair?”

“It is hard to miss, unlike you Fullmetal.”


After a few minutes, Edward calms and looks at Roy.

“So are you sure you know nothing about Dr. Marcoh?”

“Dr. Marcoh is a traitor and deserter.”

Edward turns to see a very tall and muscular dark skinned man with a bald head and a wide mustache.

“Brigadier General Basque Grand, the Iron Blood Alchemist. A man who earned prestige in the military for his ability to turn the iron in his blood into a large array of guns and cannons, allowing him to devastate a wide area in a short period of time.”

“Correct, Fullmetal. Now what do you know about Tim Maroh?”

“Nothing much, he saved the children of a town from poisoning before vanishing without a trace.”

“Even though he did desert the battle in Ishbal, it’s good to hear he’s still using alchemy to help the people.”

The group turns to see Führer King Bradley, the head of the State Military and King of Amestris


Edward and Alphonse Elric sit surrounded by books

“Nothing,” says Ed, tossing a book to the ground. “There’s no information about Tim Maroch. It’s all been erased from history. “

“Maybe it’s in another library?” says Al. “Maybe we should ask the others to help.”

“No. Only State Alchemists have access and I doubt they accept people from Xing into their ranks, “says Ed. “We need to find Marcoh and I think Mustang is hiding the information. I wish I could beat the answers out of him!”

“Hey Edward, you shouldn’t get wound up,” says Maes Hughes. “You do have an Assessment Test coming up.”

“Assessment Test,” says Al, trying to suppress the nightmarish memories of Sewing-Life Alchemist Shou Tucker who to pass his test fused his young daughter Nina with the family dog Alexander. “You mean the test State Alchemists have to take in order to remain State Alchemists?”


Suddenly, Ed begins to smile and it’s not a nice one.

Parade Grounds

“This is a pretty big crowd,” says Spike, leaning against a post and looking at the cheering soldiers.

“Fullmetal and Flame are very popular,” says TK. “Ed is the hero of the people, while Roy is a charismatic leader of soldiers.”

“I think the soldiers like him because he promised when he’s Führer to put all women officers in mini-skirts.”

“I still don’t like using the word Führer,” says Hikari. “It reminds me of the Nazis.”

“This country does resemble Germany. The technology is the same it was during the early 1900s. The only advancement is due to alchemy,” says Angel, remembering when he helped retrieve a submarine crew from three Nazi-captured vampires under the orders of the Demon Research Initiative.

“Looks like it’s starting... What the?? Is that a giant picture of Elicia Hughes?”

The Angels, Devils, and Scourge seated to watch all sweat drop.

The opening move is Roy Mustang create an explosion with a click of his fingers. His hand is covered in a white glove with a special seal. The cloth is composed of ignition cloth which creates sparks with friction. Roy changes the oxygen content in the air using the seal and turns sparks into explosive fire balls.

Roy uses a short comment to reveal Ed, who had hidden himself in the crowd of soldiers. The other soldiers scramble out of the way as Roy blasts them trying to hit Fullmetal.

Roy tries to find Ed through the thick smoke, only to find a straw dummy of Fullmetal. This allows the real Ed with part of his automail prosthetic arm converted into a blade to slash the glove off Roy’s hand. Ed claps his hands and places them on the ground, sending arcs of energy in all directions. The alchemy breaks down and reassembles the surrounding earth into a giant cannon pointed at Roy. The problem for Ed is that Roy pulls out his other hand from his pocket, revealing a second glove. With a single snap of his fingers, Roy causes the cannon to explode. A charred, smoking Ed is sent flying.

Roy and Ed talk about deceptions in battle, but Roy ends up eating those words when Ed’s blade ends up near Roy’s neck.

Führer King Bradley appears to announce the winner and comment on the fighting skill. He also tells them that he knew they would create a mess, if they continue to fight it would be more than two people could clean up, and they will be the ones to do so.

The people leave and the sun begins to set as the two work on cleaning up the rubble and filling the holes.

The newcomers, still hidden by position and ninja arts, can hear what the two are talking about. They can also tell Roy’s emotions are deeply connected to the War in Ishbal.

“I’m beginning to wonder about the Ishbal War,” says Spike. “I’m thinking it may have been a case of ethnic cleansing. Less a war, more a massacre.”


Ed and Al walk towards a small town, past grassy fields and piles of hay. The Scourge have taken a different route into the town with Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan, while Hikari, Takeru, and their partners walk with the Elric brothers. As they talk to the people they meet, they learn that while nobody knows a Dr. Marcoh, they all know a Dr. Marrow. The man had been healing the sick and injured with “flashes of red light”, which means alchemy. Since, Dr. Marcoh uses alchemy to heal others it’s possible that it is Dr. Marcoh under an assumed name.

On the other side of town, the Scourge sense something powerful and notice a man entering the town. He’s a young man in his twenties standing six feet tall with dark skin, white hair, and red eyes behind dark glasses. He’s also dressed in a yellow jacket and has an x-shaped scar on his face. Their enhanced senses can smell death and blood on the man, they can also sense the immense energy flowing through one of the man’s arms.

They were able to spy on the Alchemists in Central and learned that there is serial killer on the loose, one that hunts State Alchemists. The Scourge decide to trail the man, for Ed’s sake.

Ed and Al finally reach the house of Dr. Marrow and are almost shot at the door.
“No! I won’t go back!! You can’t make me return to that horror!!”

“Woah! Woah! We just want to talk.”

Al steps forward, not making any hostile movements, other than being an animated suit of medieval armor.

“I just wanted to tell you that the babies of Xenotime are fine.”

Dr. Marcoh is stunned and his eyes fill with tears. He looks at the seven foot three man of steel and comes to a conclusion. There is one State Alchemist who is known as the man of the people.

“You’re the Fullmetal Alchemist?”

“NO!” yells Edward, annoyed that everyone mistakes Al for him. “I am!”

Suddenly, the gun is yanked from his slack grip and tosses into the air. Takeru stands with his sword unsheathed and catches the gun behind his back.

“A person lacking the will to kill others should never use a gun,” says TK. “Edward has already introduced himself. The giant is Ed’s little brother Alphonse. I’m Takeru, this is my girl Hikari, and the two behind us are Angela and Angelo. We really need to talk with you, Doctor Marcoh, and we are attracting too much attention on the street.”

Dr. Marcoh invites them in and they sit around a small table.

“How much do you know?”

“You conducted alchemy research involving crystals and amplifiers. You deserted during the Eastern Rebellion and have been secretly helping people with your alchemy.”

“Eastern Rebellion? In truth it was a massacre.’

‘The people of Ishbal are a peaceful people with a different culture and worship their deity Ishballa. We use alchemy to make our lives better, but the people of Ishbal saw it as a sin. Changing what god has created and taking his place. The clash of cultures brought us into conflict with each other. Then, one day an Ishbal child was killed by soldier during an inspection, which triggered the uprising. It went on for many years with many dead on both sides.’

‘Then the government decided to send in their dogs of war, the State Alchemists. I protested against using my work to attack civilians, but Basque Grand forced me to turn over my research. My amplifiers boosted the alchemic powers of the Alchemists and the massacre began. So many people killed and so many didn’t need to be. In truth, no one has the right to take another’s life. I learned that truth and was horrified with my sins.’

‘My final day was when a young soldier was ordered to kill a pair of civilian doctors. They weren’t soldiers or terrorists; they were helping all those who needed help be it State soldiers or Ishbalans. The Iron Blood Alchemist ordered their deaths since they were willing to heal enemy soldiers. On that day, I decided to leave and I asked the young Roy Mustang to help me.”

Suddenly, soldiers burst in through the door lead by the Brigadier General Basque Grand. While Marcoh cries out for mercy, a fake wall is destroyed revealing glass containers filled with red liquid, similar to the toxic Red Water. When some of the liquid is released, the blob solidifies into solid red stone. The same kind of stone used in fake Philosopher’s Stones like the one in Lior.

Ed is excited about a man-made stone, but Grand dismisses him saying the information on the stones is classified. He then has his men drag the screaming Marcoh to the car, so he can be taken back to Central. It takes all of Takeru’s willpower not to draw his hidden blade and slice Grand in half from bald head to crotch! Hikari looks very sad, while Ed is burning with anger, remembering how Shou and Nina Tucker were taken away by the same man, which resulted in the chimera girl being splattered across an alley wall by an unknown attacker.
Ed runs out of the building and races after the car determined to not stand by and let another innocent person suffer.

The car’s departure is cut off when the man in the yellow jacket steps into the road. When his right hand comes into contact with the car, there is an explosion. The car is decomposed with alchemy leaving the soldiers and state alchemists on the ground.

General Grand doesn’t fear his attacker, believing in his superior hand-to-hand and combat skills. The man with the scar proves the giant mass murdering alchemist wrong. Scar’s hand grips General Grand’s head in an instant and an instant later, his brain explodes inside his skull and blows out the back of his head.


The Scourge were tracking Scar, but they have encountered another enemy on the roof of Tim Marcoh’s building.

The man looks like a normal soldier with black eyes and brown hair, dressed in the standard blue uniform. The problem is that the Scourge, Naruto, Gohan, and Hinata can sense the demonic energy of a Devil Stone.

“Who are you??” says Angel, standing next to Gabriel. “Why are you here??”

“I should ask you the same thing,” says the soldier, sounding nervous. “The General ordered me to take Marcoh’s research with us. Who are you people?”

“That you don’t need to know, devil,” says Spike.

“So you know?” says the man as he begins to laugh. He laughs louder and louder then begins to change. First his skin turns grey and vein-covered, then it expands. The uniform shreds as the soldier grows to over seven feet tall with his arms and legs lengthening. The skin darkens to black, while his eyes turn red and the teeth become sharp like those of a shark. The soldier’s hair including his eyebrows become long red feathers composed of a crystalline material. Longer feathers burst from his forearms and lower legs like serrated blades and two immense feathery wings burst from his back. The wings are composed of the same dark red crystals and the man’s fingers have become long black claws like bird talons.

The end result is a male harpy-like creature.

The creature roars, producing a scream like a bird of prey, before charging at the Scourge. Its attack is stopped when Angel appears in front of the creature and impales it through the shoulder with a sword. The creature turns to slash with its other arm, only to get Gabriel’s spear through the other shoulder. The creature uses its wings to deflect the swords and jumps back. He thrusts his wings towards the Scourge and ninjas, firing thousands of crystal daggers.

Hinata moves her arms faster than the wings of a hummingbird, which produces daggers of chakra. The Protection of the Eight Trigrams smashes the thousand daggers into tiny harmless fragments.

The harpy opens its mouth and releases dark red-purple smoke which is actually microscopic crystals like a pumice ash cloud and can be as lethal. While pumice mixed with moisture in lung tissue would create a cement-like substance, the crystals on the other hand pierce the alveoli causing the lungs to slowly fill with fluid. Naruto has a counter he developed training in Wind Country. Three balls of compressed air from his mouth instantly blow the crystal cloud away before it can reach them, but in the swirling cloud an object streaks into the sky.

Only Hinata with her Byakugan notices that the object is a crystalline bird the size of a hawk holding a small sealed container of red stone fluid. It moves faster than a peregrine falcon and is gone before Hinata can tell the others.

Suddenly, the harpy screams as Angel slices his right arm clean off. Blaze then fires his shot gun twice, blasting two large bloody holes in the beast. The creature nearly collapses as blood pours from the wound. His left hand reaches into his torn pants and pulls out a small bottle of red stone fluid.

“Time to see if it’s worth the trouble,” says the creature before swallowing the contents.

A second transformation occurs as the demonic aura increases by tenfold. The ground beneath the harpy first shatters from the pressure of the aura, then transforms into crystals due to a surge of alchemic energy. The harpy grows to over eight feet tall and his severed arm decomposes into white particles. Those particles flow into the stump and reform the arm attached to the body and enhanced for the harpy’s new size. The beast’s wings grow until the wing span has more than doubled with sword-length feathers. He also grows four smaller feathery wings and the claws lengthen into lethal curved blades. Their growth releases red-purple blood that bubbles and hisses as it touches the ground like it’s the most toxic of substances.

As the creature breathes out, he releases a hot mixture of steam and miasma. It lets out a scream loud enough to shatter glass for several blocks and shatters the crystallized roof beneath its feet, leaving it floating in the air.


Dr. Marcoh watches as Scar, an Ishbalan, walk towards him with the intent to kill. The guilt he feels prevents him from running from the serial killer and he almost accept his death as punishment. Edward Elric is not that accepting and grabs the Crystal Alchemist. Scar chases after them, intending to eliminate both State Alchemists.

Al pulls his brother and Dr. Marcoh into an alley and uses a simple array to seal the end of the alley. He thinks this will buy time, but Scar’s right arm of destruction causes the new wall to violently explode. Scar runs forward with almost inhuman speed and reaches for Ed’s head, but Al leaps to protect his brother. The alchemic energy was designed to destroy flesh, so when it touches Al’s steel armor its discharge only causes minor damage; a dent and hairline cracks.

Scar tries to destroy Al with a different attack, but Ed steps in and protects his brother. During the confrontation, Scar learns that Edward’s arm is an automail full steel prosthetic. Scar is about to get the lethal upper hand, when there is an explosion and a glowing projectile streaks between the alchemists and the Ishbalan.

Alex Louis Armstrong, Strong Arm Alchemist, has arrived to protect the Elric brothers. The tall, muscular man with sparkling eyes and a bald head yells about how Scar now faces the Armstrong family’s legacy. Armstrong combines immense strength with alchemy, striking stones with array-marked knuckle protectors turning them into explosive projectiles that shoot at high speed.

The Elric brothers and Dr. Maroh run out of the alley into a forested area, where Dr. Marcoh suddenly collapses under his guilt. Edward slaps the man, thankfully with his left hand, then talks to him about the people Dr. Marrow helped and how dying never solves any problems. You have to be alive to change things.

“You’ve got legs, let’s put them to work.”


As the Strong Arm Alchemist fights Scar it is revealed that the serial killer as an Ishbalan and the fight ends with Alex buried under rubble when Scar causes the road beneath them to explode.

The Angels would have helped the Alchemists, but they are dealing with another problem. At first they thought they were normal soldiers of the government, but when they howled like animals they revealed dead grey skin and red-purple eyes with red sclera. The zombie soldiers open fire with their guns and the four angels are forced to use their wings to escape the bullets. The soldiers are about to shoot them out of the air, when TK descends with his sword out of its sheath. In a single fluidic movement, the zombies are thrown back with severed limbs. TK then turns and slices the zombies open sending up sprays of red-purple ooze.

As the dark blood pours out, the movement of the soldiers slows and finally stops. Their lifeless bodies begin to rapidly decompose with the skin dissolving first followed by muscles and organs, releasing intense heat in the process. The bones are last, which dissolve into dust and are blown away by the wind or wash away in the rain water. It leaves guns and stained empty uniforms in front of the Angels.

“We should go after Ed and ...”

Hikari rushes over to TK, who stumbles and nearly collapses. She pulls her hand back and finds it covered in blood.

“Oh my God! You’ve been shot!” yells Hikari, pulling out some medical supplies and going into full Medic Ninja mode.

“It happens when you run at people with guns.” says TK, peering out from under his cap and looking into Hikari’s teary eyes.


The avian monster lets out a scream and the roof beneath it shatters and dissolves into particles of white light. Those particles stream into its immense crystal wings, which also glow like fire. When the harpy creature thrusts its wings forward, it releases millions of crystal shards mostly composed of carbon and silicon crystals. Enhanced with youki, those crystals are as lethal as hand grenades, exploding when they shatter or impact.

Drusilla fires a barrage of arrows at the beast, so the creature protects itself with its wings forming a feathery crystal cocoon. Drusilla is glad that while her shinobi clothing vanished with the world transition, the skills and the equipment sealed in scrolls didn’t. As the glowing arrows strike the crystal surface, they are covered in a layer of extremely cold ice. The suddenly cooling of the burning hot crystals causes them to fracture and many of the crystal feathers explode.

As the monster spreads his wings to shatter and remove the ice, Spike and Blaze open fire with Blaze’s shotguns, the Bena Hena. The Demon Lord of Gluttony and his former vampire partner are unaffected by millions of razor sharp crystal shards due to their recently enhanced durability, but the monster is blown back with large wounds and one wing torn off. The severed wing turns into light and reforms attached to the body, but then a spear of light pierces through the creature’s chest.

The creature shudders and turns to see Angel and Gabriel standing behind him. Gabriel’s spear of light has pierced his entire body and prevents him from healing. The more his body tries to regenerate, the faster the energy he gained from the red stone is depleted. Angel raises his hand, which is crackling with the electrical energy of a lightning release technique and pointed at the creature’s head.

“What are the plans of the Castle Lords?”

“Kukukuku! You think... you... can stop them?”

Gabriel twists the spear, causing the hole to widen for a few seconds and increase the pain.

“Why are they after the Marcoh’s research?”

“Power... In their world, they were insects... but in the worlds infected by chaos... they are gods,” says the creature with a bloody grin. “They want enough power... to be gods in their own world... so they harvest the infected worlds.”

“What do you mean ‘infected by chaos’?” asks Naruto, walking forward holding a Rasengan.

“When... their world was born,... chaos spread to the others,” says the beast, sounding weaker by the second. “It made changes... and the Castle Lords harvest them.... before entropy took them.”

Suddenly, the eyes of several people open wide.

The destruction of worlds at the hands of King Drac and his Digimon.

The destruction of the ninja world at the hands of Madara.

The loss of the feudal world of Inuyasha at the hands of the Lords.

They’re all connected.

Angel and Gabriel jump clear as Naruto rams his Rasengan into the creature’s stomach with a yell. Surrounding by slicing wind, the creature spirals into the wall of nearby building. On impact he creates an impression on the stone work and then falls to the ground without a trace of life. As the last of the red stone energy is depleted, the creature’s body crystallizes, shatters, and dissolves into sparkling crystal dust leaving only torn empty clothing to hit the road.


The Elric brothers and Dr. Marcoh are on the run from both Scar who wants to kill the State Alchemists and the military, who want to arrest Marcoh for desertion. They move through alleys and towards a shop, avoiding a military truck.

Suddenly, they are grabbed and seated at a table by a group of strangely dressed people.

One is a short, thin man with black eyes, dark skin, and long black hair. The dark skinned man is dressed in black with a hooded black cloak. Ed can also see hidden knives and smell the faint scent of poison. He learned to recognize the smell after years of working years with chemicals.

The second is a tall, thin man with black eyes, dark brown skin, and dark brown hair. The man is dressed in a dark grey shirt, black pants, and black shoes with bandages wrapped around his lower arms. He also wears a long dark coat and a scarf around his mouth.

The third is a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. She’s dressed in a tight blouse and pants, with a dark jacket and a headband.

The fourth is a strange man standing five foot six with dark red hair, dark skin, and gold eyes. He’s dressed in a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. He also wears a long raincoat.

The fifth is a large round man with a cheerful face and a round stomach. He has red-tinted brown eyes, flushed skin, wild black hair, and a beard. He’s also dressed in a black shirt, dark overalls, and a cap on his balding head. He holds a large paper-wrapped bottle of some form of alcohol in his bandaged fingers.

The five hold the doctor and Elric brothers tight, hiding the markings of Ed’s clothing, while a group of soldiers pass.

“Thanks for the help,” says Edward

“No need Ed,” says the woman, the voice of Drusilla coming from her mouth.


“Summoning Technique: Five Sins of Buddhism,” says the woman holding up her arm to reveal faint segmented wrists and hands. He also notices that the skin at close range, while beautiful, is synthetic. “Murder, Theft, Adultery, Falsehood, and Drink.”

“These are your puppets?? How are you controlling them?? I don’t see any strings.”

“Normally, I would use Chakra Strings, but William managed to get me receivers. They are radio controlled,” giggles Drusilla from the puppet’s mouth.

Unknown to Spike, those receivers he found near the Rain/Fire Birder belonged to Pein of the Rinnegan. While they appeared as facial piercings on Pein’s various bodies, they were receivers for the original’s transmitted chakra. Puppet Mistress Drusilla was able to use those spikes and create chakra-based radio controlled puppets.

“We have to keep going!” says Ed getting up from the table.

“We’ll follow you in a minute,” says the female puppet.


Dr. Marcoh has broken down again and talked about the Ishbal Massacre. The reason he broke down was because he learned Ed’s friend was named Winry Rockbell, the daughter of the two doctors that were killed, but he doesn’t tell the brothers the horrific fact. He regains his strength when a child playing in the mud is injured and he uses one of the Fake Philosopher Stones to heal the injury.

Suddenly, Scar appears in their path.

“May God grant his mercy upon you, for I will not. Those who twist God’s creation and profane his name shall feel my hand of destruction. May you know the merciful one and be forgiven.”

Scar walks towards the brothers and Marcoh, when the Five Buddhist Sins appear, surrounding the man. The Goaku Puppets move with surprising speed and power despite being the oldest designed puppets. Scar is also inhumanly fast and grabs the wrist of Murder, who’s holding a dagger, but is shocked when the alchemy fails. He’s even more shocked when the arm detaches and the spinning puppet cuts him across the back with its other dagger. The wound feels like fire to the Ishbalan due to the poison coating the blades.

As Scar stumbles, he hears a faint ringing below his shoe. He looks down to see a small bell, which explodes like s small grenade sending him flying through the air. Scar cries out in pain as he lands, his leg burnt and bloody from Goaku-Theft’s bell bombs. Puppet Number 15 - Goaku Falsehood is the next to attack. Scar moves quickly and grabs one of the puppet’s arms, but the arm detaches and released long poisoned spikes, which pierce Scar’s right hand.

Scar’s eyes narrow in anger at the damage done to his right arm, ignoring his other injuries. There is a crackle of alchemic energy and the severed limb is destroyed. He then leaps forward and drives his hand into Falsehood’s chest. In a burst of alchemic energy, the puppet is half-destroyed and shattered.

He doesn’t even look when he catches Adultery’s secret weapon, a puppet launched from a secret hatch. A faint pulse of energy causes the puppet to explode into tiny fragments, but it did manage to fire a couple of poisoned needles into Scar’s shoulders. Scar takes revenge by driving his hand through Adultery’s stomach, using pseudo-Alchemy to tear the puppet clean in half.

Scar is covered in flames that spew from Drink’s mouth, but Scar rushes through the flames and tries to grab the puppet’s face. The puppet stumbles out of the way and strikes Scar across the face with his bottle. The alcoholic flammable liquid instantly causes Scar’s face to burst into flames, while the glass makes several deep cuts. Scar extinguishes the flames and kicks Drink’s legs. While Drink is off balance, Scar drives his right hand of destruction into the puppet’s face causing the head to burst.

Murder and Theft land on Scar’s back and drive their poisoned blades into his body, but seconds later their shattered remains are blasted into the alley walls hard enough to crack the bricks.

Al jumps to protect his brother, but Scar’s hand lashes out and destroys the side of Al’s armor torso. The steel comes apart into tiny brittle pieces like pottery, causing Al to collapse and his right arm to come off. Edward rushes to save his brother, transforming part of his automail steel prosthetic arm into a blade, but Scar is too fast and grabs Edward’s fist. With a large burst of Alchemic energy, the entire limb, from hand to shoulder connector shatters into a million pieces. Edward collapses as the immense pain strikes him. Since the prosthetic is connected to his nerves, its complete destruction sets off all the pain nerves.

Scar coughs and blood drips onto the ground. He can feel an intense heat, like fire flowing through his veins, and knows it’s the poison from the blades. Scar gathers his energy and moves towards Ed for the kill. Ed can barely move as he recovers from the shock and is helpless. He’s stopped when Scar’s arm glows red and he begins to cry out in pain. He could control the pain better if he wasn’t burning with fever and ninja poison.

“Some sort of reaction??” asks Ed, as he tries to stand.

Dr. Marcoh holds his Red Stone and the alchemy booster is shining like a tiny red star. As the stone pulsates, so do the markings on Scar’s right arm. With each pulse, Scar feels a surge of pain going through his limb. Dr. Marcoh finally throws the stone at Scar, as the man tries to push through the pain and attack. As the stone strikes Scar’s arm like a super magnet to a steel plate it is absorbed into the glowing flesh. The glow increases and Scar’s cries of pain become far more intense.

As the soldiers of the military, including Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang (who’s useless in the rain), arrive to arrest Scar and take Marcoh into custody, Scar rams his glowing arm into the ground. The road for a several meter radius explodes and Scar escapes into the sewers.

As Scar is washed away by the flowing water, Marcoh surrenders to the military. He’s tired of running from his problems and King Bradley offers him protective custody, as opposed to a jail cell. As he’s leaving, he secretly gives Ed a small piece of paper and mentions the murdered doctors were the Rockbells, Winry’s parents.

Unseen by the soldiers, the major remains of the puppets vanish as a cloud of mist pass over them.


A shadowy woman with bat wings detaches from the shadows of a building on the edge of town. Lust raises her hand as the dark bird descends. A small bird of crystal lands in her palm before dissolving into dust. In her hand remains a vial of Dr. Tim Marcoh’s red stone alchemic booster. She closes her eyes for a moment, then whispers to herself.

“I have the Red Stone formula, but the daemon was detected by the Scourge.”

“No sign of the Homunculi.”

“The brothers still hold the key.”

“Yes, my Lords.”

End of CHAPTER 37: THE GATE Part 4


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?
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