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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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FMA ARC 2 - The Gate Part 5

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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The town of Resembool is a peaceful place with stone roads, hills, and wide fields. It’s a beautiful place with friendly farmers, cows, and dogs walking by the fields of grain.

Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, is returning to his hometown after many years. A place he hasn’t seen since him and his brother Alphonse burned their house and went searching for a way to restore their bodies. Now as Ed walks with an empty sleeve, Major Louis Armstrong carries a crate containing Al’s shattered body on his shoulder. They have come to repair Ed’s automail prosthetic, so he can repair his brother’s form, both broken by the State Alchemist Killer Scar.

A small, old woman walks out of the house in front of them, which has a name plate that says ‘Rockbell’.

“Old Lady Pinako, it’s good to see you again,” says Ed with a smile.“You haven’t changed.”

“It’s good to see you again, Ed,” says Pinako.“You’re still as short as ever.”

“Who are you calling short, you withered old hag!?”

“Your temper is as short as you are, pipsqueak!”

“You're so short you're two dimensional!”

“Edward Elric,” says Armstrong. “How dare you treat your elders like that. It lacks spirit.”

“Someone doesn’t get the joke,” says Pinako. “I wonder if they are related?”

“Liam Angel,” says Angel with a smile. “And this is my son Gabriel.”

“William Spike,” says the white blond. “My wife Drusilla, my cousin John Blaze, and Drusilla’s sister Lilith.”

“Naruto Namikaze,” says the blond next to the purple-eyed girl. “This is my fiancée Hinata and my brother Gohan.”

“Takeru Takaishi, you can call me TK,” says the injured man wearing the bucket hat. “My girlfriend Hikari Yagami, my brother Angelo, and my girlfriend’s sister Angela.”

“Kairi Nereid,” says a tired looking girl holding a very large egg.

“I believe I’ve already meet some of your friends,” says Pinako.



Naruto’s Ninja Academy Teacher Iruka Umino and the Jounin Medic Shizune walk out of the house.

“The Uminos appeared few weeks ago in a burnt field. They have been staying with us ever since.”

“The Uminos?” grins Naruto.

“Fiancée?” responds Iruka with a smile. He smiles even wider when Hinata grabs Naruto’s hand and gets closer.


Edward and Al, despite having a steel face, stare at the two men that appear. They’re almost identical athletic men with bowl cuts, thick eyebrows, and dark green clothing. Naruto is surprised to see Maito Gai and Rock Lee, the two greatest taijutsu (hand to hand combat) users in Konohagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Leaves). Gai currently has bandaged legs, while Lee is standing near his teacher.

“Gai. Lee.”

They are followed by a young man with pale eyes and long black hair resembling Hinata and a young woman with her hair done in ox horns - two buns on the sides of the head- and carrying a large scroll.

“Neji. Tenten.”

The Elric Brothers, Scourge, Angels, and Uzumakis then sweat drop when Armstrong approves of Gai and Lee’s spirit. They then continue to yell about spirit, youth, and strength for several minutes until three metal tools shoot out of the house. Gai and Lee avoid the spinning metal objects, and Armstrong notices the third isn’t aimed at him. Instead it strikes Ed on the side of his head, nearly knocking him to the ground.

“You don’t visit for years and when you do, you come back badly injured! What have you been doing!?” yells a young woman with long blonde hair wearing overhauls, a dark shirt, and a red bandana.

“Winry! I come back after all this time and you greet me with a wrench!?”

“Girlfriend?” asks Angel.

“Girlfriend,” states everyone except the Elrics, Rockbells, Arsmtrong, and the two spandex-loving beasts. The word causes both Ed and Winry to blush scarlet, and causes Pinako and Al to laugh a little.

“So... How did you get here, Neji?” says Ed to one of the sane members of Team Gai, trying to change topic.

“We don’t remember what happened during the battle with the Castle Lords, but we awoke and found ourselves in a crater. We ended up in an area not far from here. The town was under attack by some alchemist. He had the power to control wood, but said he could control the weather. When the people failed to pay him for a month, he decided to ‘punish’ them.”


Team Gai’s opponent is an alchemist that manipulates wood and plant matter. The Wood Alchemist has been attacking with barrages of thorny vine whips and poisonous needles, while creating shields of ironwood. The weapons have been defeated by Tenten’s weapons and Neji’s Kaiten shield. The barriers have been broken by the skills and heavenly gates of the two fighters.

“Furfur Live in Me!”

Team Gai watches in horror as the man they were fighting begins to transforms. The purple gemstone he was using to enhance his power is absorbed into his flesh, which then bubbles and inflates. The man had brown eyes, tan skin, and short black hair, but the transformation causes the eyes to become shining gold with black sclera, the skin to become dark brown with dark markings, and for the hair to lengthen into long spikes reaching his waist. Two extra legs extend from his waist, transforming him into a centaur-like creature with the lower body of a deer. An immense set of long antlers with sharp tips grows from his head, and two sets of immense feathery wings grow, one set from the humanoid back and the other from the deer’s back. The wings are dark forest green with black tips and yellow markings which remind the opponents of the forest.

Furfur incarnated laughs as he stretches out his arms. The flesh darkens, mutates, and finally releases black wood. The black wood that wraps around the right arm grows, and transforms into a sharp spear. The black wood that wraps around his left arm grows, and transforms into a long shield. Finally, black wood splinters burst from his skin, grow into fibers, and wrap around his body to create armor composed of polished wood that’s stronger than iron.

The battle between Furfur and Team Gai begins with the monster flapping his wings. The wings composed of stiff wood and leaves instead of bones and feathers aren’t meant for flight. Instead as they move they release large amounts of yellow-green powder into the wind they generate. The toxic pollen causes villagers nearby to collapse, blood foaming from their mouths and noses. Team Gai stops the poison cloud when Tenten uses a wind technique she learned from the Suna ninja Temari to blow it away with a giant fan she summons. With the cloud dispersed, the Team can see the charging monster and are able to avoid it and its extending spear. The spear, extending faster than a bullet, slices through the air and several homes, before reverting to its original two meter long form.

Neji stops the charging monster by releasing a wave of chakra from a palm strike. While it’s stunned, Tenten whips her scroll around her and summons dozens of throwing weapons. The dagger-like weapons shoot towards the monster at high velocity and his only means of protection are his arm shield and his four immense wings. The immense wings composed of vines and leaves stop most of the blades, with the wooden armor stopping the remainder, but each of the blades has an explosive note attached. The resulting blast cripples the beast with deep injuries and burns. What’s even more brutal is that Tenten’s special daggers have hollow cores filed with a thermite mixture that burns through the wood and plant-based flesh.

Suddenly, Furfur lets out a roar and his entire body emits a fiery golden glow as shadows darken around him. Pieces of the ground around him are consumed by small bolts of lightning and several metal objects are pulled towards him before shattering into glowing particles which are absorbed by the porous wood. The sky darkens with clouds that appear out of nowhere and grow at a supernatural rate.

“Iron Maiden Thunder Riot!”

Millions of metal needles explode from Furfur’s armor into the sky, then the needles rain down as fiery lights. Lee gets Tenten out of the way using his enhanced speed, while Neji deflects the needles aimed at him with the spiral shield of the heavenly spin. They don’t escape completely, as Gai gets several needles through the lower legs. Several civilians are also impaled in a hundred places, though none of them fatal. Like an iron maiden, the spikes don’t pierce anything vital and the pressure prevents fatal blood loss. Seconds later, lightning descends from the sky and strikes the metal needles like lightning rods. The civilians die horrible deaths as the massive amount of electrical energy burns flesh, cooks organs, and overloads their nervous systems. The burnt corpses crash to the ground as Gai strains against the pain. His legs are badly burnt and shake from nerve trauma.


Lee begins to open the celestial gates, increasing his speed and strength with each one. Kaimon (Opening Gate) is the beginning, followed by Kyuumon (Rest Gate). The opening of Seimon (Life Gate) creates an aura of energy and turns his skin red. Rock disappears faster than Furfur can see with his supernatural senses then a kick sends Furfur into the air. Rock appears above the creature with his bandages extending from his right arm to bind Furfur’s upper body and his left arm to bind Furfur’s lower body. Lee twists his body and bends Furfur’s body before spiraling towards the ground at high speed. The impact is so immense that it creates a crater and Lee slowly stumbles out of the smoke.

In the crater, the impact has torn Furfur in half; crushing bones, and rupturing organs. The creature is still alive, but is dying quickly as its body is consumed by purple ooze. As the ooze completely consumes the body, it hardens into red-purple stone and then shatters into vanishing crystal particles.

~Flashback End~

“After Furfur died, we tried to find help for Gai-Sensei, but the town doctor had been one of the alchemist’s first victims,” says Lee. “There was a man with a steel prosthetic leg and he told us about the genius Rockbells. We found Shizune and Iruka here, and she was able to repair Gai-sensei’s legs. He should be able to fight in a week.”

Pinako and Shizune narrow their eyes.

“I mean three weeks!”

Central City

Three creatures stand on top of a building as a church burns to the ground. There haven’t been many worshipers of God since the creation of alchemy. Many have wondered why ask God for help, when a man can do it themselves. The policies of the military and government have eroded religious involvement, which is why only an old priest died in the fire.

“Why did you destroy the church, Aim?”

The first is a beautiful woman in skimpy leather clothing with bat-like wings, sharp nails painted black and blood red eyes. Her currently human features include pale skin, long honey blond hair, and a large bust, but seconds later she has dark skin, long dark red almost black hair, and an athletic build.

“Not that the death of the priest isn’t pleasant.”

The second is a hideous creature resembling a giant, skinless wolf with sharp white teeth and claws, inflamed red-purple muscles and tendons, and hair composed of blood on its face and going down its back forming a long tail. As it grins, toxic vapor rises from its mouth like steam and a drop of drool strikes the roof and burns like the most corrosive of acids. Part of its flesh ripples and several small toothy mouths appears on a random part of its body, before they sink back into the demon’s flesh.

“Despite his belief in a useless God, my father was a very perceptive person. He was always checking up on his bastard son, wanting to make sure he didn’t end up like his whore of a mother,” says the third, his eyes glowing like flames. “He never approved of anything I did. He hated alchemy almost as much as the Ishbalans.”

The third is a demon that looks like a fusion of creatures. It’s an athletic humanoid with the lower torso covered in black fur and the hind legs of an immense bipedal cat. Its feet have sharp claws and thick yellow scales. Its muscular upper body has four arms which are covered in black and yellow scales with long retractable claws. It has a long serpentine tail covered in yellow and black scales with a rattle at the end. It has a human head with black striped yellow scaly skin, gold eyes with oval pupils, fangs, and long black hair. It also has two other heads mounted on the shoulders. One is the head of serpent with the same yellow scales and gold eyes; the other is a black furred cat head with yellow eyes with black sclera. In one hand is a golden sword with a snake-themed hilt, a cat head pommel, and a sword composed of flowing smokeless fire.

He reaches out with one of his arms and snatches something out of the air. Caught in the creature’s claws is a translucent white ball with a tail like a comet. As the hand tightens its grip, images can be seen inside of the mass of spiritual energy, mostly of an old man in a priest’s robes.

“You would have caused me more problems, father. While you controlled my life, I control your afterlife.”

Aim is a demon that burns houses and even cities to the ground in exchange for souls and service to the Castle Lords. His host was once a simple alchemist and suspected arsonist, who worshiped Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang and dreamed of becoming a state alchemist. When Aim made the offer, he sacrificed his mother, a local prostitute, to gain great power.

“Enough fun,” says Lust of the Sins, sounding like a cruel princess. “We have a mission: Tim Marcoh’s research.”

At their destination, the battle between Lust and Gluttony of the Homunculi and State Alchemist Killer Scar rages. It’s a violent battle that soon sets everything in the building on fire.

Central City

The Elric Brothers have arrived in Central, where Major Louis Armstrong has turned over his position as a bodyguard to new bodyguards, Maria Ross and Denny Brosh. The two newbies are surprised that the Elric brothers are followed by a large crowd.

The Scourge - Liam Angel, Gabriel Lior, William Spike, John Blaze, Lilitha Luna, and Drusilla Spike - are the most intimidating of the group. They are followed by Team Uzumaki - Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Hinata Hyuuga, and Gohan Uzumaki. Since the Angels are staying with the Rockbells as Takeru recovers from his injury, Team Gai - Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, and Tenten, minus Gai- have replaced them. The dozen extra people worries the two bodyguards, but Edward states he feels safer with them then he does with a couple of soldiers.

Edward and Alphonse Elric have arrived to look for Tim Marcoh’s research in the First Branch of National Central Library. It was a massive building that housed millions of books including most books of alchemic research and military reports. Now the entire building is a burnt out husk. Ed is so desperate he’s willing to use alchemy on the ashes to restore the books. The plan is stopped before it can be attempted when a strong wind blows away the ashes. Without the ashes, the papers can’t be recreated.

“Now what are we going to do!?” yells Ed pulling on his hair.

“Maybe the books weren’t in there?” says Blaze.

“What do you mean??”

“It is a library. Maybe someone checked out the books or moved them to another library,” says Blaze.

“Tim Marcoh is a famous alchemist,” says Hinata. “Maybe someone made copies.”

Edward’s expression shifts from depressed and angry to hopeful and determined in an instant. He jumps up off the ground and takes off to begin to his search. The others are forced to run and jump after the Elric brothers.

“For someone with small limbs, he can sure move,” says Denny.

“I wouldn’t call him short, if you value your life,” says Spike. “He’s a little sensitive on that.”

“It’s also not that Ed’s very fast, it’s just you two are very slow,” says Blaze, before jumping to the top of a pole and then moving towards the Elrics at high speed. In seconds, everyone except the body guards have jumped up and taken the high ground, doing what has been referred to as roof hopping.

The jaws of Maria Ross and Denny Brosh drop at the sight of a dozen people jumping four to five times their own height with every hop.

“I don’t get paid enough for this,” says Denny. “I heard the Elrics were special, but their friends are worse.”

“We had better catch up,” says Maria. “The Elrics are still our assignment.”



Ed and Al’s search leads them to the house of a former librarian named Sheska. The woman, a known bibliophile - lover of books and literary works - had worked in the First Branch of National Central Library until she was fired for spending all her time reading on the job. When they enter the building they find the entire place filled with books from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall. There is barely enough room for a small person to walk between the stacks of books. There are so many books that most of the others remain outside.

Ed manages to find bespeckled redhead Sheska trapped under a pile of books.

“Thank you for rescuing me. I was looking for one of my rare books, when I fell and became trapped.”

“Sheska. You used to work for the First Branch of National Central Library, correct?”

“Yes. It was my dream job. Day after day surrounded by books, but I was fired for reading when I was supposed to be working,” says Sheska, going from starry eyed to depressed in seconds.

“Did you happen to see any work done by a man named Dr. Tim Maroch?”

Sheska thinks about it for a minute.

“Yes! There were hand written books by a Tim Marcoh.”

“So, they were in the building when it burnt down,” says a depressed Ed.

“You needed those books, badly?”

“We need those books very badly.”

“I know the pain. Looking for books, but not finding them is so painful,” says Sheska with passion. “I could create a copy of them.”

“Create a copy!?”

“Yes. I have what they call a photographic memory. I remember everything I have ever read, so I should be able to reproduce them.”

“Thank you,” says Ed pulling out a check book and his watch. “I’ll also pay you for the effort. The watch is an ID and have them take this amount out of my research budget.”

Sheska takes the paper and looks at the number. The bodyguards Maria Ross and Denny Brosh look over the bibliophile’s shoulder, wondering what kind of money a kid could have. All three sets of eyes widen at the sum on the check.


Team Gai are on Sheska’s roof waiting for the Elric brothers when they hear a strange noise.

They turn to see the four armed demonic form of Aim standing behind them. The demon jumps from the roof of the building and lands on another larger building, many meters away. The ninjas follow the demon and finally catch up to him a few blocks away, on the roof a multi-story hotel.

Neji fires a chakra shockwave from his palm. The wave of energy could smashes a two hundred pound man ten feet into a mountain wall from five feet away, but it barely moves the demon. The demon gathers wind into the palms of its four hands, crackling with alchemic lightning, before firing four fire balls. Neji spins, releasing chakra from points and creating the spinning energy shield of the Kaiten. The fireballs explode on impact creating loud shockwaves.

Tenten leaps into the air surrounded by her scroll before releasing hundreds of bladed projectile weapons at Aim. The demon claps the palms of his lower arms together and generates a powerful shield of crimson energy. The spherical barrier is so hot that the ground beneath him melts and the ninjas can feel the scorching heat from a distance. The projectile weapons are stopped by the barrier, which then pushes the heated metal away. The explosive notes on some of the weapons were burnt away before they could trigger and the steel is red-hot and soft as butter from the heat. Aim grips the hilt of his flame sword with his upper arms and brings the blade down. The end result is a wave of fire released from the barrier. Lee pulls his team mate out of danger using her scroll.

“I don’t have time to play. I have people to kill and cities to burn! ”

Aim rams his sword’s flame blade into the ground and his barrier becomes opaque and composed of white fire. The white fireball shoots downward burning through the roof and ceilings of the building before striking the foundations. As the fireball strikes the concrete, there is a massive explosion that ripples through what’s left of the building. The shockwave expands and destroys the walls and supports of the building, while the over pressure shatters every window and crushes stone to powder. Team Gate jump off the building as light travels up the floors and explodes out of the roof as a pillar of fire. The entire building collapses in on itself leaving burning rubbles and not a trace of Aim.

Team Gai can only stare at the burning corpses of the people that were still inside the hotel.

Hours Later

The death of the civilians is a depressing matter, which only fuels the group’s rage against the demons and their masters, the Castle Lords. The next blow comes hours later when the Elric brothers go over the work of Tim Marcoh. Sheska delivered a collection of cookbooks written by Tim Marcoh, but Edward realized the alchemic research must be encrypted, as the secrets of the Philosopher Stone would be too dangerous to leave in the open.

The Elric brothers spent hours looking for the key to the code, but when they finally decoded the notes, they learned a single horrific secret. The Philosopher's Stone requires human lives and it would take the lives of hundreds of people to create a stone. The Elrics with their morality and inner nature wouldn’t sacrifice people for their own desires since that would make them no better than the demons, so the Elric brothers for a time sink into a deep, consuming depression. They nearly give up the quest, but it’s the bodyguard Maria Ross who inspires them to continue.

They came to a realization about Marcoh’s final words, “truth behind truths.” Which is similar to the ninja code “look underneath the underneath” used by their friends. Dr. Tim Marcoh may have had to kill to create a stone, but it doesn’t mean the Elric brothers have to. Also, Dr. Marcoh would have needed a place to conduct experiments and there could be a stone already made.

They pull out a map of Central and the group looks at it carefully.

“There! Lab 5!” says Edward pointing at one so-called abandoned building. “It’s located right next to the prison. Death row inmates would make good fuel for alchemy experiments.”

“What’s the plan, Ed?” asks Angel.

“I hope your not planning to go there,” says Maria. “I’ve been assigned as your bodyguard, which means keeping you out of trouble.”

“After the hotel, we are also supposed to keep an eye on your friends as well,” says her partner.

“Don’t worry,” says Ed with a smile. “I’m too tired to do anything tonight. One of you should inform Mustang about what we discovered, while the other stands guard. As for me, I’m turning in for the night.”

The bodyguards leave the room and Ed turns to Al.

“Let’s go. I don’t want the military covering up or taking what’s there. We are going there tonight!”

Ed turns to talk to Scourge and the ninjas, only to find the room empty and the window open. Ed runs over to the window and sees the ninjas on the ground or sticking to the outside wall using chakra offering their helping hands.


“You have a predictable personality, Ed,” says Scourge.

“Even new, we figured it out,” says Neji. “You’re predictable like Naruto.”

“Hey! I’m Konoha’s Number One Most Surprising Ninja!”

“That’s true about your fighting, Naruto Uzumaki,” says Neji with a smile. “But your personality is predictable. You never give up, you help your precious people, you’re not good at deception outside a fight, and you love my cousin.”

Naruto blushes. He’s pegged.

“As for Edward Elric, he’s determined, aggressive, filled with guilt, suspicious of adults and the government, and has a temper especially regarding how short he is.”


When Ed shouts, he slips out the window, where he’s caught by one of the ninja on the wall, who tosses him to another, who then tosses him to a man on the ground. Ed lands unharmed in front of Neji.


Lab Five

The suspicions regarding Lab Five turn out to be accurate since they find a wall topped with razor wire, guards, and the lights still on inside the old building.

Al helps Ed into an air duct to enter the building. Minutes later, you can hear the faint sound of ranting as Ed accidently calls himself short. His thrashing around causes him to fall out of the air ducts into a hall illuminated by side lights. As Ed walks forward he triggers the first in a series of booby-traps. Needles shoot from the walls, pits open in the floor, blades swing from the ceiling, and even a giant spiked ball that would have crushed him if he didn’t force his small body into a corner.

Edward finally decides to do a dungeon bypass. He jumps up, claps his hands, and places his palms on the ground. A wave of light passes through the corridor as his alchemy fuses the various traps into their housings leaving a harmless path in its place.

In another part of the complex, Hinata Hyuuga proves the Byakugan and Juken can be used in lockpicking. She sends pulses into the steel back door illuminating all parts to her eyes. A single pulse allows her to disable the alarm without damaging the door and setting off the tampering alarm. She then uses a piece of wire to slide the tumblers into place and open the door.

The Fullmetal Alchemist ducks to avoid the blade of a tall man in metal armor. The man is dressed in a combination of medieval samurai armor and Arabic clothing with a veil around his scarred helmet. As Ed and the man fight, Edward sees a familiar pattern to the fighting. It’s the same style of fighting as that used by his brother Alphonse. Finally, Ed positions himself so he can knock the helmet open. As the armor opens up, there isn’t a human face, but an empty shell with a seal written in blood on the interior of the armor.

At the same time, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, and Gohan Uzumaki face a group of chimera. The creatures resemble a mixture of feline and canine traits with large teeth, sharp claws, thick fur, and predatory eyes. They also have simian genetic material which enhances their intelligence and grants them greater tool usage. Animals, even alchemy enhanced chimeras, would be helpless against ninja if it wasn’t for one feature.

In the center of each animal’s forehead is a small diamond-shaped red-purple crystal. The mark of the Castle Lord’s influence. As the crystal glows and pulsates, the strength, durability, agility, reflexes and speed of the chimera is boosted many levels. The crystal also makes them poisonous and grants them regenerative abilities.

Hinata’s Juken (Gentle Fist) blows burst organs and cause internal bleeding, but the creatures easily regenerate the damage and regrow the organs in seconds.

Naruto’s Rasengan smashes into one chimera sending it spiraling into three others, sending all four into a wall hard enough to create a crater and shatter nearly every bone in their bodies and reduce organs to pulp. It takes more time to repair bones then it does to regenerate a limb, but the creatures are able to fight again within minutes.

Gohan’s supernatural sword slices chimera apart, littering the ground with heads and body parts. The creatures are able to regrow limbs in minutes, but when the heads are severed tentacles extend from the head to reattach it to the torso. The only chimera to die is when Gohan’s blade shatters the gemstone and impales the brain. The creature’s entire body dissolves into a corrosive red-purple fluid that burns Gohan’s arms and legs.

With the death of one of their own, the other chimera begin to change. The gemstones glow brightly as bones and muscles grow, making the beasts grow larger and larger from the size of a large dog to the size of a large tiger. Fur and skin are destroyed by corrosive fluids and are replaced by sharp dark purple and black fur. Sharp teeth and claws become longer and sharper, while several locks of hair extend and harden into blade like extensions.

On the other side of the complex, Edward Elric continues to fight Number 48 who was once a serial killer named Slicer. The people who run the lab attached his soul to the armor when he was executed for his crimes and then posted him to eliminate any and all intruders. Edward is having trouble fighting Slicer since the animated armor is as fast as his brother without a physical body to slow him. Finally, Edward uses a diversion to get close and slices the head off the armor. Only seconds later, he’s impaled from behind and barely avoids a lethal hit.

It turns out that Slicer was one of a pair of serial killers who had their souls sealed into a single suit of armor (one sealed in the head and one sealed in the suit).

Hinata performs Eight Trigrams: Protection of the Eight Palms, moving her arms faster than a hummingbird’s wings and striking with blades of chakra. This creates a grid of light around her as her hands move. As the enhanced chimera attack, they are sliced apart by the equivalent of a chakra blender. As the crystals embedded in their foreheads are destroyed, their bodies also crystallize then shatter into dust as they hit the ground.

Gohan creates a blast field that pulverizes the creatures holding onto his body. They tried to bite him, claw him, and cut him with their sharp fur, but Gohan shows why he was lord of all tailed beasts. Gohan’s spherical aura is so intense that it creates a crater in the concrete floor, ceiling, and walls, while reducing the chimera into a bloody mist that soon becomes crystalline powder in the air.

Naruto notices that there are still nearly a fifty chimera and is forced to use one of his more destructive techniques. He generates a Rasengan (spiral sphere), then adds wind chakra causing blades of wind to appear making it resemble a giant Fuuma Shuriken.


Naruto throws the Rasenshuriken down the hallway and within the narrow confinement the chimera have no way to escape. The chimera army is shredded before the attack expands and destroys the wall at the end of the corridor. The wall is destroyed to reveal Slicer charging towards Edward Elric.

Edward is having flashbacks of his near death fighting scar, so he uses Scar’s trick. He skips the final part of alchemy and uses his power to break the bonds in his opponent’s armor. In the blink of the eye the younger brother in the suit is thrown back with most of his armor destroyed, the damaged arms separated from the damaged legs.

Outside the Building

Barry the Chopper, a serial killer, earned infamy in Central for his butchering of many innocent people. Reported to have been executed, Barry's soul was actually removed from his body and bound to a suit of armor in one of the military's experiments. He is called 66 and resembles a gray armored being with a butcher knife and a skull-like mask on the helmet. He would be more than match for a normal human and would inspire fear in most mortals, but Alphonse Elric is a skilled fighter and the ninjas are no mere mortals.


The charging Barry is sent tumbling from Al’s karate chop with a large dent in his armor.

“Hey! I’m the one whose suppose to be chopping!”

Spike rapidly goes through hand seals and releases a massive fireball from his mouth as Barry gets close. For a minute Barry is consumed by the two meter radius ball of fire, then he comes screaming out. His armor is now red hot and the fur that was wrapped around him is ablaze.

“Hot! Hot! I’m cooking! Wait... I don’t have any meat.”

Barry charges at Drusilla and Lilitha, thinking that the woman would make an easier target. It turns out to be a big mistake as Drusilla instantly freezes the superheated steel and Lilitha’s strike sends Barry tumbling without his arms and sending up fragments of armor.

“I’ve heard of cold cuts, but this is ridiculous!” says Barry, stumbling to his feet and falling apart in places.

Alphonse sweatdrops as the ninja play a short game of ball with Barry the Chopper as the ball, which ends with Spike doing a upside down soccer kick that spikes Barry into the ground and nearly caves him in like a soda can. It also reveals an empty suit of armor with the alchemic seal on the helmet.

“Who are you freaks? The National Sports Team??”

“I’m sick of your puns, meat freak,” says Blaze with both shot guns pointed at Barry’s head. As both guns fire, Barry’s helmet is annihilated, destroying the blood seal which connects Barry’s soul to the living world.

“You’d think with all the noise, someone would notice??” says Al, whipping his head around.

“Where is everyone??” asks Angel.

“Where’s Team Gai?” asks Spike.

Suddenly, Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee jump off the roof of the massive building. The reason is quickly revealed when a massive demon appears in the sky. If they hadn’t been attacked by Barry, Scourge would have heard the shout;

“Malthus! Live in me!”

Malthus is a demonic raven the size of a large dog, but what makes it dangerous is it’s mastery over weapons. Its feathers are poison-coated blades stronger than steel. Not only do they act like a suit of armor but they can also be fired at high speed by demonic winds. This creates a barrage of poisonous shuriken that rain down on their opponents with streams of toxic mist. It also has the power to generate an electromagnetic demonic aura that allows it to control any piece of metal nearby and used against it.

This is a major problem since it can control every weapon that Tenten can throw at it, and neither Neji nor Rock Lee can get close to the high flyer.

Angel goes through hand seals and releases a lightning blast from his mouth. The stream of plasma strikes the demonic raven, but the creature spins and absorbs the energy into its aura. When the stream stops and it stops spinning, it releases a barrage of feather daggers. Each feather moves at supersonic speed and glows hotter than the surface of the sun before it impacts. Malthus laughs as he rises higher into the air.

“OK! Bad Idea!” says Angel, putting out the flames on his coat. “How can this get worse??”

Everyone stares at him, even his “son” Gabriel. No one says that!

“Have you been drinking, ‘dad’?”

Suddenly, Lab Five begins to shake from powerful explosions from deep inside. The blasts are so powerful that sealed windows and doors explode outward and go clear over the damaged wall. Slowly the entire building begins to collapse in on itself.

A few minutes ago, inside the building.

The Homunculi Lust, Envy, and Gluttony have come to Lab Five in order to force Edward to create the Philosopher’s Stone. They expected to encounter the guards, normal soldiers, chimera, prisoners, the Elrics, and even some of the ninja. They didn’t expect to encounter the demon Lauros and his enhanced chimeras.

Lauros is an anthropomorphic leopard demon with large claws. He’s a melanistic leopard also known as a "black panther" with gold eyes, white claws, and long straight black hair. He also has a dark purple stone in the center of his forehead and is dressed in black pants secured around the waist by a black sash and around the legs with jet black strings.

Lauros specializes in knowledge of the past, present and future, which is why the Homunculi are having problems fighting him. Lauros can see their pasts so he knows how their fighting styles and their patterns. Lauros can see their present, so no matter who or what they turn into he knows their capabilities. Lauros can see the future, not the entire destiny, but enough to predict every move they make.

“A fat, bald man who can’t think beyond his next meal,” says Lauros, avoiding Gluttony’s charge with the corrosive saliva-covered teeth.

“A moody slut with overgrown finger tails,” says Lauros as he avoids Lust’s elongated finger blades, predicting the movement of every thinner than hair weapon.

“A moody gay-looking palm tree,” says golden eyed black furred panther to the purple-eyed green haired shape shifter, who then turns into Edward with a sword arm and tries to slice the panther. As Envy reverts, the panther slices Envy to pieces which reform into a boiling wave of alchemic energy.

“Is this the best you have!?” yells Lauros as his demonic aura smashes all three Homunculi into containers of red stone fluid. The homunculi watch with scared eyes as the glass begins to crack, then turn to see Lauros’s claws glowing white.

“Are you insane!?” yells Envy, “You’ll blast us all to hell!”

“To answer, yes. I’m completely insane, only the orders of my masters make me sane,” says Lauros, raising his claws which are crackling with energy both alchemic and demonic. “As for hell, that’s the general idea.”

As energy crackles between his clawed hands, a sphere of white fire forms. As he throws his hands forward, the ball of white flames shoots towards the liquid filled vats. The second they impact, there is a blinding red flash.

End of CHAPTER 38: THE GATE Part 5


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?

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