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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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FMA Arc 2 - The Gate Part 6

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Central Hospital

The Elric brothers are recovering at Central Hospital after the battle at Lab 5. It was mostly a loss since they didn’t learn much beyond the military attempting to create a Philosophers Stone and the fact that both Homunculi and Sins are after it. As Edward Elric lies back with his broken automail arm, he wonders how his life got so weird. Alchemy is science, but ever since that night he and his brother tried to get their mother back their lives have got more complicated. Now, they are fighting artificial humans, one of the nightmarish creatures created by alchemy, and demonic creatures from another world.

Near his bed are his brother Alphonse, Team Scourge, Team Gai, and Team Uzumaki. Normally, the doctors and nurses would protest against thirteen people being in a patient’s room, but Hinata cast a genjutsu (illusion technique) on them so they would not notice the ninjas including the Scourge.

“Seriously, what were you thinking??” says Gabriel Angel to his ‘father’ Liam Angel

“Okay, okay, I’m an idiot,” says Liam

“At least you’ve finally admitted it,” says William Spike and John Blaze.


Drusilla and Lilitha shake their heads at their antics.

Naruto Namikaze and Hinata are talking to each other in the corner, while Gohan eavesdrops with his superhuman hearing. Neji and Tenten are talking to each other with Rock Lee covered in ribbons to keep him quiet. The loudmouth almost got them thrown out with his youth speech.

Suddenly, the door to the room pops open and Winry walks in holding her tool bag. Edward winces waiting for the meeting of head and wrench, but it doesn’t happen. Instead Winry looks sad and guilty, while holding her tool box tightly.


“It’s my fault”

“Hey! You told me the new arm would be lighter and easier to break.”

“I left a piece out!”

“So, you made one mistake. I’ve made thousands.”

“It nearly got you killed!”

“So have most of mine!”

Winry’s argument is cut short by that comment and when Ed’s hand touches hers.

“This always happens. You make great automail, I use it, I break it, and then you make even better automail. You may be a machine fanatic, but you’re my crazy mechanic.”

Winry blushes, then both blush when they realize that everyone is watching with a smirk. Edward somehow knows Al has a smirk even though he doesn’t have facial muscles.

“Hey! What’s everyone looking at!?”

“You’re the genius,” says Naruto. “Why haven’t you figured it out?”

Naruto is happy that after being an idiot and not noticing Hinata, he can now make fun of other stubborn couples.

The door opens again and saves Edward and Winry from the scrutiny. Takeru and Hikari, followed by Angelo and Angela walk into the room followed by Kairi Nereid, Maito Gai, Iruka Umino, and Shizune.

“YOSH! It’s good to see you, my students! LEE, WHAT...”

A couple seconds later, Gai-sensei is sitting next to his favorite student Rock Lee, bound and gagged by bandages.

“We’re all together again,” says Takeru. “So where do we go from here?”

“If the military was experimenting to create the stone, there may be places to search. The Ishbal Massacre would have been one place and the conflicts on the northern border is another. We’ll take the train.”

“Ed, I was wondering if we could make a stop?”


“Rush Valley. It’s the automail capital of the world. I was hoping I could improve my skills.”

“If you want, but I doubt many could improve your skills.”

“Aw!” sighs most of the group

“Oh shut up!”

Snakes on a Train

Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, and Winry Rockbell are on the train with the Scourge and Team Angels. Liam Angel, Gabriel Angel, William Spike, John Blaze, Drusilla Spike, and Lilitha Moon got on the train like normal passengers with Hikari, Takeru, Angelo, and Angela. Due to a lack of funds the others had to use other methods. They are currently on the roof and in the cargo cars of the trains, using illusion techniques to fool the minds of the officials. They can’t travel in the passenger cars, because it would consume too much chakra maintaining the illusions.

“Gai-Sensei, I’m getting a cramp in this train car!”

“Think of it as endurance training!”

“Yes Gai-sensei. If I can’t do this, I’ll do the return trip on the roof!”

Neji and Tenten wonder again how they ended up with the two youth obsessed hand to hand combat savants.

Tenten sees a flash out of the corner of her eye and cloud of smoke coming towards the ground. She summons a giant fan and uses a winds technique she learned from Temari. The blast of wind blows the toxic gas away and out of the cart through cuts it makes in the walls. It misses the attacker as the person lands on the roof of the cart. The group rushes towards the door, only for the metal to move like snakes and tie itself in knots. That doesn’t stop Gai or Lee who kick the door out, ripping off the hinges and lock. The piece of steel hits the next car, before sliding off the train and falling off the bridge into the river below.

They jump onto the roof, while Tenten notices that the coupler between the cars is damaged by a green corrosive liquid. She summons a chain and uses it to secure the links between the train cars as the coupler finally breaks.

On the roof is a man standing two meters tall with a lean, muscular build, and gold eyes. None of his features can be seen, because he wears a long trenchcoat, dark pants, and dark shoes with leather gloves, a leather hat, and a scarf over his face. The man places the palms of his hands on the roof of the luggage car and there is a familiar electrical surge of alchemic energy. The roof ripples and separates into ribbons of metal, which then transform into metal snakes that shoot towards the ninjas like throwing staffs and spears.

Lee and Gai’s fists and kicks tear the metal snakes to pieces and Neji’s juken strikes deflect the flying pieces of metal with ease. Tenten returns the attack with a barrage of kunai daggers and Shuriken, but the man in the coat moves with superhuman agility and avoids everyone. He’s blinded by a dark purple cloud of poisonous mist, so he doesn’t avoid the poison senbon that follows it. When the smoke clears, the man is standing with the senbon in his chest looking almost unharmed.

The man stomps his feet and a glowing seal appears beneath him just before the metal of the car including the destroyed snakes are pulled together by alchemic energy and reformed into a hundred metal snakes with arrow-shaped heads. A second stomp creates a magnetic surge that shoots the snakes like arrows which are barely blocked by Neji's Heavenly Spin.

The man is about to do a second barrage, when Takeru does a horizontal slash with his sword, releasing a wave of energy that wipes out the metal snakes and cuts off the man’s legs. What’s alarming is that as the legs tumble away, they release sprays of red-purple blood.

The stumps of the legs explode into two masses of pulsating grey flesh, which lengthen and fuse together into an immense six meter long tail. The flesh grows a layer of dark purple armor-like scales, with a black rattle at the tip. The arms of the coat explode as the limbs lengthen to over two meters with long claw-like fingers. They also gain a layer of dark purple scales and sharp black claws. The hat and scarf fall away to reveal a reptilian face with purple scales, spiny ridges, and gold on black eyes. The demon also has a long prehensile tongue ending in a barbed fork, sharp pointed teeth, and long fangs. Finally, the remainder of the coat explodes into tiny pieces as his purple scaled body grows immense wings composed of golden ribbons like elongated scales.

The creature lets out a screech before the wings shoot towards the ninjas like a thousand snakes. The golden ribbon-like extensions slice through everything in their path and the group is forced to jump to the next car to escape instant death. The creature continues to screech and releases a spray of corrosive purplish venom from its mouth, which Tenten blocks with her summoned fan.

Tenten kicks the damaged fan towards the creature, which catches it with its wings. Then the explosives notes she slapped onto it detonate, violently blasting the wings apart. While the arms are spread, Angela, the Angewomon, fires an arrow of light that pierces where the heart should be. As the creature stares at the burning white arrow, its scales smoke and turn black, starting at the point of impact and rapidly spreading across the body. The creature continues to scream in pain as pieces of its charred body and dead scales fall off.

“Heaven’s Knuckle!”

Angelo, the Angemon, gathers sacred energy into his fist, then releases it as a massive blast that tears straight through the snake creature’s body, creating a cross-shaped explosion. A million cracks spread across the creature’s form before its entire body shatters into a smoking mixture of fine ash and red-purple crystalline dust.

The group looks down at the shredded passenger car and sweat drop at the massive mess and are glad they don’t have to clean it up.

Rush Valley

“The Elrics can’t go anywhere without getting into trouble,” says Spike as he watches the events.

Rush Valley is the Automail Capital of the World. Numerous mining accidents and a train wreck gave birth to a town where a large portion of the population had at least one automail full steel prosthetic. The ninjas, who have elected to stay hidden since the mess on the train, watch Winry’s obsession. While a rich boyfriend gets a pretty girl expensive jewelry, Winry tries to get Ed to buy her an expensive automail arm.

Drusilla, who’s on the roof above, moves her hands at a speed that’s faster than the human eye can see, going through a dozen seals in seconds. On the ground below, Ed’s comment which would have gotten him a sad look or a wrench from Winry is aborted. Instead he’s says something more encouraging.

“Why would you want to buy this junk? You can make arms a thousand times better.”

Winry gives Ed a hug, then moves on. This leaves a very confused Edward Elric behind.

The group stops at a contest in the form of automail arm wrestling. A con artist and his large friend are challenging the crowd and Ed and the ninjas watching can see that the man in cheating. Under the table is an alchemic circle that allows the con man to manipulate the metal limbs during the matches. The last one to compete is a dark-skinned, black-haired woman with an automail arm and legs, a woman named Paninya.

Ed’s solution is to cheat and tear off the con man’s automail arm. It works fine and Winry gets 510,000 as a prize, but she’s upset when she learns Ed cheated to win and runs off.

“You’re an idiot,” says Spike as he appears behind Ed, nearly causing the blond to jump.


“Winry loves her work and she gives you her best because you’re important to her. You don’t show her the appreciation she deserves,” says Spike. “You could have disrupted or destroyed the array the idiot was using to cheat, but by cheating yourself you’re saying she’s not good enough. That’s why she ran off, you insulted her.”

“But...I” says Ed looking flustered.

“Next time you see her apologize and make sure she knows her automail is perfect.”


“Do you want her mad at you?”

“Okay, okay.”

As Ed walks off, Drusilla appears behind Spike and hugs him.

“That was sweet.”

“The boy is an idiot. He was obsessed with bringing his mother back, when he still had family. Now he’s obsessed with getting what they lost, when they stand to lose more,” says Spike. “I hope I’m not going soft.”

“Hand over your money.”

A brown-haired thief with automail limbs comes out of an alley with a gun in his right hand and a knife on his hip. Spike backhands the man with his enhanced diamond-hard knuckles, tearing off the man’s head with one blow. Drusilla then uses her chakra strings to toss the head and corpse into a rusty trash bin at the back of the alley.


The next day, Winry has Paninya steal Ed’s State Alchemist silver watch, forcing him to chase her through the streets. This highlighted Dominic’s automail, which she’s so proud off. It was Dominic that took pity on her and gave her new limbs. In the end, they separate as friends.


The ninjas watch as a woman with microbraids and her huge husband walk towards the building. At first they think she’s a hostile, but then they remember the history they have on the Elrics. They were right, the woman is hostile.

On the inside of the building, Winry is talking about Ed growing taller and that he may need new limbs. Winry then gets emotional, showing how much she missed the Elrics when they left their home town behind. Edward is stunned by the emotions, but due to Spike’s words he recovers enough to hug her.

“Winry. Your work is the best! Your grandmother is so good, half the mechanics in this town have been humiliated by her and one day, you’ll be just as famous and credited. Heck, I mention your name every time people talk about my automail.”

Winry is blushing and Ed isn’t doing much better. Al is trying to be as quiet as possible.

“Someday, we’ll get out bodies back, but that doesn’t mean we’ll vanish for good. When we get our bodies back, I intend to leave the military.... and come...home.”

Winry’s eyes widen at the words, but before she can respond there is a knock on the door. The door opens to reveal a massive man with dark eyes, hair, and beard. He’s dressed in a green t-shirt that shows his muscular body. Both Elrics freeze at the sight of the man, the meat butcher Sig Curtis. It’s not him they truly fear, but the woman that’s always with him.

Ed tries to jump out the window, only to be kicked back into the hotel by a woman with blue/black eyes, black hair in micro-braids and a Flamel tattoo on the left side of her collarbone. She is a skilled martial artist and alchemist living in the southern Amestrian town of Dublith where - with her husband Sig Curtis - she runs a butcher shop. She’s also Edward and Al’s feared teacher in Alchemy and martial arts.

She is Izumi Curtis.

Ed is the first to be smashed into the ground, followed by Al when she realizes that the giant is Alphonse Elric.

Dublith, Amestris

Angel is amused by the severity of Izumi Curtis. He imagined that someone able to keep the Elric brothers in line would have to be a strict warrior, but Izumi reminds him of Tsunade without the gambling or drinking.

Currently, the Elric brothers are tied together by a long length of rope. When Winry asks about Izumi, Edward reminds her that she meet Izumi years ago.

Years ago, the Elric brothers were studying alchemy including their father’s notes, looking for human transmutation. They studied and trained hoping to bring their mother back from the dead, but came to the conclusion that they needed a teacher. They found one during a rainstorm that threatened the river banks. The Elric brothers ran to help the people prevent the flood, but their wall was weak. Then Izumi appeared and created massive stone walls without a transmutation circle. After a lot of begging and a few injuries, they managed to get her to teach them in her home town of Dublith. It was absolutely brutal training.

Angel almost laughs as the Elrics finally manage to break their ropes, only for Izumi to catch them in less than half a minute. As the group of alchemists and ninjas walk through the town they attract a few stares due to the sheer number of strangers.

A series of simple events reveal Izumi’s personality. A little girl’s cat is pregnant and Izumi talks about how precious babies are. Angel after centuries of reading people knows the tone of a mother, but for some reason Izumi doesn’t have children. It’s possible that the illness she displayed when she meet the Elrics, the vomiting blood, is the reason.

Two children with a broken toy train ask Izumi for help, but she attaches the wheel with a twig instead of using alchemy. That shows she has respect for Alchemy and is not willing to use it on frivolous things. Anything that can be done without alchemy without harm should be done without alchemy.

The same little girl comes to Izumi in a panic, talking about how the mama cat is now on the roof after being scared by a dog. Edward climbs onto the roof and finds the cat Chico dead, but the kittens still trying to nurse. One kitten rolls off the roof, but Edward uses alchemy to create a stone hand from the wall to catch the baby animal. Angel notes that Izumi’s eyes widen when she sees alchemy without circles. It could mean that since she can do alchemy without a transmutation circle, she knows you have to do something severe to attain that ability.

The girl asks Izumi why they can’t fix her broken cat. Izumi explains how once living things are gone, they can’t return. The circle of life only goes in one direction and going against nature is futile. Angel can also see pain in her eyes and knows the topic is getting too close to home.

After they return to Izumi’s house, she confronts the Elric brothers. She knows Ed’s limbs are automail and that Alphonse is a hollow metal shell. She also smashes them into the ground and trees with extreme discipline. She doesn’t keep hitting them; instead she grabs and holds both of them.

Angel’s deductive skills, which are extremely active this day, note the maternal concern and a fear of losing them.

Edward, you are an idiot. You had a second mother - or at least a crazy aunt - in Izumi Curtis, who taught you right. Instead of finding other things to live for, you go against her teaching and end up in the mess. Nice going shrimp.


Angel wonders how Ed could tell what he was thinking.

“Who’s the other loud blond brat?”

The group turns to see familiar faces. Jiraiya Oil, Tsunade Senju, and Anko Mitarashi stand near the old tree. They are all dressed in native clothing with Tsunade dressed similar to Izumi, Anko dressed in a sleek dress with slits to allow fast movement, and Jiraiya dressed in an odd uniform.

“Tsunade -obachan/sama!” comes cries from Naruto, Iruka, Shizune, and Hinata.

Naruto is sent into the ground by Tsunade.

“Don’t call me old, Naruto!”

The Elric Brothers shake in fear at the woman, or, more accurately, the thought that there is a second person like their teacher.

“How did you end up here, Tsunade-sama??” asks Shizune, as Naruto pulls himself from the ground completely unharmed.

“I don’t know. I remember that flying castle, then waking up on a lake side beach. Izumi and Sig were the first people we encountered, and they helped us adapt.”

“Tsunade has been helping at the local hospital to pay expenses. Most of them for Jiraiya’s hospital bills,” says Anko. “I’ve been stuck waiting tables!”

“Hospital bills?” asks Naruto. “What did you do, Ero-Sennin?”

“I was just showing my writing talents,” defends Jiraiya.

“I caught him showing that smut to several local boys,” says Izumi with a death glare that makes the Elric brothers and Sig shiver in fear. “You're lucky you don’t get run out of town for writing it.”

“I’ll have you know, Come Come Paradise is the most popular books in our lands,” says Jiraiya holding up his infamous orange book, only to be hit into the tree by Tsunade. The book flies out of the man’s hand and lands open in front of Edward. Edward’s near photographic memory allows him to record the two pages in less than a second and less than second afterwards he turns scarlet. He wavers on his feet before passing out, landing on Winry in the process.

“Oohh. This is going in the next book.”

Winry Rockbell notices the picture in the book is of a naked blond man and woman in a very intimate position and turns red. She then throws a wrench with enough force to knock Jiraiya clean off his feet when it hits the super pervert in the head. What Izumi and Tsunade do to him shouldn’t be described to people under the age of fifty. It’s gruesome enough that Alphonse covers his head and Anko pales.

Yock Island

Years ago, Edward and Alphonse Elric were left on Yock Island as survival training. It was to allow them to learn about the cycle of life and its connection to alchemy. To Izumi, the boys have forgotten the lesson because they went against nature when they attempted human transmutation. This second trip is a refresher course. The ninjas including the Scourge are waiting on the mainland shore for their return.

“Guys! Guys! It’s hatching!”

The ninja turn to look at Kairi, who’s looking far more active that she has in days. In her arms, the odd digitama (Digimon egg) she has been carrying is now covered in hairline cracks. Angela and Angelo walk closer to see the birth of a new life since the death of the old Digital world.

The egg shatters into a million fragments, with each piece of shell dissolving into particles of white light. The creature that is revealed resembles a green jellyfish with a yellow pacifier and green bubbles.


The little creature glows white and is covered by a shell of white light. When the shell shatters and vanishes, there is a larger pink creature that looks like it’s made of dough, with black eyes, a cat-like mouth, and two pseudo-arms ending in three black digits


Motimon glows white and is surrounded by a larger bubble of opaque blue-white energy. As the shell shatters and vanishes completely, it reveals the Baby 2 evolution of Kairi’s digimon. It resembles a dark blue tadpole with large, black irised eyes, two small muscular arms each ending in three white claws, and a wide mouth with six small pointed teeth.


“Otamamon. Amphibian Type. Baby 2 Level Virus Digimon,” says Angelo, the Angemon. “That explains why you’ve been so weak and drained. It must have been accumulating energy for a double evolution. She’s a virus type and energy absorption is a common viral ability.”

“No diapers or bottles,” says Kairi. “Thank Kami-sama.”

“Thank the Sovereigns,” says the newborn. “I’m an Otamamon, but I also want a name.”

“Greedy little thing,” says Blaze, with something that’s almost pride.

“Everyone else has a name.”

“I’ll name you Sora,” says Kairi. “You're sky blue and you think big.”

“Excuse me, but I think some people need an explanation,” says Angel pointing to Izumi Curtis, Sig Curtis, and Winry Rockbell who are looking bug eyed at the creature in Kairi’s arms.

“I guess I’ll start. It was Halloween - a holiday night in which children in costumes go from house to house collecting candy and treats...”

Angel explains how the Scourge ended up traveling to the Digital World, from the Digital World into the Ninja World, from the world of ninjas to the world of youkai, and finally ending up in the world of alchemy. It’s a long, weird tale that fills those listening with wonder and dread. They also learn of the Castle Lords involvement and the horrific demons created using Devil Stones.

Suddenly, Kairi’s head snaps up as her senses detect something supernatural. Most of her senses were dulled with her reduced energy levels, but now that Sora has hatched they have returned to their normal superhuman levels. In fact, they are even more sensitive, like a person in darkness walking into the light.

“I’m detecting something unnatural on the island. A body with physical energy, but lacking spiritual energy. A living body without a soul.”

“A Homunculus,” says Angel on the alert. “One of them must be on the island.”

“I’m also detecting other creatures. They seem familiar, but there is demonic energy interference.”

“Where’s Gohan?” asks Naruto, then rushes towards the island. The ninjas don’t need Izumi’s boat; instead they run on the water’s surface using their chakra.


A child standing about four foot eleven with violet eyes and hip-length black hair is running through the forest. He also has pale skin except for his right arm and left leg. He’s dressed in a short black top and shorts with a fingerless guard on his left hand and a toe-less guard on his right foot.


A blast of flame shoots from the darkness, misses the boy by inches, and strikes a tree causing a fiery explosion.

“Fox Leaf Arrowheads!”

A cloud of glowing razor-sharp shards explode from the tree canopy and strike the boy’s back. They create a dozen fine cuts

Suddenly, a young boy with black eyes, light skin, and sandy blond hair lands in front of him. He’s dressed in tan and green clothing, with a green bandana around his neck.

“Blazing Fire!”

The blond boy fires energy blasts from his mouth with enough force to punch a hole clean through the black-haired boy. The blast is stopped by a sword blade, which causes the black haired boy to look up in wonder. Gohan stands in front of the boy holding his sword in a defense position.

“I recognize that attack. You're Terriermon.”

“Blazing Fire!”

“Fox Leaf Arrowheads!”


Gohan grabs the black haired boy and moves out of the way of the human Terriermon’s attack, using his sword to deflect the shards with ease, and finally slicing the fire ball clean in half. The two halves of the fireball hit the forest and cause two small explosions, but don’t trigger a major fire. Gohan then moves as a blur and grabs his attacker by the throat.

The human Guilmon looks a lot like Takato with white hair, dark skin with black markings, and red-gold eyes. Gohan spots Takato in the trees about to release a powerful Katon (fire release) technique, so his solution is to throw Guilmon into Takato, knocking them both out of the trees and into unconsciousness.

Li Jenrya, also known as Henry, holds up his Digivice. As it glows, Gohan can see something glowing under Henry’s shirt and under Terriermon’s bandana. Terriermon first transforms back into his pure animal Digimon form, then transforms into his adult form of Gargomon, which looks like a bipedal rabbit/dog with huge ears, blue pants, a bandolier, and two massive mini-guns for hands.

Suddenly, a metal fist strikes the back of Henry’s head rendering him unconscious and revealing a pissed off Fullmetal Alchemist. Gargomon turns to open fire on his new enemy, but Alphonse grabs the metal arms and smashes the Digimon into the ground hard, before doing a knee drop. Gargomon’s form glows then shatters, to reveal an unconscious Terriermon. Under the torn bandana they find the smoking remains of a Devil Stone.

“I thought this would be another nature lesson, but a few minutes on the island and I’m attacked by a giant snake, a giant centipede, and a lizard monster!?” says Edward. His automail arm still has its blade-like extension, which is stained with red-purple blood from the monsters. Ed removes a similar stone from Henry’s shirt and crushes it into powder.

Gohan tenses as he senses a surge of demonic energy. A tall beautiful woman dressed in armor emerges from the forest holding a Shakujo - ringed staff. She looks like Sakuyamon, but she has purple instead of gold armor, darker hair, and a silver staff instead of a gold one.

Henry’s digivice activates even while he’s not active.

Attribute Data
Ultimate Level
Type: God Man Digimon
God Man Digimon that evolved from a Fox type Digimon that has lived a long time. Only those with strong abilities evolve into Sakuyamon, the rest usually evolve into Kuzuhamon. She controls ancient Shintoism divination magic.

On Kazuhamon’s chest are two small Devil Stones. The two red-purple crystals glow and pulsate, before there is a white flash. When the light clears, there is now one larger crystal on Kazuhamon’s chest resembling a lotus flower. As the crystal glows, a dark demonic aura filled with malice forms around Kazuhamon causing her staff to turn black and her human lower face to turn bloody red with black markings.

“The demonic energy’s making up for the difference between Sakuyamon and Kazuhamon,” states Gohan, as he avoids a blow from the woman’s staff.

The strike is so powerful that it creates a massive crater in the forest earth. Ed claps his hands and rams his palms into the ground as he lands on his feet. Two giant hardened stone hands emerge from the ground and close around Kazuhamon, but she spins creating a circle of energy that stops the hands. The ring then shoots outward like a shockwave and reduces the hands to stone shrapnel. The fragments strike the trees and nearly snap them in half. Ed is able to protect himself with a large tree and Gohan is far too durable to be injured.

“Ura Izuna!”

Kazuhamon summons a fox spirit which then shoots like a spiritual missile towards Gohan, who blocks it by generating an explosive energy barrier. Kazuhamon spins around and with one slash of her staff slices Al clean in half from left shoulder to right hip. She then turns and grabs Edward’s full steel prosthetic arm and rips it clean off below the elbow, while tossing Edward into the trees. The demonic Digimon then fires dark energy blasts from her staff like shots from a beam rifle, striking Gohan’s barrier over and over again until it shatters.

Gohan stands like a statue, unmoved by the destructive energy. His glowing eyes narrow as his right fist glows with a dark crimson light.

“You think you can harm me with fox spirits? I am the King of the Tailed Beasts. I am Kyubi no Kitsune!” yells Gohan as his dark aura ignites and expands incinerating the surrounding trees. The aura suddenly compresses and flows into his fist, which glows like a crimson star. Gohan vanishes before appears in front of Kazuhamon and driving the glowing fist into the ultimate level monster’s stomach.


There is a pause of less than a second, then there’s a blinding white explosion from the point of impact. A glowing white object shoots back into the forest, before splitting into two smaller lights that go in different directions. From above it creates a flaming white “Y” and where it’s split there a faint purple-white flash.

One light transforms into a young woman with lavender eyes and red-orange hair. She’s dressed in a white shirt and black pants with sandals and a thick leather belt. A faint purple mist trails from her chest as she tumbles across the ground and finally loses consciousness.

The other light transforms into a young woman with blue eyes and long gold blond hair with white tips. She’s dressed in a purple shirt and black pants with sandals and fingerless gloves. A faint purple mist trails from her chest as she tumbles across the ground and finally loses consciousness. When she does pass out, she transforms into a yellow and white humanoid fox with dark purple arm coverings marked with ying/yang symbols, and two purple markings resemble comets moving in a ying/yang pattern on her upper legs.

“Ruki and Renamon. Good to see you,” says Gohan, his fist radiating heat and leaving a faint trail of red youki.

Renamon slowly wakes up and notices Gohan standing near her.

“Gohan? Ruki? What happened??”

“The Castle Lords messed with your heads and had you attack us,” says Gohan, making Renamon worry. “You’re free now and you’ve got a new ability thanks to them.”

“What new ability?”

Gohan touches Renamon’s arm and she reverts to her human form, which nearly cause Renamon to faint.


Kairi Nereid has found her opponent in the watery version of a Deadly Sin. Sloth of the Homunculi came to Yock Island searching for the young boy Wrath, but instead she found a youkai whose power is water manipulation.

Kairi has discarded the dress she was wearing and now stands in a bathing suit that suits water combat. Sloth is dressed a flowing dark gown with long dark gloves. It would be hard to fight in, if her and her clothing weren’t composed entirely of fluid that only appears normal when she desires.

Sloth’s strength is that she is immune to physical damage, but her weakness is that most of her attacks involve drowning her opponent which is near impossible with a water-breathing youkai. Kairi’s weakness is she can still be pulverized by the pressure of the water, but her strength is the ability to manipulate all water.

Sloth extends her arms into bursts of high pressure water, but Kairi moves her body in a pattern similar to tai chi. The jets of stone-crushing water are deflected as Kairi runs between them. Sloth jumps back, but two swipes of Kairi’s arms slice off Sloth’s arms at the shoulders.

Sloth lands on her feet and her arms reform in seconds, but Kairi spins like a dancer gathering the surrounding water into a ring around her. She then whips her arms and hundreds of thousands of water needles stronger than steel shoot at Sloth faster than sound. Each youki-charged needle only creates a small distortion in Sloth’s liquid body, but millions of needles increase the distortion to the point where Sloth nearly collapses into her water form. Kairi moves forward with superhuman speed and does a reverse axe kick that splits Sloth clean in two.

The two halves of Sloth collapse into pools of water that reform into one, then reform into an unharmed Sloth. Sloth spins and draws ocean water into her mass, before releasing a massive wave towards Kairi. Kairi dances in circles and as the water is about to hit it changes momentum. The massive amount of water spins around Kairi creating a dome of water that continues to grow while leaving Kairi dry and unharmed in its core. Once all of the water including Sloth has been absorbed into the sphere, it’s compressed down then shot into the sky. The column of water goes a hundred meters into the air before dispersing into a salty rain shower.

Kari knows the attack won’t stop Sloth, but it will take her time to reform and she will retreat for now.

Kairi senses a source of demonic energy. She turns to watch as a young woman exits the forest. A beautiful woman in skimpy leather clothing with bat-like wings, long, sharp nails painted black, and blood red eyes. As she moves towards Kairi, the woman’s hair color changes from blonde to black.

Kairi is about to attack, when she sees something in the demon’s crimson eyes. As she stares into the depths, the world seems to vanish and she can see horrific images. Women forced to sleep with strangers to pay for their habits or stop the beatings of their masters. Children used as the play things of adults, then discarded like trash. Women whose virtue was stolen by the violent seeking power. In the even deeper depths of those eyes, Kairi sees a mass of pulsating flowing flesh composed of hundreds of people entwined together. Each face is blank, lacking any emotion beyond pain and pleasure.

Kairi forces herself back into reality and back away from the Sin.

“What are you?? What do you want??”

“I am Lust of the Sins. The Seven Deadly Sins of the Castle Lords,” says Lust. “We want the Elrics to lead us to the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Lust releases a green blast of energy from her palm and Kairi almost attacks, when she realizes Lust isn’t aiming at her. The recovered Sloth is struck by the green blast and collapses screaming in pain. As she collapses, part of her body is liquefied making her look like a melted candle. Crimson stones rise to the surface of the watery liquid before dissolving into dust. Sloth uses her remaining energy to escape into the water of the lake.

“What makes you think the Elrics will help you?”

Lust talks slowly and Kairi’s eyes widen at the words. They widen with a mixture of shock, fear, and realization.

Dante of the Black Forest

Shortly after the battle on Yock Island, it was revealed that the Digimon of Team Tamer had permanently retained the ability to assume human form. The theory is that even the most dim-witted citizens would notice a red dinosaur and, if they tried, a talking dog with rabbit ears and a bipedal fox, so the Castle Lords gave them this henge youkai-based shape-shifting ability.

A few days later, the Elrics and ninjas found themselves far from the peaceful town of Dublith. Izumi had developed an attachment to the young homunculus boy Wrath. Angel asks a few questions and a dark history was revealed. Edward learned the horrific truth that years ago, Izumi had a child that was stillborn and in her grief tried to use its remains in a human transmutation. In tears and holding Wrath, she explained how she had lost internal organs including her reproductive organs and saw the Gate of Truth. It was how she’s able to transmute without a circle like Edward. She also created an infant homunculus, Wrath, who she sent back.

Hinata then said something that nearly caused Edward to collapse. She looked at Wrath with her Byakugan and revealed that Wrath’s odd colored limbs belonged to Edward.

The next couple of days became hectic with the military coming to take Wrath into protective custody; the Elrics quickly decided they couldn’t trust them. Especially when Kairi revealed that Juliet Dougla, Secretary for Führer King Bradley, was Sloth, a Homunculus that can alter her body into pure water. It was finally decided they should go to the one person who may know more about alchemy than Izumi and the Elrics.

Dante of the Black Forest was the former alchemy teacher of Izumi Curtis, who in turn taught Edward and Alphonse Elric. They hoped to get more information from the ancient woman and they also learned that a former opponent of the Elric brothers, Lyra, a subordinate of Yoki, a corrupt member of the military who imposes heavy taxes on the town of Youswell. It was Edward that defeated her after conning Yoki out of the mining town.

While Izumi, Wrath, and the Elrics go to Dante for the second time, the ninja detect intruders, humans that smell of alchemy or animals. Chimera.

One is a young woman standing five foot five with green eyes, short blonde hair and red alchemic markings going down her right cheek and the side of her arm. She also wears a black covert combat-style uniform. She is a human chimera who was combined with snake and granted superhuman flexibility, agility, and the ability to stretch her limbs. The original plan was for her to take over Al’s armor by climbing inside, but the group moved faster than expected, and she and the other human chimera were forced to follow them away from their headquarters of Devil’s Nest to the Black Forest.

The problem is her opponent is new snake sennin, Anko Mitarashi, who when tapping into sage chakra makes Martel look like a weak child in comparison. Her former master Orochimaru possessed the same agility and flexibility, but he also performed experiments and found jutsu that made him more demon snake than man. Now Martel finds her and Anko’s bodies wrapped around each other in a very intimate manner and is blushing badly. What’s worse is that Anko has decided to tease her, which makes her lose her concentration.

The second human chimera is an older man with a huge, muscular frame, dark eyes, and short gray hair with sideburns. He’s a tall man dressed in a green shirt and holding a sledgehammer. Roa boasts high strength while sacrificing speed, but is rather proficient in both hand-to-hand combat and the use of his trademark sledgehammer. He’s combined with an ox, which grants him the ability to morph from his human form to his even larger, more powerful ox-man form. The problem for him is that Spike has the same ability as their Homunculi Boss Greed, to increase his durability to that of a diamond, but also possesses several times a normal human’s strength which is boosted even further by chakra. Spike stops the charging ox-man like a reinforced concrete wall. Spike then tosses the man to Rock Lee and Maito Gai who easily overpower the man with their insane taijutsu strength.

The third human chimera is a short, fast man with dark eyes and black hair. His genetic material was alchemically combined with a dog, which enhanced his sense of smell, agility, and sense of loyalty. He’s also extremely skilled with a sword, indicated by the katana he carries. Hinata has sparred against her animalistic team mate Kiba Inuzuka and his canine partner Akamaru many times and she has faced faster and more agile opponents. A few lightning fast Juken strikes renders the canine chimera unable to move.

“Start talking or I give everyone a live show,” says Anko in the snake woman’s ear and groping the chimera.

The Chimera girl, Martel, is quick to explain that she and the other two Roa (ox) and Dorochet (dog) were once part of the military. They were sent into Ishbal to uncover and destroy secrets. When they returned, the government decided to hide their secrets and had them sent to Lab Five for experimentation. They were able to escape with Greed, who was also imprisoned in Lab 5, and set up a base in Dublith. After learning of the Elric brothers' battle with Scar, he became intrigued with the notion that the youngest brother, Alphonse, is an independent soul bound into a suit of armor. He believes that existing in this state would make him truly immortal, but he was worried about encountering Dante - the woman who created him.

The group rushes towards the mansion and arrive to watch Edward’s spike pierce Greed’s chest. Greed, drained of red stones by Dante’s array and weakened by the presence of his remains coughs blood and falls to his knees. He congratulates Edward on his victory before falling to the ground on his back. He explains how Homunculi are vulnerable when confronted by their human remains. When Ed asks why Greed killed Dante, Angel is the one that explains he didn’t. He pulls down part of the clothing on Dante’s corpse to reveal decaying red-purple flesh.

“She was killed by alchemy,” states Angel.



The Elric Brothers sit at the edge of the “late” Dante’s property

“I don’t understand! What does Dante have to do with alchemy? What’s the truth!?”

“I can answer that.”

The Elrics jump and turn to see the demonic Lust of the Sins. She’s currently in the form of blonde resembling an older Winry with red eyes and bat wings.

“What do you want demon?”

“To give you your answers.”

“Nothing is free in life. It’s Equivalent Exchange. What do you want for the information?”

“Your success opens opportunities for my kind. The Truth is the key to your dreams.”

“What is the Truth?”

“The Truth is that four hundred years ago, the Philosopher’s Stone was created by sacrificing a town. When the creator was about to die, his lover took the stone and used it to transfer the man’s soul into another person’s body, like a parasite looking for a host. In that method, they had found immortality, but over time their bodies began to decay at an accelerated rate because their souls were decaying. The woman was Dante, the man was Van Hohenheim.”

“What!?” yells Ed as Al says “Dad?”

“Yes, your father once created the stone and was once Dante’s lover. They even had a child who died of mercury poisoning. Like you two, he tried to bring his son back, but instead he ended up creating the shape-shifting Homunculus Envy, as you created the Homunculus Sloth from Trisha Elric.”

The looks of horror on the Elric brothers increase and the demonic Lust seems to feed off the negative emotions.

“In time, Hohenheim fell in love with your mother and stopped taking bodies. He left her because he didn’t want her to see his body slowly rotting away. Dante on the other hand wanted to continue her immortality and needed Philosopher’s Stones to transfer into new bodies without damaging her soul. In order to do that she gathered the Homunculi and fueled them with the power of the Red Stones and fed them lies about making them human. Greed was created from a lover, Lust was created by Scar’s brother who lost his mind and manhood in the process, Wrath was created by Izumi who lost her organs, Sloth was created by you, Gluttony was found, her son Envy, and Pride was her greatest achievement. A homunculus who could age and lead the world in one bloody war after another.”

The eyes of the Elrics widen. The words are cruel, but they can sense without a single doubt they are the complete truth. That truth prevents them from using denial and renders them without defense.

“Yes. Fuhrer King Bradley is the Homunculus Pride. War creates pain and suffering, which leads to those who wish to change things. They need power to change nature, so they look for the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Ed is almost shaking in anger. Winry’s parents died in a senseless war triggered by one woman’s lust for power and immortality. All the people who suffered in the Ishabal War didn’t need to. Part of his mind wonders if Winry’s parents weren’t lost in Ishbal and lived next door, could they have prevented their mother’s death?

Ed lets out a cry of pain and suffering, before driving his metal fist into the ground.

Lust of the Sins has a small smile on her face. It’s small, but it’s filled with a satisfaction and sadism that’s beyond human understanding. The red irises of eyes fade into darkness as her sclera (whites) turn pitch black. Rings of glowing green appear to replace the irises.

“If you still seek the stone, go back to beginning. Go back to the town of Lior, where the Homunculi in the form of Cornello has started a conflict with the Military. Perhaps you will be able to save the people, including Rose and her rape-born daughter.”

If Alphonse still had a body he would have either passed out or vomited from the stress. The suffering on Edward’s face fades leaving his face blank and his eyes hidden behind his hair. It’s a cold hatred that fills Edward and Lust drinks it in like fine wine.

Lust of the Sins glows a poisonous green aura, which then becomes opaque. The aura collapses into a shining green star which streaks into the darkening night sky. Around the mansion, the ninjas resist the pulse of demonic energy released by Lust’s departure. The chimera are not used the demonic energy and collapse to the ground with a feeling of dread and hopelessness.


It’s been weeks since the demonic Sin of Lust told secrets to the Elric Brothers. In the town of Lior, there is conflict between the soldiers, the remnants of Cornello’s puppets, and citizens following the Holy Mother Rose. Rose was traumatized and rendered mute by being raped by a soldier and now Scar is using her help create a trap for the soldiers. He dragged a huge stone around Lior, while ignorant soldiers watched, not realizing he was creating their destruction. A massive alchemy circle now covers the town of Lior. Now they tell citizens to draw the military into the town, but not to provoke violence

On the roof of one building, evil has gathered for the birth of a new warrior.

The demonic giant raven Malthus and anthropomorphic leopard demon Flauros stand in a magic seal resembling an alchemic array. In the center of the seal is an egg-shaped mass of pulsating grey flesh standing over two meters tall. Around them are the Seven Demonic Sins that serve the Castle Lords and seven sacrifices secured to posts.

The sacrifices are nameless soldiers with their arms secured behind their backs by chains and with cloth tied around their mouths to prevent screaming. They are all dressed in their uniforms, except the fronts are torn off to reveal bare chests marked with symbols.

Lust of the Sins grows a green aura. She’s in the form of a bat-winged succubus with long black hair, red skin, and glowing green eyes. Her spread bat wings have grown in size and green energy flows through them like blood in veins. As she clutches her clawed fists they are covered in smokeless green flames. She lets out a roar like the cry of a great cat of the jungle, showing her sharp fangs as her aura ignites into green flames.

Gluttony of the Sins glows a yellow-green aura. He’s a massive, skinless wolf with glowing eyes and sharp claws. It’s angry, inflamed flesh pulsates and radiates heat in the olive green aura, as if it’s trying to cook its own flesh for consumption. There is also chaos in the mutating flesh, as small toothed mouths appear on the exposed muscle tissue and begin to speak with the voices of a thousand starving people. Its fur of blood has changed from crimson to black and moves like living shadows across its body.

Envy of the Sins glows a fierce blue aura. The creature resembles a giant eyeball with a radius of one meter with over a dozen long tentacles ending in smaller eyes. The longest tentacle is over four meters in length, while the shortest is just under three meters. Normally, the irises of each eye are emerald green, but as the demonic aura rages through the creature, they are dark blue and the sclera are black. The translucent yellow tentacles have darkened to a dark amber/gold from the surging demonic energy.

Sloth of the Sins is a massive sloth-like creature that glows with a navy blue aura. It resembles a large version of a prehistoric ground sloth with large claws on its hands and feet. Its massive muscular form is covered in dark blue fur that is covered in black fungal material that glows like bio-luminescent moss. It may be slow and lazy, but it radiates strength and power, as if a wave of its claws could shatter a mountain.

Wrath of the Sins is a humanoid creature of flame. Normally, it appears as a two meter tall (six foot seven) skeleton covered in smokeless fire, a liquid fire that flows around the bones giving them flesh and flames that constantly trail from its body. Now the creature of unending hate is flaring his demonic aura, turning his crimson flames into brilliant yellow-white flames that melt and vaporize the ground beneath him.

Greed of the Sins glows with a thick purple aura. The glowing purple mist flows across the polished surfaces of the living gold statue. It’s a humanoid standing two meters tall with a lean body made of gold, and hands and feet made of platinum and silver. Its micro-braided hair is composed of woven silver and its eyes are blue sapphires. Its nails are polished gold, its teeth including fangs are platinum and diamonds, and diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds go down the sides of its arms and legs. He also wears white silk pants secured by woven gold/silver ribbons on his ankles and waist, and long white coat composed of woven gold and silver threads.

Pride of the Sins of the Castle Lords is the leader. He resembles a king, a man of nobility. He stands tall with a handsome face and a lean build. He has royal purple eyes, pale flawless skin, and shoulder-length black hair that flows in the faint wind. He seems to radiate power, control, and confidence. He’s dressed in a white shirt and pants with a black vest and a white jacket decorated with gold. He’s also wears white gloves, white boots, and a long white coat with gold decorations. He also wears a long white cape with a wide collar and carries a white sheathed European sword on his hip and gold staff in his hand. The sword resembles a silver rapier with Spanish bellguard, while the staff is an elongated scepter with a five-pointed star shaped headpiece.

On his head is a gold circlet, on his fingers are gold rings with precious gemstones, and around his neck is a medallion with a gold five-pointed star as its symbol. Unlike the European style royal clothing, the medallion is Chinese with each point marked with the symbol for an element and five gemstones representing those elements. Yellow diamond for Earth, white diamond for metal, ruby for fire, emerald for wood, and black jet for water. Unlike the others, he doesn’t radiate his aura; instead he holds a sphere of orange energy in his left palm.

He raises his hand still holding the sphere and the auras of the other sins flow into the sphere. Purple, olive green, navy blue, yellow, blue, and green demonic auras flow into orange and create a larger sphere of white fire. The sphere of fire flows into the egg making it glow brightly. The seal on the ground glows and the demons Malthus and Flauros dissolve into particles of red and purple light that flow into the egg.

At the same time, the sacrifices begin to scream through their gags. The bloody symbols carved into their chests glow a fierce red, which then turns a nasty shade of purple as a blue energy is pulled from the flesh into them. As their life energy is drained from them, they become older and emaciated. Hair falls out and skin withers and dries to the texture of leather. Each man becomes older and thinner, as the spiritual and physical energy is consumed, until translucent spheres are pulled from their bodies into the egg. Their withered, mummified husks then collapse into dust and empty clothing.

As the egg continues to glow, Pride walks forward and removes a large devil stone from his coat pocket. He presses the red-purple stone into the warm leathery surface of the pulsating gray flesh, and the gemstone sinks into the egg. As the stone merges with the egg, the gray flesh turns a dark red-purple with pulsating veins. The egg radiates heat as it pulsates, then it begins to crystallize. Finally, the entire egg shatters into powder revealing a new demon surrounded by purple miasma.

The new demonic warrior stands two meters tall with shining gold eyes like those of a jungle cat. He has flawless pale skin with intricate black and red markings resembling alchemic seals on the sides of his face and going down his arms. He has raven-black hair that flares like bird feathers, which hides his pointed ears and frames his bishonen face. He also has fangs and sharp black claw-like nails on his hands and feet. He’s dressed in a black shirt and pants with black sandals, leg protectors, arm protectors, and fingerless gloves. He also wears a long black coat with feather-shaped shoulder extensions and a furry black belt.

The demon claps his palms together and as he spreads his hands, lightning crackles between them. The lightning strikes the ground around him, causing pieces of it to explode into particles. The particles flow to a point between the demon’s palms and reform into a halberd held vertically between his hands. He catches the halberd and moves it like a martial arts weapon master.

He lets out an inhuman roar, louder than a great cat’s roar and more piercing than the cry of a bird of prey. At the same time he spreads two immense wings composed of pure black feathers, like the wings of a fallen angel. Every man, woman, and child in Lior suddenly feels a consuming sense of dread, even if they can’t hear the supernatural cry.

“Arise, Malros Ravenclaw, Alchemic Warrior of the Lords.”


Hours later, the Elric brothers arrive in the town of Lior. At that point they become separated, with Edward helping civilians including Rose and her infant escape, encountering some of the Homunculi in the process. It was Rose that managed to get Edward to continue and win his fight. While this was happening, Al encountered a battle between the State Alchemist Killer Scar and the insane Zolf J. Kimblee.

The "Red Lotus Alchemist" or "Crimson Alchemist" is a deranged nihilist psychopath and loves the sight of blood and death. He earned fame during the Ishbalan Civil War for his ruthless commitment to the Ishbalan extermination, killing thousands without remorse through his unique brand of alchemy. He turned people into living bombs using the seals tattooed on his hands and was the one who nearly killed Scar and did kill Scar’s brother. The battle is brutal, but ends when the revenge-obsessed Scar delivers a fatal final blow. As Zolf lies dying, his last act was to turn Alphonse into a bomb that would slowly explode, giving him "time to think about his death, and reflect on how meaningless his efforts have been."

The demons sense the surge as the dying Scar transfers all of his incomplete Philosopher's Stone into Al to save his life and triggers the immense seal. The immense alchemic array glows a menacing red, a demonic glow that covers all of Lior. All of the soldiers in the streets lured by Scar and the civilians dissolve into lights as they are consumed by the stone. The entire army is wiped out and consumed by the alchemic reaction, while the civilians have used secret tunnels to escape the doomed town. The souls of hundreds, if not thousands, of people are pulled into the incomplete Philosopher's Stone, which was once Scar’s arm of destruction.

When the light clears, Edward runs to the center of the town looking for his brother. He finds Al on his knees, his steel armor covered in black markings. Inside his chest, they find glowing red stone.


“The Philosopher's Stone: those who possess it, no longer bound by the laws of equivalent exchange in alchemy, can gain without sacrifice... create without equal exchange. We searched for it... and we found it."

End of CHAPTER 39: THE GATE Part 6


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!

I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?

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