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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Chapter 40: THE RACE Part 1

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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On the Road Again

The Elrics are fleeing Lior for Resembool, while Mustang's brigade, on orders from the Führer to capture the boys, are in hot pursuit. The official orders are to find out what happened during the Battle for Lior, in which hundreds of soldiers died in an instant leaving the Elrics and a few minor officers the sole survivors. The true reason is that Führer King Bradley knows about the Philosopher Stone and is a Homunculus seeking it for his master Dante. In Lior, Edward barely managed to rescue Rose and her infant from Dante who now possesses the body of her student/servant Lyra. If Edward hadn’t been warned by the demonic Sins of the Castle Lords, he would have let Rose go with Lyra and Dante would be preparing to enter Rose’s body.

Alphonse Elric sits in the back of a truck surrounded by the ninjas and his brother Edward, while Spike drives the vehicle. A second truck created by alchemy from two smaller cars follows the first carrying the other members of the group. The dark truck interior is illuminated by a red glow coming from Alphonse’s armor, which occasionally makes markings appear on the steel armor.

“I thought the Philosopher Stone would be smaller,” says Gabriel. “Most of the legends describe it as a small red stone the size of a man’s fist, not a large rock fitting inside the torso of an oversized suit of armor.”

“I’m not sure that it’s complete,” says Al. “It has enough souls, but I think it needs to be refined somehow.”

“So, you’re going to use it to restore your bodies,” says Blaze

“I’m not sure if it’s right. So many people died to create this stone.”

“Scar entrusted you with the stone,” says Drusilla. “I think he wanted you to help his people.”

“Once the Homunculi, Dante, and the Sins are dead, Mustang can help the people of Ishbal,” says Blaze. “You use it to restore your bodies, then you can help the people.”

Suddenly, there is a slight moaning and Team Tamer begins to wake up. The group had been extremely drained after their mind-controlled battle on Yock Island. Takato Matsuda, Ruki Makino, Jenrya, Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon slowly awaken. Ruki is the first one to clear her head and the first to notice that she in the rather large truck surrounded by her friends and new people.

“What happened?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

“The Flying Castle and a massive portal opening in the sky.”

“We were pulled into another world and scattered in different areas,” says Blaze. “Most of us ended up near a desert town called Lior. The Sennin ended up in Dublith and Team Gai ended up in a small town and eventually ended up in the town of Resembool.”

“Who's the glowing trashcan?”

“Trashcan?” says Alphonse, looking depressed.

“Alphonse Elric,” says Angel. “He and his brother are heroes of this world.”

“Wha??” says Al.

“What can he do?”

“This world uses alchemy, a science which allows people to breakdown matter and reconstruct it to create something of equal mass and composition.”

“Why is he in the glowing armor?”

“He is the armor. The Elrics tried to do forbidden alchemy and bring their mother back from the dead. It failed, Edward lost his leg, and Alphonse lost his entire body. In order to save his life, Edward gave up his own arm to attach Alphonse’s soul to a nearby suit of armor.”

“So what are we fighting against?”

“Predictable. We have two sets of enemies,” explains Blaze. “On one side is an ancient alchemist Dante who has been jumping bodies to remain immortal and her Homunculi, soulless humanoid creatures each possessing a superhuman ability. The main problem is that the leader of the Homunculi, Pride, is the King of this country, which is called Amestris, and controls the military. On the other side are the Castle Lord’s latest followers known as the Sins, which like the Homunculi are named after the Seven Deadly Sins from Christianity. The demonic sins are also armed with Devil Stones, demonic stones that boost the powers of alchemists at the cost of human lives and souls. They can also allow demons to bond with hosts and take physical form. They also used those stone to control you and the rest of Team Tamer. They even had you and Renamon fuse into a demonic version of Kazuhamon.”

Ruki rubs her head, then asks.

“Anything else?”

“Kairi’s digitama hatched and is now an Otamamon named Sora. Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon can all assume human form.”

Renamon remembers the sensation she felt on the island before passing out. She is covered in a white glow and when the glow fades, Ruki is staring at a human girl who could be her sister.

“Renamon? Well that’s useful.”

“My best guess is the Lords or the Sins needed to transport you through the human towns and knew a rabbit-eared dog, a giant bipedal red lizard, and a giant bipedal yellow fox would be too noticeable.”

“I hope Winry can handle this many guests, otherwise brother is going to have to create an underground bunker.”


When the Elrics managed to reach their home town of Resembool, they learned that someone else had arrived before them. They sent Winry home during the mess in Lior hoping she would be safe, but now Resembool is a frozen wasteland with all the icy trails leading to the Rockbell home.

When the group reaches the house, they find villagers frozen solid like ice statues, Winry and Pinako trapped inside a cage of thick ice, and a man with demonic ice powers.

Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist, is a former state alchemist who wishes to destroy Central and the man he once worked for, King Bradley. When he learned from one of the Sins that King Bradley was a homunculus, he felt justified in his beliefs and accepted the devil stone. With help from the Sins, he hopes to send the Homunculi and people of Central to Hell.


“Winry,” says Ed, as he transforms his automail into its blade form and tries to cut through the ten centimeter (4 inch) diameter bars. The problem is that a blue light flows through the ice and the damage is regenerating using the moisture from the air. Ed also notices that his arm is now partially covered in ice.

“She won’t be escaping like that.” says Isaac.

“What do you want, Isaac of Ice!?”

“What do I want? I want Führer King Bradley destroyed and I want Central, the heart of this corrupt government, destroyed. He hunts you and your brother because you now possess the ultimate prize, The Philosopher Stone! I believe I and my comrades could put the stone to better use.”

Two demons appear from behind the ice-covered house.

One is an athletic humanoid with the lower torso covered in black fur and the hind legs of an immense bipedal cat. Its feet have sharp claws and thick yellow scales. Its muscular upper body has four arms which are covered in black and yellow scales with long retractable claws. It has a long serpentine tail covered in yellow and black scales with a rattle at the end. It has a human head with black striped yellow scaly skin, gold eyes with oval pupils, fangs, and long black hair. It also has two other heads mounted on the shoulders. One is the head of a serpent with the same yellow scales and gold eyes; the other is a black furred cat head with yellow eyes with black sclera.

Team Gai recognize the monster as Aim, the demon they fought in Central who destroyed a building full of innocent people to escape. Both Lee and Gai clench their fingers in rage as they stare at the creature, who has an arrogant smile on its scaly mouth.

“My name is Aim, but I believe some of you already know this.”

The other is a two meter tall muscular man with an effeminate face, dark gold eyes, dark tan skin, and long flowing black hair reaching his waist. He also has webbed feet similar to a duck and webbing between his fingers, which also have long claw-like nails. He has a long muscular whip-like tail extending from his spine covered in scales the same color as his tan skin with a row of spines going from the bridge of his nose to the tip of the two-and-a-half meter long tail. He’s dressed in the dark robes of a Bedouin with bandages wrapped around his lower legs and wrists and had a gold jewel-encrusted imperial crown on his forehead. He rides an immense camel-like creature with blood red fur, glowing fiery eyes, and an elongated head with sharp teeth similar to a crocodile.

“My name is Paimon. I offer great knowledge for a price in the service of the Castle Lords.”

“They offered to help me in the destruction in return for what remains of the stone afterward,” says Isaac.

“Did the Sins send you?” says Ed, trying to keep calm as his former neighbors begin to melt, shattering into bloody pieces around him.

“No. The Sins of the Castle Lords didn’t send us,” says Paimon. “We saw an opportunity. I saw the knowledge to be gained, while Aim saw a chance to reduce a city to rubble.”

“Why!? Why did you kill the people of Resembool!? If you wanted to hold people hostage you only needed Winry, but you killed all of these people. They died the second they were frozen as the ice crystals tore apart their cells from the inside.”

“Why?” says Isaac, holding a glowing Devil Stone. “For the power boost and for the fun of it.”

Edward feels rage building inside of him. He hasn’t been this angry since the Sewing-Life Alchemist Shou Tucker fused his little daughter Nina with the family dog. He feels energy beginning to gather and crackle across the cold steel surface of his automail limbs. The Scourge and Ninjas don’t have time to react as Edward charges forward with death in his eyes

Isaac raises his devil stone and points at the cage holding Winry and Pinako, hoping to threaten Edward by increasing the thickness of the supernatural ice which would decrease the space inside the cage. What he intends to happen and what happens are two extremely different things.

The ice bars vibrate as Kairi waves her arms as if creating ripples in a pond. The supernatural ice, which is stronger than natural crystal, crackles and then shatters into a thousand fragments which are then manipulated by Kairi’s water manipulation into a thousand ice projectiles. Aim is able to destroy the ice blades thrown at him with his fire-based powers, but Paimon is forced to leap into the air. His demonic camel isn’t as lucky, as one shard of ice pierces it’s skull through the eye and another tears through the throat and goes deep into its torso. The animal struggles and shakes as it hits the ground, then lies dead in a pool of red-purple blood.

Edward’s arm blade cuts through Isaac’s shirt leaving a deep cut on his chest as he jumps clear of the lethal attack. Isaac fires a barrage of youki hardened icicles from his palm, but Edward slides under them, then does a reverse axe kick, which results in his automail foot cracking Isaac’s jaw and knocking him back. Edward claps his hands as he back flips and strikes his palms to the ground as he lands, causing the ground to rise up and knock Isaac back. Edward uses the rock as a launch pad and spins the blade towards Isaac, only for the Freezing Alchemist to fire a blast of ice and water at Ed from his palms. The high pressure blast is dispersed before it can reach Edward by Kairi who dances between the two alchemists, creating fog and ice crystals in the air.

Aim jumps back to avoid the thrown daggers and mentally curses his opponents. He would use his aura of heat and flame to stop the projectiles, but his opponents are only throwing a few blades and are timing it so he’s exhausting his power. What he doesn’t know is that Tenten once used the same method to defeat her teammate Neji’s kaiten (heavenly spin). Suddenly, a barrage of spike-covered metal spheres is thrown at him. His four arms, covered in fiery demonic aura. move faster than the speed of sound and knock the hundred spheres out of the air. Two massive spheres follow the smaller one, but when Aim punches both of them his fists set off explosive notes, causing two simultaneous explosions of flame, concussive force, and shrapnel.

Aim is thrown back and only stops when he’s hit from behind. He’s hit over a hundred times before he realizes they are the Juken strikes of Neji Hyuuga. He knocks Neji back with his aura, but the damage has been done and part of his power has been sealed. Rock Lee appears in front of the enraged demon and delivers a kick that goes straight through the weakened aura and sends the demon into the air. Lee follows, appearing in the creature’s shadow before binding its two remaining good arms with his bandages. They both fall back towards the Earth and begin to spin like a drill. They rocket towards the ground, but Lee is able to escape a split second before impact, while Aim is buried meters into the earth creating a crater.

Paimon lands, but instantly sinks into the unnatural soft ground. Jiraiya has used his Yomi Numa - Swamp of the Underworld- to create a vast poisonous swamp under his opponent. Paimon tries to push himself out of the swamp using his demonic aura, but a couple of kunai daggers and a dozen senbon from Anko Mitarashi form a smiley face on his back. The poisoned weapons weaken him but don’t stop Paimon’s escape. He races across the field, flying a few inches off the ground, to escape the swamp only to get Tsunade’s chakra-boosted punch to his face. The force is so immense that he’s sent flying like a rocket to the other side of the swamp, where Team Tamer is waiting.

Takato and Guilmon release massive fireballs that combine to create a sphere of flame that consumes Paimon. As Paimon emerges from the fireball, Renamon and Ruki deliver flame covered punches that cause a second explosion. Paimon’s charred corpse skids across the surface of the swamp before stopping and sinking into its dark depths.

The earth explodes outward to reveal Aim, but he is mutating before the eyes of his attackers. The two damaged arms have become immense serpents while the two other arms have become longer with long claw-tipped fingers. The legs look more inhuman and the flesh is rippling like a thousand snakes under the skin. He charges like a feral animal towards Gai, whose body is glowing with chakra. Gai’s skin has turned red and his eyes are white. As Aim gets within a second of killing Gai, the hand to hand combat master releases an enormous amount of chakra and kicks his opponent into the air. While in the air, Gai strikes the demon multiple times, causing a distinctive peacock fan illusion to develop. Aim then fall back to the earth, covered in the strike's aura, striking the ground like meteor. In the crater, the corpse’s flesh and bones first becomes gelatinous, then hardens into red-purple crystal. Once the corpse is completely crystallized, it shatters and dissolves into vanishing powder.

Isaac’s eyes widen as Edward’s blade pierces his chest, straight through the heart. Edward’s eyes widen as he realizes he has killed his opponent. It’s interesting to note that the old commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill originally meant thou shall not murder. The Greeks had no distinction between the two, but Edward wonders if he has murdered Isaac or merely killed him because of the hatred.

Suddenly, Isaac jumps back letting blood spray from his chest and holds up the pulsating Devil Stone. He doesn’t even seem to notice the wound in his chest, which shocked him seconds ago. He presses the glowing stone into his chest, as if replacing his destroyed heart with the stone.

“Nice try you little fool.”

Isaac moves with supernatural speed and grabs Alphonse, who had come to help his brother. As he touches the armor, the alchemic symbols appear and the red glow of the stone increases.

“Live in me!”

A swirling aura of mist-like dark power forms around Isaac and he begins to laugh insanely. The chest wound closes around the stone and bulging “veins” spread from the crystal heart to the rest of his body, which glows of energy. The ground beneath his feet is covered in ice, which spreads up his boots and dark alchemic energy crackles across his form like electricity in tesla coils.

A blade suddenly pierces Isaac’s back and comes out the front, tearing the stone out of his chest.

Isaac stops laughing and begins to scream in pain and terror. His aura of cold becomes an aura of intense heat which causes his clothing to burst into flames. His skin bubbles and melts like wax as his hair is turned to ash. Flesh bulges, cooks, and tears apart as the demonic energy heats the tissue. Blood boils and organs burst, but Isaac is keep still alive by supernatural forces. Suddenly, a pillar of dark blue flames erupts from the ground and consumes Isaac, incinerating the remaining flesh and turning the bones to ash.

As the pillar vanishes all that remains is the Devil Stone and the steaming blood that stains the Elric Brothers and the man who saved Alphonse.

The savior is a tall man in his forties with gold eyes behind glasses and long gold blond hair done in a ponytail. He’s dressed in simple clothing, but he’s not a simple person. He’s a powerful alchemist who hasn’t been seen in the town in years.


He is Hohenheim of Light.

Edward is about to yell at his father, when everyone hears a scream. They turn to find Pinako dead on the ground in a pool of blood and Lust of the Sins holding Winry. The female demon is in Winry’s form and has the automail mechanic bound by thin black chains, no thicker than necklaces.

“Isaac was a fool who couldn’t see past his greed and rage. Aim and Paimon were fools thinking they could claim victory over the Sins,” says Lust. “In Central, we shall see if you are fools or if you will make the right choice.”

Suddenly, Lust and Winry are surrounded by a green glow and vanish.

Central City - Days Later

Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, is in trouble. Due to his ambitious and inquisitive nature, he’s in trouble a lot but he’s never been as seriously injured as he is now. Führer King Bradley first ordered the arrest of the Elric brothers, but he failed due to the Elrics’ ninja friends and his own belief that the Elrics are doing the right thing. He was then ordered north to fight on the Dracma frontier. Instead he stayed behind and learned from the librarian-turned-office-worker Sheska the fact that King Bradley and his secretary Juliet Douglas (a woman accused of killing a child and sparking the Ishbal War) are the Homunculi Pride and Sloth.

Sheska said she found out while eavesdropping and barely escaped with her life. What Roy failed to notice was the Sheska that told him had eyes that flashed red. When he left, he didn’t see the bespectacled girl transform into a blonde with red eyes.

He confronted King Bradley at his mansion, but the fight started going bad for Mustang after the first few strikes. Pride possesses the Ultimate Eye, an eye hidden under his eyepatch that allows him to predict the movements of his opponent and see partially into the future. King Bradley has used the eye and swordsmanship to give Roy many deep wounds, which are slowly soaking the floor as the surrounding building begins to burn.

Roy is facing death, when Salim Bradley walks in with a small bag that causes Pride to look up. He stares at the bag in shock and growing rage, before he grabs the throat of his confused adopted son. The boy’s eyes widen in fear as his father begins to strangle him.

Suddenly, a burst of red-orange energy tears through the young boy and strikes Pride in the chest. The bloody, smoking Salim falls to the ground dead while Pride cries out in pain. The orange glow flows across his body making the Homunculus look older with graying hair. He also vomits red fluid mixed with fragments of red stones. The bag the boy was carrying opens and releases a human skull, which rolls into Roy’s hands.

Pride, still in pain, tries to stop Mustang, but a glowing hand pierces his back and out the front where his human heart would be located. Standing behind the Homunculus is a tall man with a handsome face, purple eyes, pale skin, and shoulder-length black hair. He's dressed in a white shirt and pants with a black vest and a white jacket decorated with gold. He's also wears white gloves, white boots, and a long white coat with gold decorations

“Who are you??” asks King Bradley, as blood and red stone fluid drops from his mouth.

“Pride of the Castle Lords,” says Pride before he jumps back, pulling his hand cleanly from King Bradley’s torso.

Roy with his ignition gloves torn has created an alchemic seal on the skull with his own blood. An extremely powerful blast of flame incinerates King Bradley, which he quickly regenerates from. He’s incinerated over and over again, with each regeneration getting slower and slower. Until finally, the body doesn’t regenerate from the boiling red ooze and the skull dissolves into bone powder.

“Why did you save me, Pride?” says Roy. “Why would a demon save me?”

“To deliver a message to the Elric brothers. Winry Rockbell has been taken to the old city beneath Central. Dante and the remaining Homunculi are there. If they don’t arrive soon, Dante may take over Winry’s body as a replacement.”

“Why!?” starts Roy, before he sees Pride’s eyes.

Suddenly, memories of the Ishbal massacre fill Roy’s mind, including being forced to kill the Rockbells, over and over. Beyond his reflected memories, he also sees a being of power filled with pride and arrogance. It makes his own ego collapse in on itself and brings him to his knees. As the effect ends, Pride smiles at him, his eyes glowing with an orange light.

“We Sins of the Castle Lords feed on the negative emotions of the mortals. Your battles make us stronger, far greater than those worthless soulless.”

Roy Mustang tries to fire a blast of flame, but Pride’s aura flares outward and send him flying into the wall. The orange fire aura covers Pride before becoming opaque and dissolving into flames and embers in the air. Pride, Sin of the Castle Lords has vanished completely, but Roy can hear people coming.

Roy slowly pushes himself to his feet and runs out of the collapsing building. He uses his military training to avoid security and people coming to see the tragedy.

Between Destruction

Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, wakes to find himself surrounded by a large group of weird people. Thirty people to be exact, which including himself makes thirty-one. First are the Elric Brothers and the Curtis family (Izumi, Sig, and newcomer Wrath). Angel, Gabriel, Spike, Blaze, Drusilla, and Lilitha stand next to them. Takeru, Angelo, Hikari, and Angela stand on the other side. Gai, Rock Lee, Neji, and Tenten stand against the wall of the warehouse on the right side. On the left side are Iruka, Shizune, Anko, Jiraiya, Takato, Guilmon, Ruki, Renamon, Jenrya, and Terriermon. Tsunade is next to him healing his wounds using her medical ninjutsu.

“What happened, Mustang?” asks Ed

“I fought King Bradley. He was Pride of the Homunculi,” says Roy. “He almost killed me until two people showed up. The first was Bradley’s adopted son Selim holding a skull that weakened Pride. The second was a demon in human form that called himself Pride of the Castle Lords.”

“The Castle Lords!? What did he tell you!?’ demands Ed

“He has a message for the Elrics. Winry Rockbell has been taken to the old city beneath Central. Dante and the remaining Homunculi are there. If they don't arrive soon, Dante may take over Winry's body as a replacement,” says Roy Mustang, as Ed’s rage grows. “He also said that they feed on the negative emotions of mortals. Your battles make them stronger."

“Why would they help the Homunculi, their enemies?” asks Takato.

“Pride of the Sins seriously hurt King Bradley. When the Homunculus came in contact with the dark energy, he was filled with pain and vomited up blood and stuff that resembled red stones,” says Roy. “My guess is their pitting us against each other to weaken us, so they can steal what Al is hiding.”

“You know..?”

“The Philosopher Stone. You finally found it, Elrics, so the demons took something more precious to you.”

“I’m going to get Winry back!” yells Ed, clenching his metal fist.

“We will,” says Hohenheim of Light walking in. “I know where the old city is.”

Dante’s Underground Lair - Old City

Dante in Lyra’s body walks towards Winry, who is tied to a post. They and the assembled Homunculi are surrounded by the rubble of an ancient city destroyed before the founding of Central. It was in this place that the first Philosopher Stone was created by Hohenheim and Dante

“I’ve never been a blonde. I’ve always liked dark haired girls,” says Dante. “I had dark hair when Hohenheim was mine and when I gave birth to you Envy.”

The Homunculus with the palm tree hair grunts as a response.

“Hohenheim is gone now. He fell in love with another and she gave birth to the Elric brothers. Edward reminds me of his father and he does hold a deep connection to you. I guess I can live as a blonde.”

Winry looks scared in her eyes, but she puts on a brave face.

“I wonder why the demons gave you to us. I think they plan on forcing me to fight those friends of yours.”

“It has worked.”

Dante, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth turn to see Hohenheim standing with Team Uzumaki and the Scourge.

“Ed is going to be a little late. We encountered more playmates courtesy of the Castle Lords.”

“Hohenheim,” says Dante. “You were once like me, taking the bodies of others. Will you really defy me now?”


“Yes,” says Hohenheim of Light before slamming his palms into the ground. Alchemic lightning crackles across the field and the ground becomes a hundred long spikes of hardened stone. Dante is nearly impaled but she uses her own alchemy to turn the spikes into sand before they can hit her. Hohenheim manipulates the air, pressurizing it into a point before releasing it as an explosive shockwave. The fierce wind turns the sand particles into an abrasive blast that tears cloth and flesh.

Envy does an impressive flip and capoeira-like moves to avoid the kunai wielded by Naruto. He doesn’t move fast enough to avoid Gohan’s sword, which cuts him in half at the waist. The blood and flesh dissolve into light and reform completely whole, but Gohan impales Envy through the heart and then Naruto rams a Rasengan into Envy’s chest. The sphere grinds the flesh and bone until Envy is sent spiraling through one stone wall and becomes embedded in a second. Envy falls out of the impression, blood and bone splattering the ground, before he’s restored in another flash of light. Envy then transforms into an immense dragon resembling an eel and flows towards his enemies, swallowing Gohan whole. It continues to charge after Naruto for several seconds, before it begins to shake in pain. Gohan explodes out of the side of the creature, tearing the dragon in half in the process. Naruto forms a Futon: Rasenshuriken, a sphere of wind with large wind blades like a Fuuma Shuriken, and throws it at Envy-Dragon tearing the monster into pieces. Envy’s human shape reforms covered in blood and looking more insane than ever.

Gabriel impales Sloth through the chest and neck with spears of light. They don’t cause any significant damage other than disrupting her movement. They do act like lightning rods for Angel, who releases a fierce lightning technique that superheats the liquid body of Sloth into steam, causing her to explode. Sloth reforms from the condensing water, but Angel’s lightning palm superheats the water it comes in contact with and the sudden pressure causes various parts of her body to explode. Sloth tries to knock Angel back with high pressure jets of water, but Gabriel spins his light spears and shatters the streams into harmless droplets.

Gluttony leaps at Spike, mouth wide and trailing corrosive drool, but Spike slashes downward and cuts Gluttony clean in half. The two bloody halves separate, then alchemic energy like two powerful magnets pull the halves together and instantly repairs the damage. Gluttony jumps to his feet and charges at Spike, but Blaze drives his Bena Hena shotguns into the creature’s wide mouth and opens fire. The blasts first knock Gluttony back, then blow out the back of his head and neck. Blaze doesn’t stop shooting until the entire head has been destroyed. While Gluttony regenerates his head, Spike goes through hand seals and rams his palms into the ground. He creates a magma swamp under Gluttony, and the heavy Homunculus quickly falls into its molten depths. Gluttony’s form glows white as it tries to regenerate the damage over and over again, while still trapped in the super-heated liquefied rock.

Drusilla and Lust dance around each other, their ultra thin blade-like fingers, the ultimate lance, creating bright sparks like a display of fireworks. Drusilla is cut several times, but so is Lust. Lust may be a homunculus, but she’s not a warrior, she is a creature of instinct. Drusilla’s decades of knowledge (even insane) and ninja training counters Lust’s edge of near indestructibility. Lilitha’s claws suddenly pierce Lust’s back and pump a large amount of corrosive poison into the Homunculus. The artificial humans can instantly regenerate damage done to their bodies, but poisons are far more troublesome. They can regenerate damage done by poison, but have problems removing its inhibiting effects. With her nervous system and muscles weakened, Drusilla’s nail blades get past Lust’s blades and nearly decapitate Lust. There’s just enough flesh to turn Lust into a human PEZ dispenser, but the damage is healed, over and over again.

Hinata appears behind Winry and slices the chains off with a chakra-enhanced kunai. She then grabs the blonde and in a few chakra boosted jumps, takes her clear of the battle.

“Where is Edward??” asks Winry.


Another Sector

Kairi Nereid’s eyes glow as her youki flows around her in the form of a vortex. As she gathers energy, the moisture in the air becomes thin rings of glowing water.

Kairi Nereid begins a dance of death as she’s attack by the demonically enhanced chimera. The chimera are massive creatures resembling fusions of big cat, bear, and crocodile. They look like large, extremely muscular cats with long claws, and reptilian scales and tails. The pierces of devil stone imbedded in their bodies increase their physical abilities and grants regenerative healing, feeding off the pain and rage deliberately engineered in each chimera.

Water from ancient plumbing and water that has fallen from the upper world, becomes Kairi’s weapon. Kairi pulls water from the side of the destroyed road and whips around creating a blade of water that slices one chimera in half at the waist and sends a shower of red-purple blood into air. She turns and throws the water at a charging chimera, impaling it with an immense lance of ice. She flips through the air to avoid another chimera and lands on the wet stone, where water from above is dripping down. As the chimera charges, she whips her arm vertically and a blade of water slices the chimera clean in half from head to crotch. Another chimera tries to attack her from behind, but she spins and makes the water wrap around it’s legs like whip, before tossing him into the rubble. She flips back to avoid the collapsing ruins, but she lands in a very dry area.

A savage chimera charges at her, but she thrusts her hands forward and pushes the blood in the creature’s body. The equivalent is a plane going from slow to hypersonic in the opposite direction. The equivalent g forces burst the veins and arteries in the creature’s brain, tearing the spongy brain apart with the pressure. The creature collapses dead as Kairi clenches her fist and turns to face her next opponent. As she turns, blood explodes from dead chimera and flows into her hand like water before she flings it into the head of another chimera. The liquid crystallizes and forms a solid spear that pierces its eye, before shattering into tiny fragments that tear the brain.

“Kairi!” shouts Sora, moving extremely fast for a tadpole. “TAI ATARI!”

One extra large chimera is knocked back when the little blue Digimon tackles its face. The Otamamon flips through the air and lands on Kairi’s shoulder.

“I thought I told you to stay in the backpack?”

“You needed help. Speaking of which. WRAPPING BUBBLE!

A ball of water drops on the recovering chimera from the sky and Kairi immediately uses her power to control the water. Instead of shattering into droplets, the sphere of water becomes a solid sphere of ice around the chimera’s head. A snap of her fingers causes the sphere and everything inside it to shatter. Sora summons another sphere of water and with a thrust Kairi turns it into a cannonball, blasting a huge hole through one of her opponents. Sora continues to summon more spheres of water and Kairi uses the water to do attacks that destroy her opponents.

Team Tamer’s opponents are large chimera resembling agile fusions of wolf and cat with long sharp claws, super enhanced speed and poisonous razor-sharp fur caused by the demonic enhancement. The devil stones embedded in their skulls continue to boost their abilities the longer they fight.

Ruki and Renamon deliver fiery punches to her opponents sending them flying into the stone walls. Renamon evolves to Kyubimon, then both Ruki and Kyubimon charge towards the recovering chimera.

“KOENRYUU!” (Fox Flame Dragon!)

Kyuubimon starts to spin very fast, which causes the flames on her body to erupt into a fiery inferno. This turns her body into a ball of swirling blue fire. While in this state, Kyuubimon summons a mystical dragon, which emerges from her body to destroy her enemies. Ruki spins while generating flames and summons her own blue flame dragon, which merges with Kyuubimon’s dragon to send the demonic chimera through several walls, before detonating in an explosion that collapses a damaged building.

A group of chimera charge at Jenrya, but despite their superior speed they can’t hit the agile martial artist. He only moves inches, but each metallic hair of the blade-like fur misses him every time. Suddenly, Jenrya disappears in an explosion of smoke when one chimera leaps at his throat. While dazed and confused, Gargomon emerges from behind a broken wall and opens fire with both guns.


Most of the bullets are stopped by thick metallic fur, but the barrage finds weak point likes the joints and eyes and finally penetrates the chimera’s bodies. Those shot in the joints fall to the ground howling in pain and rage, while those shot in the eye fall to the ground dead as their brains are shredded. Their healing factor can repair most damage, but if the brain is destroyed the fuel from the devil stone is cut off and since the gemstone is connected to the brain, there’s a possibility that the stone will also be destroyed.

"Katon: Dabi Sokushinzai!" (Fire Release: Cremation Accelerant!)

Takato release a spray of dark blue-purple mist from his mouth as he flips over the half a dozen chimera. The liquid soaks the ground and the chimera and acts like a lubricant sending the chimera out of control into a pile of stone and rotten wood. They try to get to their feet, but are hit by rocks knocked towards them by Growlmon.


Growlmon shoots a powerful fire ball from his mouth, which combined with the dark blue-purple liquid causes an extremely intense fire. The chimera only cry out for a couple of seconds, before flames burn their lung tissue. They suffocate in seconds and are reduced to metallic bones and fur in minutes.

Shizune and Iruka face odd chimera resembling crosses between wolves, lizards, and scorpions. The creatures have the bodies of wolves with long scales instead of fur, reptilian heads, and long segmented tails ending in a blade-like poisonous stinger. Shizune goes through hand signs with Jounin speed and releases a thick poisonous mist from her mouth that consumes the group of six chimera. She also fires her poisonous senbon into the cloud to further disorganize the creatures.

As the six creatures emerge from the cloud, weakened by foreign poison, Iruka and Shizune fire kunai from either side aimed at their heads and necks. Four of the chimera collapse to the ground and die from fatal wounds, but two manage to recover and attack their opponents. Iruka and Shizune run parallel to each other, then cross each other forming an “X”. This causes the two low intellect creatures to crash into each other. When they do, both Iruka and Shizune throw kunai with explosive notes. The resulting blast reduces the two wolf-scorpion-lizards to pieces.

The Angels face chimera out of nightmares, a fusion of lizard, scorpion, snake, toad, and centipede. Each chimera has a lean muscular lizard body with a long neck ending in a wide-mouth snake-like head with sharp blade-like mandibles, a long segmented whip-like tail ending in a blade-like stinger, long limbs with clawed webbed toes and rows of spines going down the sides and the spine. Each chimera is a poisonous yellow-black with blue-green markings on the neck and red markings on the legs. These creatures have poisonous skin, poison-tipped claws, a poison stinger, venomous mandibles, corrosive blood, a long poisonous barbed tongue, and the ability to spray a corrosive poison mist from its mouth.

“Heaven’s Charm!”

Angela’s holy energy cross cleanses the air of poisonous mist and weakens the attacking creatures.

“God Typhoon!”

Angelo spins his staff, creating a divine whirlwind that blows the lizard chimera away from the heroes.

“Heaven’s Knuckle/Holy Arrow!”

Angelo fires a burst of sacred energy from his fist, while Angela fires an arrow of holy light. As both attacks strike the chimera, their holy nature causes the embedded devil stones to explode into lifeless fragments. The stone not only enhance these chimera, but provide regeneration which allows them to exist with the accumulated toxins in their bodies. With the stones annihilated, the creatures are killed by their own chemicals and dissolve in seconds.

Hikari protects Takeru from the poisons, as he finishes the last of them with his sword skills. In seconds all the remaining poisonous chimera have been decapitated. Their heads struggle to stay alive longer than the bodies, but soon they die and dissolve into toxic ooze.

The last group of chimera are tall, muscular bipedal fusions of gorilla, bear, and wolf. These creatures have the giant, muscular bodies of large primates with long arms ending in sharp claws and elongated snouts filled with sharp teeth. They have black fur with glowing red-purple eyes and devil stones embedded in various parts of their bodies making them extremely powerful. They don’t stand a chance against Team Gai.

Maito Gai and Rock Lee deliver powerful attacks that send the ape chimera flying and deliver precise strikes that shatter the devil stones into lethal crystal fragments inside their bodies. Neji’s Heavenly Spin and Gentle Fist air blows knock the monsters back, while Tenten releases a barrage of a thousand bladed projectiles that slice through the thick fur hide and dense muscle tissue and shatter the bones.

Sinner’s End

Spike is stabbed in the head a hundred times in a few seconds and only his ability to become diamond hard protects him. When he turns to his attacker, he is surprised it’s a bird chimera. The creature resembles a giant woodpecker with a scarlet head, sharp black and white wings, and the claws of a bird of prey. The bird tries to peck Spike to death, but Blaze strikes the bird with the stock of one of his shotguns. The bird turns around and delivers a thousand peck attack to Blaze. Suddenly, Blaze’s clawed hand shoots out and grabs the bird by the neck before forcing the barrels of a shotgun into its mouth.

“Good-bye Woody.”

Blaze pulls the trigger and the woodpecker becomes like the headless chicken. A second blast to the chest, shreds organs and ends the creature’s life.

Angel is attacked by a cloud of bat chimeras. The creatures resemble large bats the size of flying foxes with sharp fangs, sharp claws, and long poisonous segmented tails like those of scorpions to make them poisonous. These creatures also have large Devil Stones implanted, which boosts their speed and ferocity far beyond normal. Suddenly, one manages to sink it’s fangs into Angel’s hand and there is a red-orange glow from the bite. Angel’s arm becomes a blur and the kunai dagger slices the remaining bats to pieces. The bat attached to his hand glows an orange-red before dissolving into particles of energy and being absorbed into his Digivice. This event seriously confuses the former master vampire.


Lust of the Castle Sins appears in front of the Homunculus Lust, with a savage smile and glowing green eyes. Lust extends her nails into ultimate lance claws and charges at Sin Lust, but Sin Lust dances around the claws with ease. Homunculus Lust pushes the demonic counterpart back with her attacks and when they reach a wall, she gets closer. Sin Lust jumps over the artificial woman with a supernatural ease. Sin Lust’s bat-like wings transform into black ribbons that slice through the Homunculus’ shoulders cutting of both arms. Lust turns as her arms regenerate, only for Lust of the Castle Sins to drive her hand through the Homunculus’ chest and out the back, pushing her off the ground. She is impaled as if Sin Lust’s arm is a lance. Homunculus Lust screams and screams as the demonic energy rips through her body, destroying the red stones and killing her over and over. As the hand is pulled out, the smoking body falls to the ground. She’s alive, with barely enough energy to regenerate the last wound.

The fiery Wrath of the Sins and the giant eyeball-like Envy attack the Homunculus Envy. Envy manages to escape for several minutes, using his shape-shifting to form weapons like Ed’s automail arm. Sin Envy finally fires a burst of demonic energy from its iris, which paralyzes palm tree head Envy long enough for the tentacles to wrap around his limbs and begin shocking him. The electrical discharge is far beyond the six milliamp needed to kill a human, more around thirty amps. Envy is forced to regenerate his muscles hundreds of times a second, as each high frequency pulse tears them apart. Suddenly, the blazing Wrath punches Envy in the face creating an explosion of red flame. Envy’s burnt body flies through the air with its face crushed, only for Wrath to appear above him and strike him into the ground causing another fiery blast. Wrath grabs Envy’s ankle and swings him through several walls, before sending him flying into the cavern wall. Wrath then appears in front of Envy and delivers a barrage of fire-covered punches that shatter stones with every blow. Wrath then lets the burning body fall to the destroyed civilization below.

“Can I eat it?”

“I can eat you.”

Gluttony of the Castle Lords attacks his homunculus counterpart, driving his fangs into the round man’s flesh. The simple minded homunculus tries to bite the creature back, but the demonic flesh burns away his mouth and corrodes his teeth. The skinless wolf’s mouth closes and the limbs are torn off in a bloody display. At the same time, hundreds of sharp toothed mouths appear in the wolf’s flesh. They extend on fleshy tendrils and bite Gluttony who’s panicking like a small child. The toothy mouths bite off skin and muscle tissue, and their demonic energy prevents the alchemic regeneration. Gluttony’s body begins to change, as if opening a door, but the tendrils hold the rib-like door closed. Gluttony of the Castle Lords opens its mouth wide and, like a snake, devours Gluttony’s skinless form alive. As the last is devoured, the servant of the Lords glows an olive green that seems to devour the light around it.

Sloth of the Homunculi tries to escape the long claws of her demonic counterpart, only for the ground to shatter and the area to shake as if enduring a 9.8 Earthquake. A swipe of demon Sloth’s claws sends pierces of rubble flying towards her at supersonic speed. The impacts shatter her into droplets, but as she reforms Pride of the Castle Lords appears behind her and fires a beam of orange energy. Sloth screams as her body glows orange and remains semi-liquid. Red stones float to the surface of the glowing orange liquid, before dissolving into dust. This happens for several seconds, until she runs out of stones. When Pride stops his attack, the glow fades and Lust begins to evaporate. She has a bored look on her face, even as she vanishes forever.

Dante stares at the creatures that just annihilated most of her homunculi. She turns to run only to have black claws driven into her chest. She coughs up blood, then looks up to see the fierce eyes of Alchemic Warrior Ravenclaw. The claws begin to emit corrosive demonic toxins as Dante’s body begins to rot. First an inflamed red-purple decay spreads across her skin, then the flesh turns black from necrosis.

“You have served your purpose, human.”

Dante screams out as the black spreads to her face, then stops as her entire body turns black. The body hardens then shatters into a pile of black dust and clothing. There is nothing left of the corrupt semi-immortal, not even her decayed soul. The Homunculi that are still alive can only stare at the demonic warrior’s sheer power.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. All that is mortal will die and steel to rust.”

“Who are you!?” yells Ed, blade formed from his full steel automail prosthetic limb.

“Forgive me for not making an introduction. I am Malros Ravenclaw, Alchemic Warrior of the Lords,” says Ravenclaw, bowing slightly. “I am here for the Philosopher Stone.”

Ed charges towards Ravenclaw, only for the warrior to counter with a thrust. The hand covered in crackling energy slices through the blade and the automail, shattering one of Winry’s best works into pieces. As Ed turns around, Ravenclaw delivers a spin kick that sends Ed tumbling through the air. The blow is so powerful that blood and fragments of teeth trail behind Ed’s spinning form.

Hohenheim tries to help his son, only to be impaled by Ravenclaw’s clawed hand. He feels pain as the demonic energy rips through his decayed body, but there’s a strange peace. He knows he will be reunited with his beloved Trisha at the Gate. The bloody Ed and horrified Alphonse can only watch as their father’s body turns black then shatters into mist, ash, and a chalk-like substance.

“Let the bodies hit the floor.”

Ravenclaw lashes out and grabs Naruto’s wrist, snapping it with ease. The partially formed Rasengan disperses, as Ravenclaw drives his fist into Naruto’s stomach hard enough to create a shockwave. Naruto’s eyes widen as he vomits blood, then a left punch nearly sends him to his knees and Ravenclaw’s right punch sends Naruto flying through the air leaving a trail of blood.

Ravenclaw turns and grabs Hinata, who was attacking from behind, by the face and tosses her. She tumbles through the air and hits a thick stone wall hard enough to collapse it. Gohan’s sword strikes Ravenclaw’s neck but fails to cut. Ravenclaw turns and drives his claws into Gohan’s stomach and then grabs the bloody wound. With a sadistic grin, he smashes Gohan deep into the earth.

Tenten fires a barrage of weapons at the man, but he claps his hands and the thousand metal projectiles dissolve and reform into an immense chain with a large bladed weight. He swings the chain around and wraps it around Tenten and Neji, who was trying to defend her, then spins them around at high speed. Gai and Rock Lee stop the chain, shattering it in the process, but both people are badly injured from the G force. Rock Lee kicks Ravenclaw into the air and sets him up for the Lotus, but as they are spinning towards the ground, Ravenclaw explodes into metal shrapnel. Lee’s bloody form falls to the ground, while the real Ravenclaw emerges from the ground like an undying soul rising from its grave. Gai charges at the man who nearly killed his beloved student, only for land mines created by alchemy and planted by Ravenclaw to detonate underneath him. The blast is powerful enough that one of Gai’s legs is torn off. Shizune and Iruka rush to help Team Gai, while the other teams attack.

Ruki and Kyubimon charge towards Ravenclaw covered in chakra flames, but Ravenclaw snaps his fingers and there is a monstrous explosion and the badly burnt forms of Renamon and Ruki crash to the ground fifty meters away from the blast.

Ravenclaw is not affected by intense flame; instead he turns and grabs Growlmon’s snout. Then showing immense strength, he picks up and tosses the massive dinosaur like a mattress. Growlmon tumbles across the ground, reverting to Guilmon before he hits a wall. Ravenclaw then backhands Takato with his claws extending, leaving several deep cuts and destroying an eye.

Gargomon opens fire with both guns, but the bullets fail to pierce Ravenclaw’s diamond hard skin. Ravenclaw claps his hands and rams his palms into the ground creating an explosion of white light. When the light clears, Ravenclaw is holding a pair of double barrel .50 caliber machine guns. He opens fire on his opponents and there is an explosion of particles. A badly bleeding Jenrya collapses to the ground and a Digitama tumbles next to him, landing in the pooling blood.

Ravenclaw turns and his guns are sliced apart by Takeru’s sword, as Angela and Angelo open fire with their holy energy. The holy energy fails to do any damage beyond burning his coat on the edges. His response is to drop the guns and clap his hands. The combination of alchemic and demonic energy compresses the air, then ignites it creating a destructive shockwave that badly injures the angels at close range.

While Ravenclaw badly beats the heroes, the Sins of the Castle Lords watch like proud parents.


Alphonse’s cry stops the battle and Malros Ravenclaw, Alchemic Warrior of the Lords, turns to the living suit of armor holding the Philosopher’s Stone.

“I’ll surrender.”

“Al, no!” yells Edward as he struggles to his feet with Winry’s help.

“I have to brother! He’s too strong!”

“Smart boy. I only need the stone, I don’t need you Alphonse Elric,” says Ravenclaw, as he pulls a crystal from his pocket. “Equivalent Exchange. I get what I want, you get what you want.”

The small blue hexagonal crystal expands from two and half centimeters to two and half meters and becomes transparent revealing an object sealed inside. The object is a nude human, a fourteen year old boy with short blond hair. The eyes of the Elrics, Winry, and the Curtis’ widen.

“That’s me!” yells Alphonse

“It’s a copy of your mortal body,” says Ravenclaw. “Human transmutation is a sin because you can’t copy a soul. Creating a body without a soul is easy for a person with enough power and skill.”

Ravenclaw places his hands on the crystal’s surface and a glowing alchemic seal appears below the crystal. A similar seal appears below Al, causing the Philosopher Stone to glow bright and the markings to appear. It happens too fast for Edward to react, then two pillars of light form obscuring the people inside. When the light clears, Alphonse in his human body is lying on the ground next to Edward and slowly regaining consciousness.

“Big brother?”

“Al, you’re back!” says Edward with tears in his eyes, then looks up.

Ravenclaw’s crystal chamber is now a translucent red stone with Alphonse’s armor trapped inside.

“If you could do this, why didn’t you tell us? Why did you attack instead??” asks Al.

“You're heroes. I doubt you would give the Philosopher Stone to incarnations of evil unless you had no other choice. The other reason is we wanted you to suffer before you die.”

One by one the Sins of the Castle Lords form their auras. Their auras glow bright and become opaque, before they each become spheres of energy that shoot upward, through the cavern ceiling and into the sky. Ravenclaw and the Philosopher Stone glow red, then they disappear in a red flash leaving a glowing red seal on the ground. The seal glows brighter and brighter, and soon objects are being pulled into the alchemic reaction.


Central City

Central City, the capital of Amestris, is shaking and collapsing. It shakes as if under siege by a 9.9 earthquake, but the truth is a far greater disaster. Deep under the city, a demonic/alchemic reaction is consuming the old city and destroying the supports for the new, creating a sinkhole with a terrible crimson light at its core.

The citizens, soldiers, and heroes race to escape the collapsing buildings.

They have help in the form of glowing dragon-armored warrior and a warrior in armor with a robotic arm.

Justimon and ShineGreymon have found their friends.

End of CHAPTER 40: THE RACE Part 1


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?

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