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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Full Beta Version
Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
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Central Burning

Central City, the capital of Amestris, is burning. The buildings are collapsing into an underground cavern as a red light spreads across the city, infecting the people it touches. Only minutes ago, a demonic alchemist began the destructive alchemic reaction when he acquired the Philosopher Stone and now most of the city is dead.

Only a small group of heroes are able to help the survivors escape.

The aquatic warrior Kairi with her Otamamon partner Sora hanging on her back is running through the streets. The road beneath her collapses, but she uses her control of water to affect her own body and boost her jump. She lands with ease several meters away and turns around releasing a blast of water that shatters a falling pole. She hears a child crying and sees a small girl standing in the street surrounded by falling buildings. Kairi creates a whip of water and uses it to swing down to the sinking rubble and grab the girl.

Edward Elric claps his hands and then uses alchemy to fuse thousands of pieces of rubble into a bridge to allow survivors to reach more stable ground. As the last of the people cross, a falling piece of stone strikes the bridge, shattering it. Edward doesn’t let that stop him, jumping over the gap. He falls backwards into the abyss, but his hands are caught and pulled by Winry and Alphonse. Together they pull Edward to relative safety, then together they continue to leave the burning city.

Izumi Curtis delivers a powerful punch that shatters the thick wall of a school, while Sig Curtis carries the children out on his massive shoulders. He’s helped by Strong Arm Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong, who also has immense muscles. They manage to get the children out seconds before the entire school building collapses into the glowing sinkhole.

Mustang snaps his fingers and an explosion of flame tears a path through the clouds of dust and debris. He snaps his fingers again and the raging fires near the path are extinguished. With the path cleared, the other soldiers Heymans Breda, Vato Falman, Kain Fuery, Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Denny Brosh and Maria Ross help the civilians and each other to escape.

Angel and his airborne partner Gabriel plot the path through the collapsing city. He’s guided by a new power that allows him to see partially into the future. Spike and Blaze release explosive attacks that destroy rubble in their path and occasional free those trapped by the debris. Drusilla and Lilitha use the former’s chakra strings to pull people out of the forming pits and use ice arrows to extinguish the burning buildings in their path.

The eyes of many citizens widen at the angelic beings who rescue them from the collapsing city. Angelo and Angela soar using their huge feathery wings, but Takeru and Hikari have also grown feathery wings. These wings appeared when they had to save a woman’s child from falling into the abyss and as far as the citizens are concerned they are the messengers of heaven.

The Tamers jump from collapsing building to collapsing building. Jenrya is still carrying the egg containing his partner, while the other Digimon have taken their larger forms of Growlmon and Kyubimon to carry the injured. Even Ruki and Takato are carrying people more than triple their body weight from rooftop to rooftop to escape the burning streets. A large building begins to collapse towards them, when a figure appears and destroys the entire structure with one blow. As the dust clears, the Tamers see the floating form of Justimon.

“Let’s go!” says Justimon, taking a super sentai Kamen rider pose.

“Show off,” mutters Ruki under her breath.

At the edge of the city, Iruka and Shizune are tending to the wounded but the numbers are immense and the resources are few. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Anko also help to carry the wounded, while using their immense summon creatures for transport. The citizens are terrified of the immense toads, snakes, and slugs, but they’d rather have an unpleasant trip then die in the city.

Maito Gai and Rock Lee deliver punches that shatter rubble and knock away falling debris. Neji also delivers air blows with his juken that knock pieces of concrete, wood, and metal away from people on the ground. Tenten throws a barrage of spikes with wires connected to their heads. The spikes become embedded deep into the walls, while the wires form a net that catching the falling rubble long enough for people to escape.

A wave of crimson energy explodes from the center of the hole, but ShineGreymon releases his own solar blast. The golden-white blast strikes the blood red mist-like energy and creates an inverted V-shaped cut in the wave. Those behind ShineGreymon survive unharmed, but those caught in the red light disintegrate into white lights.

The surviving Homunculi Lust and Envy don’t help anyone; instead they quickly escape the dying city.

“How did you find us, Ryo!?” asks Takato, as he lands on solid ground

“A couple of catgirls named Isabella and Clara.”

The Castle of the Lords.

Deep with the Castle of the Lords, Malvos Ravenclaw is conducting another experiment with the Philosopher Stone. The stone has already changed from its first use. The crimson crystal is larger than before and pulsating with energy. Sealed inside it, the once noble suit of armor has mutated into a fearsome armor more suited to a demon of hell. The red light helps increases the menace of the armor.

Malvos claps his hands and places them on the stone. In a burst of red light and electrical energy, the floor is covered in an immense alchemic seal. A second clap and the circular wall of the round chamber is also covered. He releases his wings and flies up to the ceiling, covering it with a third seal, which links with the ones on the wall and floor

Three figures walk into the chamber. They are humanoid stone golems each standing two meters tall with lean muscular bodies, no hair, grey stone skin, and grey stone eyes. Each one is about as male as a child’s doll and each carries a large container. Each container can hold over 35 liters (9 gallons). Each of the golems places their container on a certain point on the floor array. Then each golem turns and leaves the chamber.

Malvos touches each barrel and the drums are quickly covered in seals as well. He then walks over to the Philosopher’s Stone and pulls out three large Devil Stone. He places the dark tainted stone on the glowing red surface of the famous crystal and the devil stone sinks into the surface like a coin into gel. As the stone is absorbed, the light of the stone changes from bright red to a dark red-purple. As he inserts the second stone, the aura of dark energy increases as does the aura of menace. Malvos is unharmed by the demonic aura, but an ordinary human would die from the shock to their system at the blood lust and killer intent. He inserts the third stone and the aura increases in size and density, swirling around the crystal like a predatory animal composed of evil mist.

Malvos Ravenclaw claps his hands above his head and generates bolts of lightning from the energy flowing through him. He then slams his palms into the ground and activates the array. Every line and symbol of the array covering the interior of the chamber glows with crimson light, which then shifts to dark purple, then to pure white flame. Each of the containers glows white, then dissolves into particles of light. Those particles swirl around before coming back together into human-shaped forms.

The first is a tall, muscular humanoid composed of a dense liquid metal with glowing blue eyes. Slowly the smooth face changes and forms human features, followed by the rest of the body. Soon, there is a perfect, extremely detailed, statue of a man composed of liquid metal. The metal quickly changes color and texture giving the man dark eyes, dark skin, and a bald head. He looks like a younger, more powerful version of Basque Grand, Iron-Blood Alchemist, without the black mustache.

The second is a more horrific creation. Black bones covered in crimson liquid rise from the ground, which are filled with organs and blood vessels, then covered in dense muscle tissue. The skin and hair is the last to form on the body, giving the man dark eyes, pale skin, and long black hair tied in a ponytail. He looks like he could be the son of Zolf J. Kimbly, Red Lotus Alchemist, and instead of seals tattooed on his hands he has small toothy mouths that have the same unnatural smile as the fox faced creation.

The third is a tall humanoid composed of crimson crystal. As he stands, steam rises from the crystals, which go from opaque red to clear revealing a “human” inside. The thin layer of ice-clear crystal cracks, shatters, and falls away to reveal the creation. He has red eyes, light skin, and long frost white hair done in a ponytail. He looks like a younger, albino version of Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist.

As one, the three drop to one knee and bow before Malvos Ravenclaw. A wave of dark magic causes clothing to appear on them. Gunmetal gray on the first, black and blood red on the second and pure white on the third.

“I name you, Ferrum, Sang, and Isaz. You possess the powers of fire, slaughter, and cold death. You will now use those powers in my name and the names of the Castle Lords. Central has fallen. You will destroy North City, South City, East City, and West City for our Lords. This is my command!”

“Yes, Lord Ravenclaw.”

“After Amestris’ souls have been devoured, Xing to the far East, Creta to the West, Aerugo to the South, and Drachma to the North will follow.”

“Ambitious,” comes a female voice.

“With you by my side, how can I fail, Mae?”

East City

It’s been a few days since Central City was destroyed and the country of Amestris has descended into chaos. After the devastating loss of life in Lior, the country’s military strength was badly weakened. Now with more of the military and the government destroyed the chaos and fear is growing. Many thought the destruction was the result of a new weapon from Dracma or Xing, while others thought it was caused by the work of rogue alchemists.

The truth was revealed days after the destruction, with the coming of the chimera. It wasn’t a small group of human chimera or a couple thousand animal chimera, instead it was millions of demonic chimera. These armies of chimera destroyed each of the four remaining major cities within hours, killing nearly the entire population.

The nine main types of chimera were what shocked the ninja heroes gathered in East City. Massive raccoon dogs with rocky crystalline fur and huge tails, massive two-tailed cats covered in flames, armored turtle-like creatures, immense fire-breathing demonic apes with long tails, freakish crosses between horses and whales, giant slug-like creatures covered in corrosive slime, flying beetles with sharp blades and wings, massive ox creatures with tentacles, and immense multi-tailed foxes. The nine forms of the nine tailed beasts from their world.

Hunters attack and destroy most of the state alchemists and soldiers.

Female aquatic warrior Kairi with the Otamamon Sora on her back dances in a circle gathering water from the river around her body, creating a swirling spherical mass. The intense spinning water stops the attacks of the stone armored raccoon dogs and the bullets of one panicking soldier, before he is disemboweled by the chimera. Kairi spins around and swipes at the tanuki with clawed fingers, releasing four blades of water. The blades strike one chimera and cut clean through causing the creature to fall into bloody pieces. Kairi continues to dance and claw, like a strange combination of tiger form kung fu and Tai Chi, releasing a barrage of blades. Kairi hears the scream of a mother and child, and extends her protective shell into a watery tentacle that grabs the legs of the chimera that was about to kill the woman and infant. With a crack of the water whip, the chimera goes beyond the speed of sound before striking the ground. The G forces alone are enough to shatter every bone and rupture all the vital organs.

Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, defends a large group of fleeing people. Winry, with help from Alphonse, was able to create a replacement from the full steel automail prosthetic that was destroyed by the demonic Ravenclaw. Edward claps his hands and places his palms on the ground, creating a wall of long stone and metal spikes between the injured citizens and the ravenous feline chimera. Several chimera try to get over the barrier by climbing the side of a building like giant cockroaches, but Ed creates a halberd and uses a pillar to launch himself at them. At the same time, Alphonse Elric does a bit of alchemy by causing the road beneath the chimera to collapse into the flooded sewers, then extends some of the wall spikes to create bars over the cages.

The turtle chimera don’t have aggressive weapons, but they smash through entire buildings causing them to collapse. Spike and Blaze kick two poles causing them to snap and fall on a turtle, causing the creature to slow but not causing any injuries to the living tank. It’s slowed down long enough for the two leather-clad bikers to land on either side and push their shotguns into the creature’s unarmored upper face. Twin blasts of flame shred flesh and shatter bone, before destroying what can be called a brain. The creature continues to try to escape and charge for several minutes without a head, but the blood loss is severe and the turtle creature soon dies and crystallizes, shattering under the weight of the rubble.

Team Gai is fighting a group of fire-breathing chimera apes, preventing them from reaching the main road where the civilians are escaping with the aid of the few remaining soldiers. Since primates have the same structure as humans the hand to hand combat techniques used by Gai and Rock Lee are effective. The only problem is that each of the apes generates intense heat that burns clothing and causes minor burns to their combat trained skin. Neji delivers Juken blows, but since it’s the pressurized chakra hitting the targets instead of his finger tips, he doesn’t get burnt. Tenten’s barrage of metal is far more effective against the apes since after impaling they superheat and burn the flesh. Some of the lighter metal coated weapons melt and burn into the wounds.

Growlmon and Kyubimon are attacking the freakish whale-horses. Terriermon is still in the egg after his disastrous battle in Central and Jenrya is badly injured. The whale-horses release jets of superheated steam which are mixed with toxic vapors. It’s similar to smog, except it’s extremely hot and extremely corrosive. The vapors are powerful enough to cause metal to corrode and stone to crumble. It also causes a couple of slow citizens to dissolve into blood-soaked bones. Growlmon releases immense fiery blasts that create shockwaves in the toxic steam, before incinerating the milky white flesh of the chimera. Kyubimon’s own mystical flames pierce the creatures, instead of just setting them ablaze

High in the air, the winged Team Angel is fighting a swarm of beetle-like insects. Takeru, Angelo, Hikari, and Angela are all covered in small cuts from the poison-coated organic blades of the insects. The claws of the creatures are like daggers and the wings of the creatures are as sharp as swords. The holy arrows of Angewomon Angela have taken out several of the swarm and so has the Heaven’s Knuckle attack of Angemon Angelo. The beetles struck by holy energy ignite into white flames as they fall out of the sky. Most of them burn up before they can even hit the ground. Takeru’s sword has sent a dozen more to the ground in pieces and Hikari’s illusions have caused several to turn on each other. It’s still a difficult fight since there are so many and many of them are carrying bombs for aerial bombardment.

Jiraiya and Tsunade summon their giant toads and slugs to face the demonic slug chimera. Tsunade’s partner almost mistakes the attackers for clones of her father until she notices that they only have one tail. Tsunade’s partner generates a spray of sticky acid which counters the toxic bubbles generated by the demon slugs. Jiraiya’s toad Gamabunta releases a spray of oil that coats the skins of each slug chimera before Jiraiya ignites the stream. The burning oil heats the fluids in each slug until they either dissolve or burst.

Anko’s snakes wrap around the muscular chimera and their barbed tentacles, preventing movement before driving their fangs in deep. The venom doesn’t stop the chimera, but does slow them down long enough for Anko to get close. She curves her hand like a striking snake, then drives her fingers into the chest of the first chimera pulling out a devil stone when she pulls her hand out. As the stone is removed, the creature crystallizes and is shattered by the serpent coils. She kills another two in the same manner, then the fourth chimera breaks free and attacks her. As he gets close, a snake shoots out of her sleeve into the bull-like mouth, down the throat, and bursts out of the chest holding the devil stone. As the stone drops into Anko’s bloody hand, the creature’s body crystallizes and the snake tears itself out shattering the statue.

Gohan is insane.

That is what Naruto and Hinata are thinking as the former Kyubi no Yokai kills kitsune chimera after kitsune chimera. He fights like the craziest of blood knights instead of a stoic daiyoukai warrior and the reason becomes clear with his words.

“Worthless imitations. Disgracing the name of Nine Tails. Die! Die! DIE!!!

The rest of his words almost cause Hinata to faint and turn both their faces the color of ripe apples.

Gohan’s sword slices through the tails with ease, despite them being powerful enough to destroy buildings. The blade cuts through clawed limbs, despite the flesh being as hard as iron and the bones stronger than steel rebar. The demonic sword pierces organs before dismembering the bodies, and only then are the devil stones destroyed ending the torture. As the result the ground is covered in crystallizing blood and crumbling body parts

Iruka and Shizune help the survivors escape the city with the help of Masaru Daimon, Justimon, and ShineGreymon to help clear the rubble and deal with any chimera that gets away from the others. In the shadows, they are followed by Lust and Envy, the two surviving Homunculi beyond Izumi’s son Wrath.

On the roof of the tallest remaining building, Ferrum stands watching the carnage. He claps his palms and reverts into an animated liquid metal statue. The dense, liquid metal flows outward crackling with alchemic energy before transforming into a thousand solid gun barrels. The guns click then release a million rounds a minute in all directions. Each of those massive bullets produces trails of dark energy as they travel at speeds faster than sound. These poisonous blood bullets rain down on the cities especially the military targets, piercing metal and creating deep craters in thick concrete. Humans that come into contact with the toxic bullets turn black and then shatter into a lifeless chalk-like substance. In minutes, over ninety percent of the East City survivors are dust in the wind.

Outside City

The trains and roads are filled with people trying to escape the hell on earth that East City has become. There are many people with various injuries treated with bandages and stitches. Some of the walking wounded are missing limbs and there are many children orphaned by the chimera attack. The pain, hatred, fear, and depression is clear to see on the faces of the people.

“This is insane,” cries Winry. “They already have the stone, why are they killing everyone!?”

The girl is beginning to shake looking down at her blood stained hands. She has treated many gruesome injuries as an automail mechanic, she even helped with Ed’s surgery after he lost his arm and leg, but the stress is getting to her. Edward grabs her hands and the shaking slows.

“We’ll stop them, Winry.”


“We will stop them.”


The group turns to see more people panicking and running away from an area of the train station. A burst of blue energy strikes one of the train cars causing it to explode. The Scourge, ninjas, and alchemists try to control the crowd and prevent more people from being injured.

The cause of the energy blast is revealed as Envy of the Sins, servant of the castle lords. Its grotesque form is a giant blue-green irised eyeball with many long fleshy tentacles. It’s grown larger since the battle under Central and some of the elongated tentacles are covered in slime.

“Yes. The fear. The pain. All of them are food for a Sin,” says the monster without a mouth, the words simply resonating in the minds of the terrified people. “More!”

One of the slimy tentacles snaps like a whip and strikes several people with the translucent colorless slime. As the semi-liquid comes in contact with their skin, they start screaming in terror and attacking other people trying to take what they have. Some simple try to steal food and possessions, while those driven into insanity try to steal blood and life. The tentacles extend towards a blonde woman who’s trying to protect a group of children.

Suddenly, a metal spike pierces the side of the giant eye. Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, stands in front of the Sin. The demon pulls out the spike with one of its tentacles, causing a burst of purple blood before it heals itself. It sends its tentacles towards Edward, but Ed claps his hands and converts the steel of his new automail arm into a blade. He dances past the attacks, swinging his blade in arcs that sever the tentacles. Edward gets closer and closer to the demon, and when the creature destroys the ground in an attempt to stop Ed’s advancement, Edward jumps off a wall and a bench. Edward avoids the frantic tentacles and the blue energy blasts it releases like a machine gun from its iris, then drives his blade deep into the creature’s pupil.

Edward is assault by mental images. Himself as child envying other children who had fathers. Himself envying those who had greater alchemic knowledge. Himself wishing he still had someone like Winry. Even, himself wishing he had the authority and height of other people at Central. He also sees the desires of others for the people and objects of other people. It’s a deep depression and hatred in souls of people, warped and enhanced by demons like Envy.

Edward rips the blade upward sending a large amount of purple blood into the air. He claps his hands at his side, then rams both palms into the bloody wound. He creates a spark between the walls of the cut and manipulates the oxygen level to create an explosion of fire similar to the signature technique of his commander Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. The blast is powerful enough to nearly tear the giant eyeball in half causing it to spray blood and viscous fluid in all directions. Edward claps his palms and to the amazement of the audience, the demon cringes at the sound.

A dense sphere of liquid forms between Edward’s palms drawing in the air around Edward. Edward releases the pressurized liquid gases and the sudden expansion of the super-cold gases drops the temperature and freezes the regenerating eyeball and its tentacles. Edward claps his hands and creates a visible shockwave in the air that shatters the demonic ice statue into a million pieces.

Each frozen fragment glows blue, then dissolves into glowing particles that flow into a central spherical mass. The glowing sphere soon forms tentacles and is about to solidify into a regenerated demon, when Ed’s metal palm pierces the sphere. There is flash of lightning as the Fullmetal Alchemist pumps his alchemic energy into the sphere disrupting the demonic energy. The blue sphere turns into a ball of white flame before imploding, then exploding outward in an energy wave. The energy disperses and Ed stands, his steel automail arm scorched, glowing and smoking from the heat.

“We Will Stop Them!”

The Castle

“Envy is Dead?”

Malvos Ravenclaw, Alchemist Warrior of the Lords stands before the corrupted Philosopher’s Stone, which has grown larger to over thirty meters in height. Inside its crimson depths, the armor that was once the body of kind-hearted Alphonse Elric has mutated into a horrific metal demon, like a suit of ancient samurai armor made a thousand times more menacing. The light from the crystal encasing it makes it look blood stained and the white lights emitted from the eyes, mouth, and sides of the chest make it look almost alive.

“Yes,” says Mae, placing her hand on his shoulder. “Are you upset that one of your creators is dead?”

“Not in the slightest,” says Ravenclaw with a smirk. “Envy’s death only helps me.”

Ravenclaw bends down and draws a seal on the stone floor. This seal is not alchemy, but a demonic sigil, designed to channel the power of demonic entities. These sigils can be used to seal and summon dark entities from different places, times, and dimension. As he writes the final rune, the sigil lights up with a dark purple glow. Ravenclaw pulls a Devil Stone from his coat and places it in the center of the sigil, where it begins to pulsate with energy.

“You should know Mae, that the Sins are energy based creatures. They are dark emotions and black magic given flesh, but the complete destruction of their physical forms leaves them vulnerable until they can create new bodies.”

Ravenclaw touches the edge of the sigil and the light increases. Streams of dark energy flow from the mystical symbol into the demonic crystal. There is a screaming sound and a black entity is pulled into the crystal, turning it completely black like a piece of obsidian

As the sigil fades away, Ravenclaw picks up the black crystal, which is now covered in frost and ice. Wiping away the ice from one facet of the crystal, Ravenclaw looks into the dark depths and sees a blue eye reflected in the crystal. He can hear a voice screaming many things in his mind, most of them requesting and demanding what is not in their possession.

The dark alchemist walks towards the glowing corrupted Philosopher Stone and places the black devil stone on the surface of the crimson stone. The black crystal sinks into the red crystal as if the immense crystal was composed of watery gel. As the black crystal flows into it, it dissolves into a pitch darkness that disperses throughout the entire crystal. The Philosopher Stone darkens from the injected evil, then grows from thirty to forty meters in height, regaining its crimson color in the process. The crimson light, the demonic aura of the crystal, is brighter and the air is filled with energy.

Ravenclaw closes his right hand into a fist and alchemic and demonic energy crackles across its surface like blue-tinted white and black-tinted purple lightning.

“What is your plan?” says Mae.

“Find out where my parents are and then arrange for the Alchemists and Ninjas to get that information.”

“You have little faith in your creators?”

“I only have faith in our masters, the Lords!” says Ravenclaw, his aura burning. “It doesn’t matter who wins, we benefit either way.”

“I knew there was a reason I desired you.”

Ravenclaw raises his hand and ten crystals rise from the ground. Each octagonal crystal is over two meters in length and over one meter wide. Inside each crystal is a sleeping humanoid.

The first crystal contains Kakashi Hatake, while the second and third contain Sakura Haruno and Sai of ROOT. The fourth crystal contains Kurenai Yuhi with the fifth and sixth containing Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. The seventh contains Asuma Sarutobi, while the last three contain Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Chouji Akimichi. They all wear black bands around their necks like dog collars, with devil stones connected by chains. They also have black arm bands on their wrists, each embedded with smaller stones. Kiba and Kurenai have a smaller crystals hanging from their necks, with Kiba’s stone being dark purple and Kurenai’s stone being white and pink.


End of CHAPTER 41: THE RACE Part 2


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed’s powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it’s a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!

I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?

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