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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Beta Read
Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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The Message

It’s been a couple days since East City became a Hell on Earth. It’s also been several days since they fought and killed the demonic Envy of the Castle Lords and regained some of their hope. The large group of alchemists and ninjas have stopped in a remote town to rest, recover, and plan their next battle against the demonic forces now plaguing the world of alchemy.

Currently, the group is standing in an abandoned bar in the town where they set up camp.

“We should take the battle to the Sins,” says Spike. “They're the ones controlling the chimera and I’ll bet fifty quid that Ravenclaw is working for them.”

“That may be true, but we don’t know where the Sins are,” says Angel. “With the exception of Envy, they don’t attack directly. They’ll continue to hide, feeding off the world’s negative emotions while their creations continue to slaughter.”

“There has to be a way to find those bloody bastards!”

“Help. Help me.”

The group turns at the voice calling for help and find a small child in the streets. The child is only ten years old at the most with tear-filled blue eyes, pale dirty skin, and long tangled blonde hair. She’s dressed in a blood stained pale dress and dark shoes, and is holding her badly injured arm while walking with a bandaged leg.

Tsunade and Shizune, the two medical ninja, are first to react, followed by Kairi. They quickly grab the girl and bring her inside. Kairi’s water manipulation removes the layer of dirt and dried blood covering the girl’s skin, while Shizune begins to treat the minor wounds. Tsunade treats the major infected wounds she finds on the arm and leg, and the internal injuries she also find. The green glow of the medical chakra illuminates the interior of the formerly abandoned building


“I know child,” says Tsunade. “Try to rest.”

“Edward... Elric??’

Ed jumps up and walks over to the girl.

“I’m Edward Elric.”

“You... are a hero... You help... the people.”

“Yes. You should rest.”

“Magic... Map.”

Edward looks confused until the injured girl’s tiny hand pulls a folded piece of paper from her pocket. Edward takes the paper and unfolds it to reveal a complete map of Amestris with the border countries indicated. What’s strange is that there are six points marked with the Latin names Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Gula, Ira, and Acedia. There is also a dark point over East City marked Invidia. The Scourge recognize the Latin names of the Seven Deadly Sins.

“How... How did you get this!?”

“Monster dropped it... while chasing me. I hide in the sewer... and grabbed it... when monster leave,” says the girl, coughing up a small amount of blood as Tsunade heals and cleans her lungs. “Injured old man... say bring it to Edward Elric... Fullmetal Alchemist... Hero of the People.”

“I think it’s time to bring the battle to them,” says Ed as he looks at the Map. “Gula - Gluttony is located on an abandoned farm to the East, while Acedia - Sloth is located in a mansion in the mountains near a mining town. They’re both roughly the same distance away, so we should split into two groups and take out both.”

“Woah! Ed... Aren’t you moving at a little quickly?”

“If we move slowly, the Castle Lords will devour this world.”

“Mustang your group will stay here at home base with your soldiers. Iruka, Shizune, Izumi, Sig, and Wrath, you stay with them .If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to rescue and heal the injured.”

The Castle Lords

Malvos Ravenclaw, Alchemist Warrior of the Castle Lord, stands before a mirror comprised of a rectangular plate of polished black crystal. The image shown in the mirror is the vision of the little girl done in blues and purples. The crystal also vibrates producing the sound.

“What is this?” says Mae, appearing behind her lover.

“The sight and hearing of a survivor. I had my creations pull a random child survivor from a group before killing them. A little manipulation of memory and the girl wandered straight to the little group of heroes. The medical ninja won’t figure out the manipulation or find the surveillance crystal because of the level of youki contamination. She delivered the map, which not only shows locations but contains a powerful compulsion charm to seek out the places indicated.”

“Clever. Will the child be able to remember the truth??”

“No. I completely destroyed the little survivor’s original memories. The created memories are far less traumatic and will be accepted as the truth. Those memories indicate her friends and family are still alive, and they give her hope. If the girl survives, she will not be able to say anything.”

Gluttony’s Farm

At first glance, the farm that houses the demonic Gluttony is normal. Then you encounter the enchantments as you move towards it. The first weave of magic is designed to repel people, making them want to leave the area and forget the reason they had come to that farm. The second weave of magic is designed to fill the hearts of people with mind-numbing fear to render them helpless. The third weave of magic is designed to destroy a person’s sense of time and direction, leaving them to wander lost.

Team Scourge are able to pierce the weaves of magic, creating a path for the Elrics, Team Gai, and Team Naruto to follow. As they pierce the barrier, day turns to night and it feels like the coldest night of autumn. The crops are a pale yellow-brown, making dry sounds in the faint cold wind. The animals are unnaturally silent and the cold air is foul with the smell of rotting vegetables, rotting meat, and blood.

Angel notices a cow moving towards them and his enhanced sense of smell can detect the necrosis. He looks at the animal closely and notices that the eyes are milky white and the skin has several open wounds that smell of an evil aura. The cow is joined by several more plus a couple of horses, goats, and chickens. The former vampires and Digimon can detect that these animals are dead and animated by demonic power.

“I hate zombies!” says Spike, before driving his hardened fist into the head of a cow. The fist instantly crushes the weakened skull bone and crushes the brain, sending red-purple and black fluids into the air and onto the ground. Spike pulls his black slime covered hand from the destroyed head, but the bovine zombie doesn’t stop. Instead its skin tears off to reveal bloody bone and muscle tissue. The bones shift and form long spikes, while serpentine creatures composed of sinewy organic fibers emerge from the muscles. The crushed head mutates into a mass of barbed tentacles. The other cows have also transformed into skinless abominations with barbed tentacles coming out of the stained mouths of their long horned heads.

Two of the zombie cows charge at Spike, but Blaze draws his shotguns and opens fire. The twin blasts shatter the legs of the cows, sending them tumbling to the ground. They still try to rise despite the loss of their limbs, so Spike goes through hand seals then releases a burst of fire from his mouth. The massive fireball incinerates the cows, reducing even the bones to ashes.

Drusilla dances out of the path of the horns, then fires an ice arrow into the ground beneath their hooves. The extremely cold ice reduces friction to almost nothing despite the weight of the bovine monsters, causing them to tumble and slid across the ground. While they’re vulnerable, Lilitha the Lilithmon releases corrosive poison into the zombies. The poison causes the flesh to dissolve into black and purple ooze, and even the bones are destroyed by the gaseous Digimon toxins.

Angel’s hand covered in chakra-fueled lightning cuts through the last of the bovines. The blows hotter than the surface of the sun incinerate flesh and bone in their path, causing serpentine tendrils to ignite and organs to burst. The first blows fail to stop the creatures since they are dead animated by demonic energy and have no need for nervous systems or hearts to keep moving. The next few blows remove legs and decapitate completely, leaving what remains to struggle on the ground until it’s incinerated.

Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse like chicken, when the chicken isn’t trying to eat them. The animated dead chickens have mutated into far more intimidating creatures. They have grown from round grain eaters into long raven-like creatures with long necks, sharp beaks, long grey feathers stained with crimson and long wings capable of flight. Ed transforms the steel of his automail arm into an extremely sharp hardened blade, then begins to slice through the birds, taking care to avoid the poisoned beaks and claws. His younger brother tries to draw alchemic arrays, but they scratched away by the birds. Finally, Alphonse claps his hands out of instinct and there is a burst of flame that reduces half a dozen chickens into zombie barbeque.

The horses have become savage, wild creatures composed of fire and ash. The zombies charge at the members of Team Gai, smoke and sparks trailing from their hooves and streams of fire shooting from their mouths. Neji is forced to use his heavenly spin to protect himself from several streams of fire. As the fire streams stop, Neji comes out of the spin and fires two chakra air bursts from his palms. The air projectiles cause two of the horses to stumble, and Tenten takes advantage by sending a dozen kunai daggers connected by ninja wire at the horses. The daggers and wire rapidly heat and melt, but it does keep them together long enough for the daggers wrapped in explosive notes to hit their targets. The explosion blasts the horses into pieces which crumble into burning ash and bone fragments.

Rock Lee avoids the ash and flames of his opponents. As he moves through the air, he pulls out nunchaku and spins them before extending the chain several meters. The chain wraps around the necks of the final horses attacking him and with a yank pulls them into the air with a burst of strength. As Rock Lee whips the chain down, the horses fall to Earth like fiery meteorites and create explosions of ash and dust as they impact. As the dust clears, all that remains is ash and fragmented bone in the craters.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze leaps into the air to avoid an assassin armed with a kama (sickle).The assassin stands five foot eleven dressed in tattered tan and brown cloth with rope wrapped around their wrists, waist, throat, and ankles. Naruto’s opponent also has cloth covered feet, glove covered hands, and a dark cloth mask with white hair. The scarecrow moves at superhuman speed, trying to slice Naruto into little pieces. The leader is joined by a dozen other lesser made scarecrows armed with altered farm weaponry.

Hinata Hyuuga goes to help, but is attacked by thorny vines and plant pods filled with corrosive liquid. She turns to see semi-humanoid creatures made of green and brown plant-like matter, mostly composed of wicker-like vines and roots. The leader of the crop creatures is a female humanoid standing five foot three composed of dense vines and roots with long wild red-pink hair that makes her look like a bizarre exotic flower from a distance.

Gohan jumps into the air to avoid a massive hand that bursts from the ground. The massive hand is composed of bone and black tar-like liquid, and is covered in the faces of various animals. A massive monster rises from the ground that resembles a cross between a bull and an ape composed of bones and tar. On the bull-like head is a humanoid composed of tar with glowing red-purple eyes. The liquid tar flows from the humanoid into the giant and out again.

Gohan smiles and pulls out his sword.

“This is getting interesting.”

Sloth’s Manson

Sloth’s mansion used to belong to a wealthy land owner who owned the mine the town below was built on. When the coal mine ran dry, the mountain town was abandoned. The owner tried to force people to stay with armed men, not wanting to lose his absolute control and power. Instead a single villager with a stolen gun put a bullet into the man’s dark heart. The villagers escaped and the man’s former allies destroyed the only bridge leading to the town to hide their crimes.

When teams Tamers, Angel, and Sennin managed to pierce the barriers around the town, they thought they had been dropped into a Halloween nightmare. The decaying wooden buildings had darkened to near black and the windows and doors were illuminated by a fiery orange light.

The mansion proved to be worse with black wood and stone gothic architecture, red-purple stained glass windows, and black stone fountains filled with crimson blood instead of water. After avoiding the needle-like grass shooting from the lawn, the crystallized blood arrows shot from the fountains, and streams of corrosive liquid sprayed by the mansion’s gargoyles, the heroes managed to make it inside the building.

That’s when it got worse.

The Tamers are lost in an endless labyrinth of living walls. The dark leathery walls not only block the paths of their victims, but also try to absorb and devour them. Some parts of the walls even form toothy vertical mouths with barbed tongues to devour those smart and/or fast enough to avoid the walls. Takato, Ruki, and Jenrya with their Digimon have blasted a hundred walls into bloody pieces, but they are slowed by quicksand-like floors and ceilings that drip sticky resin.

Now, a humanoid wrapped in paper and fabric emerges from one of walls. The creature has long limbs with spidery clawed fingers and eight segmented legs extending from her back and tipped with hook-like barbs. The face is hidden in the folds of fabric, but two shining round eyes can be seen in the darkness.

The Angels face the original owner’s prize collection of medieval armor from around the world. The suits were too large and clumsy to steal, so they were left behind when the town was abandoned. Now they move like Alphonse Elric’s former body and are animated by demonic energy. Since most of the suits of armor have their helmets stored separately, they are called Durahans. The blade of Takashi slices through the medieval steel with ease, but the demonic power is like a magnetic force holding the sliced pieces together. The holy energy attacks of Angel Digimon Angelo and Angela cause the armor to collapse lifeless to the ground, but only until the holy power fades and the demonic magic can be recast on the metal.

Suddenly, a new knight appears from the darkness. The armored demon is dressed in dark blue and grey lupine themed armor with a helmet shaped like a wolf’s head. The chest armor, pauldrons (shoulder armor), and round shield all depict Cerberus, the three headed hound which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. He also carries a short black sword in his right hand that radiates evil murderous intent.

The Sennin face some of the most challenging opponents. Their opponents are translucent phantoms that have leapt from the stained glass windows into reality. Their bodies are as solid as smoke and moonlight, making them nearly impossible to hit, but each phantom is able to hit their ninja targets with sharp glass blades.

The leader of the phantoms is a black haired woman dressed in white bandages, thin black chains, and a long blood red dress. She floats in the darkness beyond the reflection of the numerous mirrors and reflective surfaces. The phantom queen doesn’t fight herself, but generates diabolic illusions that distort all five senses and false phantoms to allow the true glass phantoms opportunities to strike.

Gluttony’s Farm

As the battles continue, only the leaders of monsters remain and the heroes focus on fighting them. This is not an easy win since the leaders of the creatures are far more powerful and cunning. The battle is so chaotic that the opponents have changed.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze forms a dozen Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones) that surround the Scarecrow, but the Scarecrow moves at supernatural speeds and slices each clone open with his sickle weapon. The clones explode into smoke and Naruto finds himself holding the blade back with a kunai. Naruto only has a split second to jump clear as the kama cuts through the kunai’s hardened steel blade.

Hinata appears behind Scarecrow and tries to deliver juken strikes to its back, but Scarecrow does a spin kick that strikes Hinata in the jaw. She barely moves out of the way as Scarecrow’s two feet hit the ground where her head was, creating a small crater in the dead soil. Hinata pushes herself up with her hands and spins her legs striking Scarecrow in the back of the legs. Scarecrow flips in midair and lands on his feet and continues his bloodlust.

Scarecrow releases a torrent of fire from its “mouth”, which almost incinerates Hinata. She is saved by Gohan who creates a barrier between the flame and Hinata before charging towards Scarecrow. Gohan’s sword moves faster than the eye can see and soon Scarecrow’s clothing is torn and crimson blood sprays from dozens of wounds. Scarecrow stops a fatal slash with his kama only to see Gohan’s superior blade cut a centimeter into his own blade.

The strawman monster jumps back and lands several meters away. Scarecrow glows with a dark blue-purple aura and there is a sound like the flapping of the wings of a thousand birds. The blade of the kama turns black as it’s covered in crackling dark blue lightning. The lightning becomes stronger and stronger, mixing with supernatural black lightning. Then Scarecrow moves towards team Naruto, accelerating faster and faster before vanishing completely. Gohan stagger as blood sprays from his sides and Scarecrow appears several meters behind him. There are no fatal wounds due to his reflexes, but the wounds are still gruesome. The scarecrow charges up another attack, the dark lightning crawling across his body and into his weapon.

Tenten spins in the air and releases a volley of extremely sharp bladed weaponry. The dozens of spikes and daggers are stopped by the Plant Queen’s wall of vines, which then whip towards Tenten. A blow from the massive supernatural vines would be enough to shatter bones and damage organs, if not tear her completely in half. Neji saves her. He jumps off the vine attacking him, grabs Tenten out of the air, and then uses an air burst juken strike against the vines to push them clear of the attack.

Rock Lee runs around the Plant Queen before delivering a kick that should have sent her flying into the air but fails because of elastic vines that extend into the ground and anchor her. She then grabs his leg and swings the young taijutsu expert into the ground hard enough to create a giant crater. The Plant Queen then tries to shatter the leg, but Maito Gai saves his student by kicking the Plant Queen in the back of the head.

Gai winces as he lands since the red-pink petals are not only odd looking, but steel hard with sharp edges. The Plant Queen releases a shower of petals and pollen from her wrists, which swirls around Gai creating a smoke screen. The poison coated petals also slice Gai like a thousand tiny blades, over and over again. He jumps through the slicing walls of the vortex in order to avoid the fist of the Plant Queen, her blow creating a massive ten meter radius crater in the ground and sending large rock fragments and dust into the air.

The massive tar and bone form of the Chimera King sinks into the burning earth as Angel and Spike use their magma swamp technique. It causes the massive creature to ignite, creating a living tower of fire. Gabriel fires spears of light into the body causing a series of large explosions, while Digimon Demon Lord Blaze releases fiery blasts of his shotguns into the monster’s head, creating larger explosions. The black humanoid standing on the head leaps into the air as the body explodes into burning black fragments and fragmented bones. Alphonse Elric helps the Scourge by using his alchemy to turn the surrounding soil into a thick wall to contain the burning remains.

The black humanoid known as the Chimera King rises high into the air using giant bat-like wings composed of the same tar-like substance. The black ooze hardens into a suit of organic armor with sharp claws on the fingers and toes, immense bat wings, horns on the head, rows of spikes on the limbs, and a long tail ending in long barbed spikes. The Chimera King raises his arms and a black mist emerges from his body which gathers together to create shadowy forms that resemble chimeras. The translucent shadows darken as they get closer to the ground and the chimeras become real.

“Hyoton: Hama no Ya!”

Drusilla, held in the arms of the flying Lilitha, releases a shining blue-white arrow which pierces the chest of the Chimera King. The Chimera King would have a shocked look if its face could show emotion as a wave of blue light spreads across the creature, covering its black substance with frost and ice. The Chimera army created below dissolve into vanishing black mist as there King crashes to earth, his wings shattering before impact and his tail after. The King, his frozen armor covered in cracks and flaking off in pieces, rises from the impression in the ground and generates a dark aura that pushes him a couple meters back into the air. As the aura grows, the armor begins to liquefy again, but it’s too late. Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist, uses an abandoned cart as a ramp and drives his automail blade into the King’s chest.

There is a violent explosion of dark purple light. The defeated Chimera King’s body tumbles through the air and across the ground, leaving a trail of smoke and black fragments, until the entire armor shatters at the end. The armor dissolves into nothing to reveal the ink and blood stained form of the Konoha ninja Sai.

Gai’s body glows with energy as he avoids the spikes and vines of the Plant Queen. He also avoids the thorny roots that try to slow him and his speed and chakra cut through poisonous clouds of pollen and petals. His eyes are glowing white and his skin is bright red, as blue-green chakra swirls around his form. He uses this tremendous burst of power and speed for a signature attack. He gets close to the Plant Queen and uses a kick to launch her into the air, his superior power tearing apart her anchors and defenses. He follows her into the air and strikes her multiple times, causing a distinctive peacock fan of flames to develop.

“Asakujaku!” (Morning Peacock!)

The Plant Queen falls back to Earth covered in the strike’s aura, which also causes the plant-based armor to ignite. As she impacts the ground there is a burst of dark purple and a shockwave of energy that seems to taint the air. When Team Gai approaches they find a living human in the crater covered in withering and burnt plant vines. The unconscious form of Sakura Haruna.

The Scarecrow whips his kama creating blades of lightning in the air. The blades slice through everything in their path, but Team Naruto manages to survive with only minor injuries. The Scarecrow attacks Hinata who looks the most vulnerable, but she forms a Kaiten to block the lightning kama. The Scarecrow is blown back by Hinata’s strength and Gohan appears with his sword to deliver a powerful strike. Scarecrow manages to block with his own weapon for several seconds before the demonic blade slices clean through his own blade causing a small energy discharge and a deep wound to the chest. As Scarecrow turns, he faces Naruto who rams a swirling ball of wind and chakra into his chest. The sphere tears away the cloth to reveal the dark red-purple glow of a Devil Stone, then the sphere begins to grind the stone.

“Rasengan!” (Spiral Sphere!)

There is an explosion of purple light and dark energy as the stone shatters under the force of grinding Rasengan, then Scarecrow is sent spinning through the air creating a trench in the crops, before smashing into a hay pile. As Naruto approaches the Scarecrow he notices the dark green flak armor under the torn brown cloth. The cloth, ropes, and straw rapidly age before Naruto’s eyes, crumbling to dust to reveal the unconscious form of Kakashi Hatake.

When the last of the leaders is defeated, the farm decays around them. Every piece of wood becomes rotten and crumbles; every piece of steel corrodes and collapses into rust. The remains of the animals undergo a decade’s worth of rot in ten seconds and the crops and mutated plants wither and collapse into ruin before the eyes of the ninjas. The only things that remains unharmed are the barn and farmhouse, which look as new as when they were first built.

Sloth’s Mansion

The Phantom Queen sends more and more glass phantoms to attack Takeru since the illusions keep failing to affect him. He moves his blades with supernatural speed and slices each Phantom. Every time a piece is cut off it turns into clear glass crystal before shattering on the ground. Every time a head is cut off or the body is sliced apart, the entire Phantom turns into crystal and shatters into dust. Every time an illusion attacks, Takeru dances through it ignoring it completely.

Suddenly, Takeru stands in the center of the room and the Phantom Queen glares at him from her mirrors.

“You may wonder how I’m defeating your illusions. You may be able to affect all senses, but I still need to see them in order to be caught. I love this bucket hat.”

The Phantom Queen lets out a scream of rage, which is cut off when Takeru’s sword pierces the mirror she’s manifested in and pierces her shoulder. Hikari releases her illusion and Takeru’s form dissolves into glowing feathers to reveal Angelo and Angela, while Takeru appears on the ceiling.

“Heaven’s Knuckle!”

“Holy Arrow!”

The Phantom’s Queen dark world is filled with light and she’s pulled out of her world into the world of living. As she’s pulled completely from the black mirror, it explosively shatters into dust, followed by all the other mirrors in the mansion and the stained glass windows. The Phantom Queen’s smoking form collapses to the ground, the black chains on her body shattering like crystal, link after link. A smoking devil stone rises from her bandages, then begins to dissolve emitting a strong purple light.

“Don’t people get seven years of bad luck for breaking one mirror?” says Angelo, looking at the broken glass around him.

“Actually, that dates back to when it took seven years to save up enough to buy a new mirror. It was bad luck for the kid that broke the mirror since beating was common back then,” says Takeru.

Everyone stares at him.

“It’s something I found in a book.”

The Tamers face the demonic Wolf Knight, who armor proves to be extremely durable. The fiery attacks of Takato and Guilmon fail to melt or even heat up the armor. The piercing attacks of Ruki and Renamon fail to damage the armor and the barrage of bullets from Gargomon bounce off. The Wolf Knight’s wind-based attacks and physical attacks prove to be devastating, if somewhat slow.

Suddenly, the Wolf Knight channels his energy into his sword and releases a wave of purple-black power that tears holes through several walls and vaporizes anything in its path. After that attack Takato decides it’s time to fight fire with fire and fuses with Guilmon to become Dukemon. The two Knights face off then charge towards each other, Wolf’s sword striking the Gram Lance. The two go back and forth for several minutes, each blow sending out waves of energy that rattle the building. Then Dukemon swings the lance upward and knocks the Wolf Knight back, before driving the lance tip into the Wolf Knight’s chest. The lance is stopped by the powerful armor, but that isn’t the end of the attack.

“Royal Saber!”

Crimson energy shoots out of the lance, point blank, into the cracked armor creating a large explosion. When the smoke clears, the Wolf Knight is still alive and pulls itself from the burning remains of a ruined wall. Its armor now has large deep cracks in the chest and a faint crack going through the helmet. The Wolf Knight is about to continue its attack against Dukemon, when it suddenly stumbles in pain. The crack in the chest glows before an amorphous cloud of energy bursts from the crack. The mass grows and takes the form of an immense canine before there is an explosion of smoke. When the smoke clears, the Tamers recognize the animal before them as the ninja dog, Akamaru.

“Akamaru???” says the Wolf Knight, his double voice a combination of inhumanly deep and normal.

The Wolf Knight cries out in pain as he holds his helmeted head. The crack in the helmet glows bright and slowly begins to fuse back together as the Wolf Knight growls and howls like a giant wolf. The discarded sword and shield levitate and return to their master’s gauntlet-covered hands.

“Final Elysium!”

Dukemon fires an energy beam from his Aegis Shield which strikes the recovering Wolf Knight in the chest and sends him flying back through the hole of the destroyed wall and into another wall. The sword and shield, lost when he went through the first hole, are attacked by Ruki, Renamon, and Gargomon. The weapons separated from their master lack the same durability and are soon explode into fragments. The Wolf Knight’s chest armor is shattered completely and misty dark purple energy trails from the seams in the armor. The eyes of the helmet glow, but so does the cracked blood-stained devil stone on his chest. Dukemon grabs the stone and pulls it off completely, then crushes it in his armored fingers. The discharge from the stone disrupts and separates Dukemon into Takato and Guilmon. As the stone’s light fades, the glow of the helmet also fails and the man inside tries to remove it.

In another part of the mansion, the Sennin have protected themselves using the throat of a giant toad as a raft. When the Wall Spider emerges to attack the Sennin, the two sages and one Special Jounin counter attack. Anko’s snakes wrap and bind the creature, while Tsunade uses her strength to pull the creature out of the wall and into the air. Jiraiya releases a massive fireball from his mouth which sets the creature ablaze. The creature screams and dives back into the ground to escape the pain. Instead, it sets the living walls on fire. In seconds the entire Labyrinth collapses, leaving the Sennin standing alone

Tsunade walks towards one burnt out area and delivers a super strength blow to the ground creating a ten meter radius crater in the floor. When the dust clears, she drives her hand into the shattered ground and pulls the Wall Spider from the smoking rubble.

“Caught him,” says Jiraiya. “Think we can get some information out of it?”

Suddenly, an object bursts from the Wall Spider’s chest and hits the ground in pieces. The pieces of a Devil Stone then dissolve into nothing. As the stone ceases to exist, the Wall Spider monster begins to rapidly change. The limbs and fingers shorten to human norms, the segmented spider legs crystallize and shatter into dust. Finally, the mass of dark clothing reforms into a raincoat revealing a familiar partial face.

“Aburame Shino?”

In another part of the building, the helmet of the Wolf Knight shatters like glass as it hits the ground. The face revealed is that of Kiba Inuzuka, whose remaining armor cracks and crumbles like metallic sand.

In another part of the building, the bandages and red dress of the Phantom Queen become translucent and disperse like smoke to reveal Kurenai Yuhi. The second crystal on her chest shatters into nothing, and her sleeping children appear around her.

Gluttony’s Farm

The heroes quickly tend to their fallen friends. They look completely unharmed despite the damage that was inflicted to their demonic alter ego. The only problem is that they are unconscious and suffering from chakra exhaustion, meaning they won’t be able to help in the coming battle. The non-removable armbands on their wrists also prevent them from restoring their energy, so the mission has become far more difficult. They need to protect their friends and destroy the sins.

The heroes, with their friends in the back, move towards the barn. As they approach it they are struck with a feeling of hunger. Ten meters from the building, they feel like they haven’t eaten for a day and five meters from building, they feel like they haven’t eaten in three days. Within three meters, they feel like they haven’t eaten in a month. They also experience hallucinations from the dark aura. Men, women, and children starving to death, their haunted eyes begging for help and clouded by madness.

In the center of the barn surrounded by grain, vegetables, and the bloody remains of slaughtered animals, Gluttony of the Sins glows with a yellow-green aura. The sickly aura causes the blood of the cows, chickens, horses, and pigs to glow in the shadows of the barn. He’s a massive, skinless wolf with glowing eyes and sharp claws. Its angry, inflamed flesh pulsates and radiates heat in the olive green aura, as if it’s trying to cook its own flesh for consumption. There is also chaos in the mutating flesh, as small toothed mouths appear on the exposed muscle tissue and begin to speak with the voices of a thousand starving people. Its fur of blood has changed from crimson to black and moves like living shadows across its body.

“Where did the food come from?” asks Naruto before he can stop himself.

“The food is mine! The crops and the vitality of the soil. The livestock and their life energy. What you fought were shadows formed from the dead soil of the wasteland.”

“You are one greedy monster.”

“I am a hungry monster and I hunger. I have already devoured human flesh today and I hunger for more!”

Naruto looks into the darkness of the barn and sees blood-stained bones of a family. There are broken fragments and the skulls of a mother, a father, two older children, and two small children. The sight of them ignites the fire in Naruto’s blood and causes a swirling aura of chakra to form around him.

Gluttony lets out a deafening howl and a mass of barb-covered red-purple tentacles emerges from its mouth. Some of the tentacles are tipped with toothy mouths, while others are tipped with bone-like blades for impalement. Angel appears in front of Naruto and fires a blast of blue-white electrical plasma from his mouth. The stream of energy and ionized gas strikes the tentacles causing them to seize up in midair. Gabriel is next to attack firing a dozen spears of light into the creature’s skinless body. The creature howls as the light pierces its body and sends shockwaves through its flesh.

Gluttony’s tentacles are frozen by an ice arrow fired by Drusilla and then shattered into a million lifeless pieces by Lilitha. Gluttony howls and a mass of tentacles explodes from the ground and envelops Drusilla. The mass of hardened flesh collapses and crushes it victim, but Gluttony knows something is wrong when he tastes clay instead of blood. There is a large explosion as the flesh cocoon is blown apart from the inside. As the smoke clears, one of Drusilla’s newest puppets is revealed. He stands five foot five with greenish blue eyes and blond hair which covers one eye. He spreads his hands to reveal toothy mouths in each palm.

“Number 107: Special: Deidara, the Mad Bomber,” says Drusilla emerging from the shadows.

A massive amount of pale clay shoots from Deidara’s palms creating a hundred butterflies. The hundreds of butterflies fly around the demonic Gluttony. Gluttony growls at the flying clay and snaps at them, until his muzzle comes down on a couple of them, which violently explode and fill its lungs and part of its massive stomach with fire and burning particles. It also sets off the remaining winged insects covering Gluttony in a series of powerful explosions.

Edward Elric and Alphonse use their alchemy to create a dense stone barrier to protect the group from the fire and shockwave. While most of Team Gai handle the injured members of Team Kakashi, the Elrics grab several farm tools and pieces of machines. In a crackling energy discharge, the molecular bonds of the steel blades are broken, then reformed into a thick chain. Gai takes the chain and whips it at the stunned, burnt Gluttony, wrapping around his charred form. Edward grabs the chain and releases another burst of alchemy down the length of the chain, causing every link to grow barbed blades, which pierce Gluttony’s ensnared form. Edward tosses the remaining un-barbed links to Angel, who releases a burst of lightning chakra down the length and electrocutes the massive Gluttony.

Gluttony roars and shatters the chains, tearing out pieces of his own burnt flesh in the process. It howls and releases a spray of liquid from its mouth. The extremely corrosive and toxic liquid destroys anything it comes in contact with. It causes the dead farm animals, including their bones, to melt. It causes the crops to dissolve into an organic liquid and it causes holes to appear in the wooden walls. The heroes barely shield themselves from the liquid which nearly brings down the barn. The attack is stopped when a clay bird hits Gluttony’s head like a peregrine falcon before producing a large explosion. It also causes the greasy liquid remains to ignite and explode into white hot flames.

Gluttony emerges from the smoke only for Spike’s fiery sword to slice the upper half of its head off. The neck and lower jaw spray crimson, but the monster releases a swarm of tentacles which are sliced to pieces. When the sword is knocked from Spike’s glowing hand, he delivers a punch which shatters the lower jaw and creates a crater in the mutating flesh. Spike’s own aura seems to pulsate stronger and stronger in the farm.

Gluttony jumps back as its head regenerates, only to see a winged Blaze holding a large weapon. The hi-tech rifle fires a yellow-green beam of energy like a wave motion gun. The massive beam tears a hole clean through Gluttony and the wall behind the monster. When the beam ends, there is a burning trench in the ground, going through the back wall, and scarring several hills behind the barn.

Gluttony howls as his missing flesh regenerates at an insanely fast speed. Gluttony doesn’t stop its howl which becomes louder and shakes the barn. An intense dark spiritual power fills the barn causes the exposed wood and straw to ignite and causing the Earth to shake and crack. The pressure of the aura increases in strength and density so rapidly that it creates a spherical crater in the ground underneath Gluttony.

Sloth’s Mansion

The heroes quickly tend to their fallen friends. Then they move deeper into the heart of the mansion. As they move towards the master of the horrors, their emotions seem to fade. The first emotions to be affected are anger, sadness, and the other most prominent feelings. They are followed by most basic feelings, such as the need to eat. The drain of emotions leaves a sense of total apathy. A tiredness that wants its victims to lie down and die, without making an effort to resist or even try to survive.

The heroes are only affected for a few terrifying seconds, but they cling to their weaponry and the small amounts of pain allow them to shake off the effects of the dark energy.

Sloth of the Sins is a massive sloth-like creature that glows with a navy blue aura. It resembles a large version of a prehistoric ground sloth with large claws on its hands and feet. Its massive muscular form is covered in dark blue fur that is in turn covered in black fungal material that glows like bio-luminescent moss. It may be slow and lazy, but it radiates strength and power, as if a wave of its claws could shatter a mountain.

Takeru is the first one to attack with his swordsmanship. Sloth is not impressed and he slaps Takeru out of the air. The blow is so powerful that Takeru goes through several walls and out of the mansion, tumbling across the lawn before striking the perimeter wall.

Hikari fires a pair of daggers into the creature’s eyes, but Sloth closes his eyes and the eyelids stop the blades like metal shields. When Sloth opens his eyes, he sees a pair of angels in front of him. Angelo and Angela gather their power and launch their Heaven’s Knuckle and Heaven’s Arrow attacks. The holy energy causes the fur to smolder, but fails to cause major damage to the demon. Instead he opens his mouth and releases a navy blue energy beam. The beam is small, but its power is impressive. It launches both Angels through the ceiling, several floors, and out of the sky light into the air above the mansion.

Sloth raises his hand and catches the tip of Dukemon’s lance with two of his claws, stopping the attack cold. With a flick of his wrist, he snaps the tip off like a piece of chalk.

Gluttony’s Farm

Gluttony’s body begins to rapidly grow. The skinless flesh and mutated bone grow at supernatural speeds, until the walls around the monster are destroyed by the growth. The front legs lengthen and develop sharp bone protrusions and the tail becomes long and muscular with a crimson fur tip. The back legs merge with the tail, increasing its length and thickness. The neck lengthens and the crimson hair lengthens into a long spiky mane. The mouths on the torso grow larger and form bony armor over the lengthened muscle and bone. Four more serpentine necks rise from the beast, each possessing a lupine head with a large mouth. As it finally stops growing, the red-purple flesh darkens to pitch black with yellow-green glowing eyes and a fierce dark aura.

The five headed demon roars and releases five streams of burning corrosive liquid from its mouth, which destroy what remains of the barn and farm house. Edward Elric creates a wall of thick stone as a shield from the flames, but one of the heads fires small green fireballs at the speed of a machine gun. The green pulses quickly blast the wall into a million tiny fragments.

The Deidara puppet sends out a dozen small clay birds, but a second head fires a stream of fireballs that destroys the flying explosives in midair. A third head’s fireballs tear the Deidara puppet clean in half. All five heads release their destructive fireballs, filling the area with fiery explosions and debris.

Angel releases a stream of energy from his mouth, but it only causes minor damage to mutated muscle tissue. The massive tail of the creature moves at high speed and cracks like a whip, sending Angel and Gabriel flying a hundred meters before crashing in a barren field.

Drusilla fires several ice arrows, while Liltiha injects her corrosive poison into the demon flesh. Those sections of flesh bubble, then separate completely from the torso. The fragments either quickly freeze solid or dissolve completely with their effect concentrated. The missing flesh and bone armor is quickly regenerated. Then the bone spikes launch like missiles and Drusilla and her partner are blown through the air.

Spike is also hit by the bone missiles, but they don’t pierce his body. Instead they shatter like chalk and their flames swirl around the uninjured biker. Spike’s aura of chakra continues to grow as if he had opened a Celestial Gate. The yellow-green aura surges and the Digivice attached to his body vibrates. One of Gluttony’s heads surges towards Spike to devour him, but Spike delivers a punch that shatters the head like a melon. As the brutalized neck pulls back, Spike grabs hold of the torn flesh and is pulled into the air. He lets go at the top of the arc and lands on a second head, driving his fist deep into the skull and brain. Heads three and four open fire with their fireball streams, instantly reducing the second head into tiny burning fragments. It also sends Spike flying several meters, causing him to make a deep trench in the dirt. Spike is unharmed, but a little dizzy and half naked from the barrage since while his body is diamond hard, his clothing isn’t.

The three destroyed heads are regenerated in bursts of blood and demonic energy. Gluttony begins to gather and concentrate the demonic energy into its five mouths. The air around the massive creature darkens to a translucent green, while five shining white spheres glow in their mouths. The ninja, including Team Gai who are defending the injured Team Kakashi, can sense the surging demonic energy meaning the attack is going to be massive.

The five heads suddenly stop gathering energy when they all hear a loud screeching sound. They turn to see Naruto standing with one hand above his head. In his hand is a brightly glowing sphere of swirling chakra with four blades of wind spinning around the core at extremely high speed. It looks like a spinning Fuuma Shuriken made of wind and energy. What frightens Gluttony is that he can feel his aura being pulled into the winds.

Gluttony releases all five green-white beams of destructive power from its mouths. Each beam is powerful enough to annihilate an entire town, but they are all focused on Naruto’s destruction. Instead, nine dragons of dark crimson power intercept the beams. Gohan’s counterattack disperses the five beams, while the remains four dragons burn off the four minor heads.


Naruto throws the massive wind blade, which screams louder and glows brighter with its release. The injured demon has no chance of stopping or avoiding the attack and is struck. In less than a second, the massive creature is torn completely in half before being devoured by the growing sphere of wind. The monster is sliced into a million pieces and those pieces are sliced into millions more.

Blaze, Beelzebumon Blast Mode, finishes Gluttony’s destruction. While glowing with a powerful, swirling aura of yellow-green demonic energy, Blaze gathers energy into an attack. The energy forms a glowing white sphere on the tip of the vibrating Positron Cannon.


Blaze discharges all the power into a powerful energy blast from his cannon. The energy blast combines with the winds of Rasenshuriken to create a sphere of destruction. Inside, every single microscopic fragment of Gluttony is completely incinerated. The sphere soon disperses leaving a smoking crater and fine ash in the wind.

Sloth’s Mansion

Dukemon is sent flying through the building and the perimeter wall by Sloth’s insane strength. Sloth has barely moved from his position since the heroes began to attack. Dukemon’s eyes pulsate with a blue glow then release a thunderous aura. The remaining Tamers, Sennin, and Angels are all thrown by a powerful aura. The dense, heavy aura moving at slow speeds is like an explosion, pushing and crushing everything in its path. The entire mansion shakes as the aura expands and every remaining piece of glass in the mansion shatters. Far away, the vibrations are powerful enough to collapse the old mines.

Sloth’s form begins to grow with the sound of tearing flesh and cracking bone. The massive ground sloth grows from three meters to fifteen meters in height with even larger claws on its hands and feet. It’s massive, grotesquely muscular form looks more like a super-steroid version of a Gorilla with long pitch black fur and dark blue fungal moss growing on the fur. The creature grows a mouth of large teeth with two long tusks and the black fur becomes hard as steel and sharp as blades. A pair of large horns resembling those of a water buffalo grow from the head of the immense Sloth making it look like an oni from Japanese mythology. Its eyes glow with a bright blue flame and glowing blue smoke trails from its mouth.

Sloth opens his mouth and releases a dark blue beam of energy. When the beam strikes the ground it creates a powerful, high speed explosion that rips and tears what remains of the mansion to pieces and sets everything on fire.

Sloth notices a flare of crimson light and turns to see a new knight emerge from the burning rubble. Dukemon is now outfitted in crimson armor, has grown glowing feathery wings, and wields a glowing medieval sword.

“Dukemon. Crimson Mode.”

Sloth doesn’t look impressed or show any form of emotion.

There are two more explosions of light and Sakuyamon and SaintGargomon stand on the smoldering rubble.

Angela the Angewomon is back and is followed by Angelo, who is in his perfect form of HolyAngemon.

“Why did he release his full power?” asks Hikari, her feathery wings holding her above the battle.

“Suppressing one’s energy in battle takes effort. He just doesn’t care,” says Takeru, flying next to her.

Suddenly, one of Anko’s massive snakes emerges from the ground to strike Sloth. Sloth grabs the snake out of the air and cracks it like a whip, shattering the spine in the process. It then discards the snake as a giant slug attacks it. It tries to strike the gastropod, but its claws pass through like piercing Jell-O. The slug releases a spray of sticky acid into the demon’s eyes before disengaging. While blinded, the demon can’t stop the attack of Jiraiya’s summon boss Gamabunta who delivers a kick that sends the monster tumbling. It creates a trench in the earth and collapses some of the remaining mines.

Sloth roars and releases a monstrous amount of blue-white energy into the sky, illuminating everything in the valley. Sloth rolls to its feet, then moves towards the summoned animals, only for its feet into sink into the ground. Jiraiya’s Swamp of the Underworld technique holds the demon Sloth in place long enough for Gamabunta to spray oil into its face. Oil which is then ignited by a fireball from Jiraiya, creating a small sea of fire.

Sloth opens its mouth and fires its largest beam of blue-white energy so far.

“Heaven’s Gate!”

“Saint Air!”

Angelo, the HolyAngemon draws a circle in the air which normally sucks all enemies into another dimension. In this case, it acts like a shield sending the attack into that other dimension. Angela creates a ring of energy force that paralyzes Sloth as it’s driven down the demon’s throat.

“Holy Arrow!”

Angela, the Angewomon with energy from Hikari releases a barrage of glowing arrows down Sloth’s throat. There is a pause, then fiery white energy explodes from the mouth into the sky. The force of the explosion is so powerful that the torso bulges outward and the organs and bones are illuminated despite the thick skin and fur.

The still living demon Sloth sees Dukemon Crimson Mode floating in the air near him and reaches to grab the knight with its massive claws.

“Invincible Sword!”

Sloth cries out as both arms are severed by the full might of the holy sword Blutgang. The holy blade cuts clean through the flesh and bone which is a hundred times stronger than iron. The creature’s dark purple blood soaks the ground and ignites into blue flames.

“Final Justice!”

Dukemon fires the holy spear Gungnir down Sloth’s throat and deep into the demon’s body. There is another explosion of energy within the creature and this time the damage continues to grow. The torso expands as the internals are illuminated, then those organs are disintegrated and beams of light pierce the skin. Finally, Sloth’s entire body bursts and violently explodes releasing a shockwave of fiery blue-white energy. The intense energy shakes the valley and creates a massive crater where the mansion once was.

The heroes have all survived, but they are drained from the battle.

The Castle Lords

Malvos Ravenclaw, Alchemic Warrior of the Lords, stands in the center of a chamber floating in midair, while the corrupted Philosopher’s Stone pulsates with energy behind him. He spreads his arms like a man crucified and opens his palms to reveal two red-purple crystals.

On the ground is a demonic sigil designed to channel the power of demonic entities. It glows and pulsates with a fierce purple light and produces a dark aura that swirls around the floating alchemist. Streams of dark energy are pulled from the seal into the crystals in Ravenclaw’s palms. The energy is so intense that each crystal generates an almost solid baseball-size sphere of energy in his palms. Around him, lightning-like energy arcs inside the eye of the vortex, occasionally striking the crystal spheres.

When the demonic and alchemic energy fades, he lands holding both crystals which have turned jet black. He flicks the ice and frost off the stones and looks into dark mirror depths. Inside one crystal, a lupine image howls, a sound filled with endless hunger and blood lust. Inside the other crystal, there is no image but an energy-draining sensation.

The dark alchemist walks towards the glowing corrupted Philosopher Stone and places the black devil stones onto the surface of the crimson stone. The black crystals sink into the depths of the red crystal, like a body into the depths of the cold ocean. As the black crystals flow into it, they dissolve into a pitch darkness that disperses through the entire crystal. The Philosopher Stone darkens from the injected evil, then grows from forty to sixty meters in height, regaining its crimson color in the process. The crimson light, the demonic aura of the crystal, is brighter and the air is filled with energy.

Mae emerges from the shadows and wraps her arms around Ravenclaw’s torso. Her shining eyes stare into the depths of the crystal, which reflects twisted demonic versions of the alchemist warrior and youkai.

“Another two of the Sins fall, but our power only grows. What will you do when the last of the Sins are consumed by the Stone?”

“I’ll devour the world. Anything for more power. The Lords will guide us to new power after the final night.”

Ravenclaw places his clawed hand on the warm surface of the Philosopher Stone and feels the dark energy pulsating like a heart. He can hear the voices of thousands of people in his mind, screaming in pain, but also calling out in greed and hunger. Ravenclaw can sense each soul trapped within the Philosopher Stone rapidly losing its humanity, generating darker and darker energies that feed the demonic power.

Ravenclaw pulls his hand, which is stuck to the crystal like a piece of metal stuck to a magnet, away from its surface. As he pulls his hand away completely, his hand ignites into blue-purple flames. He clenches his hand into a fist and the flames are extinguished.

Ravenclaw begins to laugh. First with a faint shaking of the shoulders, followed by a louder laugh, and finally a maniacal laugh that fills the chamber with an insane joy. He grins showing his sharp fangs as his eyes glow bright.

“Fight and feed the future! Fight and die!”

End of CHAPTER 42: THE RACE Part 3


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed's powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it's a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.

Who should go with the group to the next world?

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