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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,0639 Feb 0828 Oct 09No


Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything



Angel sits under another tree, his own magically charged vampire healing repairing the damage caused by impacting tree limbs, hitting the ground, and the eighteen splinters and pieces of wood he pulled out of his body. His clothing is still partial covered in mud, even after using the nearby river to clean himself. He too drained and tender to attempt to stake his former partners in crime.

Suddenly, both Angel and Spike enhanced hearing pick up the sound of footsteps. They tense and watch something very strange walking towards them.

The first is an anthropomorphic feline with a female voice. She has black fur with violet tufts, bands, and blue gloves with red markings. It's golden eyes are currently glaring at her companion.

The other creature is a small humanoid imp creature with a tail and large pointed ears. He wears a pair of red gloves and a matching red scarf and an evil smile underneath. The vampires have scene many demons, but none have had a yellow smiley on them. The Imp is taunting the feline, it's own eyes shining.

"For the last time, you gluttonous little jerk, I would not do that with you if you were the last Digimon in the entire Digital World!"

"Don't be mean, Pussycat."

"That's it! Your getting a claw up the... What the???"

The cat and the imp stop and stare at the three vampires under the tree.

The three vampires stare at the cat and the imp.

Suddenly, the five feel a surge of energy run through there bodies. The vampires and creatures let out screams of pain and pleasure, as the energy warps there very beings. Drusilla and the feline emit a flowing green aura that swirls around them and each other. Spike and the Imp emit a violent Yellow Green flame that arcs between them like solar prominence. Angel collapses only emitting a faint orange glow.

A burst of Yellow-Green energy explodes from the Imp's form into Spike's chest. Spike feels something burning his chest and pulls out his cell phone, which is smoking. The mobile phone melts into yellow-green ooze that wraps around his wrists and melds with his skin. The glow fades and he's now wearing a advance piece of electronics made of white metal with yellow and green markings. It also has a black leather and metal band and three marks that resemble eyes.

Drusilla is struck in the chest by a green energy blast and collapses. She doesn't notice Spike's electronic key-chain fall from his pocket into her open hand. The door opener/alarm trigger, turns into a glowing green liquid that grows in volume, before become a device similar to the one on Spike's wrist. This one a metallic silver color with green markings and instead of three eyes, tiny silver wings like those of a bat.

Angel doesn't even move, as a burning orange liquid flows out of his leather coat and wraps around his wrist. The liquid was a cellphone he found on the streets minutes before the event, now it becomes the third unit. It's a strange unit with half the band a mix of gold and white and the other half black and orange. The machine itself has a black and white casing with an orange rimmed screen and feathery angel wings curved inward around the screen.

Hours Later

Angel, Spike, and Drusilla awaken from the effects of the energy pulse.

"What the bloody hell happened!"

"Shut up, Spike!" commands Angel, his head pounding.

"Your awake. About time humans!" says the feline creature.

"Aaah. I was about to set them on fire." says the imp. Spike notices the little jerk has an Italian accent.

"Don't be more stupid than you are!" says the feline, smacking the Imp, "You know what those things on there wrists are!"

Angel looks down on his wrist and sees the strange machine, he tries to pull it off, but feels it pull at the skin, flesh, and bones beneath. Spike also realizes the similar device on his wrist is also fused with him and Drusilla just thinks it's a very pretty bracelet.

"Who are you?" asks Angel looking the feline, ":What are you?" Where are we?"

Suddenly, the object on his wrist lights up and generate a holographic screen, a circular plane of light an inch from the actual screen. It shows a picture of the feline and data.

Attribute Virus
Adult Level
Type: Demon Beast Digimon
BlackTailmon is a Rookie level darkness Digimon. She's not a Kitten to be messed with and if you try, you'll get her Neko Punch or Neko Kick.

"What's a Digimon??"

"Digimon is short for Digital Monster. We are the creatures that live in this world, one of the Digital Worlds, that exists in the world of data and the information networks of the human worlds. " says Tailmon, "Also, unlike the other losers in this world, I won't simply be called by what I am. My name is Lilitha."

Attribute Virus
Child Level
Type: Small Devil Digimon
He is a Digimon that loves being bad and malicious, but he never flatters strong people and stands up to them with a tough attitude. He like to cause trouble with his Night of Fire.

"Don't forget me, Kitty." says Impmon, who Lilitha says "Wish I could.".

"My name is Blaze, human, remember it." finishes Impmon looking at Spike.

"My name is Spike and I stopped being human long ago." says Spike showing his game face. Instead of freaking out, Blaze smirks at the ridged face.

"Good. Humans are so weak, I would never want to be partnered with one." says Blaze

Spike shifts back to human face in confusion, "Partner?? What do you bloody well mean by that?"

"Listen up, Bleach boy." says Lilitha, "When humans come to a Digital World, they usually bond with one of Digimon to fulfill a purpose. The link allows the human to help a Digimon evolve, which means advance to the next level in our development. From Child like Blaze to Adult like me to Perfect to Ultimate. We can grow from our limbless baby forms to god-like ultimate forms if we have a partner."

"If you couldn't tell by the light show, I'm your partner, Spike." says Blaze, "Kitten is your girlfriend's partner and I don't know and don't care who grease boy's partner is."

"Grease boy." laughs Spike

"So, how does a person get to the human world from here?' asks Angel trying to ignore the comment about his hair, "Are there any humans around now?"

"Most of the portals are under control of the new Big Bad." says Lilitha, "We were in our Baby forms, when he took over a year ago. He also captured the few human partners of this Digital World. We don't care about the humans, but with that jerk in control we don't have a lot of freedom to do what we want."

Suddenly, they hear the sounds of running and more Digimon appear over a hill.

The first type is a small humanoid dinosaur wearing hi-tech military armor carrying a large M16 assault rifle. It even has camouflage pattern skin that blends into the background.

Attribute Virus
Child Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
The special forces of the Digital World. His body has a special texture, which makes it possible for him to have any camouflage pattern to match his environment. For that reason, they say that most of his "targets" have been buried without having become aware of Commandramon's existence.
His attacks are M16 Assassin, DCD Bomb, and Strike Claw

The second type are small humanoid creatures with three red claws at the end of each foot and each hand has five red nails and an eyeball in there palm. They all have black masked heads with one red eye, one green eye, and a large toothy smile.

Attribute Virus
Child Level
Type: Undead Digimon
Dracmon is an Undead Digimon from the dark area and is a mischievous bloodsucker. If its mischief involves danger, it will not shrink away from it and views it as a challenge. It has been said it began to die when it tried to draw graffiti of the faces of the Digimon Sovereigns.

The last creatures are the most menacing of the three types. They are massive blue wolves with flame-like markings, sharp bat wing-like blades going around the shoulders and head, and there lower legs are made of dark blue metal with blades for claws and extra blades on the front legs.They also have small blades extending from the knee joints and loop earrings.

Attribute Virus
Adult Level
Type: Demon Beast Digimon
Sangloupmon is an ancient Digimon said to have survived since the dawn of the Digital World. He can turn himself into disassembled data packets to move great distances by sheer force of will. Don't mess with him or his pack or you'll receive thousands of blades from his Sticker Blade attack.

Suddenly, the leader of the group appears. It appears to be an eight foot werewolf version of a Sangloupmon. A towering humanoid blue wolf with blade-like teeth and claws and razor sharp bat-wings on the back and sides of the wolf-like head.

Attribute Variable
Perfect Level
Type: Demon Man Digimon
Sangloupgaroumon is a hybrid created by fusing a ancient Sangloupmon with a modern human to create this lethal warrior of darkness. A loyal servant of the Dark Lord, he leads the pack.

"Humans!" yells Sangloupgaroumon with a very deep, growling voice, "Kill them!"

"Yes, Sir. Lord Sang, Sir" shouts the Commandramon

The Sangloupmon howl and attack, while the Dracmon just run and hop towards there target.

"Bloody hell." says Spike

Spike grabs Drusilla and pulls her behind the trees, seconds before bullets from the Commandramon's M16 Assassin shred the bark and create a million holes in the metallic wood.

Angel jumps behind his tree as thousands of blades shoot from the digital wolves. The blades have far more energy then the bullets and soon all that remains of the unlucky tree is a stump and a huge pile of fire wood and wood chips.

He throws a large piece of wood at the wolves with a cry of "Fetch!". His aim is off due to the muddy ground, so instead of hitting the row of six wolves it goes over there heads. One wolf, it's tongue hanging out runs after it, while Angel and the other five look embarrassed.

Back with Spike, Drusilla, Blaze, and Lilitha, the Dracmon try to Bite the vampires.


Blaze creates two rings of fire, one within the other, and creates a sphere of fire from the ring, which he then hurls at the target. The huge fireball hits a group of ten Dracmon like a bowling ball hitting ten pins, with much the same effect, except the Dracmon are on fire as they fall.

Spike doesn't need special attacks, he grabs a pair of Dracmon who were trying to Eye of Nightmare to hypnotize him and smashes them together hard enough to crush there skulls. When the last Dracmon tries an Undead Fang - a bite attack, only for Spike to grab the smaller Digimon out of the air and drain him!

Lilitha proves she a Bad ass Fur ball, defending the weak Drusilla with brutal moves. She knocks one Commandramon down, then stomps on his neck snapping it. She grabs hold of one soldier's rifle and opens fire point-blank into the face of another. She then snaps her arm and delivers to snout-breaking strike. She kicks one into the river and another into a boulder. A pair of Commandramon throws bombs at her, but she uses another opponent as a shield and returns the bombs. She then flips and smashes the shield into the ground with the sound of break bones and torn metal.

One of the few remaining Commandramon tries to attack Lilitha with a beam on his claw, but she hears him despite his camouflage and the counter Neko Punch is so powerful, she manages to tear threw the Commandramon's chest and out the back.

"Good Kitty. Nice Claws." says Drusilla, while the BlackTailmon wonders why she ended up with an insane partner. She would say karma, but she's hasn't been around very long.

Spike debates something, then yells, "Lilitha! Go help Angel, we may need the poof."

Angel is covered in small cuts and his jacket is shredded to ribbons. He stands in a pile of mud and saw dust, when the five Sangloupmon leap from his own shadow. He's saved when Lilitha delivers a brutal Neko Kick to one on the far right, sending him flying into the others.

As she leaps towards the others, there is a cry of "Blade Wave!". Lord Sang does a spinning backhand releases hundreds of thousands of glowing red blades. Lilitha even in the air possesses superhuman agility and manages to use a couple of Sangloupmon as living shields. The blades tear threw the pack and cause a massive explosion.

When the smoke clear, the BlackTailmon is on her side, weak and injured. The wolves are dead and dissolving into particles of light, which are being absorbed by the Sangloupgaroumon.

"You... You killed your... own pack." says Lilitha gasping.

"There are more of them." says Lord Sang with a grin, "The only use for a weak is as a sacrifice."


A large fireball from the Impmon Blaze strikes Lord Sang, but doesn't even scorch the stray hairs of his fur. The leader of the Digimon wolves laughs the yells, "Shadow Claws!"

A pulse of darkness explodes from Lord Sang's palm and passes over Spike, Drusilla, and Blaze. There shadows turn pitch black and morph into long arms with huge claws that grab them, making them unable to move.

Angel tries to get up, but Lord Sang roars with a cry of "Blood Howl!". As he howls, a wave of crimson energy explodes from his mouth and washes over Angel draining him of his remaining energy

"Humans are so weak." he says as prepares to use another Blade Wave to finish off Lilitha and Angel

"Erase Claw!!"

A burst of energy destroys Lord Sang's back wings and tears pieces out of his back. The monster collapses to his knees in pain and turns to see his attacker.

It's a huge humanoid dragon with a black and metal body, two large claws on each digigrade foot, three claws on each hand, and blades on the elbows. It also has four tattered crimson wings and face plate over his eyes with two horns.

The digivice on Angel's wrist activates even without Angel able to move.

Attribute Vaccine
Level: Perfect
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Cyberdramon is a Cyborg Digimon of Dragon Man lineage who is clad in a special eraser-made armor. his mission is to annihilate Virus-type Digimon who aw ashed the network, but he is a mysterious soldier.

"Blade Wave!"

The Cyberdramon jumps overs the hundreds of millions of blades emitted by the angry demonic werewolf.

"Blood Howl!"

Lord Sang's Blood Howl drains an opponent based on there fear, but Cyberdramon is fearless and unaffected by the crimson energy wave.

"Speed activate!" comes a cry from far away.

Cyberdramon blurs with an increase in speed and attacks at point blank with Cyber Nail, slashing Lord with his super-charged sharp claws.

"This can't be...I am Alpha!" says Lord Sang, blood dripping from his mouth with Cyberdramon's claws deep in his chest "I can't be defeated!"

He tries to attack, even with his heart destroyed, but Cyberdramon yells out "Erase Claw!" and fires his data-erasing energy inside Sangloupgaroumon's body. The crimson energy explodes out Lord Sang's back and the monster explodes into a cloud of particles

Angel, Drusilla, and Blaze collapse as Lord Sang's shadow manipulation spell dies with him. They turn to see a brown haired teenager with a green shirt, green pants, brown leg guards, and red and white sneakers. He also wears a robotic gauntlet and pauldron (shoulder armor) on his right arm, a tan glove on his left, and red scarf.

"Hello. My name is Ryo Akiyama."

To be Continued in Chapter 6


WINNER - Spike - Beelzemon - 8 (Bonus + 2) (Black Leather/Hair/Motorcycle)
WINNER - Drusilla - Lilithmon - 13 (Elegant Goddess of the Night)
WINNER - Angel - Next chapter

(1) I'm using Japanese names and attacks. I will include the Terms after chapter.
BlackTailmon (BlackGatomon) Neko Kick (Cat Kick) Night of Fire (Bada-Boom)
Vamdermon (Myotismon). The Manga (comic) version of Digimon have names of there own.
(2) Digimon Evolution - The stages of Digital Monster Development
Baby 1(Fresh) => Baby 2 (In-Training) => Child (Rookie) => Adult (Champion) => Perfect (Ultimate) => Ultimate (Mega Ultimate)
(3) Original Character
Sangloupgaroumon is my own creation. He's a fusion of human and a Sangloupmon. The name Sangloup
means "blood wolf" and Loup - Garou is the French name for Werewolf.
He was an Ultimate variable demon man Digimon with three main attacks: Blade Wave to attack, Shadow Claw to immobilize, and Blood Howl to weaken. He was the Alpha of the Sangoloupmon.
(4) Vamdermon (Myotismon) and other Digimon choices will be in this fic, just not as a partners.
(5) Ryo Akiyama? Digimon Wikia. He's a dimensional traveler with experience going between worlds thanks to Evil God Digimon Millenniummon. He seemed the best choice for explanations.

Digimon - 11.8 x 1.5 First ARC
Naruto - 7 x 1.5 Second Arc
Inuyasha - 5.2 x 1.5 Third Arc

The First Arc will be Digimon, Followed by Naruto and Inuyasha
Voting will continue after Inuyasha Arc for the other chooses.

Which heroic Digimon and partners should the group meet?
I already have my bad guys picked out, but what heroes will Angel, Spike, Drusilla, Ryo, and there Digimon meet and join forces with and which ones should join them for the next arc.
Your choices are the Five Anime Seasons Adventure 01 and 02, Tamers (Season 3), Frontier (Season 4), and Savers (Data Squad)(Season 5) and the manga V-Tamer, Digimon Chronicle, and D-Cyber. All which can found at Digimon Wikipedia.
Bonus to Angels, Demons, and Female characters!
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