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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Home Base

It has been two weeks since the battles with Gluttony and Sloth of the Castle Lords. In those battles there was wide spread destruction, but they were also reunited with their missing friends and comrades.

Team Kurenai, Hinata’s former team, were transformed into monsters under the control of Sloth. Now Genjutsu mistress Kurenai Yuhi, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and his canine partner Akamaru are recovering slowly. Team Kakashi were transformed into monsters on Gluttony’s Farm, but now Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, and Sai are also recovering slowly. Unlike the mind controlled Tamers, the transformation has drained their chakra and their recovery is further slowed by trace amounts of the dark energies.

The two teams are protected by Team Gai, Team Sennin, Iruka, and Shizune while they recover. Mustang and his group are looking for surviving members of the military. The other teams are hunting two other members of Sins. They have to hurry since the number of dead is increasing daily and the other sins are growing stronger, especially now that they don’t have to divide their energies of their victims seven ways.

“I think I have a solution,” says Tsunade.

“A solution?”

“The reason the recovery is so slow is there’s some sort of jutsu or spell draining them, even when unconscious. If my method works and I can cleanse the magic, they should be able to recover their chakra at a normal rate.”

“That’s good. The Sins are getting larger and more powerful, and I don’t want to go hunting something the size of a Tailed Beast without a lot of back up,” says Anko. “Kurenai may not want to join the battle since she’s been reunited with her child and her illusions won’t have any effect on demons.”

Greed’s Army

“Open fire!”

Naruto pulls Hinata behind a broken stone wall while Gohan hides behind a different piece of rubble. They do this to shield themselves from a sudden barrage of bullets. Hikari casts an illusion that makes all of them vanish before the eyes of soldiers. While they’re confused, TK slices the rifles clean in half.

Suddenly, there is a massive explosion and the Angels are forced back. On a hill there are the demon possessed military armed with larger weapons including small cannons.

These people were once the army of Amestris, ordinary soldiers not State Alchemists. They spent weeks running scared from the monsters, depleting their resources, then Greed managed to capture them and used the greed in their souls to corrupt and control them. Their eyes glow with a faint golden light and their skin has a gray tint, but they are mostly normal humans. The only differences are an inability to feel pain and the normal body limiters having been removed giving them superhuman strength at the price of their bodies slowly breaking down under the strain. These men show no emotions beyond greed, obsession, and rage


A stream of energy erupts from the claws of Cyberdramon, forcing the soldiers back and destroying their cannons. Ryo follows his partner, releasing a fire ball from his mouth which sets many of soldiers on fire. They may not be able to feel pain due to Greed’s control, but that doesn’t make them unstoppable. The smoke and flame damage the lungs, preventing the soldiers from breathing and bring those that survive to their knees.


GeoGreymon’s battle cry shockwave attack not only knocks another group of soldiers of their feet, but blows out their ear drums and completely wipes out their sense of balance. Masaru decides to get personal as he charges the remaining soldiers, fists clenched. The soldiers open fire on the young man only for him to turn into a piece of rubble thanks to Kawarimi (Replacement). Masaru appears behind the soldiers and delivers brutal strikes that break bone and pulverize flesh. The soldiers can’t feel the pain but they can’t move as their joints are shattered and the punches to the face render them unconscious, breaking Greed’s control.

Suddenly, a wave of golden demonic energy spreads across the destroyed village. The energy is so intense that some of the smaller fires are extinguished and pieces of rocks and dust float off the ground into the air. The ground shifts and shakes, until finally dozens of creatures burst out of the dead soil and stone.

Naruto, Hinata, and Gohan face shining Gem Warriors. Each warrior is a humanoid statue composed of translucent gemstones like rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and other materials, which makes their bodies extremely hard and powerful. This is proven when they tear/run through rubble to reach their targets. The diamond warriors are clearly the stronger, shattering their fellow warriors to reach their targets.

Takeru, Hikari, Angelo, and Angela face the Golden Warriors. Each Golden warrior resembles a Roman style humanoid statue composed of either gold and silver, or pure gold. Their bodies are strong, but their greatest strength is the ability to stretch the alloy of their bodies into slicing wires. The angels barely avoid the twenty meter wires that slice everything in their path.

Gohan’s movements become faster than the human eye and he moves his blade with even greater speed. There are sparks and flashes of light, then Gohan appears behind eight of the Gem Warriors. Their bodies slide apart before shattering into dust. Gohan then turns to block a punch by a diamond warrior with his blade. The force of the punch is so immense that Gohan is blasted off his feet and through several walls of a burnt out building, before tumbling into the street. Gohan flips back onto his feet and blocks another punch by the diamond warrior, this time not moving an inch.

“Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho!” (Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!)

Hinata’s arms move faster than the wings of a hummingbird and the chakra beams emitted by her finger tips slice through the gemstones like laser beams. In seconds, eight of the Gem Warriors shatter into pieces. A diamond warrior tries to attack her from behind, but Hinata turns and delivers a palm strike that stops the creature’s charge. It isn’t the physical blow, but the burst of chakra that does the damage, but the result is effective. Hinata does a combination, sending out more strikes that knock the warrior back, off his feet and finally into the air. Hinata then jumps into the air and does a modified Kaiten to drill into the warrior’s airborne body. The warrior shatters on impact leaving a slightly dizzy Hinata standing in the crater.

Naruto’s solution against his opponents is to summon shadow clones and use them to knock gem warriors into other gem warriors. A large warrior is kicked into the air by three clones, which are used by launch boards by three more clones. The clones on the ground grab three more gem warriors and toss them towards each other, while the airborne Narutos axe kick the flying warrior back to earth. The falling warrior collides with the other three shattering all four to pieces. Another group of gem warriors tears through the shadow clones only for the last few to be exploding shadow clones, blasting them to dust. Naruto’s last opponents are three diamond warriors.

One of the diamond warriors throws a punch at Naruto, only for Naruto to drop and do a sweep kick. With the loose dirt on the ground, the kick manages to knock the leg out from under the warrior. As Naruto stands, he grabs the leg and spins. A burst of chakra increases the speed to the point where the G forces would easily kill a normal human.

“OUJI: NARUTO UZUMAKI!” (Secret Technique: Maelstrom Spiral!)

Naruto lets go of his captured warrior, sending him flying at supersonic speed into another diamond warrior. The impact shatters both of them and scatters both their remains across the battle field. The other diamond warrior shields himself with his arms, only to see Naruto in front of him with a glowing kunai in his left hand. The diamond warrior blocks the kunai with his arms, only for Naruto’s right hand to ram a spiraling sphere into its stomach. As the wind chakra grinds his diamond body and tears through, the warrior looks into Naruto’s glowing blue eyes.

“The dagger was a distraction. Not that it matters.”

The Rasengan grinds deep into the diamond warrior before exploding out the back. The diamond warrior is blown apart at the waist and his remains spiral into the distance following the winds of the detonated Rasengan.

Gohan stands in front of his opponent. As his sword clicks back into his saya, the diamond warrior glows a faint red-gold then shatters into powder

Takeru rises into the air and holds his sword in front of him in a zen-like trance. Despite the extremely long wires getting closer and closer, he is completely calm. An aura of blue chakra forms around Takeru and the Symbol of Hope begins to glow on the hilt of his sword.

Angelo uses his Heaven’s Knuckle attack to blast away any wires that get too close. This creates a fiery golden rain that falls on the destroyed town below as the wires melt from the holy energy. Hikari also lends a hand with an illusion that reduces the accuracy of the metal warriors. The reason her illusion techniques can work and Kurenai’s would fail is that Hikari’s light affinity works against the demonic energy used by the creatures.

Angela notices that Takeru is ready and lets loose with her own attack.


The Angewomon creates a ring of holy energy force around her raised arms, which then rises and grows into a much larger ring above the battle field. The sparkling energy released by the ring paralyzes the golden warriors and leaves their wires in the air like a giant modern art sculpture.


Angela absorbs energy from the ring and from Angemon and Hikari into a glowing arrow, now held in a bow generated by her arm. The arrow becomes a streak of white fire that vaporizes the wires before washing over the golden warriors. Takeru vanishes in a golden flash and appears behind the golden warriors with his clothing and sword smoking. The golden warriors let out roars before their bodies slide apart emitting flames. The heat generated by TK’s attack causes the gold and other metals inside the enemy warriors to melt. Like the bronze giant Talos, they all fall bleeding molten metal.

Wrath’s Wasteland

Wrath’s land was once a thriving town filled with hard working people and playful children. Now every building is burnt out and smashed to rubble and streets are littered with burnt corpses and charred, broken bones. The roads are covered in smoking or charred craters, and the scorching air is thick with the smell of smoke, fire, and death.

The Scourge have seen a lot of death and destruction, especially during the Boxer Rebellion and their time earning themselves the name Scourge of Europe. Now they bring destruction to those that deserve it.

In the sky are Fire Drakes, which resemble the fire-covered skeletons of immense serpentine lizards like dragons with immense wings composed of flame. They scream like burning trees and release streams of fire and ash down on the living below.

A Fire Drake lets out a screech as a glowing blue arrow pieces its neck then a burst of cold extinguishes it flames, letting a cloud of bone and ash fall to earth. Half a dozen other Drakes see the source of the ice arrow and descend towards Drusilla. Drusilla’s hands become a blur as she releases a powerful aura of blue chakra.

“Suiton: Soushi Tatsu!” (Water Release: Twin Dragon!)

The road splits as underground water erupts from the depths and forms two giant dragons of water. The twin dragons shoot into the air, swirling around each other. Two of the drakes are struck and extinguished, shattering to ash and smoke, but the remaining Drakes continue their attack. Their attacks are stopped when the leading dragon swallows a bird, a small bird made of explosive clay. The Drake violently explodes and the remaining Drakes can’t escape the trap, either destruction by water or the smoke and flames of their comrades’ death. A Drake appears from rubble behind Drusilla, but she doesn’t even look surprised. The reason is Lilitha, whose armored hand tears clean through the skull ignoring the flames. The headless Drake collapses into burning ash and bone.

An immense whip of flame disperses a formation of Fire Drakes, killing three in the process. The remaining Fire Drakes try to regain their formation only for Blaze in Blast Mode to fire his positron cannon. The beam of energy it emits slices through the sky and causes six of the Fire Drakes to explode with enough force to destroy three others. The remaining drakes dive low to avoid Blaze, only to encounter Spike armed with his partner’s shotguns and his own sword. In seconds, there is ash and bone scattered for miles.

The alpha leader of Fire Drakes is immense, ten times larger than the others with four heads at the ends of long serpentine necks and glowing with smokeless golden yellow flames. Angel slices his blade clean through one head of the golden dragon and blocks the attack of a second, but is caught in the jaws of the third and the fourth raises itself to bite off Angel’s head.

"Raiton: Kaminari Iki!" (Lightning Release: Thunder Breath)

A blast of lighting from Angel's mouth shoots into the mouth of the fiery dragon skull and blasts out the back. Gabriel then fires a spear of light through the third head holding Angel causing it to release him. The remaining second head releases a torrent of white flame at Angel, but he vanishes in an instant using Datenshi Denkousekka (Fallen Angel Lightning Speed).

“Chidori Eisou!” (Thousand Birds Sharp Spear!)

Angel concentrates his lightning affinity chakra into a blade that can pierce anything including the skull of the final dragon. The fiery undead dragon struggles, then the golden glow fades. The fires are extinguished leaving fine ash to be blown away by the wind. The dry bones crack and crumble to dust, joining the ash in the wind. Angel stands in place, his clothing smoking and charred from the heat and minor burns on his skin. His eyes glow a faint orange for a brief second.

As for the Tamers - Takato, Ruki, and Jenrya- and their partners - Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon-, they face more creatures on the ground. Their partners have all evolved into their adult forms of Growlmon, Kyubimon, and Gargomon, respectively.

These land-based creatures are known as the Metal Golems. They are round semi-humanoid creatures composed of iron and other metals. Through seems in their metal skin, burning fire can be seen and their eyes shine with golden light. Their weapons include several barrels located on different parts of their bodies. The barrels release bullets and bursts of yellow energy, which pulverize what remains of the dead town.

“Exhaust Flame!”

Growlmon shoots a powerful fire ball from his mouth, which causes half a dozen golems to glow red before exploding like grenades. Takato releases his own fireball that acts like a shield protecting himself and his friends from the fiery metal.

“Plasma Blade!”

Growlmon charges the blades on his arms with energy and slashes enemies with them. The metal creatures are no match for the heat of plasma and are cut open. Seconds later, the cut machines violently detonate, sending shrapnel through their comrades.


Kyuubimon and Ruki start to spin at extreme speed, which causes flames to erupt into a fiery inferno, transforming them into balls of swirling blue fire. When in this state, they produce mystical flame dragons that tear through a dozen of the metal golems causing them to explode.

“Onibidama!” (Demon Flame Ball!).

The blue flames on Kyuubimon's tails become brighter, and ghostly faces appear on them. The faces then become small fireballs which Kyuubimon launches at another group of Golems to destroy them in an explosion of energy

One large golem appears behind Ruki with its guns pointed at her head. She ducks the shot that would have decapitated her, spins, and delivers a punch to the metal monster. Her fist punches deep into the armor and seconds later the machine monster’s armor skin begin to crack. Ruki jumps away from the machines as the glowing cracks spread. Then there are arcs of electrical energy, followed by an explosion that completely consumes the metal golem.

“Gatling Arm!”

Gargomon fires a barrage of chakra-enhanced rounds from his the Gatling guns on his arms. The bullets pierce the armor of the golems, which then release flames from the bullet holes. Normal bullets wouldn’t be able to piece the tank-like armor, but the other world weaponry is far from normal. Several seconds later and some of the golems explode as their own arsenals detonate. Those that don’t are nearly crushed by Gargomon’s Dum-dum Upper attacks.

Kairi Nereid faces the other monsters in the destroyed town that were called Fire Demons by the late locals. Fire Demons are sinister creatures with a legless humanoid body composed of fire and lava. They each have long arms ending in long burning white claws and sinister eyes composed of gold/white flames.

Kairi is calm during her fight, except when Sora, her Otamon partner, is nearly hit by a lava bomb. Her response is to release a massive glowing blue aura and pull water from the ground. The water is pulled from deep underground, shattering the road around her and forming a sphere above the dancing water manipulator. She then spins, elongating the water into a blade that slices three dozen Fire Demons clean in half. Kairi continues to spin, drawing the water back together and forming a ball in front of her cupped palms near her side. As she brings the hands forward, the sphere glows bright and releases a barrage of glowing blue water bullets. The water bullets might as well be fifty caliber armor piercing rounds in their destructive power.

“Go, Kairi! Go, Kairi!” cheers Sora, before firing a water jet into the face of a demon that gets too close. The stream is small, but the creature’s head is extinguished. One the dead is turned to dust, the entire creature collapses into ash.
Sora grins and behind the female Otamamon is a ghost-like image of a much larger Digimon. An armored humanoid with an aquatic tail.

Greed’s Army

The Heroes find the demonic Sin Greed in the most heavily guarded building in the area. A single chamber in the center of the building is filled with treasure. The treasure ranges from gold, silver, and gemstones to works of art, old mirrors, and rare antiques. There are hundreds of reflective objects that could satisfy the obsessions of all the magpies in the world. There are even several slave women ranging in age from fourteen to twenty four chained to the walls to act as art pieces. Each woman has either gold or silver hair or has gemstone colored eyes.

Greed of the Sins stands in front of the heroes glowing with a thick purple aura. The glowing purple mist flows across the polished surfaces of the living gold statue. It’s a humanoid standing two meters tall with a lean body made of gold, and hands and feet made of platinum and silver. Its micro-braided hair is composed of woven silver and its eyes are blue sapphires. Its nails are polished gold, its teeth including fangs are platinum and diamonds, and diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds go down the sides of its arms and legs. He also wears white silk pants secured by woven gold/silver ribbons on his ankles and waist, and a long white coat composed of woven gold and silver threads.

Greed smiles at the newcomers, the opens his mouth wide releasing a thousand diamond spears at high velocity. The high velocity crystal attack would be more than enough to piece the bodies of the heroes, but two figures act as shields

"Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho!"

“Bakuha Kekkai!”
(Blast barrier)

Hinata’s arms become blurs as her chakra lasers slice clean through the diamond barrage, creating a barrier against the attack. Gohan’s Hulimon technique causes him to release energy from his body to create a destructive blast field (Sphere of Destruction), that blocks physical and energy based attacks.

Greed jumps back and into the surface of a mirror. He sinks into it as if the mirror’s reflective surface was water. His image in the mirror glows a faint purple, then his reflection appears on every reflective surface in the treasure room.

“Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth were barely above animal level,” says Greed, his resonating voice coming from all directions. He raises one gold nailed platinum and silver finger, whose tip begins to glow with a dark purple light. “I know how to use my power.”

A purple-white beam of energy like a laser shoots out of all of the mirrors and reflective surfaces. The beams reflect off each surface creating a web of destructive light. Hinata’s flexibility allows her to get in a position where the beams miss her, but Gohan and Naruto are forced to endure the burning beams and allow their healing factors to repair the extensive damage. Ryo and Cyberdramon struck several times by the beams, giving them severe burns and forcing Cyberdramon to devolve back to Monodramon. Masaru is protected from the attack by GeoGreymon, but the massive reptilian Digimon is a massive target. When the attack ends, GeoGreymon’s form is distorted like a TV broadcast. Finally it glows white and he devolves back into Agumon.

“That was a finger,” says Greed, as purple energy gathers in his right palm forming a pulsating white sphere. “This is not.”

Each reflection of Greed tosses its purple fireball. The spheres range in shape, being extremely small when generated by the reflections of coins and very large when generated by the extra large mirror. Each purple fireball generates a ghost-like image of Greed who flies through the air and directs the course of each fireball. Some are giants, while most are the size of child’s doll.

“Katon: Kazanbai!!” (Fire Release: Volcanic Ash!)

“Futon: Enmaku!!” (Wind Release: Smokescreen!)

Takeru inhales then releases a cloud of ash from his mouth, while his beloved Hikari releases thick purple smoke from hers. The thick ash and smoke creates a dense concealing cloud that causes the purple fireballs to explode prematurely, adding flames to the smoke. The smoke expands and soon the reflective surfaces are coated in a fine layer of ash and dust. When Greed tries another technique, it causes the ash particles to superheat and detonate. The force causes every reflective surface to either bend or crack.

ShineGreymon and Justimon emerge from the smoke.

“Shining Blast!”

ShineGreymon emits light from his wings that causes the damaged treasure to superheat.

“Blitz Arm!”

Justimon finishes the attack by firing blue energy bursts from his mechanical right arm. The reflective surfaces are destroyed and so are the images of Greed.

“Is that it?” asks TK, looking at the melted and burning remains of the treasure.

“Not quite,” says one of the slave girls, her eyes glowing a faint purple.

Suddenly, all of the girls convulse and streams of dark purple miasma and energy like living storms emerge from their mouths. As their bodies wither and collapse into dust, the dark storms combine and contract in the air. A white humanoid form appears in the heart of the storm and absorbs the demonic purple clouds. As the last of the smoke is absorbed Greed is restored.

Greed grins then vanishes in a purple flash. He reappears in front of Justimon and drives his fist into the hero’s stomach. There is a visible spherical shockwave, then Justimon is sending flying, smashing completely through the thick treasure room walls.

Greed vanishes in another burst of demonic speed and appears above ShineGreymon with his right palm pointed at the light dragon Digimon and his left hand holding his right wrist. A torrent of dark purple and shining white energy explodes from Greed’s palm and strikes ShineGreymon like the hammer of a god. ShineGreymon can only scream in pain as the energy strikes him over and over, smashing him deeper and deeper into his crater.

The attack is only stopped when Masaru drives his fist into the side of Greed’s face. Greed barely moves and Masaru can feel bones in his arm break from the impact. Greed’s own arm blurs and strikes Masaru’s airborne body with loud cracking sounds, before tossing Masaru casually into a wall several meters away. The impact is so great that he remains in the impression in the stone for several seconds before falling out and onto the ground.

Greed’s form vanishes and appears next to Angela, who was aiming her holy arrow at his back. Greed grabs the weapon and casually crushes both it and the woman’s wrist. He then raises his hand and causes it to glow purple. Angewomon jumps back, but Greed is faster, releasing a blade of energy that goes straight through the perfect level Digimon. There is an explosion of particles and a badly injured Tailmon crashes to the ground. HolyAngemon Angelo appears behind Greed and swings his burning sword to decapitate the Sin only for the blade to snap on contact with the diamond hard neck. Angelo soon joins his female counterpart on the ground.

Greed’s arm blurs and catches an arrow, only for the ice arrow to dissolve and his limb to be encased in super-cold ice. Takeru appears behind Greed with his sword, only for Greed’s silver hair to lengthen into metal tentacles that grab him. With a whip of his head, he sends him flying into Hikari on the ground with enough force to knock them both unconscious.

“Bakukagidzume!” (Blast Claws)

Gohan emits destructive energy from his fingers and then uses them to claw Greed. Greed cries out as the energy claws cut through his diamond hard flesh like hot knives through warm butter. Greed tries to block the next slash with arms, but his left hand is cut clean off.

“Kyubi no Muchi!” (Whip of the Nine Tails)

Gohan uses his ability to attack with up to nine furry white tails like prehensile tentacles. Each tail has enough force to shatter a mountain. Gohan strikes Greed from tail to tail, vanishing and reappearing in different parts of the Treasure Room, before smashing him through the ceiling.

Greed floats in the air above the mansion, when Gohan appears above him.

“Arashimaru!” (Tempest!)

Gohan channels energy through his sword blade causing it to generate hurricane force winds with each slash. The unstoppable slicing wind blades cut targets into pieces. The winds strike Greed over and over, creating deeper and deeper cuts as the demon is blasted out of the sky.

“Odama Rasengan!”

Instead of the hitting the ground, Greed is hit by a giant sphere of swirling chakra that grinds his metal form and tears the cuts made by Gohan. In less than a minute, Greed is torn to pieces and metal shavings, producing an immense amount of sparks and metallic smoke.

Wrath’s Wasteland

In the larger crater, a burning creature lets out a roar of rage that shakes the entire town. The heat is so intense that the ground has melted and is slowly filling the crater. In the center of the crater, the demon floats in the air above boiling liquefied rock. The heat and demonic energy pulsates, causing spirals of miasma and vaporized rock to form.

Wrath of the Sins is a humanoid creature of flame. Normally, it appears as a two meter tall (six foot seven) skeleton covered in smokeless fire; a liquid fire that flows around the bones giving them flesh and flames that constantly trail from its body. Now the creature of unending hate is flaring his demonic aura, turning his crimson flames into brilliant yellow-white flames that melt and vaporize the ground beneath him.

Wrath suddenly air jumps out of the crater creating a shockwave and appears in the air facing the heroes. Blaze aims his positron cannon at Wrath only for the demon to appear next to him in a golden flash. The black skeleton covered in golden flames casually grabs the cannon and crushes it as if it was an aluminum can. As the weapon explodes, Blaze is knocked back. Wrath doesn’t allow the Digimon to escape letting out a roar that causes Blaze to crash into the ground covered in flames. When the flames clear, Impmon is in the deep crater.

Spike appears behind Wrath and tries to decapitate the skeleton using his burning sword, only for the blade to snap against the black bones. Wrath grabs the blade with one hand and points the palm of the other at Spike. There is an explosion of white flames and Spike is sent flying into the ground like a meteor. Spike doesn’t have a chance to recover from the impact before his own broken sword pierces his stomach and is driven into the ground behind him.

Wrath’s hand catches an arrow before it can pierce its skull, which is one of Drusilla’s ice arrows. The blue glow spreads across his arm, extinguishing the gold flames, but stops at the shoulder. The blue struggles against Wrath’s power, then the gold flames cover the arm again as the ice is instantly vaporized. Lilitha appears behind Wrath to drive her poisonous claws into the back of the flaming skull, but Wrath turns and grabs her arm. He growls at her, then tosses her into Drusilla on the ground. The force is great enough to create a crater under both of them and render them both unconscious.

Dukemon, SaintGargmon, and Sakuyamon are the next to attack. After watching some of the more aggressive heroes being brutalized, they’ve decided to attack full force with their strongest forms.

“Kongoukai Mandala!” (Diamond Realm Mandala!)

Sakuyamon creates a huge ring of golden energy that surrounds Wrath and slowly decreases in size. Wrath doesn’t let the ring crush him; instead he struggles and stops the contraction. He continues to strain as his rage increases, until the ring shatters into vanishing fragments of golden energy.

“Royal Saber!”

A burst of energy from Dukemon’s lance strikes Wrath but he resists it and when the attack stops, he lets out a jet of flame from his mouth. The white flames strike Dukemon and send him flying through the rubble of several buildings covered in flame.


Sakuyamon summons four mystical fox spirits that are imbued with the powers of fire, water, wind and lightning. The four shoot towards Wrath, but Wrath releases four dragons composed of flame from his body. They collide and create a massive explosion in the air.

“Amethyst Wind!”

Sakuyamon summons a mystical wind that carries hundreds of purple crystalline shards. Wrath flies straight through the attack, letting the shard pass through his flames and bounce off his black bones, and grabs Sakuyamon by her face. If it wasn’t for the face mask, her face would be burning from the intense heat. Wrath soars towards the ground still holding onto the Sakuyamon’s head before smashing head first into the ground hard enough to create a twenty meter radius crater. Sakuyamon glows before defusing back into Renamon and Ruki. Wrath is about to finish them off when he hears another attack.

“Burst Shot!”

SaintGargomon fires multiple weapons from everywhere on his body. Wrath jumps into the air, but the shots follow and strike him. There is an explosion, but when the smoke and flame clears Wrath is unharmed

“Giant Bazooka!”

SaintGargomon fires two large missiles from the missile launchers on his shoulders. Wrath catches both missiles, which deform before exploding with enough power to crater the ground several meters below. As the smoke and flame clears, Wrath is smoking, but unharmed.

“Saint Upper!”

SaintGargomon throws a punch that delivers a pulverizing shockwave. Wrath catches the fist and endures the shockwave without harm.

“You could at least fake being hurt,” says SaintGargomon.

The glow around Wrath increases until he’s encased in a golden sphere. The sphere shoots into the sky before shooting down at extremely high speed, as it reaches mach five it hits SaintGargomon’s chest and explodes out the back. SaintGargomon stands for a minute with a large hole in its chest before it falls back and violently explodes.

“Final Elysium!”

Wrath turns and punches the center of Dukemon’s shield causing it to cave in and an explosion of energy. Dukemon is sent flying covered in flames and creates a deep trench in the ground. His smoking form finally comes to a stop under a large pile of rubble and ash.

Wrath’s aura grows with his rage and he lets out a monstrous roar that shakes the ground and nearly destroys the hearing of the heroes. As he roars, he emits an immense beam of white energy from his mouth. The immense energy beam is powerful enough to create a twenty meter wide trench in the earth for over five kilometers. A smoking cut in the earth filled with molten material and ash

“Shit! It’s like Sloth! He’s losing control of his power!” says Angel.

Greed’s Army

Greed’s body melts into a pool of molten gold, silver, and platinum and the jewels that covered his body sink into the depths. The molten mixture glows with a dark purple aura and a thick miasma swirls around the pool. The pool grows larger and larger, increasing in volume, turning a silvery color like liquid mercury. The liquid then reforms into a muscular humanoid standing twenty meters tall with six arms like a Hindu Asura. Its dark polished silver body has several markings the color of the gemstones, its eyes are purplish white fires and its spiky hair is dark purple with gold tips. It’s dressed in white pants secured to the waist by a silver/gold sash and around the ankles by thin gold ropes. In his six hands are six curved swords with gold/silver hilts and white/gold blades that sparkle like diamonds. His immense back is protected by translucent crystal spines that go down his back.

Greed lets out a thunderous roar and generates a barrier that stops Naruto’s bladed ball of swirling wind. One of the arms makes a slashing motion with its sword and the Rasenshuriken goes flying into a wall. The resulting explosion destroys what’s left of the building and fire quickly consumes what remains.

Naruto is so shocked that something managed to deflect the attack that he almost falls victim to Greed’s counterattack. As Greed moves his six arms, the blades glow with a fierce purple light then release hundreds of glowing translucent purple blades. The energy blades slice through everything in their path and only Naruto’s speed and agility allows him to not be in their path. Naruto’s girlfriend Hinata is as flexible as he is and Gohan generates a barrier to protect the unconscious others.

Greed opens his mouth and releases a jet of dark purple flame, but Naruto is faster running past the flames and inside attack range before Greed can restore his barrier. The proximity to Greed’s aura causes Naruto to slow for a moment. He has visions of various people obsessed with wealth and material possessions. There is even a vision of men and women offering treasure to Naruto, trying to corrupt him.

“I already have what I want.”

Naruto jumps and uses chakra to stick to the smooth metal surface of Greed, Naruto raises his arm and a sphere of chakra forms his palm. The sphere soon grows blades of wind and produces a loud screeching sound. The massive demon tries to shake Naruto loose and even tries to knock him off with its blades, but Naruto was able to stand on the jumping toad boss Gamabunta for a day.

“Nice try, but let’s see you avoid this!” says Naruto as he jumps high into the air, then tosses the attack downward.


Naruto’s attack strikes Greed’s head and slices through. The attack goes straight down, bisecting the Greed demon from head to crotch. When the attack hits the ground, it expands into a massive blade that fills the space created. The swirling wind and chakra slices the metal flesh over and over again, until the demon collapses into tiny pieces. As Greed’s physical form is cut up, it releases dark purple streams of energy like smoke.

Naruto notices that the purple aura is growing larger and more chaotic by the second with random white flashes.

“Grab everyone and run!”

Wrath’s Wasteland

Wraith’s bones darken to black as his golden aura ignites, growing in size and intensity. Then the black skeleton begins to grow from two meters in height to over twenty meters tall. The fire that flows around him becomes dense and opaque, creating a giant of gold and white light. As he opens his hands, balls of white fire form in his palms and as he closes his hands, the spheres extend into long spears of light. From his back emerge a pair of immense feathery wings composed of red and gold flames. He now resembles a fallen war angel of fire.

Wraith opens its toothy mouth and a bubble of energy appears between its jaws. Glowing energy like particles of light are pulled into the bubble creating a pulsating white sphere. When the sphere fills the rubble, the entire thing contracts to half its original size and shoots out of his mouth as a stream of white energy. The energy stream incinerates everything in its path for ten kilometers, creating a deep trench in the ground, before detonating in a massive white fireball. Wraith follows his nuclear level blast with another destructive attack. He spreads his wings and thousands of fireballs rain down from the sky, pulverizing and incinerating all they hit.

Suddenly, the ground beneath the monster’s feet collapses, then violently explodes knocking the monster off its feet. Kairi stands surrounded by smoldering rubble and glowing with a faint aura. She drew water from underground, pooling it under the monster’s feet, then allowed the immense weigh to sink it. The instant the superheated bone came in contact with water, the water flashed to steam causing the blast. The end result is similar to stepping on a land mine with the monster’s lower leg covered in cracks and partially shattered into tiny fragments.

Kairi draws more water to herself and coats her body in a layer in order to protect herself from the heat and steam of the monster. She then jumps several meters to avoid a stream of fire that comes from an angry skull’s mouth. Wrath raises his hand to fire a gold-red energy blast, when it senses a strong power.

Suddenly, a sphere of light covers Wrath’s hand, followed by a sphere of darkness which merge together to form a three-dimensional magic square orb.


The sphere explodes and Wrath’s arm is completely annihilated.

In the sky above is a figure dressed in white and black leather with gold details. Its arms have red details and white gloves, and his back has five feathery white wings and five bat-like black wings. He also has one feathery wing and one bat-like wing on his golden blond head. Lucemon Falldown Mode flies above Wrath glowing a powerful orange-gold aura like the sun.

On the ground, Angel’s body glows with a faint orange light and his eyes open wide. The irises burn like fire, then the glow spreads to the rest of his eyes. The irises shifts from brown to orange-red to gold and the sclera shift from white to dark red-orange to pitch black. Shadowy forms composed of dark energy emerge from Angelus' body and wrap around his arm like serpents. The serpents form a long cylindrical black mass in Angel's hand before dispersing to reveal a sword.

Wrath lunges at the demonic vampire trying to stop whatever the former vampire is attempting.

"Yato-no-kami!" (gods of the night-sword)

Angelus disappears in a burst of flames and reappears several meters behind the monster, his clothing releasing trails of smoke. Wraith lets out a roar of pain as his body comes apart, the bones sliced clean in half in places.

"The night sword cuts through physical and metaphysical and pierces the corporeal and spiritual. It is the sword of cold nothingness, the entropy in creation. All things in the universe end and this is your end."

Wraith’s skull lands in front of Angelus and Angelus stares into the fiery depths of the eyes.

Wraith finds himself falling into the depths of an endless darkness. His rage continues to grow and grow, but it does nothing to stop his descent or the consuming cold that affects him. Suddenly, a single shining star appears in the void and Wraith reaches for the phantom star hoping to reignite his flames.

"AMATSU MIKABOSHI!!" (August Star of Heaven!!)

The star light turns red and Wrath tries to resist the cold as his body freezes. Then the last of golden flame is extinguished and the black bones shatter like glass into the void.

In the real world, Angelus turns as the skull and the remains of Wrath turns grey then shatter into ash. He turns to see Kairi staring at him with awe and some fear. She knows that Angel isn’t in control of his body by the demonic aura the body is emitting. Angelus looks like he’s about to attack her, then he grabs his head like he’s having a migraine. High above Gabriel devolves into the Child level Lucemon and red-orange energy streams off Angelus’s form. Slowly, the gold on black eyes fades back to normal brown eyes.

“What happened?”

The Castle of Lords

“Interesting,” says Malvos Ravenclaw, as he inserts of the essences of Wraith and Greed into the Philosopher Stone. The Philosopher Stone darkens from the injected evil, then grows from sixty to eighty meters in height, regaining its crimson color in the process. The crimson light, the demonic aura of the crystal, is brighter and the air is filled with energy. “Angelus has not been destroyed by the Scourge’s transformation. This has potential.”

In the darkness of the chamber, two bat-like creatures hide in the shadows. What they see and hear is transmitted to their glowing masters.

Lust of the Sins grows with a green aura. She’s in the form of a bat-winged succubus with long black hair, red skin, and glowing green eyes. Her spread bat wings have grown in size and green energy flows through them like blood in veins. As she clutches her clawed fists they are covered in smokeless green flames. She lets out a roar like the cry of a great cat of the jungle, showing her sharp fangs as her aura ignites into green flames.

Pride of the Sins of the Castle Lords is the leader. He resembles a king, a man of nobility. He stands tall with a handsome face and a lean build. He has royal purple eyes, pale flawless skin, and shoulder-length black hair that flows in the faint wind. He seems to radiate power, control, and confidence. He’s dressed in a white shirt and pants with a black vest and a white jacket decorated with gold. He’s also wears white gloves, white boots, and a long white coat with gold decorations, as well as a long white cape with a wide collar, and carries a white sheathed European sword on his hip and gold staff in his hand. The sword resembles a silver rapier with Spanish bellguard, while the staff is an elongated scepter with a five-pointed star shaped headpiece.

“We created you, Malros. We will not be ingredients for your experiments.”

“We still have control, Pride. I suggest we use it while we can.”

End of CHAPTER 43: THE RACE Part 4


New Abilities
Angel - Lucemon - Pride - Precog Fighting
Spike - Beelzubumon - It should be Gluttony, but I like Greed's powers - Diamond skin
Drusilla - Lilithmon - Lust - Razor nails.
Hikari - Angel
Takeru - Angel
Kairi - Nymph

The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

The Race
The stone has been found and it's a race between the heroes, Dante, and the Castle Lords. Ka-Boom!
I need Chimeras and Monsters
The Heroes not only have to deal with Dante, the Homunculi, and the corrupt, they also have to deal with the Castle Lords manipulations and there demonic enhanced creations. Any Ideas would be helpful.
Who should go with the group to the next world?

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