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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,0729 Feb 0828 Oct 09No

Welcome...Part 2 (of 4)

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything


"Hello. My name is Ryo Akiyama."
"Care for an explanation, mate." says Spike
"First we need to take care of that man and the Tailmon."

Scourge Camp
A few minutes later

Angel is awake and now sitting in front of a fire, opposite to him is Spike and Drusilla. The Impmon Blaze is sitting next to him, smoking one of Spike's cigarettes and the BlackTailmon Lilitha is sitting in Drusilla's lap, much to the feline's protest. Ryo sits to Angel's right with Cyberdramon.

"Not human." growls out Cyberdramon

"I guessed that." says Ryo, "What exactly are you three?"

"Vampires." says Spike, "Real bloodsucking demon-possessed corpses. Scared?"

"It's ironic. Most of this world's problems are caused by a vampire or I should say vampire-like Digimon."

"Who exactly are you??"

"As I said, my name is Ryo Akayama and I was born in another dimension, other than the destroyed Earth this world is connected to. On December 31, 1999, while chatting online a blackout occurs and my mother asked me to check the fusebox. Before I could do so, however, a voice calls out to me from my computer, which displayed a machine I had never seen before. The voice pleaded to me to touch the device, which I did. That was the beginning of my long bizarre journey."

"Hey! Wait a minute. It was October 31, 1997, when we left."

"Another Earth, another time." says Ryo, "To continue, I found myself in the Digital World and learned I was summoned because a powerful evil Digimon called Millenniummon captured the DigiDestined - the good guys/chosen heroes, then warped the very essence of time and resurrected previously defeated evil Digimon such as Devimon and Myotismon. I found it all hard to believe and thinks I was having a nightmare from too many video games. Eventually, I learned I had no choice in the matter."

"Destined Hero and all that shit, huh?" interrupts Spike.

"Yeah. I made Digimon friends and rescued each of the chosen, one after the other. In the end with the help of my Digimon comrades, we were able to vanquish Millenniummon and free the last chosen. I returned home after saying my farewell and my parents noted that I grew a bit."

"Let me guess, that was really just the beginning. The same old bloody Chosen story." says Spike, "I have a question. I'm drinking water, but I feel like I'm drinking blood. I also drained a Dracmon, but you says these Digimon are composed of computer data. Care to explain, kid?"

Ryo lets out an annoyed puff of air, then tells Spike "In the Digital World, everything including us are composed of data. Digimon Vampires feed on the data of other Digimon and only develop a taste for human blood on Earth. Now will you let me finish??"

Spike takes a deep draw from his cigarette, then nods.

"I was visiting a friend of mine, Ken, when I witnessed Diaboromon's defeat by Omnimon on the Internet. You can look up these monsters on those Digivice strapped to your wrists. I was lured by an extra Diaboromon loose in the Digital World and Ken followed me. It turned out it was Millenniumon again, He blew up the mountain we were inside, and in doing so, ripped the Digital World into two.'

'After many battles, DNA Digivolutions, and archaeological digs looking for fragments of Digi-Egg of Desire. The battle that later ensued destroyed Millenniumon's body, even as he laughed in his defeat."

Ryo pauses lost in a bad memory for a moment. Angel has scene that look on the face of others when they failed to save someone, he's also scene it on other faces. Spike notices the familiar look, but can't place it. The face of his victim's friends and family after he has killed the person they care for.

"My next trip to the Digital World, I was pulled away from my sick friend's bed side and forced to compete in D-1 Tournament , a hoax used to train me be strong enough to take on Moon-Millenniumon, the bodiless spirit form of Millenniumon, and I learned no one else could defeat the evil god.'

'When I defeated him on his floating island, after a long battle, he revealed me and him were Yin and Yang, that one cannot die without the other. He invited me to fly to fly with him through the worlds of time, and the floating island exploded. I guess my parents and the other chosen think I'm dead.'

'In the past, I met my new partner Monodramon and went on a quest through time to regain my lost memories, battling clones of other Tamers and Digidestined I had or will one day meet, created by ZeenMilleniumon in the future. In the end... ZeedMilleniumon was defeated for a final third time"

"Enough of the autobiography!" says Spike vamping out, "What about this world!? What is the situation!?"

"OK. I was summoned to this world after a Chaos Energy Wave warped this Digital World. The Four Holy Beasts - the guardians of the digital world- thought it could be an attack by Millenniumon, since he exists or existed outside normal time and space.'

'I arrived too late. The energy supercharged a Sangloupmon forcing him to evolve pass the perfect to his ulrimate form GranDracmon, The King of Vampire Digimon. He gained the knowledge of the previous GranDracmon who was destroyed by the First Chosen of this Digital World. That combined with unknown knowledge, allowed him to create the Grand Seal.'

'The Grand Seal is a barrier around Earth and the Digital World. The Four - Qinglongmon, Zhuqiaomon,
Baihumon, and Xuanwumon are unable to re-enter the worlds and The Seven Great Demon Lords - Barbamon, Beelzemon, Belphemon, Demon, Leviamon, Lilithmon, and Lucemon - are also sealed away leaving GranDracmon and his army to conquer. As long as the light is sealed, the darkness is sealed and vice versa"

"How did we get threw then?" asks Angel

"The only reason we managed to reach this Digiworld was Huanglongmon. He's the Leader of the Four Holy Beasts, the Supreme Sovereign of Sovereigns. He was too massive and powerful to seal, so he sleeps. Even in sleep, he was powerful enough to open small cracks in the Grand Seal."

"How do we get out of this place??" asks Spike, not liking where this is going.

"The only ones that can help you are the Four Holy Beasts." says Ryo, "The only way to break the Grand Seal is Huanglongmon's Taikyoku attack. It separates and erases the light and darkness of the Digital World. The only way to awaken Huanglongmon is to find enough chosen to awaken all digi-cores lining his back."

"So where are the brats!?" says Spike tossing his cigarette butt into the fire and hoping the Digital World has a Cigarette stores, "All I see is you! How do you know all of this??"

"The Chosen of this world were killed by GranDramon's assassins and with most of the Earth consumed by a computer-triggered war prevented any others from being found or called. As for how I know, there are Digimon not part of Dragon's Army, as they have come to call GranDracmon's forces."

"So, there's no hope." says a super-depressed Angel in full brood mode, "We are trapped here?"

"There are humans and Digimon partners from other world. Most have been captured by the GranDracmon for experimentation. He invaded my home dimension first looking for something, When he failed, he began the experiments."

Dark Castle Dracmon

A Vamdermon watches Ryo talking with the vampires and there Digimon in a crimson pool. He resemble a tall long limbed humanoid with blue white skin, red lips, and blond hair. He's dressed in a royal blue uniform with gold details including a bat near the collar. He wears thick black boots with white skulls on the tops and grey gloves with white bats near the gold cuffs. He also wears a fancy black vampire cape with a high collar and red interior and a red eye mask with bat wing ends.

Attribute Virus
Perfect Level
Type: Undead Digimon
A vampire dressed as an elegant gentleman, and feeds on the fresh or deleted data of his victims, who were thought to have been afflicted with sudden anemia. His power is decreased in the presence of the sun, so he creates a fog around him wherever he goes. He has demonstrated telekinetic abilities.

As he hears someone approaching, he waves his hand and the image fades.

"Lord Vamde"

GranDracmon is a centaur like monster with his crimson lower body having four thick legs ending in three-clawed gray feet and sharp curved spines extending from the forelegs. It also has a large yellow horse tail, two huge metallic grey wings, and two huge metallic heads. The extra heads are eye-less, blade-like shark heads with mouths each filled with fangs and a long forked tongue. The upper half of the monster is the upper half of a male humanoid with dark red flesh, red bandages around the long forearms and waist, and a breast plate composed of two metallic blue bat wings and a white skull with glowing red eyes.
GrandDracmon has long blond hair and a face hidden by a three-point helmet with horns.The only feature that can be scene are the cruel eyes.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Demon Beast Digimon
He is the King of Vampire Digimon. Since ancient times, he has looked after his castle in the Darkness, and boasts of such strength that not even the Seven Great Demon Lords can interfere with him. With gentlemanly manner, GranDracmon voice carries a "fascination" that lead to rumors that he is responsible for enticing many Angel Digimon into falling. It is rumored that he has an undying body.

"Supreme King Drac"

"Have you found Ryo yet?"

"No milord."

"He must be found. With the death of the Kaizer, we need his partner."

"Yes milord."

"How are the other projects?"

"The trees are growing at the predicted rate. The human conversion is slower than predicted."

Vamdermon knows that King Drac's powers have been enhanced by the chaos so the GranDracmon's Crystal Revolution, which instantaneously changes his enemies into crystalline ice was able to blanket the entire Digital World, except his own Dark Zone, in an instant ice age. All the Digimon are in cryogenic suspension awaiting capture by the army.

What Vamdermon doesn't understand is why the King's Eye of the Gorgon isn't working on the humans and there partners. A GranDracmon can gazes into opponent's heart, enslaving them to the darkness within. It allowed the previous GranDracmon to cause many Angel Digimon to fall and become devils. It allowed the current GranDracmon to enslave the Dark Zone. What is it about chosen humans that allows them to resist.

"Increase security to the Labs. Ryo might try a rescue and that would give us a chance to capture him." says King Drac as he leaves, "I expect a report within two hours."

Vamdermon clenches his fist. The Sangloupmon became his servants after the death of previous GranDracmon. The King was his most loyal servant until that energy wave ruined his plans.

"Yes, My King. I will obey" he says as King Drac goes outside hearing range, "for now."

Scourge Camp

"So, we have to rescue the chosen from the Labs, so they can wake up a divine dragon, so he can free the gods to send us home???" asks Spike, "Isn't this your bloody job, peaches?"

"Shut up, Spike."

"Our biggest problem is The Labs is a massive fortress protected by Comandramon and his evolved forms Sealdramon and Tankdramon. They are lead by Darkdramon."

The digivices on the wrists of the vampires glow and project beams of light that create images above the fire. Spike's digivice shows a fierce looking Digimon with dark green armor and reptilian frame. It also has a finned helmet with a strange eye piece, red rods extending from his back ending in sharp blades, and he
carries a military knife.

Attribute Virus
Adult Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Only one in a hundred Commandramon can evolve into a Sealdramon. An expert in assassination, he moves at near speeds where spotting him by eye is impossible and, without equipping things like camouflage or guns, he has the ability to bring down his targets with only his taijutsu.
Death Behind: A jab from his knife.
Scouter Monoeye: Measures the weak point of his opponent in an instant.

Drusilla's device shows a militant NRA dream. A machine with green tank treads covered by tan armor with two triple-barrel Gatling guns and two long cannons. Between the guns (one Gatling gun and one cannon on each side) is a humanoid dragon with blue skin, armored forearms each ending in three spikes, and a golden head shielded by an armor collar. It even has red eyes, spikes pointing down around the neck, and a half ring of missiles at the waist pointing up like the fangs of a lower jaw.

Attribute Virus
Perfect Level
Type: Machine Digimon
An expert in insurgent suppression and destructive assault, he specializes in the extermination of countless targets and boasts overwhelming firepower. He is equipped with a radar system that can lock on to 30 targets at a time and, for enemies that are supplemented, one Tankdramon can even be data-linked to another Tankdramon so getting away is said to be impossible.
Striper Cannon (Striver Cannon): Fires a tiny loaded nuclear warhead and everything in a 30km radius becomes scorched earth.
Gatling Blast (Blast Gatling): Fires 3600 bullets in one second. An attack used in close combat

Angel's digivice shows a humanoid cyborg dragon with yellow striped dark green armor, three claws on each foot, spikes extending from each joint, red bands around the joints, and V-shaped head. It also has a massive lance-like right arm, a long metal tail, and four glowing wings

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Dark Roar: Fires an energy orb made of pure Dark Matter from his mouth.
Gigantic Lance: Attacks with the weapon mounted on his right arm. This lance is strong as Dukemon's Gram Lance.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Nuclear Loaded Monster Tanks!!!"

Ryo pulls out a map and unrolls it to reveal the Dark Zone. In one area is a castle symbol marked Castle Drac, small stars around the rim each marked fortress and a number from one to twenty-four, and finally a symbol marked "The Lab".

"You drew this?" sneers Spike

"Shut up, Spike." says both Angel and Ryo

Ryo pulls out a small silvery pen, uncaps it, and draws an octagon of Xs around the Lab and adds more Xs to extending from each side. If you were to connect the dots, it would create a square where two Xs meet at right angles and the others forming two lines extending from the corners on each side.

"There are eight Tandramon around the Lab arranged and data-linked in a octagon, each data-linked to two more a distance a way at right angles. In total, there are twenty-four Tankdramon. Excluding the four corners, where each has two Tankdramon teamed up, the Tankdramon are not within a thirty kilometer radius of each other. They are also not within thirty kilometers of the Lab"

"It's because of there Striver Cannons?" says Angel, "They don't want to risk blowing up the Lab."

"This is the problem. Our only hope is in that Lab."

"Ok. What about sewers?

Ryo pulls out a handful of written notes, searches threw them, then draws four lines pointed the Lab in the center, then connects them creating a diamond around the Lab. The cross-like symbol cuts the forces into four groups of six.

"The waste system draws water from the East and West, pass check points to the Eastern and Western processing plants. The material not completely is pumped either to the Northern and Southern Plants and pumped out threw North and South."

"Are there check points in the Northern and Southern water lines?" asks Angel

"No, just a rare Sealdramon patrol. Since the water is flowing out, an intruder would be working against the current" says Ryo with a smirk, "I think we have a way in, but we will need the help of someone I know."


"A jerk named Nanomon?"

Nanomon's Cave

It only took a couple of hours to reach Nanomon's cave, a small opening in a large mountain with an armored door painted and textured to resemble the rocks around it.

Nanomon is a strange little Digimon. He has a short cylindrical body with a glass top filled with electronics making it look like a light bulb. It has a wide mouth with small visible teeth, one yellow right eye and an organic red left eye surrounded by scarred pink flesh. It has short thin cables ending in black metal feet with pink tips and long thin cables ending in robotic forearms and hands with fleshy wrists.


"Put me down, woman!"

The digivice on Drusilla the Mad's wrist lights up and displays Nanomon's stats as she hugs him like a dolly. Spike smirks at Nanomon's predicament and Angel covers his face. Since Halloween, Drusilla has gone from evil insane vampire to scatter-brained insane vampire. Cyberdramon cracks his knuckles, while Ryo pulls out his plans

Attribute Virus
Perfect Level
Type: Machine Digimon
A small Machine Digimon for restoring computer data. He is very good at fixing and using electrical equipment, but he does not work well with people
Plug Bomb: Fires computer viruses from his fingers.
Nano Crush: Flattens enemies with giant shards of glass.

"Ryo, why are you here again!?" says Nanomon finally jumping free of the lunatic's arms.

"Your not still upset over the last time?"

"The last time you were here I fixed your gauntlet, then your partner tried to eat me!"

"You try to steal the gauntlet after you fixed it!"

"Enough!" says Spike, "We have bigger problems then the light bulb being a kleptomaniac!"

"What is it this time?' asks Nanomon walking up to Ryo

"I need to disrupt the defenses of The Lab. I need you to damage the sensor and communication nets."

"Your finally going to attack The Lab." says Nanomon with a laugh, "A direct assault by you and Cyberdramon could tear threw the defenses, but it would attract the entire Dragon Army. You hope that your little group can sneak in?"

"I want you to send in a program that will make the Army think I'm breaking in threw the Western water line and a second hidden program to make them think we are sneaking in threw the Northern water line."

"With there forces drawn away by your diversions, you can enter threw another route. The South?" says Nanomon, "What do I get out of this?"

"Machine town. If King Drac is defeated, the world will unfreeze and you will be able to return to your home. I know you left a lot of your important machines and I know you want them back."

Nanomon pauses, then nods his head.

The Water Lines

Two days later, the Plan is set in motion.

Cyberdramon knocks out a Commadramon patrolling the outer edges and Nanomon loads the virus program into him. The vampires and Ryo watched as the Cyborg Digimon turned grey then shattered into bits of lights. Nanomon explained the virus program was loaded into the data-link network. When the cyborg Digimon is deleted, the program is scattered threw the entire network and into the Lab's computers.
Ryo disables the alarm around a manhole and Cyberdramon tears off the thick bolted cover. The group, minus Nanomon, jump down into the underground tunnel with a fast moving river flowing between two walk ways.

The group quickly racing forward with Ryo and Blaze riding Cyberdramon, the vampire masters using there superhuman speed, and Lilitha moving with her insane agility. Spike notices that while Drusilla is sounding more and more insane, she seems to be getting stronger and stronger in this Digital World.

"What was that device, Nanomon gave you??" asks Spike to Ryo

"Datalink scrambler. It takes too much power to run the interlink underground, so the soldiers have to power it up to sound an alter. The scrambler produces signals that will prevent any Digimon we encounter from altering the Lab."

A device which is needed as six Sealdramon appear from the darkness. They move at speeds far beyond the human and normal Digimon visual range, but not the range of full powered vampire masters. Angel's fist collides with the stomach of one Sealdramon creating a loud metallic sound and Spike delivers a brass knuckled fist to the face of one Sealdramon, shattering his Scouter Mono-eye into a shower of fragments.

While Angel waves his bruised hand, his opponent is grabbed by Cyberdramon by the head and swung into the stone wall hard enough to create an impression. A cry of Erase Claw destroys the digimon's head , causing the entire body to explode into a burst of data particles.

Lilitha proves how brutal an adult level BlackTailmon can be against Adult-level opponents. She punches one Cyberdramon into two others, then delivers three kicks that send them over the railing into the water below.

Spike tosses his blinded opponent to Cyberdramon, who slashes the Sealdramon across the throat with it's cyber nails. The skilled Digimon's head is nearly torn from it's body and explodes into particles as it hits the ground.


The last Sealdramon is hit in the face by Blaze's beach ball-size fireball. Normally, Sealdramon are far more efficient killers, but only dealing with "normal" targets on normal terrain, not supernatural enemies and extremely experienced Digimon on a narrow walkway with almost no room to maneuver.

Spike takes advantage of the charging blinded opponent, taking the Digimon's own combat knife and slamming it into the face. The Sealdramon collapses over the railing into the water. It's body flows down the fast moving water for several meters, before shattering into particles.

Suddenly, the water explodes upward to reveal a Tankdramon with two Sealdramon on the sides. One of three that Lilitha threw into the river must have evolved underwater. The guns are fully armed and pointed at the shocked Drusilla.

Drusilla's eyes show clarity at this moment of certain death and the Digivice on her arm glows a blinding green and emits a screeching sound that echos threw the tunnels. Everything moves in slow motion, as the Tankdramon opens fire with it's Gatling Blast, the light moves like water and forms a growing egg around Lilitha. As the thirty six hundred bullets begin to leave the barrel, the growing egg shatters into green white flames. As the first bullet is about to impact Drusilla, she is grabbed and pulled away.

Time returns to normal to reveal a huge crater in the wall and the earth behind it from the thirty six hundred bullets colliding with it in a single second.

Drusilla's eyes stare up at what was her kitten.

Lilitha is not longer a BlackTailmon. She's now a tall, beautiful humanoid woman with white skin and long white hair. She's dressed in skin-tight black leather with one upper arm and one lower leg bare. Thin chains wraps around her body like bondage gear and the one arm not completely covered extends into a large hand with long red claws. Her upper face is covered by a mask to reveal only red eyes and strips of tattered material trail behind her. Another thing that adds to the strangeness is a white skull mark over one breast, a demonic face over one knee, and in a the tattered fabric a demonic ghost hanging in the air.

Attribute Virus
Perfect Level
Type: Fallen Angel Digimon
She is thought to have been an Angewomon, but took on the power of darkness causing her data to corrupt and become LadyDevimon A pure Devil female, she is lethal champion of darkness.
Darkness Wave: Creates a wave of energy bats that fly towards the enemy.
Darkness Spear: Her left hand transforms into a long sharp spike.
Poison: Changes an opponent's power into exploding dark energy, the damage determines on how powerful the Digimon is.

"Target: LadyDevimon: Threat Level: High" says the Tankdramon

"I'm not ordinary LadyDevimon, my name is Lilitha!" says Lilitha pulls off her leather mask to reveal a beautiful white-skinned female with red eyes, "Poison!!"

A red blast from Lilitha hits the Tankdramon before it can react and it's power is turned against it causing a massive explosion of black lightning and energy. The two Sealdramon leap off as Tankdramon explodes, first into pieces, then into data particles that are washes down the river.

"Darkness Wave!!"

The two Sealdramon in the air don't have time to react as a wave of flaming energy bats collide with them, smashing them into the ceiling which nearly collapses. There smoking nearly destroyed bodies fall from the air like stones. One lands in the river and carried way, deleting itself a down the river. The other lands on the extremely sharp spear Lilitha's left hand has become. As he slides down, she whispers to him, "Does it hurt, little mon." Then his body slowly dissolves into a vanishing data particles

Drusilla looks at Lilitha like she's a living life-size doll. Spike and Angel would be blushing if they weren't undead and on a mission. Ryo covers his nose and blushes, he always wanted to know what Angewoman and LadyDevimon looked under those masks.

The Lab

After several minutes, the group reaches processing plant and manage to avoid the few Digimon working there. A MechaNorimon transporting an empty trash bin is how they go from the plant into the lab. The adult-level virus machine Digimon is actually a form of piloted tank. The idiot Bakemon, a Ghost Digimon, piloting it doesn't even notice the three vampires, one human, and three Digimon hiding in it, despite Cyberdramon's size.

When they are far enough inside the Fortress, they break out of container, attack the MechaNorimon, and delete it's pilot.

"We need to split up." says Ryo, "Spike, Blaze, Drusilla, and Liltiha uses the trackers in your Digivices to find the chosen and there partners. Free them and meet us back here. Me, Cyberdramon, and Angel will go to the main power core and shut this place down."

The group starts to complain.

"No argument. Spike and Drusilla work best together and Lilitha is now a perfect level Digimon, so they should have the easiest time. Angel, you can use the MechaNorimon if you can fir. I'm the only one who can handle Darkdramon if he shows up."

Destiny Storage

Spike, Drusilla, Blaze, and Lilitha have found the holding area for the children and there partners.
It's a massive chamber the length of an Nimitz class aircraft carrier filled with cylinder-shape tanks filled with red-purple liquid. Each tank is two meters tall (6ft 7) with a seventy five centimeter (2ft 5.5) radius with twenty five centimeter (9.9 inches) thick, increasing the height of each unit by half a meter. They are arranged side by side for three hundred forty meters, with a second row on top of them, for a total of nine hundred units per row and there are fifty rows with over a tank radius between them. Spike does the math and realizes the total would be forty five thousand!!

He walks over to a computer console and looks over the names. He selects "Universe 03 - Codename: Tamer", then "Version 1", and finally "Makino, Ruki"

Subject 03-03-42439
Name: Makino, Ruki
Location: Row 48 - Tank #139
Renamon (Child)
Location: Row 48 - Tank #140
Experiment: 558
Conversion: 75/36

He doesn't know what the scientists were up to but the conversion bit has him worried. He looks over the Options and finds "Abort Procedure" and "Awaken and Release Tank" and clicks them.

Over a hundred seventy eight meters (584 feet) away, Tank number one hundred thirty nine of row forty eight hums with activity. Most of the devices attached to the small female form floating in the liquid deactivate and detach. Slowly the liquid begins to clear changing from a thick red-purple to a near clear liquid, that slowly drains from the tank threw tubes coming from the floor.

"OK, that one. Now how do I release the other four four thousand nine hundred ninety nine!?"

"See if there's a full system shut down." says Lilithmon, "Something that could cut it all off."

"The only thing that's going to get cut off are your heads!?"

The "heroes" turn to see two huge enemy Digimon.

A huge, serpentine dragon with a snake-like lower body and a muscular top half with a dragon head. It's muscular arms ended in robotic forearms with barrels and gun barrels.It also has metal wings resembling the outline of feathery bird wings.

Attribute Virus
Perfect Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Gigadramon is counterpart to his rival Megadramon. They are almost identical in appearance except for their color and wings. Gigadramon has a grey body and metallic wings, while Megadramon has tattered purple wings and his body is red and orange. Compare with Megadramon, Gigadramon has stronger attack power, but lower speed. Teaming with Megadramon, their weak points can be complemented.
Genocide Gear: Fires missiles from his metal hands.
Guilty Claw: Slashes with his metal hand.
Giga Heat: Artificially raises the temperature on an area to the point of harming the enemy.
Guilty Wing: Attacks with his wings.

The second is it's twin tattered purple wings and his body is red and orange.

Attribute Virus
Perfect Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Megadramon is a Dark Dragon Type Digimon, who often works with Gigadramon, who is nearly identical to it except that Gigadramon has grey skin and mechanical wings.
Genocide Attack: Shoots many missiles out of his metal hands.
Ultimate Slicer: Slices with his claws.
Parry Force: Flaps his wings, deflecting attacks with wind.



Power Core

The power generator chamber is a cylinder-shaped room with a fifty meter radius and a height of fifty meters. In the center is a pillar of cables, tubes, and thick rings going from the floor to the ceiling. The pillar has a thirty meter radius and hums so loudly the vampire and human can feel the vibrations in there bones. What's the most horrific is the Digimon crucified twenty five meters off the ground in the center of the pillar facing the room.

A humanoid robot with long heavy arms, large boots, silver detailed black armor and dark red under the armor. His right shoulder is a dark blue dragon head and the left is dark blue. It's white skinned face is covered by a black helmet with a visor. It's hands and boots are held in place by ribbed bolts and black cables wrap around the shoulders, upper arms, waist and upper legs. Thin black cables crawling with dark electricity, go from the pillar and pierce his head, chest, and torso.
Angel's digivice activates and gives the profile of trapped Digimon.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
HiAndromon is an Android Digimon that is the improved and completed version of the once-imperfect Andromon, one of the most powerful Digimon of all, his body being a tireless machine capable of almost anything, including taking on multiple Digimon much larger than him with little to no effort.
Atomic Ray: Fires a beam of nuclear energy.
Copy Paste: He duplicates attributes and/or attacks of other Digimon.

"King Drac is using me to control the Core. The same system that helps me control my Atomic Ray is now being used to control the energy levels of the reactor." says HighAndromon scaring the crap out of Angel and Ryo, "I act as the computer system of the Core, separate from the Lab's computer systems. I also act as one of the control rods, my Vaccine Attribute preventing the Viral technology from going out of control"

"I take it you don't want to be here?' says Angel

"They linked by Digi-Core to the The Core, so if I'm removed, I will be deleted."

"Great." says Ryo with sarcasm.

"You must destroy me. It is better to be destroyed, then live as I am now."

"I don't think so."

The group turns to see dark matter fueled cyborg Darkdramon


An energy orb made of pure Dark Matter forms in his mouth and shoots towards the heroes. Cyberdramon blocks the attack, but the force is so great Angel is sent flying into the wall and Ryo is sent flying across the floor. The fierce Cyberdramon badly drained and smoking on the edges reverts to his more playful child form Monodramon.

Suddenly, the hand on Ryo's gauntlet extends on a cable, grabs Monodramon by his tail, and pulls him clear of Darkdramon's attacks. He turns and gives the vampire a sharp-looking knife.

"Angel, take this Chrome Digizoid knive and see if you can get to HighAndromon" says Ryo, "I'm going ultimate."

Angel takes the knive, the moves towards the pillar. Behind him, he can hear a cry of "Matrix Evolution" and another massive flash. As he climbs the cables like vines towards the captured android. He climbs the twenty five meters It only take five minutes to reach the Digimon with his vampire strength and speed. If he hadn't been given the knife it would have taken longer, since several of the cables attacked him like snakes and tentacles. HighAndromon stares at him.

"You are not human, nor Digimon. You are similar to Vamdermon? What are you?"

"A human-based vampire from a parallel Earth."

"Fascinating. To terminate my life go for the throat and cut down, I possess less armor there."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. There is a second control rod on the opposite side of pillar, after you have destroyed me, destroying that one will trigger self-destruct reaction. You must destroy me to help the Digital World, it's only logical."

Angel looks at the blade composed of a super-strong Digital metal alloy, then focuses himself. He slashes the throat, then raises the blade and drives it deep into the throat and pulls down into the chest. Blue-white lightning arc into HighAndromon's bound form and electricity crawls across his armor as the systems crash.

As the Cyborg armor glows red, Angel is thrown from the pillar by the surge. He's lucky that a broken cable wraps around his arm, slowing his fall.

HighAndromon explodes into particles and light forming a cross-shaped explosion. Angel watches as the pillar of the Core glows red and the same lightning crawls across it's surface. He can feel the heat like furnace even a couple of meters away.

Angel turns and sees a very strange site. Darkdramon is fighting a man dressed a dark-blue and white jumpsuit with a metallic grey helmet, a robotic right arm, and a red scarf reaching his feet. He looks like a hero from one of those Japanese special effects live action) shows like Power Rangers or Kamen Rider. How does he know about these shows, involves a very strange encounter with a small half-demon with an obsession with Japanese animation and comic books.

Attribute Vaccine
Ulrimate Level
Type: Cyborg Digimon
The live action hero of the digital world. His mechanical arm can change into three different modes: the Blitz Arm, the Accel Arm, and the Critical Arm, and he's able to fly helping him defeat the Bad Guy.
Justice Kick: Delivers a powerful kick to his opponent.
Accel Arm: His right arm grows in size and is slammed into the ground to send shock waves of energy through the ground.
Critical Arm: His right arm changes into a device that emits an energy blade.
Blitz Arm: He fires blue energy bursts from his right arm.

Angel sweat drops at the introduction.

Destiny Storage


A wave of fiery energy bats collide with Megadramon and Gigadramon, knocking them back and causing minor damage. Then out of the blinding cloud, Lilitha jumps with a cry of Darkness Spear. With the confusion and weakness from the Darkness Wave, she's able long sharp spike into Megadramon's chest. She actually tried to spear Gigadramon a few minutes ago, but he used his Giga Heat to stop her and almost got her with his Guilty Wing attack.


Lilitha turns and uses Megadramon as shield, as Gigadramon fires missiles from his metal hands. The explosion sends both LadyDevimon and her Dramon Shield threw several rows, killing several humans and Digimon in the process. Lilitha reverts to BlackTailmon and collapses against a cracked tank.

"Giga...Gigadramon, you trash." says the badly injured Megidramon whose body is flicking like a bad TV channel, "You almost destroyed me."


Gigadramon's metal hand tears into Megadramon's chest hard enough to causes an explosion from the floor underneath. Megadramon has a shocked, betrayed look on his face.

"The rivalry is over." says Gigadramon in a very cold voice, "I win."

Megadramon's body dissolves into glowing particles which are absorbed by Gigadramon. His body glows brightly, when with a roar it grows into a much larger form.

When the light clears, Gigadramon's evolved form is revealed.

A massive mechanical dragon with two large feet each ending in three claws, a right arm with three claws forming a clamp hiding a cannon, a left arm with three long claw-like blades, and dark dragon head. On it's back is two huge cannons connected by orange and a two barrel device between them. The machine monster is immense and the vampires can sense the immense power.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Machine Digimon
A Machine Digimon with seemingly unlimited power. This emperor of the Metal Empire is fueled only by the urge to destroy, and its intelligence and strength overwhelm its opponents.
Mugen Cannon: Releases an energy blast from his cannons.
Booster Claw: Shoots a mighty gout of flame from his right hand.
Catastrophe: An internal mechanism that emits a shock wave that destroys everything near or on Machinedramon's person.
Mugen Hand: Crushes his enemy with his arm.

End of Scourge of Time 6

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--- Angel gets his partner!
Meet the Digidestined (The WINNERS)
Writing Note: After reading Ace Sanchez.'s "Pokemon Master", I believe any anime, even with mons, can be dark, violent, and twisted. Shadowstar Narutaru is the Ultimate subversion of Mon shows like Digimon, Pokemon, etc... Check out Tvtrope dot org and see for youself.
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