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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,0639 Feb 0828 Oct 09No

Welcome...Part 3 (of 4)

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
The Digimon arc will be extend by one chapter which will be released in one to two weeks, depending how much I'm willing to write.


Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Machine Digimon
A Machine Digimon with seemingly unlimited power. This emperor of the Metal Empire is fueled only by the urge to destroy, and its intelligence and strength overwhelm its opponents.
Mugen Cannon: Releases an energy blast from his cannons.
Booster Claw: Shoots a mighty gout of flame from his right hand.
Catastrophe: An internal mechanism that emits a shock wave that destroys everything near or on Machinedramon's person.
Mugen Hand: Crushes his enemy with his arm.

Destiny Storage

Lilitha flies back as the massive destruction machine moves knowing if she got too close, she would be blown into a billion digital bits.


A massive blast of flame shoots from his right hand force Lilitha to fly up and move foreword. The ceiling shatters, which forces he downward. Far too close to Mugendramon.


A shock wave explodes from inside Mugendramon and breaks the nearby wall, the floor, and more than a hundred of tanks killed those inside. It also blasts Lilitha threw some rubble, to the floor.

"Lilitha!" yells Drusilla, which shocks Spike as he can see her eyes. They are clearer than they have ever been. Spike turns to Blaze, then back to the battle.

"Darkness Wave!!"


Lilitha's wave of fiery energy bats collides with the energy blast from Mugendramon's Cannons causing an explosion so loud it cracks the glass of a thousand tanks around them and destroys seven more.


The machine Digimon fires an second energy blast threw the explosion, which collides with Lilitha, whose unable to move out the way by the falling rubble. The young LadyDevimon is sent flying into a wall hard enough to create a crater. Her body flickers like a bad TV reception and release streams of iridescent energy. She falls from wall glowing and reverts to BlackTailmon before she can hit the floor.

Mugendramon stomps foreword to finish the most important threat. A single Adult level Digimon is a larger threat than a child-level Digimon or two humans, not understanding the concept of vampire humans. Drusilla rushes out to save her Kitty, but is almost crushes by falling rubble.

Suddenly, Spike's Digivice releases bursts of energy, pulsating likes a living heart. Slowly the three eyes of strange machine emit a yellow-green glow.

"I don't know about you Spike, but I suddenly have the urge to tip away that tin can." says Blaze, his eyes glowing gold. He's grinning and Spike can see steam coming from his mouth. The Impmon jumps out from behind the rubble and charges like a wild animal.

Spike wishes Mugedramon wasn't a machine, the way the blood lust is now, he wishes he could tear it open and feast on it's organs. Spike clenches the Digivice, his own eyes glowing, then grabs a metal pipe like a spear and runs to join his partner.

Mugendramon is relentless and powerful, but is not known for his speed. He slowly reaches the unconscious Lilitha and raises his claw for the kill, when he hears a shout.

"Night of Fire!"

A red flare strikes the machine digimon's right eye, nearly overloading the optic.

"Night of Fire. Child-level attack. Power: 137% Normal" says Machine calculating the attack, "Current Threat Level: None."


Blaze proves his name and creates two immense rings of fire, one within the other, and creates a huge sphere of bright fire from the ring, which he then hurls at Mugedramon. The explosion is powerful enough to actually shake the immense machine. When the smoke clears, it's revealed that his armor is only scorned not damaged. The machine turns it's dark metal skull-like head and somehow glares at the Impmon even with no facial features.

"Summon. Child-level attack. Power: 275% Normal" says Machine calculating the attack, his voice deeper than before. "Current Threat Level: Low."

Spike uses his master level vampire speed and tosses Lilitha into Drusilla's arms. When the battle focused Mugendramon turns and sees his previous target gone, rage builds inside the cold machine. A rage which grows when Spike tosses the metal rod like a javelin right into his right eye. The fallen bar of ultra-hard chrome digizoid thrown with supernatural strength manages to pierce the optical unit causing it to explode. The metal dragon roars and lunges at Spike, only to be stopped by another Summon Fireball which a still active scouter rates at four hundred eleven percent Normal.


Mugendramon goes insane firing a powerful energy blast, followed by a more powerful supercharged blast, followed by an even more powerful blast that nearly overloads the cannons. The first blast forces Blaze to jump into the air as the room shakes. The second blasts shreds and shatters the world around him, surrounding him with a billion fragments of glass, metal, and ceramic. The third blast illuminates and ignites the fragments turning it into a storm of burning plasma.

Blaze, the Impmon cries out and small parts of his body burst into data particles

There is a pause, then a pulse of energy is emitted by Spike's digivice. The full game face Spike is shocked when the spherical force is enough to to create a perfect circular crater in floor, a perfect bottom impression of a unseen sphere. The shining green-yellow digivice pulsates a second time and Mugedramon watches as the fiery smoke clears to reveal green-yellow flames.

As the flames clear, Blaze is no longer injured and is no longer a child-size Impmon. He stands over six feet tall with a muscular adult body with three red eyes with yellow sclera, pale blue skin, and spiky pale blond hair. He's dressed in black leather clothing of a biker with metal armor plates and designed for his tail. He wears a black leather jacket with a fur collar and cords extending from the back. The boots each have three upturned blades and there are red bandannas around the upper right arm. The top of his face is covered by a purple leather mask that's pulled back with his spiky hair and has holes for his three eyes. In his hands are a couple of double-barrel shotguns

"Bloody hell." says Spike as his glowing digivice gives the profile.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Demon Lord Digimon
Beelzebumon is a Demon Lord Digimon, one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. His name comes from Beelzebub, the Hebrew word for Lord of the Flies and a word which is often synonymous with devil.

Beelzebumon is the Demon Lord who represents Gluttony and the planet Venus. He is a fighter that throws himself into battle, and with his power he stands alone. With his cruel personality and his favorite shotguns, Beren Hena, he wanders and searching for a strong opponent.

Double Impact: Rapidly fires his two Beren Hena shotguns.
Darkness Claw: Attacks enemies using his claws.
Heartbreak Shot
Quick Shot

"My name is Blaze!"

Power Core



The battle between King Drac's enforcer Darkdramon and hero Justimon is going strong. Justimon is the more skilled fighter and has managed to deliver several powerful blasts, but Darkdramon possesses a mysterious power of regeneration. The power doesn't have problems as Darkdramon's body temperature increases each time they repair the damage. Currently, his body is so hot he leaves glowing red foot steps every time he lands.

Angel is on the other side of the pillar-like reactor looking down at his arm. He has several negative thoughts going threw his head.

Where is my Pride? I use to have any woman I wanted back in Ireland, now I act like a love sick puppy around Buffy. Where was I when Buffy went to fight the Master, I was acting... no, I was a coward. It took Xander, the everyday man to get me down to the lair. I couldn't even admit I didn't know how to do C.P.R! I was once one of the most feared and brutal vampires in the world, but I couldn't get the guts to stake Drusilla when I got a soul. I was suppose to be a champion, but I end up hiding in the shadows, like I hide in those god forsaken sewers.

He doesn't even notice the Digivice is glowing a bright orange, a glow that grows turning pure white like a piece of heated metal. On the pillar behind him, twenty five meters off the ground, a cross-like structure glows white.


There is a cross-shaped white explosion on the burning red pillar and as Angel turns around, an object streaks out of the white flames into his arms. As the object hits him, the egg like shell shatters revealing a very small very strange Digimon.

It's a small white head with a little mouth and large black eyes, a weird curl on the top like a fin, and a pair of little gold angel wings.

Attribute Data
Baby 1 Level
Type: Small Angel Digimon
Puttomon is a Small Angel Digimon whose is said to bring happiness and luck, but even though it is the ancestor of all Angel Digimon, it is unable to tell good from evil.

"What the hell?" says Angel, a bit of an Irish accent in his voice.

On the other side of the pillar, there is a second cross-shaped explosion where HighAndromon died. This time the blast clears to reveal a hole gong straight threw the pillar, which is now covered being torn apart by small explosions and slowly collapsing.

Darkdramon roars in pain as it's armor glows red hot, melting the floor beneath it's claws. There are blue flashes as arcs of energy leap between joints and shorts out like a laptop in the microwave. Justimon realizes the regeneration power must have been linked to the reactor and the melt down is overheating and melting his opponent.


Justimon's right arm changes into a device that emits a shining energy blade. He moves before tortured Darkdramon can react and slashes with the blade. The ultimate-level energy blast cuts threw the weakened superheated armor like a hot knife threw warm butter. Justimon cuts Darkdramon in half from left shoulder to right hip.

There is a loud cracking sound as glowing white cracks spread from the cut to the rest of body. As the entire body turns white from the cracks, Darkdramon explodes into countless data particles

At the same time, a white light spreads from the hole to cover the pillar, then the entire pillar collapses into fire and blue-white lightning going from floor to ceiling.

Destiny Storage

Spike recognizes the grin on the Beelzebumon, the same evil grin he had when he earned his name using those railway spikes. Mugendramon backs up as it's scouter reads Ultimate level Extreme Danger.


The Machine Digimon fires three energy blasts, increasing the power for each proceeding shot. The strain is enough to cause his cannons to overheat as the blasts reduce where the Beelzebumon was. Blaze has leaped high above the blast and lands between the two huge cannons on it's back

"Double Impact!"

The demon lord biker of the Digital World turns and rapidly fires both Beren Hena shotguns. The blasts that shoot from the shotguns are more powerful than most anti-tank guns and tear threw the two cannons on either side of shooter. The two cannons violently explode as Blaze flips off and lands next to Spike. Mugendramon nearly collapses from the blast and is badly damaged.


Mugendramon turns and tries to crush Blaze with his metal claw, only for the demon lord to catch the claw with one hand, then with a violent twist the arm breaks.

Spike appears in Mugendramon's vision, grinning, and holding one of Blaze's Beren Hena shotguns. Spike clicks the trigger with his vampire speed and triggering a Double Impact. A normal human's bones would be reduced to powder by the ultimate-level weapon's recoil, but Spike has not been a normal human since 1880s. The blast hits the same damaged optic/eye he hit with the pipe and blows off part of Mugendramon's face.


"Darkness Claw!!"

Mugendramon tries to self-destruct by channeling all of it's remaining power into an internal mechanism for super-powered Catastrophe attack. Blaze stops him cold by thrusting his razor sharp claws into Mugendramon's chest and destroying the mechanism. The destructive force is powerful enough that the back of the Machine Digimon explodes out as the attack goes threw it.

Spike flips Blaze his shotgun and Blaze points both at Mugendramon's head, which shakes as the power scouter inside explodes. Blaze, the Beelzebumon, glows a power aura before pulling the triggers.


The twin blasts pierce Mugedramon's head and blast it to pieces. A shock wave passes threw the decapitated Machine Digimon and it's entire massive form shatters into a cloud of dark multi-colored particles. Blaze is about to turn from his kill, but he pauses, and looks back. He points his clawed leather-clad hand at the data cloud and it's pulled into his hand and absorbed.

He forms a fist and his hand ignites into crimson flames. He rams his fiery hand into the ground and as his palm strikes the floor a circle of red light expands from impact and stops at a two meter radius. A he stands, lines of red light form a five-pointed star. As he exits the circle there is an explosion and a pillar of flame shoots up from the circle.

"Arise, Behemoth!"

When the fires cease, where there circle was is a dark motorcycle. It's a heavy looking machine with dark armor and a glowing red wind shield. It also has hub caps with three triangles pointing to the tips of a center forth, a symbol known in the Digital World as the feared Hazard symbol.

"I have tom say your getting more impressive by the second, Blaze." says Spike, "I love the new style."

"I'm loving it too." says Blaze, "I also have a sudden urge to hunt down a few more opponents and stake them to the ground."

"Your like the son I never had ... or wanted." says Spike, as Drusilla runs into his arms with Lilitha in her arms. "You OK, Dru? Lil?"

"Don't call me Lil and we are both fine." says Lilitha, "I think we should see how many chosen survived the battle and get them out of here."

"No kidding." replies Spike with some sarcasm.

"It should be easier with the data I got from the tin can." says Blaze

"That's good to hear, Beelzebumon."

"My name is Blaze! Don't You Forget it!" yells the irritated Digimon as he turns see a shocking site.

A fourteen-year-old girl standing over five-foot-four, ninety pound with wet shoulder-length orange hair and lavender eyes. She's covered by a sheet of blue plastic

"My name Ruki Makino. Digimon Queen. Don't you forget it!"

The building rumbles and they get to work.

The next person to be released is Ruki's partner a golden anthropomorphic fox (kitsune) Digimon with purple arm band with ying/yang symbols on the back and similar marking on her upper legs. A Digimon whose irritated by her wet fur.

Attribute Data
Child Level
Type: Beast Man Digimon
Renamon's animalistic features and penetrating icy blue eyes can make her seem quite intimidating, even when she is not trying to be.
Fox Leaf Arrowheads: Renamon summons a cloud of razor-sharp shards that she fires on her foe.
Wisteria Punch: Renamon's fists and feet glow in a ghostly blue light, which quickly become engulfed in a raging inferno of blue flames. Renamon then leaps into the air, kicking and slicing at her foes.

The next human is another fourteen year old with messy brown hair and red-brown eyes. Takato Matsuda is the goggle-head/designated leader of the chosen humans in Ruki's world. He's currently looks threw the storage lockers for clothing, since he doesn't want Ruki (or Renamon for that manner) to see his family pride

His partner a red with white underside bipedal dinosaur with fin-like ears, three long claws on each long arm, two large claws on each foot, and black hazard markings on his scaly skin. Guilmon is asking why Takatomon has problems with being naked since Guilmon doesn't wear clothing.

Attribute Virus
Child Level
Type: Reptile Digimon
Guilmon is a Reptile-type Digimon who carries the black Digital hazard symbol on his chest. He hides the high-leveled potential and at the Child level, also hides the brutality akin to a carnivorous beast.
The "Digital Hazard" symbol is carved on those who, like Guilmon, might corrupt a great amount computer data. However, if he is able to utilize the ability peacefully, he'll become a Guardian of the Digital World.
Fireball: Guilmon spits a concentrated blast of fire from his mouth.
Rock Breaker: Guilmon coats his claws in fire and slashes at his opponent.

The third member of there group is Jenrya Lee. A Chinese boy standing five foot three with green eyes and short dark blue hair. He's the more logical Superego to Takato's excitable Ego and Ruki's passionate ID. He's currently using his smaller partner to hid his privates, much to the creatures protest.

"You son of a... What do thing I am, an athletic cup!?!"

His partner is a small dog-like creature with white fur, black bead eyes, a small horn on top of his head, and very long ears with green markings. He's also wearing the a green bandanna around his neck.

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Beast Digimon
Terriermon is a Rookie Level Beast Digimon. Although he looks like a bunny because of his long ears, he is actually modeled after a dog, and named after a group of dog breeds Terrier.
Blazing Fire: Terriermon fires energy blasts from his mouth. This can be either in a rapid round of tiny blasts, or in one large concentrated blast.
Petit Twister: Terriermon spins himself around and shoots a green tornado at his enemies.

The last person from that world is Jeri Katou. She's another fourteen year old with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She's doesn't care about her own nudity as she holds her resurrected partner and cries.

When her Digimon's murderer was badly injured defending his two partners, his partners both died and they were forced to use his only remaining connection. The data particles broke down and her partner was recreated as a small red Digimon with a purple stripe going down his back and tails like purple -tipped spines.

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Mammal Digimon
Each Elecmon are proud of their tails and can use it to threaten their enemies. He is a curious Digimon that likes mischief.
Sparkling Thunder: Shoots electric bolts from his tail.
Nine Tails: Strikes his enemy with his nine tails.
Thunder Knife: Attacks with a blade of lightning.

The next is a fourteen year old boy with short thick brown hair and dark eyes. Masaru Daimon is a fighter, not someone who lets his Digimon do all the fighting, but more than willing to use his own fists. He doesn't care about his being all natural, instead he's focused on embedded pieces of glass and the blood running down his arm.

"Are you OK, Anki (Big Brother)?" says his partner.

"Don't worry, Agumon. This Daimon-sama (Lord Daimon) is going to be fine."

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Reptile Digimon
Agumon is a short and stout Tyrannosaurus rex-like Digimon standing about 2½ feet tall. It has bright orange skin and light green eyes, as well as flattened forearms. Its tail is stubby, and its head and snout are almost as large as the rest of its body.
Baby Flame: Shoots an orange and red fireball of varying strength from its mouth.
Baby Burner: This attack uses a more powerful stream of fire than Pepper Breath.
Surudoi Tsume: Attacks with his claws.

His partner is taller than most Agumon, almost as tall as a human adolescent with more teeth, longer claws, wider forearms and red training bracers. It's a Dinosaur-Type Agumon with additional attacks, which suddenly appear on Spike Digivice holographic screen.

Baby Volcano: Fires a giant fire ball to cause an explosion.
Motto Surudoi Tsume: A stronger version of Surudoi Tsume.
Baby Claw: The strongest version of Surudoi Tsume.

The final group is the largest and are from the same world as Ryou.

The first of Digidestined is Yamato Ishida. He stand five foot four with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was working as vocalist and bass player for a rock band called the Teenage Wolves, until King Drac's army attacked. The last thing he remembers a black meteor, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode exploding and Ken is consumed by the flames. His partner Gabumon stands next to him wondering if Yamato needs his fur more than he does.

"I don't know those other children in those tubes, but they were chosen like us!"

"It's O.K, Yamato." says Gabumon, squeezing water out of the Garurumon fur pelt he wears to hide his yellow reptilian face"It Will be O.K"

Gabumon is a yellow-skinned reptile-like Digimon about 2½ feet tall, although the 10 or so inch long horn atop his head increases his height. This horn, yellow just like his skin, has markings reminiscent of electric circuitry. Gabumon's belly is sky blue, with symmetric pink motives. Gabumon's eyes are red and, although it is covered up, his muzzle is lizard-like. Most of Gabumon's body is covered by a pale blue dog-like pelt with royal blue tiger-like markings, which are perfectly symmetric.

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Reptile Digimon
Petit Fire: Gabumon releases a stream of blue ice-like flames from its mouth.
Little Horn: Gabumon attacks with the horn on its head.

The second of the Digidestined is Mimi Tachikawa. She's a thirteen year old girl standing tall with brown eyes and long strawberry blond hair. She wonders about how her hair natural hair color changed from golden brown to almost pink. These shallow thoughts are used to block memories of a fellow Digidestined being consumed by the fires of King Drac's attack.

"This is so embarrassing."

"It's not so bad, Mimi."

"'Not so bad?' Everyone can see my natural hair color and I wasn't even this color before."

Her partner hides her from the eyes of others. She's a small green plant-like humanoid with long arms each ending in three pink claws and a large pink and green flower on the top of her head.

Attribute Data
Child Level
Type: Vegetation Digimon
Palmon is a flower-like Digimon with a spunky and colorful personality. The flower on Palmon's head allows her to blend in with the surroundings making her hard to find. The flower fires a sweet scent when she's in a good mood, but as the perfume changes with her emotions, she can make the flower give off a stinky scent should she be depressed. She can perform photosynthesis by planting her root-like feet into the ground and breathing in nourishment by expanding her leaf-like arms and her flower
Poison Ivy: Palmon's claws become long and whip like. Whilst her claws are like this, she can use them to capture and attack her enemies and even swing to safety.
Sleep Spores: Sprays sleep inducing spores at foes.
Thorn Thrust: Similar to 'Poison Ivy', but attacks in and upward, quick action.

The third of the Digidestined is Koushiro Izumi. He's a fourteen year old boy standing four foot ten with brown/black eyes and wild red hair. He's the group's computer expert and is currently looking threw the files he can access on the Lab.

"King Drac has one sick mind. He was injecting Digimon coding into the human partners and human DNA into Digimon." says Izumi trying behind the surviving console, "I come to you Tentonmon, but I don't want to get that close you."

"I see your point, Izumi."

"I just don't think I would do good with more limbs."

"but you would get more typing done."

His partner is an insectoid and has six legs in total, each of which has a large claw on the end. His back is covered in a red ladybug-like shell that protects his wings. He has two orange antennae coming from his head, which meet between his large green eyes. When he talks, his mouth never seems to move.

Attribute Data
Child Level
Type: Insectoid Digimon
His name comes from "tentoumushi", the Japanese for lady beetle. He may have a hard encrusted shell and is one of the first Insect types to be created, but he is still in aggressiveness. Whilst many other Insect types at the Rookie are devious in nature, Tentomon often shows carefree habits as a lover of nature through his life, often smelling flowers or taking naps in the shade of trees.
Petit Thunder: Tentomon fires a rod of electricity from his antenna.

The fourth is Hikari Yagami, whose currently dealing with the loss of her brother. Her brother Tai, leader of the first generation was standing too close to Imperialdramon Paladin Mode when he exploded and was consumed by the the resulting inferno. She also dealing with the death of parents, who were killed in the first devastating attack by King Drac's Dragon Army. She's twelve years old standing tall with brown eyes and short styled brown hair.

"There all gone."

"You still have Me and Takeru!"

"He was always there for me. Now he's a memory."

"Then fight for his memory."

Her partner is Tailmon. She looks like Drusilla's BlackTailmon with white fur, blue eyes, yellow gloves with red markings, and a gold tail ring. She puts a sheet of plastic over Hikari to hide her from the males and give her some comfort.

Attribute Vaccine
Adult Level
Type: Exalted Beast Digimon
Tailmon is a curious and mischievous Exalted Beast Digimon. She is known as Tailmon in the Japanese version.
Tailmon's cute look covers her talents as a fighter. She looks similar to a white Egyptian kitten with enormous green and red claws and a tail that is two times her size.
Cat Punch: She moves as fast as lightning while punching her enemy.
Cat's Eye: An attack that can confuse and/or paralyze her foe.
Cat Kick: She moves as fast as lightning while flip-kicking her enemy.
Earth Shaker: Throw attack
Tackle Punch: Dash Attack

The fifth is Takeru "T.K." Takaishi. He's the same age and height of his girlfriend Hikari with blond hair and blue eyes. He's keeping his eyes on his rescuers as there's something about them that making him nervous.

"Be careful, Patamon. According to what I read in our Digital World, Beelzebumon is one of Seven Great Demon Lords. He's in the same category as Creepymon."

His partner is Patamon. He is a small flying creature resembling a hamster, with bat-like wings instead of ears. Even though he is able to fly across the sky using his ears, he is able to walk much quicker as his flight speed is one kilometer per hour. He shivers at the mention of the satanic Demon.

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Mammal Digimon
Patamon is a playful Digimon with a large amount of potential and connection to divine forces. Patamon is a descendant of an ancient race who stored secret holy internally.
Air Shot: Patamon's body inflates as he gulps in air - which he then shoots forward from his mouth.
Sparking Air Shot
Hane Binta (Wing Slap)

The sixth member is reliable Joe Kido and his aquatic child Digimon Gomamon.He's sixteen years old standing very tall with shoulder length dark blue hair and dark eyes. He's glad that the machines fixed his eye sight since he's nearly blind without his glasses.

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Sea Mammal Digimon
Marching Fishes : Gomamon gathers a hoard of fish friends to attack the enemy or to just help him out

"Eleven Chosen and there Digimon." says Spike, "Twenty two out of forty five thousand!"

"Not Good." says Izumi, "According to the records, the experiments linked human and partner so closely that when one died they both died. Human code is far more complex than Digimon code."

"Get to the point brains."

"The only reason the Chosen survived is because we have been chosen longer and our older bodies were able to resist the change. Masaru and the Tamers survived because they were use to DNA fusions."

Suddenly, Spike's Digivice glows and releases streams of energy that hit a nearby wall causing a small explosion. The first model digivices of the Chosen, Hikari and T.K.'s D3s, the Tamer's D-Arcs, and Masaru's Digivice Burst are pulled from the room on the other side. The streams of energy stop and the Digivices glowing there colors float in front of there owners.

Hikari is the first to reach out and grab her pink D-3. There is a burst of energy that scares the living humans and there Digimon, then the Digivice changes in a pink/black model similar to the one on Spike's wrist. A wave of purple/pink boils across her skin and she suddenly wearing biker clothing. She's wearing a tight pink shirt, black hip huggers, black and pink boots, and a fingerless pink gloves going to her shoulders. She is also wearing a gold link belt with a digital camera hanging from the hip and is wearing a leather jacket with angel wings and a Halo printed on the back. She also has an earring similar to her partner's Tail ring in her right ear.

"Incredible" says Izumi, "It's a more advance version of D-3 clothing modifier. The same way Daisuke was able to create that bomber jacket of his, Spike's program created clothing based on fusion or styles."

Suddenly, the building shakes and an electronic voice announces

"Reactor Meltdown in Progress. Two minutes to structural collapse. Three minutes to total destruction."

The rest of the ground doesn't need any more encouragement and grabs there digivices and are quickly dressed in cyberpunk versions of there regular clothing.

Outside the Lab

Ryou, Monodramon, Angel, and Puttomon exit the lab at the same time as the vampires, there Digimon, and the Chosen

A pillar of fire erupts from the reactor room, then the shock wave travels threw the Lab causing it to collapse and ignite into the flames. The surge threw the data link stops the Tandramon, Sealdramon, and few Commandramon from moving as the Lab destruction destroys them

The heroes continue to move away as quick as possible as the ground splits. Underground, the tunnels burst as the water is converted into super heated steam, then collapse as the pressure is released. The reactor core continues to sink into the ground beneath the Lab, growing hotter and hotter, burning and melting what falls into the pit.

Then the super heated mass hits a layer of dense ice created when King Drac caused Digital World's unnatural ice age The ice flashes to steam and the heat and pressure become an explosion.

The heroes now several kilometers away watch as the Lab is consumed by a massive explosion that sends a monstrous fiery mushroom cloud into the air. A shock wave flows out from the bottom of the cloud and pulverizes everything in it's path.

Blaze's holds on to Behemoth, as Spike, Angel, Drusilla, Lilitha, and Puttomon hide stand behind it and each other. The other Chosen use there partners or other abilities to protect themselves.

As the hurricane force winds clear, the group slowly get to there feet and shake the dust and fragments from there bodies, clothing, and hair (if they had any).

"At least we don't have to worry about fall out. The reactor like everything and everyone in the Digital World is composed of data particles." says Ryou "When something is destroyed, it's erased. Even this dust will vanish in a few minutes. I know, No Ontological Inertia, but everything in this world is based on connected programs and transfer of data."


Ryou's long boring rant is cut off when he and Monodramon are hit by a black translucent ghost-like entity that turns them black and paralyzes them.


A red energy whip hits around Ryou and Monodramon knocking the others away.


Glowing bats descend as a cloud, grab hold of Ryou and Monodramon, and take off.

"I recognize those attacks. Vamdemon."

Dark Castle Dracmon

The five-foot-seven Ryou wakes up with a pounding headache and finds himself strapped to a six foot long silver metal table. He has wide black restraints around his neck, shoulders, waist, lower legs, and forearms. There are also metal cords around his upper arms, upper legs, and forehead making it impossible to move.

He manages to move his blue eyes and look around and see he's a huge stone-walled chamber that looks like a cross between a medieval torture room and futuristic science lab. In the center of the room is a huge black tree. It looks like a giant bushy Yew tree with the bark and leaves completely black and the cones are a dark shade of purple with traces of silver.

Between the tree and Ryou is another table, where Monodramon is strapped down as secure he is and his digivice is sealed inside a glass dome on a pillar behind the Tree, between it and the wall.


"Good, your awake." says Lord Vamde, the Vamdemon.

"What do you want, fang face!?"

Lord Vamde holds up a small glass vile with a black cap. Inside is a tiny black sphere that pulsating like a heart. It's a tiny device, but it fills Ryou's heart with dread. He remembers that during his battle with Milleniummon, he was almost hit by a similar object, only for his friend Ken Ichijouji pushed him out of the way. It slowly changed Ken into Digimon Kaiser, a madman who almost conquered the Digital World.

"This is the real reason for the invasion of your home world, Ryou. The dark spore, a fragment of wicked god Milleniummon's data. In a human like your friend Ken, it grants enhanced physical and mental abilities, while tainting them with ambition and darker emotions. To a Digimon, it gives them access to new dimensions and data that transcends the normal limits of time and space."

He moves towards the giant black Yew.

"This Dark Tree was grown from one of copied Dark Spores we found in those children of Oikawa. After the chaos wave, King Drac grew these trees to help him tap into the same chaotic energy that granted him his immense power. They are nothing compared to the true Dark Spore that died with Ichijouji! What's worse is few analogues we have managed to capture have lost there spores."

He unscrews the cap on the little glass container.

"We even tried fusions of Kimeramon and Mugendramon, but we could not create a stable recreation. The reason we started experimenting on the Digimon and there partners was to not only to create soldiers that King Dracmon could control, but recreate the data of your dark partner."

He places the vile against the tree and the dark spore is pulled into the tree, completely absorbed.

"We studied and learned that you defeated Milleniummon's final form, when Monodramon permanently Jogress (fusion) Evolved with him. I was able to extract a true Dark Spore from your partner's data. With this tiny spore I will be able to tap into the chaotic energy and evolve far beyond my King."

Lord Vamde grabs one of the black branches and roars in Agony and Ecstasy as pitch black lightning arcs and crawls across his form. The body of the Undead Digimon grows larger and more muscular with his long blond hair lengthening and turning silver white. His skin turns pure black and his fingers become sharp claws. The blue clothing darkens to blue-black and the gold edges turn white. The gloves and boots turns pitch black and the cape turns black and shreds to pieces. Finally, his purple mask becomes one of sharp silver metal and he opens his eyes to reveal they have changed to glowing gold with pure black sclera. He let's out a earth-shaking loud roar.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Undead Digimon
A Chaos-corrupted Vamdemon that feeds on the fresh or deleted data of his victims, whose purpose is destruction of all that oppose him and consume the world in darkness.

"You are a fool, Lord Vamde"

The eyes of Ryou, Monodramon, and ChaosVamdemon turn to see King Drac enter the chamber. The super-powerful GranDracmon grins at the feral ChaosVamdemon.

"Did you really think, you could access all of my knowledge on the chaos energy." he says with a sneer, "I just used you to complete the Dark Tree project."


ChaosVamdemon fires two black super powerful version of Vamdemon's bloody scream. The immense, thick whips of black energy explode from his clawed hands and attack like two giant black dragons. King Drac despite his size is extremely agile and manages to avoid the black dragon whips which destroy the door and wall behind him to reveal a huge corridor. King Drac moves back down the hall, laughing at the feral Ultimate.

"You have immense power, but you can't control it" says King Drac giving a mocking lecture, "Your a weakling controlled by your power."


A immense bat composed of black energy edged with flame explodes from ChaosVamdemon's body as he spreads his arms wide. The omega bat screams as it shoots towards the Supreme King, only for it to be sent into the wall by GranDracmon's glowing back hand. The omega bat's detonating destroys the wall and the wall of the floor below, leaving a hole into the open air. What's left the bat collides with a distant hill and explodes with a dull red light.

The feral ChaosVamdemon charges to rip the GranDracmon apart with it's claws, only for the massive demon beast Digimon to vanish in a burst of superhuman speed. The ChaosVamdemon turns as he's surrounded by red light and sees Supreme King Drac pointing the palm of red glowing hand at him.


The feral ChaosVamdemon is consumed by a spherical blast of crimson energy, energy so intense particles stream off his dissolving edges. The energy pushes the ultimate level Digimon into the sky at high speed, leaving a smirking King Drac.

"I have great power, but I also have greater control. I'm not even limited by kinds default attacks" he says then turns towards the Dark Tree, "and soon I will have even greater power."

Lord Vamde fiery form streaks across the Dark Zone like a fallen star. It finally crashes into a hill creating a narrow, but deep crater in the barren soil. The crater is filled with smoke, flames, and dissolving fragments of the undead Digimon.

Suddenly, a hand burning with a menacing red glow bursts from the charred earth. A hand that grows into huge red-tipped purple claws.


Over 6500 words in two days
The Digimon arc will be extend by one chapter which will be released in one to two weeks, depending how much I'm willing to write.
ChaosVamdemon is my own creation. A super - charged cirrupted Vamdemon. A perfect digimon given ultimate power but failed to evolve. Immense power, but little control.
Why did I did I give them cyber-punk/biker clothing? Two reason: I think it would look cool esp for the ones going with the Scourge. The second, they are in the Dark Zone of the Digital World, everything is black and shades of grey, so this will help the vulnerable humans blend into the background.

Should I kill Yamato Ishida?
Should I kill Gabumon?
Should I kill Joe Kido?
Should I kill Gomamon?
The others are joining the Scourge and so will those that survive since all the people on there home worlds are gone! All six plus billion.

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