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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Anime > Multiple AnimespacemanFR1851358,837314425,0659 Feb 0828 Oct 09No

Welcome...Part 4 (of 4) - Digimon Arc Complete

Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
The Digimon arc will be extend by one chapter which will be released in one to two weeks, depending how much I'm willing to write.
This story contains a digivice style profiles for ALL new Digimon
Like Digimon it gets repetitive.



The feral ChaosVamdemon is consumed by a spherical blast of crimson energy, energy so intense particles stream off his dissolving edges. The energy pushes the ultimate level Digimon into the sky at high speed, leaving a smirking King Drac.

"I have great power, but I also have greater control. I'm not even limited by kinds default attacks" he says then turns towards the Dark Tree, "and soon I will have even greater power."

Dark Castle Dracmon

King Drac walks slowly back to the chamber. He presses a button on the wall and Ryou, Monodramon, and his D-Arc are lowered into separate secure cells in the dungeon.

He then raises one of his crimson hands and causes it to glow. He speaks and his voice is loud, echoing threw the entire Castle and is heard by all of his minions.

"This is Supreme King Drac. The time of our greatest victory has come. Group Alpha defend the Castle with your lives. Group Beta go to The Lab and destroy the survivors! This is my will, THIS IS MY COMMAND!"

The entire fortress seems to shake with the roar of King Drac's army of Digimon, his Dragon Army.

King Drac walks to the black tree and makes several hand seals, each one creating a symbol in purple-white flames. He places his palm on the trunk of the tree and his hand turns pitch black, a darkness spreads across his entire body. Then the entire trees expands into billions of vines and tendrils that wrap around the Supreme King forming an egg-shaped structure.

It hardens into a black cocoon that pulsates like a heart.

The Heroes
Hours later

Spike, Drusilla, and Angel with there partners Blaze, Lilitha, and Puttomon follow Ryou and Vamdemon's trail. They are followed by Yamato and Gobumon leading Mimi and Palmon, Joe and Gomamon, Izumi and Tentomon, Hikari and Tailmon, and Takeru and Patamon. Masaru and Agumon walks with the tamers, Takato and Guilmon, Ruki and Renamon, Jenrya and Terriermon, and Juri and Elecmon.

"Do you have any idea, where we are going??" asks Masaru

"No, but this thing on my wrist does." says Spike, holding up his Digivice which shows a holographic map with thirteen signals grouped together and one fainter signal on the other side of the map.

"So, you guys are actually vampires??" asks Takato.

"I already told you that, Goggle head!" says Ruki

"It just strange. All the other chosen have been living human children and your undead adults who have been around for centuries."

"Actually, according to the files I read, there was one chosen who was a ghost." says Izumi, "He was running to meet his twin brother, another chosen, for the first time when he feel. His body was in a coma, while his spirit traveled to his digital world."

Suddenly, Spike's Digivice makes a loud noise and showers a cluster of red light moving towards the blue lights indicating the heroes.


The group takes cover and scans the horizon. The digivices lock on to the Dragon Army and displays the profiles for each of the distant enemies.

The first creatures they lock on are a collection of different Digimon with grey skin, glowing red eyes, and cracked grey armor. Some of them looking like there rotting, with pieces missing and some of the machines look like they haven't been repaired or serviced in a hundred years.

Drac Drones
Attribute Virus
Ranges from Child to Perfect Level
Type: Undead Slave Digimon
Drac Drones are former Digimon who refused to submit to King Drac's rule and instead of being destroyed, they were drained of there vital data and injected with a virus that animates them as obedient lifeless servants slaved to those loyal to King Dracmon.
Various attacks identical to pre-Drone state..

Spike and Blaze spot one the loyal Digimon. He's a monstrous robotic dinosaur which remind them of Mugendramon. He has three claw robotic right arm and a smooth left arm ending in three long claws. It's head has a long horn on the nose and two cannons fold onto the back

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Machine Digimon
It is an improved version of Mugendramon whose mere existence distorts all order in the Digital World. Its body is made of Red-Digizoid (the strongest alloy of Chrome Digizoid), which grants it great defense, and amplifies the evil and thirst for destruction programmed into its Digi-Core
Hyper Mugen Cannon: An attack which releases an overly-powerful energy wave out of the cannon guns on his back.
Chaos Crusher: Hits the enemy with his drill claw repeatedly.
Doomsday Countdown: Randomly fires all his guns in every direction.

Drusilla's Digivice spots a skeletal Digimon with a red and black body, black leather-clad legs, grey metal gauntlets and boots, and huge black bat wings. It has a black skull face with a red marking and bat wing extensions and carries a long staff with a gem-encrusted crescent on one end and a yellow sphere inside a red claw on the other.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Undead Digimon
Nail Bone: A paralysis attack whereby he fires lightning from his staff.
Skull Hammer: Strikes enemies with his staff.

Drusilla's Digivice glows green and she smiles. She lets Lilitha jumps into the air and points her digivice at the spinning BlackTailmon. In a burst of green light, Lilitha is once more a LadyDevimon minus the face mask. This causes the Yamato's group to stare as they have never scene a LadyDevimon or Angewoman without a mask or helmet, respectively.

Angel and Puttomon stare for another reason, which is strange since Puttomon is suppose to be innocent so why is the Baby Digimon getting a nose bleed.

Angel's Digivice picks up a tall humanoid Digimon with a metal face and blue flames for hair. His body is clad in metal chains, flame-detailed black pants with many belts, and metal armored boots with four metal bands around the legs and winged skulls molded around the feet.

Attribute Data
Perfect Level
Type: Flame Digimon
Heavy Metal Fire: Launches a destructive ball of melted metal from his mouth.
Heat Chain: Uses one of the chains on his body as a whip.

Ruki Makino places her hand on her Digivice and feels something appear in her hand. She looks down to see a blue card between her fingers. She slashes it threw the reader in the side of the digivice and she and Renamon vanish in an explosion of golden light.

When the light clears, a new Digimon stands in there place. A humanoid woman dressed in black with gold armor, purple forearm and lower leg guards, and long white hair going below the knees done in a style resembling fox tails. She wears a gold fox theme helmet and carries a Shakujo, a Buddhist ringed staff used primarily in prayer or as a weapon.

Attribute Data
Ultimate Level
Type: God Man Digimon
Sakuyamon has pride in her divination skill. She has the role of executing the will of God, and she uses four elemental foxes for attacking and data gathering. She keeps them in tubes on her belt on her waist. When inquiring about the will of God, she changes to her "shrine maiden form". It is said in this form, her power to expel malice becomes more powerful.
Kongoukai Mandala: Creates a huge ring of golden energy that surrounds an enemy and slowly decreases in size, crushing it.
Izuna: Summons four mystical fox spirits that are imbued with the powers of fire, water, wind and lightning that obey and fight for her.
Amethyst Wind: Summons a mystical wind that carries hundreds of purple crystalline shards. These shards can rip enemies to shreds.
Crystal Sphere: Creates a spherical crystalline barrier that is charged with magical energy. The barrier can deflect incoming attacks as well as radiating outwards and destroying all enemies that come in to contact with it.
Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth: Uses staff to make two pink rings around herself which are then shot at the enemy.
Jouen Kobu: Leaps high into the air and uses her staff to create a "sphere" of mystical blue flames.

The reason for Ruki and Renamon's fusion evolution is approaching them.

It resembles another Sakuyamon, but her armor is dark red instead of gold.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: God Man Digimon
A corrupted version of Kazuhamon created by Lord Drac
Taizoukai Mandala: Creates a circle of purple colored energy around her belly that damages nearby opponents when touching them and rises Kuzuhamon's parameters.
Ura Izuna: Summons a fox spirit to attack enemies.
Unholy Cross
Kuragari no Mandala

Takato and Guilmon merge to form Dukemon, a humanoid knight dressed in red, gold, and white armor carrying a round shield and a lance.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Exalted Knight Digimon
He is a humanoid Royal Knight who wears Chrome-Digizoid armor, wielding a sacred lance Gram and shield Aegis. Dukemon's main duty is to protect the net form Virus Digimon. Although Dukemon is an ethical Digimon, his armor is adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, representing his catastrophic potential.
Royal Saber: Dukemon shoots out energy at the opponent from his Gram Lance.
Final Elysium: Dukemon fires an energy beam from his Aegis Shield.
Dragon Driver: A joint attack with Grani - the two drive themselves right into their opponent.
Gram Slash: Uses Gram to slash the enemy.
Royal Slash: Flings the enemy into the sky using Gram.
Sky Gram Slash : Slashes the enemy with Gram whilst they are in the air.
Screw Saber: Rotates in the air, forming a tornado which sucks in the enemy.

His opponent looks like Dukemon, but with dark blue and silver armor with a dark shield and lance.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Dark Knight Digimon
Judecca Prison: Fires darkness bolts from his shield.
Demon's Disaster: Consecutive attacks with his lance Balmunc.

Jenrya Lee and Terriermon fuse together a form a giant green mecha with yellow missile launchers in the shoulders, black forearms, black bands around the lower legs, and a dog-like face.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Machine Digimon
MegaGargomon's size and heavy arsenal gives him the appearance of a mecha. His whole body is equipped with lasers, missiles, bazookas, fire launchers and other weapons. Whilst MetalGarurumon is known for his intense armory of ice-based weapons, MegaGargomon is known as the cyborg wolf's fiery counterpart in weaponry arsenal.
Gargo Missile: Fires two large missiles from the missile launchers on his shoulders.
Burst Shot: Fires multiple weapons from everywhere on his body.
Saint Upper: A pulverizing shock wave from his fist.
Mega Twister: Knocks out his enemy, then swings the enemy's body around, flinging them off into the sky.

His opponent resembles a monstrous canine with three heads and a twisted body composed of black cables and black tissue melded like a medical experiment.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type Demon Beast Digimon
A chaos energy enhanced, but completely feral Cerberumon. The most loyal war dog in King Drac's army
Hell Fire: Spews out greenish flames from each of the mouths.
Chaso Fire: Spews out black flames from each of the mouths causing massive explosions
Inferno Gate: Creates small empty portals to the Dark Area that pulls his enemies into. Cerberumon has an advantage while he is in the Dark Area.
Erase Gate: Creates small black portal that erase all that enters them.

Juri watches as her own digivice glows, but she doesn't fuse with her Digimon like the other tamers. Instead, Elecmon rapidly evolves from Child (Elecmon) to Adult (Leomon) to Perfect (IceLeomon) and finally a massive humanoid lion with black pants, black bracer on his left hand and bandages on his right arm . Around his neck is a necklace of red megatama (curved bead) and his chest is partial covered by a cuirass.He carries a mace-like weapon that adds to his intimidating form.


"It's Regulumon, now."

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Beast Man Digimon
Regulumon is a Beast Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from Regulus, the brightest star in Leo. Though he may look evil, he holds a stronger heart of justice than Garudamon or his previous forms.
Kemonoou Nami: Beast King Wave
Regulus Cutter: Uses his sword to slash at his enemy.
Power Boost: Increases his strength. This also slows him down a bit.

There opponent is a black werewolf-like Digimon with dark green pants and brown leather armor. On his chest in black is the four-triangle Hazard symbol.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Beast Man Digimon
A Black WereGarurumon whose power is enhanced by chaos energy to the Ultimate level. A vulgar pirate whose loyalty to King Vamp is enforced by an implanted virus bomb.
Kaiser Nail
Black Ice Claw
Full Moon Kick
Eclipsed Moon Kick
Baldy Blow

"It's out turn, Agumon!" yells Masaru, thrust his Digivice out which releases explosion of golden light. The teenager size dinosaur is replaced by a tall humanoid dragon covered in armor. It's legs and tail are white and chest and six point metal wings are red. It's forearms and ankles are covered in red-detailed gold armor and so it's snout less helmet.Blue robs glow in the stomach and wings, and the tail ends in gold wheel with seven points forming a sun symbol.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Light Dragon Digimon
Glorious Burst: Spreads his wings and fires the light energy which he has concentrated to the utmost limit.
Shining Blast: Uses the light shining from his wings to mow down the enemy.
GeoGrey Sword: Summons the "GeoGrey Sword" from the underground to attack.
Shine Hammer: A punch attack of light energy.
Sparkle Shoot: Fires bullets of light energy.
Corona Splash: Spreads the light energy.

His opponent is a huge serpentine dragon with dark red and black body and huge bat-like wings. It's lower body is like a serpent with crimson and bone around the "hips" and a spear0-like tip similar to a rattlesnake's rattle. It's chest is covered by bone armor with a red symbol on the front and held on by rib-like pieces. The symbol is a upside down red triangle in a circle with three triangles connected to the three points. It's red armored arms end in three metal claws on each hand, bone armor going up the sides, and large shields near the shoulders.It's horrific dragon head has many small sharp teeth, a heavy blue jaw, and a red armored head with two long horns near the eyes and bat wing-like ears

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Evil Dragon Digimon
Megiddo Flame:: Exhales the fires of hell upon its enemy.
Hell Howling: Megidramon howls while facing the enemy; the shock of the sound itself is critical to most weaker Digimon.

Yamato triggers his own Digivice and Gobumon evolves into his Ultimate form, a form he had since the team battled Venom Vamdemon.

It's a huge blue robotic wolf with red claws on each foot, red hips, yellow torso armor and blade-like wings. The fierce wolf howls surrounded by ice and ready to fight.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Android Digimon
MetalGarurumon's appearance resembles a large robotic wolf with wings and a knife for a tail. Though he is metalized, he doesn't lose his previous agility. He also has many hidden weapons all over his body and can release a super cold temperature breath from his mouth, making him a formidable opponent in ranged and melee combat. With his laser sight and nose, he is able to find an enemy, even in the darkness. He has the ability to fly when he sends out beam wings from the arms on his back.
Cocytus Breath: Fires a blast of icy breath from his mouth.
Grace Cross Freezer: Launches missiles from the hidden weapons all over his body, causing whatever they hit to freeze.
Garuru Tomahawk: Fires a missile from his chest.
Metal Wolf Snout: Fires 4 energy beams from the four laser sites on his snout.

Yamato and MetalGarurumon's opponent is far more dangerous, a fusion of a viral versions of MetalGarurumon and his fighting partner WarGreymon. With BlackMetalGarurumon for a left arm and BlackWarGreymon for a right arm, the Viral Omegamon is a force to be feared.

Omegamon Virus
Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Warrior Digimon
Chaos sword
Hell cannon

Mimi raises her glowing digivice and a column of light shoots from the ground under Palmon. When the light clears, her Digimon is a now a tall humanoid female with a red bodysuit, black hip-length boots, and long red gloves covered in green vines. She also wears a long green cape with upturned leafy collar and her helmet/head resembles a giant red rose bud.

"You look fantastic, Palmon! Even cuter than Lilymon."

"It's Rosemon."

Attribute Data
Ultimate Level
Type: Fairy Digimon
Rosemon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from the rose. She is known as the "Queen of Flowers", and wears the Tifaret Jewel, the symbol of love and beauty, which prevents her from aging.
Roses Rapier: One of Rosemon's whips develops a pink sheen and becomes straight and sharp in order to stab the opponent. This can destroy most of her enemies' defenses.
Forbidden Temptation: The Tifaret glows and the flower on her head "blooms", and she releases a blast of energy and flower petals.
Thorn Whip: By using the vine whip on her left arm, she can either enslave a Digimon as her devoted servant or electrocute them. She also elongates the whip to wind the opponent.
Ivy Hug: Sticks one of her whips on the ground and makes many vines sprout out and binds fast the opponent.
Rosy Cradle: Releases scent of rose that makes her opponents asleep.
Beauty Shock: A lightning bolt is released from her left whip.
Thorn Shoot: Shoots a thorn.
Danger Zone: Shoots thorns at all enemies.

There opponent is a Jureimon, a walking talking Cherry Tree with large eyes, mustached mouth, many tree limb arms ending in claws, and root tentacles for feet. This particular Jureimon has black leaves and cherries with dark grey bark.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Mutant Vegetation Digimon
A Jureimon that feed on the failed seeds of darkness and seeks to devour the world in it's corrupted vines.
Black Cherry Bomb: Cherries bombard the enemy and explode upon contact.
Illusion Mist: Grabs opponent with ivy vines and consumes them for nourishment.
Leaf Shuriken: Throws a barrage of razor sharp leaves like shuriken
Black Lightning: Can summon bolts of black lightning and channel them into vine whips.

Izumi's Ladybug Digimon is surrounded by a white light that expands into an immense sphere. When the light clears there is an immense Hercules Beetle with yellow exo skeleton armor and red tissue between. Izumi stares at the immense insect with six huge limbs each ending with three sharp claws, large sharp wing armor, long wings, and huge horns.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Insectoid Digimon
Giga Blaster: Unleashes a ball of lightning from each of his arms
Giant scissors: Destroys enemies by blasting an incredible bolt of lightning from his horn and scissors
Horn Buster Modified. horn breaker: charges at enemy with his grand horn


It's insect opponent is equal in size, but it's black armor, grey claws, and red wings make it far more menacing.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Insectoid Digimon
He is called the "Demon of the Deep Forest". He tends to usually emerge from his forest domain at night. His scissors can even cut through the fabric of space.
Dimension Scissors: Energy gathers around his pincers before either firing or cutting through the fabric of space.
Zone Black Hole

GranKuwagamon also brought six friends in form of giant grey insects with red markings, two tusk-like mandibles, and hair going down the back

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Insectoid Digimon
Okuwamon can dig underground in order to ambush enemies, and its antenna has radar capabilities. It has a rough and violent personality
Scissor Arms Omega: Slashes enemies with his sharp claws.
Destructive Impulse fires a beam of energy at his enemy
Beetle Horn Attack;slams his horn into his enemy

Hikari's digivice shines and Tailmon evolves but not into the furry holy dragon Megadramon, but into a female humanoid with black hair and green and gold armor covering her form. She also has eight blade-like gold wings, feathery wings hanging near her waist, and carries a golden spear and gold and green tower shield. She also has an exposed stomach and lower face like Angewoman and her feet below a pale purple dress are clad in green shoes.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Throne Digimon
Ophanimon has eight golden wings and two smaller white ones which aid her when fighting evil. She protects God's love. She protects the "Kernel" of the Digital World along with Seraphimon and Cherubimon. The Shining Javelin she wields in her right hand has the ability to purify almost any virus type Digimon. The Beauty's Golden Shield in her left hand and her teal-colored armor shields her from evil. This Digimon is known to have been the Great angel of "light".
Sefirot Crystals: Throws ten mystical crystals from her hands which cause her opponents to reel under the relentless assault.
Eden's Javelin: Shoots a holy energy from her javelin that destroy her enemies' data.

"A new angel."

It's an immense long armed creature with purple and green fur, a jester-like collar, and a pair of long tattered ears. It resembles a rabbit, but it's eyes are cruel and yellow and it's wide mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Even from a distance, Hikari can see the air around it darken.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Cherub Digimon
A chaos corrupted version of one of Celestial Digimon that preserve the balance of the Digital World.
Lightning Spear: Creates a bolt of lightning and throws it at the enemy.
Heaven's Judgement: A bigger variation of Storm of Judgement.
Thousand Spears: Creates multiple Lightning Spears.
Lightning Blast: Unleashes a blast of energy from his mouth.

Takeru digivice glows brightly and Patamon transforms into it's own giant angel ultimate form. He's a large humanoid with blue and silver grey armor with gold decorations, a gold banner with crest symbols hanging from his waist, and ten golden wings. The smooth helmet face a gold cross over the face area, a blade on top, and two feathery wings on either side.

Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Seraph Digimon
Seraphimon is a Seraph Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Seraph, the first rank of angels. He is one of the three Celestial Digimon, and is an extremely powerful angel. Along with the other Celestial Digimon, he protects the "Kernel" of the Digital World.
Seven Heavens: Fires seven great orbs of holy energy to destroy all evil.
Excalibur: Attacks with the energy sword Excalibur, which is generated from the armor on his right forearm.
Giga Heal: Heals all Digimon in the party
Sylph Storm: Summons a wind field, then fires numerous wind shards.
Mega Defense: Increases the party's defense
Ascension Hallow: Calls down powerful bolts of lightning.
Divine Breaker: Sends forth a formidable ball of crackling lightning from his fist.
Seven Heavens : Strikes seven bolts upward.
God Flame : Throws a pure cleansing Flame.

His opponent is a dark version of himself. A green and white Seraphimon with curved boots, no banner, and purple bat-like wings instead of gold.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Fallen Angel Digimon
Seven Hells: A dark version of Seraphimon's attack.
Shadow Starburst: A close range electric shock.
Shadow Shockwave: A sonic feedback strike.
Shadow Blast: A beam that destroys anything in its path.

Joe Kido is last person to trigger his partner's evolution and Gomamon transforms into a white Lock Ness monster with gold edge fins. It flies above Joe as it would in the ocean.

Attribute: Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Long-necked Dragon Digimon
Plesiomon is a Long-necked Dragon Digimon that is named after the Plesiosaurus. Despite being an aquatic Digimon Plesiomon can fly.
Sorrow Blue: A sound wave attack which can make even the most ferocious Digimon lose their will to fight.
Shaking Pulse: A supersonic attack.
Water Tail Blaster: Fires a water jet from his tail.
Sad Water Blast: Spews out water from his mouth.

His opening fights are a skeletal creature with two large claws and a long sharp tail and a crustacean with blade-like legs and sharp tail.

Attribute: Data
Perfect Level
Type: Insectoid Digimon
Poison Pierce: Pierces his enemy with the poisonous sting on his tail-tip.
Black Out: Disseminates a slightly toxic fog that snatches away the eyesight of the opponent.

Attribute: Data
Perfect Level
Type: Ancient Crustacean Digimon
Stinger Surprise: Attacks with his front claws.
Tail Blade: Stabs at the enemy with the stinger on the end of his tail.
Sand Shower: Shoots bullets or streams of sand from guns on his underside.
Twin Blade: Swipes at the enemy with the multiple blades along his tail.

There master is one Joe is worried about. A giant sea dragon/serpent made of gold metal with purple hair. It's laughing form has a flat nose, blade-like fins, and a tail that splits into two ends.

Attribute: Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Android Digimon
He is a cyborg Digimon, and is known as the "Hardened King of the Seas". MetalSeadramon's body is made of Chrome-Digizoid, a super-strong Digimetal alloy. This and his sleekness enable him for undersea invasions and high speed underwater ambushes. He is also one of the few sea-type Digimon who has the ability to fly.
Ultimate Stream: Fires a giant laser beam from his nose-cannon.
Giga Ice Blast: Shoots a freezing cold blast from his mouth.
Dragon's Flame: Spews a stream of flames from his mouth.
Hail Squeeze: Squeezes the life out of his enemies.
Poison Divide: Strikes his enemies with great force possibly stunning them.

"Doomsday Countdown!"

Blaze proves his speed avoiding the random barrage from the red war machine's weapons. While in the air, he fires his Beren Hena shotguns.

"Double Impact!"

The fiery shots hit Chaosdramon in the face near the eyes, but only cause bursts of smoke and minor damage to the Red digizoid armor.

"Darkness Claw!!"

The smoke does allow him to get close and attack with his claws. The sharp points manage to make claw marks in the extremely durable alloy, but don't go deep enough to cause major damage.

"Chaos Crusher!":

Blaze is forced to leap and flip back as Chaosdramon attacks with his drill claw repeatedly.

"Hyper Mugen Cannon!!"

The young Beelzebumon then has a duck as Chaosdramon fires his cannons. The energy blasts are larger than Mugendramon's Mugen Cannon blasts, producing an aura of heat powerful enough to destroy several dozen Drac Drones before shooting into the distance and causing a loud explosion.

Lilitha flies high above them fighting Skullsatamon.

"Nail Bone!"

A bolt of lightning from his staff shoots towards the LadyDevimon, but the femme fatale blurs out of the way and appears behind the flying pile of bones.

."Darkness Wave!!"

A wave of energy bats shoots from Lilitha at the Skullsatamon's back, but the creature also blurs, using superhuman speed to avoid the attack completely.

"Skull Hammer!" yells Skullsatamon attacking Lilitha with his staff

"Darkness Spear!"yells Lilitha attacking with the spike that forms from her her left hand spike

The two attacks collide at the same time with Skullsatamon's staff knocking the spear downward. She spins in midair and brings spear down to strike the undead digimon's shoulder. Skullsatamon tries to block with his staff, but only partial succeeds. The force of the blow is enough to knock them both back.

Back on the ground, Angel is avoiding DeathMeramon's fiery attacks.

"Heavy Metal Fire!"

The extremely flammable vampire avoids a destructive ball of melted metal from Deathmeramon's metal mouth. The fire continues on to destroy a tree behind him.

"Weakling!" he sneers pulling out on of his chains, "Anybody whose partner is a baby angel must be a weakling! Heat Chain!"

Deathmeramon whips his burning hot chain at Angel while the vampire jumps over and over. The rim of Angel's coat catches fire, so Angel is force to pull it off in the air and wrap it to put out the flames.

"Pathetic human vermin!"

Suddenly, Angel steps forward with his arm covered and wrapped in his coat. The Heat chain strikes the limb with enough force to shatter human bone and wraps around arm. With a surge of master vampire strength, he pulls DeathMeramon towards him and moves so the chain wraps tightly around the Digimon's neck. Angel pressed one of his boots into DeathMeramon's back and pushes as hard his vampire muscles can manage.

DeathMeramon tries to break free using his Heavy Metal Fire attack, but learns seconds too late that was a bad idea. The mass of molten metal is blocked by the chain closed throat causing it to build up and super heat. The Digimon's entire head explodes into blue flames and Angel is sent flying clear with what remains of the fiery chains. The headless body body dissolves into a cloud of glowing data particles like a statue of burning ash collapsing into embers.

Angel watches as his ruined coat stops burning and completely repairs itself as it absorbs some of the particles. It doesn't notice the majority of particles being absorbed by his Puttomon or his Digivice glowing a faint orange.

Skullsatamon has called his two brothers to help him attack the one LadyDevimon, but Drusilla hyper active call of "Kill them, Kitten. Rip there eyes out!!", give the Lilitha an idea. She forms a cloud of energy bats around her with her Darkness Wave. The two Skullsatamon brothers charge in only, only to be blown back out and before the main Skullsatanmon can react, Lilitha bursts from the cloud with her left hand in it's spear form. A spear which she drives into Skullsatamon's core. There is a flash and the Skullsatamon fall to the battleground.

"Darkness Wave!"

A powerful wave of energy bats that fly towards two brothers, who lie on top of each other in a crater after falling out of sky. In a column of crimson flame, both are completely destroyed.

Skullsatamon looks up to see the mask-less LadyDevimon holding her spear above his core, centimeters from wear the broken tip of her first spear is embedded in a crack. Drusilla wraps her arms around her Digimon in a seductive manner and says into Lilitha's ear, "Good Kitten.".

They then, together (Drusilla's left hand over Lilitha's sharp spike left hand), they drive the spear into Skullsatamon's digi-core shattering it. The undead Digimon cries out in pain, then explodes into particles. Both Lilitha and Drusilla enjoy the data shower, closing there eyes and showing there fangs as Drusilla's Digivice glows.

Spike is fighting Drac Drones and adult level evil Digimon. He's in full game face and roaring with blood lust, as his Digivice shines an unholy green-gold. He slashes the throat of one of the adult non-Drone Digimon, spins him around, and sinks his fangs into the wound. As the master vampires feasts on the Digital Monster's equivalent to blood, the glow pulsates and grows stronger.

Blaze's three eyes glow and he charges Chaosdramon right between the energy blasts from the Hyper Mugen Cannons. The auras of the energy blasts, powerful enough to shred the ground beneath Blaze's feet don't even slow the Beelzebumon down. Blaze moves with incredible speed, the friction between his and the aura of Chaosdramon's blasts ignites the air and to the machine of destruction, it appears Blaze has wings of green-white flame.

Blaze does a brutal uppercut, which causes all of aura to swirl from his body into his fist and then into Chaosdramon's jaw upon impact. Chaosdramon's black jaw is one of few places on it's body that is not covered in Red-Digizoid, giving it a glass jaw. The reptilian metal jaw explodes on contact and the energy pieces the roof of the mouth into skull. It's eyes explode out and the entire head is torn from the body.

Blaze lands behind the decapitated giant. The machine twitches and deep inside a self-destruct program activates. It doesn't have a chance to build up the energy, because Blaze turns with his Beren Hena shotguns and fires hitting the Hyper Mugen Cannons loaded on it's back. The cannons explode violently and the red metal shell shakes as internal explosions annihilate internal devices. The mass of Red-Digizoid explodes into particles which are quickly absorbed by the laughing Blaze.

High in the skies above Sakuyamon is fighting ChaosKazuhamon. They move faster than most humans and Digimon can see and there staff collide with enough force to create an explosion of light. The effect is a series of spherical yellow fireworks across the dark blue-grey sky.

"Kongoukai Mandala!"

"Taizoukai Mandala!"

Sakuyamon creates a huge ring of golden energy that surrounds ChaosKazuhamon and shrinks to crush her. ChaosKazuhamon counters with a circle of purple colored energy around her waist. The evil Digimon shoots into the sky as the two rings become a ring of fire and Sakuyamon dives as the ring of flame explodes outward and disperses across the sky.

"Ura..!!" cries ChaosKazuhamon, then both yell "Izuna!!"

ChaosKazuhamon summons a fox spirit that flies downward at the descending Sakuyamon, who summons four mystical fox spirits each charged with different element. Sakuyamon's foxes tear threw ChaosKazuhamon's single fox and continue into the sky towards the viral God Man Digimon. ChaosKazuhamon leaps higher into the air

"Jouen Kobu!"

She uses her staff to create a sphere of mystical purple and black flames. The giant fireball collides with the foxes of fire, water, wind, and lightning and both are annihilated.

On a nearby hill surrounded by the dead dissolving bodies of Drac Drones, Dukemon faces ChaosDukemon. The two knights stand like in the climax of a medieval fairy tale.

"One shall stand.." says Dukemon in the double voice of Takato and Guilmon

"One shall fall." finishes ChaosDukemon, his own double voice deeper and distorted.

"Gram Slash!"

"Balmunc Slash!"

Dukemon and ChaosDukemon slash at each other with there lances, known as Gram and Balmunc, respectively. The lances collide with Dukemon's Aegis Shield and ChaosDukemon's Gorgon Shield and create a shock wave that sends the dust flying away in dome shape

"Royal Slash!"

Dukemon flings ChaosDukemon into the sky using the Lance, then leaps into the air after him.

"Sky Gram Slash!"

"Judecca Prison!"

Dukemon tries to slash Chaosdramon in the air, but ChaosDukemon fires dark bolts of energy from his Gorgon Shield. Dukemon is hit by several of them before he returns the attack.

"Final Elysium!"

Energy shoots from the Aegis Shield and deflects the dark energy blasts, as the two return to the Digital world's desert surface.

"Royal Saber!!"

"Demon's Disaster!!"

Dukemon shoots out energy at the opponent from his Gram Lance and ChaosDukemon fires consecutive attacks with his lance Balmunc. The path of Dukemon's beam of destructive energy is altered causing it to miss ChaosDukemon by a meter and hit the hill behind him. The path of ChaosDukemon's multiple blasts are altered by the greater energy of Dukemon's attack, causing them to fly around Dukemon missing by centimeters. Both attacks cause massive explosions behind there targets but don't damage either one.

"Round Two." says Dukemon, almost hearing the bell of the boxing ring.

"Ding Ding." says ChaosDukemon, thinking the exact same thing.

MegaGargomon and ChaosCereberumon are fighting in the canyon that was once one of the Lab's water ways. The canyon is five times MegaGargomon's height wide and over three times his height deep, but that just gives the faster and more agile ChaosCereberumon more room to maneuver.

"Gargo Missile!"

"Chaos Fire!"

MegaGargomon fires the two large missiles from the launchers on his shoulders, only for two of three jets of black flames collide with them. The giant missiles explode in midair sending MegaGargomon flying into the wall of the canyon, which also saves him from a third stream of black flame.

As MegaGargomon tumbles to bottom of the canyon, he lands in a crouch with one knee into muddy ground and arms pointed forward.

"Burst Shot!!"

The Digimon mecha fires multiple weapons from everywhere on his body.

"Inferno Gate! Erase Gate!"

ChaosCereberumon creates small glowing red portal and one giant black portal. The missiles, rockets, and other shots from the "Burst Shot" attack are disappear into and reappear out of the small portals and into the large black Erase Gate portal, which erases there existence without damage.

ChaosCereberumon appears on ledge above MegaGargomon...

"Hell Fire!!"

... and spews out greenish flames from each of the mouths.

Near the canyon, Regulumon is defending Juri from ChaosWereGarurumon.

"Black Ice Claw!"

The vicious claw attack also hits Regulumon, which is not good according to stream of dark mist and black ice crystals it leaves behind.

"Full Moon Kick!"

A brutal kick manages to knocks the larger Regulumon back.

"Eclipsed Moon Kick!"

Another brutal kick this time surrounded by black lightning-like energy knocks Regulumon. He runs up to the lion for another.


"Regulus Cutter!!"

Regulumon uses his Shishiouken (Beast King Sword) and slashes ChaosWereGarurumon across the chest creating a crimson arc in the air. The evil werewolf lands holding his chest in pain and growling.

"You talk to much, ChaosWereGarurumon."

"I talk too much. I'll make you more than talk, I'll make you scream!" he says as his chest heals rapidly, "Then I'm going to make that little CENSORED scream, just like D-Reaper did."

"What. Did. You. Say." says Regulumon, eyes glowing with menace.

"I said I was going to make the CENSORED scream." says ChaosWereGarurumon foaming, "I'm going to make her scream, then make her like it!"

Suddenly, Regulumon is no longer in front of the evil werewolf, instead, he on top of the Werewolf holding him with his large hands. The pounce was so fast, Juri's human eyes couldn't track it

"Power Boost." says Regulumon, holding the wolf tightly.

Regulumon's body grows increasing in muscle and strength, and the wolf screams as his bones are broken, joints wretched out, and muscles are torn. Regulumon then pulls out his sword and drives it deep into the ground with a certain part of ChaosWereGarurumon's anatomy in the way. A piece of anatomy common with biological creatures and the lost of causes immense pain

As the werewolf stops howling in pain, Regulumon gets close and whispers to the wolf.

"I failed once to defend my Juri. I will not fail again and only one punishment shall be given to those that threaten her. Especially one that threatens her virtue."

Regulumon leaps into the air and sends a punch downward.

"KEMONOOU NAMI!!" (Beast King Wave)

A massive wave of fire shaped like a hundred roaring lion heads explodes from his fist at hits ChaosWereGarurumon at point blank range, causing a massive explosion.

Regulumon lands near the crater and looks down at what remains of the werewolf. It's left arm is destroyed leaving a stump trailing black smoke-like matter. It's right leg is gone and also trailing smoke. Finally, there are pieces missing from the edges of his badly burnt body.

"I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to die." says a panicky wolf, "I tell you anything! I tall you anything. I don't want to die."

Suddenly, a hazard mark on his chest glows red and tiny glowing red triangles begin to spread across his body turning everything a ash grey.


As ChaosWereGarurumon's entire body is covered in glowing triangles, his entire body glows then explodes into a massive fireball that causes Juri to scream.

Juri watches as Regulumon leaves the flames and runs over to him, hugging him tightly.

"I was... I was scared I lost you."

"I'm not leaving you again, Juri."

Back in the Canyon, ChaosCereberumon opens a giant Erase Gate behind MegaGargomon and tries to use Chaos Fire to push the canine Mecha threw.

"Chaos Fire!!"

MehaGargomon doesn't retreat and dodge, instead he plows threw the black flames glowing a faint green aura. ChaosCereberumon stop the black flames as MegaGargomon comes spinning out.


MegaGargomon's fist having built up momentum from the spin produces an extremely fast and powerful pulverizing shock wave from his fist as it collides with the shocked ChaosCereberumon. The entire side of the canyon explodes into rubble. Slowly, the giant Erase Gate sustained by the demon dog's will begins to close, but before it can completely close the three headed Digimon pulls itself from the smoking rocks. MegaGargomon grabs the back legs of ChaosCereberumon's crushing them.


Normally, MegaGargomon knocks out his enemy, then swings the enemy's body around, flinging them off into the sky. Instead, he swings the awake ChaosCereberumon causing the dog immense pain, then throws the dog at high speed towards center of the closing Erase Gate. A split second before the data destroying portal can close, ChaosCereberumon's body flies into it. All that remains is the tip of the tail that dissolves before it hits the ground.

The battle between the Exalted Knight and the Fallen Knight Digimon has reached it's third and final round. ChaosDukemon goes for side ways slash with his lance.

"Balmunc Slash!"

Dukemon ducks down and does a slash with his own Lance.

"Royal Slash!!"

ChaosDukemon is sent flying into the air and is quickly followed by Dukemon

"Screw Saber!!"

Rotates in the air, Dukemon forms a tornado which sucks in ChaosDukemon, causing the dark warrior to loss the Gorgon Shield. The Fallen Knight Digimon within the eye of storm looks for Dukemon's next attack and sees the colors of the Aegis Shield flying towards him.

"Demon's Disaster!!!"

ChaosDukemon fires as much energy as possible into the consecutive energy attacks. The blasts of dark energy manage to damage and even pierce the Aegis Shield, but ChaosDukemon realizes too late the shield is by itself. He turns as Dukemon bursts from the cyclone wall with Gram and rams it into his helmet.


The tornado fades as a burst of energy shoots out of it. Dukemon lands with armors covered in faint cracks and burns, while ChaosDukemon's heavy decapitated body falls to earth, embedding itself deep.

Dukemon picks up his damaged Aegis Shield and watches as the Gorgon Shield is covered in cracks. The Gorgon shield shatters into particles which are absorbed by the regenerating Aegis. The Balmunc is also covered in cracks and shatters into a cloud of particles which fuel the repair of the broken Gram. Finally, ChaosDukemon's body is slowly covered from collar to boot tip in glowing cracks. Then it explodes into massive cloud of data particles and blue-purple flames.

High above, Sakuyamon and ChaosKazuhamon are dancing there final moves.

"Crystal Sphere!"

ChaosKazuhamon's staff collides with the spherical crystalline that protects Sakuyamon. She strains as the magical energy arcs around her and her staff rapidly heats up.

Sakuyamon roars and the sphere explodes outward and blasts ChaosKazuhamon causing damage. As the dark heroine falls from the sky, energy crackling across her dark armor and her staff broken, Sakuyamon appears next to her with the remains of the crystalline sphere.


Sakuyamon summons a mystical wind that carries hundreds of purple crystalline shards and the fragments of the Crystal Sphere. The shards pieces and slice ChaosKazuhamon over and over, as the wind increases the fall speed beyond terminal velocity.

ChaosKazuhamon hits the ground hard enough to create an over five meter radius crater in the ground and generates a shock wave that wipes out nearly a hundred Drac Drones, obliterating the mooks from existence.

Sakuyamon lands gentle which is shocking considering her speed seconds ago. She walks over the smoking crater and looks down at ChaosKazuhamon's form. The Digimon's limbs are gone, the dark armor is covered in cracks and mostly shattered, and he long white hair is spread out like a hundred white snakes. Sakuyamon watches as the red vulpine helmet falls away to reveal an older Ruki with white hair, scars, and cold dead red eyes.

Sakuyamon jumps back in shock, then ChaosKazuhamon dissolves into a huge cloud of glowing red particles. The cloud takes on the form of a nine tailed fox spirit before dissolving completely and flowing into Sakuyamon's body.

Megidramon howls while facing ShineGreymon. The shock of the sound itself is dangerous to most weaker Digimon. The Light Dragon Digimon is far from being weak and responds with an attack.

"Glorious Burst!"

ShineGreymon spreads his wings and fires super-concentrated light energy. The blast hits the massive evil dragon in the Hazard symbol and nearly shatters the chest armor.

Megidramon roars and flies at ShineGreymon trying to bite his head off. The light dragon responds with "Shine Hammer.", a light charged punch that nails the dark dragon in jaw.

"Megiddo Flame!"

The fires of hell explode from Megidramon's open mouth and ShinGreymon barely avoids the dark flame. He then blurs and appears in front of Megidramon and releases another light attack.

"Sparkle Shoot!"

The bullets of light energy shoots from ShineGreymon's hands and hit the dark eyes of the Evil Dragon Digimon. The rapid fire shots burn out the eyes and causes the already berserker dragon to go completely out of control, releasing it's Megiddo Flame in all directions

ShineGreymon then drives a blinding light energized punch into the base of the skull. It has enough power to tear off the upper half of the head. Even Masaru on the ground below is shocked seeing the Dragon fall with everything above the thick jaw torn off.

The evil dragon Digimon is consumed by it's own Hellfire and is reduced to digital ashes before it can hit the battle ground below

The MetalGarurumon vs Omegamon Virus is not going good for MetalGarurumon.

"Cocytus Breath!!"

The blast of icy breath from MetalGarurumon's mouth.slows down Omegamon's charge

"Grace Cross Freezer!!"

MetalGarurumon launches missiles from the hidden weapons all over his body. The cryogenic bombs causing Omegamon to be frozen in a iceberg size piece of super cold ice.

The hard ice violently shatters into a sparkling shower, it menacing aura blowing away the ice crystals away. The sword that appears in his hand in used to block the four energy beams that shoot from the wolf's snout

"Chaos Sword!"

A single swings of the blade releases a destructive energy wave.

One another cratered battlefield, Rosemon is fighting KuroJureimon.

"Illusion Mist!!"

"Roses Rapier!!"

KuroJureimon attacks with it's ivy vines, only for one of Rosemon's whips develops a pink sheen and becomes straight and sharp. A blurring motion and the vines are cut to pieces.

"Leaf Shuriken!!"

"Danger Shot!!"

The animated Cherry Tree fires a thousands of spinning leaves, each one hard as steel and sharper than a surgeon's scalpel. The Queen of Flowers fires small thorns faster than a machine gun. Rosemon's combination (Thorn Shot and Danger Zone) attack causes minor injuries to KuroJureimon and vis versa, but the two attacks mostly cancel each other.

"Ivy Hug!"

"Black Lightning!"

Rosemon sticks one of her whips on the ground and makes many vines sprout out and binds KuroJureimon, but the monster tree destroys the vines with black lightning bolts, which it then fires at Rosemon.

"Beauty Shock!"

A strike with Rosemon's left handed whip designed to produce her own lightning drives the dark lightning into the Earth and negates it.

A few dozen meters away, HeracleKabuterimon fights the six Ookuwamon, while GranKuwagamon watches. It's a brutal battle that Demon of the Deep Forest watches with glowing red eyes.

"Scissor Arms Omega!" x 6

The obedient Ookuwamon coordinate and attack together from the front, the back, the sides, above, and below with there sharp claws.

"Horn Buster Modified!"

HeracleKabuterimon charges forward into one the Ookuwamon with his grand horn, blowing a hole in the box formation and destroying the frontal assault Ookuwamon. As the insectoid perfection Digimon collapses into particles, Izumi's partner flips himself to point at the cluster of the remaining five.

"Giga Blaster!"

HeracleKabuterimon unleashes a ball of lightning from each of his arms. The electrical blasts detonate in the center of the mass of Ookuwamon beetles. HeracleKabuterimon then flies down and grabs on the Ookuwamon with it's four arms and twelve sharp claws. He then rips Ookuwamon's arms off leaving the big stag beetle Digimon with four legs.

"Destructive Impulse!!" x 4

Four beams of energy shoot from the other beetles, but they are not at perfect angles and HeracleKabuterimon jumps clear leaving his four-limbed insectoid to get blasted into a cloud of particles.

HeracleKabuterimon grabs one Ookuwamon by one of it's mandible and swings it around, smashing another out of the sky....

"Beetle Horn Attack!" x 2

...and then uses it to block the horns of the two others. As the Ookuwamon in it's four arms explodes into vanishing particles, he grabs the two that attacked with there horns. He throws one towards the ground, throws the second harder so it collides the with the first, and then takes aim.

"Giant Scissors!"

A incredible bolt of lightning shoots from his horn and scissors and hits the two tumbling Ookuwamon before they hit the ground. They violently explode and there particles scatter across the sky and battle field.

The one surviving Ookuwamon, the one that was batted away with another's body lands near GranKuwagamon. The much larger and more powerful ultimate insectoid looks down at it's previous evolution, disgusted at it's weakness. It then stomps on Ookuwamon like a roach, crushing it until it bursts into particles.

Near a growing pool of water caused by the collapsed water lines, the ultimate sea creature Plesiomon is fighting a Scorpiomon and a Anomalocarimon.

"Poison Pierce!"

"Tail Blade!"

The two evil Digimon attack with there tails, one with a poisonous sting, the other with it's blade-like stinger. Plesiomon avoids both of them by flying high into the sky, then counter attacks with Shaking Pulse. It a supersonic attack sounding almost like a whale song for those that can hear it, but at a hundred sixty five decibels, it's slightly louder than an ocean whale and more than enough to shatter glass.

"Sand Shower!" screams Anomalocarimon firing streams of sand from guns on his underside.

"Black Out!" screams Scorpiomon, vomiting a slightly toxic fog, trying to blind the noise maker.

"Water Tail Blaster!"

Plesiomon blows the fog and sand away with a water jet from his tail.

"Sorrow Blue!"

Plesiomon releases another sound attack, this one sounding a sad whale song. most ferocious Digimon quickly lose there will to fight and stop attacking.

"Ultimate Stream!!"

Metalseadramon then proves it's power by firing a giant laser beam that destroys both Scorpiomon and Anomalocarimon in an instant and almost hits Plesiomon.

"Weakling die, the strong survive. Long live King Drac!"

"Shaking Pulse!"

"Dragon's Flame!"

A stream of flames from Metalseadramon's mouth stops the supersonic attack. Plesiomon stops the attack and floats above the sea of flames, when Metaseadramon shoots out the blaze.

"Hail Squeeze! Poison Divide! "

Metalseadramon wraps around Plesiomon in it['s coils and squeezes like a giant anaconda. As they fall out the sky like a rock, Android Digimon uncoils and strikes the Long-necked Dragon Digimon into the water pool creating a pillar of water splash.

"Giga Ice Blast!!"

A freezing cold blast explodes from Metalseadramon's mouth into the churning water and in less than two seconds, the water is completely frozen solid from surface to broken rock floor..The Android Dragon locks onto Plesiomon's immobilized form and begins to build a huge amount of energy.

"Ultimate Stream!!!"

Metalseadramon fires a massive laser blast that pierces the ice sculpture and produces enough heat to flash the tons of cold ice into boiling water and pressurized steam. The wind and rapidly expanding gases cool the air and the metal dragon flows down to Plesiomon whose right flipper is nearly torn off and is covered in steam burns and minor laser burns.

"Ice messed up my shot. I won't miss again. Dragon's ...!!"

Suddenly, Plesiomon leaps up and with it's long neck manages to grab Metalseadramon's throat. Then it pulls the android dragon's underwater.

Metalseadramon would laugh if it could, he can't be drowned as he's a Sea Dragon Digimon.

Plesiomon knows that fact, but he also knows sounds passes differently underwater.

The long necked dragon and Loch Ness Monster of the Digital World releases it's Shaking Pulse channeling all of it's remaining into the attack. The attack in the air would over two hundred decibels enough to kill a human from the sound wave alone and louder than a one ton of T.N.T. at sixty feet. Underwater, Metalseadramon's brain and internal mechanisms, equivalent to organs, burst and the metal bones shatter. The pressure between Plesiomon's jaws and vibrations are enough to destroy the throat and completely decapitate the so called King of the Water.

Gomamon, having de-volved to child, floats to the surface of pool as what is left of Metalseadramon dissolves. Gomamon absorbs the particles repairing his injured flipper/arm and the numerous internal injuries he suffered from the heat and sound attack feedback.

HeracleKabuterimon and GranKuwagamon have resorted to fighting like the insects they were based on, wrestling each other. HeracleKabuterimon possesses greater upper strength with four arms, but GranKuwagamon has superior lower body strength with four legs. HeracleKabuterimon has the greater mass, but GranKuwagamon has a lower center of gravity

"Dimension Scissors!!"

Energy gathers around GranKuwagamon's pincers before firing. The energy is go intense it leaves a closing tear in space where HeracleKabuterimon's head was. The glowing tear in space-time, crackling with subspace and temporal energy closes quickly to reveal the heroic beetle crouched down.

"Horn Buster Modified!"

HeracleKabuterimon' shots forward and up, smashing it's horn into GranKuwagomon who barely manages to hold the giant beetle.

"Fool. Your battle with the six drained you." says GranKuwagomon in a growling voice, which shocks HeracleKabuterimon' since the Adult-level Kuwagamon and Perfect-level Ookuwamon are near mindless, "We were about even at the beginning, but I'm still fresh."

"You smell pretty rotten to me." says HeracleKabuterimon, "GIGA BLASTER!"

The GranKuwagamon is caught between HeracleKabuterimon's claws as a huge ball of lightning forms, sending hundreds of lightning bolts arcing across it's black exoskeleton. The Demon of the Deep Forest roars in both pain and rage, but manages to resist the insane amounts of electricity and begins to charge for it's suicidal Zone Black Hole, which will reduce everything for a hundred meter spherical radius into oblivion.


The lightning around HeracleKabuterimon swirls and is channeled into his horn and horn and scissors, which are pressed against GranKuwagamon’s armor. The effect is like God’s super-charged plasma lance and burns threw the demonic insect. The evil Digimon thrashes as it’s insides are destroyed, then collapses as lightning finally fades.

The drained HeracleKabuterimon reverts to Tentomon as giant GranKuwagamon’s burnt out exoskeleton is covered in spreading cracks. It then shatters like the side car windows, into a falling cloud of sand-like data particles

Rosemon’s performance is coming to a close and KuroJureimon can only stare at the Queen of Flowers as she defeats every attack he uses.

“Black Cherry Bomb!!”

He fires a shower of cherries that explode upon contact.

“Danger Zone!”

Rosemon spins like a dancer, releasing thorns in tall directions. the thorn hit the cherries and detonate them in the air like a fire works display.


“Thorn Whip!”

Rosemon wraps her whip around on the arms of KuroJureimon as he gathers pitch black lightning. The vine, already a conductor for electricity, absorbs the lightning and channels it to Rosemon. Rosemon leaps forward with a pull on the vine. In her other hand one of her vines changes.

“Roses Rapier!”

The vine rapier channels the black lightning it an attack that pieces KuroJureimon threw it’s core, tearing threw all of it’s defenses. The evil tree can only look shocked as Rosemon jumps back, pulling the whip and rapier away at the same time. It looks at one of it’s hands which is beginning to dissolve with his core pierces and damaged by his own lightning.

KuroJureimon laughs like a madman and begins to talk in French!?

“La reine de Fleurs, vous m'avez vaincu, mais je ne mourrai pas seul. Du Coeur d'Enfer, j'ai craché ma dernière haleine sur vous!”

“The queen of Flowers, you conquered me, but I shall not die the only. Of The Heart of Hell, I spat out my last breath on you!”

KuroJureimon spreads it’s limbs and causes all the cherries and leaves to fly off it’s branches, every single cherry, every single leaf. The black tree Digimon inhales like a tornado drawing in the mass of leaves and cherries, and at the same time the smaller and thinner branches burn away as they absorb black lightning. KuroJureimon then roars, exhaling a spinning blast of wind filled with charged leaf blades and super charged cherry bombs.

“Forbidden Temptation!”

The Tifaret glows and the flower on her head "blooms" as the shredding and blasting attack draws close. Rosemon fires a red-pink blast of energy and flower petals that tears threw the “Heart of Hell” attack and goes straight threw the weakened KuroJureimon. The French-speaking vegetation Digimon doesn’t have time to scream or curse as he burns into Digital Ash.

The cherries in the wind blast detonate like fireworks and dispersing the wind, leaving Rosemon to stand as flower petals and leaves fall around her.

“Vive la Reine”

“Three cheers for the Queen”


The energy ball of the evil Omegamon’s Hell Cannon is so powerful, the radiant heat creates a trench in the ground and the sphere itself causes a nuclear-level mushroom cloud in the distance. It’s not surprising since the non-viral version known as the Garuru Cannon can wipe out armies of Ultimate-level Digimon clones.

MetalGarurumon crashes to the ground, smoking and covered in cracks and dents.

“Did you really think you could beat me. Black MetalGarurumon was already more powerful than you.” says Omegamon, holding up the evil wolf head arm housing the Cannon, “Fused with BlackWarGreymon, I am more powerful than both of them combined!”

“There’s... something you should know.” says MetalGarurumon

“What?” says Omegamon releasing his evil Chaos Sword from his BlackWarGreymon arm.

“Those missiles launched by my Grace Cross Freezer.”

“Those weak little things.” says Omegamon readying to deliver a final blow.

“They make great cover.”

Suddenly, a shining sword bursts from Omegamon’s chest. MetalGarurumon and Yamato hiding behind the rocks can see a flowing knight-like Digimon standing behind Omegamon. He’s an impressive knight in red and gold with a dragon-theme helmet and feathery angel wings composed of light and energy.

Dukemon Crimson Mode
Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Exalted Knight Digimon
While in this mode, the power of the Digital Hazard within its DigiCore is fully contained, enabling it to unveil its full potential. He wears a suit of crimson armor, and wields the sacred sword Blutgang and spear Gungnir.
Quo Vadis: Shatters the bonds between this world and next, casting his enemies into oblivion.
Invincible Sword: Severs an opponent with the full might of his Blutgang.
Final Justice: He obliterates an adversary with the full might of the sacred spear Gungnir.

Blutgang shoots up upward, slicing from the center of Omegamon’s chest to collar, and causing the head explodes into data as it’s cut. The decapitated Omegamon Virus stands as a pillar of energy shoots from the neck into the sky, creating a hole in the clouds. A red light spreads across the torso and legs, causing them to implode into particles.

The two severed arms, the only remaining parts land on the ground as Dukemon Crimson Mode reverts to a tired Takato and Guilmon.

ShineGreymon holding Masaru lands on evil Greymon arm crushing it like pottery into a cloud of particles. MetalGarurumon looks at the larger dark metal wolf arm of Omegamon.

“Garuru Tomahawk!”

Then fires a missile from his chest, which blasts it into a billion vanishing particles.

The final battle is between Ophanimon vs ChaosCherubimon and Seraphimon vs ShadowSeraphimon.

“Heaven’s Judgement!!”

ChaosCherubimon causes the sky to rain lightning bolts, but Orphanimon avoids the attack like a dancer in the air.

“Sefirot Crystals!”

Ten mystical crystals appear in her hand and she throws with accuracy at ChaosCherubimon’s flying form. The assault causes the evil rabbit to fly back and stop it’s Judgement. When Orphanimon fires a second crystal attack, ChaosCherubimon is ready this time.

“Lightning Blast”

A monstrous blast of energy from his mouth.destroys all ten crystals and hits Orphanimon knocking her back with a burnt stomach.

“Seven Heavens!”

Seraphimon fires seven great orbs of holy energy. The seven white spheres shoot towards the fallen ultimate-level angel Digimon, ShadowSeraphimon

“Seven Hells!”

ShadowSeraphimon fires seven great of unholy energy.The seven black spheres shoot towards ultimate-level angel Digimon, Seraphimon.

The seven spheres of light and seven spheres of darkness collide causing seven huge explosions between the two Digimon casting the world in monochrome shades

“Shadow Blast!!”

“God Flame!!”

ShadowSeraphimon fires a destructive black energy blast from his fist and Seraphimon throws a pure cleansing white flame from his hand. When the beam collides with the flames, it causes then to swirl into a vortex absorbed the darkness, then explode with another monochrome flash.

Suddenly, Seraphimon notices that Orphanimon is in trouble and about to be hit by insane ChaosCherubimon’s Lightning Blast.

“Mega Defense!”

Seraphimon releases a wave of energy that instantly heals Orphanimon and increases her defense power. The evil-tainted lightning blast hits her, but doesn’t cause any damage.

“Shadow Starburst!!”

ShadowSeraphimon grabs Seraphimon and delivers a close range electric shock, but Seraphimon breaks the hold and responds with an energy sword generated from the armor of his right forearm.


The energy blade goes threw the fallen angel’s right wrist, completely severing the hand.

“Seven Hells!!”

Meanwhile, Orphanimon is flying towards ChaosCherubimon at high speed

“Thousand Spears!”

Orphanimon continues to fly toward the fallen angel despite the thousand lightning spears thrown at her. A couple spears cause several burning cuts and one lightning spear pieces her shoulder, but it doesn’t stop or even slow down the Ultimate female angel


She rams her javelin into ChaosCherubimon’s chest, then fires a blast of holy energy from the embedded tip deep into her enemy. The holy energy tears threw the former angel’s evil corrupted data and shoots out the various points as thin beams of light.ChaosCherubimon screams out as it’s body dissolves starting at tips of it’s long arms, feet, collar tips, and the tips of it’s wing size ears. The last to dissolve in the wide-mouthed head and the remains of the clown collar. It almost has a peaceful look on it’s face as it is finally deleted from existence.

“Ascension Hallow!”

A shower of lightning bolts descends from the heavens and nails ShadowSeraphimon. The bolts not only hit the fallen angel, but trap him in an electrical cage.


Seraphimon fires a ball of crackling lightning from his fist. The ball causes a massive explosion of impact and increases and causes ShadowSeraphimon to overload from the sudden voltage increase.


Seraphimon flies down at the falling Fallen One and releases seven more spheres of white energy in a string instead of simultaneous seven hit. This time all seven of orbs collide with ShadowSeraphimon. The first hit causes a slight glow, which increases with each additional hit, and the last hit makes the light nearly blinding. Finally, ShadowSeraphimon explodes into a iridescent white flare.

Near the Castle

“The humans and there pets are getting close.” says Sealdramon number one

“When King Dirac awakens, they will die.” says Sealdramon number two.

There is a roar behind them and they turn to see a massive monster of a Digimon

It’s humanoid with a black body with purple claws, two large mouthed heads for shoulders, and a huge wing-like structure on it’s back. It also has a long tail and a small head with white hair and black skin wearing a black mask.

It grabs both Alderamin guards in it’s massive claws and they can only scream.

There is a loud crunching sound.

Cocoon Room

King Dirac senses the death of his guards and the birth of a new power, but is unconcerned.

Deep within the black shell, King Dirac continues to grow into something far beyond a super powered GranDracman, something beyond Ultimate.

Outside The Castle
Three days later

The heroes, human, vampire, and Digimon in there Ultimate forms, have arrived at the Castle to find the army they expected missing. After they destroyed several hundred Tankdramon, Sealdramon, Commandramon, and Drac Drones, they rested and then moved to the Castle as stealthy as possible.

“Where is everyone??” asks Angel, “I thought this place would be crawling with guards.”

“It should be.” says Blaze, “According to the data I got from my opponents, we only fought half the Dragon army. This place should be crawling with Drones, Perfects, and a few Ultimate level monsters.“

“They were delicious.”

The group turns to see something that terrifies Yamato’s group.

ChaosVamdemon Belial
Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Demon Lord Digimon
The chaos spawned alternate form of ChaosVamdemon. A larger, more powerful Ultimate form possessing greater power and greater control over that power.
Pandemonium Flame
Fires super-temperature beams from Sodom and Gomorrah, the living cannons on his shoulders.
Pandemonium Chaos
A chaos super version of Pandemonium Flame
Melting Blood
Fires a spray of demonic blood that melts his opponent.
Crimson Mist
Fires purple smoke-looking matter from both hands, causing the opponent to experience terrible pain.
Mind Illusion
Gives off a light ray from both eyes that maddens the opponents mind, making them completely lose the whole of their desires.
Blood Rain
He can causes the sky to rain burning blood rain that can pierce like needles.
Crimson Mist
Emits a fog from its body which paralyzes the opponent.
Screaming Darkness
Fires spheres of pure darkness from Sodom and Gomorrah at the opponent.

“I am Lord Vamde, Future Supreme King Belial. You have the pleasure of being Desert before I defeat Supreme King Drac.”

The groups jumps away as Lord Vamde as a red battle aura explodes the from Demon Lord Digimon. The monster then looks at his possible victims and charges forward

"Cocytus Breath!!"

"Water Tail Blaster!"

"Pandemonium Chaos!!"

Old Ultimate Digimon MetalGarurumon fires his freezing breathe blast, while New Ultimate Plesiomon fires a high pressure jet of water from his tail. They combine into a stream of super cold water and ice powerful enough to break a hole threw a sky skyscraper. It collides with two fiery black beams from the mouths on Lord Vamde's shoulders. This causes a loud massive explosion of superheated steam.

Suddenly, Lord Vamde explodes from the cloud and grabs Plesiomon by his long neck. It then swings him around and hits MetalGarurumon. The metal wolf is sent tumbling across the battle field and then with a cruel grin, Lord Vamde makes the hand holding the neck glow.

"Crimson Mist!"

Joe and the others can only watch with horror as Plesiomon screams as the claw holding him emits an evil red mist. The demon lord then tosses the long necked Digimon away like a trash bag.

"Grace Cross Freezer!"

Lord Vamde is hit by a shower of missiles, that cover him in ice. A layer of ice that quickly shatters as Lord Vamde's body is as hot as hellfire.

"Pandemonium Flame!"

A pair of crimson blasts shoot from ChaosVamdemon Belial's shoulder cannons and hit the metal wolf, who can't escape in his position. There is a crimson explosion and a badly injured MetalGarurumon goes flying surrounded by fragments of it's badly cracked armor.

"Forbidden Temptation!!"

"Giant scissors!!"

"Blood Rain!!"

Rosemon and HeracleKabuterimon attack from the sides, one with a beam of energy and blossoms, the other with a massive lightning blast.

Lord Vamde counters by causing blood to rain from the sky. The burning red liquid disperses the electrical attack and weakens the energy blast, so they don't cause any damage to it's armor. The rain hurts the two heroic Digimon, cutting and piercing them like needles.

"Melting Blood!"

Lord Vamde stands hands scream in a cross formation and fires crimson sprays from his palms, hitting both Digimon at the same time. Rosemon's human size form sours smoking threw the air, while HeracleKabuterimon tries to get the burning off it's arms.

On the ground, Yamato and Joe rush to the sides of there Digimon partners, trying to encourage them and give them more energy, unfortunately, Lord Vamde sees them.

"Pandemonium Flame!"

Lord Vamde fires it's crimson beams again, this time aimed as the humans not the Digimon. Yamato and Joe can only watch as there deaths approach, only for the beams to be blocked by MetalGarurumon. There is another fiery thunderous blast and the wolf form flies lifeless threw the air, the light in it's off extinguished like in it's battle with Diabolomon.

The two humans are not shielded completely from the demon lord's energy. Yamato lands unconscious several meters away, one of his arms clearly broken. Joe collides with the wall of castle create a small impact crater, then fall to the stones below leaving a red impression.

Lord Vamde then turns and smashes his fist into the face of the screaming charging Plesiomon.

"Melting Blood!"

The long-necked dragon Digimon collapses as the super-heated plasma hits him. His pain senses have already been burn raw by the mist attack, so it can't even move as the superheated corrosive blood eats it's way threw skin and muscle tissue. Lord Vamdemon's claws pierce the long neck and twist.

"Giga Heal!"

Seraphimon tries to heal the injured, but his light is stopped by a miasma of dark energy emitted by Lord Vamde. This attracts his attention to the two ultimate angel Digimon flying above.

"Pandemonium Chaos!!"

"Sefirot Crystals!!"

"Sylph Storm!!"

Lord Vamde releases his black energy blasts, but they are stopped by ten huge crystals thrown by Ophanimon. The fragments are then sent flying at high speed combined with wind shards. The evil Digimon flares his red aura stopping most the shards, so he only gets minor injuries.

"Blood Rain!!"

"Ascension Hallow!!"

Seraphimon's divine lightning burns the demonic blood from the air.

"God Flame!"

Seraphimon throws a pure cleansing blast of white flame. Lord Vamde tries to move out of the way, but his arm is caught in the sacred flames. When the screaming demon lord removes his arm, his hand and half his forearm have been incinerated.

"Mind Illusion!"

A red light explodes from Lord Vamde's eyes and hits the two angels and there partners on a hill. The two angels seems to freeze in the air, just floating on there metallic wings, while Takeru and Hikari collapse into each others others, comatose.

This version of Mind Illusion is different and far more detailed than the one face by other analogues. Instead of a happy, peaceful world, they are given memories leading up to that point.

As Takeru and Hikari dream of killing the demon lords, returning home top find everyone alive, and living there lives in peace, Lord Vamde's charred stump expands into a mass of black tendrils that extends the forearm and takes the shape of a hand, before solidifying into a completely regenerated limb.



"Royal Saber!!"

"Gargo Missile!!"

"Double Impact!!"

A split second before Lord Vamde can destroy the two angels, he's hit by four more attacks. Four mystical fox spirits hit him with fire, water, wind and lightning hit him from all sides, knocking him down. A crimson beam of energy hits him in the chest causing cracks and two huge missiles hit Sodom and Gomorrah badly damaging them. The last attack, a rapid fire of blasts from Blaze, the Beelzebumon tear a hole straight threw the lower torso.


Lord Vamde fires spheres of pure darkness from Sodom and Gomorrah at all of his opponents.As he fires, he roars and seems to emit a dark light, absorbing the light around him and casting the world into an evil shadow. The blasts damage Dukemon, Sakuyamon, and MegaGargomon, causing them severe pain and forcing them back.

Blaze, the Beelzebumon, isn't injured by the darkness, instead he emits a growing green-gold aura.

"How can this be!?" screams Lord Vamde as he feels his enemy's energy increasing, "You should be in pain from the good in your soul!"

"You forget, Lord Vamde. I am also a Demon Lord. Your not the only Digimon that grows in the Light of Evil and Chaos." says Blaze, before he's surrounded by a green glow.

When the light fades, Beelzubumon's eyes have changed to green and several parts of his clothes turn light grey. What's far more important are a pair of black feathery wings and a large cannon-like weapon on his right arm.

Beelzubumon Blast Mode
Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Demon Lord Digimon
Chaos Flare: Draws an inverted pentagram with his cannon and fires energy blasts through it.
Death Slinger: Fires a powerful energy blast from his cannon.
Double Impact: Rapidly fires his two Beren Hena shotguns.
Darkness Claw: Attacks enemies using his claws.

Nearby, the two master vampires Spike and Drusilla are in full game face and Spike notices that Drusilla is looking stronger and sane. He realizes the wounds she suffered in Prague are gone and the insanity that filled her eyes since before he met her is gone.

On there arms, there Digivices are flowing bright.

Lilitha's LadyDevimon form is surrounded by an egg-shaped field of green light.

"No! Not her!!" screams Lord Vamde at the light in the sky

As the shell hits the ground, it shatters to reveal Lilitha's Ultimate Form.

A tall, regal woman with purple eyes, pale skin, and long black hair done in a complex head dress. She’s dressed in black and flowing purple with two small bat-wings, two large tattered bat wings, two thick ribbons going from back to front over the shoulders, two long tentacle-like ribbons ending in metal tips, and two metal cords ending in spear-like heads. Her human left hand and left foot are normal covered by black and gold, but her right foot is purple with clawed nails and her right hand is covered in a golden clawed gauntlet.

Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Demon Lord Digimon
Lilithmon is a Demon Lord Digimon, one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. Her name comes from Lilith, Adam's first wife in the Talmud who ran away and had children with demons.

Lilithmon is the only female Demon Lord. She represents the sin of Lust and the Moon. She is known as the "Goddess of Darkness". It is said that she is an Ophanimon who fell from grace. She has the gold "Nazar Claw" on her right hand.

Phantom Pain: Spews a bewitching mist of darkness that curses her opponents.
Nazar Nail: The demonic claws on her decayed right arm is used to slash her enemies, releasing a deadly acidic poison that can corrode everything she touches.
Darkness Love: Blows a kiss at the opponent in order to confuse them.

Inside The Castle

Inside the Castle, Juri, Regulumon, Masaru, ShineGreymon, Angel, and Puttomon are looking for Ryou and Monodramon. They managed to get inside threw a large hole in the wall.

"Beast King Wave!!"

A fiery animal-shaped blasts sends fifteen tightly packed Sealdramon into oblivion. There is one survivor that is grabbed by ShineGreymon and smashed into a wall. The impact is powerful enough to cause lethal injuries and the Sealdramon dissolves into data particles. The particles are absorbed by Regulumon, which also transfer knowledge to the Ultimate lion warrior.

"Follow me! Strength Boost!!"

Regulomon goes down a corridor as his muscles expand, and then smashes his fist into floor creating a hole to the level below. The group drops down right on top of a pair of Tankdramon.

"Shine Hammer! Sparkling Shoot!"

A light charged fist tears the head off one Tankdramon, while the other is shot in the eyes by a shower of light energy bullets.

"Corona Splash!"

A burst of light energy from his wings reduces the Tankdramon to fading fragments.

At the end of the dark corridor is a huge pitch black door with odd symbols. A blast of light energy from ShineGreymon and a fire blast from Regulumon hit the door turning a burning red hot. The glowing red door warps and emits glowing blue smoke, as the light and heat energy flow threw it.

"Angel Dust!"

Puttomon release a stream of sparkling dust. The second it hit the hot door, a web of glowing blue cracks spreads across the surface of the entire door. Then the entire door explodes into a shower of red and blue particles.

The removal of the door reveals Ryou and Monodramon strapped down in separate cells each with clear plastic, so they can see, but not hear each other. In the center of the rectangular room, in front of both of them is a strange little Digimon. It's shaped like a bowling ball with two blue feet each ending long red claws, a blue body with a dark blue mask with a skull on the forehead, large golden eyes, and bat-like wings.

Attribute Virus
Child Level
Type: Small Devil Digimon
DemiDevimon is a Rookie Level Evil Digimon who plays spiteful tricks.DemiDevimon is a constant liar and, with great skills in wording, he can fool almost anyone with his sweet-sounding 'Evil Whisper' lies.
Pico Dart: Throwing syringes filled with a toxin, DemiDevimon uses them to poison his targets. Though the toxin is deadly only to humans, it can make Digimon fall ill.
Bat Flutter: He uses his wings to slap his enemies.
Demon's Whisper: Hypnotizes others into falling asleep while deceiving them with sweet-sounding lies.

"What are you doing here???" says the nervous bowling ball bat.

Suddenly, Puttomon is surrounded by a orange glow. When the ball bursts, it reveals more developed Digimon with large gold eyes each with three eyelash-like markings, small golden angel wings, large feet with three toes, and small arms with three pink claws each

Attribute Data
Baby Level
Type: Small Angel Digimon
Cupimon is a Small Angel Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythical Cupid.
Angel Ring: Creates a sphere of light that traps opponents.

"Angel Ring!"

DemiDevimon is caught inside a sphere of light before he can fly off. He yells inside the light bubble as it burns him. He can't move to use his Pico Dart or Bat Flutter to escape and his voice can't be heard outside the bubble so he can't talk his way out of it.

Cupimon has a mischievous look on his face and then flips his hands forward. The sphere flies into the control console and explodes. DemiDevimon's charred body is inside of the hole in the glass panel. As the restraints on Ryou and Monodramon unlock, DemiDevimon falls to the ground, exploding into data on impact. Angel has a little pride for his little Digimon.

The Cocoon

The black cocoon continues to pulsate as it has for the past few hours. Suddenly, a glowing crack appears on the side splitting the cocoon from top to bottom. A dark purple mist pours from the broken shell, a corrosive mist that cause everything in the lab to rot and decay.

Outside The Castle

"Nazar Nail!"

"Darkness Claw!!"

Lilitha's claws go threw the regenerating hole Blaze created in Lord Vamde's stomach and releases a corrosive into the wound, stopping the regeneration. The monster swings at her, but she blurs and vanishes. He then feels her claws swipe his back as Lilitha causes more damage. Damage which can no longer be repaired.

"Chaos Flare!"

Lord Vamde turns to see Blaze behind a glowing inverted pentagram floating in the air. Blaze fires blasts of energy threw the pentagram, all which collide with the stomach wound over and over. The ChaosVamdemon Belial roars in pain as the energy bursts tear threw and in a small explosion, his legs and everything below the waist is blown off.

"Crimson Mist!"

Lord Vamde releases a red mist hoping to slow down the other two demon lords.

"Sylph Storm!"

"Sefirot Crystals!"

"Amethyst Wind!"

The paralyzing fog is blown away by the fierce wind of freed Angel Digimon, before Lord Vamde is hit in the front by slicing wind shards and ten large crystals pierce him like stakes. From behind him, Sakuyamon releases her own mystical wind, sending hundreds of purple crystalline shards into Lord Vamde's back

Lord Vamde shakes in pain and the armor bulges and is covered in vein-like ridges and blisters. It like a person with severe allergies and sensitive skin being dropped in vat of boiling peanut oil.


"Final Elysium! Royal Saber!"

Dukemon fires an energy beam from his shield that hits Lord Vamde's back, pushing many of Sakuyamon's shards in deeper and creating a circular impression. Then the beam from the lance hits the center of the circle like a bull's eye. Lord Vamde crashes face first into the ground, driving Ophanimon's Sefirot Crystals deeper into the chest and out the back.of the demon lord.

"Burst Shot!"

A shower of missiles descends from the sky and bombards evil Digimon.

Lord Vamdemon pushes off the ground with it's huge arms and toothy living cannons Sodom and Gomorrah open wide crackling with dark energy.


"Double Impact!"

Two blasts from Blaze 's shotguns pierce the super-charged organic cannons. The energy building in them is released and both cannons explode. The force nearly tears both arms off leaving them hanging by sinewy cables and black tendrils

"Darkness Claw!"

Blaze's claws pierce Lord Vamde's chest, then he grabs the evil Digimon and pulls himself close. He then smashes the tip of his positron cannon into Lord Vamde's face.

"Death Slinger!!"

A destructive burst of energy explodes from the tip of the cannon into Vamde's face less than an inch away from the barrel. There is a monstrous explosion and Blaze can be scene flying above the flames on his black angel wings. Lilitha also floats next to him and blows him a kiss, which confuses him.

On the ground Spike and Drusilla watch the flames and the fragments of the demon lord flying into the air. The other Digimon and Digidestined also watch the demonic vampire Digimon burn.

The rescue party - Juri, Regulumon, Masaru, ShineGreymon, Angel, and Cupimon- emerge from the castle with Ryou and Monodramon in the fused Ultimate form of Justimon.

"Looks like you won." says Masaru

"We need to transmit our energy to Huanglongmon now!" says Justimon, "before King Drac can awaken. He managed to steal something from Monodramon and now he's evolving into a super-ultimate."

Justimon makes his Digivice emerge from his robotic arm and holds it out. The group gathers and place there Digivices around Justimon's in a circle. Slowly, all the Digivice glow there own colors and pulsate, then shift to white and there pulses go in sync with each other. The energy of the other Digivices moves from one to another, creating a circle of light, than then spins like a vortex into Justimon's one Digivice. With a cry of "Transmit", a gold-white beam of energy shoots from the Digivice into the ground, sending energy into the core of the Digital World and the sleeping god.

Suddenly, Lord Vamde tries to launch surprise attack them. He's still missing everything below the waist and his arms are only connected by thin tendrils. The feral demon lord now looks like a melted plastic toy with a skeletal face covered by a cracked glowing mask

"Chaos Fire Blast."

A immense blast of black flame collides with ChaosVamdemon Belial's back and the evil Digimon consuming him in pitch black fire. Lord Vamde doesn't have time to scream before his body shatters into burning data particles. The only thing that remains is the burning damaged mask, which shatters as it hits the ground.

The heroes turn to see the origin of the blast and see super-ultimate Supreme King Drac.

He looks human with red eyes, pale skin, and long white blond hair. He’s dressed in a crimson catsuit with black fingerless gloves and black boots with a lot of straps. He also small gray pauldrons (shoulder armor) and a black Masquerade mask resembling sharp bat wings.

Attribute Virus
Super Ultimate Level
Type: Demon God Digimon
The supreme evolution of King Drac’s evil beyond the Ultimate level. Infused with the Chaos Energy, he has become the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning of a New Reign of Terror and the End of all that Exists.
Infinity Cut: Produces thousands of energy blades that cut threw space-time to reach there targets.
Evolution Barrier: An aura that prevents all good nature Digimon from evolving as long as they are within a Kilometer radius.
Eye of the Gorgon (Pestilence): Gazes into opponent's heart, enslaving them to the darkness within.
Energy Famine (Famine): A burst of red light that drains his opponents energy into himself.
War Game (War): Releases a million black fireball that hit random places in an area causing explosions.
Erase Chaos (Death): He forms of massive web of slash-shaped data-erasing energy blades.
Crystal Annihilation (Ice): A super-powered version of Crystal Revolution
Chaos Fire Blast (Fire): A monstrous black fire blast released from his fist.

"This Supreme King Drac doesn't allow traitors to live, but he does allow them to weaken his enemies, before he destroys both of them." says Supreme King Drac, his voice dark, demonic, and speaking an archaic, "INFINITY CUT!"

Thousands of energy blades, each a transparent blade of light that size of a katana blade floats in the air above him, as air seems to ripple and distort for a several kilometers. The blades suddenly vanish into a thousand hair thin streaks of light.

Ophanimon and Seraphimon are knocked from the sky losing several metal feathers. Blaze and Lilitha falls to the ground in pain. MegaGargomon, Dukemon, Sakuyamon, and Justimon collapses to there knees. Regulumon holds Juri tight to protect her, but she can see his pain. ShineGreymon roars out in pain and Rosemon and HeracleKabuterimon fall next to each with bits of exoskeleton and rose petals.

The Digimon aren't the only one hurt. Hikari cough and finds her hand covered in crimson and Takeru feels liquid running down the side of his face. Mimi holds her leg, while Izumi holds her arm which is now bleeding badly.


King Drac releases a million baseball size spheres composed of swirling flame flames. All around him for a long distance, the area is covered in fiery explosions that make King Drac's kingdom look like the surface of the moon. The humans, vampires, and smaller (human size) Digimon manage to escape with only minor burns, bruises, and cuts, but the larger MegaGargomon and HeracleKabuterimon are badly injured by the explosions


King Drac releases a burst of red light that travels as a shock wave across his kingdom. A moment passes then the energy is drained from the land into him as glowing blue mist and bolts of lightning. The heroes can only watch in shock as all the Ultimate Digimon revert to there Child Forms except for Blaze and Lilitha. It's extremely painful for MegaGargomon, Dukemon, Sakuyamon, and Justimon since they are fusions. Cupimon also appears immune to the effect as it doesn't de-volve any further.

"This King Drac thanks you for your energy. He is now at full power." says the smug demon god, "EVOLUTION BARRIER!"

Suddenly, all the Digivices except for the one belonging to Angel, Spike, and Drusilla glow red and turn sickly grey. King Drac instantly notices his last two attacks didn't effect the vampires.

"How does tho defy King Drac's power? All Digimon whose hearts are filled with light are vulnerable to my darkness, yet you walking dead stand still?"

"Who ever said we we're the good guys, you bloody sod?" says Spike in front of Drusilla.

"Eye of the Gorgon!"

King Drac glazes into there hearts, hoping to enslave them with there darkness, but doesn;'t find hearts. Inside Spike he finds gluttony and cruelty and as he does Spike's Digivice glows a blinding green-gold. Inside Drusilla, he finds madness, chaos, and a deep cauldron of lust, and as King Drac watches her core, her Digivice shines a blinding green light. Inside Angel, he sees a human heart, but hidden behind it he finds the most cruel and sadistic mind he has ever encountered. A vicious creature that takes Pride in it's torture and inhumanity. Angel's digivice glows a blinding orange, brighter than the others. An orange light that shifts to gold yellow, then to burning white.

"You just screwed up." says Angel with a thick Irish accent.

As Blaze and Lilitha glow with energy, Cupimon is covered by the glowing sphere of digital evolution. As the sphere shatters, a light nearly blinds Supreme King Drac. The light fades to reveal a faintly glowing Digimon floating in the air on angelic wings

It’s a young handsome blond boy with twelve feathery angel wings, eight on the back, two curved around the waist, and two coming from the sides of the head. He wears large golden anklets and bracelets, has the Digital Hazard sign imprinted on his left foot, and markings down his face, left arm, chest, and stomach.

Attribute Vaccine
Child Level
Type: Angel Digimon
Despite his fragile appearance, and the fact that he is only a Child Level Digimon, he is powerful enough that even Ultimate Digimon fear him. Awoken after a rebellion to bring about peace, it has been taught that he welcomed a long era of darkness. He was an Angel Digimon who believed others could not think for themselves and that the world would be a better place if he made all the decisions. Currently his abilities have been succeeded by the Celestial Digimon.
Grand Cross: Lucemon creates a facsimile of the solar system in its grand cross alignment and fires this construct at the enemy.
Divine Feat: Lucemon creates a spear or sword of light and throws/slashes his enemy with it.

In the dark sky above, patterns of light appear forming a giant white seal in the now black heavens. It resembles the Yin/Yang symbol within a series of octagons and circles edged with kanji-like symbols

"The Grand Seal?" says Supreme King Drac his eyes widening in shock and realization. The seal is unaffected by his own Demon God attribute, but with Three of the Seven Great Demon Lords in this world, the balance of the seal is disrupted.


"Infinity Cut!!"

Lucemon creates a spear of burning white light and throws it with such force it creates a sonic boom. King Drac tries to defend himself with a thousand energy blades, but the light spear smashes every single one like glass before hitting the demon god in the chest. The spear goes straight threw and it's end emerges out the back.

"This can not be! I am a God!" yells Supreme King Drac trying in pain to remove the white flame spear, "ERASE CHAOS!"

Tiny slash appear around him as if some invisible animal was clawing reality itself. The hundreds of slashes form a complex web formation around King Dracmon. The web then collapses as the slashes become blades that strike the spear until it shatters and vanishes.


A howling wind explodes from King Drac and glacier-thick ice explodes from the ground and begins to cover everything. It appears to be an unstoppable attack ready to consume them all

Then comes a voice from deep within the Earth. It's ancient, powerful, and heard by everyone in the entire Digital World, even those trapped in ice.


A pillar of golden light explodes from the ground between King Drac and the heroes. The golden beam whose shock wave alone shatters the ice attack. The beam rises into the sky and hits the yin/yang center symbol of the Grand Seal. The seal shines shades of gold before shattering into countless pieces.

As the true night sky of the Digital World is revealed, the Digimon and Digidestined glow with auras of returning energy. A burst of energy from Masaru evolves Agumon to ShineGreymon. Izumi, Mimi, and Yamato release bursts of energy Tentomon, Palmon, and Gabumon become HeracleKabuterimon, Rosemon, and MetalGarurumon, again. Ruki, Takato, and Jenrya fuse with there Digimon Renamon, Guilomon, and Terriermon and become Sakuyamon, Dukemon,and MegaGargomon respectively. Juri watches as Elecmon once more becomes Regulumon. Blaze, Liltiha, and the new Lucemon rise into the air as there power continue to build.

King Drac watches as Dukemon changes to Dukemon Crimson Mode and ShineGreymon also changes gaining red armor, fiery wings, and a shield and sword composed of solar fire.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode
Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Light Dragon Digimon
ShineGreymon Burst Mode is the Burst Digivolved form of ShineGreymon, and thus his power and abilities have reached their limit. He has gained an aura of solar energy, and his armor has become red.
Corona Blaze Sword: Combines his flame shield and sword into a new, far more powerful sword.
Final Shining Burst: Uses every last bit of his power to create a great explosion.
Torrid Weiss: Repeatedly fires scorching hot flame-bullets.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode and Dukemon Crimson Mode nod to each other, then vanish in a burst of speed that even Supreme King Drac can't track.


"Invincible Sword!!"

" ...Blaze Sword!!"

Supreme King Dracmon is cut by two blades, one the holy sword Blutgang, one composed of solar flame. It appears as a glowing "X" created by a cut groin from right shoulder to left hip and another going from left shoulder to right hip. Black energy explodes from the center of the cross into the air as King Drac cries out in pain.

In the air, Sakuyamon raises her staff and a sphere of light forms.

"Jouen Kobu!"

A massive sphere of mystical blue flames forms.

"Seven Heavens!"

Seraphimon's seven spheres of holy energy combine with her sphere

"Giga Blaster!"

"Forbidden Temptation!"

Rosemon's energy blast and HeracleKabuterimon's lightning sphere fuse with the sphere.

"Beast King Wave!"

Regulumon's fiery energy shoots from the ground and merges with the sphere making it grow like a small star.


A model of the solar system appears in a cross formation before merging with the sun/star sphere in in the center. In the blinding white light, Ophanimon appears with her spear and the giant image of MetalGarurumon in his Garuru Cannon arm found on Omegamon. Dukemon Crimson Mode appears with his spear and ShineGreymon Burst Mode appears with his flame sword. The three form a trinity with the image of the Garuru Cannon in the center.

"Garutu Cannon!"

"Final Shining Burst!"

"Final Justice!"

"Eden's Javelin!"

A shock wave of iridescent energy explodes across the sky and the shining sun sphere descends towards Supreme King Drac. The demon god Digimon still unable to move do to the glowing X-cut threw his body can only watch the attack, like the ancient dinosaurs of Earth at ground zero could only watch the meteor fall

The explosion is massive and more powerful than a hundred nuclear bombs. The only reason the vampires and humans survive is they are protected by a divine barrier. King Drac's castle is vaporized and everything from mountain range to mountain range is gone, leaving a bottomless hole in the surface of the Digital World.

To everyone's shock, King Drac is still alive proving the insane durability of a GranChaosDracmon. The four pieces of his torso are still held together by tendrils of darkness, but his arms and legs are gone leaving masses of pitch black tentacles. Half his face is also gone leaving mass of tentacles that make him look like Cthulhu's love child.

Five new Digimon appear.

One is an immense dragon composed of clouds and lightning with chains and a long beard.

One is an immense red bird composed of fire with multiple wings and a jet engine on it's back!

One is a giant white tiger-like with blue and black metal armor and claws floating on a cloud.

The strangest resembling a two headed dinosaur-turtle made of a forest on a floating rock.

The last to emerge is from the bottomless hole. A giant golden dragon with multiple eyes. It's golden aura is the same color of the divine barrier holding and protecting the Digidestined and vampires

Qinglongmon, the Blue Dragon of the East
Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Exalted Dragon Digimon

Zhuqiaomon, the Red Bird of the South
Attribute Virus
Ultimate Level
Type: Exalted Bird Digimon

Baihumon, the White Tiger of the West
Attribute Data
Ultimate Level
Type: Exalted Beast Digimon

Xuanwumon, the Black Warrior of the North
Attribute Vaccine
Ultimate Level
Type: Exalted Beast Digimon

Huanglongmon, the Yellow Dragon of the Center
Attribute Data
Ultimate Level
Type: God Beast Digimon

They are "Shiseijuu" or "Four Holy Beasts", they are also known the Four Digimon Sovereigns that rule the four sections of the Digital World. They are lead by Huanglongmon, the Dragon of the World's Center.

King Drac's body seems to dissolve in the divine light of Exalted and the God.

"Sorry, God Boys." says Blaze floating on his black wings, "He's mine!"

Blaze and Lilitha float in the air and in front of them is an inverted Pentagram with a hundred meter radius. Lilitha reaches out and touches the edge of the circle with her Nazar Nail, infusing the floating symbol with her corrosive poison.


Seven massive bursts of energy, like giant comets explode from the giant toxic seal and shoot towards the helpless Demon God Digimon. As the blasts strike, King Drac explodes into a massive cloud of silica powder fine data particles, particles which are absorbed by Lilitha, Blaze, and Lucemon.

"Such arrogance." yells Zhuqiaomon.

"Be calm my friend." says Qinglongmon, "You know that they are unique."

"Yes." says Huanglongmon, "They are the true children of the Seven Great Demon Lords. If they hadn't thirsted for power and evolved so rapidly, the Grand Seal would not have been weakened enough for there limited amount of energy to awaken me."

"Children of the...???" asks Dukemon, having reverted from Crimson Mode, "Can you explain??"

"The true Gods and Demons exists outside the Digital World and only interact using the portions of there power that exist in those worlds." says Qinglongmon, "I have never meet you Takato or Takeru, but parts of me in those Digital worlds have."

Suddenly, a darkness forms in the sky and three more Digimon appear. The first two are identical to Beelzebumon and Lilithmon, the last is a tall man with long golden hair and a white-angel/black-demon 2-toned attire. He has white feathery angel wings on his left side and black bat-like wings on his right side.

Lucemon Falldown Mode
Attribute Virus
Perfection Level
Type: Demon Lord Digimon
Lucemon Falldown Mode is the only member of the Seven Great Demon Lords who is of the Perfect level. He represents the sin of Pride and the Sun. He is one of the few Digimon able to combine and control the powers of light and darkness. To create his new world in ancient times, he instigated an insurrection that resulted in himself and the other Seven Great Demon Lords being condemned to and sealed into the Dark Area for a long time.
Paradise Lost: A combination attack that starts with a flurry of punches, followed by a kick and a downward attack that drives the enemy into the ground.
Dead or Alive: He uses an orb of light to hold the target in place and mixes it with an orb of darkness which traps the target within the two rotating spheres. The spheres explodes, injuring whoever is trapped inside.

Angel stares at his own Lucemon and realizes he does resemble a younger, more innocent version.

"I never considered having children." says Lady Lilithmon

"Neither did I until Huanglongmon transmitted the plan." says Lord Beelzubumon, "Copying our data into dark Digitamas (Digi Eggs) and creating dark digivices."

"We managed to send each Digitama to this world and only two managed to hatch on there own." adds Lord Lucemon, "The problem was finding humans who possessed the required dark emotions. It was a chance or destiny that three demonic humans landed in our world."

"So what happens now?" says Blaze, glaring at his father.

"The home worlds of the Digidestined were nearly or completely destroyed leaving nothing for them to return to. " says Huanglongmon, "The world the three vampires? The path from it is so chaotic we can't create a clear passage, so you all will travel from world to world, until you return to the home world of Angel, Spike, and Drusilla or until to find a world to call home."

A beam of light shoots from the orbs floating on the back of the golden dragon, the Digi-Cores. As the lasers hit the Digivices, they glow gold for a split second, then fade back to normal.

"The D-Reader I have added to your Digivices will allow you to get reading on people, places, and certain things you will encounter in the other world, the same way they can read Digimon stats. This will allow you to avoid most of the dangers."

Suddenly, the world beneath them begins to collapse into data particles. It starts at the edge of the hole and begins to spread rapidly.

"As for this Digital world, it will collapse into broken data so it can be reborn, as the Digidestined world was after the battle with Apokarimon."

Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears beneath of the bubble holding the Digidestined and there Digimon swallowing them up. Lucemon stares at Lucemon Falldown Mode with a smirk before following the others, Lilitha blows her mother a kiss, and Blaze gives Beelzebumon the finger.

Digimon Arc Notes

Why did I change (Gatomon) Tailmon's final evolution from Exalted Dragon Digimon Holydramon (Dub: Magnadramon) to Throne Angel Digimon Ophanimon?
I always saw Angemon/HolyAngemon and Angewomon as a pair like there partners. Even Nefertimon and Pegasimon are similar (four legged, winged, the same size, and found at the same time) . If Tailmon becomes Holydramon, the Patamon should become Exalted Dragon Digimon Goddramon (Goldramon) , and if Patamon becomes Seraph Angel Digimon Seraphimon, she should become Ophanimon.
How did they manage to beat a Super-Ultimate (Dub: Super Mega Ultimate)?
The same way Supreme King Drac defeated Lord Vamde the first time and the same way the WarGreymon and MetalGarutumon were defeated by the Dark Masters during there first meeting. They had far more Experience with there powers. King Drac used his Eye of the Gorgon on Angel, but didn't count Angelus' Pride to trigger an Evolution, upsetting his plans.
The Gods and Demons of the Digital World?
The Seven Great Demon Lords and Harmonious ones exist on a higher plane that connects all of the Digital Worlds, but have avatars (reflections of themselves) on each world. Lilitha, Blaze, and Lucemon are not extensions of there parents, but separate entities created from there copied data, like Impmon/Beelzubumon of the Tamer's universe.
Lord Vamde and King Drac fights?
I was inspired by the last few episodes of Slayers Next. Hellmaster Phibrizzo had Lina Inverse and her group spoils the plans of Chaos Dragon Gaav. They also weakened him enough for the more powerful Hellmaster could kill him. Hellmaster Phibrizzo also died because of his ego.

Taken from both Twisting the Hellmouth and FanfictionDOTnet
Live - 8 Die - 2.
Live - 8 Die - 2.
Joe Kido
Live - 3 Die - 7. Nobody will be relying on Joe again. He died when he hit the wall.
Live - 4 Die - 6. He almost got revenge, but he was melted and his neck snapped.

End of Scourge of Time 8 and the Digimon Arc

What should Lucemon's name be?

Blaze and Liltiha have names of there own, what should Lucemon's name be?

When, Where, and Who should they meet?
Option 1
2 years ago. Pre-Story Child Naruto running from mob.
Option 2
October 15. 1st meeting of genin
Option 3
May. Wave Country Mission
Chapter 4
Naruto's Summoning training with Jiraiya
Option 5
Hunt for Tsunade/Rasengan Training
Option 6
Filler. After Failed Sasuke's Retrieval
Option 7
Post Naruto/Pre Shippudan. Naruto's training trip with Jiraiya.

Takeru (TK) x Hikari (Kari).
Yes, I am a Takari fan!
Seraphimon/HolyAngemon/Angemon x Opanimon/Angewomon
Spike x Drusilla
Blaze x Lilitha
Asuma x Kurenai
Naruto x Hinata or Naruto x Harem with Hinata.
Yes, I'm a NaruHina fan!
Vote on Other Pairings. Masaru? Mimi? Izumi (Izzy)?
I already have a possible Renamon x Kyubi.
No Yaoi/Slash pairings. I can write Harems for Naruto.

Should Scourge learn the way of the Ninja? What type?
Ninjutsu (elemental attacks)? Genjutsu (illusions)? Taijutsu (hand to hand)?
The Elements of Naruto are Doton/Earth, Katon/Fire, Fuuton/Wind, Suiton/Water, and Raiton/Lightning arranged like Chinese Elements Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood. They can also be combined such as wind and water to make Hyouton/Ice and earth and water to make Mokuton/Wood.
(1) I'm thinking Masaru learning Taijutsu since he's a fighter. Canon: He punched out Digimon!
(2) Mimi could be Mokuton (plant manipulation) do to her connection with Palmon.
(3) Izzy is like Shikamaru, so I imagine him using wires and Raiton with Tentomon.
(4) I can picture Takeru with a sword, he's got the same hat in 02 as BLEACH fav Kisuke Urahara!
(5) Hikari represents light so I can imagine her doing Genjutsu and Ijutsu (Medical techniques). She was sick when she was young, so I don't imagine her having a lot of chakra, but maybe the fine control needed to be a skilled Medic Nin like Tsunade, Shizune, or Post-Time Skip Sakura.
(6) Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki are a three-man team with Ruki (ID), Takato (Ego), and Jenrya (Super Ego).
Angel, Spike, and Drusilla make another team. Drusilla with genjutsu is a scary thought.
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