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Memories That Have Faded

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Summary: He has forgotten so much and now the memories are tearing him apart. What's real? What's fake? And how is he ever going to find his way home? [Dark City/Highlander/BtVS cross] het. each story is a separate portion of a whole.

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Movies > Dark CityFeyganFR1342,613021,44511 Feb 0810 Aug 10No

Ashes of the Heart

Title: Ashes of the Heart
Author: Feygan
Fandoms: Dark City/Highlander
Rated: G
Disclaimer: I do not own either Dark City or Highlander.
As time passed the memories came faster and faster until half the time he didn't know where he was--here or there.

Anna worried about him sometimes, asking if he was all right, if he needed anything.

John thought it was funny how she could even care.

It was strange how the love he had felt for her could fade away. But she wasn't the woman that had been the center of his world, no matter that she wore Her face.

With the change in memories and personality, it became more and more as if She had died and Anna stole her image. They were two very different women, even if sometimes he wanted to weep because their unperfumed skin smelled the same.

And it pained him to admit that the more she fell in love with him, the less he cared about her. Anna was fading out of his heart like water seeping through a sieve. Soon there would be nothing left, just the motions of carrying on.

The dreams of his real life came to him with a painful frequency. Visions of what he could no longer have.

It felt as though everything that had ever mattered to him had been stolen away by the Strangers.

First his home, then his heart, then the woman he had loved (or thought he loved.) And in the end he was left with nothing but ashes.

The feeling of loss was such that some days he just wanted to wallow in his memories of what used to be. He wanted to huddle in his blankets, his eyes squeezed tight shut, and dive head first into his dreams of Home.

And because he dreamed so much, forced himself into the depths of memory, he had found a name for the man that had so thoroughly shaped his world.


=The End=
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