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The Naughty Ward

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Summary: Spike/Xander Historical Romantica - William's naughty ward auctions himself off in the hell fire club's masked virgin auction. Now that William has him, what is he going to do with Alexander? Slash.

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Ch. 9

"Come on, it's a nice day. Can't waste it writing another of your stupid letters."

Alex waved his friend away. Jack was right. He was wasting time. Again. And these were stupid letters. How many had he sent to William over the past months? Countless letters. He'd labored over the words, over the messages he wanted William to understand. And then there was the poetry... all for the one man that his heart yearned for. And yet, all he got for his troubles was the sound of silence.

"Alex!" Someone shouted from down the hall. Looking down at the thin sheaf of paper, Alexander suddenly crumpled it up into a ball. The still wet ink marked his palms, but he was done.

Tossing the useless words into the waste paper basket, he all but ran out of his dorm room. "Coming!"

* * *

The butler walked into the library, holding a tray. "Another one arrived."

William motioned to the tall pile of letters.

Placing the letter down very carefully, the butler looked at his master. "Your grace, maybe if you answered just one." All he received for his troubles was a cool stare.

Sometimes the Duke was a right bastard.

* * *

The manor house was decked out in greenery for the holidays, but as William stared at his image in the mirror, he knew the man with the drawn face and circles under his eyes was not in any sort of celebrating mood. The reason too, was obvious. He'd never bothered with Christmas... not until that year a small boy joined his lonely household.

But it wasn’t the boy that he was missing. He was missing the man.

* * *

Most of the school had emptied out, what with the students going home for the holidays. The few stragglers had decided to go out and drink themselves into a stupor, there being no school the next day. As they bounded out the doors and down the stairs in front of one of the study halls, a coach pulled up alongside.

Alexander recognized the markings on the side, but decided to ignore the coachman.

"Master Alexander, please get in." The coachman called out.

"I'm staying here." He didn’t care that his friends were gaping at him.

"Sir, his Grace--"

"His Grace can go to hell."

"But Sir, he's inside..."

Alex's gaze darted to the coach. Then he decided to ignore both he coachman and most especially, the occupant.

Of course he couldn’t win... William would never let him. The coach moved past, stopped, and William walked out. He wasn't as easy to ignore in the flesh, though Alexander desperately tried.

"Alexander, good evening." William nodded at the other boys.

There was an uncomfortable silence, and then one of the boys nudged Alex and asked for an introduction.

"This is... my uncle, William. Goodness, isn't it past your bed time, uncle?"

William's eyes glinted under the gas lamp. "Get inside the coach, you're going home for the holidays."

The other boys wished him a Merry Christmas and Abandoned him. Now he was alone with William.

"I'm not coming."

"Get inside the coach, Alexander." William searched the boy's face. There were changes... he'd grown a bit harder, and like him, there were faint signs of lack of sleep. "I've missed you."

Alexander gave a start, closed his eyes for an instant, and then climbed wordlessly into the coach.

William followed and sat across from him. There was a long staring contest, but eventually, he broke it. "Is that the only greeting you have for me?"

A storm of emotions threatened to tear Alexander apart. His chest constricted. His throat closed up on him.

Seeing the boys knee jerk up and down, he leaned forward and put his hand on it... forcing him to stop. "Well?" Again, he searched his eyes, aching for something.

Heat spread from Alex’s knee all the way up his thigh. He remembered this... remembered William's burning touch only too well. "What do you want from me William?" he asked, his voice raw with emotion. "What do I have to give you that I haven't offered? Do you want me to grovel?"

William shook his head no. "I want you to be happy--"

"And that's why you sent me away. Abandoned me--"

"I've done no such thing. Alexander..."

As William’s fingers bit into his knee and thigh, Alex's hips rocked up in reaction. His breath quickened, but he pulled his gaze away and stared at the seat cushions. His heart was hammering, his heart breaking... wanting... His pride, being ground into the ground. Something snapped within him.

Reaching out, he grabbed the Duke's snowy white cravat, and pulled him forward. "Why are you here, William?" He shoved him back, and then dragged him forward again. This time, his waiting fist met the Duke's jaw. "Just when I resolve to forget you... bloody bastard, you turn up like a bad penny..."

William's momentarily saw a flash of white, but what took him by surprise was that the right cross was followed by a slap. He allowed Alex to cup his chin, shake it from side to side as he had his say.

"All I wanted was to hear from you. Just one line... you couldn't tell me that you... that you remember my existence?" Alex spoke so close to William's mouth... he didn't know if he wanted to hit him again, or force him into a kiss. He pulled his hand back.

As his head was jerked back, William saw the flat of Alex's hand come toward him. Immediately breaking away, he gripped both of Alexander's wrists. "Enough."

Incensed, Alexander struggled.

"I read them. Every one of them." William was breathing hard, the combination of explosive emotions and Alexander's closeness getting to him.

"Liar. Bastar--"

Alex quieted down as William started to quote letter after letter. His words... pouring his heart out to the man he loved beyond all reason. When spoken by that very man, it did things to his insides. His gaze locked with William's, every word holding power over the boy like nothing else could.

"So you see. I really did miss you." Leaning in, he kissed Alexander's face, moving his mouth over the boy's eyes, cheeks and jaw. "I missed you every day. The nights were worse."

He pulled away and sat back, letting the boy think his words through.

Alex had such a rough time of it, he’d never given a thought to the fact William might have as well. Staring at the older man, he did see the signs of ravage. William was thinner... his skin tight over the chiseled planes of his face... making him look that much the harder and more dangerous. To Alex. To Alex's peace of mind. He bit his lip.

"Brought you a present." The Duke ached for a smile from the boy. Reaching to his side, he produced a small bag. "You have no idea how difficult it was to find these," he said offering the contents to Alex.

"Cherries... you brought me... but I drive you insane..." his gaze flicked to the Duke’s, even as he popped one in his mouth and proceeded to do just that.

"Honestly. I don't believe it was ever the cherries. Come here," he patted his thighs.

"No. I think I'll sit here and eat these...” Tugging the bag free, Alex took it from William.

William's gaze clung to Alexander's mouth, its movements mesmerizing him, the glimpses of pink tongue driving him to the edge. "Come."

"I've don’t that already. Came in my hand thinking about you earlier..." he announced, producing the cherry stem on his tongue.

"I love you."

The quiet words. The truth behind them almost had Alexander swallowing the cherry seed.

He spit it out and lurched forward, arms stretched out. "William..."

William caught Alex and dragged him up hard against his chest. It had been so long... so long since they'd been locked together like this, too long. Slanting his mouth sideways over Alexander’s, he pushed his tongue inside its cherry cavern and all but devoured him with the hunger of a man who'd been alone for far too long.

The abrupt change in William... the way he was pulled so tightly into the man's embrace, the way his hands molded him, stroked his back, his ass... like William knew and owned every part of it him... that was what made Alex burn at nights for William's touch... for his mastery. Eager for more, he straddled the Duke’s thighs, desperately moving his hands under his over-coat and gripping his shirt... kneading it and William's chest. "Again," he protested, when William broke the kiss.

"No. I think we should stop." Never mind that all William could think about was fucking his ward so hard neither of them would be able to walk for a week.

"What... William?"

"What was that you said about me being your uncle?" He raised a brow as coolly as he possibly could with Xander squirming on his lap. “Perhaps I should take a nap... the hour grows late.”

"William...” Already hard and heavy, Alex rubbed his arousal over William’s, then tugged his shirt out of his breeches, pushed the over-coat out of the way and got up on his knees to drag his erection up William's abdomen and chest. Feeling William's shudder, he gave his own shaky laugh. "You want this."

"I want you." Gaze locked with Alexander's, the Duke made short work of both their breeches, and managed to shrug his coat off. He slid his hand between Alex's thighs and firmly closed his fingers around his cock.

Alex jerked back. If the Duke hadn't had his other hand behind his back, Alex would have fallen. It was so good... so good as he fucked William's hand, so good as he felt the Duke's other hand slide down and stroke his crack... up and down, lingering at his tight entrance. A little later, he was vaguely aware that an ointment being rubbed in circles and that the Duke was preparing him already.

William pulled Alexander back down onto his lap and pumped his hips up, holding their cocks together. At the same time, he invaded Alex with his fingers... just the way he would with his achingly aroused cock. "Put your mouth near my ear," he said.

Confused, but slavishly ready to do whatever William asked of him, Alex leaned in, his mouth brushing William's ear. God he'd missed this. The scent of his lover, the sound of his voice, the feel of their bodies desperately pressing together.

Each labored breath. Each grunt of pleasure. Every whispered plea that broke from Alexander's lips drove shivers of please through William's system. He touched Alex just so, shocked him, scraped a nail across his sack ... just to force more sounds from him. Each time, William's cock surged in response. "Say the last poem you wrote for me," he demanded.

"What...” Alex was in no stated to recall anything. Right now he was busy fucking himself against William, it was all he could manage.

William gripped Alex's hips, stopped him from moving. "Poem."

"William ... I..." William's expression was both wild and hard. Alex knew better than to think the Duke would relent.

Lie to me, I beg
You smile, and show me only truth

William moved his hips up and down again, allowing Alex to hunch down and rock against him. He watched as the boy’s eyes glazed over. “Go on,” he snapped, watching him come back.

K...Kiss me, I ask
You pull me close

Mother of God... how was he to think when William fucked him like this, when his mouth was burning hot trails over his throat and chest? When his blood was pounding at his temples and his breath was short. The withdrawal of William’s hands and mouth, and his sudden inability to grind himself down over William had him stuttering and begging. The piercing stare he got in response reminded him of William’s demand.

“Oh God... Will I can’t...”

Need drove him to mad with desire. He tried to push forward despite William’s iron grip, then rolled his head back and took another breath.

You put your tongue into my mouth
This is no kiss. There is no word for what this is

It was stop and go, and it took all of William’s control. Alexander had no idea how hard this game was... how close William was to giving up, even when he forced Alex to tell him the poem and rewarded him with strokes and kisses and thrusts.

I gasp for air, I cry out your name
I wait for you to say mine
You smile. You touch me there

William lifted Alexander up to his knees, lowered his head, and took the boy’s cock in his mouth.

“Ah... ahh... don’t stop, Will...” Alex struggled to find the words that would keep William at his cock.

I forget. I burn

Redoubling his efforts, William did his best to make his ward forget.

Touch me again, I ask
You blow on me, touching me with your breath
I want to scream
You laugh. You have won again

“Slower... say it slower,” William insisted, lifting his head. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Alexander fell forward. “Yes... oh please fuck me... oh God yes.”

“Finish it.”

“What?” He licked his lips. “William, I don’t know where I...” He was hitting air again, every time he thrust, Will didn’t allow him any relief. “Fuck you,” he cursed, frustrated beyond all reason.

Don’t make me cry, I beg
You touch me... and I cry
Do I make you ache, you ask
I cannot answer, I’m shaking

In truth, so was William. He covered Alexander’s mouth with his, tasting him, fucking him hard with his tongue, and withdrawing. “Say the end.”

“Unh... Unh. William....” Forcing himself to gather his scattering thoughts, Alex found the words again.

“ I surrender, I raise the white flag
You laugh
This is not a war you say
You are not done. You lower your head”

The coach slowed and the coachman yelled, “we’re at the edge of town your Grace.”

“Keep driving, I don’t care where you go, you don’t stop until I tell you to,” he shouted back. “Alex, get up... Alexander...”


“I’ve raised the white flag, turn around.”

Understanding dawned. Alexander slipped off William’s knees, turned around and pressed his face into the seat back cushions. He felt William get down on his knees on the floor of the coach, felt him drape over his back. When he felt William’s cock slide between his legs and nudge his sack, he arched back. “Yessss.”

At first William fucked him lightly, enjoying the friction of his cock against the boy’s thighs and sack. Alex was writhing under him, rubbing his own arousal against the cushions, his desperate motions making William go harder if that was possible.

Parting Alexander’s cheeks, he pushed inside. The resistance made him see white. “God, I missed this,” he said thickly, pulling out and burying himself all the way inside Alex.

“Your fault,” Alex panted, raising his ass higher, welcoming William’s invation.

The coach shook as they drove over rubble, the extra vibration and jolting of their bodies together drawing a loud groan from William as his control broke. There was no more time for talk, for argument, for poetry... for games. Now he was a driven man. Devil take it, all he wanted was one thing... to bring them both to a screaming release.

“Alex...” he leaned in and kissed his neck and when the boy turned, found his mouth. He pumped back and forth, finding a rhythm and a position that enabled him to control his movements. When Alex started making noises, he knew he had it right... that he was pleasuring him.

Gripping the boy’s hips, he sank deeper in him, and deeper still with every thrust. So many months of cold loneliness to make up for. So many days of no one arguing with him. So many nights of fucking and pretending it wasn’t Alex he wanted, that there was nothing special about him. That anyone would do.

Alex closed his eyes and allowed William to take him up the spiral, winding him a little tighter with every thrust, making him harder... hotter, wilder every time he drove inside him. Like a battering ram, beating down his defenses, William kept on, fucking, touching him, kissing him, riding him...


William was throbbing and pulsing and aching. There was no relief in sight until Alexander’s plea washed over him. He stopped ramming into the boy, calmed him when he was about to protest. “Shshsh... I’ve got you,” he whispered, pulling him up so they were both on their knees in the tight space. He started to stroke Alex’s chest, and throat, as he moved his hips around in short, sharp jerks... each one just a little harder than the last.

As Alex raised and lowered his body, cries erupted from the back of his throat. This was a sweet, slow torture, like none other William had devised before. He wanted to go fast and hard.... he wanted this to last forever, and there was no in-between. So he demanded more, but took what he got, turning his head, watching as William took his pleasure. There was no more beautiful sight.

William started to shudder. “Like this?” he whispered.

“Oh, fuck yes...” Knowing what William needed, he threw himself forward again onto the cushions. This time, when William started to fuck him, he knew there was no stopping... no slowing... and he was right. “Unh... unh... unh... unh..”

William took him, fucked him with such force he knew their bodies would show signs of this. But he couldn’t help himself. All the longing, and then the games... his lust had built to uncontrollable proportions. “That’s it... that’s it...” he shouted near Alexander’s ear, encouraging the boy to come with him as he exploded with the fury of a thousand suns.

Alexander was still moving long after they’d both come... he rode the after waves of their coming together for as long as he could. When William pulled out of him, he felt a loss... a fear that this was all a dream.

Always prepared, William searched around inside a small bag, then using a bit of cloth to clean Alex up, then helped him off the floor. “You butchered the poem.”

Alexander gave a shaky laugh. “I know.”

“It was atrocious.” William pulled him close and started to dress him.

Giving a low chuckle, Alex heartily agreed.

“I do love you.”

“I know... you... what?” He’d been about to agree to another accusation about ruining the poem.

“Didn’t you hear me the first time?”

“I did. I thought I was dreaming.” Gazing into William’s eyes, Alex still wasn’t sure it wasn’t all a dream.

“Ah... so these are the types of dreams you have. Would that I were in them.”

“You are!”

William smirked. He leaned out the window and called out, “Blackpool street.”

“What’s there?”

“I’ve leased a residence. We’ll spend the night, and then go home tomorrow.” He’d traveled all day as it was and had no intention of spending more time in the coach when there were more comfortable alternatives for him and Alex.

“Home.” Alexander licked his lips. “You’re taking me home.”

“The servants are down in the should see their faces. You’d think it weren’t Christmas. I had to do something.” The intensity of Alex’s gaze was hard to bear. “Yes, you’re coming home during your school break. Then I’m bringing you back.”

Seeing the hurt enter his boy’s eyes, he kissed him gently. “I’ll keep my rental and visit. I swear to you, I will.”

There was a lump in Alexander’s throat. “I don’t’ want to leave you.”

“Let’s worry about that in a few weeks. Until then...”

Alexander wanted to pout, but he couldn’t bring himself to. He was much too happy. “When did you know?”

“Know what?”

“That you love me, of course.”

The Duke rolled his eyes to the heavens.

“Tell me.”

“You see, I was staring at the skies. It must have been around the start of Winter. Then...”

“Yes,” Alex hanged onto every word that fell from the Duke’s lips.

“There was this shooting star.”

“Shooting star?”

“Yes. As it moved across the sky, it spelled Alex. Alex... I thought to myself. And then I knew.”

“Shooting star. Bollocks,” Alex hit William across the chest.

“Where did you learn such language,” the Duke laughed, putting a cushion behind his head and preparing for a long drive filled with questions he’d never be able to answer.

* * *

(Epilogue - Three years later)

William paced the length of the room, even as the ocean swayed the large passenger ship to and fro. “Are you sure about this?”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Alexander nodded. “I’m sure. It’s the right thing.”
After he’d finished school, William had taken him on a trip around the world. They were on their last leg now, on the way home. He’d seen many wonderful sights, and there had been many places where he could openly demonstrate his feelings for William. But he had learned where and when, and things gone a lot smoother between them in comparison to the days when he’d first tricked William into buying him at that auction and gotten a taste of something he could never give up.

“Right. Are you ready, then?” Helping Alex with his cravat, he pulled him up.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Both dressed in their best finery, they walked the long hallway and reached a door. William gave a firm knock and upon hearing an answer, pushed it open.

A frail woman sat in a chair, holding her babe. She was as pale as the white gown she wore. Her lips had no color and her voice was thin as she whispered something.

William leaned down, “what did you say, Mary?”

“Thank you.”

He gave a grave nod, and felt Alex squeeze his hand.

A few minutes later, the captain of the ship arrived. It was a short ceremony. Within a quarter of an hour, the Duke had both a Duchess and a son.

The captain left the room, and a nurse walked in to take the baby. William leaned down and kissed his wife’s cheek. “Good night.” To the nurse, he added, “take good care of them.”

“Of course,” she curtsied.

As he and Alex walked out and upstairs to the deck, to look out at the moonlit ocean, he cleared his throat. “You realize she may survive?”

“I know. She’s a nice woman. You gave her son your name and security, that’s all she wants. If she lives... We’ll put her up in one of your houses.”

“And if she dies? What of her son?”

“Your son. You’ll take good care of him. I know you will.”

William pulled Alexander behind some equipment and held him tight. “I will do my best. And you will be his uncle.”

Alexander kissed William. “Yes. William, this is the right thing. You’ve saved her reputation, given her son your name, and it will protect you from all those nasty, scheming, ugly...”

“Ugly?” William’s brow lifted.

“Yes, ugly... women. And I’ll have you all to myself.”

“There’s plenty of me to go around.”

“William,” Alexander growled.

“Alex?” He growled right back, and in the same tone.

“You know that thing I do with cherry stems?”

That held William’s attention. “Yes...”

“I can do it elsewhere.”

“What... what do you mean elsewhere,” William started following Alexander back down the stairs. “What do you mean by that... Alex!” He gave chase, ignoring the odd looks from a cabin boy who passed them. He was thinking with his cock, not his brain. The blasted boy somehow managed to do this to him when he least expected it.

The door to their room closed with shattering force behind William.


(A/N: And that is the end of what was *supposed* to be a 3 chapter fic, LMAO. Hope you enjoyed it.)

The End

You have reached the end of "The Naughty Ward". This story is complete.

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