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The Naughty Ward

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Summary: Spike/Xander Historical Romantica - William's naughty ward auctions himself off in the hell fire club's masked virgin auction. Now that William has him, what is he going to do with Alexander? Slash.

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Chapter One

Illustration (Manip by LadyFlame_UK)

(The Characters are not mine, I'm just playing with them)

The ballroom was a blur of color with smartly dressed men spinning women in silk and satin around to the sound of the orchestra’s waltz. Candles flickered from the chandeliers above, and the candelabra placed in various nooks of the large room. Girls tittered as they glanced at boys over their fans, encouraging them with their eyes.

Leaning against the wall, William put his gloved hand over his mouth and hid a yawn. The impressive array of foods and wines, the opulent clothes in the latest styles straight from Paris, and the jewels that glittered and shone from intricate necklaces and on delicate fingers no longer held the allure they once had. He’d been to too many balls, all of them the same, and craved much racier forms of amusement that would leave this crowd in shock.

Alexander suddenly appeared next to him, his brown eyes dancing with mischief. “You’re not dancing.”

William’s gaze flicked to his ward. His former ward, the boy had just reached his majority. “I’m not in the mood to be married tonight... one dance and I can see the dreams in their eyes, and the plans in the eyes of the mamas,” he answered, nodding at a group of chaperoned girls vying for attention.

Alex chuckled. “Your fault for being so ... appetizing.”

“Eligible is the proper word,” his eyes narrowed a fraction.

“Appetizing... I’d love a taste.”

“Alex... enough.” He clenched his jaw as the youth ignored the warning and reached out to straighten Will’s cravat. He held his breath as the boy’s hand lingered for far too long.

“I felt your heart race.”

“My heart always races when you act the fool and are about to ruin your reputation.”

“Yours is ruined, and yet they still flock to you,” Alex smiled. “Come on, Will, I know what goes on in those Hell Fire Clubs you belong to. I want to be a part of it.”

“I will have no part of your downfall into depravity.”

“And what of your depravity?”

“I am a lost cause, but I refuse to take you down the same path.”

“You won’t be taking me down any path. Don’t you see...I want you. I’ve wanted you since the first day I laid eyes on you—“

“You were thirteen,” the muscle in Will’s jaw started to throb.

“So what... I knew even before then I only like men... and, it turns out, I like you in particular.”

“Hush. You haven’t even been with a woman... how can you speak of preference before you experience...”

Alex ran his hand up William’s arm, making as if he were feeling the texture of the rich cloth. “I don’t care if men are a hobby for you... a game or an appetite to be filled at your clubs, it’s not the same for me. But if that’s the only place you’d consider...”

“I’m not considering it anyplace... any time. Your father entrusted your care to me.”

“My father is dead, and I have needs... needs you can fulfill. Come on, Will... you want me in your bed—I know it. Or would you rather have a simpering miss?”

“I think I rather would.” Pushing away from the wall, William crossed the room and asked one of the prettiest young women for a dance, kissing her hand with deliberate enthusiasm before pulling her into his arms.

Alexander practically smoldered watching William’s display. He knew William wasn’t as unaffected as he pretended... as he’d pretended over the years. Truth be told, Alexander believed there was a direct correlation between the number of times William frequented his Hell Fire Clubs, and the times Alex got close to him, rubbed up against him, and offered himself whether by words or by action. He’d heard tell that although the Duke of Westchester was quite the lady’s man... for the last few years, he’d chosen men almost exclusively over the women offered for amusement during the games that were played at the Hell Fire Clubs. Alex would like to take credit for it, but watching William with a woman... the way he held them, the way he looked as if every word held his rapt attention.... he sometimes doubted himself. No, damnitall to hell, he’s not interested in her. Bastard is just too good at role playing.

* * *

Sitting behind a desk, the very dissipated Lord Milo Rathborn leaned back in his chair and let his gaze travel up and down Alexander’s physique. The cut of the boy’s pants were nice and tight... revealing. As he eyed the boy’s crotch, he wiped away a bit of spittle. The urge was definitely coming upon him, and rather quickly. “You cannot join the club without a sponsor. You cannot find a sponsor unless someone already knows you intimately and will vouch for you, or you live the life and prove you are made of the stuff we look for in new members.”

“I’d fit in…I can fit into any group.”

“You’re young...”

“I’m enthusiastic...”


“I can learn.”

Those few words made Milo’s cock surge. Discreetly, he touched himself under the table, squeezing as he alternately flicked his gaze to and from the boy’s mouth and crotch. “I’ll bet you can. I’d like to teach you myself.”

Xander gripped the back of a chair next to him. He knew what the old man was saying. If that was what it took to get William to act... “All right.”

Milo started panting slightly. “William... he’s too quick with the sword. I wouldn’t dare...”

Alexander’s stomach turned, and yet he moved closer and leaned over the desk. “Are you quite sure? I – want – to –learn.”

Swallowing hard, Milo rubbed himself more vigorously. “Sorry m’boy... can’t help you there... unless...”


“We’re having a virgin auction in a fortnight. If you were on the auction block with a half mask on... he’d have nothing to say in the matter were I, or anyone else, to buy you.”

“How do I go about it?”

“I’ll... I’ll... oh, God...” he tried to bring his breathing under control. “I’ll send you the details.”

As Alex walked away, he heard Milo’s chair squeaking faster and faster. He felt the man’s gaze on his ass. Now if only he could get the same reaction out of William... was that too much to ask?

* * *

William straightened the lace at his cuffs then walked to the parlor to shuffle through the invitation cards waiting on the silver tray. He’d completely forgotten about the auction at the Hell Fire Club... should he attend? It would be an amusing way to while away a few hours, watching the virginal men and women give up their innocence to the most debauched of men. Last week’s event had been rather flat, what with one woman to play the “sacrifice” in a “ritual” and take all of the men she could in turn. It had bored him to death, and he’d left early, but this ...this could prove to be entertaining—particularly if some of the virgins changed their minds and begged to be released. Oh, he knew at least half of the roles for any particular game at the club were played by actors and actresses…it didn’t mean it was any less entertaining.

Right... he’d go to the club. Leaving instructions with his butler as to where he could be found should any of his close friends inquire, William walked out and was met by his carriage.

A half hour later, he was seated quite close to the stage, a fine claret in hand, and talking to his friends. They’d laughed at the first group of virgins... three sisters—triplets no less — bought by a man too old to know what to do with one of them, let alone three. “Mark my words, the triplets will not only have opened the bidding, but they’ll return and close it as virgins as well,” William drawled.

Several others were sold, mostly women and for outrageous prices. William had to admit that the men and women to be auctioned looked mysteriously delectable with their masks and skimpy clothes.

“Come on, Westchester, play along,” one of his friends said, bringing him a mask that covered his eyes. “The entire event is masked... anonymous, don’t you know?”

That brought on more laughter, as they all knew perfectly well who the other members in attendance were.

There were more drinks, and the smoking started. William turned his head to catch sight of Milo sitting on the edge of his seat, his arousal proudly outlined by the tight material of his pants. The man was moving back and forth, clearly resisting the urge to do in public what ought not be done in public... except at a club of this sort. “Well that’s not a sight you see every day,” he muttered, knowing there was talk of how much work it took to get that man’s flag up these days. “I wonder what it is that has him all lathered up.”

Just as Milo bid, William followed his gaze to the prize on the stage. A young man stood there in sheer white clothes, wet and clinging, to best show off his assets. He felt a tightening in his groin, and let his gaze slowly travel up the boy’s chest to see the uncovered lower half of his face... those soft, sensuous lips that taunted him so many nights.

William paled. He gripped the arms of his chair for a full five minutes as the bids continued. Every bid was followed by Milo raising the bid. Images of Milo atop Alex, panting and fucking invaded his mind, sending hot fury inching through his veins.

Fine. Let the boy get what he wants. He threw a disgusted look toward Milo. He’d probably last five minutes, but then what? He’d heard Milo played other games. Where his own flag had problems standing, he used substitutes.

“He’s mine... another twenty pounds...” Milo was jerking back and forth, panting as he spoke. His hand kept sliding within an inch of his cock, but it was unclear how much longer he could resist.

William swore under his breath and closed his eyes. Not quite the most brilliant move... again, he saw mental images of Milo touching Alex, greedily sucking on him, pushing into him.

“Another fifty... bring him here, I want to come in his mouth,” Milo yelled, his voice edged with desperation.

“Five hundred...” William sprang up. “Five hundred.”


Xander smiled triumphantly and blew his winning bidder a kiss. Oddly, all he got back was a grim straight line for a smile.

(Comments much appreciated)
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