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Straight on 'til Morning

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Never Never In The Black". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: True Peace didn’t unleash chaos into the world.

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Firefly > Drusilla-Centered(Past Donor)CharlotteFR1311,0780188412 Feb 0812 Feb 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Any recognizable characters belong to their respective owners. This is for amusement and enjoyment only.

Straight On ‘til Morning

She was mystery personified. That was the best way to explain her existence in his mind. The longer he was in her presence, the more memories from his childhood returned from wherever they’d retreated during his indoctrination and training by the Alliance.

Ancient stories of the supernatural resurfaced and the Alliance’s foremost Operative, formerly known as Thomas Wood by his mother and recently named Rufio by his Mistress; came to understand what a vampire was. The stories transported through the Black on the generational ships held little reality. Otherwise, the ‘verse would be overrun with vampires. Thomas had been as far out as one could get and Drusilla had been the first non-human ‘monster’ he’d encountered.

Monster had been her term. Savior was his. Thomas hadn’t held much hope for his survival past a year. Not due to a lack of skill, but a lack of desire, of purpose in a universe that had deteriorated into madness.


Her age made his teeth ache. Thomas hadn’t known he was a sensitive and she’d explained that his gift had been meant to stay hidden until now. If his empathic ability had manifested before now, he’d never been in place at the right time and so much would have changed.

The possibilities were enough to drive one mad if one chose to make the attempt. Drusilla was very adamant that he not try. The light in her eyes at the time was more than enough to convince him. The strength of her grip on his shoulder and the reality of three unconscious soldiers in his hold backed it up. They were for later. When her Childe awoke.

Former Serenity pilot Hoban Washburn was strapped in the spare bunk; his ruined body silent and still as the powerful blood Drusilla had fed him healed his wounds. Time would only tell if the man’s mind had been saved.

Drusilla was serenely optimistic.

His questioning of why she was so certain brought forth a fountain of secrets. Some of them his, some not his personally, but entrusted to him. Then she shared a glimpse of the future. Drusilla had been gifted with not only retrocognition, but precognition. Part of his training as an Operative was in recognizing extra sensory abilities. The Academy gave substantial remuneration for information on qualified people. Ancient terminology would call her a Seer.

His resolve reformed. Thomas knew she’d planted the images in his mind. But they held a ring of truth and his newly awakened gift gave it credence.

If his empathic ability hadn’t manifested itself, Thomas would have never understood Drusilla’s ramblings. There was no logic to it. Though she claimed to be much improved, the woman rambled more than River Tam. He’d studied all of the data recordings ever made of the young girl. Ms. Tam had been certifiably insane. Knowing the how and why she came to be in that condition made him wonder how her brother Simon had kept them out of Alliance hands regardless of their affiliation with Captain Reynolds and his crew.

Her calling as a Slayer sent a chill down his spine.

Fear wasn’t a familiar emotion for Thomas. His first sensation of it since graduation from the Academy had been at the sight of the horde of Reaver ships breaking through the Ion cloud in pursuit of the Serenity.

The Theory of the Taiji teaches that the phenomena of the natural world combines to create a unity of opposites. Yin and Yang. Slayer and Demon.

The fact that One girl in all the world, now Universe was all that ‘The Powers That Be’ deemed necessary to control the ‘Spread of Darkness’ meant that little River Tam was now, more than ever; a danger to what he now held dear.

According to Drusilla, she was the only one of her kind in the ‘verse. Certainly the only one to successfully make the trip across the black from Earth That Was. Content to remain so, she had settled on Miranda.

Thomas had been sent to retrieve River Tam and all the secrets her chaotic mind had held. He hadn’t been interested in those secrets. Now they were out and the horror had destroyed his faith in the Alliance and their desire for peace.

True Peace didn’t unleash chaos into the world.

Arrogant men with the desire to control did and now, after a thousand years, the Slayer was needed again. Instead of being mortal enemies, Drusilla said the new vampires would be needed to fight along side the Slayer. To protect Humanity’s last chance. Reavers were only the beginning of the chaos unleashed if the Alliance was left unchecked.

A commotion sounding from the rear of his ship startled Thomas out of his thoughts and Drusilla lifted her head from its resting place on his shoulder.

Her breath whispered across his ear. “Our Peter is awake. Will he like his new name?”

Their destination came into sight and Thomas turned his head to meet her delighted gaze. Her child like glee brought out an answering smile. Yet another resurgence of long dormant emotion.

“Possibly, if he believes in fairies.” After four days, he was still amazed at the range of emotions Drusilla had managed to extract from him. Most of them on the tender, protective side.

“Oh! Dear Thomas, but he does! Though he learned at an early age that happy thoughts cannot replace wings.” She tweaked his ear. Rufio most keep clear of the Childe until his thirst is sated. With age comes control.”

Everything Thomas had read about Hoban Washburn indicated he was a wild card. Trained in the finest flight schools the Alliance could offer, he’d turned away from his teachers and spent the majority of the war in lockdown.

He was beginning to believe that had been a good thing.

Thomas turned round and watched Drusilla dance and spin toward the spare bunk. She sent him a wink before closing the bridge hatch. He switched on the audio link and selected a collection of classical works by Mozart. One of the few composers whose works had managed to survived the exodus.

Clarinet Concerto in B Flat Major. Soothing music sure to mask the sounds he knew would be filtering through the door soon. He would need to land before long and screaming would be a distraction.

End this part

One more I think since we have to hear from Wash

What do you think?

The End

You have reached the end of "Straight on 'til Morning". This story is complete.

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