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Family Share Plan

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Summary: A meeting in a crowded subway leads to a family reunion of sorts. (X-Men/SPN) (Rogue, Sam, Dean, John, Magneto)

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(Moderator)DemonaFR1311,150131,43612 Feb 0812 Feb 08Yes
TITLE: Family Share Plan
AUTHOR: Demona aka
CHARACTERS: Rogue, Sam, Dean, John, Magneto
WARNINGS: Set after X3 & through Season Three of SPN
SUMMARY: A meeting in a crowded subway leads to a family reunion of sorts.
DISCLAIMER: The characters of Supernatural belong to Eric Kripke, the CW, etc. The characters of X-Men belong to Marvel Comics, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
NOTES: Written as a response for my Pic for 1000 Livejournal Community assignment.
And written for the SPN_Twisted Livejournal Community challenge: Team: SPN/X-Men, Round 1, Challenge 2

Many, many, many thanks for Saturn for the Title and Summary and for posting it in time for our challenge. Coming in tied for last is soooooo much better than just losing!! *wink*

(Note: Just to explain where this story came from in relation to the picture - I looked at it and took each box to represent a life (Rogue, Sam, Dean, John). And lives, in general, are pretty fragile.)

Rogue was pushed about in the crowd boarding the subway car. Her bare skin brushed up against that of the other passengers and a small shudder coursed through her body. Despite the fact she’d been cured several months ago, it was still a thrill for her to touch bare skin. Even now, with fall settling in along the East Coast, she still wore short sleeves and bare hands, which allowed her the casual brush of skin.

The car was full, practically overflowing with people, as she looked for a seat. None were available, so she took a position next to a metal pole and wrapped her bare fingers around it, enjoying the cool touch of metal. The door chimed, signaling the departure of the train, and then it jerked to a start. Rogue took a step back to keep her balance and she let out a soft sigh. Even in a crowded subway train full of people she felt alone. ”You will always be untouchable,” a tired, cynical, old voice whispered in the back of her mind. Cured or not, Rogue worried he might be right. Rogue shuddered at the thought and pushed Magneto deeper into the recesses of her mind. She would not allow him to ruin her day or more importantly her new way of life.

Rogue was jerked out of her thoughts as the subway car jostled around a turn, the train driver applying the brakes a little too hard, and she lost her balance. She started to stumble, tripping over a duffel bag at her feet, her hand automatically releasing from the pole to brace her fall, and she knew it was going to hurt like hell when she landed.

But the painful landing never happened as a large hand circled around her bicep and the other wrapped around her waist. She hung there for a moment, weightless and almost flying, before she was put back on her feet. Rogue turned, her white locks obscuring her view for a moment, searching out the owner of those wonderfully strong hands.

“Are you alright?” he asked, voice low and full of concern. And it was familiar, so very familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

“I’m fine,” was already working itself out of her mouth as she looked up, and up a little more to her savior. She took in the hesitant smile, dimples making an appearance in his cheeks, and then she remembered.

Sam. Sammy. Son. Demon. Future leader of an army hell-bent on destroying the world. He must be killed if he can’t be saved. John’s thoughts rolled through her mind and the grateful smile dropped off her face.

He noticed the change in her posture as she recognized him. He was trying to pull away, trying to put some space between them, but it was already too late. Rogue felt the familiar pull of her mutation for the first time in months. Dimly in the back of her mind she heard Magneto chuckle as her mutation returned. She watched, mesmerized and horrified as the skin on his hand began to ripple from the pull.

She wrenched her hand free, palms already sweating, as she collapsed on the dirty subway car floor. Sam looked down at her, eyes showing his confusion and fear, before they rolled back in his head. He swayed for a moment before crashing down beside her. It was then that Rogue noticed his companion, as he pulled out his gun and pointed it at her.

She screamed, heart-wrenching and terrified, at the first image memory of fire. Fire, red-hot flames licking around the edges of his mother’s flesh, filled her vision and smoke and the sickening smell of burning, charred flesh filled her nostrils. She gagged, unable to breathe around the suffocating heat, and threw up her lunch.

The subway train slowed to a stop and all the passengers in their car quickly fled. She didn’t blame them, nor was it a surprise when no one else boarded before the doors closed again.

“What’d you do to my brother?” the man asked. Dean two voices supplied her with his name. Two outta three Winchesters now resided in her head. And Rogue snickered, not so quietly, to herself as she wondered if Dean would like to complete the family share plan in her head.

“He’ll be fine. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I didn’t even realize I could,” Rogue honestly answered as she spit out what remaining vomit remained in her mouth. She needed a toothbrush and some mouthwash pronto.

Dean didn’t seem too satisfied with that answer. “Try again,” he spoke, and it wasn’t a request.

”Is that The Colt?” John questioned as he took a better look, causing Rogue to squint slightly at the gun pointed at her.

”Modified from the original, works just the same, if not better,” Sam answered and John nodded.

“Best tell him what you are Marie. I don’t think I’d like to end up in Hell,” John explained to her.

She felt, more than saw, the strange, shocked look that Sam gave John.

“It’ll kill me,” Rogue quickly explained as she looked up the barrel and beyond it at Dean.

“That’s the plan,” Dean dryly replied with a satisfied grin.

“Regular gun and bullet will work just fine though. I’m a mutant, not a demon,” Rogue added and raised an eyebrow, not breaking eye contact, waiting for his decision.

“Demons lie,” Dean immediately shot back. “What’d you do to Sam?” he asked again, more anger and urgency in his voice.

“Nothing he won’t recover from. I did the same thing to John a few years ago and he lived to tell the tale,” Rogue replied. A small tick was all Rogue needed to see on Dean’s face to realize she’d stepped in it somehow.

”About that, Dad,” Sam quietly started. The bottom dropped out of Rogue’s stomach at the words. ”You’ve been dead for over a year now,” Sam explained.

“What?” John yelled in Rogue’s head.

The End

You have reached the end of "Family Share Plan". This story is complete.

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