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The Watcher's Folly

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Summary: A mysterious gentleman arrives at Slayer central, his meeting with Willow Rosenberg turns into a battle that will save the world from the designs of Dracula.

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My Name is Laurence Talbot

Author's Notes: The Disclaimer is at the bottom of this chapter simply because I want to get into the fun as soon as possible. I was inspired to write this up one Halloween, possibly two years ago or just last year, but I forget when exactly. I wanted to write this story to merge three of my all time favorite films together, Van Helsing, The Mummy and The Wolf Man series with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I hope you will all enjoy it, and now let the story begin.
P.S.All of the action will be in chapter two sadly I wanted to make it otherwise, but exposition must come first.

The thirty-four year old gentleman entered her office with a curious look. He was dressed in a forties style brown suit and hat looking like someone out of an old horror movie, he was carrying a black wooden walking stick with a silver top. The top was in the shape of a wolf with a five pointed star imprint near the haunches, he offered a warm smile and offered a hand, which Willow shook.

“I’m glad you could make it on such small notice Mister… Um, I don’t believe the records we could find listed any names.” Willow greeted apologizing at the same time; the older gentleman smiled and shook his head.

“The Watchers of the past and I had an understanding, my name is unimportant for the time being.” He returned the strangely americanized accent striking her as strange for someone who claimed to be of the English gentry. Taking a seat he propped his cane up against the desk and removed his hat. “How can I help the new Watcher’s Council today?” He enquired. Willow sighed and took her seat behind the desk.

“Since the explosion of the old Council building and a lot of records being lost we’ve had to call in on a lot of favors.” She revealed fidgeting slightly as she examined the paperwork sitting on her desk. “We’ve had some trouble locating all of the funds and have been asking all surviving contacts for help in locating the missing bank accounts.” She elaborated tugging a copy out and passing it to the man. There was something eerily familiar about this man, as though she’d encountered an aura similar to his before. He offered a smile after examining the paper and leaned back in his seat twisting his hat in his hands.

“Well that’s understandable Miss Rosenberg, but my ties with the Watcher’s Council weren’t exactly linked to their financial records.” He returned. Willow let out a tired sigh, she’d expected that.

“What were you to them precisely? It might help us to know in the future.” She requested politely intending to take a few notes with her laptop.

“An advisor of sorts you might say.” He returned placing his hat back on his head and tipping it back slightly. “You see there were certain… Artifacts you might say. Items of considerable danger that I inadvertently became linked to, also if a certain vampire reared his ugly head anywhere on the globe it was my duty to… Keep tabs on him.” He revealed smilingly slightly as though at some private joke. “It was partly my unofficial task to keep an eye on these items after Travers, not the one you were familiar with caused a sort of. Upset amongst the Watcher’s during the Second World War, I was told to make certain neither of them fell into the wrong hands again.” He supplied. Willow’s curiosity was piqued, but her guest didn’t seem too forthcoming.

“Were they mystical in origin?” She asked trying to gain further insight into the mysterious gentleman, though she hadn’t told him he was actually one of a handful of survivors from the old Council not counting Giles of course. And they were extremely interested in keeping them on the payroll, so to speak.

“I suppose you could classify them as mystical. Although my companions might argue the matter.” He replied. “Of late however I’ve lost tabs on them; it was my hope to enlist the aid of your organization in locating both my companions and the artifacts.” He revealed Willow’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t like the sound of that.

“You lost them?” She accused the gentleman shook his head frowning slightly.

“Actually no, I’m afraid they may have been stolen er… Kidnapped. You see while the First was dealing with the old Council I was assaulted by that vampire I mentioned.” He explained with a tired sigh. “He delights in tormenting me personally because of our mutual history together; during the ensuing conflict I’m afraid I lost sight of my companions. So understandably I require the aid of a slayer to recover them and track him down.” He admitted. Willow felt a headache coming on, hitting the intercom she decided that Giles might be better suited to help the unnamed gentleman out considering she had so much to take care of today.

“Gretchen could you call Giles to come down here, and we might need Faith.” She requested the gentleman shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“If this is a bad time.” He began; Willow shook her head and offered a smile.

“Nonsense. Reclaiming lost artifacts of the old Council is our specialty at the moment.” She replied. The gentleman nodded and turned as the door opened, he smiled in greeting and got to his feet as Giles came in. Upon seeing the gentleman his face instantly fell, he promptly removed his glasses and the kerchief from his pocket and proceeded to wipe them clean. Willow had a good idea this was going to be bad.

“Bugger.” Giles swore as Faith appeared in the doorway, the raven haired slayer glanced between the two men and then shot a quizzical glance at Willow.

“What’s with G-Man?” She asked using a nickname she’d heard Xander use once simply because it irked him. “And does it have anything to do with the Werewolf?” She added Willow felt her headache growing. That explained her earlier unease if he was a werewolf she must have recognized it sub-consciously.

“They’re gone I take it?” Giles asked after returning his glasses to their customary perch, the unnamed gentleman nodded and once again Giles let out a curse. “Bugger.” He repeated. “Good Lord.” He added just to emphasize how bad this was, his reaction did not instill Willow with much confidence. Just who was this guy and what was so bad about these artifacts?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Watcher’s Folly

Faith Lehan was the second oldest slayer in current history; she’d been in Cleveland dealing with the Hellmouth while Buffy took off for Rome. Giles and Willow were helping out with the new school they’d created for all those mini-slayers running around the globe. With Xander off somewhere in the middle of Africa and Robin disappearing soon after they established the school Willow had requested her aid specifically until others were prepared for daily operations better.
Now Giles was standing in the wicca’s office staring at a werewolf as though the First had popped back in to say hi or something, whatever was wrong she sensed it was going to be a real doozie. And it looked like red was in a bad need for some Tylenol.

“We need to have a meeting. Now.” Giles blurted the werewolf shook his head.

“There isn’t time to delay, Imhotep may be gone but others could benefit from the spells. I’m living proof of that.” He pointed out. Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose in turn.

“Fine, but whoever we send to help must be briefed.” He countered. Faith studied him slightly, she’d rarely seen him this bent out of sorts, Buffy had more interaction with the senior Watcher then she’d ever had.

“Faith is here; won’t we need an experienced Slayer?” Willow asked Giles sighed, experienced slayers were in short supply.

“You forget we require her here and this mission could take considerable time, aside from Buffy who isn’t here and Faith who has the most field experience?” Giles demanded. Willow looked like she wanted to say Kennedy, but Faith knew there was some bad blood between them of late and most of the others at ground zero in Sunnydale were doing their best to teach the newer girls.

“Desiree and Valerie recently tackled with a Fyarl nest, three Master vampires and a poltergeist.” She replied. Giles nodded and Faith smirked, Valerie was a brunette with social phobia and Desiree was the epitome of stereotypical Hicksville USA, and she was from Scotland.

“Get them both to report to the situation room ASAP.” Giles called beckoning for the unnamed werewolf to follow; obligingly he came fancy cane in hand. Willow called the dorms and hastened out after the duo after leaving a message. Normally she would have left it at that, but Faith was curious, so she decided to tag along and see what the situation was all about.

Valerie sighed as she joined Mister Giles in the so called situation room; she was tired, hungry and really didn’t want to go out again if it meant anything like the last nest of demons she and her so called partner had tussled with. At the moment she was in a soft blue baby tee and a tight pair of gray leather pants, she hadn’t even had the energy to change before dropping off to sleep after patrol last night. Her contacts were still in too though she much preferred her glasses and her hair was tied back in a bun.
As usual the shorter Desiree was close beside her in her olive crop top and matching leather pants, Valerie didn’t recall Desiree asking permission to wear her top either. She also had no idea why they always wore leather in the field, she suspected it had something to do with memories from Buffy and Faith their sometime slayage instructors, as Buffy called it.
The auburn haired Scotswoman immediately ate up the hot looking man standing next to Giles muttering under his breath, Valerie could sense something off about him but she couldn’t tell what and Desiree didn’t seem to care as she undressed him with her eyes.

“We face a situation of grave importance.” The head Watcher revealed immediately presenting their new assignment. “Rather then explain myself I’ll allow Mister Talbot to do the talking.” He added introducing the tall dark haired man apparently to everyone in the room judging by the looks on Willow and Faiths’ faces. Desiree smiled predatorily as Mister Giles took a seat; Faith and Willow were sitting further in the back the latter tapping away at her laptop the former eyeing the proceedings with an eager light in her eyes.

“As Mister Giles said my name is Talbot, Laurence Talbot to be exact. Some of you may be familiar with the name if you follow the old horror movies.” The man began his outer suit jacket and hat rested nearby along with a uniquely fascinating looking cane. Valerie could care less; she was instantly alert absorbing all pertinent facts for the mission. “I am a werewolf. A unique breed to be precise due to the fact that you can’t kill me.” He continued Willow made a startled little gasp-like noise and Desiree quirked an eyebrow almost playfully. She always claimed to be attracted to strange men.
“The old Watcher’s Council knew a lot more, but since it isn’t really important to delve into my life story right now let’s just say my immortal agelessness is linked to Dracula and an Egyptian tome called the Book of the Dead. One of the reasons you are here now. Roughly eighty years ago Hamunaptra, also called the City of the Dead was discovered by a group of archeologists. Similar to the horror movies of old there was a curse involved not to mention a few other mystical developments… Actually funny story Mister O’Connell sold his story to Hollywood, but that’s beside the point.” Talbot trailed off and picked up a glass of water from the table taking a sip. “Two ancient Egyptian tomes were discovered there, the Book of the Dead said to bring the dead back to life and the Book of the Living. Both tomes were entrusted to the Council after the passing of the O’Connell family, though the Medjai was opposed to this. Some point later Dracula discovered their existence and sought to use them, in so doing a lot of events took place that we really don’t have time to get into and both tomes were entrusted to me.” Talbot paused here again to wet his tongue and wiped his brow. Valerie noticed that Desiree was still making moon eyes at him, Giles looked grim and kept cleaning his glasses every five minutes while Willow and Faith either looked on with rapt attention or utter bemusement. “I was also safeguarding two… Ahem, companions of mine. The Watcher’s thought I could guard them better after that incident in Sunnydale surrounding the Initiative. Recently Dracula and I tangled again and he managed to kidnap my friends and make off with both of the Egyptian tomes. Obviously he is intending some sinister purpose, perhaps as he did when he last had possession of the Book of the Dead.” Talbot finished anti-climactically. Faith chuckled and Mister Giles let out a muttered curse.

“Oh do tell them bloody everything Larry. His friends are Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein. Willow you’ll find their files amongst those I gave you last week.” He snapped. Valerie blinked; she couldn’t have heard him correctly.

“Uh, Giles what files?” Willow began trailing off at the look in the older man’s eyes.

“Not the fictional characters.” Valerie blurted disbelievingly. Mister Talbot shook his head.

“Mister Giles is unfortunately being a tad tactless in his approach to get me to divulge their names, some joker in the Watcher’s Council decided to give them those names. They were an attempt at creating secret super soldiers and she was apparently a big fan of Mary Shelly’s novel.” He explained. Valerie breathed a little easier now that she had that bit of information; at least she didn’t have to worry about another Adam running around. “They are reanimated corpses of a sort far more advanced then mere zombies, an experiment one of the less scrupulous members planned during his research of the Egyptian spells in the Book of the Dead. They wanted more control over the slayer being chosen and so they tested their spells on two unfortunate individuals. Much like myself they are cursed with an immortal unlife.” He added. Faith rolled her eyes at that and Willow’s face paled her expression one of disgust and sympathy. Valerie didn’t know what to make of all this, it was like a bad horror movie in a way considering it featured practically all of the things typically found in the Universal monster movies of the nineteen forties and fifties.

“What’s Dracula want to do with them?” Desiree asked. “And didn’t Buffy kill him?” She added confused. Mister Talbot smirked as he changed positions striding slightly across the floor and eyeing the occupants of the room knowingly.

“Do you honestly believe there’s only one Dracula in the world?” He asked. “He’s sired many a childe in his time, and they’re all so fiercely loyal to their master that they are content to represent themselves as the genuine article. Even going so far in some cases to procure three wives.” He added sounding almost bemused. Valerie decided to take his word for it; Mister Giles and the other so called heads of the Council didn’t seem surprised by this revelation.

“You didn’t answer the first question.” She pointed out and Talbot nodded.

“Of course… What he’s planning I’m not entirely sure. As I said the last time he had possession of the Book of the Dead it didn’t exactly end well for me, so I do know that whatever it is it can’t be any good. Which is why I suspect I’ll be taking the both of you with me to Romania.” He remarked. Giles nodded and Willow started printing out what might have been a list of supplies.

“You two will pack at once, but please let Mister Talbot handle Dracula. I dare say even Buffy would be hard pressed to dispose of the genuine article considering no one’s seen him in centuries save Mister Bram Stoker.” The senior Watcher informed. Valerie sighed softly; once again it seemed she was being asked to deal with an impossible mission. There may be hundreds of Slayers our there now, but that didn’t mean all of them had what it took to be one, Desiree on the other hand looked positively ecstatic.

High atop the Carpathian peaks of distant Romania it sits a castle belonging to a Vampire who has claimed to be older then both Kakistos and The Master before him, inside shrouded in perpetual darkness created by the clouds that ever permeate these lofty heights dwells the dread Count himself and master of Castle Dracula. Having discarded his birth name long ago and taken the name Dracula for his own upon rebirth, Dracula was not sired by any Vampires of the waking world. He had long engineered the myths that surround his existence.
Bram Stoker wrote the novel Dracula after being compelled to do so by the man himself, if he could still be called that, and the floodgates of like-minded Vampiric tales unfurled across the globe. He had come into the world a minor sovereign of an impoverished nation or so some of the legends say and he left it all behind at the tender age of twenty-nine, some in the Demon world believed him to be descended from some offshoot of the order of Aurelius that had been wiped out so long ago that their nigh extinct state had been attributed to the Old Ones themselves.
According to the book he was a Transylvanian nobleman who claimed to be descended from Attila the Hun of Szekley descent. If indeed he was not embellishing his true origins then it is said he used the dark arts to return from the dead as a Vampire, of course other tellings claim he made a pact with the Devil himself in blood.
One Aurelian Vampire in particular thought him little more then a pontz with limited parlor tricks who owed him eleven pounds. Of course Spike also known as William the Bloody didn’t know he’d only met one of the numerous Childe of Dracula. However whatever Dracula had done to become the Vampyre he now was, all knew of his reputation and feared him accordingly. Dracula’s particular breed of Vampyre was as had been noted different from all those under the Order of Aurelius, the demon had not corrupted his physical beauty nor did he lose his soul upon transforming into the undead lord he now was. His skin proved pale as moonlight, just as all vampires needed blood to survive so too did Dracula, but unlike the others he proved to be immune to sunlight and could withstand holy symbols far longer then The Master ever could due to his exceedingly long life.
He possessed uncommon abilities due to his skills as a necromancer and the situations of his birth as an undead fiend; he could change into the form of a bat, mist or fog however he did not possess the ability to become a wolf. In truth he merely employed and enslaved Werewolves completing their transformation fully into the beast that sometimes was mistaken for Dracula. And then too there was the mystery of his ability to seemingly come back from death itself, or rather the death of the undead.
Even when staked through the heart it was said Dracula could return and resume his terrifying reign, in truth however as Laurence Talbot had noted Dracula sired many; especially male vampires who assumed the name and identity of Dracula to perpetuate the immortal vampire myth. Many that were slain by vampire hunters such as Van Helsing or even the Slayer were not the true Dracula.
All of these facts however proved uninteresting to the current captive guests of Castle Dracula, one in particular was rather irate at being so easily duped and ensnared. Kicking one of the fallen cornerstones in the dungeon the man, or what might have been a man shattered the hard stone the masons having never intended for such strength to be accosting them.

“I really miss the mummies, at least them I knew how to handle.” Rick O’Connell jokingly code named Frankenstein’s Monster complained. As the Watcher’s had discovered once in possession of the ancient tome the Book of the Dead held many spells, one such spell used at the onset of World War Two in conjunction with the limited sciences of the time had resulted in the rebirth of two individuals.
Unlike the Initiatives’ later attempt with Adam. O’Connell and his so called Bride, a young Watcher who had foolishly gotten in the way of a rampaging Fyarl demon named Regina Van Helsing did not have the appearance of literal Frankenstein’s.
Instead they appeared comparatively human with but a few small parts or implanted devices on their person, the most notable being Rick O’Connell’s entire left arm which had to be replaced due to the fact that his body had begun to decay by the time the Watcher’s could gain access to it. But as it turned out that was irrelevant to the Book, and yet his appearance had notably changed compared to what he looked like in life. His skin was slightly paler and instead of dark brown hair and hazel eyes he now had jet black hair and unnatural red eyes, the left arm as was mentioned was an implant of cast iron capable of firing bullets from the palm of his hand. Endowed mystically thanks to the spell the metallic bits could not decay with rust.
Regina, a descendant of the supposedly fictional vampire hunter Van Helsing had been nineteen and her body hadn’t begun to decay though her entire spinal column had been literally torn out, she too possessed unnatural red eyes, but her rich auburn tresses still clung to her. Although there was a large shock of pure white hair, her only implant was the bronze and nickel-iron spine that afforded greater dexterity. She was a master with bladed weapons of all type and typically carried a short rapier enhanced for Demon hunting, which now lay in the arsenal stores of Dracula’s castle.

“I’m sure Larry is huntin’ fer us even now.” She returned in her thick Scottish accent accustomed by now to O’Connell’s tirade concerning his past life, he had a problem with letting go hence always lugging around that spear of Osiris.

“Yeah, Lar’s alright I guess. But what does old fang face want with us anyway?” O’Connell wondered with a grimace. “I mean he found out in Prague that he can’t mind control us and when we tussled with him in Naples we all discovered that even the spells from the Book can’t undo what Travers did to us originally.” He added.

“True.” Dracula agreed appearing in the doorway almost impossibly sudden. “But I vanted to keep you out of my hair vhile I used the Books to perfect my latest design and restore the balance between Vampire and Slayer.” He explained seeing no reason to hide his plan from his enemies that were too late to stop him this time.

“Speak of the devil.” O’Connell muttered. “Hiya Dracy.” He added wishing his gun arm was loaded with anything even ordinary slugs, the aged vampire scowled at the jovial greeting while Regina eyed him cautiously, taking note. Unlike the Dracula in Eastern Mongolia they’d killed this one proved to be the genuine article.

“What are you talking about?” She wondered. “The Slayer upset the balance and managed to defeat the First for all its’ troubles, how do you think you can restore that which was destroyed by the follies of youth?” Dracula smiled and brushed his dark cape aside.

“Now that vould be telling, I assure you once you discover vhat I have intended you vill know true horror.” He remarked sounding almost weary, turning he strode from the room confident that his spells of locking and containment would keep the two of them within. He had much reading to catch up on and his Egyptian was sadly rusty.

“Tell me again why we couldn’t fly here?” Desiree complained days later as the old nineteen forty Ford bounced and rattled up the Romanian roadway leading to Transylvania.

“The mountain ranges are too narrow to reach our destination.” Larry Talbot replied pulling on the gearshift as he drove along, Valerie sighed naturally her teammate knew nothing about the region; they should have sent a Watcher along.

“This Book of the Dead. If the movie’s real shouldn’t it have been lost at Ahm Shere?” The brunette slayer asked readjusting her glasses. Talbot laughed and shook his head, both slayers eyed him expectantly.

“The movies are Hollywood hype and several facts are obviously embellished or erroneous. Evy O’Connell never died at the Oasis. Both of the Books were retrieved and taken from Ahm Shere by Alex O’Connell, also the Scorpion King wasn’t as dethroned as the film would lead you to believe. Recently Rick had to deal with him again, Anubis keeps bringing him back in an attempt to destroy the one who sealed his army away so that it can return.” He explained turning off the poorly maintained main road and onto an even worse side-road. “Then the Watchers got involved, an arrogant little SOB called Travers. You’ve probably heard of his descendant… Well he convinced O’Connell to give them the Book of the Dead, they’d already laid claim to its mate from the British Museum where Evy had loaned it out for exhibition. Following that there was a lot of…” He broke off braking to a halt in obvious annoyance as a heard of sheep were crossing the road coming down from the sparsely grass covered mountains not a shepherd in sight. “Stupid beasts.” He complained. “Anyway, World War Two started up soon afterwards and O’Connell was killed helping out a friend of his from the states recover something best left unsaid. His wife and son died during one of the blitzes probably should have mentioned that before.” He added taking off again as the sheep finally passed. “Travers studied both books very closely that’s how he discovered the spell shared by both; using it he resurrected O’Connell and a young watcher turning them into something new.” He elaborated. Desiree giggled while Valerie adopted a concerned look.

“Bet O’Connell didn’t like that.” She said, Valerie rolled her eyes and turned to Talbot.

“If they’re not Zombies, Demons or Vampires then what are they?” She asked she had to know because knowledge was her thing. She had the insatiable need to know everything about the Slayer, her enemies and her allies.

“Nobodies ever classified them.” Talbot replied pulling off the side-road onto a desolate stretch that led up to a decrepit crumbling little village, or at least what was left of one. “And I wouldn’t ask Rick that when we get to him, he’s a little touchy on the subject. Considering his wife and son died while the Watcher’s were literally bringing him back from the grave, resurrecting someone never turns out for the better.”

“Advice taken.” Desiree stated for Valerie before the other could so much as utter a word. “So this is it, Borgo Pass?”

“Not exactly, that comes later.” Talbot began with a slight frown. “We’d best wait here for the night Dracula is like nothing any Slayer has ever faced and we’ll need at least a day or two to properly prepare before storming Castle Dracula. Believe me it’s for the best.” He cautioned. Valerie had to agree with that statement, even Buffy had nearly been taken in and if Talbot was to be believed that had just been one of Dracula’s Childe.

“This place looks run down into the ground, where are all the people?” Desiree commented with a curled lip.

“Dracula quite literally has bled this town dry, not many live here anymore except for the Werewolves. He keeps them on a short leash, but prefers the castle to himself.” Talbot remarked parking next to one of the most intact buildings left standing, Desiree sighed and Valerie once again rolled her eyes. Trust her partner to worry about the state of their sleeping arrangements. “Fortunately since he’s busy preparing for whatever it is he intends to do he’ll have the wolves up at his castle to act as extra guards.” He added pulling out a faded leather suitcase with the initials L. T. on it.

“Won’t he know we’re here then?” Valerie asked uncertainly. Talbot nodded solemnly as he strode up the rickety wooden steps causing them to creak with age.

“Most likely, but he and I… Well let’s just say he prefers to avoid me rather then confront me when it’s this close to the full moon.” The ageless man remarked with a tiny smirk tapping his cane against the side of his leg. Both of the slayers took his word at face value having little experience to rely upon concerning the werewolf in front of them or the vampire they would soon be facing. Grabbing their bags they followed him into the building, knowing instinctively as Slayers that being close to the dark prince of Vampires wasn’t very conscientious of their health.

“Probably not even any hot water for showers either.” Desiree complained under her breath.

The sun finished slipping beneath the horizon and instantly the Count awoke, his eyes quite literally flew open and the lid to his casket rose of its’ own accord. Once again the master of Castle Dracula roamed the halls. Instantly he sensed the life in his lands, as old as he was he had perfected senses no ordinary vampire could lay claim to not in a million years.
His lip curled briefly as the stench of Talbots’ aura clouded his mind and clung cloyingly to his inner eye, the wolves in his pens howled melodiously and the bats above stirred restlessly. Dracula cursed his luck for the Immortal Wolf had brought with him two Slayers, two were not enough, but this meant that the Council could discover his intentions given enough time, time that he would not allow them to gain.

“Calmness my Children of the Night, he shall not harm you.” The vampire lord soothed his pets, his childe and all those in his domain speaking both aloud and with his mind. “So, the Volf Man returns to haunt me yet again, ve shall see about that.” He hissed baring his fangs and taking wing as the bat, a bat so impressively huge and demonic in scope that it could never be confused for the genuine creature except perhaps from a distance.

To Be Concluded

Disclaimer: I can safely say that the characters for the most part do not belong to me though some of them I wish I'd come up with in certain respects. Rick O'Connell, Imhotep, Dracula at least the interpretation I'm slightly modifying for the purposes of this story all belong to Universal Pictures and Stephen Sommers. I have enjoyed the films immensly and was inspired to blend them all together in a sense for this hopefully unique fan fiction. The character of Laurence "Larry" Talbot also belongs to Universal I make no claims to ownership of said character though he is most interesing indeed as far as Movie Werewolves go.
All characters from Buffy the Vampire slayer belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I also make no claims to ownership of them, they are being used to entertain and express my muse. Valerie Cartright and Desiree O'Toole are OCs of my own creation, you'll get to learn more about them in the second and last chapter of this story. Perhaps someone will be inspired to create my Frankenstein O'Connell in artwork. Oh right, Regina Van Helsing is also an OC of my own creation though the family name Van Helsing does belong to Bram Stoker if I'm not very much mistaken.
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