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Door on the Left

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Summary: The Mars duo decide they've had enough of Neptune: they move in the direction of the money--crime & unhelpful police. Veronica meets some interesting classmates at UC Sunnydale. Post S2 VM, Mid S5 BtVS.

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Disclaimer: Veronica Mars & Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective creators, Rob Thomas & Joss Whedon, et. all.
Spoilers: Through VM S2 and BtVS S4/5.
Summary: After Veronica's graduation, the Mars duo move in the direction of the money--a.k.a. high crime rates and notoriously unhelpful police. Veronica meets some interesting classmates at UC Sunnydale, and there's already a mystery a-brewin'. Set in Season 5 of Buffy, post-Fool for Love.
Warning: Very slightly wonky timelines. Basically, the Scoobs are college freshmen, despite it being season 5.


History, Psychology, Criminology, and Lit. Unfortunately, the only open history class was way earlier than I would've liked, but nobody ever said college would be easy. Of course, I spent a good chunk of time applying that thought to a future at Neptune's priviledged high-school-esque Hearst College, but UC Sunnydale does have some disturbing similarities.

For one, there's the frats. The last frat house I passed? Every single guy had buzz cuts, bulging muscles, and was practically standing to attention. If it wasn't for the greek lettering, I would've thought it was an ROTC base.

For another, there's the size. Despite being a university, UCS can't be much bigger than Hearst. The fact that it is a university is a mystery I have yet to solve--because Sunnydale's population most definitely doesn't merit one.

Last of all, there's the California babes and the intellectual dweebs. Along with the near-physical barrier that always separates the two. I've catalogued a few examples of this. Habit, I suppose.

Case one: The sunbathers. From busty blondes to over-burnt surfers, I can already mark that staked-out lawn area as a place of future in-bred generations of little sunburned babies. None of those guys and gals will be looking very far or very hard for acceptably-tanned mates.

Case two: The library. High ceiling, echo-y, and entirely empty except for dispersed factions of, as was helpfully pointed out to me, the book club, the Christian club, and interestingly enough, a Wicca club meeting. I guess this really is college.

Especially since YAF - Yet Another Flyer - is being shoved in my face. Argh.

Grab, rip, toss. Walk on.


"Veronica Mars?"

"Here." I raise my hand, slightly in shock. First time in years my name isn't called in an aggrieved 'Why Her?' tone. I could get used to this.

The role-call goes on for a bit, and an hour of note-taking later I've got a "This Day in History" partner presentation due for Thursday. Since it's a freshman class, Prof. Stewart decides that we should meet new people. Alphabetically.

So apparently I'll be meeting with the disappointingly shy 'I don't own a laptop' Tara Maclay after her Wicca club meeting.


Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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