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Ex-Evil Blonds Anonymous

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Summary: Series of ficlettes where Xander and Harry Potter chat while Draco and Spike attend the EEBA.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: SpikenashFR1373,88382311,12014 Feb 081 Mar 08Yes

Brunets in Conversation

Disclaimer:Joss Whedon and JK Rowling are the ones who made them up. They own the lot of them. Me? I just came up with the plot to this one.

* * *

Xander settled down on his comfortable chair in the hotel cafe and sipped at his latte. He’d come to pick up Spike from his weekly Ex-Evil Blonds Anonymous meeting and he could hear the arguing all the way out on the hotel lounge which usually meant he had a long wait.

“Probably plotting world domination again,” he muttered into his cup.

“Oh no, the last sentence I caught was more along the lines of setting up a dictatorship in some island first.”

Xander looked up in surprise to find the teenager sitting across from him smiling in his direction.

“You have one of them?” he asked, gesturing towards the sign.

“Yup,” the kid nodded.

“Is he big on world domination?”

“Nah, he thinks the world already belongs to him. We’re all painfully inferior compared to his absolute perfection and live to serve him.” The reply came with a rolling of the eyes and Xander knew he had found a fellow sufferer.

“Mine just can’t be bothered to put the plan into action. With Spike it’s all about instant gratification. He thinks he can get anything just by batting his big blues at me." he replied. "Xander Harris,” he introduced himself.

“Harry Potter,” the kid replied, looking a little nervous.

“Oh I heard of you, I should have known what with the scar and all,” Xander exclaimed, wondering a little at the increased nervousness. “Spike spotted you waiting out here a couple of times and asked your guy." At Harry's curious look, Xander explained, "My blond has joined forces with your blond. They’re gonna take over the group. Apparently the only sane, smart ones are our boys, everyone else is dumb and needs to be led."

The nervousness disappeared completely as the boy laughed. “Yeah, sounds like Draco. What’s the point of being in a group if you’re not the leader, Potter? Powerful wizards like myself have a duty to lead.” he said, obviously mimicking his lover.

“Yours is a wizard?” Xander asked, still giggling lightly.

“Yeah, I’m one too though not half as conceited as Draco. Yours?”

“Mine is a vampire. He's ex-evil though, don't forget!” Xander hastened to add. “No magically turning him into a pile of ash, okay?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. “No piles of ash, promise. Draco would nag until I found a way to bring him back anyway.”

“Oh no, I’m not worried about that. Spike is pretty indestructible. He went down a hellmouth and came back two weeks later. Like a bad penny, he just won't go away,” Xander said, smiling fondly.

Suddenly the commotion moved outside and Xander spotted Spike, in full game face, growling at some woman.

"I should get him before he forgets he can't kill people anymore," Xander sighed and said his goodbyes. "See you next week."
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