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Some Valentine's Day Fluff

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Misc. Buffy-Ventures". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's got a new guy in her life. Dawn and Xander are a little concerned, and Faith's just happy that B's finally gettin' some... or so they think. (2nd chapter added for jedibuttercup's birthday!)

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtheramusewithaviewFR1321,8070286,30814 Feb 082 Jun 08Yes

Fluffy Buffy

Disclaimer: I own naught.

A/N: This is weird. Very weird. My brain's being strange, and possibly deranged.

▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬

"What are you doing?"

Dawn let out a soft 'eep' and jumped. "I am so buying you a bell."

"Duly noted, what gives?"

"Buffy's making her weekly Willow check-in," the teenager informed him.

Xander squinted at her, "And that's interesting because...?"

"Buffy's been acting kinda weird lately and Valentine's Day is coming up so - "

"Dawn! It's not very nice to eavesdrop."

The brunette gave him an amused look, "My sister has almost as bad of a track record as you do. Holidays lead to badness, weird behavior means something of the wacky, and guys... c'mon Xander, you know there's at least a 75% chance this guy will end up either A) evil or B) in need of rescuing."

"But we've only been here a few months, who could Buffy have met?"

"Well, there's the professors at the school, some of the older alumni, the Order members, that creepy 'crepe' guy, plus all the possible baddies running around so - "

"Stop," he held up a hand, "Just stop. I get your point." Xander grinned and rubbed his hands together in that age-old gesture of mischief, "So, what've you found out so far?"

"Nothing interesting, you interrupted me just when she was starting to get to the good stuff."

Both Watchers pressed their ears to the door. Luckily for them, Buffy's office door tended to get broken down a lot, due to a combination of over-zealous slayers and the occasional magical mishap. The cheap plywood was not particularly sound proof, and if they strained, Dawn and Xander could just make out the blonde's end of the conversation.

" - big. I already told you, gigantic. Like, the absolute largest I've ever seen.... What else? Well he's really hairy.... No, I don't think he's ever really had a proper brushing.... Oh god Wills, so cute! It was love at first sight. I mean, he's just the sweetest thing.... Kinda slobbery, yeah but I love him too much to object. He's just showing his affection, ya know? Anyways, I gotta run. Talk to you later, Wills. You'll have to visit sometime so I can introduce you.... Uh-huh, bye!"

Dawn and Xander exchanged worried looks.

Shaggy?... thought one.

Slobbery?... mused the other.

▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬

Later that night, the two concerned Watchers met up with Faith and her newest boy-toy to discuss what they had heard. All four were lounging around Draco's rooms, comfortable in the subtle opulence the ex-spy called 'home'.

"So B's been gettin' some on the side? Good for her."

"She deserves it," Draco agreed, he and his girlfriend displaying the benevolent condescension of happy couples. The sort of magnanimous attitude that annoyed stubbornly single friends the world over.

"This is Buffy we're talking about, Faith! She of the world-ending, demon-having, crazy-psycho boyfriends! When have you known her to like someone normal."

"Cool down, little D. We ain't exactly average ourselves."

Dawn huffed, "That's not the point."

"Alright, what's blondie up to that's got your panties pinching?"

"It's not so much what she's doing - " Dawn started to say.

"So much as what she's saying - " Xander finished.

"Spit it out, what did she say?"

"Well... she called him slobbery."

"Yeah, said he was real wet and sloppy with the kisses, but um, his enthusiasm made up for it." Xander squirmed, uncomfortable. After so many years of living, working, and hunting beside the oldest slayer his feelings for her were firmly in the 'sisterly' category. Which made the thought of kissing... squick-worthy.

"She also said he was really hairy and um," Dawn flushed, "She said he was big."

Faith sat up, ignoring Draco's protest as she dug her elbows into his thighs to prop herself up off his lap. "She said he was big?" The dark slayer grinned wickedly, "How big?"

Dawn winced, "I believe her exact words were, 'gigantic' and er, 'largest I've ever seen'?"

Faith whistled, "Day-yum, go B!"

"This is serious! We've been trying to figure out who fits the description and well - " The teen looked to Xander for aid. "Well, see, there's only-one-person-we-could-think-of-that-fit-her-description," she said in a squeaky rush.

Draco wiggled one finger in his ear, "Could you repeat that slower, and possibly in English?"

"We think she's talking about Hagrid," Xander said solemnly.

"Hagrid? Big tall half-giant sorta guy? Makes the slayer sense go all fuzzy? That Hagrid?" Faith paused at their nods, head cocked to the side as she thought. Eventually she shrugged, "I've seen stranger couples make it work."

▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬

It was Valentine's Day and Buffy was making her way towards Hagrid's cottage at the edge of the forest. Her time in England, and more specifically Hogsmeade, had been good to her. The blonde had made a full recovery from the last climactic battle with Voldemort and his Death Eaters and had found herself with a surprisingly open welcome into the wand-waving community. There were a few Hogwarts-age witch-slayers to train and so she had used that as an excuse to stay.

Not that she needed much of an excuse. The Council was running smoothly under the watchful eyes of Willow and Giles, Xander was performing his duties as Head Watcher with extreme gusto though he was able to find the time for visits quite often. The integration of portkeys into the Council's repertoire of travel had greatly cut down on airfare and as such the entire group was much more in touch than they had been since Sunnydale.

Currently Buffy was taking time off from her usually busy schedule to spend time with someone special. She waved merrily at Hagrid as she passed him working in his garden and headed on into the forest. There was a second small house and a mini-menagerie about a hundred yards into the enchanted wood, the groundskeeper's real home, and that was where she was headed.

The blonde moved as quietly as she could, circling around to take advantage of the small breeze so as to disguise her scent. It was no good, she was a scant few yards away from her target when suddenly a loud baying filled the air.

Buffy leapt through the last few remaining trees blocking her path and was instantly tackled by a wash of brown fur. They rolled over and over, tumbling over in the grass and the blonde laughed until she was almost crying.

"Aw, didja miss me?"

Sloppy licking kisses in triplicate raining down on her face and upper torso were her only answer. Slowly she managed to worm herself out from underneath the giant three-headed dog known as 'Fluffy.'

"Who's a good boy?" Her slayer speed and strength came in handy as she lavished attention on all three heads. Six brown eyes, each as big as a clenched fist, stared at her in absolute adoration as one hind leg began to thump the ground blissfully.

She was extremely glad that she'd managed to secure the double-wide steel-wired brush from Xander's collection of tools. Though designed to aid in the polishing of stainless steel, she was sure it would do wonders on her magical friend's stiff coat.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Fluffy," Buffy grinned at the shaggy dog. All three heads nuzzled against her and she basked in the affection. "Who needs chocolate? You're plenty sweet enough for me!"

▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬ ♥ ▬
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