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Lives in Little Pieces

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Summary: Assorted ficlets from random fandoms. Grand events, minutiae and everything in between.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtheradoxerellaFR1556,308021,68914 Feb 0826 Mar 12No

Unwanted Aid

Joss and others own Buffy, Hiromu Arakawa and others own FMA.
AN: This is a part of a larger story that hasn't been written yet. It takes place about three years after the end of Chapter 108 of the manga and has minor spoilers. For BtVS it takes place in the summer after "The Gift"

They had been right in figuring it would only take a short walk through the graveyard to draw the vampires out. Ed and Al had only been walking for five minutes when they heard the rustling in the brush along the path alerting them to someone's presence.

The noise built steadily, and Ed glanced discretely over to his brother who held up four fingers. Ed nodded and jerked his head towards the more open area among the graves. As they broke off the path, there was an explosive rustle of leaves, then a blur before the four vampires appeared in front of them.

"Isn't it little late for a couple of kids to be walking alone," one of them sneered, trying to be intimidating.

Ed tightened his grip on the stake in his hand while rolling his eyes and glancing at his brother.

"We really need to figure out if some part of the process of making a vampire makes them this pathetic. Every time they say the same thing."

In front of them the apparently leader of the group startled slightly.

"If you know about vampires, why the hell are you wandering about in graveyards after dark. Even the Slayer's little lapdogs aren't that stupid."

Ed snorted.

"I'm not afraid of a bunch of overgrown leaches. I've seen much worse than the likes of you."

"Big talk from such a little human," the vamp chortled.

Ed gripped the stake in his hand hard enough to turn his knuckles white, while taking a deep breath through his nose, then slowly releasing it. He saw Al eying him nervously as if waiting for an explosion. Ed gave an evil chuckle before centering his attention on the creature in front of him. There would be an explosion, but it would be a controlled one.

"What's so funny?" the vampire asked.

"A few years ago you might have gotten the reaction you wanted, but despite what some people say, I have managed to grow up some," beside him Al made a derisive sound, and Ed made a mental note to berate him for it later.

"Anyway," he continued briskly. "I'm Edward and this is Alphonse and we'll be your slayers for the evening."

The vampire scoffed. "You two?"

Ed brought the stake up and took a fighting stance, hearing Al shifting behind him to follow his lead. Then with little warning he took off before flipping over the heads of the vamps to nail one of the flunkies through the back with the stake. Ed pivoted around to face the vampires through the settling dust, and saw Al behind them doing the same.

The two vamps sandwiched between them went back to back, eying the brothers with a tad more wariness than they had before. Ed saw the vampire facing Al, lunge, at his brother. Al dropped to a crouch to avoid the grab while kicking out with his leg to sweep the monster's legs out from under him. The vampire was taken by surprise and crashed to the ground. Al was on it in a second, stake plunged into his heart.

The remaining vampire, the leader stared in shock, which was all the opening Ed needed to reach over and slam his own stake into the heart. He relaxed slightly out of his fighting stance as Al stood out of his crouch in front of him.

"Pfft, that was too easy," Ed groused as he brushed the vamp dust off his shirt.

"Uhm, Brother," Al said pointing behind them, his eyes widening slightly.

Ed turned to look over his shoulder and saw about ten more vampires emerging from the woods next to the path. Ed pivoted the rest of the way around before resuming his stance, a vicious grin on his face.

Ed was about to start forward to meet the vampires when a muffled clap followed by a snap sounded out in the night. At the sound his eyes widened and he back-peddled as fast as could. Al joined him and they both vaulted behind two gravestones as the firestorm erupted around the vampires.

They waited until the light died down and the telltale sounds of vampires dusting finished before standing up. Ed jumped back over the grave, stalking towards the cause of the display.

"Dammit Mustang, will you watch where you point that stuff," Ed shouted, zeroing in on the man standing slightly farther back on the path.

"You nearly fried Al and I," he groused, glaring at the Flame Alchemist who adopted a casual pose as Ed got closed.

"You were fine, Fullmetal. If I was aiming at the two of you, I wouldn't have missed, and you know it."

Ed let out a frustrated growl.

"Why were you following us anyway? You know damn well that Al and I don't need a babysitter."

"Really? Then what the hell was that. I thought you two were coming out her so you could try out that stuff that girl was teaching you."

"How can I try anything if you're flambeing all my targets?"

"You were so busy biting off more than you can chew that you weren't testing anything."

"I was NOT biting off more than I can chew. We were doing just fine."

By this point the two men were less than a foot apart, glaring at each other. Neither was willing to give in, but Ed was the first to turn away, growling in frustration as he motioned to his brother.

"Come on, Al. Now we have to go round up so more vampires."

"Good luck with that one, mate," a new voice intruded on the scene.

All three men turned to see another man, pale hair sticking out in the moonlight, strolling across the graveyard towards them.

"Between your shouting and Sparky's fireworks, any sensible vamp will be holing up for the night. You're pretty much out of luck."

"Maybe I'll just find some not sensible ones," Ed groused, turning his glare on the newcomer.

"Yeah, or maybe you'll do what's smart and head back to your base for the night. I was coming to tell you the Scoobies are out on the hunt tonight. Willow's rousted them out of their houses for the evening, and even Giles has decided to get off his arse. The last thing you want the witch to see is the lot of you gallivanting onto the scene. You are still trying to avoid attention, aren't you."

Ed made another frustrated growl, but he didn't say anything back. Ed could tell Mustang was about to speak, but Al beat him to it.

"He's right, brother."

Ed sighed then shook his head.

"I know Al, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Come on," Ed gestured towards the house, stomping along the path.

Why did those stupid kids have to keep getting in their way? Every time anyone in their group would try and do something about the monster problem in this town, one of those kids was there to make vaguely threatening noises to try and warn them off. Ed and Al were their favorite targets, since they were the youngest of the group. Unfortunately the brothers had also been fighting for longer than those kids could understand, and Ed's stubborn streak was more than a match for their threats.

Al was walking along Ed, his steps much quieter, while Mustang walked along a few steps behind them. Spike loped alongside the group, just off the path, obviously on the look out for the rest of his group.

"So what set Willow off this time?" Mustang asked.

Spike gave a humorless laugh, his eyes still scanning the open areas of the graveyard.

"Took a look at the papers. Death toll has been climbing since the Scoobies stopped patrolling every night. They send that damn robot out, but half the time it doesn't slay a single thing. As is, the three of you have probably beat out it's weekly average in ten minutes."

"Anyway, Red saw the rise in the obituaries and played the guilt card on the rest of the Scoobies. Sent the Bit off to Janice's house, against her wishes mind you, and finagled the rest of them into patrol. She's 'co-ordinating'," Ed was pretty sure Spike would be mortified to realize he'd just made quote signs with his fingers, "by using some sort of mind talking mumbo jumbo."

"I knew you'd all be out here, so I figured I'd warn you off."

"I don't understand why they are so against us helping them out," Al said. "We want to help keep people safe."

"I imagine it has something to do with making a firestorm with the snap of your fingers," Spike said, his eyes still not connecting with the group beside him. "You all appeared during that shite storm that Glory created. She was trying to open a gate to a Hell dimension, and the lot of you pop out along with all kinds of other ooglie-booglies. Even I have to admit it's understandable for the Scoobies to be suspicious."

"But we explained what happened to them," Al persisted.

"They're at war, Alphonse," Mustang piped in from behind them. "People who are at war are slow to trust."

"It still doesn't seem right that they'd refuse our help."

"Well the Scoobies, not the most logical group. Anyway, Red's beckoning me in my head, and since I don't fancy getting staked tonight, I had better be off. You lot toddle on home."

Another swift clap, snap cut through the air and a tongue of flame appeared in front of Spike causing him to dance out of the way.


"Tone down the condescending attitude, vampire," Mustang snapped.

Spike just waved his hand dismissively as he jogged across the graveyard.

"You know, he could at least pretend to be intimidated," Mustang groused as he walked along.

"I don't think Spike knows how," Al replied.

Ed just laughed, as they made their way home for the night.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lives in Little Pieces" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Mar 12.

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