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Lives in Little Pieces

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Summary: Assorted ficlets from random fandoms. Grand events, minutiae and everything in between.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtheradoxerellaFR1556,308021,68314 Feb 0826 Mar 12No

Angel knows he shouldn't like Jack Harkness

This is the first in a series of fic-lets that were spawned from various bunnies that went nowhere and a few that turned into stories of their own. They are unbetaed for now, but I would be glad to have someone take a look at them. I am trying to get my writing style whipped back into shape after a prolonged case of block, so con-crit is very much accepted and desired. Also, I don't own any of the characters here, they are all the property of their respective creators. Any spoilers will be listed at the head of the chapter.

Torchwood/ Angel (no spoilers)

Angel knows he shouldn't like Jack Harkness. He's full of swagger and arrogance and unilateral decision making. He oozes sex appeal when he wants to, and is an utter bastard when called for. The coat proves the whole persona is just a little bit affected.

Okay, so maybe Angel really just doesn't like how much Jack reminds him of himself.

Angel spends most of his time in the Hub watching. He sees the group bustling about the Hub all full of efficiency and innuendo and camaraderie. Jack is in the middle of the chaos taking it all in, basking in the little family he has made for himself, and Angel just wants to grab him by the shoulders and shake him until he sees the utter pointlessness of it all. The team will just grow up, grow distant, grow old, die, and in the end Jack will have nothing to orbit him but space.

Then Angel catches Jack's eyes and he see the shadows there, and he remembers that Jack is already intimate with this fact. It is the curse of those who live forever, to watch the world change about them while they remain the same. However where Angel chooses to create a distance between him and that ever changing world, attempts to shield his heart, Jack dives in and embraces the life that he has. He wallows in his companions lives, savors every second of every life he touches while he's touching it. He isn't afraid of getting burned.

Angel knows he's jealous of that skill.

But Angel can't dislike Jack. Not when he catches the gleam in his eye during a dangerous mission, when he's flinging himself into harms way once again. The look of hope that maybe, if he's lucky this will all finally just end, and he can be finished. Angel can't dislike him when another shadow is added every time the latest death ends in him being dragged back again, confirming the fact that he still has work to do, a thankless job that never stops.

He knows others see those shadows in his own eyes too, and he also knows what it's like to long for a peace that you can't seem to find.

Angel knows he shouldn't like Jack Harkness, but as he moves from the shadows of his station into the bustle of the hub, he gives the whole group something that can pass for a smile. He goes about his job and joins the rest of Torchwood in orbit around Jack's sun. Angel has lost so much that he can't help but hold close the few comrades he has left.
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