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Prior Existence

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Summary: Dawn is remembering her life prior to the monks interference and will stop at nothing to find her old family, but she's been gone for longer then she suspected.

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Anime > NarutoUnnoticedTruthsFR1888,87514411,92815 Feb 0812 Oct 09No


Disclaimer-Buffy and Naruto don't belong to me. No matter how I wish they did.

Chapter 2-Traveling

Dawn sat in the middle of a dark room, the imitation of a hotel room. The blinds were shut and the door was locked. Dawn knew enough to say that her adventure would be put to an end the moment her over-protective sister discovered it.

It had been months since she had discovered her old memories, and she was anxious to return home.

Dawn had dedicated her time to training her reflexes. She could almost laugh at her progress that had grown exponentially now that she had the techniques memorized and the chakra manipulation to work with. She had been a notable ninja, and though she had her new techniques (namely witchcraft) for emergencies, she was almost up to her old caliber.

Her life had been busy for the last while, not that she wasn’t usually busy. With Buffy traveling around the world with new slayers being found and trained, her meager skills were put to use with the needed laundry cleaning and dishes (they kept her away from the cooking).

She sat in her circle of candles silently, her preparations completed. Xander was the one whom she had told about her old life. He wouldn’t freak as much as the others. She could still hear his response in her head.

“So you’re a big ball of energy that meshes with people when it needs to be protected, and the person you were was turned into energy with the thing inside it? Now your getting your memories, and you want to drop by and say hi…in another dimension? My life is so much more complicated than…”

It had taken a while, but Dawn had convinced Xander to keep the information to himself for a few days. She’d even given him a necklace that could track her matching piece, so they wouldn’t be able to complain about the difficulty of finding her in trans-dimensional space, not that it would stop them from complaining about something else.

She knew the other Scoobies would be upset about her not talking to them, but she needed to do this, and they would stop her before she could try, or at least require an escort that would scare the guards into locking her out.

Dawn took a deep breath as she spread her pulpy mixture over her forehead. It took a moment to clear her head to begin the incantation. “Ανοιξτε τις πυλες σε ο, τι μου ειναι αγαπητα. Ο κοσμος, αλλα ολοι ξεχασαν εδω. Σε φιλους και εχθρους μου μενουν πισω. Ανοιξτε τις πορτες να Konoha.”

Green light illuminated the room as she let a drop of blood fall on the candle in front of her. She made sure her pack was secure on her shoulders before speaking the last words that would end the incantation.

“Memoria silvae.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking