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Prior Existence

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Summary: Dawn is remembering her life prior to the monks interference and will stop at nothing to find her old family, but she's been gone for longer then she suspected.

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Anime > NarutoUnnoticedTruthsFR1888,87514411,91715 Feb 0812 Oct 09No

Chapter One

Disclaimer-Buffy and Naruto don't belong to me.

Small figures stood in black robes, waiting. They stood at the opening in a tall wall. A village lay inside it, waiting for the next attack to be blocked. Blood had been scrapped off those walls hundreds of times. The newest bleach scrubbing would await the end of the war. Trees breezed in the gentle wind, still living through the chaos that surrounded them. They blew leaves into the dirt road that ran through the forest.

A tall girl with long brunette hair stood at the gates, it was she that was the subject of the monks unwavering gaze. Her sword was strapped to her waist, freshly cleaned from the blood that repeatedly stained it. Any man who judged her by her soft face was a fool.

Her hand was gripped tightly to the blonds across from her. Their faces were unemotional, yet their hands shook ever so slightly. The blond young woman looked away, Tsunade was her name.

“You’ll be fine,” Tsunade said, more to herself then the girl opposite her.

“Guys in robes tell me I get to stay in a catacomb sleep in the form of energy and that’s the best you can come up with?” she teased. Tsunade smiled back, hesitantly, as she locked her friend into an embrace.

“Find me,” Tsunade whispered into her ear.

“Dimension traveling takes time. And it may be years before I figure it all out,” she muttered back tiredly.

She unbuckled her sword as they separated, handing it to Tsunade.

“Keep it for me ‘til I get back.”

“I can fill a storage room with all the stuff you’ve asked me to ‘keep’ for you. But what are friends for?”

The girl smiled one more time as she turned away. She walked to the monks and beyond without a backwards glance. She was a shinobi, and they kept their emotions in check.

Tsunade watched until she was no longer visible.

“Goodbye Akegata,” she whispered to the wind.

Dawn snapped out of her daydream as she heard the bell ring, they had become more and more frequently lately.

Tara had told her to meditate on them. Tara. Dawn forced back her thoughts of the gentle hearted witch quickly. The witch that was no more. It was too painful to attempt something that Tara had asked her to do.

Tara was the only one she’d told, the only one she’d trusted with the strange images that flashed in her head every few days. She did not want to take them lightly. And Buffy, despite her best efforts, was too preoccupied with her own problems to help Dawn deal.

Dawn looked at the halls around her; she didn’t doubt that it would be empty in another few days. The people were fleeing, soon only her own house of could-be heroes would remain to fight the First.

They’d fought; Dawn almost laughed as she dug her fingers into the ground. She didn’t want to forget how many friends she had forgot, and the number was getting larger and larger. She needed to remember. She needed to remember those she had killed, they had been humans once.

She sat in the Sunnydale crater. Mere minutes after the town had been destroyed. Buffy had said they could have a few minutes to say goodbye before they left for medical care.

She crossed her legs into the meditative pose that Tara had shown her. How was she supposed to force back thoughts of them all? There were too many of them to try to forget. Why should she forget them? No one else would remember them.

She eased her breathing and cleared her mind as she fell into the pose. Images flashed into her mind. Faster then the usual dream, they set before her eyes in seconds, but felt, and were, years. Funny, how she had done the exact same thing all those years ago, collapsed to the ground and held back sobs.

Dawn opened her eyes and saw Faith coming towards her. She bit her lip as her mind went back to all the others that she had lost, and destroyed. How could she forget them?

“Time to go D,” Faith said as Dawn sheathed her dagger. She had a lot of training and research to do. She couldn’t return to her old friends in her current state of ability.
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