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Heart Won't Lie

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Summary: At the end of the battle for Sunnydale, Xander finds himself changed

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
CaliadragonFR1543,50634228,1923 Aug 0316 Jun 09No

Father and Son Reunion

AN: Wow it has been a long time since I have dealt with this story, so here is a new part finally. Just a note, I have lost the original thread of where this story is going so the pairings will probably change and other fandoms will be coming into it. On another note, Wolfram and Hart have been destroyed and sent back to the hell they came from. They pissed off the Charmed Ones and Piper destroyed them when she temporarily gained the powers of Hera. Now onto the story. This part is unbeta'd.

Logan was trying hard to equate what his son's young friend had told him. He was stunned to learn that there were now five slayers and that they had just defeated the First Evil. He had in turn shocked them by telling them that Xander was born in the tunnels beneath the High school and that his mother was a Slayer. That he was the first child to be born to a full slayer, not a potential like Robin Woods.

Xander was standing in the hall listening to his father and thought on his mother. It explained so much about what he remembered of her. It also explained why Travers wanted him dead so badly. His mother was a slayer and his father a mutant.

Xander had been visited while he slept and just what had happened to him had come to light. Xander wasn't just a mutant and a slayer's child. He was now the living embodiment of the hellmouth. When the power began to die, it latched onto Xander as a familiar source.

The Powers had told him that his father wanted to take him home with him, but Xander could not go. He had another calling and it wasn't going to be easy. In the next few days the Powers would be making changes to this dimension and the changes were going to make things easier on Mutants and Supernatural creatures, but also make a few things harder.

By having defeated the First and the Charmed Ones destroying Wolfram and Hart, the Light had won this dimension. Which meant that they could change things to suit their wishes. However, one thing that they had not accounted for was Xander becoming a living hellmouth. They were going to tie him to the earths defenders, he would be living centrally and be the connection that all of the earths defenders would have a way to reach. He was a little confused, afraid, and excited as it meant he would be able to go to other galaxies, but it also meant that he would essentially be immortal. As long as there was a champion born on earth he would live. The day that the last champion died so would he.

He walked into the living room, coming to meet his father and to tell his friends what the Powers were about to do to him and to them. He wasn't sure whether to rejoice or sob like a child.

AN 2: I would love suggestions one where to put Xander. He will not be majorly super powered. His mutant power is actually similar to Logan's and he has the strength of his mother. He will be able to make stable portals and travel wherever he wishes, but that will be the extent of his powers.
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