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Heart Won't Lie

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Summary: At the end of the battle for Sunnydale, Xander finds himself changed

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
CaliadragonFR1543,50634228,1923 Aug 0316 Jun 09No

Heart Won't Lie

Title: Heart Won't Lie

Author: Caliadragon

Fandom: Buffy/X-Men

Category: AU/Crossover

Part: 1/5

Pairing: Xander/Bobby preslash

Warnings: Violence, Mush, Character Death, Rape, Torture, Slash and mentions of Het, Humor

Rating: R

Feedback: On list or at

Archive: Any list I send it to, those with prior permission and BC

Spoilers: X-Men movie 1 and Buffy season 7, prior to 'Dirty Girls'

AN: Since I have yet to see X2, this will be set somewhere after that. I am going to give Logan back his memory and make Xander his son. On Buffy, the First has been defeated, but Xander has been changed. This will take place right after the battle.

Summary: At the end of the battle for Sunnydale, Xander finds himself changed and a whole new future waiting for him.

Thanks to Edi for the beta and the support.

Daddy Comes Calling
Chapter 1

Xander sat in his living room looking around in a dazed sort of shock. Across from him, Giles and Dawn sat leaning heavily against one another. Both were asleep. On the floor, Buffy and Willow were cuddled down asleep. The battle had taken a lot out of them. Angel was sitting back against the wall with Spike cradled against his chest, sleeping. Anya, Andrew and Faith were all asleep on various pieces of furniture. The potentials were at Buffy's, hopefully asleep and not causing any damage. It had been nearly four hours since the battle with the First. There were only three potentials left alive.

Rona and two other girls. Xander had been relieved to see that Rona had made it through the battle. He liked her strength and her outspoken way.

He knew that he should be sleeping, but it was eluding him. His mind was in a numb sort of shock. Willow had finally cried herself to sleep. It had been a shock to see Kennedy among the fallen. Out of all of them, he thought she would be one of those to survive. The biggest shock had come from the fact that he had been the one to kill Caleb. He hadn't told anyone yet that he had defeated the psychotic priest. Nor was he sure he should.

His whole body ached and his mind would not rest. Random thoughts and emotions seemed to want to tear their way to the forefront, but he was ignoring them. He could still see the flash of white light that had burned its way out of his skin as he killed Caleb. Then there were the various demons and vamps that seemed to come crawling out of the woodwork to attack them all. Fortunately, all the Scoobies had managed to survive. Even the newest Scoobies like Andrew and Faith.

Angel opened his eyes and looked at Xander. He wondered why the boy was not asleep. There was something different about Xander. He smelled different and felt different to Angel. Angel was too tired to figure out what the difference was though, so he closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.

The next evening, when the others began to awake, Xander was still in the same position he had been in the night before. Angel was shocked to see that the young man had not moved all night. The fact that he was still awake also worried him. "Xander?" Anya called.

Xander didn't look up from studying his hands. He clenched and unclenched them, but never looked up. Anya and Willow shared a look before going over to Xander and tapping him on the shoulder. He looked up in shock and his hands and eyes flared with light. Willow fell backwards and Anya screamed out in surprise.

The light disappeared and Xander looked at them in horror. "Did I hurt you?" he asked fearfully.

"No, but WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Willow yelled.

Xander shrugged. "I have no idea. It started last night while I was getting my ass kicked by Caleb."

"So, it was you who fried the priest of hell. I thought I was seeing things," Spike murmured. Willow and Anya's screaming had woken him and the others up. He yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He realized for the first time that the whelp had yet to go to sleep. Xander shrugged off Spike's comment and looked back down at his hands.

"Xander, have you slept at all?" Andrew asked, concerned. Xander looked at him blankly then shook his head. "Alright, off to bed with you," Andrew scolded, and the others watched in bemusement as the smaller man pulled Xander out of his chair and down the hall to his room. As they left, the others could hear Andrew coaxing Xander down the hall and into his bed. A few minutes later Spike stood and walked down the hall and into Xander's room. For several minutes no one moved.

Finally Angel went after his errant child. A few minutes later Andrew returned with a satisfied smile on his face. "Xander's asleep, Spike and Angel have him surrounded. They should be able to keep him in bed long enough for him to sleep."

Chapter 2

Logan looked around him and scowled at the smells he was getting from a supposedly sleepy town. It stank of evil and death. His son was here and he intended to find him and get the hell out of Dodge. The Professor had helped find where his boy had been taken. Tony Harris, his late wife's brother, was supposed to live in this town. He had been the one raising his boy.

Many of Logan's memories had returned slowly, recently. He didn't like what he remember about Harris. The man had been a drunk and a bully. In fact Logan had nearly killed the bastard after he hit Helen in front of him. No one touched his wife. The man had hated mutants with a vengeance. How would his son have fared in the man's care?

Then there were the strange things that the Professor had found out about the town. It seemed to have a high death rate, too many cemeteries and a gang problem.

Remy had hacked into the local administration offices to find a listing of the Harris' and information on his son. What the Cajun had found had enraged Logan. The Harris' had changed Alex's last name to Harris and the boy no longer carried his name. Then there was the number of times he had been in the hospital. More recently it had seemed to be every other week.

His name had been linked to several other people, all of whom had been listed as either suspects in crimes or heralded as the reason that the crimes had been stopped.

Slim had contacted a friend in Shield after Remy had found a red flag by the military on both his son and the group he hung out with.

What they had found had shocked the hell out of all of them and Logan had had to threaten several people before they promised to stay away from the town.

Unfortunately the same tactics that kept them away kept him from gaining information. The bastards refused to tell Scott or himself what it was that caused such frenzy.

He had a couple of addresses and decided to check out his son's first. Maybe he could get some answers and see if the boy would have anything to do with him.


Willow arched her back and yawned again. She looked around Xander's apartment and decided they needed to order some food to feed everyone.

Buffy was on the phone talking to Rona and telling the girl to do the same. No one was sure what they were going to do now that the First was defeated. They had all decided that they didn't want to stay in Sunnydale any longer. The hellmouth was dead. There was no way it could be reopened and the demons and vamps had already fled town.

No one wanted to stick around a town where the most dangerous and First Evil had been defeated. The Scoobies and their group were now considered the boogie men of demons all over.

Giles had already decided that they would take the potentials and get out of town. The only one that he hadn't talked to was Xander and that was because he was still asleep. That was worrying everyone.

Spike and Angel had risen several hours earlier and Angel had already told them that he would take them all in if they wanted. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that Angel and Spike had renewed their bond.

Buffy had already settled that she and Angel would never be together again. They had too much history between them and too much pain to get past.

After all that Spike had done to help them over the years, and more recently, she hoped that things worked out well between them.

They had decided to take Angel up on his offer and hoped that his crew would accept them until they could decide on what they wanted to do with their futures.

Angel lifted his head and frowned at the door a second before the knocking began. Spike was the first one to the door and was growling.

When he opened it and got a look at the man on the other side of the door he was confused. "Who are you and what do you want?" Spike asked rudely.

The Scoobies all rolled their eyes over his antics and looked at the door, wondering who it was.

"Name's Logan and I'm looking for my son. That bastard Harris told me my kid was livin here," Logan growled out in response.

"Move, Spike!" Willow suddenly exclaimed from behind the over protective vamp and shoved her way around him until she was looking at the man in question.

"Oh my goddess! You are Xander's dad!" Willow exclaimed.

The others looked at one another in confusion, then in worry when Willow suddenly reached up and slapped him. "How dare you come here after leaving Xander to be raised by those monsters?" she all but screamed.

Logan looked at the tiny slip of a girl who had the nerve to strike him. Not many people were brave enough to do so. The fact that she was doing it in defense of his son and was not even a bit intimidated by him was a little disconcerting. "I've had amnesia for the last 17 years. Until a few months ago I didn't even know my real name, let alone the fact that I had a child or a wife," Logan told her bluntly. Knowing that he wouldn't get a chance to know his son if he didn't tell the truth.

The fact that both the girl and the blond were so protective said something to him. The girl's reaction also confirmed his fear that his son had been abused by Harris.

"Come in. I'm sorry I slapped you, but Xander's my best friend. They hurt him really badly; you have no idea how hard it was for Xander. They made him call them mom and dad and they tried to destroy everything good in his life," Willow told him as she dragged him into the house.

As he followed in bemused silence he looked around him and got a sense of those in the room. As he did, he realized that the blond and the large dark haired man were not human. He was certain that they were vampires, but wasn't sure because if he wasn't mistaken they were among two Slayers.

His Helen had been a Slayer. It was what got her killed. The demon had killed her and had dumped her on their doorstep. Two days later he was taken by the soldiers and his son was left alone at the mercy of the Harris'.

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