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A Holy Terror

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Holy Terror". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander and Giles talk about Xanders choice in costumes

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A Holy Terror

Alexander Anderson

Giles rubbed his eyes underneath his glasses with one hand as he walked into the library. The Halloween night before, usually quiet on the demonic front, had turned out more interesting than expected, thanks to an old friend of his.

“Bloody Ethan.” Giles complained as he shook off the memories his old friend had resurrected before taking a sip of his morning tea. The Englishman froze halfway through drink at what was before him.

While the sight of Alexander Harris had become a common thing in the library over the previous year, the fact the young man was currently reading a well worn copy of Infernus through a pair of glasses was more then a little disconcerting.

Setting his cup on the checkout counter Giles moved to retrieve the accursed tome from the boy’s hands. “Alexander put that down it’s…”

“Dangerous.” Xander said freezing the older man with a look before displaying his gloved hands to protect himself from the books attacks. “I am aware.”

Giles took a moment to watch the young man as he went back to reading the book before moving closer to the table. “Alexander, you didn’t happen to go trick or treating last night by any chance did you?” Giles asked as the young man turned a page slowly.

Looking over the demonic writing, Xander nodded absently before responding. “Yes, it took me quiet a while to find just the right costume yesterday.” Xander explained taking a moment to push his glasses up from where they had slid down his nose slightly. “As a matter of fact I had almost given up and went with my fallback soldier costume when I found the perfect character, he even shared my name.” Xander said before closing the book and standing to return it to its place in the book cage. “The man was considered something of a legend in his world, he killed monsters all around the world, fought demons from the deepest pits of hell and protected the forces of light with an unbreakable will.”

Giles smiled as he let out a relieved sigh at the boy’s wisdom in costumes, he had been worried the young man might have chosen one of the more damaging costumes, his good mood faded at Xander’s next words though.

“Funny thing about legends though, they lie. He was a monster himself, he would slaughter entire towns to ‘Cleanse’ them of their dark taint. Chop up men and women, young and old, anyone that stood between him and his ‘Holy’ mission, he was a fanatic of the worst kind, one that truly believed he was doing God’s work.”

Slowly walking his way around the counter Giles made sure he was within reach of a weapon before he spoke again. “Do you know of any lingering side effects from the possession?” he asked as he gripped the small tranquilizer he kept incase they needed to capture a demon for interrogation. “If he was as bad as you say, any lingering thoughts or feelings may well turn out to be…”

“Dangerous?” Xander finished for the second time. “Don’t worry G-man, aside from a slight problem with my eyesight and a few other ignorable physical changes I think he’s gone for good. Believe me, if there was any lingering portion of him you would have known about it by now.” Xander assured him before picking up his coat and heading for the door.

Giles watched as the young man walked away before asking one last question, “Out of curiosity Alexander, who exactly did you dress as last night?”

Xander paused at the door to pull on his floor length white trench coat before responding with a manic grin. “Anderson, Paladin Alexander Anderson.”

It was fortunate that Giles did not understand the full implications of those words.


(A/N) Trying to get things working again, hopefully you enjoyed this. Let me know if you did.

I do not own BtVS or Hellsing.

The End

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